How to Fall Asleep on Dark Sleepless Nights   Recently updated

When you can’t sleep, the night is lonely and dark. Sleepless nights seem to last forever, don’t they? Every minute gets worse. If you have chronic insomnia, you know exactly what I’m talking about! I feel your pain — not sleeping is terrible. I was inspired to write this article when I couldn’t fall asleep […]

How to Fall Asleep on Sleepless Nights

How to Cope With Losing Your Life Purpose in Your 50s

When Your Life Has No Purpose or Meaning   Recently updated

When you lose your purpose, life feels flat and meaningless. These seven tips will help you cope with the feeling of having no life purpose, and give you ideas for moving forward into a new season. “One day, mustering up every ounce of courage she could find, she simply left,” write the authors of This […]

5 Tips for Growing Forward When You Can’t Go Back   Recently updated

You know your life will never be the same, and you’re struggling to move on. You’ve come to the right place! These tips will help you grow forward when you can’t go back. I call them “Blossom Tips” because they’re about planting seeds, nurturing growth, and flourishing in a new season of life. “See, I […]

5 Tips for Growing Forward When You Can’t Go Back

When Your Life Has No Purpose or Meaning

4 Secrets to Surviving an Empty House and Lonely Heart

Your life will never the be the same after you lose someone you love – and neither will you. These tips on how to survive an empty house and lonely heart after a loved one’s death will help you see you’re not alone, and give you hope for the rest of the day. One of […]

Healing Guilty Feelings When Your Mom Dies

You’re normal if you feel guilty after the loss of your mother. Guilt is a common and painful part of grieving when a mom dies. These ideas for dealing with guilt after your mother’s death will help you grieve and heal. “Sometimes the hardest part of grief is guilt,” writes Margaret Brownley in Grieving God’s […]

Healing Guilty Feelings When Your Mom Dies

How to Heal After a Secret Relationship Ends

Healing After a Secret Relationship Ends

In my article about dealing with secret relationships, I describe the problems arising when you hide who you’re involved with. Here, you’ll find tips for healing after a secret relationship ends. You couldn’t talk about the relationship while it was happening, and now that it’s over you may feel ashamed or embarrassed. Hang on, my […]

When You Tried Everything to Heal Your Heart

“I tried everything to heal the grief but nothing works,” said a reader. How do you heal a broken heart that refuses to get better? These thoughts may help, especially if you feel like you tried everything to heal your heart after losing someone you love…but nothing worked. I was inspired to write this article […]

When You Tried Everything to Heal Your Broken Heart

Ways to Hold on to Hope When You're Lonely

4 Meaningful Ways to Hold on to Hope When You’re Lonely

Hope will get you through the lonely nights and dull days. Maybe you believe this – but how do you actually find and hold on to hope when you feel alone, lonely and abandoned?  The easy answer is to create healthy relationships, love, marriage and companionship. Those are good things, but they won’t erase your […]

Remembering the Past Without Feeling Ashamed or Guilty 

What if you could remember your past without shame or guilt? Imagine the freedom of learning from your mistakes, regrets and failures without feeling ashamed or guilty. How light your day, how easy your night, and how joyful your moments! “Memory is frequently the bond slave of despondency,” writes C.S. Spurgeon in Morning & Evening: […]

Remembering Without Shame or Guilt

4 Steps to Recovery After a Shocking Marriage Breakup

4 Steps to Recovering After an Unexpected Marriage Breakup

Some relationship breakdowns are expected and even planned; others are sudden and shocking. These steps will help you recover after a marriage breakup that’s left you stunned, lost and confused. In my “She Blossoms” blog posts, I typically begin with a reader’s comment and five Blossom Tips to help with healing and moving forward in […]