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What to Remember When You Feel Like No One Cares

Feeling lost and unwanted – like no one cares about you – is surprisingly normal! Every human being, no matter how loved or happy they seem, feels like nobody cares at some point in their lives. It’s just that most of us hide and bury our feelings because we’re embarrassed or even ashamed. Read through the comments section at the end of this article; you’ll see you’re not alone.

If you feel abandoned and rejected, trust that you are not alone in those feelings. It may seem unbelievable or impossible, but the truth is that not only does everyone struggle with feelings of loneliness and hopelessness, most people aren’t even aware of the depth of their pain. Instead of facing and admitting that they feel alone and unloved, they bury themselves in addictions, shopping, obsessions about their appearance, getting new things, seeking different thrills.

When you feel like nobody in the world cares about you, remember that your feelings are normal. You’re seeking something deeper than this world – and people – can give you. You’re dealing with “existential angst”, which is that deep feeling of loneliness and abandonment. It’s the feeling that nobody cares about you, and you feel it because you’re longing for home. But it’s not a home on this earth. You long to be home with God, to know the love of Jesus Christ, to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. Those longings will never be filled by Facebook, movies, or even other people.

Be aware of the difference between existential angst and a serious emotional health issue like depression. My tips on what to do when you feel like nobody cares are not for people struggling with serious mental or emotional health issues. I’m focusing on the spiritual aspect of ourselves – including the feeling of grief that never ends when you feel like you can’t reach out to God.

Below are seven things to remember when you feel like no one cares about you. You, me, we all were created with a longing in our hearts – a yearning for deep connection, true meaning, and sincere love in our lives. The feeling that something is missing and nobody cares is a simply part of being a healthy human being. Everyone feels this way at some point in their lives. It hurts, it sucks, I hate it…but it’s part of being alive.

Your “lost and alone” feelings might be a good thing, believe it or not! It means you’re in touch with your authentic self. You’re alive and true, self-aware and insightful. You’re not stuffing your feelings down or hiding behind walls. You’re actually allowing yourself to feel the pain of being alive. It hurts, but it’s the best way to live.

7 Things to Remember When You Feel Like Nobody Cares

“I’ve never felt more alone than I do right now,” says a reader in an email response to on How to Fight the Lies Satan Wants You to Believe. “I’ve never been married and don’t have children. I’ve always been alone but never really felt like nobody cared about me because I chose to be alone. I chose my career and education, I have a PhD and am working towards a second one. But I recently turned 60 and am plagued with thoughts that nobody cares about me, that I’m worthless and don’t matter. I believe those are lies but I don’t know how to fight them.”

That reader hit on the most important thing to remember when you’re struggling with feelings of loneliness, abandonment, and even self-hatred. You won’t always feel this way.

1. You won’t always feel this alone and unloved

What to Remember When You Feel Like No One Cares
What to Remember When You Feel Like No One Cares

If you’re feeling unwanted and lonely because of a recent death, divorce or breakup – or you lost someone you love – then you may need to focus on creating a “new normal” life for yourself. If you’re depressed because of a breakup, then you need to rebuild a new life that is more fulfilling and interesting than the one you left behind. If you’re devastated because you were rejected and you really do believe no one cares about you, then you need to take a deep breath and remind yourself of what is true, good, and pure.

When you’re dealing with deep feelings of being alone, you won’t find quick tips or easy fixes. You need to work through the feelings – and how you do that depends on what brought you this far. If you’re dealing with health or medical issues, then you’ll need a doctor or counselor to help you through.

If you’re “just” coping with existential angst or feeling like nobody cares because of a recent loss or breakup, then you might work through your pain with a few questions. For example, when were you happy in the past? Was your happiness dependent on a person, place or thing? What has changed – and do you want your old life back? How is your spiritual life – do you have a deep-seated feeling of purpose and meaning in your life? Do you need to recreate your life – and if so, can you imagine it being even brighter and more beautiful than before?

2. You matter more than you know – so don’t believe the lies

Last night I was at a friend’s for dinner, and I told her that I want to move to a new city. Vancouver is beautiful, but it’s crowded and expensive and busy. I want to live more simply and quietly. My friend told me that I don’t know how much I’ll be missed by my friends and community here. I waved her away, saying that I actually haven’t connected with many people at all. She disagreed. She said I really don’t have a clue about how much I matter.

It’s the same for you: you matter more than you think. Maybe right now you feel unwanted and like no one cares about you, but deep down you know that there is at least one person in the world who cares about you!

Don’t believe the lies you hear that you’re not good enough, lovable, or valuable. Instead, believe in the love of God who created you and loves you more than you’ll ever know. When you feel like no one cares, simply look up. Take a deep breath. Open your heart and spirit to receive the love, power, and grace of Jesus. The Holy Spirit is always present, always whispering…you need only slow down, listen, and respond. Soak up God’s love, for it is deep, eternal, and constantly available to you.

If you don’t easily feel the presence of God, read How Do I Communicate With the Holy Spirit?

3. You feel alone for a reason

The reason you’re struggling with feeling unwanted is because you’re actually tuning in to how you really think and feel. This is painful and difficult – but it is the best way to live! You’re experiencing a deeper, more important and eternal aspect of life.

When you tell yourself “no one cares about me”, you’re being brave and strong enough to face your true feelings. Do you know how rare this is? Most of us distract ourselves from feeling unwanted and alone by surfing the internet, spending money, making money, doing drugs, seeking adrenalin rushes. Some of us don’t notice our feelings of being lonely because we’re caught up in our families, parenting, jobs, responsibilities, and relationships. But eventually the distraction is taken away, such as with a breakup or death of a loved one, which I talk about in Words of Comfort When Your Heart is Broken.

4. You are close to the truth – and your truest, deepest, most real self

I love that you’re here! You searched the internet because you feel like no one cares. You were drawn to the idea that “Nobody Cares About Me” because you need to reach out – and you’re honest about how you feel. This is good, even though it may not feel great right now.

Something is calling you. Do you perceive it? You are feeling unwanted and you are acting on those feelings because you have a purpose on this earth. You were put here for a reason, and these feelings that no one cares will help you find your purpose. This is happening for a reason. You found “She Blossoms” for a reason. This isn’t just about feeling unwanted and like no one cares about you…this is part of a deeper, more important calling on your life.

Your job is to keep listening for that still small voice. To do that, you need to take time alone. “The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quiet, alone with the heavens, nature and God. Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be.” – Anne Frank.

5. You WILL get through this and feel lighter and brighter one day soon

It’s lonely and sad to feel like no one cares about you. It hurts. I’m an optimist, but I know what it feels like to be alone in this world. It’s dark, empty, and meaningless. I spent my childhood moving in and out of foster homes. My mom is schizophrenic, my sister refuses to talk to me, and I don’t have a relationship with any other family member. My dad lives in Israel; I didn’t even meet him until I went there when I was 27 years old.

One of the best ways to cope when you feel like no one cares is to remember that these feelings will pass. You will keep going even though you want to give up, and you will feel happy again.

Do you need something external to focus on? Read 10 Ways to Know What to Do With Your Life.

6. Writing through your feelings will help you cope

Better out than in, is what I always say! Don’t suppress your feelings. Keeping your negative, painful emotions bottled up will strengthen and darken them. Instead of burying your feelings of being unwanted, get them out in writing, painting, dancing, running, drawing, knitting, cooking, or even just wailing as if you were dying. Talk to someone you trust about how much pain and emptiness you feel. Ironically, it’s when you feel like no one cares that you’re most likely to bottle your feelings up…but that’s the most important time to express your feelings.

That said, however, don’t expect people to fill the hole in your heart and soul. Only God – through the love of Jesus Christ – can do that. He created you, and He knows what you need. Nothing and no one else can care about you the way God does. Not relationships, parents, partners, food, sex, shopping, drugs, Facebook, or even uplifting newsletters can replace what only God can give you.

7. You can gain strength from an ancient source of wisdom

In 3 Signs You’re Running Away From God, I described what I do when I feel unwanted and like no one cares about me: I always turn to Ecclesiastes in the Bible. There’s something comforting in the wise writer’s words, even though they’re full of pain and loneliness! Maybe that’s why it helps me. The writer – possibly King Solomon – shares how meaningless life is, how lonely, sad, and alone he feels. He says nothing makes him happy, not money or wine or even wisdom. He ends by saying that the only solution is to fear God and obey His commandments.

Why that makes me feel better, I don’t know…I guess it’s because it helps me see that we’re all suffering, we all go through bouts of loneliness and meaninglessness…even people who lived more than 2,000 years felt the lostness and unhappiness we feel. It’s just part of being alive.

Let Go of the Past

I wrote How to Let Go of Someone You Love: Powerful Secrets and Practical for Healing Your Heart to help readers cope with a breakup, divorce, or other loss of a loved one.

If you feel like no one cares about you, you may be holding on to a love that’s over. The pain of breaking up affects every part of your life: your daily routine, work, family relationships, friends, hopes and dreams for your future, and even your financial plans.

It’s time to let go of your belief that nobody cares about you, and that you’ll always be alone. It’s time to pick up the handle of faith, hope, and healing…and to start moving forward into a new season of your life.

Find God in the Waves

When You Feel Like No One Cares

In Finding God in the Waves- How I Lost My Faith and Found It Again Through Science, Mike McHargue describes the pain of unraveling belief. He tells the story of how his Evangelical faith dissolved into atheism when he studied the Bible.

His crisis of faith threatened his identity, his friendships, and even his marriage. Years later, Mike was standing on the shores of the Pacific Ocean when a bewildering, seemingly mystical moment motivated him to take another look. But this time, it wasn’t theology or scripture that led him back to God—it was science.

Read through the comments below. You are not alone! Write about how unwanted and alone you feel – you may find yourself feeling lighter and less lonely. Write about how it feels like nobody cares, here in the comments section or in your private journal. If you’re not into journaling, you might write a poem, draw a picture, create a collage, paint a wall. Share your thoughts. See what happens.

I encourage you to respond to other readers’ comments below if you feel led, and to share your experience. Writing often brings clarity and insight, and can help you cope with your feelings.

In peace and passion,



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278 thoughts on “What to Remember When You Feel Like No One Cares”

  1. Thank you for sharing. I have been experiencing such loneliness.
    Your testimony about being in/out of Foster homes and your family background is encouraging. I have had a tough childhood with abandonment, alcoholism, abuse, etc. And even to this day, when I contact my mother, whom is still alive, it is very one sided conversation about what is going on in her world. I don’t get phone calls from my family to ask how I am or check on me. My brother passed this life in May 2019 in his sleep due to natural causes, and no one found him until 2 days later from one of his friends! It sounds so lonely. Our family is so dysfunctional it is sad. I had a dream recently that my son & I were visiting family and no one noticed we were there. I woke up sad and lonely. Made me think even more. I am a believer in Jesus Christ, Our Savior, so I know I need to pray about this with the Lord. But my eyes are open to how unimportant I am to my family that I need to deal with this with the Lord.
    Thank you again for sharing your personal testimony.

  2. I have dementia, which is a brain wasting disease for which there is NO cure, and very little palliative care. I have made friends and family aware of this, yet no one seems to care. My father died of this illness and I watched him die and it was horrific. Perhaps a bullet in the head would be better than dying surrounded by people who don’t care.

    1. Please dont think that way. Try to do one thing every day that makes you happy and focus on that.
      Oftentimes I feel very sad. I grew up with my grandparents because my mother didnt want me. My mother had other children whom the two sisters are very close. At about 30…35 yrs ago…i reunited with my mother and stepsisters…but of course..the relationship is different. I always feel like an outcast. Only when i got sick with cancer did i feel really cared about. They were great and supportive. Now that im better..they are friendly .
      .the sisters…but im like a fifth wheel. I get severely depressed…sometimes and often just want to be alone..especially on holidays. I dont want to go to family events because i feel out of place…but i force myself.
      So…while i am not in your situation…i understand some of your feelings. Please try..and i know its difficult sometimes to just live each day and enjoy at least one thing. Im routing for you.

  3. SomeDepressedAtheist

    Honestly some of the first part of the article was ok, but most of it was just some Christian BS, don’t bring a god into an emotional problem.

    1. Hatefulness has no place here or anywhere…but God is everywhere filling all things…WOW! She’s doing what most people don’t; trying to help others cope with isolation, sadness, grief….THANK YOU
      I googled “nobody cares” because I have felt that way a lot lately and said it…and I wondered if other people struggle with it too

  4. Anna,
    I may never be able to meet you, but I do care.
    My four children were ages 6 to 14 when their mother left all of us. It does not mean she did not care, I presume just a mental problem no one found a solution for. It was about 30 years before my daughter found her mother again.

  5. I researched this subject the opposite of what you have. Yes, I do recognize most people cared nothing about my time in jail and big debt for something I never did in my life, but far worse is the young women who continues to express her love for me was forced against her will to sign a lying statement that put me in jail.
    This abused woman I continue trying to help, so I call the staff in a college where she studies. I spoke with several there during two weeks including some government agents described to stop abuse. Nothing worked! No one seems to care at all because what I am absolutely certain from what the women told me during the last three years. When she can get around what is trying to block her communication with me, it is always her love and appreciation wanting to return, but neither of us have the power and money to succeed.
    What I pray most for is these evil abusers against her or never want to prevent it. They are in worse condition against God that we have ever been!

  6. I don’t feel like no one cares about me. I know that no one cares about me. I am only 12, I have felt like this for 5 years now and I don’t want to feel this way anymore but I can’t stop.

    1. I feel the same way but im 11 and I have negative thoughts and my mom isn’t making it any better. she always picks up my flaws and holds it against me, at least that’s what I feel. I know my mom is only trying to help me understand how to do something correctly, but I just start to cry and feel sand and angry, and I don’t know why.my mom says things in a different way which sounds mean, and she doesn’t understand that. so she keeps doing it all over again and again. her method of disciplining us is to yell and hit us, she grew up like this and doesn’t know another method, on the other hand my dad is more calm and doesn’t get mad easy on like my mother. all of this started when I was around 6 or 7, and around that age kids can develop trauma easly o to how their parents treat them or an bad experience. today I get scared and start to break down inside when I hear loud nosies because m mom would always shout and yell and it would always scare me. to parents, if your goal is to scare and end up making your child think of themselves badly, then congrats.

  7. Angus – I don’t know if you will see this…your State/province social services can probably help you. Sounds like you need medical assistance too; can government healthcare provide a home health aide for you?

  8. I feel like I’ve dedicated my life to God, and now I’m empty, broken and alone. I was sick for nearly a decade. Before that, I was a writer and minister who made a very good living as an administrative assistant. Suddenly I became sick without
    Fibromyalgia, and a dozen or so attendant illnesses. I’ve since gotten a great deal better, but I went the hell. I have lingering health issues because I live with family that never believed how sick I was and eats anything I put in the fridge, left me in a vacant house once. I am better now and can work, but not making enough to live on my own. I feel like I wasted my life. I never got married of had children, I only had one published book which wasn’t successful, I have lost my drive to write. I’m in a tremendous amount of pain, physical and emotional. I feel like no one cares about me, no one values me. My health is degrading because I can’t eat or rest properly.

    I just feel so useless, alone and unloved.

    1. Angus, You matter! Your life matters! This life is just a preparation for the next…It takes constant prayer to overcome the heartache of this world…But there is something in the suffering that is vital..we are told we will suffer as Christ suffered in many ways. Who can understand it? It’s very difficult…we suffer so that we can let go of all the passions…all the things that separate us from God..So that..when we realize we are nothing without God we are able to be filled with divine grace. It is a long process to get to that point…I’m not there..that’s how I found this site…I’m discouraged and sad and feeling lost right now; but I know the backstory…I do..I know it’s temporary…I know to focus on things eternal and that all of this life is about loving others and finding God. I once met a woman who was single at 55, never married, very educated. I asked her why she never married..she said I don’t know I guess I’ve been looking for God all this time and trying to figure out who I was created to be and my purpose. I thought it was the most honest answer I had ever heard..and now I know it resonated such truth. YOU ARE BELOVED OF THE MOST HIGH…no amount of pain, sickness, or suffering can overcome how great God’s love is for you. I will be praying for you…Katherine

  9. I wish websites like this would make it obvious in the URL or page header that they’re actually only about Jesus. Every time I think I’ve found a helpful article but the advice boils down to “just be a good little Christian. Just believe in Jesus better”, I die inside.

  10. I am severely lonely. I was sexually molested around 8 years old by my now, longtime-ex brother in law, married at 20, mentally and physically abused, and divorced, without children, by 24 and vowed never to marry again. I remained single and sexless for the next 22 years and became a raging WORKaholic. I did remarry at 46 years old and have been married 10 years. We started off happily but our marriage has deteriorated to nothingness. He also has his skeletons from the past and is depressed. He lost his job the year we married and hasn’t worked since and has NO income. We barely communicate and haven’t been intimate for six years. I have feel completely invisible. Two years ago, I was approached by a man, whom I’ve known and admired since I was a young girl. He claimed to be in a dead marriage too and wanted us to be friends with benefits. Like an idiot, I agreed. The attention he paid me was through the roof and I told him that I could fall in love with him. From that moment forward our relationship was harmed. We still talked, met and made dates to hook up for sex, which HE backed out of every single time. Six months ago, I wouldn’t let him back out and we met at a hotel and had sex. Well, he did. I received NO benefit from it and was told, “I tried.” He texted me for the next few days and even said how amazing and wonderful it was and hoped that we could again soon. That was the last time I heard from him. He has completely ghosted me and will not answer any of my texts or phone calls. I confessed to my husband and he said that he was expecting that to happen and that he deserved it. I have been so distraught that I have seriously considered taking my own life. My parents are alive, but elderly, and not in good health; Mom is in a nursing home with Alzheimer’s and Dad has cancer. My five siblings and I aren’t nearly as close as we used to be, I have no children, no marriage to speak of and no FWB. I’m devastated!

  11. I literally Googled “What to do when no one cares” and this was the first thing that popped up. I recently quit my career as a nurse, something I was pushed into doing and something that made me completely miserable. There is no “care” there. It’s all about ego and money. I cannot be a part of it any longer.
    I watched my mom and grandma die a few years ago. I was married to an abusive alcoholic who almost killed me. I’ve been raped and I was physically and mentally abused as a child. I come from a long line of co-dependent, passive-aggressive stuffers, so there is truly no one in my family that I can talk to. As a matter of fact, I’ve done such a good job of pushing people away, I honestly, truly have NO ONE I can talk to or trust. My head is and has been in a bad place. I have no joy. I fake happiness, when I have the energy. This sounds like one big pity-party, but frankly, I don’t care enough about myself to have any pity. I just feel like a big, black void. And I write here, because God woke me up this morning. For better or worse.

    1. Sarah,

      You obviously had much pain and abuse in your life. You may not trust me because of your history of people you once trusted, who broke that trust and that’s okay. I think just having someone to truly listen about your life and validate your feelings is a must. I too am a nurse, so can understand a bit more. If you ever want to reach out, feel free. I’m not here to judge, but to have compassion.


  12. I haven to say that this is such a superficial understanding of feeling alone. YOu give the example of,losing a loved one, that’s trauma.

    You give the example of having a friend that says they’ll miss you when ur gone.., atleast you have a friend! That is not being alone.

    YOu say you are mostly and optimist and sometime feel kinda this way….then you don’t know how it feels at all on a chronic level and shouldn’t give advice.

    Lastly, don’t bring Jesus Into to this! I’m not Christian and I don’t believe any god will take my troubles away.

    Nonsense garbage article . Leave this stuff out of the internet if you really want to help people .

  13. 2nd time…I can completely understand. Regarding your kid, Kshill Gilbran says our children are not our own. We just give them an opportunity at life. It is so hard to let them make their own choices. I told my daughters that their emotional distance disrespects the commitment I made to them when I was a single mom. I let them know that if they can’t take my needs into consideration, then I would pull back and basically ignore them. As for finding a partner at age 60, my family dr recommend E-Harmony. Given a wall of faces, I pick the serial killers every time. E-Harmony has you answer a lot of questions, then send notices of others that think like you do ( they even give you a percentage, and the other persons answers that you didn’t agree on. You can decide if those are deal breakers or not. Also, besides great screening, the answers are to the questions it would take months of dating (getting dressed, makeup, discomfort) to learn. Anyone who is deceptive is kicked out. I figured. “How much money would I give to find a prospective mate”. $500.00? More? It is MY life and happiness I’m investing in after all. Believe me, I was ready to cash it all in. I live in a super conservative state, and I’m originally from NY, so you can imagine the challenge of finding someone who would be able to love the aloha-female in me. I met my “now” husband the first week. For this state, that was miraculous!!! As all of the personal info and beliefs had already been addressed via the questions and our emails before our first date. We both realized how wonderful each of us were and have been married now 2 1/2 years. It is VITAL that you are straight up about yourself and how you see your life, rather than trying to accommodate the others’ ways. My husband told me on our first date, was that it was my frank honesty that made him fall in love with me. Had we met anywhere else we never would have spoken to each other. Good men have been screwed over and fearful of that pain occurring again. Forget the Bad Boys. They are generally more aggressive and attentive at first, but I feel that comes from not being cultured and more typical of the “blue collar” ditch diggers” (no offense meant, it’s a cultural and educational issue). I too am alone. My parents are gone and because my siblings/extended family drove my Mother to starve herself to death to escape their abuse so they are dead to me (it’s the Italian blood in me). So, no one but a couple of girlfriends scattered all over the states. And as the men in this state are intimidated by me, these “gentile” ladies are far from
    friendly outside of their circle of acceptable women. Your issues are far more common than you realize. There are MANY women that are living our lives, which does t seem true when you look around yourself; but it is.

