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How to Stop Your Out of Control Binge Eating

Food has been your first choice when you feel out of control, and now you’re ready to learn how to stop binge eating. Binging (and purging) isn’t the healthiest response to stress and anxiety, but it is a common way to cope. Here’s how to stop binge eating when you feel scared, anxious, or overwhelmed. We need to feel secure in […]

Finding God and Healing Your Life

How to Get Out of the Rut You’re Stuck In

Yes, you’ve been stuck in a rut – but you’re already starting to get out. No, it won’t be as easy as eating popcorn and watching Netflix while surfing Facebook…but it will be worth it. Imagine how amazing you’ll feel when you discover that getting out of a rut isn’t as hard as you think! “I’ve been married for 45 years, my husband […]

What to Do When You Can’t Stop Eating

Not Quite Sad or Lonely…What Depression Feels Like 3

Depression feels different to different people; these examples of what depression feels like are from JK Rowling and other women who often or occasionally feel depressed. How can you get rid of depressed feelings? It depends on the cause or type of depression – as well as your personality, genetic makeup, and physical health. In this article, I share several […]

What Depression Feels Like

How to Pray a Powerful Prayer for Healing 6

These steps to healing prayer are powerful; they focus on acceptance and surrender to God’s protection, love and will for your life. Learn how to pray, to heal, and to grow upwards in freedom and joy. Learning how to pray is itself healing – even if your prayer for healing isn’t answered the way you expect. If you need a prayer […]

How to Pray for Healing

A Simple, No-Cook Ulcerative Colitis Diet Plan

In the 20 years I’ve had ulcerative colitis, I’ve experimented with many diets. Here I share the best ulcerative colitis diet plan for women that I’ve found so far. It’s not a formal diet – it’s just the foods that help keep my colitis from flaring up. Did you know that the bacteria in your gut helps keep your brain […]

Simple No-Cook Ulcerative Colitis “Diet Plan”