15 Beautiful Halloween Costumes for Plus Size Women

You don’t have to be skinny to be beautiful! These plus size Halloween costume ideas and shopping tips will help you find the right outfit for October 31. You’ll look awesome and feel comfortable in your Halloween costume.

Plus Size Women Halloween CostumesThe Deluxe Designer Collection Anne Boleyn Costume Dress and Headband is a gorgeous gown from the Henry the VIII period. It’s a velvet finish dress and headpiece with an attached veil; gathered skirts and sleeves give this dress a luxurious and dramatic look and feel. But before you jump into this beautiful Halloween costume for plus size women, always check the return policy. Most online stores will accept returned merchandise, but it’s a hassle to have to re-package and send a Halloween costume back to the store. Some costumes are expensive, and you don’t want to be stuck with a beautiful dress that you can only wear once – or that you can’t wear at all because it’s a size too small! When you’re browsing through Halloween costumes for overweight or pregnant women, make sure you read through the reader reviews and comments.

Finding the right Halloween costume can be difficult for any woman, regardless of her size or shape. These tips and ideas for Halloween costumes for plus size women are chosen by me – I’m definitely not skinny (but I wouldn’t look online for “Halloween costumes for fat chicks.” That is a surprisingly popular search term! Me, I’d search for Halloween costume ideas for overweight women. What search term brought you here, I wonder?).

Several readers have asked me for Halloween costume ideas for overweight women and teens. So, I did a little research and found several costumes and shopping tips for plus size people, including overweight children and pregnant women…

Halloween Costume Ideas for Plus Size Women

Here, you’ll find ideas for Halloween costumes along with links to actual Halloween costumes on Amazon and several shopping tips.

Beautiful Halloween Costumes for Overweight Plus Size Women

15 Beautiful Halloween Costumes for Plus Size Women

Start shopping early! Even if October 31 isn’t next week, you should start thinking about your Halloween costume soon. You don’t want to find yourself searching for a plus size Halloween costume at the last minute. I linked to several beautiful Halloween costumes on Amazon, as well as one or two on BuyCostumes.com.

I also linked to several other Halloween costume blog posts, such as Classic Storybook Character Costumes for Halloween. I hope your creativity is sparked when you read through these homemade plus size costume ideas for Halloween!

Don’t hide behind a giant M & M peanut costume, or a Santa Claus costume for overweight women.

Fortune Teller Gypsy Costume for Women

ideas for halloween costumes for women plus size

Use your imagination when you’re deciding on a Halloween costume – whether you’re going for horrific, cute, or sexy! A In Character Costumes’ Fortuneteller Dress is comfortable and flattering, and you can easily make it from what you find at a thrift store, or even in your own closet. It’s one of my favorite Halloween costumes for women, because I’ve always fancied myself a gypsy 🙂

“Where there is no imagination, there is no horror,” said Sir Author Conan Doyle. Use your imagination when you’re searching for a Halloween costume, and make your curves work for you. Don’t hide in a shapeless costume made for plus size women who are don’t like how they look. Read my easy homemade Halloween costumes for women of all sizes if you don’t find what you’re looking for here.

20s Flapper Plus Size Halloween Costume for Women

Halloween costumes for fat chicksCalifornia Costumes Women’s Fashion Flapper is a fun, comfortable Halloween costume idea for plus size women. Remember the movie All That Jazz? It’s from the same era! This fashion flapper Hallowen costume for women is available on Amazon, and comes with a black fringed dress and sequined headband with feather. Shoes, stockings, gloves, jewelry, cigarette holder and boa not included.

Wear a costume you feel comfortable in

The best way to have fun on Halloween is to wear a costume you can move around in. Avoid costumes that make you feel stupid or uncomfortable. Sometimes overweight adults and children feel self-conscious – and the last thing you want is to create more of those feelings. Put comfort and happiness ahead of trying to look slim and sleek.

Halloween costumes for fat chicks

Greek Goddess Halloween costume for plus size women

California Costumes’s Athenian Goddess Costume will make you feel like a beauty queen! The best Halloween best costume for overweight or pregnant women are ones that fit loosely and comfortably. It’s far better to feel good and happy than to try to look like something you’re not, or hide your body in heavy, suffocating costume layers!

