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10 Best “Woofy” Gifts for Elderly Dogs and Dog Lovers

My dog is officially elderly – a senior dog already – which means my doggie gift ideas need to be updated! These personalized gifts for old dogs and dog lovers don’t include ball launchers, doggie frisbees, or rawhide bone chews. Those aren’t good gifts for old dogs…and if they aren’t good gifts for dogs, they definitely aren’t good gifts for old dog lovers.

personalized gifts for old dogs
My dog Georgie

Walking by the dog park last week (we didn’t bother going in; Georgie sometimes grouches at the puppies and playful dogs when they get too close), I met a dog massage therapist. Georgie loved her! She gently rubbed my old dog’s shoulders, stroked her head, massaged her ears, and even kneaded her muscles. Talk about the perfect gift for an old dog! And watching my dog stretch blissfully after the massage was a gift for an old dog lover like me.

A massage therapist isn’t exactly a personalized gift for an old dog, but I suspect your furry friend won’t mind. I also suspect that regular visits to a dog massage therapist might give your pooch a new leash on life! (Leash, not lease…get it? 🙂 ). The rest of my gift ideas for old dogs and dog lovers are personalized.

Some of these ideas are more for the dog owner than the old dog – especially the really personalized gifts. Dogs don’t realize their collar has their name on it, or their sweater is embroidered with their birthday in gold thread. Dogs are happy just being alive, aren’t they? But even they need a special treat sometimes – especially old dogs who may not have many gifts left to open.

10 Gifts for Old Dogs and Dog Lovers

If you have a dog walker (I mean a person, not a contraption that helps your dog walk…get it? a dog walker? 🙂 ), read Woof Woof! 14 Gifts for Dog Walkers. You’ll find several personalized gifts for dogs and dog lovers on that list…which leads me right into my first gift for old dogs on this list.

Comfortable sleep

personalized gifts for old dogs
Comfortable Bed for Old Dogs

This Calming Shag Vegan Fur Donut Cuddler is Amazon’s #1 bestselling dog bed. It’s cozy, flexible and finished with faux shag fur that is reminiscent of a mother’s fur coat! This is one of the most unique “personalized dog gifts” because what is more personal than your mom? If an old dog really is reminded of his mother when he sleeps in this deep, warm furry bed, then it’s the best gift you could ever give.

This bed has deep crevices that allow the dog to burrow, giving him a full, restful sleep for improved behavior and better health. The raised rim creates a sense of security and provides head and neck support for old dogs, while the super-soft filling offers joint and muscle pain relief.

Memory foam – a gift for old dogs with joint problems

personalized dog gifts
Gift Bed for Old Dogs

The Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed is made of human-grade mattress foam with a water-resistant liner. It’s an orthopedic bed, which means it conforms directly to an old dogs’ muscles, bones, head and body – instead of the dog conforming to the mattress or hard floor.

My husband and I recently bought a memory foam bed (for ourselves, not our dog) – and learned that it has the added benefit of holding heat. The older I get, the colder I am, so I like the warmth of memory foam. My husband has a Reversible Cool Gel and Memory Foam Double-Sided Pillow; he just flips the pillow when the bed gets too hot. A cool gel pillow and an orthopedic bed is probably the most expensive personalized gift combo for old dogs and dog lovers on this list.

The gift of a personalized dog blanket

Personalized Gifts for Old Dogs
Personalized Dog Blanket – Gift for Old Dogs

A custom-made Personalized Fleece Blanket for Old Dogs is one of those gifts that is so corny and dear that it’s perfect for old dog lovers! Give your old dog his or her own blanket – a personalized one, not just a doggy blanket that the humans don’t want anymore.

If you’re looking for gifts to buy someone who owns an old dog, put a photo of her and her furry friend on the blanket. It’s super easy; just upload a photo and whatever words you want, and send it in.