  14. Marla Andreoli-Weber

    I can completely understand. Regarding your kid, Kshill Gilbran says our children are not our own. We just give them an opportunity at life. It is so hard to let them make their own choices. I told my daughters that their emotional distance disrespects the commitment I made to them when I was a single mom. I let them know that if they can’t take my needs into consideration, then I would pull back and basically ignore them. As for finding a partner at age 60, my family dr recommend E-Harmony. Given a wall of faces, I pick the serial killers every time. E-Harmony has you answer a lot of questions, then send notices of others that think like you do ( they even give you a percentage, and the other persons answers that you didn’t agree on. You can decide if those are deal breakers or not. Also, besides great screening, the answers are to the questions it would take months of dating (getting dressed, makeup, discomfort) to learn. Anyone who is deceptive is kicked out. I figured. “How much money would I give to find a prospective mate”. $500.00? More? It is MY life and happiness I’m investing in after all. Believe me, I was ready to cash it all in. I live in a super conservative state, and I’m originally from NY, so you can imagine the challenge of finding someone who would be able to love the aloha-female in me. I met my “now” husband the first week. For this state, that was miraculous!!! As all of the personal info and beliefs had already been addressed via the questions and our emails before our first date. We both realized how wonderful each of us were and have been married now 2 1/2 years. It is VITAL that you are straight up about yourself and how you see your life, rather than trying to accommodate the others’ ways. My husband told me on our first date, was that it was my frank honesty that made him fall in love with me. Had we met anywhere else we never would have spoken to each other. Good men have been screwed over and fearful of that pain occurring again. Forget the Bad Boys. They are generally more aggressive and attentive at first, but I feel that comes from not being cultured and more typical of the “blue collar” ditch diggers” (no offense meant, it’s a cultural and educational issue). I too am alone. My parents are gone and because my siblings/extended family drove my Mother to starve herself to death to escape their abuse so they are dead to me (it’s the Italian blood in me). So, no one but a couple of girlfriends scattered all over the states. And as the men in this state are intimidated by me, these “gentile” ladies are far from
    friendly outside of their circle of acceptable women. Your issues are far more common than you realize. There are MANY women that are living our lives, which does t seem true when you look around yourself; but it is.

  15. I feel like I have no purpose in life. I was a wife, and I am no more, I am a mother, but daughter doesn’t have time for me. I was a daughter, but both parents are gone. Lastly, I was a fiancé, and he decided he didn’t love me anymore. I hate being alone. I hate living alone, and I hate making all the decisions because I always make the wrong one. I love the Lord, and I pray for answers, but I don’t seem to know when he is talking to me. I just don’t know where to turn.

  16. I assume there is something I’m still supposed to accomplish. I don’t know what, and I don’t know who would need anything from me. It is scary feeling as though everyone else knows their path, and/or they can accept the unknowing. It is lonely.

  17. I live very near my two sons and my parents and yet I feel so alone my son’s don’t care for me they don’t like me my only friend is my mother & I fear when she is gone how will I go on I feel so sad all the time like I could go missing and no one would even worry I feel like people don’t like me I don’t make friends easily that is a hard thing to live with my life is loneliness everyday.

    1. Hi.
      I commiserate with you. I do not have children but I know families with five solid adult children and not one even speaks to the other because of conflicts. Then there are the families with yelling and violence. Better to be alone! I would miss most the phone call with mother of what I ate for dinner that night. Who else would care? Or how my hair looked. Truly, you must realize that all the people you met in the past was not from sitting in your livingroom; it was because you went someplace. Got to get out like a tourist. Wish there was a club where we got a person to make sure we were alive everyday and listen to what we ate for dinner. I am sorry for your pain. Everything will be ok.

  18. I just lost everything in a number of weeks, my loved ones are all far from me, I feel like I’m in prison that I can’t get out of and I don’t know what to do. whenever I’m alone, all I can do is cry because I know that things cant get better even if I wanted them to, I have important exams in2 days and I’m not mentally prepared at all. I feel like just ending it sometimes now but I don’t know how, I’m too scared to actually do it, the thought of overdose sounds easier but apparently there are chances you can survive from that. it’s so easy to pretend to be happy, its become a habit, I don’t know whats left anymore. I feel like I’m in a tunnel that’s blocked in by boulders at the end, and there’s no way of me getting out and these bad things and moments will keep replaying day by day and I can’t move past it.

    1. Dear “Nobody” you are somebody. I understand the tunnel feeling. I understand the blackness of it. I don’t know your current situation but I can assure you that it will pass. Don’t make a permanent decision based on something temporary. I understand it seems hopeless but it’s not. It will come in time and eventually those bad moments will fade. I’m a sexual assault survivor and it took me 20 plus years to forgive myself let alone forgive the assaulter. Give yourself a break from the negativity and love on yourself, be kind to yourself as if you were a stranger or someone close you’re trying to comfort. Sometimes we’re so busy trying to make other people feel better we forget ourselves. Your important you matter and you are loved. ❤️

    2. Hi Nobody, I can relate to how you’re feeling. I feel like I’m in a prison too. Life doesn’t appeal to me anymore. I honestly think all my loved ones would be better with me gone. It just feels that no one has time for me, it’s like I just exist. My health has deteriorated suddenly and nothing seems to go right anymore. I want to end it all but I’m too much of a wimp to even do that.

  19. Here’s something I just found, that made me think of feeling unwanted, like no one cares:

    2. People share the highlights, not the lowlights.
    We can feel anxious, sad, and unhappy after going on Facebook or Instagram. We can end up feeling like we don’t have an awesome enough life; like, if we don’t have a glamorous event to photograph and share, we suck. But people share the highlights, not the lowlights. I’ve talked with so many people whose lives look amazing on Facebook and Instagram who tell me, “I feel sad. I feel like no one cares. I feel alone.”
    – From 10 Things to Remember When You Feel Lost and Alone https://tinybuddha.com/blog/10-things-remember-feel-lost-alone/

    This stood out to me because I used to feel so unwanted — and definitely like no one cares — when I went on Facebook and Instagram. I stopped visiting those sites for six months, and felt alot better. Now, though, I do visit Facebook twice a day because of my She Blossoms Facebook Group…but I don’t feel unwanted and unloved anymore. My identity no longer depends on other people’s lives on Facebook – especially since it’s all curated! Nobody’s life is as perfect or good as it seems on the outside.

    I’ve heard that the best way to cope with feeling unwanted and alone is to show up for other people. Maybe it’s volunteering, or maybe it’s just picking garbage in your neighborhood. Maybe it’s going to a different church, or joining a walking club on MeetUp or through the local community center.

    Going offline — getting off the internet! — helps. But better is to learn who you are in Jesus Christ, and to become who God created you to be. You are here for a reason, and you matter. But if you succumb and dwell in the dark pit of feeling unwanted and alone, you have no chance of seeing the light. Searching the internet and reading comments from others who feel like nobody cares is helpful…but better is to get out into the world and interact with real people.

    “How will you spend your one wild and precious life?” – Mary Oliver.

    With love,

  20. My husband rejected me. He told me he wants out relationship to be strictly platonic. The person I thought was my friend abducted my kids. It took notifying the police to get them back. The woman I thought was my best friend stopped talking to me calling me a “perpetual victim” and told me to “grow up”. I don’t just “feel” all alone and unwanted. I AM all alone and unwanted. It’s like God has allowed me to lose everyone andceverything I ever cared about.

    1. It is true that we can tell ourselves a victim narrative. However, this does not mean we ***deserve*** to be victims. Life will often test our capacity to remain compassionate and to keep qualities that make us human through suffering. Learning to believe in yourself no matter what anyone says is very important. Learning that you and only you can know what is truly in your heart is another key. It is tempting to want to defend against what others say about us to define our intentions. However, when you believe in and love yourself, no one can take it away from you. We go through life, death, pain and joy. All of it is an experience. When you feel you have lost everything and everyone you cared about, you have a chance to go within while all has been stripped down to allow you to re-evaluate the beliefs, ways of thinking and being that no longer serve your growth. Seasons show us that life is constantly in cycles of transition and renewal or growth. Connect with the Divine essence of God within you— for you are a being living, breathing and moving through and a part of the miracle of existence through willed creation. And your thoughts and feelings have some of the same power to shape your world and experience. I’m sorry you are not finding the understanding you sought from those you believed could give it to you. If they are not patient or understanding with you, they are less patient, understanding and loving with themselves. Everyone is in a process. You are your own key and answers. I pray that you go with love today, and do something, anything you can to love and nurture your spirit, health (body), and mind. Whether that is with nature or art, or prayer and contemplation. The world around you is vast. Nature has its own language to share if you listen, and you are not ever truly alone as each of us is part of that nature.

      1. It truly sucks feeling so utterly alone. Ive read and heard that i should turn to God. Well, i have. And nothing……. Hurts even more! Because i realise and feel God has turned his back on me. Whats the point of being human. Being alive. When u completely alone.?????????

  21. Oh, heavens could this be God that I found this or sheer coincidence? You’re saying exactly how I feel it’s extremely painful the other things I spent time in and out of foster care also and eventually was made a ward of the court here in Washington state my mother also is diagnosed with schizophrenia my sister and I rarely talk we do not have a close relationship I feel so alone is so hard I don’t understand I don’t know how this is going to help me find purpose in my life I feel like I’m dying I’m tired of fighting but I must say Finding your side means a lot I hope God led me here I hope it wasn’t just by chance.I have been doubting God’s love for me I just don’t understand how he could know that I’m suffering so bad in yet I feel he’s not doing anything to lead me guide me I don’t know what to do

    1. I can’t remember the quote, but this article HITS HOME because the feeling described was THE Core propellant of a lifelong search for “Home” ever since I was as young as 7-8 years old. It was the driving force behind my Quest to find God-Love manifested in the physical realm He created, beyond just human goodness, kindness of strangers and social or family interactions or even romantic ones. I sought to “be like Solomon” in a prayer request at 13, because I had been taught that the most pleasing thing God loves being asked for is Wisdom. Needless to say, it did exacerbate feelings of wondering why I or we are actually here and the desire to die young. I wasn’t ABLE to die (and yes, I mean supernaturally kept alive)… I witnessed mysteries wrapped in the ordinary and I realized that the experience of the Divine through physical creation is a Journey. That it is not just a Destination. That there is beauty and hope even in the darkest nights of the Soul. And I realized that the Path to finding a Higher connection with the spiritual beyond physical limitations IS possible. Just not quick, and shortcuts can be setbacks.

      1. Sorry, the quote that eludes me in reference to this article and the commenter sharing about working in Africa is one that Mother Theresa shared in her service in India…something about her struggles to feel God and to keep on even when faith seemed irrelevant, and about her intense loneliness…

  22. I don’t know exactly what you’re going through, but I how hard it is to cope with feeling alone, unwanted, and unloved. My worst experience was three years in Africa, teaching at a school for missionaries’ kids, surrounded by families and couples and happy shiny Christians.

    What made it worse was my fear and insecurity. I couldn’t reach out and ask for help. I did see a counselor for the last 9 months that I lived there, and she helped a lot! But I couldn’t get over myself, I couldn’t get past my own feelings. I kept myself stuck for years.

    It’s really hard to reach out and ask for help (love, companionship, support, even counseling) when you feel like no one cares…but it is how you will save yourself. Look up to God; even if you can’t feel His gaze, know that He really does care that you exist. He created you for a reason — and it was not to punish or ignore you! Learn who Jesus is, what He experience, and how He lived. Open your heart and mind to the Holy Spirit. Ask for wisdom, guidance, and healing.

    And reach out to people in person. One of my biggest regrets in Africa — the loneliest season of my life, when I really believed nobody cared about me — was listening to the accuser tell me I was worthless, alone, and unloved. Those were lies.

    Learn how to see through the lies, and to hold on to the truth. You were created by a loving God who not only knows you exist, He wants you to flourish. He wants you to blossom into who He created you to be…but you have to participate. Plant seeds, nurture sprouts of life and growth, and celebrate the beauty that surrounds you.

    With His love,

  23. I am all alone. My husband has not touched me in over 15 years because I am no longer a size 0. I work from home with really no communication from my company other than what my production numbers should be. I go weeks on end without talking or seeing others. My husband works 6 and 7 days a week. When he is not working he is sleeping 13 hrs a day. I am a Christian I will not leave my husband even though I know he is not here for me. I am lost. I wasn’t always a good person in my younger days. I think my isolation is my punishment from God for not always being a good example. I live in the country. I don’t think there is anyone out there that cares about me. They love the money I make and are here when they need things. But they are not here when I need them. I just want to give up but can’t because I am Gods child. But what do I do. I am so tired of crying. My grown kids life’s are to busy to drive 45 miles to see mom. I don’t know I am just lost in a world where I am no longer needed.
    I have 6 brothers and sisters with me being the middle child. But since we lost both our parents in 2014 we are not as close. Yeah we have one that thinks she took over the roll of mom and hurts me more than loves me. I suffer from their loss everyday, but according to them not as much as they do and they think it is better not to talk about it.
    I am lost and all alone in this world and just need to find a reason to keep going on.

    1. Hello Diane! Thanks for sharing your story, it moved me that’s for sure! I am very sorry to know how you are feeling but i think you should be happy that you have your children, happy you have your job, happy you have a husband – even though you say he is rather not interested but don’t believe that, he must love you i am sure, that’s the reason you got together and shared you’re lives? there are people out there who truly have nothing and no-one in their world so i really do hope you can find in your heart the happiness that i know is there…lots of love to you!

  24. I’m so glad I read this today. I needed it.

    I’m feeling a tremendous sense of pain, guilt and disappointment, in myself and that my Mum doesn’t know how to love, appreciate or empathise with me.

    It’s Mother’s Day in the UK today and I feel incredibly grateful that I got to spend it with my mum. I thought she was going to die in January. She was in hospital with pneumonia. I’m grateful she recovered and have committed time to help her with practical things like shopping and laundry. I take her out when I can, call almost daily and take care of her admin.

    I have two siblings, both older than me, who visit occasionally.

    Today my brother offered to help me out. He offered to take my mum to visit her God daughter. My mum thought it was a ludicrous idea, that he should travel to collect her and then visit her God daughter when he lives two hour drive away. I can only assume it meant the task was left to me. I got extremely upset that she couldn’t see how much I already do to help her. It wasn’t enough.

    I work full time and have my own son, husband and a home. I’m trying to support my son through university. The pressure has been immense. I want to help her and do what I can and I wanted her to acknowledge I need help too, but she couldn’t see it.

    The day is ruined and my heart is heavy. My mum is not loving or affectionate and I have come to accept this. I feel lost, lonely, angry and not enough. Never enough.

    Thank you for being there in the ether and helping me feel less alone.

    1. I am right there with you and I so understand how you feel, I wish I knew who you were so I could stay in touch and see how you are doing. Diane know that I care.

    2. i really do feel for you…i feel this way too at times, it seems all the work i do behind the scenes within my family, and mainly with my mother seems to go unnoticed…i think the only thing i can say is that people really don’t know what they have until its gone, if only your mum could realize and truly think of all that you do for and how she would manage without you and it really is often hard for us to realize what we had until its taken from us, i’m speaking from experience here…i think you really need to let her know how you feel, this seems to be the best advice. Love to you

  25. Even though a Christian, it’s as though God has more important things than silly ole me. I have though about death more consistently (almost daily) these past 3 years. Nothing gets better – it only gets worse. Blame my faith they always say. “My sheep hear His voice” they say. I hear squat! It’s as if its no longer personal for me. I cannot reject the reality of Him. Its about Him dealing with other more important people. I am nothing. I feel worthless. I wish I was dead and had a tiny corner in heaven “rent free”. I’ve helped others – just no-one really knows – it doesnt make me feel better Just my duty. I’ve gone through hell these past few years. I’m 52 living in South Arica where whites are the target of a real possible genocide. The world closes its eyes to it. So now, how do I foresee my future? I have nothing to offer. i am depressed and either work 12 hours a day or sleep for days on end I don’t care anymore. There is no justice. Everyone has betrayed me in some for or another (maybe I did too unknowlingly). Why the hell are we on this earth? Why can’t I be happy for a day where the sun shines and somehow food landed on my table, despite being called a white supremacist? (Of course I’m not, I fought for liberation in this country but not for communism and hatred). I’m too old now (52) – no jobs due to affirmative action, How WORSE CAN IT GET BEFORE THE PANGAS GET US! Some, even seem to think its our thinking. I should hope? Hope for what? My husband left me with nothing for greener pastures i asked for nothing, even though he took half of what I had when he had thousands worth of equipment. Yes, I feel bitter. Somedays I feel grateful – yes roof over my head (for now), safe from crime (today), and food on my table (yes tin food is still food – not brain food, but ja). All my dreams are gone and yes I had some besides the married with children (not that that is not admirable). i’ve become reclusive and I don’t know how many times I can break before it’s too late – hello hell! If I actually get an answer to this, I’ll be extremely surprised. but at least I expressed much need anger. Thank you.

    1. I am in absolute horror at the current situation in South Africa, which admittedly, I was completely unaware of until reading your post which sparked my curiosity and inspired additional research. So, thank you for opening my eyes to something so important that is obviously flying under the radar of mainstream media. I think it is only natural to feel as low as you probably do, given your current environment and the worry you face each day. Do you have family? Anyone outside of South Africa? Do you have any resources or friends that accompany you? What do you know of Simon Roche? I believe that if given the chance to remove yourself from such an environment, you would experience a great surge of relief that may help remove the clouds from your mind. I believe those clouds are preventing you from feeling hopeful. I understand that there is no way I can comprehend what life is like for you in South Africa no matter how many articles I read, but please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers and although a stranger, I want nothing more for you than happiness and freedom from hell on earth.

    2. Hello,

      Love, I’m in pain also…feel no one cares If I live or die sink or swim it’s people like us that need to commit it’s too bad it seems like we’re all so far from each other and going through this doesn’t seem right but just know I care I don’t have to know you personally but I feel your pain because it’s mine to you it’s own way…I don’t understand what’s going on in Africa I don’t know anything about it only what you’re saying is there some way you could leave? There is no magic bullet to fix our pain oh how I wish it were. Nevertheless something good is going to come out of all of this

    3. Hello Alice, i really do empthasize with all of what you have mentioned, you seem like a very intelligent being and you are not unusual for feeling the way you do about life in general. i am not much of a religious person but i would like to think there is a god and we go to the happy place when we leave this earth, but i guess we will need to wait ans find out. i, too, have had a lot of hurt in my life the last 5 years and it seems that it could never get worse but it does and it always seems to be situations that are out of my control that cause my unhappiness, whether it be about money, people around me that make my life painful or the way the world is…sometimes things are beyond us and we do end up wondering what life is about, what the real reason we are here for is…but i am so very happy i found this web page and i hope you are too as sometimes we need something like this to help us feel better for a while, to help lift our spirits and this has truly done that indeed. Love to you

  26. I was in a relationship for 14 years, I invested all myself in
    , i have 2 kids , I gave up on that relationship because my kids Father was cheating a lot on me , I felt maybe he never loved me. He was never satisfied he will alwqys come up with some lies , so i left him 6 almost 7 years ago, i could never restart my life engine since .
    Everytime i feel something pulled me back , I tried to forgive him and start from scratch at least 4 ot 5 times now
    He always asked me more time to think about it , I even forgave him and put a lot of blames of me maybe because I was too strict, not patient enough for him to change , everytime i tried to be nice and show patience he act like “”” I dont Care”” he just not paying me no mind its like He lost and i feel that hurt me so much , I could never believe one day he will treat me like that, i kept working stay stay busy , take care of my kids alone , I feel this emptiness right in my chest and unwanted feeling , I feel like i FAIL completely , I could not even PASS my Board and I gave up completely its been 5 years now .everytime i tried to catch up I cant focus I was always an A+ student my entire life and a devoted christian , I turn on to Jesus , i Still feel that pain a 10/10 like physical.. I dont know anymore …i tried to go one day at a time hoping on Jesus to heal me so I can forget him ..

    1. Hello Annie, i want to congratulate you, i really do, i think you should be so proud that you had the courage to leave that man, he was not worth it, not at all, you deserve better! If he could cheat it shows he is a lost man and needs to find himself and not other woman! Good on you for keeping busy, that helps us to forget our sadness for a little time and i think, if you have time find and do things that you have interest in, read good books, go out in nature, take time out for you…you deserve it 🙂 much love to you

  27. i also feel alone we always move and i just moved to a new city and i had friends but i was ditched and now am alone and i feel so sad and my friend from back home doest get me at all i fear sometimes that nobody gets or cares for me am tired of feeling unwanted and hated i really am what wrong with me

  28. I feel like I am beyond help so many door shut in my face, the feeling that I’m worthless and that no one cares is overbearing for me I am thinking about taking my own life.

    1. No-one is beyond help.

      You must raise the energy to talk to someone.

      In UK we have The Samaritans, it is a free call 116 123

      I don’t know what country you are in but there will be something similar.

    2. Sandra the best way you can help yourself is by knowing that god lets you meet so many people you aren’t meant to be with and when it’s ripped away from you its injustice but you’ll one day find a door that leads you to the perfect room because there’s a rainbow after every storm and maybe even the absence of an individual might be the rainbow because you probably are better off without emotional burden. No matter what happens do not resort to methods like self harm because it only distracts you from your pain, does NOT alleviate it.
      I hope you know that the silver lining is out there and it won’t be long before you find it, dont question me and just embrace it :))))

    3. I know how you feel. I was with my wife 27 years , I love her and still do. She left with my daughter and my hearth was broken and to the point I did want to live. I was injury in line of duty as and EMT, no doctor could help me but for drugs. I got hooked and could stop. I needed her more then ever. Everyone that I thought that were my friend turn there backs on me side with her. That was 14 years ago, I still love her to this day. She was my best friend , solmate , and lover. She move on remarried and got even more problems. She left him 2 times and every time I hope she would come back, I have this little hope in the back of my mind that she would and make us a hole family again. I have missed so much of life with her and my daughter who she told her that its greener on the other side. I don’t know how she can just drop their feeling for you and go to some one else. I have been told no chance, I still hope and pray. I call it true love. I have friends who has help me but alot of times I am on my own , even gave up on God one time. I tried asking other women out but it turn out to be nothing. I believe true love is what is between to people that were meant to be with each other. I hope the best for you I still destroying myself over her. She still hates me I still love her. I even ask her to run me over and stop my broken heart pain, I have no more heart left to be broken.

