How to Stop Worrying What People Think

You know what you want, but you’re worried about what people think. Maybe you don’t know what you want, but you still worry what people think or how they’ll respond. I get it! I’m struggling with an important decision right now, and I have to keep remind myself to stop worrying what people will think. […]

How to Stop Worrying What People Think

Starting Over With Ruth – Growing Forward

Blossoming into Life With Mary – Growing Forward

Are you blossoming into life or wilting in the heat? She Blossoms will encourage you to walk boldly into the new season God has planned! And who better than strong Biblical women to grow forward with? This article—Blossoming into Life with Mary of Nazareth—goes hand-in-hand with the last chapter of my book Growing Forward When […]

Renewing Your Purpose With Esther – Growing Forward

If you know the purpose of your life, you’re one of the lucky ones! The rest of us are searching for and renewing our life purposes. Just when I think I knew the purpose of my life, bam. God zigs right and I’m left scrambling. Luckily He always waits for me to catch up. This […]

Starting Over With Ruth - Growing Forward 

Starting Over With Ruth – Growing Forward 

How do you start over in a new country? You don’t know the language, culture, food or norms. Even if you move with your family, you have no social connections. Starting over is one of life’s most stressful events, filled with moments of loneliness, isolation, and even despair. My two biggest experiences with starting over […]

When Your Life Has No Purpose or Meaning

When you lose your purpose, life feels flat and meaningless. These seven tips will help you cope with the feeling of having no life purpose, and give you ideas for moving forward into a new season. “One day, mustering up every ounce of courage she could find, she simply left,” write the authors of This […]

How to Cope With Losing Your Life Purpose in Your 50s

Ways to Hold on to Hope When You're Lonely

4 Meaningful Ways to Hold on to Hope When You’re Lonely

Hope will get you through the lonely nights and dull days. Maybe you believe this – but how do you actually find and hold on to hope when you feel alone, lonely and abandoned?  The easy answer is to create healthy relationships, love, marriage and companionship. Those are good things, but they won’t erase your […]

How to Stop Being So Hard on Yourself 

Maybe you’ve been forgiven by someone you hurt, but you can’t stop beating yourself up. Maybe you believe God forgives other people’s mistakes and failures, but you just don’t know how to stop being so hard on yourself. Maybe you can’t forgive yourself, even after searching for tips for letting go of the past. Maybe […]

How to Stop Being So Hard on Yourself

From Believing in God to Having a Relationship With Jesus

From Believing in God to Having a Relationship With Jesus

What’s the difference between believing in God or a Higher Power, versus having a personal relationship with Jesus? A “She Blossoms” reader inspired me to write this article; below is her question about belief in God versus having a relationship with Jesus. In this article, you won’t find complicated theological arguments about why believing in God […]

What to Do When You Lose Confidence in Yourself

No matter how self-confident you are, it’s normal to occasionally lose confidence in yourself. If you’ve recently experienced a breakup, job loss, relationship conflict or some other failure (real or imagined), your self-confidence is even more likely to falter. Here, you’ll find my favorite ways to rebuild your confidence and renew your self-esteem. The most […]

5 Ways to Rebuild Lost Confidence in Yourself

When Grief Never Ends Reach Out to God

When the Grief Never Ends and You Can’t Reach Out to God

Widows never really “get over” the loss of their dear departed husbands. But, a healthy grieving process should ease up over time…shouldn’t it? Not always. Here are a few ideas on what do you do when the grief never ends, and you can’t reach out to God. “Today is hard because it’s the third anniversary […]