7 Tips for Dealing With Controlling Parents

Whether you’re an adult child or living at home (or an adult child who lives at home!), these tips on how to deal with controlling parents will help you see your situation – and your mom and dad – differently.

I was inspired to write this article for Andy. “Growing up, my parents always had a way of making me feel crappy about myself,” he said on How to Cope With Difficult Parents. “Criticism after criticism, controlling me in different ways. Madly praising others’ kids in front of me. Always have to give me orders on what to do around the house, even when I’m right about to do a chore, they just have to tell me to do exactly what I’m about to do so it seems like ‘they won.’ My parents are controlling and childish at the maximum level. I’m now 36, they visit me once a year and yet they still do the same crap. I’m never good enough for them. Someone else’s son is always better than me. My parents are the most negative people I’ve ever known, and they dreain me of my spirit and energy. I’m trying to learn how to deal with controlling parents but it is destroying the family love. If you have tips or advice for dealing with parents who try to control adult children, I’d love to hear them.”

I can’t give personal or specific advice on how to deal with controlling parents, but I’m happy to share a few ideas. Please feel free to share your experiences and thoughts on dealing with parents below. I can almost guarantee that if you share one tip on how you’re learning to deal with parents who try to control you, you will feel better about your family situation! Just focusing on what works for you is enough to brighten your spirits just a little.

Whether you’re a teenager or an adult child living at home, the most important thing to remember is that you can’t change your parents. You can only change how you deal with their controlling parenting style.

“Giving up hope is one of the healthiest, most life-affirming things you could do for yourself,” writes Dr Laura Schlessinger in Bad Childhood – Good Life: How to Blossom and Thrive in Spite of an Unhappy Childhood. “If, of course, you accept [your controlling parents] and don’t pout.”

Giving up hope may sound negative and depressing — but after you read my explanation and tips for coping with parents who try to control you, you may feel differently. Giving up your expectations may be the healthiest thing you ever do in life.

7 Tips for Dealing With Controlling Parents

My husband and I recently attended a family dynamics workshop (it’s the fifth of seven sessions); it was all about coping with your childhood relationships. I wrote a bit about that workshop in How to Love Yourself When You Don’t Feel Good Enough.

Since all families are different there is no “one size fits all” answer when you’re looking for ways to deal with controlling parents. Every family is unique. Your parents are unique, you are unique, and your patterns of relating to each other are unique. Families have their own cultures and ways of communicating, which makes it difficult for me to give advice or specific tips. These are general ideas for dealing with parents who tend to control and manipulate their adult children….and all of my tips revolve around changing the only person you have control over: you.

1. Let go of your need to please your parents

We grow up seeking approval, affirmation, and even love from our parents. Andy referred to this when he mentioned his parents’ constant criticisms of him and praise of other kids. He may not admit it, but he really wants to make his mom and dad proud of him. This is normal and healthy; of course we want to make our parents proud! We love them, and we want to know they love us.

6 Tips for Dealing With Controlling Parents

How to Deal With Controlling Parents

So, part of why it’s so difficult to confront our parents about their controlling behavior is because we don’t want to disappoint or anger them. Even as grown adult children, we want them to keep loving us – even when we feel like we hate them! The first tip on how to deal with controlling parents (or any toxic person in your life) is to recognize your need to please them. Accepting that you really want your parents’ approval and love will help you communicate with them better.

It’s also important to remember that every interaction with our parents is a reminder that we are their children. No matter how old we are, we are our parents’ kids. This is partly why some parents are so controlling; they see us as little babies, toddlers, 10 year olds, 14 year olds. They see us at all ages of our lives, from dirty diapers to crying in pain. They don’t just see us for who we are now…they see us at all ages and stages of our lives. Part of their need to control us comes from their need to protect and keep us safe.

2. Take power when and where you can

“Perhaps you feel that you have been wronged by a family member, a friend, or a coworker,” writes Allan Klein in You Can’t Ruin My Day: 52 Wake-Up Calls to Turn Any Situation Around. “You may even feel justified in being angry with them, and you may be right. However, what you may not realize is that holding on to your anger or carrying a grudge against someone never serves you. It closes doors on relationships. It weighs you down and holds you back from moving forward. It zaps your energy – energy that you could use more productively to fully get pleasure from your relationships and enrich your life.”

Yes, you may have every right to be angry at your controlling parents! Maybe they really are negative, horrible, critical, controlling, and abusive. They are wrong, and you are right.

But staying in that position does not give you power. It diminishes your power, in fact. Why? Because you can’t change them. It’s like your parents are a horse racing around a racetrack. You can’t stop the horse – you need to ride the horse in the direction it’s going. Ride the horse, and take back your power. How? By doing the work it takes to learn how to deal with controlling parents.

3. Cut financial ties to parents who want to control you

A reader emailed me, asking me for help with her father. She’s an adult child; her dad is making her life miserable. He’s also having a negative effect her husband and child. She said her father helped her get a mortgage loan, and he holds that over them. He’s one of those controlling parents who thinks he has the right to dictate how she spends her money, and she asked for tips on dealing with him.

My first and most obvious idea is to pay her dad the money back. Instead of staying financially beholden, she might find ways to free herself financially so she can take her life back. This might involve getting a bank loan and paying her dad back the money she borrowed – even if the money was originally a gift. It’s not a “gift” if it’s taking an emotional toll on her and her family.

Or, if everyone agrees that the money wasn’t a loan and thus isn’t owed, then she might get him to sign an informal that says she doesn’t owe him money and he has no right to lord it over her. This black-and-white evidence might help them take money out of the father-daughter relationship.

If you live at home and are financially dependent, you will find it more difficult to deal with controlling parents. “Their house, their rules”, right? Read 10 Highest Paying Jobs for College Students – even if you’re not in college yet.

4. Learn to recognize emotional blackmail

This is one of the best ways to take your life back! If you have truly critical and controlling parents, you may recognize that they disguise their criticism, try to make you feel guilty for past behavior, or constantly make you feel bad about your life. They don’t want to let you live your life. Before confronting this type of difficult parents, it’s important to recognize and learn to deal with emotional blackmail.

How to Deal With Controlling ParentsRead books like Emotional Blackmail: When the People in Your Life Use Fear, Obligation, and Guilt to Manipulate You by Dr Susan Forward. She defines “emotional blackmail” as a powerful form of manipulation in which people close to us (controlling parents!) threaten to punish us for not doing what they want. Emotional blackmailers know how much we value our relationships with them; they know our vulnerabilities and our deepest secrets. They are our mothers, our partners, our bosses and coworkers, our friends and our lovers. And no matter how much they care about us, they use this intimate knowledge to give themselves the payoff they want: our compliance.

I guarantee that you will NOT learn how to deal with controlling parents simply by reading one blog post! You need to learn specific ways to communicate with your mom and dad. Take a weekend workshop in assertiveness training, or talk to a counselor. If you’re an adult child of controlling parents, you need to keep reminding yourself that you’re a grownup. You’re not a child anymore, and you don’t have to succumb to emotional manipulations. A big part of this is learning to say “no” and stand up for yourself without feeling guilty or scared of your parents’ response.

If your parents are emotionally manipulative and controlling, read Surprising Examples of Verbal Abuse in Relationships. It may help if you learn how to recognize verbal abuse.

5. Recognize the difference between emotions and action plans

Emotion says, “I hate you! I want you to leave me alone forever! You are the worst most controlling parents ever and I can’t stand dealing with you! I’m sick of your attempt to control me and I don’t want to learn how to deal with you because you suck. And I’m scared/tired/frustrated/miserable!” Those are your emotions, and they are normal.

Your emotions are not an action plan. Whether you’re an adult child or a kid living at home, you need to come up with an action plan for dealing with controlling parents. An action plan says, “I want a better life, better relationships. I don’t deserve to be treated like this. To stop this from happening, I need to (insert action plan here).”

To deal with your controlling parents, you will have to do something you don’t want to do. May you’ll have to quit a job you love, move to a different city, learn how to set boundaries with family members, and force yourself to actually stick to your boundaries. You might have to talk to a family counselor, get emotionally strong and healthy, and learn how to deal with controlling parents in different situations (eg, when you live at home, when you’re an adult child, when they’re dealing with health issues, etc).

No, it is not easy to take your life back. Yes, it is possible! It’s definitely easier when you’re an adult child who lives on your own, but even when you live at home you can separate yourself emotionally.

6. Start creating your action plan

You can’t change who your parents are (or how they try to control you), and you may need to keep living at home with them for the next few months or years. Don’t let these facts get you down! There are ways you can deal with controlling parents – and most of them require creating a plan of action.

Examples of action plans:

Tips for Dealing With Controlling Parents

6 Tips for Dealing With Controlling Parents

  • Commit to learning how to deal with controlling parents by reading books or talking to a family therapist.
  • Decide in advance how you’ll calmly and rationally respond to your parents when you feel they’re trying to control you.
  • Practice what you want to say to your mom and dad when things get crazy.
  • Arrange to phone a friend or family member when you feel like you’re losing control.
  • Take care of your emotional and spiritual health. Get healthy and strong, grounded and peaceful. Decide that your parents can’t control your emotional and spiritual life.

If you’re a teen or child living at home with controlling parents, talk in person to an adult you trust. Don’t rely on the internet or forums for advice! There aren’t any quick tips on how to deal with parents who want to control you; you need to find strategies that are geared to your specific family situation.

7. Stop wishing your parents less controlling, or different, or better

These controlling parents are yours. If you’re still wishing they were different, you need to let go of your desire that you were born in a different family. Accept reality. This is your life, and the sooner you accept it, the happier you will be.

You can still hope you’ll one day have a better, healthier relationship with your parents. But, you must stop hoping and wishing they’d change. Your mom and dad have found that their controlling parenting style works for them, and they won’t give it up without a huge fight. They may continue to be critical, manipulative, overbearing and difficult to live with no matter what you do. But, luckily, you have control over your thoughts and feelings! You are free to choose to distance yourself emotionally, physically, socially, and financially.

You can choose to live your own life even if you live at home with controlling parents. You can choose to be emotionally and spiritually free even if you’re an adult child of 40, even if you’re taking care of elderly parents, even if you know they will never ever change.

Resources for Dealing With Controlling Parents

How to Deal With Controlling ParentsYou Can’t Ruin My Day: 52 Wake-Up Calls to Turn Any Situation Around by Allen Klein is awesome! What a fun book, so cheerful and light – it is guaranteed to make you feel better about your life. It’s not about learning how to deal with controlling parents; it’s about coping with any and all negative, bad, critical, unfortunate situations in life.

“The next time someone pisses you off, mentally take a half step sideways and see him or her from a different angle,” writes Klein. “See their good side. See that they have wants and needs just like you. See that they are not out to get you; they are just people with a different opinion than yours. See them as an ally instead of an enemy.”

How to Cope With Controlling ParentsIn Toxic Parents: Overcoming Their Hurtful Legacy and Reclaiming Your LifeDr. Susan Forward draws on case histories and the real-life voices of adult children of toxic parents to help you free yourself from the frustrating patterns of your relationship with your parents — and discover a new world of self-confidence, inner strength, and emotional independence.

I can’t offer advice on how to deal with controlling parents, but you may find it helpful to share your experience here. Sometimes writing about your family brings insight and clarity, and can help you cope.

And remember: to heal from the past – and cope with controlling parents – you need to let go of your wish that your family was different. They are who they are, and you can’t change them. Stop wishing, and start learning how to change your response so you can be happier and healthier.


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310 thoughts on “7 Tips for Dealing With Controlling Parents”

  1. Hi my name is Tanner and I am 16 years old. I have a control freak mom and dad but they are both control freaks for different reasons so they fight almost every day about who has the better parenting style. Almost everything my dad criticizes me for he does the same and when I call him out on it he denies it and calls me defensive for saying he is wrong. Both my mom and my dad have to tell me exactly what to do with every chore and if we tell them we don’t need their help my dad will normally get mad and my mom gets sad and emotional for some reason. Sometimes I think my parents are psycho. I can tell they are both sad but they’ve denied that when I bring it up.

  2. Hi Ruben, I don’t live at home with my parents and they are still controlling me and expect me to handle their criticism. I have told them I am a middle aged woman but they said they can control me because I behave like a 10 year old and dont obey and take on board their feedback. They got worse and the expectations increased from my birthday. Please email me. I’d love to hear from you.