      1. Hi Todd, i honestly can say i really do understand you. anywhere that there are matters of the heart we set ourselves up to get hurt and to get broken…but if we never loved, we would have never lived, we are made to love and feel emotions towards people and things, this is just the way we are made and it seems the more we love the more we will hate if we end up getting hurt. but how can we go on and never love again? when you say she can go and just drop her feelings for you and go with someone else, yes, this is VERY hard to understand and accept. i really hope you could be one happy family again like you wish, just see how it goes. Love to you

    4. Sometimes I feel like that but don’t do it something has to change you have to reach out to talk to somebody and let them know how you feel it does help. You’re not alone don’t listen to those voices telling you you’re all alone I get the same voices.fight back!!

  29. So thankful to read the sharing about loneliness and unwanted feelings. So relieved to know that I’m not alone. My parents got divorced when i was 6. Now I’m 48. I still remembered my mom rejected me by giving me away to be wt my dad to stay wt her new wife and her children from previous marriage.

    I was bullied mentally, physically and sexually from my step Siblings including molested by my own father. Until today i Harbour bitterness to my mom. She never apologised for given me away and caused me so much pain.

    Now i am married to a good man and have my own child. My problems is i hate and resent everyone. I don’t trust anybody. I can’t connect to anyone. I feel so lonely and afraid. I can’t feel love to my soul even i know the one person who is genuinely love me is my son.

    I feel every one including my husband just want to be around me because all the favour that i can offer and not really because they want me. Most of the time i feel nobody like me or want me. Life is so lonely😭

    1. Hi Cici, i am really sad and sorry for what you have had to deal with in your life and i think those previous relationships/lack of have really affected the way you feel now. they say we need to leave the past behind but the only way to really do that is leave all the people and places behind of your past, not always easy to do! I have to say, i also feel like i do not trust anyone, like people only want me around for something i might have to offer them, especially men, as i have been hurt before and now i do not trust them and think they only want a woman for their own satisfaction…obviously the wrong men are in my life, i am single but a particular man i like him as a friend but he always tries to push it to more than that and i know he has a woman at home, she is not interested in him so i feel he does not want to be my friend but just wants to know me for his own satisfaction. well, he sure aint getting that from me!

  30. I so needed this this morning! I am a believer and have been beating myself up for these feelings of loneliness and anger. I believe I’m depressed. It hurts. Actually I just wish my husband got me but he is so lost and alone himself. I’m just getting over being sick (cold), and it seems that’s when it’s the worst. So much negativity from my husband yesterday and yet he tells me it’s me. I finally shutdown and withdraw. It’s not a way to live.

    1. I’m sorry to hear that. I feel like I am failing as a wife and even though I am married I still feel alone. I have 5 kids and I feel alone. I think I maybe suffering from depression as well. I am 33 years old and I feel as though I have not really lived . I have given my self to being a mom which I am okay at and a wife which I feel like I have failed based on the tension between my spouse and I .I hope that you find a way to cope as I am looking for ways to do so myself I feel that I am to young for this but I guess not young enough.

    1. Your not alone find ways and things to help you out of this funk and follow through on them. If you can find a support group, write, read, sing, we are never really alone , just look for others like yourself as believe me you will be surprised

  31. I feel helpless and alone and like I’m drowning. I’m in debt my job doesnt pay the bills, I have no one to talk to about my frustrations with my life. I moved away from my home state bc I needed to get away from things that were distracting me , drugs(weed only), alcohol and men. And I’ve never been more sober but now I moved away from all my friends and family and I don’t have the means to visit them. It’s my own fault that I struggle financially and I dont do things I like to do anymore. I take care of my dog and I work and pay bills and then I work more bc I cant afford my bills. I have no one that I genuinely connect with and I try to connect with God but I feel like I can’t bc of my past and like I’m filthy and unworthy and I know that I am worthy and loved but I’m afraid of being reject by God so I reject myself. And I feel like I’ve isolated myself trying to find myself. And now I’m stuck and I feel like Its only going downhill from here. Life doesnt feel like it’s worth living. I dont talk to my twin sister much bc she doesnt seem to want to talk to me. And then I feel selfish for wanting her time when I know shes busy with a new marriage and the navy. Everyone is just so busy with their own lives how dare i feel the need for their time. I feel better having gotten this all out. I donf have family, friends, or a career worth anything. Life is sucking right now and I’m usually the positive one but I’m in a valley and it sucks.

      1. I think we should make a forum so people like us are not alone and can talk to each other that’s why suicide rates are so high in this day and age we need people to talk to if anyone is interested or agrees let’s start contact me at migjengomez@gmail.com

    1. I am in a very similar situation. Three years ago I got married to a Marine and moved 7 hours away from my hometown. Not even a full year into the marriage, he began lying and cheating so I filed for divorce. Now I’m stuck in a town that I hate, with no friends, and no life whatsoever. Literally every penny I make goes to bills, yet just like you, I still can’t afford to pay all of them. I never hear from my sister and when I do it’s only because she wants something. None of my “friends” from back home ever reach out to see how I’m doing. And just to be fair, I’ve tried reaching out to them and I’m lucky if I even receive a response. The only one who gets excited to see me and/ or shows that he cares about my existence is my dog. I never thought this is what my life would be like at 30 y/o.

    2. Hello Brooke and to everyone out there! wow, it seems we are all so lonely and disconnected from each other! it seems that everyone is so busy with so many things to commit to and deal with in their own lives that it seems to swallow us up in it all. it seems we are too afraid to give our true feelings of life to people, we fear they don’t want to know and don’t want to hear, we fear they will think LESS of us, think that we are not the strong person they thought we were, we are being oppressed with our true and real feelings, because why do we feel like this, because we are REAL and we FEEL and there is something making us feel the way we do, we feel like we can’t connect with people, how have we come this far – the year 2019 but gone so backwards with expression?!? its the way society is, its the way the world is…people only want to hear positive but there is also the negative and we need to hear that too, if we just hear positive we will feel like we are not good enough because the reality is that we cannot have all positive without some negative. Its a hard world to decipher, i know, but we must move on and try to be happy for something in our lives. Lots of love

  32. I’m married to a good man after a failed first marriage. i’m currently going through perimenopause and having to deal with our 3 year old as well as my husband’s mood swings. My husband is good for me in so many ways but intelectually we are not on the same level and that makes me feel lonely in our marriage.I’m also a very creative person and he doesn’t understand that. Then, my parents are not caring ones, my siblings don’t care whether they see me or not, two of my children from my previous marriage have pulled away from me and I have no friends. I’m a good person with a good heart and it saddens me that no one really cares. On top of that I made the decision to become muslim just before I met my muslim husband five years ago. A few months into our marriage I realised that I made a big mistake. I eventually told him I no longer want to be muslim. Because he loves me he sort of accepts it but we’re not allowed to tell anyone because he will be embarrassed and anyone leaving islam should be disowned. I speak to God a lot. I’ve realised lately that I have not read a book in nearly 4 years, something which is unheard of for me, and also that I need to start doing creative things – I need to get more in touch with my creative side again. I know that this will please me immensely and I think I will then feel less lonely

  33. Growing up my childhood was a bit shaky!! My mother always did the best should could for my brother and myself!! However I never had a father and I never got to meet him. I believe perhaps most of my problems in my life could stem from this. We always lived with relatives and my cousins would always pick on me!! I was a skinny girl however when I grew up I started into fitness! Weight training and teaching aerobics made me strong in my body and my mind!! However as I’ve gotten older I’m finding myself feeling worried and stressed most days!! My buddy and best friend for whom I’ve lived with for over 20 years has had some serious back issues and recently had spinal surgery !! It wasn’t that successful so therefore our lives have done a 360!! I’m his caregiver but I have found myself feeling alone and afraid. I do believe in God and I pray however I don’t believe I pray the right way!! I don’t ask for a miracle but deep down I guess that’s what I really want!! I’ve got some issues myself and I find out that I’m jealous of people who seem happy and I have a life because I feel like mine is over!! Sometimes I actually think it would be easier but that’s not what I feel in my heart!! I just need to get my head out of my butt and consider myself lucky!! Sounds good but easier said than done for sure!!! This helped writing it down and I think I may keep a journal!! God Bless each one and hopefully we can help each other!!! That’s what I pray for today ♥️♥️♥️

    1. I’m glad you admitted that because I feel like I get jealous of others life as well. I got married young and had kids young so I feel like I have not had a life at all and I’m 33 I feel like it late for me .

  34. Mr kirti singh jamwal

    Wow I like the way u think about life . I wish to have a brave mind set like u , like have believe in god, problem are a part of our life we only have to do is move on. I lost my father in 2016 ,then after our life become hell ,we get rejection from every side no one help us we were all alone then i start hating god i make him responsible from what i am suffering from ,i lost my happiness ,my freedom my every thing and i still hate god i didn’t get any thing from him .
    The main thing is this the persons who were bad with us are happy ,god didn’t give any punishment to them, they are happy.
    And we are facing all the bad thing and bad luck
    So my only Q is why only good people always suffer?😢

  35. Time for a change then!

    Just be a bit assertive for one thing without being rude.

    I’ve a friend with kidney disease. It is exhausting listening to her constantly but she is ill, so now I see her once a week (still supportive) but not every day which was draining me.

    Do something for yourself every day. A walk, a nice coffee or tea, whatever.

    I’m in UK. It’s cold but sunny. I’m going out for a walk and will prob find a cafe or somewhere to stop.


  36. Theme of my life: NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED. My loneliness stems from two things: I was enormously peer-abused as a child, so school was painful, and my home life was terrible also. The second thing that causes my loneliness: I am (or WAS) a born giver. My mother even told me at a young age (started at about 10) that she worried about me because I would “give the shirt off my back to anyone with a sad story.” I never understood that because I always thought, “Isn’t it a GOOD thing to be generous?” But she never explained to me that people would take advantage of my compassion and overt generosity. Now, I’m in my 50s, I’ve spent my ENTIRE life giving and sacrificing for other people, often at the expense and to the detriment of my own life, and now I have nothing and no one. Many times I sacrificed all I had that would go to making MY OWN life good just so someone ELSE’S life could be good, and now I have nothing. I also have no one to turn to. One family member in particular spent about 20 years bleeding me dry of all my resources as well as my compassion; she even stole thousands of dollars from me when I needed it most; and now I have nothing left in the way of resources, compassion, or ability to help myself, let alone others anymore. And, now that I’m not helping people day in and day out, I’m spent – I feel like I’ve been bled by always sacrificing to others – now that I have nothing else to give, no one’s around. I spend most of my time alone except when I’m at work (a job where I still help people all day long). I feel desperate and alone, and I’m afraid I’m on the cusp of doing something drastic just to survive. I’m angry, bitter, hateful, and I have absolutely nothing left to give others, let alone to help myself. I want nothing more than to die – because I know that ‘to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.’ I’m lost, alone, my resources are gone, my ability to help anyone including myself is gone, my compassion is nearly spent, and I have nothing left for this life. If I didn’t have two little puppy dogs who need me, I probably would have committed suicide long ago. I still have many dreams, but no ability to dream them let alone put them into action. I feel totally bled out. People have taken advantage of me forever, and they’ve taken me grossly for granted, and as I said, now that I have nothing left to help, there’s no one to help me. I spend all my time alone, and I’m dying inside.

    1. Hi K. I’m sorry to hear what you are going through. I totally understand how you feel. I was always and still am always there for others but they are never there for me. Please stop thinking about taking your own life. I know that, at your age, and possibly going through menopause, can cause you great anguish and loneliness. Try to find a support group or someone you can talk to, even if it’s a stranger. Try to find an outlet – write, paint, do anything creative. Wishing you all the best and sending you lots of blessings. Take care of yourself

    2. I’m 33 and its funny you used that term Giver , I am the same way I give and I show up for everyone but I feel so sad because I feel like when it is my turn no one shows up or put the best foot forward for me .

  37. Roger, thank you for sharing your story and prayers. I hope you found it helpful to write about what it feels like when it feels like nobody cares. I don’t know exactly how you feel, but I know what it’s like to feel unwanted. I know what it’s like to be unwanted, discarded, and neglected. It hurts, and it’s hard to let go of the pain. It’s hard to grieve the love and family you lost…or the parental love you never had.

    I’m listening to the YouTube song you shared in your comment below – thank you for bringing it to us! It’s called “I Am Here” by Scripture Lullabies, and it’s such a comforting and heartwarming song. A “Lullaby Journey Through Scripture” – it’s just beautiful.

    Jesus, thank you for being here with us. Thank you for loving us and blessing us with your presence — especially when we feel alone, sad, and like nobody cares. Thank you for walking this earth and reaching out to us with love, grace, and compassion! You are One with our Father God, and we gratefully and humbly accept you. Holy Spirit, come and fill us with your wisdom, love, and warmth. You are here, and you love us more than we’ll ever know. Give us a strong sense of who You are, fill us with your power and joy so we can be a light in this dark world. Remind us to turn to You when we feel like nobody cares…and show us that Your presence is all we really need. Help us to see that all the rest of the good stuff in this world — relationships, beauty, love, pets, delicious food, laughter, vacations, surprises fun experiences — are just icing on the cake. You, our Lord, are the only “cake” we need 🙂 and we love You with all our hearts. Amen, amen, and amen.

    With His love,

  38. Dear Roger,

    Are you going to let these people ruin your life or are you going to rise above it all?

    Find 3 things to look forward to and 3 things you are grateful for. There is always something.

    Put yourself in control of your life. Children don’t have much power but you are an adult now and can make your own decisions. Start with something small. Buy yourself a present maybe.

    It’s a new year and you can start new things. Maybe an evening class.

  39. Hello, I’m a 31 year old male and I’m here because I feel God reached out to me through a dream.

    My Fear:
    I’ve been searching for God – studying, watching, learning, praying.. but there’s always been a hole in my heart as I looked for Him, I still needed a physical earthly connection to someone that cares and loves me. This yearning and “hole” for that has caused me great loneliness, grief, sadness, and sin in my life. As a result of my life experiences, I can honestly say that I fear very little in life, but I’m terrified of being unwanted, uncared for, and unloved.

    Brief description of the origins of these feelings:
    Abuse. Physical, verbal, mental abuse, from my father. Due to experiences, I came into “full cognition” or awareness of my surroundings and forming memories I still carry from the age of 3; with flashes before that. I’ve been thrown into walls, made to feel absolutely worthless, both publically and privately humiliated, beaten until my back and legs were “black and blue” while still in diapers, starved (eating canned corn and canned gravy mixed together); to give a small idea. I felt abandoned by my mom, not because she didn’t love me, but because she didn’t protect me when she was aware of most things, when I needed to feel safe most, when I was defenseless. By the time she stepped in, I had turned 16.. I had been working out hard to defend myself, and it was too late, he was leaving her for another woman anyways. During that period towards the end, family, children’s aid, the Roman Catholic Church (mother went to see a priest for help after my father and I nearly fought because I turned a light off before going to bed.. It was my tipping point, the moment I had been building my body and strength for. thank God it didn’t happen, one of us would be alive today the other would not) – none of which helped and all turned their backs on us. My father was very charming publically, everyone adored him, but at home – I’ve met many “bad” people in my life, criminals for example, but I’ve only seen “evil” a couple – he was almost a demon.

    I live alone in my own place, in a city across the country – have an okay job that allows me to live comfortably according to my needs, I have work acquaintaces but less than a handful of friends, none of which live near my city. Personality wise no one would ever think I lived the life I have. I still have nightmares of him, and/or reliving events through those dreams; although not as often. It’s now 14 years since I last saw him. I recently ended a 3 year long relationship with a good hearted woman, who also struggled with similar issues of her own. Throughout our relationship she reinforced that no one cares about me except her. As such I stayed by her side trying to make things work between two people who were just completely incompatible – but equally lonely, so we clung to each other and until 2 months ago, we couldn’t anymore.

    Preface to the Dream:
    This is to give a bit of info so it can be understood easier. Years ago (2 years before the recent girlfriend) I was in a very respectable and high paying job that was intended to be my career. I fought long and hard to achieve it and overcame many obstacles. I was surrounded by what I realize now were fake friends and users. The most important of which, I’ll call her K. K, was amazing – had such a bubbly and outgoing personality, she was the center of attention at most events, she knew how to give just the right amount of care and affection. I really enjoyed being around her and I cared for her so deeply; so it was incredibly confusing when she abandoned me. When I got laid off from my job at Christmas during that year, I watched all my friends and family (aside my mother and brother) leave my life. Forgetting to invite me out, or to acknowledge my presence at events, etc. K, as much as she meant to me before that, was also the first to go. The calls stopped, the invites were forgotten, the talks and comfort I thought I had with her became non existent. Although the job loss was heartbreaking, for some reason her actions hurt me much more and stay with me, in the back of my mind to this day. These were the first of many heartbreaks that dropped me into a depression and complete isolation that took more than two years to work out of.

    The Dream from today:
    The dream was reliving one of the abusive events in my life but as an older teenager rather than a child. It was mostly physical, with some verbal abuse thrown in. Although there was a second twist in this, inbetween each period the beatings stopped, I left the house and went for a walk with a “friend” I have never seen before. She was the same short height as K, same bubbly personality, same race and similar style of clothes, but a completely different face and lighter skin tone. I would attempt to share with her what had just happened, because it was impacting me greatly.. but each time she would listen but not say a word, she’d give me a very warm smile.. then pull a magazine out of her bag, open it to a page and point. I can’t remember what it said now, but it talked about turning to God and the church. This repeated a couple more times similarly, before I woke up drenched in a cold sweat. I immediately turned to my usual source of interaction; Google.. and just typed in what I feared most, being unwanted. The first link I clicked on was your page and I’ve bookmarked it and read through it – there was no mention of God in my search yet this came up so I believe I was led here for a reason.

    My Prayer:
    I don’t expect anyone to read this, let alone read this in its entirety. I’m writing this as my prayer to God, that He will help show me the way to you and to fill that void within me. Also that He never leaves my side, and continues to show his presence in my life.

    To anyone looking feeling alone or struggling right now:
    There’s a recent song I came across that is taken from scripture. It gives me strength, hope, and comfort. It has brought me to tears, knowing these are God’s words sung in a beautiful song. From Isaiah 41:10. I hope it will help you the way it does for me:


    1. This is exactly what I asked God to do and a person I barely knew reached out to me and KNEW what I was going through. Our lives have been very similar. I can relate to your soul. I promise this. When you completely let go and watch God to present Your Way to you, you will find something better than you ever imagined. I am here. isn’t that interesting? I rarely have time to check my email, (weeks) yet I was here tonight just for you!

    2. I read your post and it seems like you have the same fear I do the only difference is that I am married with kids and I feel like I should not be lonely . How are you dealing with this?

    3. Roger. I too was abused physically and verbally. I have PTSD and working through it with EMDR. I am a stuffer. I stuff the emotions deep so I don’t feel them. I get along in the world great, however, when I am put under enormous stress, the PTSD comes out. I shake, my chest hurts from the neck down. It’s anxiety. I had a session of EMDR from an incident in my early teens and I finally dealt with it. My body started shaking all over for about 5 minutes. It was the weirdest experience I’ve ever had. But you know what, the anxiety in my chest area disappeared. I also had another session where I was to process the anger and rage suppressed for years. I am afraid of anger. The thing that was weird was I felt it but I couldn’t let it out. My whole body fought it not my mind. It was an actual fight within. I was grunting with physical pain in my abdomen. Weirdest feeling ever. My therapist said I will need 2 years of this since the trauma events were my whole childhood. I am currently going through a divorce thus the anxiety. I am seeing a psychotherapist and she has really helped maybe you can process your trauma with EMDR. I highly recommend it. When you internalize the trauma, it has no way to escape and you carry it with you always to which depression will set in. Get help. You need to love yourself which I have to learn as well and I am learning. Think positive thoughts always. Don’t rely on others to make you happy. Happiness comes from within. I wish you the best. We will not be victims anymore!!!!!!!

  40. It takes a lot of courage and strength to share how you feel – especially when you feel like nobody cares about you! Thank you for being here. Every comment shows us we’re not alone, that many of us struggle with feelings of loneliness and isolation. Not everyone is honest or authentic about how they feel, though…and that’s what makes you unique.

    Remember that this is a temporary season of loneliness and isolation. It WILL pass, and you will feel happy and healthy again! You will find your way back to yourself – especially if you find your faith. It’s impossible to fill up on life, light, love, joy and peace without receiving it from God. My prayer for you is for healing, and for you to find your way home.

    Take good care of yourself – especially if you’re still feeling unwanted and like nobody cares about you. It’s more important than ever to be gentle and kind with yourself.

    With His love,

  41. I Just wanted to thank you all for your comments – you helped someone tonight – me! I’m in the same boat – family are jerks, dumped by the love of my life, Had to quit a job with benefits because it was horrible, all my friends are smug marrieds (see Bridget Jones Diary). I don’t seem to fit in at work, church, gym etc. I have my own business which aligns with my talents and passions but lately I struggle just to answer emails much less work on the projects my clients have paid me for. but I know God put me here for a reason and know that this is just a season. There have been sad and bad seasons before and then there were happy seasons, so I know I just need to get through this and circumstances will change eventually. I don’t see a lot of people on here talking about antidepressants but when you’ve been through so much it’s normal to be depressed. I asked for a prescription. Making me feel better already. I think that and knowing that this too shall pass might get me through. I hope you find something to help you get through. there is light at the end of the tunnel I just know it.

  42. After reading this I cherish the small tears hovering gently in the corner of my eyes as proof that I am alive and fully feeling my emotions. I’m mourning the loss of a relationship with my parents who became physically and verbally abusive on a vacation this past summer. While we explored the frozen majestic beauty of Alaska I truly saw the coldness in their hearts towards me. I’m rebuilding a new life already, adding an affectionate dog to my home and a fun volunteer shift to be near people. The pain in my heart, my stomach and my mind is immense now but I see it as a journey not something to escape by wishing I wasn’t here. Thank you dear Blossom

  43. I think Lily makes some good points.

    If you have anyone in your life who is critical or harming you then you need to distance yourself from them. There are psychopaths about.

