How Do You Love God When He Lets You Down?   Recently updated

You had faith in Jesus, but how do you love God when He lets you down? Maybe you hoped a relationship wouldn’t lead to divorce, a loved one wouldn’t die, a home wouldn’t be lost, or a dream wouldn’t be shattered forever. But you lost something you love, and you’re disappointed in God.

How to Love God When He Lets You Down Leviticus 17 Blossom Tips

When the Past Returns to Haunt You Leviticus 16 She Blossoms

When the Past Keeps Returning to Haunt You   Recently updated

Perfect timing: today I hoped to write about sending past regrets, mistakes and failures off into the wilderness to be forgotten forever, but I couldn’t find the right hook. Then a She Blossoms reader asked what to do when the past keeps returning to haunt you — and bingo! The path became clear.

Coming Clean About Your Past   Recently updated

Maybe you want to be honest and “fess up” (confess) something you did yesterday or years ago. Maybe you want to come clean about your past because you didn’t just tell a lie, you’re actually living a lie.

How to Come Clean About Your Past Leviticus 15 She Blossoms

I Don’t Want to Be a Burden Leviticus 14

When “I Don’t Want to Be a Burden” Backfires   Recently updated

You don’t want to burden others with your problems, but you’re struggling to cope. When does “I don’t want to be a burden” become unhealthy? At some point, your desire to protect your family and friends doesn’t just backfire, it creates serious problems in your relationships.

How Do You Move On? Blossom Tip 85

Moving on after you lose someone you love isn’t about “getting over it.” You’ll don’t just get over it and you’ll never be the same. But, you will get through it. And you might even learn how to move on in ways that weave your loved one into your day.

She Blossoms Moving On After Losing Someone You Love Blossom Tip 85

Blossom Tips How to Return to God After Falling Away Leviticus 11

A Simple Way to Return to God

Backsliding, wandering, sinning — whatever you call it, you haven’t been walking with God. After falling away from God, how do you return? How do you face your Heavenly Father after being away so long? What can you say to make Him love you again?

How Do You Trust God After Losing Someone You Love?

Trusting God is easy when life is good and your loved ones are within reach! But how do you trust God when you lose someone you love? How do you have faith in a God who lets your daughter die, your husband leave, your sister suffer, your friend abused?

She Blossoms How to Trust God After Losing Someone You Love Leviticus 10

She Blossoms How to Stop Doing What You Dont Want to Do Leviticus 7

How to Stop Doing What You Don’t Want to Do

It’s a struggle for both Christians and unbelievers: How do you stop doing what you don’t want to do? Maybe you’re like me, and you want to learn how to stop worrying about what people think. Maybe you’re like my friend Sam, and you want to learn how to stop believing lies about yourself.

3 Healthy Ways to Deal With Constant Guilt

How do you deal with feeling constantly guilty? Maybe you committed a sin long ago, such as cheating or stealing. Maybe you didn’t do anything wrong and yet you feel constant guilt for some unknown reason.

How to Deal With Constantly Feeling Guilty Leviticus 5 Blossom Tips