  3. hey I’m a 15 years old girl who lives in Egypt and my father is so controlling like he would never let me go out with my friends(girls) in a trip for several nights while all my friend’s parents let them go. he literally controls everything I do and he is abusive he controls what I wear and sometimes he even forces me to eat whenever I’m full it’s like he is living my life instead of me and I hate him for it. I have a younger sister she’s 10 I’m basically her baby sitter he tells me to give her vitamins on certain days and I must not forget like she can handle this it is her vitamin not mine and you know what he is giving her vitamins and no doctor asked her to. he calls me like every 10 minutes to do some stupid silly stuff for him I’m so done with him I’ve tried to commit suicide several times and it never worked
    anyways thank you for hearing me

  4. Hi I’m a 13 yo, I live at home with a sweet mom and Abusive dad. He reeks with smells of coverages and garlic, he has fake teeth and spits when he talks, and he gets mad easily. Dealing with him is the most challenging thing in my life, he scares away friends and relatives, fights cashiers at stores for a pity of a dollar, and always compares me to other people. I wanna kms there’s nothing that I can do, he makes me feel miserable and since I live in an Asian house old too (only child) it’s always school before me. He doesn’t give a flying s**t about how I feel he makes me feel depressed and drained, I’m miserable and don’t wanna call for help cuz I’m scared of what’s going to happen, I don’t wanna get smacked with a steel fold able chair again

    1. Hi,

      I was reading your post and realized it was only 4 days ago. Someone needs to respond to you. You are 13 and even if you were 23, you do not deserve to live in the daily hell you describe. It sounds really terrible. I am not a therapist, so I can only tell you what I know based upon my own experience. I grew up in a very violent and physically abusive home. I did what I did to survive and eventually reported the abuse and went into foster care. My mother, afraid of losing money from my dad, lied and told the judge that I was never abused. There were even prior reports of abuse in our home that I had never found out about. Anyway, it was so messed up that my own mother wouldn’t even be my mother and keep this man from abusing me. She had become abusive herself too. So I was branded a liar and a “problem child” and the state put me in a detention home until a foster home was found for me. Yes, I was sent to child jail for trying to stop my father from abusing me. I tell you this, because it’s the worst case scenario for if you report. It was not the end of the world. Yes, I got locked up, but I was safe, I was alive and I was away from the abuse. Your father has thrown a metal chair at you. He has horrible anger problems. He could kill you. Foster care was not easy nor was did it give me a wonderful loving family that I could count on, but I was alive. When I woke up in the mornings I didn’t have panic attacks anymore about what I was about to do wrong, or if it was safe to walk in the other room. I was able to study and do my homework and for the first time, be a kid. My grades went from C’s to straight A’s. I held down a full time job while I finished high school. I could finally think when there wasn’t some monster ready to pound me into the ground. It’s just my experience, but I encourage you to report it and get away. Write and take journals and hide them at a friends house. Save all proof you can but report asap. Even if nobody believes you just keep telling them you aren’t going home. REFUSE. Keep yourself alive. You are your own person and you don’t owe someone who beats you anything. Maybe your mom will leave too, maybe she won’t. But if she stays with him that has you staying with him, and even if she’s sweet, she’s being a bad mom. She should be moving hell and high water to get you both out of there. Maybe you reporting will give her the resources she needs to get away. I grew up, put myself through college and then a master’s degree. I’m a mom now. If I could hug you, I would kid. You can do this. It’s not going to be easy but you can save yourself. — ((hugs)) from a Mom

  5. I am 21 years old and my mom always controls me, I am not financially dependent on her. This week I’ve had enough of it. I have been dating my boyfriend for 7 years and my mom knows him, but since its recess I wanted to spend time with him because we barely get time together and he has been through a lot in the past few days with his dad passing away. I told her that but she got real mad and starting saying that I want to get pregnant as she always does when I want to stay with my boyfriend she even threatened to tell my father so they can come fetch me if I don’t come home and I was with them this whole time. I got really stressed and depressed that I cry every second. I love my mom but I am really tired of this.

  6. One of these days I’m actually going to heed the advice I’m given and make some real changes. I also know that moving thousands of miles away from what has been my home for the last 10 years will be a real eye opener.

    My greatest fear I guess is that my mom and I have had some really difficult times but I found the autogenic training really helped me see her side and the stuff she’s going through. She a child at heart and in times of stress and difficulty she returns to that inner child. But as I discussed with my therapist I need to be really clear about the boundaries between us. These are the same boundary issues that contributed to the demise of my relationship. Now’s the time to reform my bad habits.


  7. Hi! I am 23 and in grad school and facing all of these real worries. When I try to express that I am an adult and have the ability to be on my own, my mom often just laughs at me. I don’t have any crazy stories other than the fact that I have been manipulated my entire life, through guilt and money. It’s pretty much just been me and her forever, with a few men filtering in and out. My mom doesn’t understand how to be in a relationship and uses blame a lot of the time. She pays for my school and the majority of my expenses so I know the way out (financial independence). This will probably be one of the hardest things I will ever have to do. She was abused as a child and as an adult and when I look at the signs of verbal abuse, I see that she has carried that into the way she parents. She uses silent treatment and direct criticisms to hurt me and does it very pointedly. This means not talking to me for days at a time, calling me selfish, the center of the world, a bitch, etc. I live in another city where I attend school, but yesterday when I said I wanted to be financially independent, she said she would take away my car, take me off the insurance, and leave me completely alone. I feel like this is the beginning of the end of our relationship for a while and I guess I wonder if anyone has any stories similar to mine when you have had to leave the only person that has loved you for your entire life. Much thanks.

    1. Firstly I’m sorry to hear your story. That’s very sad for both of you. It sounds like your Mum has not been loved in her life. You can’t give what you don’t have. The level of manipulation that is aimed at you. Does that sound like love? It took me a while to realize that I am 100% responsible for my reality. For my Mother to manipulate me, I had to allow her and that I did. Until I woke up. It’s not easy as there are many threads that ties a person to their Mother. The good news is that by helping your self, by freeing your self from this toxic relationship it will all room for healing and self empowerment. Not just for you but it will also allow an opportunity for you Mum to take responsibility for her self and healing also. Please don’t think by leaving that means you’re doing something bad. It’s just means you’re leaving a bad situation to make way for a better one for you. Your Mom and in the long run for both of your relationship. Im just going from my own experience here. I can’t pretend to know what you’re going through.

  8. I am 17 years old and I want to leave even though I am a minor. My parents are control freaks and blame their actions on me. They held me at home from school on a Friday because I didn’t put a label on boxes for a food pantry at my school. I had been fighting depression, along with them involving me in their divorce. I even lost my best friend’s dad who I wish was my own dad to the horrible disease of ALS. I live with my stepdad and mother, my biological father committed suicide when I was four. They told my girlfriend that she could go to Thanksgiving with us to see my stepdad’s side of the family and four days before my girlfriend text my mom asking about what time we are leaving. My mom doesn’t text her back for two days, and I even saw her on her phone. She then has my stepdad text my gf that she can’t go because it is a family trip. 6 months before this, my parents have ran our relationship. My gf was depressed from her terrible past so she left me for a break from my crazy parents. I cry a lot of course since this is out of my reach to control. They then hold me at home for a whole week so I cannot see her. We go to school and they say it was for “my mental health” even though when we got home, my mom said she f***ing hates her guts and doesn’t want me to see her and she can do that because she is my parent. They think they are granted control over my life “because they are my parents”. They now have grounded me for two weeks and plan on moving me to a new school “for my mental health” even though it is because all the teachers think they are nut jobs. They are moving me because people see who they actually are and want me to suffer for it. I have so much more to talk about, but I have said enough I feel like.

  9. I’m 21 years of age and I still live with both my parents. I love my mum with all my heart but she tends to have a very weak personality and just goes with whatever my dad says. my da is a toxic, manipulative, controlling and emotionally abusive person. he has no hopes, dreams, and goals and is obsessed with dictating how his children should lead their lives and what they should do. my dad is a religious man with extremely high morals and pride and will not accept any form of disrespect (even something as simple as talking back). He takes it personally and that it is a form of degrading his masculinity and pride as a 50-year-old. He has hurt me so much emotionally and is clearly unhappy with himself. he has wronged many people in his life and is becoming more and more conservative each day. so yes it’s getting worse. The worst part of it all is not the fact that he cheated on mum growing up (and I had to be mums councilor because he didn’t know I knew) nor was it that he blew his children’s future savings for his own selfish reasons, nor is it the fact that no one knows about his dirty little secrets, nor is it that he hinds behind religion and tradition and pretends to be this honorable respected member of the community. it is the fact that he gets away with everything. he still thinks that I don’t know about what he did to mum and how I (a 14-year-old at the time) had to deal with it all. how can I ever love a man of such qualities?

    1. You could be in a better position to heal the relationship with your Father after you have healed you self. I would firstly leave the living arrangement youre currently in. I wouldn’t tell anyone about your plan. That will make it harder for you. I would line up a new place to live and be sure I can support myself financially. Once that’s in place. Take some time out and write them a letter expressing your feelings. They may not take kindly to your decision but don’t get involved. No need to leave with anger. From your new place, start learning how to love and empower your self. I could recommend books and practices if you like. I had to deal with something similar in my life and learnt a lot in the process. It can be a lonely place to be. Not sure if you will read this. Maybe I’ll leave it at that for now. Happy to continue if you like.

  10. I have a friend, a minor, whose mother is a control freak. She is a dependent and won’t be able to go to college for a few more years, so shes kinda stuck. My friend is honestly scared of what might happen and has even considered child protective services because she doesn’t know what she can do. Shes knows she can’t change her mother. Me and her other friends have offered a place to escape if she needs one, but it’s hard to contact her at night because her mother takes her phone away when she goes to bed. Is there any way I can help her or can get some help? I love her and I don’t want her gone from my life.

  11. I am 18, still living at home. My dad is very controlling over my life. Mainly my relationships, and is currently trying to force me out of my relationship for College because he feels that I wont focus on school while being with my boyfriend ( who is long distance but it doesn’t really affect me the way my dad thinks) he has used the threat of kicking me out, taking away my phone and computer, tracking down my boyfriend, and many others. I feel that I can focus in school and keep my relationship at the same time but he wont even let me. I have really bad depression and anxiety which my boyfriend supports me through and encourages me to do better so he wont let me fail school or get distracted. I feel that my dad is really wrong for what he is doing…what do I do?

    1. Hi Desirae
      You’re 18 and legally free to live your life the way you see fit. Not easy when your parents don’t share the same view. You wrote this a while ago. Have you managed to work it out yet?

  12. I am a teenager that still lives at the house. I constantly feel like I have to prove myself to get there love. I have an older sister that got a bunch of great scholarships and is going into this amazing career. My parents live together but dont really like each other so it puts a giant toll on me. I stayed up late (4 am) trying to fall asleep and I had church this morning but didnt go so I could get some more sleep. I get woken up by my dad and he told me he would turn off my phone and take away my driving privileges if I didnt get up by 10:30. Its currently summer break and I work a job. I feel like I can’t get a break and that my parents are now getting more controlling by controlling when I get up and they dont trust me to be a responsible teen and get up in time. What can I do?

  13. Hi, my boyfriend and I are trying to move in together to NC from GA so that I can go to college. My parents are trying to tell me I cannot leave because I cannot just leave my 10 year old sister behind. I take her to school, after school activities, friend’s homes, etc. They will constantly try to mess my car up so that I constantly have to put my money into fixing it. I’m 21 years old and I’m trying to start my life and future. I’m unhappy and I cannot keep living in this toxic environment. Please help me. I feel trapped and my parents’ actions are causing me to push away from them I love them deeply but I’m tired of them making me feel selfish for wanting to have and start my own life.

    1. Sounds like you love your parents enough to write here about it. It sad to see they are unwilling to show you in the same way. Read your post again but imagine someone else wrote it. The solution is clear: Be on your way. But it’s hard to get this perspective when your parents are in the picture. In this case your parents aren’t acting with love they are acting from a place of fear. Could be fear of letting you go, could be that they don’t want to take responsibility for their own 10 year old child. So playing the guilt card. So many parents give and withhold love as a manipulative tool. And us sons and daughters fall for it. It’s sad. It’s time to wake up and act. You can act with live. You can leave with love. If they choose to kick up a fuss then that’s their choice. You’re 21. Follow your way and keep in touch at least with your little sibling. Your parents will eventually come around. Have the courage to be honest. The truth will set you free.

