Who You Were Created to Be – Step 3

You were created for more, but what? When, how? Figuring out who you were created to be is easy for some people, difficult for others. Some of us seem to know intuitively what we were created to do, why, how, and when. Others struggle to find their purpose or calling […]

Who You Were Created to Be - Step 3 She Blossoms

The Reason You Were Created - Step 1

The Reason You Were Created – Step 1

What were you created to be and do? If you can’t figure out your purpose on earth, you’re in the right place. Here, you’ll find the reason you were created. We’ll start in the beginning and walk — one step at a time — into our purpose. Maybe you thought […]

5 Ways to Get Through the Holidays When You’re Grieving

The holidays are never the same after you lose someone you love. These tips for getting through the holidays when you’re grieving will help you find hope, peace, and acceptance. Whether it’s a breakup or divorce, death or disease, temporary situation or permanent way of life — living through a […]

She Blossoms What You Were Created to Do – Step 2

Signs You Should Give Up on a Relationship BT

6 Signs You Should Give Up on a Relationship

When you’re getting mixed signals in a relationship, it’s hard to know if you should give up on your boyfriend or keep going. Sometimes giving up on a relationship is a mistake – and you don’t want to call it quits too soon! These tips will help you decide if […]

5 Signs God Hasn’t Stopped Loving You

You feel like God doesn’t care about you – or maybe even hates you – but deep down you hope you’re wrong. These signs God hasn’t stopped loving you will help you see Him more clearly. You’ll see the truth about about His feelings for you, and you might even […]

5 Signs God Stopped Loving You She Blossoms

How to Stop Worrying What People Think

How to Stop Worrying What People Think

You know what you want, but you’re worried about what people think. Maybe you don’t know what you want, but you still worry what people think or how they’ll respond. I get it! I’m struggling with an important decision right now, and I have to keep remind myself to stop […]

Blossoming into Life With Mary – Growing Forward

Are you blossoming into life or wilting in the heat? It’s time to walk boldly into the new season God has planned for you! And who better than strong Biblical women to grow forward with? This article—Blossoming into Life with Mary of Nazareth—goes hand-in-hand with the last chapter of my […]

Starting Over With Ruth – Growing Forward