Dealing With Disappointing News at Work   Recently updated

You hoped for good news: a job promotion, high sales figures, a business investment…and you were let down. My tips on how to deal with a disappointment in your life (more specifically, disappointing news at work) are inspired by a problem I’m experiencing in my writing career right now.

How to Deal With Disappointment at Work

How to Stop Looking Back and Start Moving Forward

3 Ways to Stop Looking Back and Keep Moving Forward

When you look back at your past regrets, mistakes and failures, you rob yourself of joy, peace, and fully living today. These tips on how to stop looking back so you keep moving forward will help you stay mindful and present. Remember Lot’s wife? She looked back on Sodom and […]

How to Change the Way You See Yourself

Changing the way you see yourself changes everything: your life, relationships, heart, mind, and future. Learning how to change your self-image also changes the “little” things: your daily interactions with others, mood, attitude, and energy level. Here’s a quote that helped me change how I see myself: “Every person should […]

How to Change the Way You See Yourself Genesis 17

How to Stop Regretting a Decision You Made

How to Stop Regretting a Decision You Made

You did something you regret – maybe you made a bad decision, unhealthy choice, or even a disastrous mistake. How do you stop regretting what you did? How do you let go of the past, forgive yourself, and move forward with your life? I recently read an interview with Tony […]

Succeeding When You Have Nobody to Help You

“I have nobody to help me,” readers often say on my She Blossoms blogs. “How do I succeed without money, family, friends?” When you have nobody to help you, succeeding feels impossible. In Growing Forward When You Can’t Go Back, I share glimpses of what it was like to grow […]

Succeeding When You Have Nobody to Help You

How to Overcome Fear When You Want to Follow God's Voice Step 12

Overcoming Fear of Following God’s Voice

You want to start something new — a relationship, career, project, life — but you feel stuck and scared. How do you overcome your fears and doubts? Whether you think you hear God’s voice or you’re “just” following your own desires (which God planted in you from the beginning!), my […]

3 Steps to Restarting and Rebuilding Your Life

Restarting your life – or starting over after a major loss – involves picking yourself up, learning from the past, and rebuilding from scratch. Unfortunately, restarting your life over also requires strength and power…and those are the last things you have. Or so you think! You think you don’t have […]

Steps to Restarting and Rebuilding Your Life

How to Walk in Faith With God Step 5

How to Walk in Faith With God

You believe in God, but are you actually walking in faith? If your walk with Jesus is consistent and sincere, you’ll experience the joy, peace, freedom, hope and love that surpasses all understanding. Learning how to walk in faith is a lifetime process, and God will never let you down. […]

What You Were Created to Do

What does it feel like to do what you were created to do? Maybe it’s the blissful, easy, lose-track-of-time feeling of finding your flow while working alone. Maybe it’s the secure, familiar feeling of fitting in with a group, such as with a team of teachers or soccer players. Maybe […]

What You Were Created to Do She Blossoms Genesis 1:2