  14. I am blind and I’m 32 years old. I live in a high rise apartment. My parents are unavailable, but my aunt Jayne and uncle Rick help me with whatever I need help with and Aunt Jayne takes me shopping every week and helps me with my finances. I admit I am independent with stuff in the house, but I’m not as independent as I should with mobillity outside because the Blind and Visual Services around where I live don’t do much for me and now I don’t even have a counselor. But my Aunt Jayne and Uncle Rick, they don’t abuse me or make me feel bad about my life, but they’re still too overprotective of me. A lot of times when I’m with them they’ll keep trying to help me when I don’t want it or need it and when I say something to them they just say “I’m just trying to help”, “I’m just trying to be nice”, or make up an excuse of why they do it. But they keep trying to nurture me and they worry about every little thing I do. If I drink the way I drink, they’ll be like, “Nick, you don’t need to chug”, if I’m in their house and going to the bathroom they want to keep telling me if I’m going the wrong way instead of letting me figure it out on my own and they’ll say, “why don’t you do this instead of that, it’ll be easier”. When I first moved in Aunt Jayne kept telling me what kind of furnature I should have and where I should have it whenever we have something like a wedding she’ll tell me how I should dress. She thinks my apartment should be the way she likes it and how I dress should be to her liking and also whenever I don’t find something right away she’ll get impatient and keep hovering over me and going “no, no, wrong way, no, no, you’re not doing it right! You’re not good with directions!”. Uncle Rick isn’t as protective as Aunt Jayne but I still get very angry at the both of them and I feel they are ruining my life even though they feel they’re trying to help and they still don’t understand how that’s hindering me no matter how many times I tell them. Plus, they’ll also tell me not to carry so much in my purse because they don’t want me hurting my back, to wipe my mouth after every bite of food, and to put my napkin on my lap when I eat. They also tell me to call them whenever I have a problem like if there’s a snow storm, they don’t turn the AC on at the high rise till after Memorial Day and it’s too hot in my room, or if there’s a fire in my building and we have to go out so they can come and take me to their house when I’d rather just grin and bare everything on my own like everyone else does and just let my friends help me out in those situations. Plus every time it storms Aunt Jayne will keep telling me to shut everything off and unplug everything so I don’t get struck by lightning and to not go on the patio with my friends. And when I would tell her all my friends are out there she’ll be like, “well just because they’re out thre doesn’t mean you need to be. It’s fine if they want to be stupid and stay out there during a storm, but you’re not going to.”. My Aunt Jayne will also make me hold on to every coupon she sees or I get in the mail and make me get every credit card that gives you free points like the Angel Card from Victoria’s Secrets and tells me I should hold on to them and use them because you can have more stuff for less money and I don’t want to do that. When I told her “no”, she was like “Why? You would be stupid not to. You’re getting one. Then she took my credit card out of my hand, got me that Angel Card, and gave me that and my credit card and went “here you go, keep that”. The good thing was she paid the card off for me, but I still didn’t want the card because I don’t go to Victoria’s Secrets often and also I’ll do a deal if they have one, but I don’t want all kinds of coupons and credit cards to hold on to, I’d rather do what’s easier for me. I think the problem is that when my parents were around, Aunt Jayne and Uncle Rick had my cousins to worry about and now they’re both living out of state and I know they worry about their kids too, but I feel like they worry about me more because I’m blind and because they weren’t around until I got my apartment, they never learned from my teachers I had how to deal with blind children when I was a child and now when I try to tell them something they’re just so confused and they don’t get it. Plus, if they don’t like somebody like their neighbor, they’ll tell me to stay away from that person. Also, they’ll every now and then bring up about how they wish I would move in with them and rent their basement so they can feel better and know I’m safe. Any advice anyone can give me on how to deal with them and make them get it would be helpful. I don’t know how much longer I can take them and I wanted to call them my mom and dad since my parents aren’t available, but it does not mean they have to do what they’re doing to me.

  15. Im 20 and living with my parents. they rasied me and always gave me everything i wanted. toys, computers, clothes, pant, crafts, etc.
    however, they never granted privacy. im 20 now and for the first time ever, i said no to my dad. it became an all day fight. it started with him telling me to give him my phone and take off the passcode. i bought this phone myself so i didnt feel obligated to give it to him. he took it as a “she is hiding something”, and he wouldnt give up and anger rose. in the end, he had my phone all day, found nothing on it, still thinks that im hiding something serious, and now all phones must stay downstairs for the night.
    Along with all this, they have been keeping constant tabs on me, making sure i dont go anywhere without permission. i work an hour away from home and they are forcing me to quit the job bcuz its too far for them.
    i fear them. they never hurt me or hit me, but i fear them for some reason. when they confront me, it feels like there is a brick in my chest that i cant swallow down.
    Im not allowed to move out either. and even if i do, they know where i work and will find a way to track me.

    1. You need to get out and get as far away from them as possible ASAP!! You’re an adult and don’t need to put up with their BS!!

  16. I’m knocking on 30’s door this year. It’s been hell as I attempt to purchase my second home as an investment(so excited—money moves!). I’m a successful female marketing professional with parents I never seem to be good enough for. They’re very hardworking people, as am I, but they are also insanely pompous I’ve come to see over the years. I work diligently in my career but opted out of the family business unlike my other two siblings so I’m already on the outside strictly out of not being as active as a member in their everyday lives. Recently, I’ve made a decision to move out to a more rural part of town with my partner and they’ve decided they don’t like the house or the area so they’re throwing a complete fit. What I realized is, it’s okay for them to have an opinion, I just need to prepare with a collected reaction as they seem to feel vindicated submitting me into superior knowledge when I have a slight of words or an emotional tone to my argument. It’s sad but I always tell myself it could be worse. Luckily I have a great relationship with my siblings and a wonderful man in my life to lift me up when I’m struggling. They’ve guilted and brought up young/dumb moments to make me feel small, but I’m really starting to see it coming these days. I will never stop loving them, however, I’m confident I will only compromise my happiness if I try to live my life by their decisions. I totally understand the concept of “tough love,” 30 has been an eye-opening year of introspection and self-love.

    1. I’m going through this exact same scenario right now. I’m married with two kids and we found a lovely house 40 minutes away from them in the country that they absolutely don’t approve of. I keep getting negatives thrown at me like if you buy that house we will never forgive your husband. It’s crazy!

  17. Im 36 yrs old, my mother lives with me she doesnt work I take care of her. Her problem is that because she lives with me she thinks she has the right to control my $. If I go out I cant take more than $20 if im lucky she usually hides my $ and says its protected. She doesnt spend it shes like an unwanted safety deposit bank account, that the only way I can go shopping is with her. We have always fought over that. But now it has gotten worse because I have gotten older and tired of it. I used to watch what I said or how because i didnt want her to get mad and id let her have her way. See when I was 17 I almost lost her because she got sick, but she is healthy yet I would not want her to get sick because she is older now. Anyways she will block the door and argue with me that im not leaving etc. Im so sick of it. She says I dont respect her yet she doesnt respect the fact im a grown woman, she says when I act like it she will treat me like it although I dont see her complaining because I pay everything and she doesnt need to worry about anything financially. I told her lets go to counseling she said she wont butif I want to I can go. I know she care but its too much with that. She always reminds me of how rude I was when I was a teen though I tell her I was young and stupid she doesnt let go of it. I dont know what to do.

  18. Hi my name is Liza from the Philippines.I feel so down right now.I dont know what to do.I am 34 years old, single mom and I am living with my parents.I never graduated college and i’m opposite with my brother and sister who finish there college and have a job.Everytime, I wanted to prove myself my parents always interfere.For them, I have no right on dealing my life.For them, I am just full of disappointments.They think that I cant do anything without them.They always compared me to my siblings and they been doing physical and emotional blackmail.I wanted to work abroad for my sons future.I wanted to decide on my own and for my sons future but for them everytime Im being open to them with my plans they always think I cant.They always think the worse of me.For all those things I had been through I continue to keep it within myself and always choose to forgive them and understand them.But now, I cant take it anymore.sometimes, I feel like Im the useless creator living on earth and ending my life will be the solution.But I am also considering my sons life without me.Please give me advice.I really need it right now.It feels like Im going to explode inside of me.

    1. Hi Liza
      I just read your post but it was a year ago when you wrote it. I could suggest a few things if you’re open to it but first things first? How are you now? Have there been any improvements to your situation?

  19. Hi my name is Tiffany and I’m currently 20 living with my family. (My mom, dad, sis, and my gram) I currently struggle with anxiety and depression….I have ths issue of how to get my life together when I feel like I’m doing everything right but however. My mom on the other hand does not think so and is well…controlling. We have constant stupid arguments…not arguments more so I listen and somtimes get to speak my mind. I went to college for a year and decided I didnt want what I originally thought. But now I’ve figured it out and I’m scared to even think of bringing the topic up. Any suggestions? I’m financially struggling and still live at home. I work everyday and try my best to stay positive. However when every action that I make is wrong my mom back fires it into my face….it hurts and I sink deeper into my depression and anxiety for comfort. I’m not asking for pity. I just would appreciate any words of encouragement or advice. I’m currently seeking new employment to get my own place. Thank you to anyone who took the time to read this.

    1. Same happened to me when i was 19. Then i started doing some odd jobs without letting them know. I become fiancially independent and this made me more confident. You can search google with emotionally undeveloped parents…I read a article searching the keywords and got some very good tips that helped me managing them. By the way, this word ‘manage’… manage your parents dont try to live on their words, dont listen every words they say,dont let others judge u not even ur parents,dont give them full authorit. For extreme case, u can create emotional and Physical distanc. Best of luck

  20. I live with a controlling mom. I am 22 years old. And my whole life she raised me in the Jehovah Witness religion. And ever since I had turned 13 yrs old, I knew I didn’t want to be in the religion anymore. Ever since I turned 18, she would remind me that if I turned away from the religion, that I would have to move out. She always says that In free to do whatever I want, but when I do things, she does not approve. Like for instance, I was just watching Venom with her, and near the end of the movie, she’s like “look how many cuss words there are. I don’t want you to be watching this.”
    And when it comes down to money, either she owes me money or it is my ssi, she has to know what I buy. Just because I have disabilities like fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, intellectual delay, I don’t want to be treated a certain way. Like she can give me $20 And I’m going to buy like a PlayStation card, she’ll be like “what do you need that for. I don’t want you to playing with other players.” And when it comes down to friends, she wants me to ONLY have friends that are Jehovah Witnesses. And all this, really discourages me, makes me just want to hurt myself really bad, makes me start to question life. Doesn’t make me happy. She doesn’t think I can drive at all just because I have my disabilities. I say that I can drive, which I know I can because I’ve done it before with my cousin, but she keeps say that I can’t drive that I’m not capable of driving. Idk man, I can’t be a positive person to myself when I’m constantly being reminded that I cannot just do whatever I want when I want to do something.

  21. I love your article about 7 Tips of how to deal with controlling parents. My dad is too controlling with me. I am 18 years old going to college, when I come home, my dad is always on top of me, controlling everything my money, my friends and he doesn’t want to put me in the car insurance, so he doesn’t let me drive by myself. Please give me some advice or resources.

    1. Ur 18 which means your a legal adult, he has no jurisdiction over you. Trust me I’ve studied because I can’t wait till the day I turn 18. I recommend getting your own car if he won’t let you drive. Also, legally, he can’t control your money without your consent.

      1. Thank you Landon H for your reply, I am trying so hard to talk to my dad and tell him to let me live my life. I am still afraid of him and there is still emotional dependency. My mom for the other hand she is very supportive with me, she is also giving me tips to empower myself and get my self confidence. My dad knows that eventually he will lose some control of me that’s he is so afraid. He pays for my college tuition. Unfortunately there is still financial ties, I will try to look for a job over the summer far away from home.
        Some advice? thanks!!!

  22. Hi Laurie,
    thank you for sharing these tips with us, I am 34.
    I can closely relate with every points you wrote, I got down the 1st point when i was 31 and I got down to the last point when I was 33. I cant’t believe it took so long for me to get my life back. Better late then never I suppose. Now i know where I stand so I can communicate with my parents with out the pain, well there is still some pain just a lot less then usual :).

    1. I’m 28 nowday and I have started therapy almost 1 your ago and still havent passed the fear of confronting my controlling mother. I have made a lot of progress, started to put some limits, but I dont have courage to make everything clear to her and to live me life free. She always makes me feel guilty about everything that makes feel hare bad and things we dont agree with each other. One biggest disagreement is that she doenst accept my relationship, she wants me to choose and this makes me really angry. I want to talk to her but i dont know how 😒

  23. I have been scrolling through all of your stories and all of us feel so powerless. I have no advice to give. I’m trying to figure out how to get my power back too. I’m 49, separated, and recently laid off work.

    My mom has put down everything I have loved and every talent I had from childhood. I was (am) really creative, loved to read and write. But reading is lazy. I should get up and go out and do something. I had to hide to read. What parent discourages their child from reading? When I wrote anything, she couldn’t understand it and thought it was all about her. She was paranoid that I might write negative things about her and so writing was also a waste of time. At the age of 12, she said I was fat and would have to wear ugly plus size clothes – I was NOT fat. I look at old photo albums and the child I see is not fat – just a normal kid. Anyway, the rhetoric started then; fat people aren’t successful, fat people don’t have friends, fat people don’t find husbands etc. Today – I am overweight and guess what? I am hating myself. Shocker. These days, when I loose weight, she hugs me a lot and praises me. When I’m not losing weight, she doesn’t hug me and gives me sad looks.
    My dad had Huntington’s disease and for a long time I accepted my mom’s control and ugly words as an outlet of stress from having a sick husband but looking back,I realize the control began before the disease and continues until today. Even if it was stress – she should have gone to a therapist. I should never have been the dog that gets kicked after a bad day. We should have all been in therapy. Dealing with a terminal illness is really hard, but she doesn’t believe in therapy. She believes in nobody knowing our business and looking good at church and to the neighbors.
    She controlled:
    The clothes I wore.
    The friends I had.
    What I ate.
    What I said. For example: I wasn’t allowed to say “yeah” but had to say “yes”. But more than that she would create whole dialogues for me for any potential situation.
    How to sit – straight! No slouching!
    How I felt.
    My room had to be spotless.
    I was only allowed to date boys from church.
    I was not allowed to listen to music.
    I was not allowed to watch certain TV shows.
    I was constantly monitored.

    I wanted to go to college for social work but only God can be our social worker or “any one can hang a sign on their door and call themselves a social worker”. My aunt drove me to the interview. Out of over 300 applicants, 35 were accepted, including me. Was she proud – no. Did I finish the program – no. Why – because I am a quitter. These are her words. I ask you – how can a person be successful when they are constantly put down? When they are never encouraged?

    She would pay for business school but not university. I hate business.
    She praised my friends but put me down – still does this
    She said she would take care of me until I got married and then it was my husband’s job. Excuse me?
    She NEVER took my side in any issue with anyone – still
    She always found a way to make everything my fault – still
    She put down all my dreams and goals as being useless or ridiculous – still
    I told me I should get rid of my dog – she was too expensive. I don’t know if any of you have a pet, but they are our hearts – you can’t get rid of your heart!
    She didn’t want me to friend my cousins on Facebook because she doesn’t want them knowing our business.
    She demands absolute loyalty.