When you’re shopping online for Halloween costumes, keep a list of your most beautiful features in front of you. Do you have gorgeous eyes or a big bold smile? Find a costume that accentuates your positive qualities.

And, remember that you don’t need to look “sexy” to be attractive and appealing. Your countenance, attitude, and joyful spirit make you a beautiful woman. Who you are will outshine event the most original plus size Halloween costume. Work on your confidence and self-esteem – don’t expect the Goddess Halloween costume for overweight women to make you into someone you’re not.

Search the internet for DIY plus size Halloween costumes

If you don’t have time to create your own costume for that October 31st party, search the internet for terms such as “Halloween costumes overweight people”, or “pregnant women costumes.”

If you buy a costume online from a site such as BuyCostumes.com, make sure there’s a clear return policy — in case you don’t like it, or you find something better in the meantime. Here’s an assortment of awesome plus-size costumes on BuyCostumes, to give you tips and ideas.

Look on e-Bay for Halloween costumes for overweight women

If you go to e-Bay.com and search for “plus size Halloween” or “Halloween costumes for overweight women”, you’ll find pages of possibilities. Start your bidding early, because costumes sell fast!

When I feel creative and crafty, I’ll go to a thrift store to buy Halloween costume accessories and props. They cost less, and you leave the store knowing exactly what your costume consists of. If you do buy a costume from e-Bay, make sure you get a written warranty. If you can’t return it, make sure you have a guarantee in writing that you can return it.

Red Riding Hood Plus Sex Appeal

California Costume’s Women’s Dark Red Riding Hood is another beautiful costume for women on the plus side. It’s a sophisticated and seductive take on a classic storybook character. The dark red riding hood costume is composed of a one-piece dress, matching long flowing cloak and comes with a plaid black and red hanky. Boots, glovelettes, and basket are not included in the set from Amazon.

To find the costume accessories not included with costume when you buy it online, try Value Village. My favorite place to shop for Halloween costumes is Value Village. It takes time to find the right Halloween accessories – and it may take more than one shopping trip – but you can make it fun if you take a friend who likes trying on different, funky, creative costumes.

Create a costume that represents a plus size person or thing

Strut your stuff, my friend! Princess Fiona from Shrek, Santa Claus, a pumpkin, or Mimi from the Drew Carey show are great examples of easy Halloween costumes for overweight adults and children. Even men can dress up as Mimi – and a local thrift store would have everything you need!

The bad news is that fantastic, original Halloween costumes require time, effort, and planning. I don’t have that kind of patience, so I stick with the online shopping at Amazon 🙂 If you need DIY Halloween ideas, read Creative Halloween Costumes for Women, Girls, and Couples.

Bat Halloween costume for overweight women

Halloween Costumes for Fat ChicksLeg Avenue’s Cozy Bat Halloween Costume is both comfortable and attractive. Dress up as a cozy black bat in a costume that features a zipper front fleece dress with awesome bat wing sleeves and furry ear hood.

Here’s another Halloween shopping tip for plus size women: be patient, and do your research. If you love the Medieval Bar Maid Halloween costume, look for it on different online retailers. It’s possible that Amazon isn’t the cheapest or best place to buy from, so research different stores for reviews, prices, and costume ideas for overweight or pregnant women.

Avoid heavy, hot Halloween costumes

It’s not a good idea to wear an animal mascot or similar heavy costume. Make sure your costume has layers that you can remove if you get hot — especially if you’re a pregnant woman. Also, make sure your Halloween costume isn’t too tight-fitting. You need room to move and breathe!

It’s not easy to try on plus size Halloween costumes when you’re shopping online, but it’s important to try to find ways to ensure that it’ll fit you comfortably. Clothes look beautiful and comfortable in pictures and on mannequins, but it’s often a whole different story in real life. This isn’t just the way it goes for plus size Halloween costumes…it’s like this for every type of clothing.