    Most people, though, are not like that. They are just involved in their own family, lives etc. They don’t have time for others but it doesn’t mean they don’t care.

    Join classes, go for walks, do whatever you enjoy. I often eat lunch alone in a hotel by the sea. It doesn’t bother me.

    Love yourself is the first step.

  44. Why is ” nobody cares about me” automatically linked with depression and loneliness?
    I do not suffer from depression. I have a wonderful life, I’m not sad, I’m not down. In fact, I’m an ambitious go-getter, always looking for the next Mountain to conquer.
    Loneliness? Well maybe a little bit sometimes. I’m single and have been for years. I’m alone, but I’m not really lonely. Actually the idea of a relationship causes me a slight degree of nausea.
    But nobody cares about me? I’m sorry but sometimes that’s just the truth. Sometimes it’s not some demon in your head, sometimes it’s not a chemical imbalance, sometimes it’s not just a feeling or perception that will pass.
    Believe it or not, some people don’t actually have one person in the world who cares about them. The world is full of broken people. It’s not unreasonable or unrealistic that a person could be surrounded by people who lack the ability to care about them.
    it’s really not uncommon for a certain personality type to attract both narcissists and sociopaths. In which case, that person will literally be surrounded by people who do not care about that person.
    The good news is that it is possible to have a wonderful life even though no one else cares about you. You can care about yourself. You don’t have to let them determine your value or your worthiness. You can’t make them care, but you can determine how deeply you are going to let that impact you.
    I have dogs. That’s how I deal with it.

  45. I have lived for a long time with the fantasy that I was loved. I KNOW that I am a special child of God. I know that HE blessed me with gifts and abilities, including a nature that will fight for the rights of a stranger as if it were my own fight. It isn’t a risk, it is what God expects us to do. I KNOW the gifts he gave me benefit many every day, in a way that lasts a lifetime for them. I know there are people who will always remember me for what I did for them. I have always recognized my abilities and blessings, and how they have benefited the world around me, yet I cannot let go feeling that I am a disappointment.
    Lately I have realized that while I thought how I was raised was normal, while in reality my family both emotionally and physically “punished” and abused me. While always accomplishing success, I was criticized regardless. Without the ability, I was blamed for horrid things others in my family actually committed. My word was not trusted. Toward the end of my parents’ life, I was denied communication and visitation with them, as my siblings abused my parents. Their greed led to theft and abuses, that led my Mother to starve herself to death. The same mother who had abused me, allowed my father and siblings to abuse me, I still fought for her rights when it was she being abused regardless, for that is what God wanted of me. I’ve never lost my confidence in the blessing the Lord has given me, and I am His servant every day serving children in need, while fighting bureaucracy. I don’t understand why no one loves me. I’ve had abusive husbands. My voice is resented by others, yet it is this voice that has served and rescued others in need, the voice that challenged wrongdoings. My blessed knowledge and successful ideas are dismissed. Those that say they love me, ignore my pleas to hear my words, or take my happiness into consideration. They recieve my love, yet I feel nonexistent. I wonder what is the point….to give so much love and be so alone. It doesn’t feel right.

  46. Nowadays, i dont believe in god who keeps giving me sadness, fear, insecurity, regrets etc. I got pregnant, within a week my husband fought with me and not talked for about a week. The week before only i though like I’m the luckiest girl in the world since i got a very lovable husband. But all of a sudden, my happiness went off.No one really cares me, everyone is acting including my parents. My parents are expecting an income from my side whereas my husband is stick on with his rules. Who loves my soul? when the people surrounded me are more selfish??!!! I feel very lonely deep inside even surrounded with so called “people”.
    I dont like my current job, i want to quit this. But due to insecurity, i’m still in this job. I need to take care of my baby. Sometimes, i feel like to disappear from here. I dont want to live in this world. Without true love and caring, nothing makes me happy.

    1. Hi Halena, many a times myself I want to dissappear. I know that no one would even notice. I have been a rejection in this life since I could remember. I thought before that all God wanted to do was to see my cry. I dont know how old you are but when I was 29, that was the very first time I learned that I was a somebody. You have to know that God does not bring suffering to us. We have an enemy who hates God so much. And because he hates God so much and you are the apple of Gods eye, well he hates you as well. Hates me and all of us here on earth. Jesus here knowing He was going to suffer and die yet did nothing wrong but to help us. He was used abused mocked beat spat upon alone. Read the bible. You will learn how special you are and how much you mean to him. You are still here Halena. Learn what Halena wants to do. Enjoy doing the thjngs you like to do even if it is alone. Life has robbed me of so much. December I will be 48. I have been abused in many ways. Not belonging. Not accepted. But now I know I am Gods babygirl. I am now doing little things to bring a smile to my face. You are loved. Very loved by God. You are taking care of this presious baby you hold. While we live on thjs earth, we will go through many things but God promises a new home where we will never ever shed a tear. Where we will not be alone. We will belong. Thats where I want to be. Thats where I want to go. Thats your home too. You are special and you are chosen. I love this site. We all hurt and feel that no one cares about us. But look, we are not alone here. We have each other. Lift up your head. Walk knowing that Heaven is workjng on bringing us home. God is our strengh in time of trouble. Its so true. I send a cyber hug to you. I am a single mother with now a 23 year old and no family. You will make it. Hold on. Hang in there. Smile. Discover the things you like and do them. At least try. Millie

    2. I am at a crossroad in my life.
      I am not sure what to do with career.
      I have a challenging marriage.
      My personal life is suffering

      1. Hello,

        Try to get hold of a book called

        What color is your parachute by Richard Bolles.

        I’m reading it now, got it from my library in UK.

        It may help you find a job that suits you better.


  47. I know God loves me and i read devotion everyday God loves me my holy sprit loves me Jesus loves me but everyone else could care less i care about all my friends yes my husband passed 6 years ago i now live in a small condo with my 2 cats by the way they love me my daughter says she loves me but never has anytime for me

    1. Hi Penny…i read your post. God will never leave us. He is never too busy for us. The animals I always say can teach humans. I have a daughter who has time for everyone else but me. I have a bjrd- Cocatiel. (Sorry about the spelling.). When I pray, I thank God for my bird. He loves my attention and loves me close to Him. Praise God that you too fill your life reading. I read the Bible and other things. I play my instruments and sing to God. I know He loves it. Continue to keep the Lord with you. I have no friends. They have forgotten me because I do not do Facebook. I dont think I should put my life public just to say hello to you when you have my number and address. So my friends and I sadly lost contact. At least here we can see we are going through similar things though we feel we are alone. God bless you and may God be your constant companion. He is mine. I love my Lord.


  48. Ive been dealing with this depression for a long time,everyday is a struggle. Im numb,detached from feeling anything for anybody. Im in a f//ked up relationship,my kids hate me,my family,whats left of them,disowned me,ive been cheated on,throwned out in winter,lived on streets,u name it ive been thru it. Am i a bad person,no im not,i just gave the wrong people the benefit of the doubt,so happens it was family members. This is hopeless im feeling unworthy and upset as im writing this,this is not the way it supposed to be,i need to find my nirvana,a place where love is unconditional without judgement,no hard feelings no anger no bs no gender bs just plain straight men and women enjoying a peacful life without all this bs,racist bs,favortism and all the bad element going around infecting lives like a plague.

    1. Hi Steve. I read your heart and I can feel your pain and anger. To have people around you who do not value you as their life long partner or the best father in all the world, it has to hurt. Having to deal with unfair conditions, for sure anger settles. Why because you have given. You have invested. You have loved. They all took and kicked you aside. Steve shake off the dirt. Stand up. Wipe your tears away. Tell anger bye bye. Remember you are still here. You are loved by God and all heaven. Keep in mind no one will get away with anything. There are people who like you are in unloved homes or at home completely alone like me. Remember your heavenly Father made you. You are very special to Him. Love yourself. No one cares then care about you. Its hard but it can be done. Take yourself out. Do things that you like to do that will dry the tears and bring a smile. Just then your family will take notice and wife will change thinking she may loose you and children may change because they will miss their Dad not around. Dont stay down. Get up and maybe just once or twice a month love you. I am doing little things like that. Going to the movies alone. Painting my toe nails. Doing my hair with more style. Putting on lipstick. I never did those things before. Get yourself a nice shirt, socks, tie. Go to the Barbar. Get shoes. Play golf or basket ball. I also joined the YMCA. I swim in the mornings and do my weights and cardio in the evening. I work out alone and come home to shower than sleep. Have my work items and gym items ready. Its been barely 3 weeks. Color or paint. Steve bring yourself the sunshine. I am still alone. No family or friends. I dont cry as much. Do things you like. Try it Steve. You are not alone. Millie. (There are still wonderful people out there. They are either alone like me or stuck with not so nice people). Hang in there. 😊

  49. When I see a person alone I do seek them out. I feed them and remind them that they are not alone and God sees them. I go to the gym but its hard. Many people go with their families. But I was try to be more intentional in seeking lonely people. I dont want the streets. I am always home. Thank you for responding.

  50. Maybe one way to cope with the feeling that nobody cares is to do the unexpected: start taking care of others. Look for people who are lonely, unwanted, and feeling lost. Care for them in little ways, even with a smile and brief conversation.

    Last night I attended at a big dinner and awards gala. I went alone, though I knew a few people there. I wore jeans and a tshirt because I was traveling with carry-on bags only, and I don’t wear dresses or heels or makeup. Everyone else was dressed in ball gowns and crowns, sashes and dashes. I don’t care what people think about me, but it was interesting to watch their reactions to me.

    I walked through the throngs of glamorous women, looking for the least, lost, and lonely. And they were everywhere! When I stopped thinking about how nobody cared about me (or what they thought about me) and started looking for others who needed rescuing from their discomfort, I got out of myself. I connected with women – and men – who didn’t fit in, either. It was like high school all over again…and that’s okay. That’s the world. That’s what it’s like in certain circles.

    What do you think of reaching out to others who also feel lost, lonely, and alone? Maybe you’ll see you’re not alone…and you’ll be a light in someone else’s dark world.

  51. God led me here. I have been down and feeling like no one cares for me. All my life from the womb until now, life has just only done the job of reminding me I am nothing and am not wanted from anybody. I read some of these stories and realize we all have a story. I just want someone to love me. I want to matter to someone. I want to be important to someone. It seems that God does not want anyone to love me. My mom from the womb hated me. Two divorces. Then meeting a special love who was dying of cancer. Got well and then just threw me away. 9 thousand in debt caring for him. Last boyfriend got dentures out of me and he was gone. I have no family. I have no friends. Church I dont seem to fit in. It hurts to see so many families and I alone. At work Im in a snake pit. It does not matter where I am. I just want to close my eyes and not wake up again. I dont know how much more suffering I can take. I have no one. I am here at this site. Typing letters I can barely see. I dont have courage to remove myself from the world. I feel insignificant, I feel I am in the way. People are not interested in me unless I am giving or doing something for them. I have been through everything you can imagine. Physical sexual emotional abuse. Divorce. Death of a child. Debt helping people…close to 17,000. But who cares for me? Nobody. I am not important to anyone. I have no body. Anyway, if someone does take the time to respond, please dont be cruel. I am already low. With my pinky I am holding on to God. Im just waiting for s disease or accident to take my life out of here. I will not do anything to stay an extra lonely day here in this planet. I will be 48 in 3 months. 48 years of suffering with only two people in my whole life who showed me love. They eventually abandoned me. Dont know what Im doing here…..

    1. Iam reading these comments. When my husband died 3 months ago. My world turned.Reason he was the one who watched out for me and cared for me. Not to many people knew we wetre alive and that hurt. At his funeral .I again looked around. Aftear funeral i cant even tell you how i was treated.And still am. I finally took myself out for supper last night.Got tired of waiting.Cant tell you how when i stoped given .How phone stop ringing.I cant even tell you how it would off meant.For a call from someone. I am still going throw saddness.Miss my animals done rescue for 20 years. Cant believe how people are chargeing to do work on a home. I do feel lonely but i will not let people bring me down. I am worth riches. And if people dont think they can be in my shoes their wrong.. But i chose not to be like them. I cant bring my life back. Cant bring my husband back.My beautiful animals are home. But i sure can move forward. And if people dont want to be around me. That is their choice. But i have a choice if i want to go in sorrow over them. People only bring you down if you let them.Yes i miss my husband being here with me. He didnt forget my birthdays .Are my favorite coffee. When i was ill he helped me.But now he is gone. Yes it hurts terrible. But i chose not to look forward at people think they are better then me. I chose to be around people .Who really want to be around me. And i can tell you its not many.So thats why im going to fill my life up with blessings. Trust me when i look around.Their is people haveing a hard time to. Please everyone who is hurting love yourself.Find good things to make you happy. I understand this pain. Trust me i look around. But put 1 foot forward. Its time to smile again.

      1. Dear Melinda,

        I’m taking time out to write to you, although busy, so some people do care.

        I just want to say that the way people treat you during and after a bereavement is actually fairly common. In my experience people run around for a few weeks usually up to the funeral and then after that they just drift back to their own lives. To be fair, everyone has a life of their own and they can’t spend too much time with somebody else. I wonder if you have a bereavement support group in the area because what you need to do is find people who are in a similar situation to yourself who will be the only ones who really understand how you feel.

        Life is full of changes. Remember the happy memories.


    2. Please ask privately

      Hey sweetie try meetup.com. you know the things you’re saying about yourself aren’t true.. if we lived in the same area I would love to be your friend!! I’m knew where I live so it is hard to meet people but meet up.com is helping a little bit.. Also, team rwb is really fun if you support the military.. it’s been hard to form connections but it still gets you out of the house

    3. Hello Mildred, thanks so much for sharing, its really brave of you and if you can believe it i’m sure you have made some other people feel better with your story, your beautiful story…you may not see the beauty in it but its the truth and that’s what makes it beautiful, thank you! There seems to be a point in our lives when things start to go downward, and from there everything seems to get worse and worse, while all we see around us are people who seem to have the perfect lives, we start to envy that, we feel unhappy because everything around us seems so perfect yet we have nothing perfect in our lives – but believe me, there are many of us out there hiding under our ‘perfect’ image so just remember there are many, many of us out there just like you. lots of love

  52. “You will get through this and be happy again.” Not sure I agree. My story began 30 years ago when my sister left it to me to deal with Mom and Dad’s myriad (serious) health problems. I eventually had to quit my long-term job to care for them.. I was alone with my dad when he died. Ten years later, I had to make the heartbreaking decision (alone) to place my mother in hospice, where she died within 12 hours. While going through these nightmares, I did not realize that my husband of 20 years was cheating on me. He left me for a 23 year old girl, and a mountain of debt. Before Mom was buried, I was hit with a massive lawsuit from two banks for unpaid loans that I knew nothing about. My ex disappeared and the banks came after me. It took 3-1/2 years, going all the way to the State Supreme Court, before it was over. I was broke, destitute and didn’t know how I would survive, emotionally or financially

    I won the lawsuit, but my best friend died shortly after. Then my only child (a son) accepted a job across country. My ex-husband then died, opening up a host of repressed feelings that took me months to resolve. Then, in short order, my other good friend died, my sister died (also a complicated relationship), and then I went through the horrors of a late-night home invasion (he broke down my door after cutting off my electricity and shooting out street lights). That is another story in itself.

    I had the support of a good neighbor, but last week she told me she is returning to her native country. I will be totally alone. My son told me he is going to move again in a year or two, so it is not feasible to relocate where he is currently living. I tried visiting a couple of churches but neither experience was positive and I don’t have the energy to keep trying. My friends, who haven’t died, have moved away. All my efforts to expand my social circle have failed.

    I know I come across as a negative older woman who has given up. And I guess I have. Years of prayer and optimism have yielded no real relief. So I must disagree with your statement that “you will get through this and be happy again”. Maybe not always.

    1. I just read your letter .Okay all i can say is your 1 strong women.WOW. I gave up on depending on any one. And for visits.I am not interested in game playing. Yes its lonely .But i am learning to fill my time up. Yes you get so tired.I know i have. And people can play some very sad games toward you. Since my husband died.It has been unreal. I finally had to start removeing certain people out off my life.Yes it was sad .But it was out getting out off hand.I would rather have 1 good friend.Then several who think they can get what they want. Im moveing forward.And yes it is a battle. But their is good out here and im grabbing it. I cant change my past.But i can decide what to do with my future.And yes im scared.But im also looking to the future.Hurt i can write a book.Can not change past cant change people. If they dont have time for you move on. Find ways to make you happy. I dont depend on people. They can leave you down.When my husband died they couldnt even bring me a cup off soup.But boy they wanted alot. Please someone told me along time ago.Its like a piece off pie.When a piece goes missing.Find a way to fill it. All i can say is dont look back. And yes you can make it.Yes its hard go slow and keep going forward . I do understand pain. But i do undersatnd not to depend on people for you to be happy.You have to make your life

  53. Thanks for reading aaaall this. I am married and have a little child. The problem is that my husband lost his job and my salary wasn’t enough. We needed help so we moved with my parents. At first everything was going fine. But my parents, specially my mother, started to treat us like we ate worthless. I have to do the household all alone because she says I would do it anyway if I were in my own house, but since now I have to do dishes for five people instead of five, taking care of my baby, working like freelance to help my husband to pay our expenses, I feel overwhelmed. If my mother sees me tired or something she says I am a weak and ungrateful person. My dad got sick, amd my mom is always mad at him, yelling him he is a weak, hypochondriac person. So now I have to deal with my mom being always mad at my dad and complaining about him. If I disagree about her toxicity she really becomes destructive. Last time she told me to shut up, that I wasn’t her family and slammed the door on my face. That really hurts,and besides my husband doesn’t show me affection anymore because he says that living with my parents is so stressful that he is always worried. I feel so alone, like nobody cares. If I cry my husband keeps quite and doesn’t share any words. I wish someone would hug me and tell me that everything will be OK. I’m tired and sometimes I think about suicide but my husband says I’m just bragging and making a big fuss from nothing. I keep my thoughts and pretend nothing is wrong because my parents will stop supporting us and we still have no place to go. So I’m tired that everybody is mean at me and I must be nice at them. Is not fair. My little baby boy is my reason to smile but still I feel I’m fainting inside. Thanks for reading my words. I wish you find happiness and your sadness and troubles go away. God bless you!

    1. I read your post and thank you for sharing. I pray that God will find your husband a job and you can grow strong as a family again. Hugs

  54. I went through a bad breakup exactly six months ago and I thought I’d never get over it! I felt worthless and like everybody hated me. Nobody cared about me. The worst part was my friend was getting married at the exact same time and didn’t want to ask me to be her bridesmaid because I was feeling so devastated! I thought she didn’t love me anymore, which made it even worse. But then I started to feel better. My friends helped, God helped, and getting counseling helped. I don’t know exactly how I got through it but things lightened up and my depression lifted. I’m not in a relationship now, but it doesn’t matter. I know the right guy will come at the right time.

    So don’t give up. I know you might feel like no one cares, lonely and depressed, but don’t give up! Get help. Talk to people. Don’t feel sorry for yourself. You WILL get through this if you keep moving forward and try different things.


  55. I feel alone, today. I have survived some real tough stuff in my teenage years. I am now married and I try to have conversations with my husband about what happened so he understands why some things are difficult for me or why I react a certain way. Yesterday, he wanted to have a three hour conversation on what HE thinks is wrong with me and how we can “fix it”. All of his theories couldn’t be more wrong. It isn’t how I’m “wired” I struggle because I was massively hurt, multiple times. I feel unheard. I am not allowed to cry or to break or to let anyone know that I am drowning because everyone sees me as this strong person and any time I show a little weakness its “Just stop.” “Stop feeling like that” “You should be over it by now.” “I’m here for you…stop thinking those negative things.”

    I can’t break. I’m not allowed. I tried to reach out to a family member today but they were having a good day and I didn’t want to ruin it, so I said that everything is fine, I just wanted to tell them that I love them. I reached out to a friend last night, but I don’t want to come across as needy or dump m problems on someone else. I am seeing a counselor but it is the time in between sessions that I struggle because I seriosuly have no one and the person that is supposed to be my support…they don’t hear me. I need to feel heard but no one listens. No one cares that I’m drowning in pain. They only pour more water onto my head instead of trying to pull me out.

    1. I feel you. Just remember you’re not alone.
      My father died 10 years ago. :”) When i was 8.
      Everytime i have to suffer this pain. Be happy. I have no words to describe.

  56. I felt unwanted today, I worked 9:30 an to 4 pm at a kroger’s that I’ve been working at for 9 years. I came home, my roommate wasn’t home and so I decided to text my friend who was at Polaris mall with my other friend and her mom. I was seeing if I could hang out with them but my friends mom wouldn’t come pick me up. I don’t drive and I have transportation through Franklin county that takes me to work and home. But I just feel like sometimes when my friends cant pick me up it’s because I live too far.

  57. I have been feeling like no one cares about me. People don’t bother to even look at me and I am constitely looking at others but I don’t get back what I want. I am very lonely it’s pretty much just me and my mind all the time. When it comes to voicing out my thoughts, I only do so with my parents and brother. But I’m not open to anyone else because every time I try and call for help I end up speechless and forget what I had to say. I feel like nobody understands me and I’m somehow making myself worse everyday. I don’t want to die in my own or without really living my life to the fullest first. I fear getting better because I am so comfortable being numb but I hate it at the same time. Im lost in this world… just a simple 18 year old with hopes and dreams that one day this will all change and I will be more positive in order to bring sunshine into peoples’ lives when there’s rain. Any help is greatly appreciated xo

    1. Anastasia,
      You have your whole life ahead of you! You just keep smiling at others, even if they don’t smile back & before you know it….You’ll have more people to talk to then you’ll know what to do with!!