    I fought with her to go to university. She didn’t want me to go to university! I paid for it myself with student loans. Then for 20 years I got to hear about what a waste of time and money it was for me to go to university. I went back packing in Europe and also got to hear about how that was a waste of time and money – it was the best thing I ever did. She admitted she was jealous that I did that.

    When I got laid off – along with 5 others from my workplace – she drilled me about why I got laid off – as if I was the only one. What did I say at work? Did I tell personal stories? I asked her, are you saying it’s my fault I got laid off? She quickly said NO. Well then, why are we discussing this?

    So now that I am not working, I am still living in my own place. She insists on giving me money that I have never asked for. A lot of the furniture in my apartment is from her because she just showed up with it. Again – I didn’t ask for it. Now when I talk about moving to another city (or country) for a job – she says “No you’re not!” She hobbles me and then blames me for not being successful.

    She guilt trips me about everything she’s paid for and everything she’s given. She says “I can’t help you out with that (move)” I NEVER asked her to. She just does it. But the truth is – I’m stuck. I’ve been off work for almost 3 months and of course I’m applying for jobs but I can’t decide what I want or where. Every time I think about moving, I feel exhausted because I will have to deal with her. I feel like I will have to really sell the idea and convince her and justify it but really it’s my life and it’s okay to make a decision even if it goes wrong. The problem is I know this on the one hand but on the other hand, I know she’ll be telling me for the rest of her life how every decision I made was wrong and I should have listened to her and gone to business school. I’m afraid. I’m afraid of her wrath. I’m afraid of the guilt trip. I’m afraid she’ll play “mommy to the rescue” , her favorite role.

    I am not the only one my mom controls. Unfortunately. My brother has had Huntington’s disease for the last 19 years. She takes care of him along with his wife and PSW’s but every decision regarding his care is hers. She controls not only me but my sister-in-law and my brother. My sister-in-law gets punished for trying to have a life – for going out to dinner with her friends. My mom refused to allow my brother to go into a home because “they abuse people” but at the same time, expects my sister-in-law to stay home all the time. She’s supposed to go to work and then straight home again. If she’s late, she gets told off, the cold shoulder, glares, wrath.
    My brother has not been able to get up the stairs for 3 years – he lives in the basement. He has not felt the sun on his face for 3 years. I asked me mom – do you really think that’s what he wants? Do you really thing that’s better? I talked to the Huntington’s counselor about it and he said that the situation now is because of my mother’s choices. He said that the waiting list to get into a good home is over a years long and he should have been on it ages ago. Because of her fears and her beliefs, she takes away all of our choices, all of our power, so she can be the savior. But she isn’t saving us. She’s making us miserable. I want to be free of her but I am so tired of fighting.

    1. I just wondered, do you instigate contact or does she always call/visit you? Is it possible to cut communication ties, if you don’t -need- to contact her?

  24. I am 34 years old Pakistani girl, still unmarried because of my parents as they never get agreed on any of purposal came for me , i like a guy he sent his parents many times to seeking my hand for marriage but my Mother is so against of this , even she openly speaks ill about them,, and never agree to marrying me, still taunting me for being dependable on them , while i am working in a bank , but i can’t move out as the society doesn’t approve this ,my Dad is in his late 60’s and he had stroke and can’t walk without walker. My father is always been supportive but my Mother is always been Negative about me, she was forced into her marriage in her 18 years of age, while she was wanted to go for higher studies but her parents forced her to marry my father who was 20 years older then her , on other hand my father was highly educated Man, he was a high school teacher, after only one year of marriage I was born, later in four years she have two sons
    I was always wondered that she always keep hugging and kissing my brothers when they were young children but whenever i ran to her , she pushed me away.. she raised me well, taught me manners amd ettiquetes but she never been close to me as she was close to my brothers or the mothers of my friends have such a friendly Relationship with their daughters… I don’t have any sisters so i feel so lonely and i never shared my inner feeling about my mother’s Behaviour with anyone.. she used to beat me often without even knowing the reasons i was growing up with her constant hate which is growing as well..she ks so freaking controlling.. .. this was the most earliest memories i still have which never fades , as we start growing up, my Mom became so judgemental to me, she always start yelling at me ,taunting and even beating me , i couldn’t do much because i was a girl with a fragile body ( i was comparatively weaker in physique with same age other Girls)
    When i was in my high school , she start so much Negative about me, even she doesn’t allow me to listen any song . ( At that time i even don’t have computer) , she thoroughly beat me for any little reason like i didn’t hang clothes well ,or i just reading a story book other than the School book or she always says me we are spending money on your education so you have to earn for yourself , after completing my education i start my job at bank but my mother always took me wrong humiliate me in front of my friends and always complaining about me , she always Compare me with other girls or her relatives daughters while i was the only girl in whole family who ended up doing MBA yet she always complaint about me with other peoples, i was bearing all the complaints of her but now a serious problem that after my proposal from that guy we have given 11 years ( i was 23 years then ) and still my mother never get agree on him or even for any other purposal i ever had. I am getting old, i want my own life to be settled in a marriage. I want my own house and kids but my mother start screaming whenever i discuss such things with her ( my both brothers has left home many years ago and went to Europe ) so , here i am the only one left with my Old Father and Mother, the house is owned by my father, for bills and groceries my brother sent money directly to my parents , i never use their money, while i do take care of my all kinds of expenses from toothbrush to my clothes, shoes, Accessories, my room decore and bedding etc. Even i do buy things for parents and house often and i am not feel it as burden bcz i love to do this , but this is my life my mother still don’t wanna marry me.. i am.just feeling awful and hurt due to my mom’s Behaviour

    1. You can leave. It’s not easy, but you can take a bit from each pay cheque and sock it away (lie and say you have to pay into a fund for retired employees or something if your mom nickles and dimes you.) I know in society, it’s hard for people to understand, but you have a right to be happy. You’re an adult. You can get an apartment. I hope you get this sorted, and have a great 2019.

      1. Dear Sana.. please take my advise. I had a similar situation like u.. but I moved to different country n got married .. I have a friend she is 42 years still unmarried due to her controlling dad.. please Sana.. move out marry the person who is waiting for you.. all the best dear.

  25. I’m never gonna try to please someone who makes no effort to understand my actions and consider my feelings. I am not destined to make anyone happy, nor stay in the life. I’m quick to cut people off, and I don’t feel I have to explained. You are not entitled to stay in my life! I’ll move on, and distance myself from people like you

  26. I am a 47 almost divorced female. I have been in a new relationship with the man of my dreams for 8 months. The problem is he lives in Texas and I live in NY. I travel to Texas often for work and want to relocate there. Next problem is I feel the need to ask my parents permission to do this. Why? I am successful, with no ties here with the exception of my parents. So if they dont like the idea do I stay in NY or move to TX? I am completely miserable here – My mind and heart are in TX.

  27. Hi its sunny I’m 21 years old. My parents are beyond the controlling parents. They just wanted to do everything according to their point of view. Everytime they just come behind me everywhere.
    As i was doing engineering and after getting 2 drops i was shift my stream to BBA now I’m in last year. Just on small small issues they just give me taunts on daily basis and through that always tell me about my past as i am already depressed about thinking of my past and because of that I’m getting addicted to Marijuana to forget my past (they don’t know about my habit) and taunts given by my parents daily They are always tries to prove that they are always right and i am always wrong, always compare me with other sons. And because of that my nature will change and i forget when i laugh freely (from inner) before 1 2 year also when i go to movie or for chilling or hangout with friends as they never give me a permission for such a things they always blame me as well as my friends. As i am dependent on my parents they always tell me that they have bought bike for me, you got all things on time to time, you do not have value of money, you break my trust n all.I’m really depressed and frustrated please help me what can i do?

  28. My parents try to control me by using the things they have bought for me to keep me in my house. car, phone bill, health insurance, etc. I simply want to move out of my house because I literally hate being there. When I talk about moving out they threaten to take my car. I want to get my CDA(child development associate) to be a preschool teacher but they wont allow me to do what I love. They have gone as far as texting my boyfriend and threatening him and telling him that if we move in together that it will break my family apart. I am really done with them. What do i do?

    1. You seem like you could benefit the most from step three, “cut financial ties to parents who want to control you.” If you can be any more frugal, you may be able to pay for your car, phone, and insurance. By doing this you can take their leverage and use it to your advantage. For example, rather than then using your car to blackmail you into conforming to their will, you can use it as proof that you are mature enough to make decisions without them. As for the boyfriend, proceed with caution, put the ball in their court. If they think that your relationship relies on you living with them, that bond isn’t strong enough to be worth losing your boyfriend.

  29. My parents (hell my family in general) sincerely make me want to kill myself. Seriously. I’ve already calles the suicide hotline twice in one day in the time I’ve been living here with them in less than three weeks. Im 34 years old. I moved back in with them temporarily after I got evicted from my apartment in NYC cause I needed some time to get situated and get back on my feet in Pittsburgh (where they lived) and now I feel like a prisoner in my family’s house. I feel trapped like a hostage. I have a bit of notoriety and success as a musician yet because it doesnt translate into beaucoup bucks for them (especially considering my dad’s a doctor) they automatically assume I’m a failure. They call my friends failures even though they’ve never met them in their lives. Yeah my dad is ailing and I have sympathy for him but that was an exceptionally low blow on his part. I have a drivers license and they have four cars yet they refuse to let me drive anywhere on my own. My dad bought me cars and I crashed one and I havent drove for three years but that was one incident yet seemingly that disqualifies me from ever driving on my own in their eyes. They want to control everything I do and Im too old to play any of their games. Maybe its because they’re not from this country and stuck in their ways but anytime I try to explain myself they make me feel stupid for doing so and project all of this negative energy onto me and make me feel bad for even wanting to live my own life in general. They say they want me to leave but literally give me no feasible way to leave. Almost like they like seeing me dependent on them and miserable. Well a friend of mine hooked it up with a genuine opportunity to make money and a new life for myself with a new place and a job lined up and they don’t even want me to have it. They aren’t helping me leave to another state. They said they would get me an apartment but I havent lived in Pittsburgh long term in 6 years since i graduated college and the places they suggest me moving to I absolutely hate. There are no people in my age group there just old people I cant relate to. And they’re convienently in locations where they can keep me under their thumb. I don’t want to get a job here…or start a life for myself here…I literally have spent the majorityy of my life living here since I was born and raised here and have left to live on my own in NYC to establish myself somewhere else and get away with it.

    I tried explaining to my family that my friend got me and him work in Colorado and they refuse to let me leave. My family even threatened to call the police on me when I explained myself cause apparently I raised my voice. Then all four of my family members just dumped on me with all of these projections of negative behavior Ive exhibited and proceeded to put words in my mouth that i never said to make me look like the bad guy for not wanting to be a punching bag for them and their negative energy. I havent lived with them in over 16 years….I only visit for holidays and they act like they know me better than I know myself. They’re lifestyle is vastly different from mine and over the years weve gone our seperate ways and we just cant relate to each other anymore. It happens. They dont get that thats life. Were still family. Their african and west indian and im a first generation. They cant or dont want to relate to African Americans. Which is funny cause most of my friends are African American and I cant relate to my family wanting to stick their noses up at them and pretend their better than people when they dont 100% understand American culture. No matter how much i try to explain that the job market and the economy is rough for.millenials and college graduates they just dont want to hear it. Frankly they make me want to stab myself in the neck with a knife. They are making me depressed and miserable. And their solution is to put me on pain medications so I shut up. What kind of people are they? I’m better off living my own life. I literally NEVER have to deal with this kind of energy except from my family and its making me angry and depressed and miserable! All I want to do is get away from them and be around my friends and other people who dont bring that negative energy around me. I never introduce my girlfriends to them and frankly they dont deserve to meet them. They are afraid of me becoming successful and not being dependent on them anymore as much as they dont want to admit it.

    So now Im seemingly stuck in this upper middle class suburban neighborhood after living in NYC for 6 years with no transportation and my family pretends to ignore me when i talk to them and have the nerve to talk behind my back like i dont hear them doing so. Its a nightmare. Sleeping in my old bedroom that hasnt been my bedroom since I moved out for college in 2005. I dont want to hurt myself but living with these people that are legit stopping me from making my own money to live my own life simply because they want to control me and threaten me by calling the police on me makes me want to do so.

  30. my parents are beyond what you would call “Controlling parents”. About to turn thirty, I finally have some savings (obviously hidden from them, cause they won’t let me save up! Instead I will be asked to save my money with them, as they know better, what to do with money. Just so you know, I have never ever ever had any gambling, substance use or any kind of crazy history) so I can start living on my own and they are violently opposing to this idea. At times I wish, the stronger of the couple, my father, was either sick or super-annuated or dead. To top it off, in a country like India, the society expects me to live with those God-knows-whats. Eyeroll.

  31. Hi, im 18 and I have a very controlling mother who wants to control every aspect of my life including what clothes i should wear, my relationships, and ALL of my expenses. How do I cope with this?

