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Figuring out God’s call on your life can be confusing as a corn maze — especially when we don’t have all the rules and instructions set before us. Not like back in the day, in the Old Testament times. I bet Moses and the Israelites never asked, “what does God want from me today?”

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Are You Scared to Follow Your Heart's Desires exodus 35 blossom tips

Are You Scared to Follow Your Heart’s Desires?

How do you cope with fear of following your heart’s desires? When I wrote When God Says No to the Desires of Your Heart, I focused on the idea that God said “no” to your heart’s desires. Since then, I realized that we put more barriers to our own hopes, dreams and goals than God does! Even Christians who follow, trust and love Jesus tend to love more out of fear than faith.

How to Let Your Little Light Shine

The best and easiest way to let your light shine is to be who God created you to be. But this is easier said than done, isn’t it? It’s hard to be your true, natural self and let your light shine when you’re surrounded by people who think you should be who they want you to be.

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What to Do When Youre Waiting on God Exodus 32 Blossom Tips

How to Wait on God Without Losing Faith

What do you do when you’re waiting for God to move in your life? Maybe you’re waiting to hear about a test result (pregnancy, urine, stool or school), a job interview, a judgement in a court case, or even an acceptance to college or university.

3 Ways to See God in the Dark

How do you see God in the darkest times of your life? Maybe you’re coping with cancer, chemotherapy, chronic pain, constant suffering. Maybe your child is ill or lost, your husband gone, your hopes and dreams destroyed. Maybe you’ve been left at the alter, or maybe you walked away from a marriage or relationship and now you regret it.

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She Blossoms How to Stay Focused on What God Wants You to Do Exodus 26

3 Ways to Stay Focused on What God Wants You to Do

Accomplishing God’s will for your life is easier – and more enjoyable! – when you know how to stay focused on what God wants you to do. It’s so tempting to be distracted by all the bells, whistles and squirrels in daily life…but those bells, whistles and squirrels are shallow and empty.

Are You Worried You’ll Run Out of Money?

If you’re a single, divorced, or widowed woman, you may often find yourself worrying about running out of money. It’s even scarier if you have dependent children, aging parents, health problems, a low income job, or small retirement income.

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How to Stop Resisting God’s Will for Your Life Exodus 7 She Blossoms Tips

Are You Fighting God’s Will for Your Life?

What if you stopped trying to find God’s will for your life? Imagine the peace of simply entering into what already is. Acceptance brings joy and freedom — and it’s as simple as learning how to stop resisting God’s will for your life.

Is God Putting You Through Hard Times?

My last article about trusting Jesus didn’t answer the “Why is God making life hard for me?” question. When God puts you through hard times, you aren’t just struggling to trust God with your future. You wonder why He is causing those hard times to begin with.

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