    2. Anastasia,
      I’ve felt your pain at your age. I always felt as if something was wrong with me because others never acknowledged me. I tried for years to be someone else just to make friends and it worked. However, I was attracting the wrong friends. These were people who didnt truly care about our friendship but what I could offer on their terms. I’ve learned that you must be true to yourself and the right people will appear. I’d rather have a few very close true friends than many friends who actually never cared for my well being. Please hang in there because things do change and so do people.

  58. Am just going to be 19 next week and I really feel like committing suicide but the only thing stopping me is my mom,I don’t want to get hurt her as a result of my decision. The reason why I keep thinking about suicide is because I feel alone and unwanted, even my boyfriend that I felt would always be there for me is tired of me and it obvious he wants to leave me, though am an only child from my mom,but do not have any relationship with my step siblings. I find it difficult to make friends and when I do we end up parting,am always having to apologize in those friendships.Please i need help and I want to start all over again..I don’t even know the cause of this.I want to be strong like other people out there having the ability to choose my own friends.

    1. Dear Tiffy,
      Thank you for being here! It takes alot of courage and strength to tell your truth, to be honest about what it feels like when nobody cares about you. Your mom loves you so much, and you love her too. I’m glad you know how much she cares about you.
      It must be so hard to feel like you’re all alone, and that you don’t have good close friends. I wish I had the right words to comfort you and make you feel better! When I feel lonely and like no one cares about me, I do the stuff I wrote about in my article 🙂 , so I won’t repeat myself here. I just want you to know I’m thinking about you.
      How are you doing today?

  59. It all seems pointless, and giving up seems to be the only solution. They moved on so easily, why can’t I. I know they are laughing at me and enjoying my misery. I dont know why. I am tired and have to get out of this life. I want what I had and it doesn’t want me. The only person I thought accepted me , was actually rejecting me the entire time, never wanted me. What am I here for …nothing
    This hurt is more than i can deal with and I want out. Have to get out or it won’t stop. Not even time will fix this, not going to waste anymore.

    1. Hello from UK. Very hot here.

      Just because someone uses you does not mean there is anything wrong with you, Alinq.

      It’s the opposite.
      What it means is that there is something wrong with THEM. This was not a very nice person and you are better off without them.

      You should not have let this person into your life.

      Now, find something to do this week that you will enjoy. Buy something for yourself (not too expensive) or go for a walk and have a cup of coffee or tea.

      It is sometimes hard to see a future but think of 3 things to look forward to. 3 is a powerful number. A holiday or visiting a friend maybe.

      Look forward, not back.

  60. Hey
    Thanks for sharing. I feel like the change thing wants to happen, the calling for something else. I feel like I desperately want and need change in my life and it’s been a long time coming, I just really have no idea what that is or how to go about finding it or making it happen. I find it so stressful trying to find a job or even know what it is that I want to do it’s driving me nuts. I don’t know how but I really truly deeply cannot wait for this. I feel so insane lately. I don’t even know how to explain it properly.

  61. Thank you for being here and for sharing how you feel. It must be so hard for you, to feel alone in this world. I’m not struggling with feeling unwanted today, but I’ve been there. Sometimes the worst moments are at night when everyone seems to be gone, and it’s just me. The night feels endless!

    But you know what? The night did end. The darkness did fade, and the morning brought light. Not only that, the morning brought hope and faith for a new day! What helped me survive was reading Ecclesiastes in the Bible, which I always thought was weird. The book is all about life being meaningless and pointless. But for some reason it made me feel much better – and not so alone – to know that people have struggled with feeling unwanted and alone since the beginning of time.

    You may feel alone, but the truth is you aren’t really alone. You’re here, and we know how you feel. You will come through this tunnel of darkness, and you will feel the light and joy of the morning again! Hold on to your hope and faith that life will get better. Don’t give up, because we need you.

    May you find peace and healing. My prayer is that you feel the love of God, the comfort of Jesus, and the presence of the Holy Spirit as you wrestle with your thoughts and feelings. I pray that you find what you need, and that it’ll sustain you through your life. May you know the peace and love that surpasses all understanding.

    With His love,

  62. Today is one of the days that I regret surviving meningitis twice, I’m sitting at work once again and can’t stop from crying because people keep telling me how useless and liability I am and telling me to cry about it. My job is not something I can get out of easily but at the end I feel hopeless and worthless and wanting to give up. I used to find strength in my child’s arms but now I’m starting to think he’d be better off having other parents. I am alone but mainly because I don’t trust any human being on this earth because they all caused me pain and rejection in some way ever since I was a child. I regret bringing a child into this life because I can’t protect him from the same and because I can’t leave this world when I want to anymore. He’s the only one I love but still think he’d be better off without me

  63. It’s somehow even a struggle to write even now. My attempts to connect with anyone else has been shattered. Mostly by my own doing. I push everyone away.
    The only people I had cared for has denied me. I no longer exist.
    I recently came out to the rest of my family about being secually abused as a child and they have chosen to believe my abuser. This happened 20 years ago but the pain from their denial is worse than I could have imagined. I’m so lost and lonely. I feel no one understands me. I know I need to move on, but I resist anything positive. I’ve become bitter and my once loving and happy demeanor has turned to bitterness. The attempts my friends or husband has made to connect with me just doesn’t snap me out of it. I can’t help but feel as if I am mourning my childhood and the death of my family. I realize I need to let go, but all I want to do is give up.

    1. Naomi,

      Don’t give up, keep fighting. In the end the truth will always prevail.

      Your family may not be with you now, but don’t give up hope, one day they will come back to you. 💙

      1. Steph, I think you’re replying to me. Although it says Naomi. Regardless you’re words are kind.
        My last post I was not in a good place. I have some good days and some bad.
        I won’t give up hope. This too shall pass comes to mind. I also can’t keep waiting for my family to care. It’s a hard path to take in life without family. Its worse to live in a pretend world and keep the silence. So I choose the path of truth. God will help me through

        1. It’s the difficult paths that make a person stronger. I’m glad you are feeling a bit better. 🙂 You are brave. Keep fighting.

    2. S,
      I feel your pain very much so. I was sexually abused by a family member and when I told my parents, they didnt really seem to care. They didnt take his (now passed on) side but didnt take mine either. It was a devastating blow. The predator sexually abused a cousin of mine and it was swept under the rug. I held bitterness for many years but finally just forgave the man through prayer in order to release that anger and resentment I had towards others. Til this day, I struggle but at least I’m a little more free by forgiving him. I’ve had others traumas I’m working through now and suffer from post traumatic stress but with forgiving myself and seeing a therapist who uses emdr for the trauma is really helping.
      I hope you find peace.

  64. I was really struggling tonight and then I started reading this articale and it has really helped me. What has been said in this is so true and you have got me thinking straight again. I am still struggling with all the recent evemts which has been going on but this has definately helped me. Thank you

  65. I am deep with feelings that no one cares. I often feel like if I died, only a couple of people would even notice or care about my absence if it weren’t announced. One of the main things that triggers these feelings is loneliness. And no matter what I try, I fail with dating and human relationships in general.

    Having been bullied and verbally abused a good part of my life due to looking different from brain surgery as a child and having turrets syndrome, I have extremely low self-esteem. I get on dating apps only to find every woman I message isn’t the slightest bit interested. In person, I can barely be comfortable enough around a woman to flirt, thinking she already thinks I’m ugly or weird.

    I have recently gone through something very difficult, falling for a woman who doesn’t share the feeling. It’s a devastating feeling because I thought I found a light in a pit of desolate darkness. I’ve been trying to move on and have made quite a few attempts at dating, with no luck. So yeah, I am feeling a little hopeless.

    Supposedly the key is loving yourself. No one wants to hear about my problems, show pity, etc. And frankly I don’t blame them. I just feel like such a pathetic failure at times. So not only do I feel unattractive to the eye, I feel like I am miserable to be around. But I’ll say this, I’m trying as hard as I can to stay rational and fight this! I am a deeply caring person and I know what I have to offer. Just wish I felt like someone else wants it. I may be drowning in sorry while I’m alone tonight, but tomorrow I’ll reapply that happy face and hope that it appeals to someone, and hope that I don’t blow an opportunity based on my own low self-worth.

    1. I have to reply to my own comment. I posted this in an extremely negative state of mind. I had hardly any hope left in that moment, so that post came off pretty extreme. I realize it’s so easy to tell yourself lies and feeling sorry for yourself is just too easy at times.

      We all fight our own battles, and my hope is that I can become comfortable with who I am, let the past go, stop worrying about every chance I blew and just continue trying to do the right thing and work on loving myself. When you’re in a state of sorrow it’s very easy to feel no one cares because people do stay clear of that negativity and most are unwilling to listen. Depression is one of the nastiest diseases I’ve seen. I’ve witnessed the effects it has on others in my family, and of course I’ve lived it myself. But things aren’t always as bad as this sickness wants us to believe.

      1. Hi B,

        I don’t know if you will ever read this. Anyway, my name is B, too. I am young, too. I am here for the same reason as everyone else, which makes me feel better. I don’t have as tragic of a story as most of the people on here, which makes me feel worse. But enough about me.

        You ARE strong. Just to say what you said above was immensely strong. Just keep feeding that strength inside you and don’t let anything other than what God thinks of you and what You think of you affect it. Whatever you look like, you are beautiful and handsome in the only way that truly matters. If you need a friend, I’m here. I need one, too.

        You all have my prayers <3

    2. Dear B,

      Keep going!.

      It is true that the key is to love yourself first. Do some mirror work each day, looking at yourself and saying good things like “I love you” and “you look O.K. today” or similar things. After a few days you should feel better. As they say in Denmark, “put your own oxygen mask on first”. It means look after yourself first, then you can help or relate to others second.

      Do you work? Can you make some friends at work to go and have a drink with? Or join a club doing something you enjoy. Not just to meet people but to keep busy.

      I heard something on the radio recently about melancholia (the old name for feeling down, I think).
      It said whatever else you do,

      Do not be solitary and

      Do not be idle.

      Keep busy, walks, going out and maybe you will find some unexpected friends.

      I have found the website called 7 cups of tea very helpful for online chats about anything. Ordinary people chatting to ordinary people about how they are feeling.

      1. Thank you for the reply, Barbara. I do work, alone much of the time, which means too much time to think! I have a very small circle of friends that I associate with, because I just have a very tough time warming up to people. But I’ve been practicing becoming more social when I’m out.

        I should definitely try to find new hobbies. I’ve dealt with addiction in my past, and I’m younger so it’s a little more difficult for me to stay away from things that involve drinking. But I know there are other options.

        Overall, my situation is really not as bad as I can make it out to be. I continue learning that I am often the cause of what’s wrong, and that’s the most difficult pill to swallow. I just have to find some confidence and hold on to hope. Got to give up this self-pity and realize the world’s not against me just because things don’t always go my way. I have to keep going as you said.

        1. Hi B, I really admire your strength and positive attitude! What you’re dealing with is very difficult and many of us have the same isolating thoughts and issues. You are not alone in feeling alone!

          It sounds like you’re doing as well as you can, but if you think you need more support, search for Pod for the People.

          We’d love to help if we can!

          Thanks and good luck


      2. I feel very devastated alone lonely whenever i am with my frnds or in public….my bestie also left the school who was the only person i felt comfortable with she was the person who understands me cares about me love me . But now things have changed she even do not call me i am always be the first who calls her….now she doesn’t care about anymore not only her ….my all frnds are selfish they want to be listened and cared by me but does’nt want to care or listen to my problems my all frnds are fake they sometime pretend that i doesn’t even exist…..i am afraid to meet new people make new frnds because i am very shy at these things i take much longer time than others to be frank . My parents cares about me but most of the time i feel like i am a
        lybility for them…..my life just sucks…. i feel like i am loneliest person in the whole universe no one loves me no one cares about me……

        1. I know how you feel. Like I said above, and it’s easier to give this advice to someone else, I think we have to learn to be comfortable with ourselves and love ourselves. I see people less fortunate and battling more serious issues than me, and I wonder how they can be so happy. I still run and pout like a child when I feel someone has talked bad about me or feel excluded. We have to learn to not worry so much about others and start valuing ourselves. I really do relate to you and wish you the best.

          1. I feel the same way to u have no friends by best friend tied my don does not bother with me my mother only complains about her stuff my sister only complains about her stuff my echusbad has new girlfriend u am I’ll and can not do alot and no one ever asks me how I am do ing they just want me to do things for them I wish I would just no wake up all the people that cared about me are gone

  66. I am seeing someone who I care fo far more than is reciprocated. I often feel like I am his “Right Now Girl”. I know that I am not a priority in his life but I do not breakup with him because having a piece of something is somehow better than nothing. I hate that I feel so low that this is my life. I struggle to keep my depression at bay. I fight for healing but sometimes I want to give up and allow the clouds of grey to swallow me up. I remember bad days and wanting life to end. I do not want to face the dissappointment and hurt that comes with desiring the end but having tomorrow keep coming.

  67. I am struggling with my fear of being alone. I’m in a relationship that I want to let go because of our issues. But everytime we break up I end up being depressed so to cope up I “fix” things up and go back to her so I wont feel alone. I became dependent to her. I feel like I cannot be happy without her. When we are apart during the break ups I always crumble to the thought that I am alone. No one to check on me if I’m doing fine. No one to share my thoughts to. No one who makes me feel I am loved. Life seems meaningless when no one needs me anyway. I hope to find happiness without being dependent to a partner.

  68. I also have dreamed with social life existence, I’ve dreammed chatting with a best friend, in the most natural and beautiful way, and I’ve imagined he asks me how I’m doing because he’s really interested in my life, he likes my tastes, he likes my skills, he approves my goals and my effort… and I feel I’m being stared in the best possible way. I feel there’s no such thing as loneliness or sadness, and the I feel love and I feel I can love someone for the very first time I’ve got no more eyes or time to look into another thing. I feel sad because all I dream is a lie, and even I’ve tried to make i real, alsways it happens the fact that I’m too itchy for people so they cant tolerate me, but I need to tolerate them because if not, who’ll be my friend?

    DO friends exist? I’m one, and ones knows it yet… and I feel sad, I’ve got so much to give… and no one is giving me…

  69. I am struggling to feel loved or wanted. I get wrapped up in the throes of depression and my negative attitude pushes people away. When people don’t say or act how I think they should, I assume it’s about me. I’ve lost friendships over this. I’ve been told that nobody wants to be around me because I have such a “negative attitude”, that I’m whiny, and I’m selfish. This hurts and causes me to isolate more. I fall into the trap of self-loathing. I look for an escape but none take the pain away. I am losing hope. I’ve been praying because I know God loves me but sometimes I feel like it will be like this forever. I try to correct my atttitude. I try to be nicer to people, but I still fall short. I take everything personally like everyone is attacking me. I don’t want to be like this anymore.

    1. Dear P,

      One solution is to Love Yourself not to wait to be loved by somebody else or be dependent on someone else loving you. You will feel a lot better if you love yourself, think something of yourself, dress how you want to and smile.

      Dolphins and golden retrievers always look like they’re smiling!

      As well as this, can you try and work out what is making you depressed in the first place? When did it start and what was happening at that time? Is there anything you can do about that?



      1. I am feeling so sad lately. So lonely and sad, whether I am with people or not. I know why. I am not living the life I want to live, but I am living a life I chose, and I can’t exactly choose a different life now. For instance I got married and moved far, far away. And now I’m far, far away from people I love, love. At the time, I needed the independence, it seemed. I spent five (*yes, five) years crying from homesickness. Even now, especially now, I’m devastated because those people need me where I came from and I’m not there. I’ve even contemplated divorce to get where I came from. I’ve made clear I don’t care to live here, where we are; I’ve made clear I don’t feel we’re in the right place. I don’t fit in, I don’t understand people, we’re spending just as much money. I don’t know what else to say… I’m too scared to say: I want to go back for two years by myself, maybe forever… with you, preferably…I just say, I feel my spirit is crushed as things are. He tells me I’ve spent years doing for him… so he knows that. But he won’t want to go back…not ever. I don’t know what to do. I’m just looking for work here, to support our finances, all the while feeling like separating, getting on an airplane and escaping to a retreat for a month or two, and finding a job back where I started. I feel spiritually that I need to be back there. … When you say Goldens and Dolphins are always smiling … It is true. It is the truth. Whether we believe it or not; make it up or not, I don’t know. In the airport, I saw a Golden with his beautiful fluffy tail high in the air, I think he was smiling. His head held high. He was looking all around as if to say: “I’m having a great day just helping. Just helping! I’m having a great, sunny day! Its beautiful just to breathe and walk and be here! How ’bout you?!” I wanted to HUG him.

        1. Hello, I’m glad to hear from you.

          I think they are smiling because they are so enthusiastic and happy. That’s what I like about dogs, even if you take them to the same place every day they look as though it’s all new and they might have new experiences to come, which is true. For humans too a new day could bring new experiences.

          I’m sorry you’re not happy at the moment. How far are you from these other people? Could you visit for a few days to “touch base”? Could you do that every year maybe.

          Try to find some solutions, not dwell on the problem.

          Are you in the UK?


          1. Hi Barbara,

            Thank you for answering me, Barbara. Yes. Dogs *are in the moment!

            I’m three thousand miles from my family. I do visit every year for a few days. I did talk to my husband and he said he is willing to move. Now we are just sort of looking at each other. But I never imagined he’d say that. He hugged me and said, “I’d go anywhere with you.”

            Its just when your parent is aging, and you see them age, and you sit and hold their hand, and think of all they’ve given you spiritually–its hard to be so far away. Its also hard to be unemployed and not be able to find work. And… burning through savings. I am so blessed. I know I am. We are. I just wonder what I’ve done
            with my life. I have very little savings, very little work history. Yet, I do have gifts. I’m sort of… in ether at the moment. You do make sense: focus on solutions. Find. Solutions. How do I not drift. Thank you.

            No, I am not in the UK! 🙂 But I love the UK. I have some roots in the UK. I’ve had stroller rides in the UK back when strollers were lovely dark charcoal, with huge wheels and lots of room inside. There were biscuits, tea, and train rides. I’ve wandered through meadows and on damp, flat sands, and huddled in the delicate rain under sweaters with my sisters and Mother. I had little black boots that just about reached my knees! 😉 I really liked the double decker buses! More to look at and admire when we were in London than to ride on (which I don’t remember much of, really). Thank you for evoking these lovely memories. 🙂

    2. You are not alone. I feel the same way. I am trying to take time to get outdoors, enjoy nature, read what God says about me in his Word, and pray for others. It helps. I am also trying to train myself to listen to and appreciate others and not feel like I have to be the focus and have their approval to be of importance. I am working on finding my value in Christ – not in friends, shopping, social media, etc. Praying for you. We are all fearfully and wonderfully made by God. The enemy would have us feel and think otherwise. Cast down or put off those negative thoughts and replace them with what God says about you in his Word.

  70. I’m 25 and feel like my life is stuck. Today was so hard emotionally I just had to get in the internet and see if I’m going through this alone or there’s someone out there that understands it. I feel lonely and sad and the worst part is I have no one to talk to. I have a family but I feel like I don’t belong here. Everyone is successful and well mannered according to them and I’m the lost one..I’m referred to as hot headed because I always say out things as they are. None the less regardless of what I do, I don’t feel or get any appreciation. Once in high school my brother denied knowing me and several times I’m a bit embarrassing to my siblings as I’m fat so I’m left out of alot of things. This experience has hurt and left me wounded. On days like this, when I go low it’s bad when I think and remember all this. It’s like I’m a problem that should go away as people would be happier without me around them. I didn’t have many connections growing up either so I don’t have friends. I don’t blame anyone, I was too busy studying to make my parents happy. I tried making friends but I wasn’t financially stable so I couldn’t do what most people would want. It’s really a hard struggle with my self esteem all the time. Two years ago I got a job, not the best but I believe when I get something that earns a living I do my best at it. I work for a sports betting and gaming company, in my family that’s a taboo, gambling and no one has ever supported me through it. So even with tough days at work, I battle it alone and tell myself it’s gonna be ok. I tried getting other jobs but for some reason I’m always rejected whether permanent jobs, internships, scholarships or volunteering. Sometimes it feels like it’s God’s way of telling me, He’s got me in a good place, I dunno. My love life is frustrating. I’ve never had a real relationship. Everyone I found is already taken and it feels like there’s no one for me. I joined several dating sites hoping I would meet people but even strangers cannot stand me. I feel like I’m battling my life, my weight, my ego, my wants, my self esteem all alone and I don’t know if I can do it anymore.

    1. I think you want connection more than anything. It sounds to me like the household you’ve been growing up in was not good for your emotional well-being. Everyone knows about their physical well-being and physical needs, but that’s not all there is. Emotional needs exist too, no matter how much people out here want to deny and suppress emotions and feelings like they don’t exist. We still go through the full range of emotions as humans. Express how you feel, don’t suppress it. I’m a rather quiet guy who’s had an easier time blogging and writing about it sometimes. I used to think that being nice would get me love and connection, but instead people are annoyed and judge me anyway. I used to believe that how successful you are at what you do (job-related) is what will earn you love and validation and connection, but at 24 I’ve already seen this is not true. Instead I find myself still recovering from being fired a year ago from a terrible job in which I’d felt enslaved. If the way you’ve been feeling is how you feel around your family members, and they distance themselves instead of be there for you, then I’d recommend not focusing on them so much. It sucks feeling like everyone around you is countries away from you, I’ve experienced that pain and know it all too well. When you’re by yourself for awhile it’s an opportunity to integrate and do what you want to do. People who embrace you for you right now and want to be around are the ones worth focusing on. There’s not as much noise to drown out your own voice when you’re alone. I’d extend this message further but I’m kinda worried you won’t see it let alone read it. On the other side of the pain, is something good. Keep living by Faith in Him, life will get better!


    2. hi ,,
      Please dont feel low. I am going through the same but i
      am trying to be strong . I have gone through this all. I also feels the same. dw i will pray for you and hope everything goes well with you.