    1. Set boundaries, say no, save up money, buy your own things. Tell her you’re not gonna put up with it anymore and something has to change. If you live with her move out, save as much as you can and make that a plan. You can distance yourself from that but you gotta be independent, if you already are then great, distance yourself, if not make that your goal.

  32. Hi, I am Mary.
    I live with a controlling dad. He sees no good in all I do, and always want me to do his bidding at 27 years of age.
    Right now I feel am been push to the edge.
    Please I need your advise.
    Thank you.

  33. I have a mother everything I do once she is not involved she has an issue with.Since my sister died my boyfriend and i broke up she treats him way better than me. My boyfriend now she hates because basically he doesn’t budge to her controlling ways. If i go out with him she stops talking to me for days and even find that it is suitable to treat me like I don’t even matter. I have reached a point that I just want to leave her home alone but she is also sickly. So I am stuck between a rock and a hard place.She doesn’t see anything she does as wrong and insist she must be the one who always corrects someone and that how she feels is justified and others aren’t. I have reach my breaking point I dont know how to cope in this situation anymore.. I wish that she can try and at least compromise but yet she feels the need that her opinion is the only one that matters.

  34. Hi i’m candy,
    I also have Controlling parent .i’m living with them like a prisoner , always at home .i always buy my cloths, my body cream , my deodorant alone for 1 and half years now . Im in Germany and they get money from the gorvement every month in which i only get 50€ per month. All my friend und coworkers keep asking me what i use these money for . I use thes 50€ to buy my things like: deo, body creams, cloths etc which isnt enough . I tried looking for a part time job but its not easy getting 1 . I got a babysitting job in which they forbid me from doing this job why because the job is not a good job . I have a boyfriend in which none of them know about me having a boyfriend. They dont want me to have a boyfriend who’s black like me , she want me to marry a white guy . I hate being controlled by dating a guy i dont want . I tried working but i stopped working because they want to share the money i earned with them because i stay with them . Im 19years of age but its like they are not my parent because how can i pay for living with them . They bought me an Laptops but my step dad’s gave his Laptop out as a gift und he’s using my Laptop und its got spoilt . Now im trying to move out but they dont want me to move out of the house , they are like i will have to wait stil im 23years. Dont know what to do .

  35. Ahhh! I’ve been dealing with this a lot lately. I’m 29. I don’t even live with my parents. They live an hour away. I used to live with my best friend in a different state but my job wasn’t paying enough so I had to ask for money to fix my truck when it broke down so I could get to work and it kept breaking down so now I owe them a significant amount. So they manipulated me to move to their state so they could help me more financially till I could get on my feet. (Why they couldn’t do the same thing while I lived in a different state idk). So they manipulated me into leaving a state I love about a year ago.

    So I moved to their state, but moved in with my younger brother and his wife instead because I can’t live with people so controlling. So I finally get a little bit of cash going, and all the sudden my brother, well no. My brothers wife wants me out just now. And I live in CA in the Bay Area mind you, so it’s not easy to just pick up and move quick unless your rich. So I’m stuck with this impossible deadline of having to move out before I have anywhere to move to, but my brothers wife won’t budge. But nothing affordable if even available. So I go look at campers. I can actually afford a camper on my own easily and even pay for a spot to put it monthly easy and just live in it and save money doing that. So I went through everything. I paid for the camper, had the contract signed, just had to give the the rest of the down payment, and pick up the camper.

    So at the last second. My dad begs me to let him buy me dinner so he can “go over the financial side with me”. I know it’s just so he can yell at me about why I shouldn’t live in a camper and why it’s a horrible, terrible idea. (His own words). And I’m realizing that he just has a habit of this and has done it my entire life. Every single time I have an idea for my own life, he poo poos it and throws it aside like it was a rediculous idea. And if I press him on it because it is my life, and I am an adult and it’s my choice for me to live how I want to live he just becomes irrate and yells and even gets crazy eyes and starts lying to get me to do what he wants and even threatened to take away “support”. They don’t even support me money wise anymore. And I asked if he meant emotional support and he said yes. Like wtf!

    Aren’t parents supposed to love their kids unconditionally?! My dad basically told me that if I go live in a camper then he won’t support me in any way anymore. That’s not real love! Real love is unconditional! He wouldn’t even say he loved me when I tried to get off the phone. He uses it to get me to do what he wants and I have just recently become aware of it.

    He just starts threatening people to get what he wants! He threatened my brother to get him to let me stay with them longer, he thinks he can threaten his way into finding me a good roommate In a place I can’t afford anyways, he threatened me to get me to back out of a contract for the camper that’s already a done deal as I’ve understood. But no. He’s adamant that I need to back out of this contract and refuse to make payments on the loan and not pick up the camper.

    So now I’m wondering if he’s totally f**king up my life. He manipulated me into actually trying to back out of the contract and then took the whole thing over and won’t let me talk to them now and just yells orders at me and yells about how he’s frustrated he has to do this and I’m just like f**k!! Why couldn’t you just let me get the damn camper and not put all your doubts in my mind and not f**k up my life!!! I swear if I end up having to pay off this loan anyways and have no camper to show for it all because my dad had to slip in and f**k everything up for me. I had it all figured out and I was finally excited about my life. My dad tore all of that away and doesn’t care. He just wants me to live the little boring ass life he was in my mind for me and starts yelling when I stray away from his plan. How do I deal with this!!!!! I know you don’t give advice, but please!! What would you do if your dad wouldn’t let you live your life at 29 and just threatens to get his way all the time?? I’m about ready to just cut him out of my life after all this BS!

  36. This article somehow so relate with me. I am 22 y.o girl from Indonesia &when I open this article, this time I couldn’t handle my dad & mom, especially my dad. I feel like my mind and soul is not healthy these years because of their behavior. They fight each other, my dad often make my mom cry. He could easily get upset or dissapointed if I or my mom couldn’t meet his expectation. Beside that, he always so possessive to me. Asking where am I, whom I with, like everyday, every afternoon and evening. Not only possessive, he also could easily get jealous if I have a boyfriend, even I always told him about my activities, I always invite my boyfriend to my home, so that my dad could get closer with him. I always try to do what he wants. Begin with school achievement, until my career. I always trying to meet his expectation, but he will never had enough for my effort. He always said that my boyfriend is not good for me, so in the end, I always mad at my boyfriend and broke up with him just because my parents feel that I forget about them when I have a boyfriend. I couldn’t handle it anymore. This just so frustating for me. Is there anyone who feel the same with me? 🙁

  37. My situation is like alot of others on here.I came from a bad childhood my dad stayed drunk most of the time.he threatend to kill my mother and tried several times.developed bad migraines and became a very nervous person.my mother got involved with men who used her and took advantage of her.she s always interfeared with my marriages and relationships.still doing it.I left my husband of 17 years of marriage because of abuse.control and manipulation.about destroyed me.my mother talked me into moving in with her.said she wouldnt tell me what to do.wrong its constant ly.she downs my grown sons calling them evil.when all my one son does is do for her.gets things for her.he hugs and tells her he loves her.all she does is attacks them.the other three wont come around.even my brother when he was alive wouldnt come around her but once a month for hour or so.sometimes 3 months.he couldnt handel her attacks control or manipulations.Their s times i get so depressed i feel like giving up.its been very hard struggling like this.its like walking on eggshells living with her.when i talk about moving out.because this is her home and she needs her privacy and i need mine and a place where my kids are welcome.she starts saying no no.this is my home and i can have who i want.she says one thing but acts another.in my heart all i feel from her is guilt control and manipulation.she wants me to dress like her act like her do whatever she wants.if i dont she starts downing me preaching to me.attacking me acting like i dont know how to make my own decisions for myself.she gets angry when i mention finding friends.she only ha s two women friends.she preaches to them everyday and trys to tell them what to do.if they dont take her advice she goes behind their backs running them down.saying their not her friends or they would listen and do.I have to go to my room when she starts because i dont want to hear her run them down.I pray and understand what grown children are going through.as I to am one.I pray for god to help us all through our struggles.to change our circumstances for the better.

  38. I’ve been wanting to join the Armed Forces for years now but my parents have had this life plan where I become a nurse. I thought I owed them that much. So I tried it, I’m currently disliking it. I’m also just now realizing how much they’ve made me dependent on them. They’ve refused to teach me how to drive on the grounds that it’ll drive up their insurance payments. They’ve forbidden me to take up a job on the grounds that I have to study. I’ve tried to make them understand that nursing isn’t for me and that I have other passions in life but they’re not having any of it. My stepdad constantly reminds me of my “obligation” and my “debt” to them and that I have to finish nursing because of the sacrifice they’ve made for me. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate it, but I feel like I’ve been crippled as an adult. It’s hurting me mentally when I study for hours for their sake. When nursing school started, I realized how out of place I was when everyone was asking why we wanted to be nurses. I had to come up with an elaborate lie because I can’t just say “Because my parents told me so”.

    I’ve been starting my first steps. I’ve made my feelings known to them. I hope that they’d understand but they’re making me continue nursing. They’ve even convinced themselves that my desire to serve is only because I’m doing bad in terms of grades. I’m gonna start talking to a recruiter and talking to one of my professors who are sympathetic to students who are being forced to become nurses by parents.

  39. frustrated teenager

    I’m a 19 year old girl who has very controlling parents, mainly my dad. They never allow me to go out with friends, I can barely go outside without them going to check up on me. It worries me, I want this cycle to break but the last time I tried putting my foot down me and my dad got into a very bad argument and it got physical. My mother stood and watched. I currently live with them because I have no where else to go without some type of stuggle. I have no car. I’m not in college because I couldn’t afford it. I have a decent part time job. I even gave my parents money to pay for our house otherwise we would’ve been kicked out, all because my dad made the stupid decision to simply not pay for it. I NEED HELP!

    1. I’m so incredibly sorry to hear about your situation. Mine was/is similar. I’m a little bit older than you, 27. Currently, I live on my mother’s property. It’s an efficiency. I can tell you that at 19, it was the same. It doesn’t get better. It only gets worse. Maybe you can apply to college and take out student loans to help you get a place. I regret not doing this when I was younger. If I did, I might be free today. But, I live in a city that’s just unaffordable and my mom stole my identity and ruined my credit. Please find a way to leave. It only gets worse.

  40. my parents are wealthy, elderly, frugal, and controlling, and live in another state in their mansion while i’m struggling to pay bills. . i am an adult daughter, divorced, work full time, take care of my school aged child, have multiple sclerosis, and do not receive any financial support from my ex for reasons i won’t get into here. my parents started an account for me when i was little, and it has grown to be very huge – generating TONS of income that i do not tap into at all. I am not selfish or spoiled and don’t want to spend frivolously – all the $ generated gets reinvested. i make a moderate salary in a very expensive east coast city. i’m struggling. i have a lot of medical bills, my car is OLD, and my parents say that i can’t tap into the money in my account to help pay for my new tires, or my bills from my doctors who don’t take insurance, or my son’s tutor (he has dyslexia). not even $200/month for the physical therapy that i desperately need. nothing. i need help and i don’t feel like i should have to show them my debt or ask them to pay my bills. i just want access to my account to take $200/month or whatever dividends the investments make. If nothing is made, i won’t take anything. but it’s there, for the future, i get it.. but i’m suffering from MS today. my salary is too high (and so is my tax return thanks to the investments in my name) to qualify for reduced rent or any other charitable benefits or government subsidies. i’m stuck. my dad called and said, “i want you to know i don’t consider this my money. it’s yours. BUT you can’t use it until you’re retired in 20 years. there’s nothing stopping you, but i will not support you using any of this money for today’s expenses.” so I said OK i really need help with my bills just for a few months.. he said, “just send me the bills and i’ll pay them from my account.” but really i don’t want to. I feel like that’s even MORE controlling. so i refuse to ask anymore. meanwhile every year i owe taxes on said investments. it’s really mind boggling. these people have OCD or something.
    I can’t think of a more screwed up relationship than this one.

  41. I’m a parent who is always accused of being controlling because my adult children fail to take responsibility for living free at home. As I read several responses, I noticed a lot of adult children say they “had” to move back home. No one has to go back home, that is a “choice”. If you fall down financially then that is still a life situation you have to come to terms with and find a solution. You don’t have to move back with your parents. Falling down doesn’t mean you need a kiss on the boo boo; get up and deal with life. Generation after generation, people have endured hardships that created character and backbone. I’m not saying controlling parents don’t exist but that also is a choice! You have the right to put boundaries, especially if you don’t live off your parents. Good luck young people.

  42. Hi, I’m 22 years old and I just recently had to move back home due to me losing my job. My mom was very controlling even when I was living on my own, she had a key made to my apartment behind my back. She would come inside my apartment when I was at work, she would also come in the middle of the night. It was ridiculous. She wasn’t paying any bills there. Since I have moved back home, it has gotten worse. If I say I’m going out with a friend, I get the third degree about it, she’ll say I’ll have to be I have to be home extremely early and if I’m not home by that time she will call the police and have me arrested for breaking curfew laws. In my state, curfew laws don’t apply to people over 18. She threatens the police on me almost everyday and I’m absolutely tired of it, I’m not doing anything illegal, I’m just leaving the house.

