Greetings From Asia! Echoing Across the Miles

Greetings From Hong Kong Island! I’m close to the end of my month-long journey into the second half of life. My trip to Nepal and India – a 50th birthday gift to myself – took a wildly unexpected turn. I suspect it’s symbolic of the second half of my time on this planet.

Echoes Across the Miles
Noodles in Hong Kong

In my last email (What to Remember When You’re Scared to Travel Alone) I shared my plans to travel to Nepal and India. I’m writing you from Hong Kong, which means my plans changed significantly 🙂  

After two weeks in Nepal, I wasn’t permitted to board my flight to Varanasi, India at the Kathmandu airport because I messed up my visa (thank you, Buddha Air, for fully refunding my ticket!). I didn’t want to spend time more time in Nepal — plus I’d have to renew my Nepali visa, which I didn’t want to spend time or money doing. So I bought a ticket at the airport for a destination that didn’t require a visa, had a flight leaving within a few hours, and was a city I recognized. Not many choices; Kathmandu isn’t exactly an international travel hub!

I never planned to go to Dubai, and never dreamed I’d be buying a ticket for a flight while standing in the check-in line! I hit the “Book Now” button on the United Emirates Air website and five minutes later was checking my bags.

“Man makes plans, and God chuckles.”

Have you ever had an experience like that? Maybe you’re dealing with something similar — or much more difficult. Maybe you recently received a devastating health diagnosis, or you can’t seem to let go of a past problem or pain. Maybe you feel stuck in the past or fearful about the future…and you think you’re all alone.

My five hours in the Kathmandu airport taught me more about acceptance and surrender than anything I’ve ever experienced. I immediately felt dismay, resistance and frustration…and then I wondered what it’d be like to simply accept reality and move forward. Guess what? It felt great! I felt free, light, and joyful as I let my India plans fly away and started looking at the possibilities.

Take five minutes — set a timer — and embrace the thing you’ve been avoiding, dreading, or resisting. Don’t just begrudgingly decide to live with it; really, truly accept it! Let your mind wander through the possibilities. Imagine how your life would be different if you accepted the thing you’ve been fighting.

Take good care of yourself, for you are a child of God. Lovingly and purposefully created. You matter more than you know…and you are worth taking good care of.

If you’re approaching your 50s (and beyond), read 5 Ways to Make the Second Half of Your Life Meaningful.

With the love of Jesus,



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