A similar idea is a personalized pillow with your old dog’s name on it. I think the blanket is better; when we take our dogs to visit family out of town, we always bring our own blankets and towels. It’d be great if Georgie had her own dog blanket.

Precious keepsakes – a gift for old dog lovers

personalized gift box for old dogs
Keepsake Box for Old Dogs

The Willow Tree True – a hand-painted sculpted keepsake box is perfect for a dog’s old tags and little momentos…and perhaps even his ashes one day. I know it’s difficult to think about life without your dog, but this awareness can make every moment more precious. Accepting that your dog is getting old – that your dog is a gift – can increase your gratitude for each day.

I include one of the Willow Tree carvings on every gift article I write, such as Sympathy Gifts for Dog Lovers After Their Dog Died. But they’re not just sympathy gifts; I have three Willow Tree figures in my home that represent different events and celebrations in my life. All were gifts that warm my heart every time I see them.

Food! Old dogs need their own dish

A Personalized Stainless Steel Dog Bowl with an Anti-Skid Rubber Base is a gift that will help old dogs enjoy their low-fat, high-protein, long-life kibble. Look at Jack, looking at Lola’s food! Good dog. If your old dog has trouble eating out of a low dog dish, consider one of those adjustable-height dog food bowls. Amazon’s #1 Bestseller is the Pet Zone Designer Diner Adjustable Elevated Dog Bowls. It even helps with digestion – which can be problem for old dogs.

But, I have to admit that this isn’t one of my favorite doggie gift ideas on this list. As the owner of an old dog I know how hard it is to see my dog age, deal with health problems, and face the fact that dogs don’t live forever. Personalized dog gifts are good…but I think gifts that increase a dog’s quality of life are more valuable. That’s why I keep wandering away from the “personalized dog gifts” into the realm of “practical gifts for old dogs.” Sorry! But I am literally looking at my old dog right now, and I know what gift she would love.

The gift of heat for tired muscles and old dog bones

old dog gift ideas
Gift Ideas for Old Dogs

The Furhaven Self-Warming Insulated Dog Blanket is the perfect gift for an old dog like my Georgie. She loves laying in the sun at home; this gift would be perfect for waiting in the car on chilly days. I often take her on errands; we live in Vancouver where it doesn’t freeze very often. It does get cold, though, which is hard on an old dog’s bones.

You can get electric pads and heating blankets for dogs – they’re water resistant and bite/scratch proof – but they do require electricity. I myself sleep under an electric blanket; they’re awesome! My old dog loves it, too 🙂 But I’d rather she have her own blanket because she drools sometimes. That’s why this a personal heating blanket as a gift for an old dog is ideal.

A lift up, up, and away…

personalized gifts for old dog lovers
Happy Ride Gift for Old Dogs

The PetSafe Happy Ride Folding Dog Ramp is the perfect gift for senior dogs who need to get up into higher vehicles such as SUVs and trucks. The ramp adjusts to different slopes, so an old dog can just stroll up into the vehicle.

It only weighs 10 pounds, and is easy to carry and lift in and out of the car between stops. Also, the high-traction surface and side rails will keep your elderly dog from slipping or falling when walking on the ramp.

The gift of healing touch for old dogs

old dog gift ideas
Healing Touch – A Gift for Old Dogs

Healing Touch for Dogs: The Proven Massage Program is a gift for both old dogs and dog lovers. Written by veterinarian and animal psychologist, Dr. Michael W. Fox, this book teaches dog lovers his pioneering six-step dog massage technique.

Healing touch dog massage therapy increases the bond between you and your old dog. Drawn from more than 30 years of experience, Dr. Fox provides an orientation to basic dog anatomy, physiology, and psychology, and then addresses, through easy-to-read instructions and detailed illustrations and photos.

I’d love to add a couple more personalized gifts for old dogs and dog lovers to this list. Got any suggestions for me? Please comment below! I have to go for a slow, sniffy, meandering walk with my old dog now…it doesn’t feel like a gift, but it really is.


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