  71. I’m 24, real sincere connection is something I’ve always wanted but never got. I just searched “no cares for the umpth time and found this article for the first time. If people care about me it’s because they’re nosy and want to gossip or take advantage of me. All of my “peers” from high school might as well have disappeared into air. I have no one to talk to, there is no mentor, and I was just scolded again for not having a “job”. People care more about what I’m doing or what shoes I’m wearing than they do me. I live in a neighborhood but our neighbors might as well be a whole continent away. I just quit Flickr because someone wouldn’t stop taking pictures of the exact same things I already took a picture of. This user had plenty of time to do that but no time to interact with me who he knows is living close by. I have dreams I’m interacting and laughing with people who celebrate me and want me around, and I want them around. They’re with me and I’m with them out of free will. I’m even in a relationship if not married. Once awake, it’s back to reality; I’m introverted and practically social phobic and people are usually judging me and tolerating me. I’ve never dated, and ladies I come across are not interested, or they’re taken, or they’re involved in some fantasy with a TV or music celebrity they have no chance of getting with. I don’t want this to continue into 2018, this life without connection hasn’t been worth living. I’d rather wake up to live life in one of those dreams I described.😭

    1. I meant to write ‘ “no one cares” for the umpth time’ there at the beginning. Such a pro at writing…oh wait, I actually do blog.. 😓

      1. Andrew,
        It is true, no one cares! Once you can except this human trite and trait…life gets SO MUCH EASIER! So many are rapped up in their own head they have no feelings for anyone else. I am old enough to really know this. At 72 I thought everyone was interested in everyone else, People cared about each other, people wanted to know me, my life, my children…but it was not real. As our social media addictions, fake news, Hollywood, Politicians and YOLO attitudes thrive…our individual loneliness deepens. Many barely give others (me) any thought other than some curiosity. Years ago I asked someone for advice, I thought she was a good friend, She almost yelled, “You think you are so important? So What? I have my own life to think about”. Even my adult children think like that! I almost fainted but it was clear…PEOPLE ONLY THINK ABOUT THEMSELVES!
        SO, you have a life and there are so many connections and issues in our world YOU can HELP WITH! Our environment, our disappearing animals, our beaches, our world AND IT DOES NOT have to be trying to get people to pay attention to you or care! Screw them! Get out of your head and get into your individual ability to help our world! Being clean and sober and the suicide project readings got me to get out of my pity party and stop feeling sorry for myself….it hurt, it was hard, it pissed me off… but it is working.

    2. Hello Andrew,

      I totally understand what you mean. I go through it too. I got myself this unreal world that I go to when my real life is low. In that world, I’ve got lots of friends who always want to see me and talk and I even have a boyfriend that’s serious about us. Most times I change the story in my head just to make me feel better and stop crying. It’s gotten to a point I actually tell people in real life I have a Dutch boyfriend as in my unreal life just not to seem like such a loser especially among peers

      1. Hi Palma,

        I created the original comment in late January. Dunno if you will see my reply, but the unreal world that you go to intrigues me as someone who has imaginary friends of his own. They began coming into my life in 2006; I’ve done a blog post all about it. I also visit virtual realities through video games, right now I’m viewing Ocarina of Time. It sounds to me like what your peers think matters a lot to you. I’ve felt like a loser sometimes over not having a girlfriend, but I wouldn’t start dating just so I could say to peers that I have a girlfriend. I envision being in love with a lady who is in love with me and is serious about US, not so much what other people think. I always think of that and did a blog about it too, I can relate there. Actual friends love you for you, they don’t even think about calling you a loser. I’m not still talking to anyone who would call me that, and I have no clue where they are now. No one in this comment section is a loser. In fact everyone here is pretty cool to me, to see others expressing how they’re sick of feeling all alone is encouraging in a way. I don’t think anyone who is aware they feel like this and is openly expressing it will have to deal with it for too much longer.

  72. Ok so i’m 15 years old and i feel horrible . I feel unwanted and abandoned . I am a very good student and now that i’m at high school and things got more difficult people seem think that i’ve fallen but the truth is i haven’t and i’m trying my best but no one cares about it . I have 7 friends we’re close and lately i feel unwanted . When i asked them what was wrong they said that i’m distracted and that i don’t care about them . This is the most painful thing anyone has ever said to me . I look like a very strong person and i don’t share my feelings but inside i feel everything , everything they say everything they do has an impact on me . I care about them very much and i’m trying every day to offer them what they need by a friend and they say that i don’t care . I have tried so many times to be a part of this but it seems like i will never be accepted , i will never be loved and no one will ever care about me , no one cares i’m dead or alive ,if i’m really okay ,if i have a problem or something . I just stand there trying not to be annoying saying only a few words cause every time i’m trying so talk and tell them something about me someone interrupts me and .. i. imagine you can understand the rest of it . anyway , i don’t know what to do . I don’t know if all these are true or are just in my head. Our society here is very close and i don’t have the chance to make new friends . Everyone knows everyone and i guess i’m stuck with them till i graduate high school.

    1. I really hope you start feeling better. It’s hard to show you care sometimes. Keep trying. I wish you the best of luck. You’re not alone. Stay strong.

  73. I feel so sad and lonely . Abandoned by parents and two husbands in the cruelest way with no one to help. Five children and youngest one left home on sixteenth Birthday and said I couldn’t stop her. Just like her dad did and I never saw her for months . That was four years ago. Her dad walked out 12 years ago with no warning . I have never met anyone else. I have never drank or taken drugs . Try to lead a decent life . Read my bible . I am 55 and have tried so hard since I was a four year old girl who never had any real love. Don’t tell me to learn new stuff . I got a law degree four years ago. No one wants to give you a job over fifty . It’s true what’s Ecclesiastes says everything is pointless . Sure some of my kids care . They live away with lives if their own .

    1. Come on, Jen, get yourself together.

      I think Ecclesiastes also says somewhere that there is a time for everything. Those words were used in a pop song but I can’t remember which one. This sounds like a sad time for you but there may be better times to come.

      Doing a degree is an amazing achievement. But can you find other interests?

      Can you find a Bible reading class? Or another class that you are interested in? You might meet a man who has similar interests or, at the very least, have some nice female company. Joining groups is the best way I found of meeting people and not just men It is important to get out and meet people, no one will come knocking at the door.

      I find Louise Hay’s morning and evening meditation very good to listen to. Also her mirror work.

    2. Hi Jen,

      I’m 59. Two adult children and I understand how you feel. You know what helps me? I have a membership at a fitness center. I go without worrying about losing weight or getting in great shape. I just go to relax and let off some steam. It always helps. I just hang out there for about 45 minutes to 1 hour about 4 times a week. I use the treadmill and walk or run a mile. They have a pool and saunas as well if you are into that.
      It really helps mentally. You know, the Bible just doesn’t help every single time.

      1. Hi Cate
        Thanks for taking the trouble to reply , yes you are right about health club or similar . I know once the longer days are here I will feel better as able to go out for walks . I am blessed to have the mountains and sea on my doorstep 😊 take care and be happy x

    3. I’m sure your kids care more than you think…and you’ve never drank or done drugs. And you have faith it seems…which is very good. I’m an addict, with no faith…that doesn’t matter…but I hope that things get better for you. You seem nice. Plus you stayed away from 2 big addictions(which is a big deal!). Don’t give up. Sorry, I’m lame

  74. I feel unwanted. I feel rejected. I feel like the punch line to a bad joke. I feel like whatever I do just does not matter…it has no meaning. I don’t like this feeling. It’s like being trapped in mud. It’s dark, cold and dirty. Not to mention scary. I feel like a dream that never came true. Its like a trail of thought that someone never finished. It’s like waiting three years for someone to notice you. It’s the inspiration that came and went. It’s the unfinished piano lessons you had as a kid. Its all the sad songs put together. It’s a cry in the dark. It’s very lonely. I feel unloved. I feel broken and used. I feel like the night sky. So far away. I’m up while everyone else is sleeping. I admire from the background. At least I have that right? And I don’t have to make a sound.

    1. Dear Renee,

      When you are in a flat low state I find it helps to plan out your day either mentally or on paper. Just make a rough plan of the day and then just do one thing on that plan, just one thing to achieve today. It will get you more in control.

      One step is a start. Will you write it up and let me know how you get on?


      Barbara. xx

    2. Renee
      The words you write were heartfelt and sad . The way you conveyed your feelings through words was very beautiful . You are a lady who has a gift . I am sure you live literature and the arts . These things will be your saving grace because you still see the beauty all around . Some people never even take the time to notice . I hope when you look on here you see you are not alone and that you are loved.

    3. I know exactly how you feel. I feel the same sometimes. It’s really hard. Difficult. Sometimes I feel there’s a mountain pressing down on my heart and I can’t breath in the vast emptiness. But things that help when you are alone. Nature, looking at the birds, seeing them equal to yourself and saying I’m not alone. Watching the clouds move and feeling connected to them. Looking at the sun then feeling the sun in your heart. We are connected to everything around us so even if there isnt a person with us there other ways to get that feeling of connection. It might not be the same as an other person but there’s a feeling of liberation when you can feel closeness to nature& seasons and contentment in being alone. So many people writing about how lonely they feel. None of us are alone 🙂 so when you feel alone think of me and all the others and when I feel alone I’ll think of you. I feel my heart. You feel your heart. Then look outside. See the clouds move, watch the rain fall, feel the wind blow, listen to the swaying of the trees, look at the sun, look at the moon, look at the stars then think of all the others also looking at them to and say I am not alone. We are not alone.

  75. I am happy I found this. I am a mom of five ages 23-12 and have given my life to them. I feel alone in my marriage. I feel like no one values my presence. My husband doesn’t speak a lot to me as he says he has nothing to say. He makes plans to do things with others but not me.
    All I want is to feel valued. I pray that God will help me with this. I pray that my kids will someday see that I put them first. I never felt like my parents valued me and that if something better came up they would cancel plans with me. I never wanted my kids to feel what I felt. And now I still suffer. I also feel like I am the one who has to initiate activities with friends. I feel that if I didn’t initiate no one would notice my absence. This is such a hard place to be. If anyone has strategies on how to not feel this please share

    1. Hi there!

      You can love yourself, Cere. Look up Louise Hay’s mirror work. It sounds daft but it really works! Do it every day. You are worth something, believe me.

      I’m single, in my 60s and hate it when my married friends arrange to do something then dump me when their husband wants to do something suddenly. I really feel they should say “no, I’ve already arranged something”.

      I’m so lonely this week I’ve gone to a cheap hotel to find some warmth and music. It’s lifted my spirits just sitting in the lounge with other people. Try to find some new year atmosphere.

      Write again, if you want. I’ll look out for you. Mum’s are still people, can you find a class or group in the new year to join? Something you like e.g. walking or sewing or whatever? Buy yourself a present.

      Love Barbara

      1. Thank you so much for your comment. I wish you a great new year! I admire how you took control of your emotions and went to a hotel. Sounds like a wonderful thing to do. I’m also sad because my daughter who lives in a state many miles away is home for the holidays but has spoken to me only 10 times. She is an introvert but it still hurts. She leaves a room when I enter. She is 23 and I wish she would treat me differently but what can I do?

        Thanks again


      2. Cece,

        You could try asking her in a gentle way if there’s anything she wants to talk about. Try not to be aggressive or make it sound critical. Take an interest in her life. Young people sound confident but they are only just starting out in life while you have probably got a nice home and are established, even if you are not very happy.

        Or maybe arrange to meet up at the shops together, have a coffee and a wander round the shops. It’s easier than sitting at home sometimes.

        Do check out Louise Hay’s mirror work.

  76. Laurie, thank you for your support and kind words. I am fortunate to have found a very supportive church family and I am blessed to be there. I am deciding on different ways to fill my sudden blessing of spare time. I may join a swim class at the Y. I am also giving thought to getting a pet to spend time with…. Maybe a cat due to my work schedule. I also am thinking about starting a business at home on my computer. I am currently praying and talking to God about some of my ideas. We will see which direction He leads me to. I am always looking for solutions to situations. I am not able to live in sorrow for prolonged periods of time….my personality is too optometistic for that. But it is always good to make new friends and know someone understands. So, once again, thank you for your response.

    1. Happy Christmas, everyone.

      Keep going, Romona.

      I think the best thing to do about your grandson is to keep in good communication without being too over the top. I believe you have a right to see him and he you.

      Maybe things will settle down in a few months and your ex daughter-in-law might be more reasonable. Just keep in good touch and maybe try to talk to her a bit later on.

  77. It’s so difficult when your family isn’t part of your life, or when they’re withdrawing. Especially during the holiday season, when it’s supposed to be about togetherness, love, and families!

    Romona, I can’t imagine how hard it is to lose a son and then have limited contact with your grandson. My heart goes out to you. Trust God, that this is a season in your grandson’s life. It will pass. Their new family relationships will settle in, and you’ll be included again.

    Don’t lose hope. Know that you will get through this difficult and painful part of your life. And, most importantly, hold on to your faith! Find friends and companions who are strong believers, who are filled with joy and peace. You may not have the family you want, but you can be part of a family of friends who share your beliefs and values. You can have love, joy, and peace in your life — even if it’s not with the people you expected.

    Are you part of a church? What do you think about getting involved in a faith community?

  78. Where to begin….. My son passed away 4 years ago. I now have a new step dad for my grandson. I have been extra supportive of the new family (new baby boy too). Now all of a sudden my 8 year old grandson is no longer allowed to spend the night at my house cause his therapist says he needs to bond with his new family and learn to appreciate the rules at his house. I have been invited over on occasion. But I feel as if I am being forced to deal with home/pet issues that I don’t enjoy. I just miss my grandson as we were very close. I feel like I am being distanced because of the strong bond we have. He’s not old enough to drive and doesn’t have a phone he can use. I never talk to him anymore and feel like it’s bad judgment to weaken our relationship. I feel all alone without him cause he’s all I have left.

  79. Hi Everyone….
    I’m in the same boat…. Recently I came to full realisation that my father never really loved me, but he loves my wicked stepmother. He was never on my side. My mother passed away when I was little. Because of family situation I went through terrible pain over the years and loneliness. I was very low for a long time. It’s not very nice to experience over and over again that your only parent doesn’t care.

    BUT….dear friends…I found the answer to my pain and I want to share it with you, maybe it will help somebody. Don’t focus on people who hurt you and don’t care. They are not worth it. I’d say, even cut them out.

    The answer to your pain and loneliness is SELF- LOVE. Big fluffy warm SELF LOVE…. practise it and you’ll start to feel better. Become your own best friend and supporter….Look after yourself really well, and put yourself first! Do nice things for yourself all the time. It works, you’ll see. It’s a Journey.

    Take care everyone! Blessings

  80. It was good reading your inspirational newsletter ..
    Im an Islander living in NZ
    I recently went back with my ex(Liam) to give a third go of the relationship but I’m ending up with the same results where it feels like he doesn’t care about me like he use too. I have tried everything but nothing isn’t good enough for him. He always tries to compare my accomplishments towards his sisters which I found annoying because we all have different things in life. He fancy his lil sister more me then me and he trust her words over mines and its makes me feel like she is controlling him to say or do things for her enjoyment :(. I feel I have lost the battle of losing his heart to someone else long ago before I came I into his life. Its feels like he only uses me for food,money & sex. I try not to think about harming myself most of the time but these days because there is no one to talk to or to relate too about the issues i have.:( 🙁 🙁

    I wish I could say this to my family but they don’t care because they only use me for my money since I’m the only with a stable job . I don’t have that much friends like I use because they rejected me because I went to back to my ex.

    But the end of the day my Job keeps me motivated and hopefully tomorrow I will feel better looking forward to a brand new day but maybe take on your advise to move on and leave my toxic relationship.
    Your newsletter was very inspirational and it made feel sad and CRY alot but at the same time it made me understand that I’m not alone in this battle of stress and depression,I will follow your articles thru out
    Thank you so much .. I really appreciated it..

  81. It was very nice to stumble upon your newsletter! I recently moved to a new state and am alone and EXTREMELY lonely and homesick. All I can think about is getting back home…and how I made a HUGE mistake moving here! I have no support system except for a sister in California (we talk every day on the phone) and a couple of good friends from back home. I AM trying to reach out (recently started going to Church) but it is very difficult for me as I really DO feel that nobody cares about me and I don’t know anyone here…and they just seem so different from where I come from. I also suffer from depression and that and the extreme loneliness feed off each other to the point where many days I just lay around and cry my eyes out. I live with my 2 “furry children” (dogs) and they are basically the reason I’m still here. I could never abandon them. They give me unconditional love and companionship…and for that I am grateful. Loneliness is indeed a horrible thing and I AM trying to get to happier place in my life…hopefully soon as I have felt this way for quite some time now and it’s exhausting…not to mention very bad for your health! Sometimes I really do wonder why God allows so much suffering in the world…and why we can’t just “fulfill our purpose” without going through so much PAIN…seriously! But thanks for the articles and will check back on a regular basis. On some level, it’s kind of comforting to know I’m not alone at being lonely.

  82. Alone, unwanted & no one cares, I have felt like this for a long time and drowned my feelings with binge drinking. Temporary online connections kept me distracted, I always pretend to be fine & happy in hopes to run into someone that would truly care, Every time I think I found that special one, turns out they just talked to me for the wrong reasons. There is no one I can talk to at all, no friends or family members anywhere near me, at work there’s just small talk which doesn’t help much. I am a good caring person, but seem to always care about the wrong ones, those that will take advantage of you. I’m scared to open up to anyone which makes things worse. It’s good to see that I’m not the only one that feels alone and unwanted, I am not sure on what to do, keep trying or just leave everyone alone ….

    1. It’s so hard isn’t it, everyone you find is doing so well and has loads of friends and busy lives,there are so many lonely people but you can’t seem to find them and feel a burden of just stupid trying to explain your silly problems…

      1. So so True , where is everybody , so many lonely people out there but we never find each other 😪, I just don’t understand it ? I feel such a failure !!! I have nobody , I wish some body would adopt me into there family 💔

  83. I feel alone on my days off even though I look forward to them. Both my cats passed away recently and I miss them so much. My spare time was spent cuddling with them, just being with them and the love we had.

    1. Hi Debbie, once the time is right, go to your local shelter & save a life, I know your special new furry friend is already waiting for you.

  84. Thank you I really needed to read this…everything you said was true… I need too get my self togather with my heavely father…. And pray more and find me a good church home…Thank you again for these encouraging words… Sincerely Lashon in California…

  85. I have felt like this for 20 years . 55 year old gay man, my partner died, my family has passed away. 20 years of dying relatives. MY siblings all gone, brothers died of cancer, sister of heart failure. Partner of leukemia. Nobody left and then unemployed. Life wasnt supposed to be this hard. Oh and I am an athiest too .

      1. Believing in yourself is a good idea.

        Have you heard of mirror work? You look in the mirror in the mornings and say I love you I love you I really love you many times. It may seem a bit silly but it works. The idea comes from Louise hay. I have found it helpful. Try to do it every morning.

    1. Phil – my heart breaks for you. I wish I had something to say to help you; I can’t even find the words to help myself. Maybe if i just just let you know that you have company in your lonliness; I am so sorry for you, me, and all those who feel duped into thinking people will be there for us. It’s a hard cycle to continue day after day. A little hope, maybe a smattering of optimism, but they days always end with darkness and a few tears. I guess we just go on autopilot hoping one day we’ll wake up seeing the glass half full. Much love and many blessings to you.

  86. Point 7

    I think you feel better because you have got something to hold onto, a sort of guide. Reading the Ten Commandments and giving you a code to live by, regardless of what others are doing, should give a sense of stability and direction. Remember also to do as you would be done by.

  87. Thank you for being here – my heart is warmed by your willingness to open up and share how you’re feeling. It can be hard to be honest, and it takes strength to express how lonely life can get.

    You aren’t alone, and this season of your life will pass. You won’t always feel like no one cares about you…and you will start to feel the life, light, and joy of being alive again! You’ll forgive if you need to, let go of what’s holding you back, and move forward in ways you don’t think are possible now.

    What gets you through these bouts of feeling unwanted and alone? I find my faith – more importantly my relationship with God – to be the only way to survive life. If I didn’t have Jesus, I’d have an empty, meaningless life. I’m just so grateful to Him for His presence and faithfulness to me, for His love and grace, for His joy and freedom!

    If you haven’t met Jesus, take time to explore who He is. Don’t rely on people, possessions, or places to fill the emptiness. Nobody could ever care about you like Jesus does. That hole in your heart is made by God, and it can only be filled by God.

    How do you feel, what do you think? I welcome all your thoughts here – big, little, critical, supportive, agreeing, disagreeing – however you feel, you are welcome to share here.

    With the love of Jesus,

    1. I’m so greatfull to have found this site.. God has directed me to this site and I’m extremely greatfull knowing that I’m not alone..I often go on a long bike ride to a park or a walk on the beach which helps me meditate while communicating with god during bad times .. I find that talking to god on the beach or in nature not only brings me closer to him but I begin to feel a sense of piece..

  88. Is this real or made up? I feel so pessimistic…..so lonely…….so overwhelmed…….I hate these bouts of loneliness and worthlessness…….BUT your 7 things to remember has helped me see some light…..THANK YOU for that……I am going to copy this and put it in my journal for future use.

  89. I have previously commented in this section before.
    My Wife and I are in the middle of a Divorce. We sold our home, & have approximately $90,000 in equity. Even knowing that (Me) her Husband of 15 years, the Father of our Son, is about to be homeless (Me). She and her divorce attorney utterly refuse to budge, or negotiate one iota on giving me any small percentage of my part of the equity to prevent me from living on the streets, or a homeless shelter! She is a Lady who always prided herself on being a Baptist Christian!
    Her actions have to be the most unGodly, & unchristian things I have ever seen!
    I know now that no one, I mean no one truly cares!

