3 Ways to Grow a Healthy Spiritual Relationship With Jesus – Exodus 28   Recently updated

As a child of God, you are saved and set free to live fully, deeply, madly! But how do you grow a healthy spiritual relationship with Jesus when you’re distracted by life, work, relationships, family, health issues, money problems, traffic jams, spilled milk? And what exactly is a spiritually healthy relationship with God?

Blossom Tips Grow Spiritually Healthy Relationship Jesus Exodus 28

Endure Spiritually Dark Times Exodus 27 She Blossoms

How to Endure Spiritually Dark Times – Exodus 27   Recently updated

Sometimes you can’t fight or overcome spiritual darkness. You don’t have the energy to put on your armor, much less battle the enemy. All you can do is learn how to endure spiritually dark times without losing heart, soul, or faith. And that’s enough.

How to Create Something New in Your Life – Exodus 25   Recently updated

You want to make or do something new in your life – but you don’t want it to be “all about you.” How do you listen to God’s voice and create something new for His glory? These tips are inspired by God’s gorgeous tabernacle in Exodus 25 and my daily struggle to write “She Blossoms Through the Bible.”

She Blossoms How to Listen to God Create Something New Exodus 25

Ways to Stop Feeling Guilty for No Reason Exodus 24 Blossom Tips

3 Ways to Stop Feeling Guilty for No Reason – Exodus 24   Recently updated

You have no reason to feel guilty; you didn’t do anything wrong or bad (at least not lately!). And yet you feel a strong sense of guilt. Nobody is accusing you or trying to make you feel guilty but you just can’t shake your feelings of unworthiness and shame.

Proof God Cares About You – Exodus 23   Recently updated

How do you know God cares for you? What are the signs of God’s love and protection? Finding proof that God cares about you can be as simple as looking up at the starry night sky, or as complicated as studying the book of Revelation for signs of Jesus Christ.

She Blossoms Proof God Cares About You Exodus 23

How to Start As You Mean to Go Exodus 22

Start As You Mean to Go – Exodus 22

“Start as you mean to go,” was the first thing that popped into my head when one of my She Blossoms Facebook group members asked, “What was the best advice you’ve ever been given?”

Who God Wants You to Be – Exodus 21

How do you blossom into who God created you to be if you don’t know why you’re here or what He created you to do? You want to follow Jesus and listen for the Holy Spirit’s still small voice — and you definitely don’t want to fall asleep like the disciples did in Mark 14! — but you’re struggling.

Who God Wants You to Be Exodus 21 She Blossoms

Blossom Tips How to Be More Joyful

How to Be More Joyful – Exodus 19

You may have heard the Bible verse, “The joy of the Lord is my strength” (Nehemiah 8:10) – but what is the “joy of the Lord”? And how can you be more joyful when you feel discouraged, confused, tired, doubtful, or angry?

When You Lose Your Life Purpose – Exodus 17

Maybe you once knew the purpose of your life but you lost it. Or perhaps you never figured out why God created you or what you should do in this world. You want to find your life purpose, but you don’t know how.

Enduring Spiritual Darkness She Blossoms Exodus 27