3 Signs God Hasn’t Forgotten About You

When you feel lonely, sad, or anxious you may ask “Did God forget about me?” Maybe you’ve been looking for signs God still loves you, but all you see is proof you’re alone. I’ve been there, believe me. Many times I’ve fallen into the trap of believing God forgot me.

And then I remember the truth: God has not forgotten about me – and He hasn’t forgotten about you, either! “Look, I have inscribed you on the palms of my hands,” God says in Isaiah 49:16 (CSB). When something is inscribed, it is carved or engraved. Nothing carved or engraved is ever forgotten, washed away, or left behind.

Your name, face, heart, soul and spirit is carved on the palms of God’s hands. To seal the deal, Jesus’ palms were nailed to the cross. This isn’t just a sign God hasn’t forgotten about you, it’s proof that you are loved more deeply than you could ever fully understand here on earth. That’s one of the most powerful signs God remembers you now and forever — but wait, there’s more!

What to Remember When You Feel Like No One Cares is one of my most popular articles because this world specializes in making us feel forgotten. We see the perfect happy lives on Instagram and Facebook, we compare ourselves to our friends and family, and we feel inferior and lonely.

You may feel alone, but you aren’t. I wrote this article for you. God brought you here to She Blossoms because He loves you. If you rise and look up, you’ll find the help and hope you need. Awake, my friend, and open your eyes!

3 Signs God Hasn’t Forgotten You

If God didn’t forget Jacob and his 12 sons after the atrocities they committed in Genesis 34, He won’t forget you! This article is part of my She Blossoms Through the Bible project, and it’s inspired by Genesis 35.

1. You feel lonely, sad, and empty

“Get up!” said God in Genesis 35. “Go to Bethel and settle there. Build an altar there to the God who appeared to you when you fled from your brother Esau.” God was talking to Jacob, but He could easily be talking to you and me right now. He told Jacob to rise out of the horrible mess he and his sons made. God told Jacob that it’s time to start over, to remember what He did for Jacob in the past, and to renew his covenant. Jacob was staggering under the weight of his sons’ violence, lies, thefts, and murders. Jacob wasn’t living the life God promised; he must have felt the same emptiness, loneliness, and meaninglessness we feel when we wonder if God has forgotten us.

You wouldn’t feel forgotten by God if He didn’t really love you. You can’t miss something you never had. For example, I grew up without a father. I always thought I missed having a normal mom and dad, but the truth is I have no idea what it’s like to have a dad. So I miss the idea of having parents, but I can’t miss a real father because I never had one. I don’t know what I’m missing. But it’s different with God our Father in Heaven. You and I both know what it’s like to feel His warm, loving presence. If we didn’t know His love, we couldn’t miss Him. You asking “Did God forget about me?” is a sign He loves you, has chosen you, and wants you to rise and reunite with Him.

2. You are being protected – even when you don’t realize it

Did God Forget About Me Genesis 35

In Genesis 35 God told Jacob to go to Bethel — where God first appeared to Jacob — and settle there. The first thing Jacob did was get rid of their foreign gods, idols, jewelry, everything associated with unbelief and doubt. Jacob, his family, and all who were with him had to surrender and bury their false gods. They had to let go of the things getting in the way of trusting and believing in the Lord. They had to start fresh, and move forward to the new place God planned (which was really the old place, but Jacob took the long circular route). Says Genesis 35:5: “When they set out, a terror from God came over the cities around them, and they did not pursue Jacob’s sons.”

God is protecting you from things you know naught of. Every time you’re tempted to think God has forgotten you, remember how He is protecting you all the time. This is hard because you don’t know what exactly God is protecting you from! Take, for example, the last time you walked down the street. Did you get hit by a car? Fall down and break your shoulder? Get robbed? Nope. You are constantly being protected by God — and you don’t even know it. Sometimes it’s hard to see the signs God hasn’t stopped loving you because they’re invisible. But just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist (such as gravity, wind, the smell of baking bread, your mother’s love).

3. You are being reminded right now that God has not forgotten you 

“God appeared to Jacob again after he returned from Paddan-aram, and he blessed him,” says Moses in Genesis 35:9-10. “God said to him, “Your name is Jacob; you will no longer be named Jacob, but your name will be Israel.” God had to keep reminding Jacob who he was. Over and over God told Jacob “I haven’t forgotten you or the promise I made to you.” Jacob forgot God over and over…but God never took His eyes off Jacob. God was faithful, compassionate, forgiving, graceful and kind to Jacob. And He is the same to you and me today. God loves us just as much as He loved Israel — and He proved His love by giving us His son Jesus.

What do you need to remember about your relationship with Jesus? God brought you here to She Blossoms because He is trying to get your attention. He wants you to remember Him! Jesus is calling your name, telling you that God has not forgotten you and never will. But you can’t just sit and be remembered…that’s too passive and boring. No, you have to rise and get rid of the things holding you back from starting fresh. You have to renew your relationship with Jesus, ask Ruach (the Holy Spirit) to show you what is getting in the way, and keep reminding yourself that God will never forget your name. 

Your name is etched, inscribed, written, engraved in the palm of God’s hand. How could He ever forget you?

Your thoughts — big and little — are welcome below. Tell me how you will renew your covenant with God. In other words, how will you remember your relationship with Jesus? How do you remind yourself of His love and faithfulness?

Do something that will help you remember that God has not forgotten you. The answers aren’t in the internet; they’re in the time You spend with Jesus.

With His love,


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  1. Hi
    I read you article God will not forget about me, it was indeed inspiring, I am a man but I like your page “She Blossoms” , I am too struggles at times with whether God has forgotten about me, I am constantly praying for things in my life and I think God does not hear my prayer, then I am reminded that his time is not our time; instantly. God has plans for each one of us we are to constantly pray and ask for help in trying and difficult times, I continue to pray that God’s will be done. thank you for reminding me that through the scripture

    God Bless you