Healing Your Heavy Heart – Step 4   Recently updated

You’d be surprised how many people feel heavy-hearted, yet hide their sadness and despondence. My ideas for healing your heavy heart will show you that you’re not alone. Heavy-heartedness is a common human condition — but the good news is you can find a light heart if you look in […]

Healing Your Heavy Heart - she blossoms tips 4

She Blossoms What You Were Created to Do – Step 2

5 Ways to Get Through the Holidays When You’re Grieving

The holidays are never the same after you lose someone you love. These tips for getting through the holidays when you’re grieving will help you find hope, peace, and acceptance. Whether it’s a breakup or divorce, death or disease, temporary situation or permanent way of life — living through a […]

How to Stop Feeling Useless

“He makes me feel useless and stupid,” said one of my She Blossoms readers. “My life is empty and meaningless, and I’m worthless.” I know the feeling, except it wasn’t a man who made me feel useless and stupid. It was my mom. I grew up feeling like I wasn’t […]

How to Stop Feeling Useless

Carrying On Without Saying Goodbye

How to Carry On When You Had No Time to Say Goodbye

The book No Time to Say Goodbye changed how I see the grieving and healing process after loss. These valuable lessons for carrying on when you didn’t have time to say goodbye will help you let go of someone you love. While this book focuses on the surviving the suicide […]

Growing Forward with Mary Magdalene

How did a “demon possessed” woman heal and become the first person who saw Jesus? Mary of Magdala is one of my favorite Biblical women in Growing Forward When You Can’t Go Back (but let’s be honest, I love them all! Except for Naomi. I had a hard time with […]

Growing Forward with Mary Magdalene

Renewing Your Purpose With Esther – Growing Forward

If you know the purpose of your life, you’re one of the lucky ones! The rest of us are searching for and renewing our life purposes. Just when I think I knew the purpose of my life, bam. God zigs right and I’m left scrambling. Luckily He always waits for […]

Uprooting With Naomi – Growing Forward 

I have to confess that Naomi wasn’t my favorite biblical woman to write about in Growing Forward When You Can’t Go Back. I struggled with so much sadness and grief when writing about her life! Not because of Naomi herself – though she was so bitter she actually renamed herself […]

Uprooting With Naomi Growing Forward She Blossoms