How to Walk in Faith – Step 5 

You believe in God, but are you actually walking in faith? If your walk with Jesus is consistent and sincere, you’ll experience the joy, peace, freedom, hope and love that surpasses all understanding. Learning how to walk in faith is a lifetime process, and God will never let you down. […]

How to Walk in Faith With God Step 5

gifts for your girlfriends parents

17 Awesome and Affordable Gifts for Your Girlfriend’s Parents   Recently updated

You’ll quickly find a perfect and affordable gift for your girlfriend’s parents here. Whether it’s her mom’s birthday or her dad’s retirement party, this list will make your online shopping excursion easy and painless. Bonus: you’ll find a gift that will make your girlfriend and her parents love you even more than they […]

What to Buy Your Boyfriend’s Mom and Dad – 20 Gift Ideas   Recently updated

Finding the perfect gift for your boyfriend’s parents can be stressful – unless you shop with a light-hearted, joyful attitude. This list of gifts to buy his mom and dad will give you lots of ideas and options. These gifts, ideas, and tips will help you find the perfect gift for […]

fruit nut gift basket for girlfriends mom and dad

Healing Your Heavy Heart - she blossoms tips 4

Healing Your Heavy Heart – Step 4   Recently updated

You’d be surprised how many people feel heavy-hearted, yet hide their sadness and despondence. My ideas for healing your heavy heart will show you that you’re not alone. Heavy-heartedness is a common human condition — but the good news is you can find a light heart if you look in […]

Who You Were Created to Be – Step 3

You were created for more, but what? When, how? Figuring out who you were created to be is easy for some people, difficult for others. Some of us seem to know intuitively what we were created to do, why, how, and when. Others struggle to find their purpose or calling […]

Who You Were Created to Be - Step 3 She Blossoms

What You Were Created to Do She Blossoms Genesis 1:2

What You Were Created to Do – Step 2

What does it feel like to do what you were created to do? Maybe it’s the blissful, easy, lose-track-of-time feeling of finding your flow while working alone. Maybe it’s the secure, familiar feeling of fitting in with a group, such as with a team of teachers or soccer players. Maybe […]

The Reason You Were Created – Step 1

What were you created to be and do? If you can’t figure out your purpose on earth, you’re in the right place. Here, you’ll find the reason you were created. We’ll start in the beginning and walk — one step at a time — into our purpose. Maybe you thought […]

The Reason You Were Created - Step 1