    1. Hi Derek,

      Wow. Sorry you are going through that. I don’t know your wife or your situation, but I know anger makes people do and act in ways they probably wouldn’t normally act like. Still, I hope and pray things will work out for you. Just wanted to let you know that I will pray for you. I know we don’t know each other, but I hope you are able to get support from someone you’re close to, maybe friends or family? Believe me when I say I’ve been in situations where I’ve felt totally alone myself. If I didn’t have my faith, I don’t know what I would have done. God bless you and help you. I know you may not want to hear that right now, but I hope it helps you a little at least.

      1. Thank you Mandy. It isn’t like I’m unskilled to obtain a job. I am an Cardiovascular ICU RN, with a BSN, & over 23 years years of experience. She made statements about me, & now I cannot even get a job at Best Buy.
        I have asked myself and the Lord, how and why someone who was supposed to be my True Love, Wife and best friend, could do this to me!
        I have no answers! I cannot and will not be homeless..

      2. I am a Christian, but I also firmly believe in Karma. You will get back what you have put out to others, be it good or bad! My Wifes karma will not come from me, & I may not be around to see when it happens, but it will happen.

        1. Hi Derek, I really hope what goes around comes around. People are just so selfish and greedy. All they do is try to screw you over. I’m so sick and tired of it. Where are the good people?

    2. Hi Derek,

      My heart goes out to you. I can only imagine the deep pain you feel. I’m not married but I lost a dear friend who I loved. His girlfriend but now wife joined in persecuting me so much that I lost my group of friends. I never saw that coming one bit. I’ve prayed for understanding and realize that his wife really had ill feelings towards me.
      I guess what I’m saying is that pain is pain. And I too will not join in tearing him and his wife down. I hope and pray you will find miracles that you seek. Your ex may not think you matter but God knows you matter so much.

    3. Dear Derek,

      Get yourself some good legal advice. I don’t know how things work in the US but in the UK all assets are usually shared. Also a court will usually give you visiting rights to your son.

      So get yourself centred, rebalance emotionally and make sure you understand your rights. Accept your wife s behaving badly for whatever reason but stay calm.

      Don’t accept what her attorney tells you, get your own advice. Xx

    4. Hi Derek, I absolutely understand how you feel . My husband was the same a Baptist . He left his 7 year old daughter with no home as had to sell house he refused to pay mortgage and walked out never looked back. Except to bombard me with brochures for plastic surgery, singles holidays etc. Tried to have my daughter taken off me said I was unfit . Luckily the headmaster of her school told them she was a very clever happy girl etc . He was also a violent alcaholic in the first three years of our marriage . I supported him to get dry and took him back after a year when he was getting straight . To do that seven years later . Vile and evil.

      1. Jen! You and I are one in the same… We can both empathize and sympathize with each other. We cannot let our S.O.’s get the better of us. Stay strong and true!!

  90. Thank you for your words, I come from a cruel upbringing. I am relieved to here you speak of sharing our pain is necessary for healing. Honestly elementary schools should implements classes on the subject . I believe that we are in need of metamorphosis and it hurts.

  91. Thank you for being here, for having the courage and strength it takes to be authentic. You are sharing what it feels like when no one cares about you, and that takes a brave soul! You really are stronger, wiser, and more valuable than you think you are.

    The reason that an article like this can only help a little bit is because of God. The only way to really feel like somebody cares about you – to feel loved and valuable and cherished – is to accept that love from the God who created you. He loves you so much, He sent his son to die for you. The only way to truly feel worthy and cared for is to accept Jesus into your heart as your Savior, and to build a personal relationship with God. Honestly, that is the only way to feel grounded and tethered at the same time.

    Take time to explore the Roar of Something Greater. Get to know God, learn why He created you and what your purpose is. You will find more hope, joy, and meaning in your life by spending five minutes with God then you will with all the people in the world.

    What do you think?



    1. Hi Laurie. You’re absolutely right about getting to know God. If I didn’t have a relationship with Him through Jesus, I honestly don’t know what I would have done in some of the lonely situations I’ve been in. He keeps me grounded as well. He makes me feel like no matter how rough things get, He is always there to lend me His hand and keep me going, especially on the days when I feel like giving up. I read the Bible or even a few of my favorite verses, and they give me comfort. 🙂 One of my favs:

      “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow you. When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned, nor shall the flame scorch you.” -Isaiah 43:2 It makes me smile whenever I read this and gives me a sense of hope. I also know I’m never truly alone when God’s by my side. 🤗✝️❤️

  92. I know my family loves me but I know beyond that no one else cares. I’m in grad school and I have a few associates and I’m trying to reach out to eventually become real friends with them but it’s hard and I don’t want to come off as clingy so I tend to take a more relaxed approach towards people. I am grateful that I have a family that loves me but I an longing for a real friendship or even a relationship that I can have with someone to just talk about life in general with. I guess I just long for a real emotional connection with someone. I’m 27 and I feel like if I don’t act fast and find a way to make friends then I’ll be alone for the rest of my life. It’s crazy to me that all my life I have wanted real friends and relationships but I have never been able to actually achieve or maintain it. I feel like there’s something wrong with me that the rest of the world can see and no one will tell me what it is so I can fix it. I’m not suicidal, I just know that if I died today it wouldn’t have much of an impact on anyone besides family and it saddens me. All I can do is keep being positive and trying to establish connections with people and just pray that one day I’ll wake up and see the life I always dreamed of in front of me.

  93. I’m so broken and alone my entire family has died all at very young ages , I have an older and younger sister , both have there own life’s my ex of 5 years cheated multiple times with several others and eventually leaving me for the last one she cheated on me with . leaving me completely alone . I fell so in love with her that it devastated me . now I’m completely alone and any friends I had hated her and now won’t talk to me. This article helped a little but I can’t help but to feel hated by all . I feel like giving up , I was stupid to think someone could love a mess like me . I must deserve this 🙁 . I feel like a loser.

    1. Hi Michael

      I know this might not be the answer you’re looking for. But I’m here just to say you are No loser!! Yes it hurts, but you can’t take blame for other people’s decisions. The best thing you can ever do right now is look at yourself in the mirror get in touch with your soul by talking to yourslef. God loves and only he is able to make us content.

      Hope you heal soon:-) 🙂

  94. been the only child that looks so different n not hadsome made my mum hated me wit strong passion including all of my siblings pretending to d world that i was loved but only my dad showd me luv both in secreet n d open sincerly nw a lady i found recently captivted me wit so much care n affection has just left hating me wit greater passion dan my family did t hereby makin me feel so terible about my self but i do belivell

  95. This article was helpful. I’ve been feeling really lonely. And I know I am blessed with three loving dogs. They are great. But the truth is I feel like I’m not very well liked at work by most of the co-workers. And after reading this article, I think its really more me than them. And how I’ve been feeling is normal. And it will pass. Thanks.

  96. Mandy, thank you for your kind thoughts! It really is comforting to hear from a fellow believer, especially when it feels like nobody cares. I can’t wait to check out your blog!

    1. Thank you for replying to my post, Laurie. I pray you have been well and have been feeling God’s loving care through friends and family and in all the different ways God speaks to us. I truly feel we should show our love and support for each other and for our loving Creator as well. I also want to thank you for reading my blog. Blessings and peace!

  97. I used to struggle with those feelings of loneliness all the time….like an empty feeling, that nothing could fill. Not even friends, family, or my husband! I called it existential angst.

    Weirdly, the only thing that helped me through the feeling that nobody cared about me was Ecclesiastes. It’s an Old Testament book of the Bible that talks about how everything is meaningless, a chasing after the wind. We all live for a brief moment, then die, and what’s the point?

    Reading Ecclesiastes ALWAYS makes me feel better, because it helps me remember that I’m not as alone as I think I am. And maybe no one cares about me because I’m not making an effort to care about anyone else.

    What makes you feel better? Happy, peaceful? Keep searching for those things and people – don’t give up! And maybe consider looking upwards, to the God who created you and loves you deeply…maybe He’s calling you in these moments of loneliness….

    1. Hello Laurie,

      I am currently doing research about how to make the characters in my first book pop off the page, and I came across She Blossoms earlier. You not only answered my questions about how to go about writing my first book, but I know 100% that God led me to your blog. He truly does work in mysterious ways. I am grateful to have found your blog and have read a few of your posts already plus subscribed to your e-mail messages. I really appreciate all you have to say and can feel how much you want to encourage and uplift people. Thank you so much for this. 😊

      I also wanted to add that I completely get what you said about there being times we feel unwanted or alone. I’ve also felt the same way Solomon did in Ecclesiastes where I needed answers about my purpose in being here. I believe God was kind enough to answer my prayer, and I wrote about it too. I think sometimes we all need the reassurance you wrote about that it’s normal to feel alone at times, and when we do it’s not the end of the world. Thanks again for the encouragement, and I hope you have a wonderfully blessed day.

    1. I completely understand! I’ve asked myself, “if I were to die in my sleep, would anyone call to check on me? Would anyone miss me?” My answer was a resounding NO!!!

    2. I hesitated after reading what you wrote. I hope you feel better by now. I have been feeling pretty low myself but after reading some other people’s feelings, I realize I am not alone and these feelings will pass.

    3. me too, sure a few would cry for a day or two…. maybe remember me occassionally, but really….. I reach and reach and then I hold back, and then I reach and reach again wanting someone to reach back… but no one does not unless I force them to do so by telling them how sad I am. My own kids are too busy for me, they just roll their eyes. I am so done with taking a back seat to everything in everyone’s life. I’ve tried to force things, let nature takes it course, ignore it, but it’s always there.

      1. Hi elizaN,

        I’m so sorry you have been treated that way. You deserve better than that. I can relate too. It’s so hard for me to open up and let people know I need attention or their support as it is, so when I finally do get up the nerve to, I often feel disappointed, unfortunately. In today’s world of technology, it seems as though people are so clueless as to how to reach out and just be freakin’ human beings anymore. It’s so frustrating. I think technology is both wonderful and a curse. People shouldn’t have to beg for love from people who should be gladly giving it to them anyway.

        I don’t know what your religious beliefs are, but on days I feel especially alone, I reach out to my Father in heaven Who has never disappointed or ignored my needs. Sometimes, I feel like He’s all I really have in this world, and I’ve often cried tears of anguish, frustration and hurt out to Him. I love that He doesn’t judge me for it. Don’t get me wrong, there are still days that surprise me and show their true beauty, days that nobody can tarnish no matter what they do or say to me. It’s for these days that I wait and know there really is more to this life besides disappointment and pain. I know sometimes hope can seem far away, but it always remains in the Lord and in people who know what you’re going through and will listen. I will listen if you ever want to send a message my way. I know we’re strangers, but we can still be friends if you want to. God bless you.

  98. I feel selfish because I’m sort of seeking attention, but none of my friends have contacted me all summer and I know they aren’t busy with their Instagram posts saying “I’m bored”. I don’t know what to do I feel like no one remembers or cares about me, even my own parents are to swept up in other business that they haven’t really talked to me. Am I being selfish?

    1. Hi Brianna,

      I don’t feel like you’re being selfish. It’s normal for people to want some attention from their friends or loved ones. I think sometimes it is hard to express how we feel about the lack of attention because we expect our loved ones to understand what we need from them instinctively. When we have to ask them for it, it may feel like the attention they give in return isn’t as genuine, but in reality I don’t think they mean to be busy or ignore us.

      People can be self-absorbed sometimes, but I think mainly they just don’t stop and think about how much their time is valued by others, like how you value your family and friends’ time. But, it doesn’t mean they don’t care. In reality, they probably don’t even realize how you’ve been feeling unless you’ve told them directly. Maybe you could ask one of your friends or parents to go to a movie or do something fun? Then, they’d definitely know you’d like to hang out and do something specifically with them. It could also help you open up the conversation for you to tell them how much you love spending time together and would like to do it more often. 😊

      I hope this helps. God bless!

  99. These tips are not helpful and don’t truly reflect how someone alone feels. I wish someone who has been in this position would give tips

    1. Hi Leslie,
      I understand how it feels to think nobody really cares and to feel alone sometimes. I have bipolar disorder and have gone through depression multiple times. I don’t know what your situation is, but what has helped me personally is counseling, writing in a journal (very helpful), praying (talking to God helps me a lot), watching or reading uplifting or inspirational things, laughing at funny stuff (Pinterest memes), and lately I have really been interested in Mindfulness. My counselor recommended it for reducing stress, anxiety and irritability and feeling better overall.

      I do want to say that the times I’ve felt the most alone are the ones where I couldn’t see a purpose for my life or what makes me special as an individual. But, once I started to think about what I’m really passionate about, what makes me tick, that’s what made me start to come out of the depression I was in at that time. Human beings were created for a purpose, and I truly believe that once we start to discover what that is, we start to feel less alone because we discover what we personally have to offer this world.

      Helping others is another way to really take the focus off feeling so alone. This is my own experience. Believe me when I say I know how difficult it is to feel alone and feel like there are no answers forthcoming, but they are there though. Sometimes, we just can’t see them right away because of the pain in front of us. Holding on to something (Someone) who is so much greater than myself and knowing hope exists even on the worst days is honestly all I had in some of the toughest times. But, I’m still here hoping and believing in better things! 😇

      Just to let you know, I am the type of person who rarely opens up to people, even the ones closest to me. I find it difficult to trust and have always had a hard time sharing my issues. But, I am at a point in my life where I realize how unhealthy this is and know deep inside that unless I allow myself to be at least somewhat vulnerable, I will never truly grow as a person. That’s why I was interested in She Blossoms honesly. I truly hope and pray you are able to find healing too. God bless you.✝

    2. Tip 1.
      Reach out and ask someone to join you for a coffee in a cafe. If they politely decline, ask someone else. Don’t take it as a personal rejection, they may just be busy. Ask 3 people separately.

      Tip 2.
      Do some charity work/volunteering once a week. Give instead of waiting for someone to give to you.

      Tip 3.
      Try 7 cups of tea website. There is always someone there to chat online.

      Tip 4.
      I have found there are always 3 things you can do about any situation. You might not think so but it’s true. Write them down, do them and and you will start pulling yourself out of your situation.

      In a nutshell, take some action. You will feel better and maybe make some new friends.

  100. If I can just say something:
    Everyone here has listed their problems, which may very well be horrible. But the thing is we all have our own problems and sometimes getting so caught up in feeling sorry for ourselves for these problems is the reason that we close ourselves off from the world. Maybe we should try giving the world a chance by taking it on with open hearts and open arms. Maybe just give it one more shot and see where it takes us. Who knows maybe we’ll find the companionship we all long for. But if not, remember, we always have ourselves to give company. And trust me, no one can be your friend better than yourself.

  101. I know no one cares for me! My Wife has filed for divorce after 15 years & she is one year out of Chemo fir breast cancer where I took care of her for months!
    Two days after she told me she wanted a divorce, she made a false allegations to the Police. I am 49 y.o., I have 2 speeding tickets in my life. I was arrested without question from just her verbal statement.
    Since then, I have lost my job of 22 years at a local Hospital where I’ve worked as a RN. Literally all of my friends at work took her word as well, & turned their backs to me! Because of her false allegations, & the arrest. I am having trouble finding gainful employment as a RN. I am paying everything with CC’s, a divorce Atty. & a Criminal Atty. I also am having to pay Child support, & for half of our home payment that I cannot even go to! I have not seen my Son since late February of ’17. I cannot see, text or talk to him! My ENTIRE LIFE has gone beyond devastated! The only Family I had were my Wife and Son! Believe me when I say, suicide would be preferable to my existence!

    1. Derek,

      but You’re STILL LIVING! So, I suppose that is happening for a reason. And usually only for a GOOD reason. I suppose You just have to be as patient as You are and wait for it to find out. God never sends us such challenges that we could not handle. You’ ll see. Don’t give just yet. You’ll see.

      Stay strong and peace to You.

      1. And all in all, everybody,
        i do believe, that even all these comments are a already a sign, that You are not alone and that You DO EXIST and You’re not an empty spot. I suppose that You all do believe that You are worth more than this…than these daily feelings that You’re experiencing all the time. I pray that we will all eventually REALISE that the happiness is INSIDE us, because we are all happy AS MUCH AS WE ALLOW OURSELVES. We just need to step the first steps to make our daily lives change, to find new opportunities, new better places for our lives. I still believe the banal truth, that there is always a purpose for every individual. And that we only need to start finally searching for it, by acting.

        With true love,
        best wishes.

      2. Thank you Elonor! I wouldn’t really call what I am doing as living. I am just barely existing! Every day I hope & pray for some good to happen, but every day it just gets a little worse. I will be faced with a big crossroad & decision very soon! What will I do when my Credit cards run out? Will I be homeless and no employment??
        Stupid me! I keep praying my Wife will change her mind, & stop all of this nonsense! It’s a foolish thought, I know!

    2. Derek,

      I’m sorry for admitting it, but yes – it is quite a foolish thought to expect that Your wife will change her mind. She started all this, and perhaps there was a reason for her to do this (I don’t mean anything that is related to You personally, maybe she has her own plan and needed a pretext or something (I’m just innocently guessing, I can’t judge anyone especially without knowing the truth, but it’s not the matter now). I think, that right now the best solution might be for You not to expect something from her for things to change, but perhaps the only thing that is left for You right now is to do |Your best and struggle to make at least minor changes in Your recent daily life. Therefore, You might even prove to Yourself that YOU are still capable to manage and pull it through without being depended on someone else.
      Stay strong and try to find as much positive reasons for You to fight as possible. WE ALL HAVE A PURPOSE in our life periods. Perhaps, this is one of them for You.

      Best wishes

      1. Eleonor, I thank you for your blatant honesty. It is very difficult for me to continue forward, knowing that the only Family I have (Wife & Son) are not in my everyday life. I try to live with Biblical principles in my heart, with that I know I cannot remarry, nor can I ever be with another woman. I am trying to trust the Lord that whatever he is doing, is best for my Wife. My Son, and myself. Their happiness, with or without me is more important than my own!

      2. I understand that, Derek. I truly understand that You are more considered of your family’s wealth-being than your own and this is normal and commendable. You are a good man for having these unselfish feelings. I do encourage and support Your choice of living with Biblical principles, it is important that it helps You to go on and not to loose faith and hope. And You know what, maybe this could be even called as one of Your purposes of life. To keep this faith vital and share it (at least in Your thoughts) with the ones You care about.
        Just stay strong.
        God always treats us for believing in his fairness, especially no matter what happens.

    3. This happened to me, too. My husband filed a CPO against me and I was served by a sheriff at work. My husband claimed he feared for his life because I pushed him on the night I found out he had been having an affair. I weigh 110 and he is a 165lb black belt. It was ridiculous. I couldn’t see my kids for a week and had to live in my car. I don’t know your story, but I wish the best for you. I hope everything turns out OK. Someone has to put an end to these ex-parte orders that judges grant and ruin others’ lives.

      1. I am 100% with you April!! Your Husband and my Wife did what they did to gain an upper hand in the divorce, & it worked out to their benefit!! It’s simply amazing what people will do unexpectedly to others they allegedly loved!!

  102. I feel like no one care, ever. Like I’m not good enough or worth it. Am I crazy Am I weird am I not attractive enough. I’m so tired of feeling this way…almost all my life already. What do I need to change I’ve tried already but I keep feeling worse and getting older. I’m scared to keep on living life, so alone and unwanted or loved. Please God help me Help us all.

  103. I am so unhappy! I’m 47 married with 3 kids 19, 17, 16 but yet I feel so alone. I dedicated so much of my life to my family until I’ve lost me. My mom passed away in 03 but yet it feels like yesterday none of my siblings talk to me and I’m the youngest of 5. My dad remarried and is attending to his new life. My husband is not very helpful whenever I mention anything about how I feel he shrugs it off by saying “i just want everything to be about me”. This is a man who go above and beyond for everyone and everything except his family at home. We had a bad argument today and it was much of the same old, same old. He don’t give a darn about me I just make him look good at the right time. My kids are all grown up and don’t need or pay any attention to me. It seems the only thing anyone wants me to do is give, give, give. But I don’t have nothing left and no one realizes it. I’m not in a good place and haven’t been in a very, very long time.

    1. Hello, Jackie. I read Your message and I am sorry for the situation that Your experiencing. You do seem like a VERY strong woman, I can imagine how hard it is to care for everyone else and “not being able to see the daylight” with all these troubles, chores, worries and etc. I can understand how You’re longing for at least some time for Yourself. Away from everybody that ignores Your feelings. But, I don’t mean to judge and I’m sorry if I’ll sound to straightforward, I really don’t mean to offend in any way. I suppose that You have already answered Yourself what person is making You feel the most empty and who’s appreciation You’re lacking the most. I think You have to start making some changes in the relationship that is making You feel more empty. Relationships are meant to be fulfilling and spiritually educating. But You are just feeling plain and grey inside. This is not pleasant nor healthy in any way. Secondly, maybe You should just consider taking a vacation perhaps only by Yourself, or with the children if it makes you feel all right. But I am advising You to try and find an opportunity to be just with Yourself at least for a short time, just to hear Your own thoughts and feel Your true emotions. And try to think about possible solutions for the concerns that are dragging You down at the moment. You cannot allow to loose Your own self just for others, even for Your children, because You are still going to be the guide of their lives, and You will want to that guide because You will want them to be fully happy and proud of themselves and, not to loose themselves as well, no matter what.
      Do not loose faith, sooner or later everything ALWAYS turns out the way that is best for us.

  104. This really helped me a lot. I started my own business and I am feeling unsupported by the team. I am always the one reaching out. I must learn some skills and no one seems to want too teach them too me. They are busy,

  105. Who am I
    This is not the question,
    I’m not someone to leave you guessing.
    I am but a breath away from the edge of A blade, a bullet, a rope , or a pill as a last hope.
    I’ve been captured, taken off ground, folded, molded into the shape I am now.
    But Who am I?
    They ask,
    Who am I, is the very task.
    I speak out in tongues, so clear as the message hung above. My feet dangle as the wind blows through the window.
    But Who am I?
    The water drips quietly as my mind slips away in agony.
    I’m finally at peace.
    But Who am I ?
    I meet in our special place, no thoughts are racing, left in your grace, I feel a rush of contentment, as You reach the answer.