Halloween costumes for fat chicks

Middle Ages Tavern Halloween Costume for Women

The Women’s Plus-Size Tavern Maiden Halloween is thought to be sexy by many. I love the bodice, and how comfortable this costume for overweight women is. If you have the right clothes in your closet, this wouldn’t be a difficult costume to make.

What have you always wanted to dress up for on Halloween? Create or buy a costume that suits your personality and dreams, not just your beautiful plus size body. Don’t let fear or the judgment of others affect what costume you decide to wear on October 31.

Browse the thrift stores

I know I said it before, but it’s worth repeating. The Value Village thrift store chain has an amazing selection of Halloween costumes every year – and those costumes fit both regular and overweight adults. Grab a friend and spend the afternoon browsing the racks for creative Halloween costume ideas.

If you don’t have time or energy to shop at thrift stores for a Halloween costume, set a budget. Don’t get carried away by these beautiful plus size Halloween costumes for overweight and pregnant women! If you only have $30 to spend on a costume, then keep looking until you find the right fit. Halloween costumes can get expensive, especially when they don’t come with all the accessories in the picture. You may feel tempted to go over your budget, but it’s not worth it in the long run. October 31 is just one night, and who are you trying to impress with an expensive Halloween costume?

Wonder Woman costume

Halloween Costume Tips for Plus Size Women

Rubie’s Costume Company’s Secret Wishes DC Comics Wonder Woman Plus Size Adult Costume is an awesome way to assert your power, strength, and beauty on Halloween! It’s available on Amazon for less than $40, and it’s received tons of positive reviews. Plus size costumes can be just as sexy and fun as “skinny” costumes.

What are your measurements? Before you buy any plus size Halloween costume, measure your bust, bum and legs with a measuring tape. Check the size chart on the costume store. Different stores and clothing manufacturers use different sizing charts, so you need to make sure you’re the same size as the actual costume.

And, I’ve read that many Halloween costumes for women run small. This is especially important if you’re a pregnant woman shopping for a plus size costume early, because you may actually grow bigger by October 31 🙂

Accept yourself, and have fun with your Halloween costume!

Being overweight or plus size can be draining or embarrassing, but don’t let your weight stop you from having a great time at Halloween. If you’re gritting your teeth as you shop for plus size costumes, you won’t enjoy yourself…and you deserve to have a good time on October 31, my friends.  So, find ways to have fun with your Halloween costume and accept yourself for who you are.

For more homemade plus size Halloween costume ideas and tips, read Going to a Costume Party? 11 Creative Costume Ideas From Your Closet.

If you have any thoughts on these Halloween costume tips for plus size women, please comment below. I’m curious if you found my article by searching for “Halloween costumes for fat chicks”, let me know in the comments section what below…


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7 thoughts on “15 Beautiful Halloween Costumes for Plus Size Women”

  1. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Lydia, thanks for letting me know how you found this blog post.

    It makes me sad that you feel that way…do you really believe you’re too overweight to wear a Halloween costume? There are lots of plus size costumes for women…

  2. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    I’m surprised people are finding this article by searching for “Halloween costumes for fat chicks.” I didn’t use that search term – I thought Halloween Costume Ideas for Plus Size Women would be a more popular way to look for costume ideas for overweight women on Halloween.

    If you have any ideas for Halloween costumes for plus size women, please share!

  3. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Being “plus size” doesn’t mean you can’t rock out in a great Halloween costume! When I was overweight, I didn’t want to dress up for Halloween because I felt embarrassed, and I didn’t want to draw attention to myself. LOoking back, I wish I had more guts and self-confidence!

  4. Tom @ halloween cheerleader

    I like the part about accepting yourself. There are so many plus size costumes available today that you don’t have to settle. Find a great costume show off your curves and have a blast!

  5. Deborah, The Costume Lady

    Here’s a great Halloween costume idea for women, especially oversize or pregnant:

    Paint a box with red and white stripes and write the words popcorn on the front and sides and back. Glue popped popcorn around the top. Use an upside-down popcorn bucket for a hat and you can be a popcorn box!

    Have Fun.