  43. Hi,I,m a 20 years old college student.The course chosen is not exactly the one i like so i do get some bad grades.My mom has always been the controlling type ever since i was young and since my father is working overseas,everything turned even worse.When i was young,my mom would always take her anger out on me whenever she stressed by beating me,punish me by telling me to stand on top of the ices while locked in the bathroom but the worst is when she slapped in front of the whole class because i didn’t get the result she expected.The most common thing she will do is by threatening me that she won’t pay the school fees or give me money to spent,so i couldn’t talk back to her and if i still do,she will beat me and chase me out the house for hours.This has been happening to me until now,i never have the chance to confess this matter to anyone even if they’re my close friends and even until this days my dad doesn’t know anything about this.My dad went to work at overseas ever since i was born,so i’ll only get to see him once a month,therefore i seldom talk to him but we definitely are not on bad terms.I feel stressed out and depressed most of the time because my mom constantly said something negative about me such as “you’re useless”,that the common phase i heard since i was young.At some point,i really don’t know how to cope up with all this anymore.

  44. I dreaded telling my mom that I was dropping out of school. She isn’t manipulative or controlling, but she wants me to have a secure future. I know she loves me and wants the best but I also knew that I needed to do something different with my life. I wanted to be an entrepreneur and start my own business. My mother was distraught when I told her. She made no effort to hide her disappointment and tried to say anything she could to change my mind. She made good arguments but I stuck with my plans. She adjusted. I’m successful but she still thinks I made a mistake.

    If you have a controlling mom and dad my advice is to let them do and say what they will. You can’t change them, all you can do is make the best decisions for you. Find good, rational arguments for your decisions and life. Stick with your idea, and find people who do believe in you.

  45. My is mom is always in a hurry for everything including answering the phone and the door. Sometimes I just want to throw her out the window. She also treats my dad like crap and she always yells at him for sneezing or coughing. I also hear tell him to take a shower like a five year old, and also one time we went out eat she slapped his hand for touching his food.

  46. I have very manipulant parents. They nice for a while then my mum reverts back to bullying me. I have split from my second husband. They were so supportive but now I’ve been told they wish not to talk about it any more even tho i am now fighting to keep my house through solicitor. They became so nasty bringing up my past etc. When I felt vulnerable. I have meet someone they just don’t want to no about anything anymore. I feel alone with them
    Yet my brother can do no wrong. He lives with his girlfriend and 3 children. But as a strong Catholic family it was no problem. I myself lived with my partner they stopped talking to me saying how wrong and bad I am… I could go on but everyone see the difference between me and my brother being treated. Any advice?

  47. Hello all,

    My name is Krysten and I run the first and only a group on Facebook called the Adult Children of Controlling Parents (ACCP), and it might comfort you to find that you are not alone. If you are interested in joining the group, please search for it on Facebook.

    Thank you for your time!

  48. Ok, so I am 29 and broke up with my ex a little less than a year ago. I had to move back in with my parents so I could save up to live on my own. I knew it was going to be hard but I honestly thought I would have moved out like 5 months ago. Nope.. still here.. and well for my parents that means I’m a loser and I deserve to be told that I don’t do anything that I’m not going anywhere that I should “get off my ass and move out” if I argue or disagree with them. I work full time never mind you.. I have known for a long time that they have emotionally abused me my whole life and will do it for the rest of my life. But when you’re stuck living with them, the whole “let it go” is just really hard… I have changed a lot since living here. I don’t cook fancy meals anymore, I don’t have much patience for my daughter (bc they need her to be quiet when they are watching tv) I have a hard time waking up or even wanting to be alive. This is what emotional abuse as done to me.. all I think about is how I have to make this much to save this much but “oh f*ck I owe this and have to pay that” I am stuck and my mental health is deminishing. And my parents don’t let that go unnoticed, they use that against me and use it to define me as that is who I am, who I always have been and who I always will be. When I know that I was a different person, different mother when I was on my own. But still.. they are my parents and sometimes… it defeats me and I do believe I am nothing. I got into a huge fight with tonight because they were watching tv and my daughter was silly tired and wouldn’t stay calm and my dad kept making comments (while I am trying to calm her) then snapped and said ” can you do something and make her quiet!?” I couldn’t hold it in anymore and said “what do you want me to do!!?” And it just got so bad from there.. he called me a loser and all this other horrible stuff infront of my girl and told me to get my own house. It’s so hard for me not to just grab everything and go stay at a friends house but I can’t do that with her.. it’s not fair. I have to keep my mouth shut and just hope I get enough taxes next month and can leave. I just need to feel that I’m not a loser and that I can do it.. I can make a better life for my daughter and myself.. I will say I spent all day working on my website today and felt so good about it and my dad came home and saw me working and made it a point to say I did nothing all day… what is that? Passive aggressive? Like what is that called? Idk.. wish me luck and good luck to everyone else out there suffering from this. 😌

  49. By the way we are Muslim family, so i am able to point them out what they should and should not be doing according to the religion, what is in the Quran and Hadeeth, that if parents have great rights than children too have rights which must be fulfilled.

    And they have to accept this, coz why? Coz we are all bound to follow Instructions of our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

    This is the blessing of our Noble Prophet PBUH, whom many misunderstand.

  50. Show this website to parents by some means. print it, show through smartphone or tablet, just make it appear near them even if they will blame you for trying on them, fight off their arguments with them in respectful ways, in lower voice and tell them why they are always shouting and angry, and if they say ur so disrespectful tell them i am just pointing out my problem to you, its causing me much distress and i cannot focus, like while driving i can hit the car. So, Tell them they are doing it all wrong, they should relax and have trust in their children and their way of life, no other people like grand parents scold me so much like that, if i’m so much at fault why the shouting comes only from your side.

    Today while driving i told my dad, when he said who is responsible for car issues for so many years. I clearly said you always point out each and every minor mistake, but in reality i have never driven in a way that could damage it and I have hit very seldom, Infact they themselves been hitting it often. Eat your parents brain until they argue but donot disrespect in any way, and when they get really angry to the last point than stop and behave like in all affirmativeness. Than let their anger lower down, go away to some other place.

    If they say you are loud and disrespecting, even after you are not, than tell them its my natural voice tone im not disrespecting just making my point for you to understand your kids, like you are talking im also talking but im much lower than your voice and i fully respect you.

    You will later see change in their behavior regarding that argument. But for each new argument and issue, you may need to fight it off in the same way i explained above and you will see changes in their behavior in that issue.

  51. This helped a bit, so I really just need to vent.
    Back in august, my mom flew off the handle and accused my grandma of poisoning her and trying to kill her and the rest of our family. Mind you, my older brother and I live on our own, and my younger brother lives with my dad. So it has just been my little sister by herself with my mom for a few years now. She seemed happy there, till all of this happened. Now my younger sister is living with my brother and I and our significant others. We are all working together to help with the situation, but my mother is still being overbearing. We do not have any paperwork for this, as we all just thought this was temporary, my mom has threatened to take my sister from us over the smallest things that she may not agree with. Thing is, she does not even have a house or a car to take my sister, but it is still a constant scare. I know my sister should ultimately be living with my mom, but right now my mom just is not fully mentally stable to take her yet, and I really do not want to have any contact with her, but she knows where we live, and I am worried she may just show up. Although my brother and our SO’s are helping out emotionally, a lot of the parenting, and parental visits have been put off on me, and I am starting to get to the point where I really just can not handle it anymore. My mom feels the need to check in daily and multiple times a day. She is the one that wanted my sister to stay with me during this period, and now that she is with me, my mother will not leave me alone. It is a constant irritation or fight. I am 20 years old, my older brother is 25, my younger brother is 16 and my little sister is 11. She is an amazing girl, but it is very hard to be a big sister and also be a mother, especially when my mother keeps butting in even though she really does nothing to help, and every time my sister has to see her it makes it that much harder for me to deal with her attitude.

    Anyways thanks for allowing me to vent, It has been a rough few months.

  52. Thanks for sharing these insights. I never thought I needed an action plan, never thought I could get stronger. I never realized it was a waste of time to
    wish I had different parents. Thanks for book titles.

  53. Hi, im 16 years old and i live with my parents. Its been 8 months they’ve been giving me hard chores and every time even when i do it right i hear them screaming about how lazy and useless i am. I cant wake up a day and go see my mom happy making breakfast because she doesnt think its her job and her nagging voice wakes me up every day and i feel like its a sin when i sleep till 9 am on a Sunday. She is always complaining about the stuff i do and about how much i live like a pig but the funny thing is she exactly does the things she tells me not to. She gets angry very easily and she even screamed that she wish i was never born or she never wanted a child like me. I look around myself and see how other teens like me are treaded by their mom and dads and everytime i ask myself what have i done to deserve such parents. Both of them keep finding the right excuse to take away my phone and ground me for weeks. They even screamed once because i came 10minutes late home. They did give me most of the things i wanted but lately they make me think im a horrible person for asking to go shopping with them and make it look like its the worst thing on earth. They dont want me to see my friends anymore because they thing i love my friend more and honestly with all those attitude theyre showing well obviously im starting to like hanging out with other people more than i do with my parents. Some nights they calm down and i think everything is okay but the next day, they find an excuse again to make me hate myself more. I already have this problem with my confidence and loving myself and they just make it even worse. This has been going on for almost 2 years now and it got horrible in the past 8 months. I dont even know how to react to their screamings anymore. I dont think they are bad people. Theyre just bad at parenting.

    1. They sound a lot like my parents. If you can, get a part time job but don’t tell them that’s what you’re doing. Save up some money and move out as soon as you can (probably 2-3 years). Don’t tell them when or where you are moving, don’t give them your phone number, just move and stop communication with them. Spend more time with people who actually care about you and you will start feeling better about yourself and more confident in your own decisions. The best feeling is when, in the future, you’ve had a long day and are trying to unwind at home, when you suddenly realize that you CAN unwind because there is no one looking over your shoulder trying to bring you down. Then you realize you’re free.

  54. I am 17 and my dad is super controlling. Everything he says in the house, goes. My mother is completely blind to how controlling he is and how he affects my life along with my little sister. When I am doing chores, he constantly tells me every little detail I need to do, and often loses his temper on us. If I make a mistake, he is gets mad at me and takes away my freedoms. He took away my phone because he didn’t want me to communicate with my friends. He tells me how to eat and what to wear, and often calls me “stupid” or “ugly”. I can’t disagree with him or argue, and if I go to my room to quietly cry, he tells me he will give me something to cry about. He always checks my phone and messages and yells at me for them. I cannot say no to my father, or argue because he yells and hits me. I wouldn’t mind it so much, but he also takes it out on my little sister as well, so I don’t like to argue, but I am running out of options.

    1. Talk to a relative of school counselor. That is mental and physical abuse and you do not have to live like that. If he hits you or your sister take a picture of any marks. And if you can try and record some of what he says to you.

  55. My grandmother can be very manipulating,possesive and she has a big heart I love her very much just that I didnt get to enjoy my high school years due to the fact that she would never let me any where and now that I’m a young adult I would think I would have more liberty but in reality it’s just gotten worse I can’t even visit my older sister with out a blackmail and me being me I always listen and stay so I won’t get her mad and for any little thing I do she makes it a big deal and I’m tired of it already .. I’ve talked to her already and she always tells me the same thing but she is just so afraid of m committing the same mistakes her children have made and I’m paying for those mistakes and nothing I do ever satisfies her there is always something I do wrong and she always has to be right…. I don’t want to just leave her and my younger syblings it will break their hearts and hers but I believe it’s something I have to do because she is always gonna have me couped up in the house I need to let my self loose because ifdontdon’t break chains no one and especially not her will break them and like i said I love her and appreciate all that she has done but I have to do it even if it hurts me to do it

  56. I’m a 21 year old girl and i live with my family.
    We moved to a small city a few years ago and i can barely go out with friends or anyone who is not a member of my family (mom, dad, older sister)
    They’ve always been strict but what hurts me is that they’re becoming stricter than before.
    My sister (26) and I (21) are not allowed to have a boyfriend unless we want to marry that person. And even if we want to, my parents should know EVERYTHING about him, they like to control our conversations with that person, etc
    My parents are so, so kind. They would do anything for my sister and I.
    They try very hard so we can have a good life, and since try very hard for us, and maybe that’s why they except us to be exactly what they want us to be.
    I generally have an independent personality, and being under so much pressure and control is driving me crazy.
    The colour of my lipstick should be checked by my mom before i buy it, i can only use foundation and lipstick, not allowed to use anything more.
    If i want to buy something, i have to ask for permission before buying it. I can’t go out without permission, never ever.
    Even if i want to go out with an old friend, i have to ask for permission.
    I can’t just normally hang out with my friends, specially if my friend is a guy.
    Recently, we’ve been under so much pressure, all the family members. And that makes things even harder.
    My mom in becoming more sensitive day by day, if i say I’m going out with a friend, she’d say something like, why ? Let’s go out together ! Is it necessary to leave me alone and go out by yourself ?
    We always go out together too ! It’s not like i leave them alone all the time or anything.
    They don’t let me be who i want to be ! I have to be what they want me to be.
    And it’s very, very hard to talk about it with them, because they love us so much and as soon as i talk about wanting more freedom or anything, it will break their heart because they’d feel like I’m not listening to them as their daughter or anything.
    I’m a vegetarian, and I tried REALLY hard to make them accept my decision.
    My older sister has the same problems too by the way.
    I really don’t know what to do.
    I can’t just move out, because 1. It will break their hearts. 2. It’s not that common for a 21 year old girl to move out and live without her family in my culture.
    I really don’t k ow what to do anymore. I feel like I’m being drowned or something like that.