    I am you.
    I am loneliness.
    I am sadness.
    I am suicide.

    (Written by AD, not suicidel. Just expressing poetic feelings as suggested) may we all heal from our struggles and find peace in this world.

  106. Hi Iam 21 years my dad passed away wen i was 17 and i live with my mom and elder sister
    My mom is neither interested in me or my sister nor loves us
    She leaves us alone n stays with her sisters
    I cry al the tym i feel so helpless iwas so close to my dad now i have no1 in this world i feel
    My sister has accepted her fate tells me this is how life z
    Ican feel loneliness increasing
    Even today we both r alone
    There z a wine shop beside my house stil idono how can my mom do this to us
    Atlest for our security also she does not care
    Im not understanding what to do

  107. Wow, all this stuff make’s my own problems seem like nothing, and so I should have no reason to feel this way, but it happens anyway. I have a really nice family and good friends (never had a girlfriend – I’m always shy or awkward when talking to them). However, my friends are only semi-close. I have no close friends, I rarely get a chance to visit my current friends, and I never had a sleepover in my life.This isn’t what I have a problem with, though. Every SINGLE TIME I need help from any of them, every single one of them bails out on me, with the most bs of excuses. Even my family does that! When I try to talk to them about my problems, they listen, but they just think I’m whining up a storm, and they don’t try to solve it (they don’t say that to my face, though). I’m usually an optimistic person that likes to help others, but when this happens, I get a sense of emptiness combined with increasing hatred to the way society has become, and so I look up things like “why did the world become like this” or “what to do when no one cares about your problems”, hoping to find some magical solution, and so I ended up here.

    Sorry if this doesn’t fit in the category of “real problems”, but I really hate this. Also, my religion (islam) makes me feel better, but I’m lazy and I procrastinate the point where I could go to hell because of not praying when I should. Procrastination and laziness are another topic, though, so you don’t need to help me with that.

  108. Man I can relate to these stories..Well I never had friends ,,I spent a lot of times with my parents . I have 4 grown children now my daughter doesbt like me so i have no relatiinship with her she turn out bad ,she cause so much trouble growing up ,i have 3 sons and the 2 oldest they call and the youngest i see .but the problem is i have no one but my husband and he doesn’t understand family ..my sister isnt right she is a pathological liar and she is terrible my parents move to California to be closer to my oldest brother and he has no time for them there in there 80 i miss my mom …and dad vut they left here .i found out 6 years ago i had colon cancer ..I have since been in remissiin after chemo but i have no one ..I cry so hard for friends and family but it hurts ,i love ppl and i try to be to everyone ..I feel depressed..I have a therapist..Im scared for my life ..Im so lonely ..My husband has depression and health problems ..Im scared because i feel i will die alone without family he is all i got ..Why dont ppl like me or care i dont bother no one at all ..I wish my daughter care so we can do gurl things but she dont ..Im by myself every day ..I pray that everyone on this forum find strength and love ..God plz rain down on us ..we need you i need u

    1. I’m just going to say this simply. You are not useless. In fact, you are very useful. You may have failed in some or many things before, but I assure you, good things will come. I have reached the point of hating life before, but I always held on to the hope that things will improve. And it has! It’s not a matter of luck, either. I remember somewhere in the quran, I read that with anything bad, something good comes after it (even if you don’t believe in what the quran says, it’s still true). Hang in there, and never, EVER lose hope!

  109. Hello,Hi 🙂 Here,s my story..Advice please..I just had my second child 3 months ago and my first daughter just turned 18, I am the independent woman,not really my style to ask for money and help from anyone, but I feel alone and like nobody cares. i was unfairly dismissed at 5 and half months pregnant..still have no clue why I was informed to…EXPLORE other options in the area…I’m so heart broken about the situation and feel like I should get out now..but he won’t leave..I feel so alone as I don’t have anyone to talk to. My boyfriend’s favourite word is…I can’t do it! (and Trust me..wont even try, looking at a situation both ways…it’s so frustrating Advice…please..
    From: Highly Steel rested out mother

  110. I’m glad you’re here, and that you shared your feelings with me. I hear you, I hear how alone and unwanted you feel. I hear loneliness and sadness in your voice, despair and anxiety.

    I wish I had miraculous words that could make you feel less alone! But all I can do is tell you how I cope when I feel unwanted and like no one cares about me….I turn to the most lonely book in Scripture! I read about how life is meaningless, we all die alone, and everything we worked so hard for is lost. Life is short, like a vapor vanishing in a wisp of wind.

    For some reason, reading about the loneliness and meaninglessness of life in the book of Ecclesiastes in the Bible is what helps me feel not so alone!

    Probably because that book shows me that even thousands of years ago, the richest and wisest Teacher felt alone and lonely. They struggled to find the meaning of live, to feel wanted and like somebody cared about them…but they found nothing. No one.

    The truth is that you are not alone. You may feel alone and unwanted, but you’re never alone if you open your heart to the healing divine love of God. He is always there, waiting for you to open your heart and spirit, and humbly accept His grace and love. The comfort, strength, and energy that God offers is the only way to find hope and love in life.

    God works through people. We were created to be friends and companions, to journey through life together. If you feel unwanted and like no one cares, it’s because you haven’t found the right people to be with.

    Who have you connected with in the past? Is there any way you can reach out to them today?

    What makes you feel better when you feel low, down, and depressed?

  111. hello, i am feeling lonely and hated unwanted right now and every other day, when i go to partys im the introvert that cant muster up the right thing to say to anybody and that leaves a stain on my reputation like im retarded i dont know how to talk to people but thats not the truth i use to be outgoing and feel like everything was going my way until a breakup and now i cant trust anyone and closed myself off from the world and cant seem to reenter the normal stratosphere of reality like im stuck in limbo i know im not this person but my uncontrollable anxeity keeps me from saying the things i want to doing the things i want to being the person i am that everybody loves but since ive closed myself off from a toxic realationship that made me feel worthless i cant seem to ever get back to the optimistic veiws i thought i once had about humanity and soceity and all its done is made me completly lonely and i dont even try anymore ive given up on life and i know this isnt who i am but im not sure who i am anymore im not sure if ill get a response or anything its just feeling like one of those days when evrybody hates me and making friends or future friends feels impossible im not sure if theres much advice you could give ….. by the way im a 20 year old male.

    1. It just takes time to heal. You’re so young ,
      I wish I was your age again. 57 years old is not fun. I gain the experience and wisdom but I don’t have the youth to enjoy life anymore and people look at you differently specially a woman. 40 hours of a hard-working job wears me out and I just go home and recoup with my animals; they’re very good friends and they need us. My dogs and cat are good therapy I think they’ve made my life better more than friends in human form do anyway. I realize how they just love you unconditionally and always happy to see you as long as we treat them good and take good care of them they’re totally content. This gets my mind off of myself. Remember these wise words a preacher once told me … this too shall pass.

  112. Hi, I’m so excited that I have come across this article on what to do when it seems like nobody cares about you. I have struggled with anxiety and depression most of my life. I am a 46 year old female, with two beautiful children. I am divorced. My oldest daughter is out on her own and my youngest is a junior in high school. I only have my daughter part time. I am looking forward to responding to some of the emails, and my heart goes out to each and every one of you that feel the way I do. I am working full time during the day. Will return to website in the evening.

  113. Hello people, my name is Ayushi. I am 18 yrs old & I am an Indian. I feel like my friends & my family dont actually need me and I do feel like no one cares. I am the one in my class who mostly gets humiliated by two guys in my class. And both them have personal reasons to hate me. But this makes me feel that am I really worthless.A really good friend of mine dont have time to talk to me, she might have got bored of me or she enjoys the guys’ attention much more than my attention. I dont know but this actually makes me feel sad. And here at my home my parents think that I might not get good grades this year (in a competitive exam). They might do not believe in me. My sister has her own problems with her boyfriend so she dont have time to listen to my problems. One of my cousin is giving the same competitive exam & he is just too good at studies & I know he is gonna score well. My mother does not allows me to wear clothes my choice. My father is actually a duel faced person, i’ve heard him complaining about me at my back but then suddenly his behaviour changes as I entered the room. And he started behaving like he was something very admirable about me. My friends are getting better grades than mine. I am inclined towards a boy but cant trust him because last time I trust a guy I found him betting on me for few bucks. I know this is not a big problem, there are people who are facing much more bigger problems than this but this is making me sad. It makes me feel that I have no one around me. I am all alone. If there is anything then that’s fake, completely fake. And please tell me how to shut those mocking guys.

  114. I’m a 15 yrs old mixed Asian girl. I’m here crying in my dark bedroom because I feel like nobody cares about me. I’m so confused about some of my friends. They look happy and I don’t think they are like me, who cries on her bed in her dark bedroom. I want to be happy forever.. How do I avoid times like this? (depression) I’m lost here. I don’t know how to achieve my big dreams. My parents don’t actually care really even if you think Asian parents want their kids to get As. They also won’t help me and won’t listen to my problems. I don’t think my parents live like this when they were younger like me.

    I’m so curious. Is there any parents crying like this in his/her teen days? Or is just the 21st century babies problems/habit?? I’m really stressed out because why is everyone successful on their work and on internet? I hate sacrificing my happiness. Actually I have a lot more to say about feeling like no one cares but lets just stop here. Hope you understand.

    Love from me.

    1. Dear friend, you are only 15, and while it may seem like things aren’t going your way, it takes time, no one arrives in this world complete, we have to learn about what makes us happy and foster that. The main thing is love yourself and forgive yourself. When a kid learns to walk or ride a bike or even learn to speak, they fall a bunch of times, but it is by making mistakes that we learn, the point is to not give up. If we gave up we would have never learned to walk, ride a bike or even speak! give yourself patience, you are growing and developing, give yourself room for trial and error, crying and sadness, while uncomfortable is part of maturing and at 15 you are still developing, don’t judge your self worth and value by what others are doing or having, you matter most, think about the accomplishments you have made no matter how simple or times that brought you joy, and create joy for yourself, as for parents, they are imperfect for everyone, most don’t have training of any kind on how to be a parent, parents should allow you to be learning and testing out life and know that you are loved and safe to be able to practice life. If your parents aren’t supportive then you must support your own efforts, and be around supportive people, don’t care what others think, what matters most is how you feel and providing good experiences for yourself. You are young and still getting to know yourself, there is hope, there are good things worth living and discovering and for looking forward to. Don’t expect everything to fall in being right away, it all comes in time.

  115. I’ve been with this Danny for15 yrs, we bought a marriage license but never used it. Our relationship was good why mess it up with a piece of paper. We were happy. Six months ago he was diagnosed with lung cancer, he died the end of December, my father also diagnosed with lung cancer a year before died two weeks after Danny.My world has crumbled. Danny was paid by an estate that was to be givin to his children when he passed. I am so alone now. When I met Danny I had my own yard service, was recently divorced as was he. He and I got to know each other very well. I stopped working and we spent 100% of our time together, he wanted it that way. He was paid by the estate a monthly income, so more or less he was considered retired at the age of 45, I was 38. He had 4 girls living at home my boys had already went off to college. We lost one daughter 4 yrs ago in a school bus accident. The other girls have married and we’ve got 12 grandchildren. The youngest is 19, when she reaches the age of 25 they (3) will split the estate that is worth almost 2 million dollars. When Danny passed so was I you could say. I don’t know what to do, where to go, my dads not even here to help me anymore, I have no income, I can’t stop crying, I’m lost. The estate paid for the funeral and head stone so I was told.and I was told to maybe get a job. Danny and I were in the car going to have a Ct scan done and he started hemmoraging and bleed to death in my car. I was driving 140 mile an hr and he died before I got him to the ER. I miss him so much.

  116. Thank you for sharing your experience – it takes a lot of courage to talk about how it feels when it seems like nobody cares about you! It’s truly humbling to be authentic and real, and I admire your ability to show your true self.

    My New Year’s Eve plans got canceled last night, too. We had too much snow and ice, which made the roads treacherous. I love God and believe He loves me…but sometimes it’s nice to have a person to actually talk to who is here in person!

    What are other ways you connect with people? I like to spend a lot of time alone, because I’m introverted. Being around people drains me, so I spend most of my time by myself writing, walking my dogs, or playing my flute. Still, I like to know somebody out there cares about and loves me 🙂

    Was there ever a time in your life that you felt truly cared for, and not so alone?

  117. Thank you for writing this article. i am alone in life. i am not really the cute or likable type. i never have been. I was going to a church gathering to spend with others.They canciled it because someone important had other plans. Very sad. Wrll it was never for me anyway. i just wanted to go.

  118. Thank you for this post. I was a pastor’s wife for 25 yrs. I found out he was having an affair. I tried for a year to make it work. One night we got into an argument. I just went to change into my pjs when I came back into the living room to get my phone he was on the phone with 911. I was siting on the couch texting my pastor as he told them I had a knife and was going to kill him.when the police came I honestly didnt think it would come to anything. When they sepeested ua I just told them like I just wrote. Well,he must have tols them some story. I was arrested and put in maximum securty. I had never had a traffic ticket. Of all the people I had poured my life into I didnt have one visitor in 8 months. The letters I did get even from fellow miniaters were hate one hoping I burned in hell for what I did. It was like in one hour a bomb went off and I lost my home,marrage,church we started and I loved,friendships,my dogs amd everything. When it was time for court I thought it was just him and I in the house I could push for a trial. My charge was felony assult. My lawyer said if I did they would push for attempted murder.I confused as nothing happened by we argued because I caught him on the phone with her and i left the room to go to bed. I asked who he had as witnesses amd he began liating my church people. I thought there was no way I was going to drag my church people into xourt andcause them chaos. So I had to plead guilty to felony assult wjich destroyed my career as a behavioral psycholgist working with troubled kids. So I spent 7 mo. I aolitary. I rwalized to make it ok to marry her,which he did,I had to be the bad guy so he could still minister. I always taught my youth groups that we are like a tube of toothe paste thhen we are squeezed whats really on the inside comes out. When I was mover to general population I emded up leading 24 womam to a relationship with God. I realized Im still who I am even were I was. When I got out I moved to Flint Mi to work in the innercity with my pastor. Its been four yrs. I has losty liscence for psy. Loat my 0 ordination. Due to the felony I just got a place to live. I have multiple sclerosis a camcer. So here I alone except for m service dog. I was pretty much at my end and was thinking of maling an exit.


      Just want to ask if you are okay. I know you have been through a lot. Was thinking about you and wanted to reach out and let you know that. Life is not always easy or kind, but in the end you know who you are even if others do not acknowledge it . You can look in the mirror and know you do the right thing. Hold on! Find your self a reason. In the end you can make a difference to someone else. When I feel like this, I have a good cry, give myself a big hug and go and help someone else. Someone else is alway worse off than i am . Thank God! Hugs and much love Carolla

    2. I can relate so much to you. I was an accountant and recently found out that i was pregnant when i told the father he left me and denied the baby. He was angry that I wont have and abortion he had me arrested on false algation pretty much the same situation as you. I was also place on max security. I was given the option of waiting 9 months for trial or pleading guilty to charges in order to get out of jail. I understand hlw you feel

  119. Dear Denise,

    It’s New Year’s Eve…are you spending it alone? I just wanted you to know that I’m thinking about you, praying for you, and wishing you all good things in 2017. Peace, love, joy, safety, and faith that it’s never too late for your life to unfold in beautiful and healthy ways…

    May you overcome those feelings of being unwanted, and may you learn that even when it feels like no one cares…someone out there is thinking about you.

    Take care of yourself.


  120. Thank you for this site. So sad this holiday season. My father was terrible abuser. My mother hid. Only sib is brother who also participated in some. I grew up in Arizona and mother moved brother and me to Michigan after high school. Left friends. I became a nurse, later a psychologist. I didn’t remember what happened until a few years ago, when my mother died. I spent my life taking care of others and coming home so exhausted I had no ability to have a life. I never felt safe in a relationship so now 65 and no children or family. Relatives far away and not close. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life so alone. I help many others, but I have little left for me. On disability now, so financially bad situation.

  121. Dear SadAndLonely,

    Thank you for being here – I’m glad to hear from you! You are important to me — and I suspect you are more important than you know to your family. It sounds like they’re taking you for granted, that they just assume you’ll continue to do all those good things for them because that’s what you’ve always done.

    Sometimes we get trapped by our own expectations. I’ve learned in my own life that when I expect people to respond or act in a certain way, then I am often disappointed. But when I let go of my expectations and detach from the outcome…I don’t really care how people respond!

    When you find yourself feeling unwanted and like nobody cares, maybe you could try letting go of your expectations. Don’t expect your husband to do the things you always do…because you always do them. Don’t expect your mom to remember your birthday….because she’s not that type of mother.

    Letting go of your expectations is about grieving what you wish you had. You need to grieve the fact that your mom isn’t who you want her to be, and neither is your husband. They can’t give you what you need — or what you deserve.

    I’m sorry that your family doesn’t love you the way you yearn to be loved. You deserve more, and better! But this is who you have in your life.

    What changes can you make in your life, to bring more joy, light, life, and peace? You can’t change your husband or mom, but you can start identifying where your power lies and how to create happiness for yourself.

    What do you think?


  122. I am the type of person that tries so hard for everyone . I buy presents on birthday’s . Take care of everyone. My husband doesn’t even pay for any bills. It’s ALL me. I throw my mom surprise birthday partys . My mom and I work together , I pick up her shifts when she needs me to. But no one except my 10 year old daughter even told me happy birthday. My own mother didn’t even so much as text me. She lives right down the road and her birthday is a week before mine and I made hers a huge to do. My husband always tells me I’m being taken advantage of and I’m too nice but honestly I think he does the same thing to me , if not worse. To top it off I know he didn’t forget because we got married on my birthday 10 yrs ago So it’s our anniversary too and he wanted his present (a gun) . I gave it too him. He did not get me anything. The next day my daughter asked him what did you get mommy for your anniversary/ birthday ? He said he was taking us to the circus . Something that I’ve been planning to do with my daughter . He means he was gonna grace us with his presence. Well he did go but the whole time he was saying , ” I hate this” ” I’m just here for you.” He actually stayed seated for about 4 or 5 minutes then left and said he was going to the bathroom. He never came back !! I kept texting him “where are you ? ” Finally a response that he ran into an old girlfriend and her kids. After an intermission he showed up and said let’s go , ” I can’t take this anymore. ” Wow it was such an awesome present sitting alone with my daughter downtown. I can’t take this anymore. I called my mom 5 times to talk. No response. I guess she was worried about it still being to close to my birthday and she may feel guilty. I’m ALONE . 🙁
    Now I’m leaving to go to work and take care of the mentally handicapped. At least I don’t feel like a nobody when I’m with them. Just a rant from a sad woman. Sorry . 🙁

    1. Sadandlonely,

      I realize your response is an older one from last year, but I had to jump on here and say I truly hope and pray things have gotten better for you. The sad thing about some people is that they don’t know what they have until it’s gone, as the old saying goes. Some people must go through the life lesson of being treated badly themselves before they realize how badly they’ve treated others.

      I’m not saying we should treat people bad, just that some don’t get how blessed they are to be with a person who treats them so well either because they take it for granted or whatever other reasons there are. Although, I do believe in the power of prayer. I’ve witnessed God change people, ones I never thought would change.

      Faith helps me a lot when I can’t see the positive in a situation. In the meantime, keep being your awesome self because God sees the good you do, and He knows your character. Plus, you are setting a good example for your daughter, and that makes all the difference in the world too.God bless you!

  123. Thank you for posting this because I feel so alone. I wish I still my Mum was still alive because she was all I had. There’s alot to this story but I feel completely isolated by relatives and I don’t why. I think I might book myself away for a Christmas break. I can’t afford it but I’ll try and look at prices now so I can save money for it.

    1. Ciera, I’m sending you a hug because I know how it feels!!!!!
      I also can’t really afford it, but I’m giving myself this xmas gift of a little trip.
      But I have changed my dates now. I’m going one week before xmas.
      I would feel so awfully miserable sitting alone in a hotel room on a xmas day.
      I’d rather be alone at home. Take heart. There must be someone out there for you and youll meet them. Love yourself.

  124. Thank you, Isa – it’s great to hear from you! I’m glad this post was comforting, and that you are beginning to see things more clearly.

    Congratulations on your Christmas break – that sounds wonderful. I love being alone; I recently spent 6 days alone in Hollywood, CA. Two of the days were in a Communicators’ workshop, but the other 4 days were just me, myself and I wandering around the city.

    Stay connected with God. He knows what you need, and He will give you everything your heart desires! Trust him, for He is working everything together for your good. He loves you deeply, and He wants you to be filled with peace, love, joy, and freedom.

    Nobody can love you the way God does – especially when you feel like nobody cares. Just keep dipping into His river of love 🙂

    Let me know how your Christmas break goes!

    1. Thanks so much for your heartfelt reply Laurie. Means a lot. It’s great that you enjoyed 6 lovely days in Hollywood 🙂 My Christmas break is in Bruges, Belgium. It was very spontaneous decision, but it filled my Heart with joy! I always wanted to go, so really I’m making my little Dream come true.

      Yes, God is my only consolation. I have not other family….but Him. He is my real Father.
      He’s there for me. He protects me and guides me.
      I need to spend more time with Him and hear His voice.

      Lots of Love xxx

  125. Just want to add that today did something that filled my heart with joy 🙂 I booked a two day Christmas break. At least now I have something to look forward to! It will be just me, myself and I, but I think it will be wonderful.

  126. Dear Laurie,

    You don’t even know how much comfort I found in your post…It was like receiving a hug from a friend.
    I’m trying to stay strong. I have no one. And I haven’t met him yet. My only consolation is my Faith and knowing that God watches over me.

    But I’m finding gifts in my situation…. It makes me strong and I begin to see everything clearly, seeing the Truth is a blessing. I know that God is holding my hand and helping me to find a way out of this….
    I have to accept my fate for now and keep my Faith.