How to Stop Fear From Controlling You   Recently updated

Let’s be honest: there are lots of things to fear. The future, family fights, failure, financial ruin, work problems, unemployment, bullies at school and in church…with all the possible problems, how do you stop fear from controlling you?

She Blossoms How to Stop Fear From Controlling You

What to Remember When Life Isn’t Fair

What You Need to Remember When Life Isn’t Fair   Recently updated

You start to think an unfair life proves you don’t matter to God. When life isn’t fair, you question everything: your family, friends, faith, and future. I don’t know exactly how you feel or why your life isn’t fair, but I do know how I feel. I also know what helps. I know what I need to remember when my life feels unfair and unjust. I think my tips — my three things to remember when life isn’t fair — will help you find the hope and comfort you need.

3 Signs You Can Trust Someone With Your Heart   Recently updated

The hardest thing about starting a new relationship – or rebuilding trust in a damaged relationship – is the risk of heartbreak. How do you know if you can trust a man with your heart? What if he leaves or betrays you, stops loving you, or destroys your trust in him?

Signs You Can Trust a Man With Your Heart

How to Cope With Loneliness After You Lose Your Husband

Coping With Loneliness After You Lose Your Husband   Recently updated

The days are long and lonely after you lose your husband – and the weekends and nights are longer and lonelier. These three ways to cope with loneliness after the loss of your husband won’t erase your grief, but they may ease the pain. I’m writing this article for women […]

How to Trust God When You Feel Scared   Recently updated

Maybe you’re worried about your relationship, or you’re trying to trust God though a difficult breakup or divorce. Maybe you’re scared of losing your job, home, family member or even your own child. How do you trust God when you feel scared and alone, lost and confused?

How to Trust God When You Feel Scared

Finding the Strength You Need to Continue She Blossoms

3 Tips for Finding the Strength You Need to Continue   Recently updated

You’re in the right place if you feel like giving up because everything is going wrong! Here, you’ll learn how to find the strength you need to continue, to keep moving forward, to live with hope and faith. You might even find peace and joy, a refreshed and renewed perspective […]

How to Stop Making Relationship Mistakes

Learning the reason — the why — you keep making the same mistakes in your relationship is the first and easiest step. Once you know why you repeatedly cause the same problems, you’ll find it easier to stop making relationship mistakes. Not easy…just easier. In 6 Ways to Avoid Repeating […]

How to Stop Making Mistakes in Your Relationships

How to Stop Looking Back and Start Moving Forward

3 Ways to Stop Looking Back and Keep Moving Forward

When you look back at your past regrets, mistakes and failures, you rob yourself of joy, peace, and fully living today. These tips on how to stop looking back so you keep moving forward will help you stay mindful and present. Remember Lot’s wife? She looked back on Sodom and […]

5 Ways to Talk to God When You Can’t Pray

How do you talk to God when you can’t or don’t know how to pray? There are no rules for talking to Jesus, and you won’t find rote prayers here on She Blossoms. Instead, here are five tips for talking to God when you’re not sure about praying. The subject […]

How to Respond When You Meet God