    1. Hi Jess,

      I’m going through a very similar situation too. I’ve always valued and had a great relationship with my parents, but they are VERY controlling. The things you’re saying about your mom; her questioning you every time you leave the house, etc, reminds me exactly of my mom. I’m 22 years old and living at home. She tracks all my credit/debit card transactions (daily!) and screens our shared Uber account too. I feel the same way: “drowned”.

      Everything got exponentially worse when I started dating my first boyfriend. He’s a great guy, treats me well and all my friends like him (yes, I know every girlfriend says that about their boyfriend but this is very true). However: my parents are judgemental and prejudiced. They don’t like him because he doesn’t come from a well off family. They don’t like him because he is Middle Eastern. They don’t like him because he comes from a Musilm (yet very liberal/progressive, and he himself nor his siblings, are Muslim) family. It’s tough. The reasons they don’t like him don’t line up with MY values, but I’ve grown up in a relationship where I constantly feel the need to have my parents’ approval for EVERYTHING I do. They strongly stress the fact that I should marry a guy from a wealthy family and “move up a social class”.

      I feel as though they don’t trust me enough to make my own decisions. They view me as naive and inexperienced. I’ve never once fully fought for something I really wanted that was against their approval. I went into the field of study that they wanted me to, I went to the university they wanted to, etc. It wasn’t until now that I’ve realized that everything I’ve done in my life so far was done in order to gain their approval as opposed to doing something for the sole purpose of making me happy.

      I’m wondering how you’re finding ways to deal with your situation. I’m still trying to figure this out for myself so if you have any suggestions for me, I’d greatly appreciate it 🙂

      As bad as our situation is for us, it’s comforting to see that I’m not the only one dealing with this.

    2. I am 26 and I live with my family as well, I feel stuck because my other siblings get to do what they want and parents won’t question them, while me and my sister are expected to clean the house and cook even if we have helpers. The boys can go out anytime and its fine tho before parents became fine with this they stood their ground and detached. Growing up I was the child who would always follow the rules and just follow whatever they ask me to do. By the time we were in college my older brothers were going against my dad and didnt care if he was mad as long as they do what they want. I on the other hand received never ending lectures, blame and ranting from my dad that it is also my fault why my brothers are like that to him and that it is my duty as a daughter to make them okay with each other again. I just cried because I know it wasnt my fault but then why was I being blamed. In our culture there is the tendency for parents to expect that their children should serve them as well. The people I know with a similar situation as me are the ones who are considered good daughters who secretly want a happier more fulfilled life but are allowing themselves to be controlled by their parents. A friend who grew up in a different culture pointed out how this is hindering my growth as a person because I can’t just go where ever i place without them knowing and if I do go somewhere I get questioned as to why do I have to go there and what for? They always think that I am hiding something and they’re so scared that someone might trick me into falling in love and getting pregnant that they want to closely monitor me at all times. Whenever I try to tell mom how unreasonable her request is or to ask one of my siblings to do the errand instead, she usually gets mad and tells me I am the older sister and I must do it. My struggle in mostly internal because I need to have enough courage to face them and I know it can turn violent if I do so. At the same time I feel so stupid because a lot of kids aged 18 in different countries are more independent and treated like an adult than myself.

  57. I’m separated 53 with 2 great kids I realize that my parents are controlling for pretty much my whole life. Please understand that I’m grateful for the things they’ve done to help me in different ways and I hear about it all the time. I’m trying to stop the cycle them being manipulative to me and it makes everything worse. They just push harder. I a, suppose to be grateful humble and do what I’m told. There is no speaking to them without confrontation so I shut up take it and say nothing. I’m just don’t answer their calls or answer the door Maybe I’m wrong. I just can’t do them anymore

    1. Hi
      I understand completely
      I love my parents very much but it can be very overbearing
      They have now got to the point where they are older and gone ten times worse
      I just try get on with my own life and pop to see them a couple of times a week
      Mum comes in mine and just moans about stuff my house needs doing
      It’s awkward but I’m used to it now and fine if I limit my time with them
      Hugs reet

  58. I’m 21 years old. In a recent two-month study abroad program, I realized I could do some things by myself. But upon returning I found out that I still depend too much on them.
    I realized I have no sense of making decisions on my own because my entire life my parents, especially my mom, have always made decisions for me or strongly influenced my decisions.
    I also found out that I am helpless because everything has been done for me all my life. I was never taught how to cook or do the laundry because we had a maid and if she was not here my mom would do it. I was never taught to go around by myself in public transportation because my dad would take me ANYWHERE I needed to go by car. If he or my mom couldnt drive me, or I didnt find anyone to go with by car, I would simply not go.
    They say they trust me but when I ask them to help me or teach me do something I dont know, they end up doing it themselves instead of teaching me.
    Upon returning, I also realized that their wanting to know about me in the morning and at night EVERY DAY showed some kind of problem, not only in the country I was studying but also here (I live with them). I get especially scared and frustrated when I mention I want to travel again to study because my mom tells me that she knows I want to “abandon her” . What kind of mom thinks of herself before her child’s opportunities to grow professionally and personally.
    Now that I know about this (and other heavy things about myself thanks to this journey) one of my dearest friends is teaching me to get around without a car. She is also helping me make decisions without thinking about asking for my parents advice.
    I’m also meeting with a psychologist so that she can help me raise my self esteem and fix all the other big problems that my relationships in childhood and this type of harmful upbringing have caused in my life and could cause in my future.

    1. i can feel you 😊
      i am 20 year old and still my parents doesnt trust . Even i cant go anywhere without their permission even if i want to go with my friends even if the tym is 2 pm they say no to me. they even say that i am the bad kind of girl because i dont listen to them even they say how dare u ask us for the permission to go out with your friend alone your father will take u there and he will bring you home safely. my friends started to laugh at me because of this. and i started to hate my parents.i dont know what to do. simetimes i think i should scream at them tell them to stop controlling my life cause i need independent life .

  59. Next year, I will be college already. I wanted to take engineering in a famous university in the city so that I can get good opportunities later on. However, my parents want me to study in a state university in our province, which is the last thing I could’ve ever think of. Ever since I was little, my parents made most of the decisions for me. They never trust me. Until now in junior high every move I make is being watched. I never had privacy. The only time that I can have privacy is whenever I take a bath/pee. I never had my own room thats why everything I do is visible to their eyes. The school I was going to is were my mom is teaching so that does it. I hated my life for it to turn out like this. Its like I never had a choice. Since I can’t do anything about it, I’ll just have to wait until I die to have my own space, maybe there my parents won’t control me anymore.

  60. I’m 16 years old and my parents tell me certain activities/sports I have to do. I spent 8 years of my life wasting away in Taekwondo just to get a black belt so I can quit. I had to do swim team for 4 years, then I took a 3 year break, and now I have to do it again this summer. I’m supposed to do a sport this summer because I need more vitamin D and exercise, I undestand that, but I don’t enjoy doing sports. I’ve done tennis for 2-3 years and I may do it again this year. I would rather read all summer and volunteer, but now I have less time to do those things. I want to be able to choose for myself what I want to do. I cry at night wishing I can do what I want. Any advice?

    1. Dear Sara,
      I’m so sorry you cry every night, I’m 27 years old woman now and I still remember how tough it was for me when I was your age. However, all the sports that your parents made you do, I really wished I could learn but my parents won’t let me (because they were afraid I’de get hurt). I think it’s awesome you have a black belt in Taekwondo and that you learned tennis for 4 years!!!!!. I learned for 2 months when I was 12 and never got a chance to do it again. However, if you don’t enjoy any of that, and you prefer reading or watching a movie or whatever you enjoy doing; just try to make a deal with them about spending certain hours every day doing what you love. And also just get the best benefit you can get now from all these sports.This way you’ll be smart and fit ;). I hope you’ll find satisfaction in making your own decisions very soon but until then I also wish you happiness 🙂

    2. Some things never change 🙁 I’m in my 40’s now, but I grew up that way too. Had to take music lessons until I passed the grade 12 Royal Conservatory of Music Exams because my mother did that and loved it. She couldn’t understand why I grew to despise it when at age 12 she made me practice for 90 minutes every day after school. Couldn’t take the kind of dance lessons I wanted because my mother wanted me to learn the traditional dance she liked better. Not taking lessons wasn’t an option, soooo, as a child, obviously my mother won.

      It’s been decades since I was a child and yet it’s still the same. I have my life together and live independantly. I’m doing great by all normal standards. But to hear my parents comments on my life you’d think I’m doing everything wrong because they never, ever say anything positive about my life. Talking to them is exhausting, and makes me hate spending time with them or talking to them on the phone. I love them very much, and I’m glad for all they did for me… but it hurts SO MUCH that all they ever do is criticize me. They think they have the right to do it until the day they die because they’re my parents, they think it’s for my own good. But it’s so destructive… they’re just too stubborn to see it.

  61. I am with my parents at their holiday home in Portugal at the moment
    Iv not been here in the year the have had it
    Due to their controlling behaviour
    I’m 51 yrs old and with my 19 year old daughter
    They are a nightmare
    They sleep with their bedroom door wide open so they can hear everything we do
    Even though I’m a n bed by 10
    Dad yesterday put away the sun lounger I had used the day before just because I had used it
    They are both emotionally immature always have been
    Engaging in risky behaviour when we were young and now act like they both have been saints all their lives
    They are lucky to have me as I’m very polite and kind to them
    Every thing is dads his table his towel he begrudge me breathing I think
    Even though I’m patient I’m struggling with them and can’t wait to get home
    Even though Portugal is absolutely beautiful I’ll never come back well except when I book my own holiday at a hotel
    My dad is my step father but I was only 1 yr old when he came into my life
    I thought my mother was narrsacci as she treats me like I’m her competition and not her daughter
    I’m just stressed out tho and cannot wait to go home
    I wonder what object iv been using today will dissaper so I can’t use it
    It’s tiring and I love them dearly but I will distance myself from them
    This behaviour hurts and upset me but I’m used to it
    Dad even begrudge putting a plate of food in front of me

  62. As an only child of an abusive/controlling alcoholic father, at the age of 38 I finally realised I could not stand to be under his reigns no longer.

    I worked hard from a child to try and keep him happy by working in the business, qualifying as a CA and marrying a man of his approval.

    It was not until I had children that I realised enough is enough.

    Financially I am down the gurgle as I got divorced and spent 6 years of my life in serious counselling which didn’t help until I decided to leave countries to be far away from him. I lost all my money in the process, yet he is a millionaire and will not give me a dime.

    I left my two children back there to pursue my career to get them with me and I pray this happens this year.

    I am now detoxed from my parents negativity that I do not want anything to do with them.

    Quite frankly, if he dies tomorrow, my only regret is that he wasted his life on other people’s dramas and for society looks and not looking after and nurturing the needs of his own family, and hitting the bottle instead. Other than that, I honestly do not care.

    It’s him that has sleepless nights wondering what I am doing. He only has himself to blame.

    Am I happier? Not until I have my children living with me again, other than that – most definitely.

  63. Hi, I’m 42 and for most of my life have had a very difficult time with bipolar disorder, depression, and ADD. I was an extremely depressed teenager, by the time I became a freshmen in high school I was suffering from complete depression. My parents never gave it a second thought. They were called in once to the school (I got busted before I could run away), and were told that I needed psychiatric help. They took me once, complained about how much it cost (money wasn’t an issue in our family), and I never went back. Fast forward. I did horrible in college despite having a very high IQ. I couldn’t read things and remember what I had read; I didn’t even have the patience to sit down to read. I had previously had bouts with manic spells, but not like the ones that I began having. I had a great boyfriend who loved me enough to put up with me. I don’t know how, because I don’t think I could have. I tend to be a lot more depressed than manic, so it would really get to me. By this time I was about 22, and I knew something was wrong. I went to my internist, and he didn’t put me on the right medicine. So, I started going to a psychiatrist. Also at 22 I bought a duplex, gutted and remodeled it. Again, thank god for my boyfriend. I continued the on one medicine, then off, and on another, until I was about 32. I wasn’t financially dependent on my parents, but had made some big financial mistakes. My parents did bail me out a couple of time. At that time I don’t remember them being very belligerent towards me. They never made any effort to learn anything about my illnesses though. I was still working then, and let me tell you, people were really starting to hate me. The thing they don’t tell you about depression is that anger is a part of it. So, I’ve left out 2 crucial parts to this story, 1. Around 7 years after buying my place I was so depressed I couldn’t get out of bed. I wasn’t managing my finances, or taking care of myself, much less my tenant upstairs, so my parents bought my house from me (my name is still on the title), but HUGE mistake number one, 2. When I started feeling better I wanted to go to school in Chicago. My mother said if I’d stay here my parents would pay for me to run my own store, and my mother would be my partner. MISTAKE #2. Everything went great with the business until the recession hit. my mother, however, did not help me, and when the recession started I did everything under the sun to keep it going, but couldn’t. Obviously, I was depressed. Not to mention I had to go off of lithium because I’d developed diabetes insipidus, which goes away when you stop taking lithium. I was back to medication searching, and went on disability. I had so many health problems that I had to. That was 6 years ago. In the last 6 years it’s been a huge struggle, but I’ve gotten my life together; I’m still not working- I have about 20 migraine days a month, and fibromyalgia. I have been seeing an acupuncturist for 6 months and it’s done wonders for me. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, feel the best I ever have, ever. And really want to get off of disability. Now here’s where my parents come in, they have become mean and nasty over the years, have begun treating me more like a child than an adult. They don’t ever let me forget that I lost their money- even though there was a recession, or that I was an idiot for not graduating college, even though I was sick and couldn’t. That they had to take over my house for me not because I was sick, but because I’m irresponsible and can’t manage money. I have a project that I am getting ready to start working on; it’s something I’m very proud of, but my parents tell me not to tell anyone and don’t bring it up to anybody in the family. I constantly hear, “You don’t listen!”, which means if I don’t do what they say then too bad for me. I’m 42, and being treated like I’m 12. Now my younger brother, he got married and had kids, so they don’t ever say a word to him. He treats them like crap; I do all kinds of things for them and I constantly get yelled at. Yelled at, called names, my mother has told me I’m stupid, and you may not think so, but I think it’s pretty mean to call your daughter a snowflake. When I looked that up in the urban dictionary I was pretty astounded at how hateful it is. It doesn’t matter what I do; I always do it wrong. It doesn’t matter what I say, how educated I am on a topic, I get told that I don’t know what I’m talking about and I think I know everything. See, as embarrassing as it is, I still depend on them for about $400 a month. Try living on $941 when you have cut out every unnecessary expense. It is pretty much impossible. I have a way out. It’s a good way too. My parents see it, and I need them to help me a little bit, and then I’ll be able to pay them right back. The thing about it is, I think they enjoy having me dependent on them, they’re my parents, but I don’t think they want me to succeed. They stress me out and drain my energy to the point that after I talk to them I will usually sleep for 4 or 5 hours. They resent me and blame me for things I couldn’t control. I’m doing everything I can do become independent and also get off of disability. It isn’t something I’m proud of, and I don’t want to be poor my whole life. I desperately want to know how to deal with this, but they’re almost 70, and if they’ve never said they’re proud of me yet it’s time to quit trying. The one I need to make proud is myself, and tune them out. Easier said than done, especially for a 42 year old going on 12.

  64. I’m a fifteen year old sophomore in high school. I also take classes at the local college and I’m a straight A student by all definitions. We also have a small “farm” with a ton of chores and I do most of them myself and without complaint. Basically, I’m a pretty good child, I don’t “go out” or anything or try to hide things or lie to my parents, but my mother treats me like I’m the worst possible child, to my face, in front of everyone else I’m “perfect.”
    She has made every attempt to isolate me from everyone, she made us, just my parents and I, move to the middle of nowhere, and she won’t let me go to schools where their opinion, mainly political, is different from hers. We had to fight about me taking college classes last year, even though it required no effort on their part, my tuition was paid and I buy my books, and I arranged from someone to drive me, but they didn’t want this opportunity for me because they wouldn’t have enough control.

    I can’t be back later than usual to have lunch with friends or something without her giving me the third degree, and she always accuses me of lying. She takes my phone and goes through everything, every text, picture, and email, even though I barely do anything other than school and chores. Then if she’s mad about any little thing she uses it as an excuse to trash my room, hit me across the face, make me do anything she doesn’t want to do herself because she’s too lazy and just has to like and share some vaguely racist post on facebook.
    Then she just gets drunk and brings up everything I have ever done wrong, and her favorite is, because I’m adopted, and no one knows who my biological parents are, she likes to bring that up a lot, how she’s not my real mother so I don’t have one at all cause mine abandoned me, which is true and probably her own insecurity but still, that seems unnecessary to tell a twelve year old who signed a card “sincerely.”

    And my father is no help. He doesn’t support her rampages and accusations but he would never do anything to stop it. He lets her walk all over him and blame him for everything if she can’t blame me.

    I only have two and a half more years, and I’ll get my license this year but I just don’t know how I’m supposed to do this. It has rapidly gotten worse and worse since I was about eleven, but now I’m not sure how it will get worse but I’m sure it will. Even with my license she will want to know every single detail about where I am at all times and will probably try to track me, even though I will be buying the car with my money, not theirs, that I inherited. I just don’t know how to handle this without being completely insane by the end.

    Then there’s college, I can’t let her control that, that would be controlling my entire future, but I don’t know how to stop it. I won’t turn eighteen until the September of my first year of college, so she will have control, even as I’m starting college. I want to go out of state but she doesn’t want that, and while I’m hoping to get academic scholarships, well, the college fund would really help.

    I want to just cut my ties and walk away once I’m 18, and I have many friends who would be very willing to help me, I just don’t know if I can. And if I do, then what? Doesn’t that make me horrible child? My father is pretty much guaranteed to die first and we live so far away she wouldn’t have anyone else, wouldn’t it be wrong to just leave and never look back? This is of course still assuming I can handle these next few years which I’m less sure about every week. College always provided me with a hope for freedom, but as it comes closer, I’m not sure that’s what I’ll get.

    1. babe this is abuse. I hope you can begin making healthy steps towards recovery ASAP. Even if you have to start college near them, you can always look at options of transferring to an out of state college when you can. Do you have extended family that you can trust and maybe live with? Somewhere where you will be listened to and they will be able to to protect you. Because from my experience you may struggle from just living with a difficult family and then all of a sudden being completely on your own. It’s better to gradually become more independent but i understand that your life with your parents is unhealthy so maybe consider moving to another state where other extended family lives?

  65. Hi, I am an eighteen year old freshman in college. I am currently living with my younger brother and my mother, who is a single parent. I was just recently accepted for a transfer to a different school and am wanting to move out at the end of the semester. The issue is my mother. She is in complete denial that I was accepted to the other school and refuses to even talk to me about the move. When she had found out about the transfer she flipped out on me. There was alot of screaming on her end and tears on mine. Saying that I wasn’t allowed to leave and coming up with excuses like “I won’t be able to take care of myself out there” or “what if something happens to you and I cannot be there?” My financial aid that I receive covers nearly all of my expenses and will do that when I move schools. This college is also near by other family members should an incident arise, I have someone there for me. I cannot stay in this household with her any longer and I am struggling to put my foot down and tell her I am moving regardless of what she wants. I feel trapped and I don’t know if I could handle living with her for the rest of my college career. She has refused to allow me to get a job and even a driver’s license. As much as I understand my mother’s concerns, she is controlling to the extreme and overly protective to the point where it is causing issues in the household. Her and I are constantly getting into arguments. Most often times those arguments involve her screaming and me standing there silently in tears and only speaking to give her the answers she wants to hear.
    I really need help, please.

    1. From what it looks like your mom seems to be having a hard time understanding that you’re all grown up now. She can’t really deny that you get a job or a drivers license because you are your own person now. As for the college transfer, she has a say in it but not much since it is your future you are striving for, not hers, also considering the fact that you’re at the age where you can make your own decisions. You’re not obligated to stay, and what’s more is that you’re financially secure since you’re being aided to your needs. In your situation, I myself would try to get my mom to understand that I am not a kid anymore and I have a life to fulfill, as well as try to get her to realize that she is not the only one sad about moving. She has nothing to worry about as you said since you have family members near in case of an incident. You also need to express your dislike of her overreacting by yelling at you to the point where you’re in tears because that’s not going to help anybody in this situation. You are your own person and are making responsible decisions and she needs to realize that she can’t control you anymore. She cannot deny you anything because you are now able to make those decisions yourself. I hope this helps you.

  66. Hi all, just commenting here because I find myself in this situation, dealing with controlling parents.
    I’m 22 years old and live in California (I’m saying which state I live in for financial reasons). My situation is with my single mother, and for all of my life I’ve been the younger brother of my sister who’s now in the Coast Guard and has moved away several years ago. My mother, while loving and intelligent, is definitely a controlling parent. Her way of controlling me has to do with one simple word: responsibility. She controls by finances from Social Security — as I don’t have a job — because she feels like I’m not responsible to handle my own money as I’m saving it up for college…yet at the same time, she not only had always told me not to get a job or SS payment will go away, but she had also never raised me up to handle my own financial responsibility because I’m the “younger brother”. My sister always had higher priority, and it didn’t help that I have ADD while she doesn’t *and* she’s also terribly outgoing while I had the toxic combination of a short fuse and weak confidence. I still have a weak confidence, but I’ve long since learned control of my own temper. Mainly, she was a mix between “rebellious youth” and “perfect child” while I’d always been the whiner who couldn’t handle responsibility because he’d whine about it.
    Back to my mother. Like I already said, she lords “responsibility” over me. I can’t be trusted with my own money because she doesn’t view me as responsible enough, yet she’s also given me no chances to show her I’m responsible enough with it. If I confront her about it, the end result is either 1) she tries to make me feel guilty and I don’t get anything from it, or 2) she forcibly ends the conversation when I start to gain any ground, then she brings it back up later with some kind of “responsibility” excuse in an attempt to win. And it’s ALWAYS like this, whether I’m wanting to know how much I have saved up or if I actually want to withdraw any amount of money. Ten dollars, forty dollars, doesn’t make a difference; she holds it over my head and treats my spending it as though I’m spending every cent of my savings at once.
    Like I said, I wasn’t really ever taught to be responsible. Sure, I was taught basic responsibility: be responsible for your actions, learn right or wrong, etc; but I wasn’t raised with the mindset to take responsibility for myself. A side-effect of fixing my temper is my personality has become terribly passive, which doesn’t help my confidence; combining that with being the “younger brother” and having a controlling mother, and I can hardly see any way of getting away from this.
    There’s obviously much I haven’t said, but I feel like what I’ve said is something of a good summary (long summary, but still a summary). I do already practice steps 4, 5, and 7, but I still have trouble with the other steps. If you have any advices for me, I’d be absolutely grateful 🙂

  67. I’m 22 years old I live at home with my controlling parents, I also work for my dad’s company. I am constantly fighting with my father over stupid stuff. As emotional as I am, he is a lot more emotional. He throws fits when he doesn’t get his way at home. He’s also a CEO of his own company so you can understand that he loves to be in charge at all times. How do I stop constantly fighting with my old man? It’s not healthy and I can tell that our relationship is on the daily declining.

  68. Im a 42 year old and i own my own home…..its payed for…….my home sits on my parents land..80 acres and for the most part they leave me alone…we have a pretty great relationship actually, for the most part….because i work with them and for them..but sometimes they are the most controlling parents…

  69. I am 36 years old and I live with my mother and she is 63 years old and has medical problems and I have to take care of her sometimes she has confussion spells and falling spells and I call my sister and stepdad and see what I can do and when I tell her she gets pissed and then threatens to take my phone and laptop and I am tired of it and she gets on my freaking nerves and I can not take it

  70. I’m almost 23 and I still live at home finishing up college and have a great boyfriend who I have been with for 5 years now. I hangout with him and his family a lot but I try and make it fair to my family as well and hangout at my house too. My issue I have with my mother is that when I’m there I always get the “oh your home.. shocker” Or my favorite “wow… wanna hangout with us now?” When I hear those things from not only my mom now but she has my whole family saying it.. it makes me not want to come home if all I’m going to get is sarcasm from them. I work 5 days out of the week and still have to do chores.. Yes.. Chores… NOTE! I’m 23! And have no problem helping the family because I still live there.. But the one thing that makes my mom crazy is when she sends me paragraphs after paragraphs of how I never did the dishes the other night or how she can’t find her socks cuz I do the laundry and out her clothes away.. When I work long days at work and get off and see my phone is blowin up with messages from her yelling at me, makes me not want to even step foot in the door so I hangout with my boyfriend at his place. I know most of you would say tell her how you feel.. But none of you know my mother and if I speck my mind even IF she says she want to hear what I have to say it never goes well.. I get threatened to pay rent.. (which I pay for everything except living there) Which living at home has helped a lot with school and my bills and my boyfriend hasn’t proposed yet so it’s not like I can just move in.. cuz that would make everything worse. Everyone in my family is on her side and I feel alone except for when I vent to my boyfriend but there only so much you can vent to a guy before he totally hates your whole family.. Which is big issue is my mother and how she treats me but that’s not the case right now. What I’m trying to say is… I’m having a hard time living at home and when I give them time it’s sarcasm 24/7 or so when you leaving us? I just need someone to talk to other than my boyfriend… adivce?

    1. We are in the same boat and I don’t know what to do or how to deal with my controlling parents. The only difference is my mother doesn’t really let me spend time with my boy friend.. Due to her behavior its as if none of my distance relationships do work out.. Because she would get mad about me spending to much time with him.

      1. Have you let your partner know about your situation? Do you have other friends? You can try hanging out with them and invite your boyfriend and when you come back home let them know you were with your friends. You have the control to tell them only what you want them to know. Get help and learn how not only to deal with them but how you can start living.

  71. My mom is always harrasing me telling me she is going to take my stuff away and I am sick of it I am 36 years old and i live with her what can I do

    1. Try to stay calm. Meditate early in the morning. Don’t let it get to you. This is the problem. Now find a solution. Save up your money and plan to buy your own things an apartment?. You can’t change her but you can change yourself. Don’t wait for that amazing life to come you have to build the life you want to live. Go out seek help. Your 36. You are a man.

  72. Hi reading this helps I’m a 25 yr old guy. And believe it all not I was brought up believing that there was nothing to life. I was with this amazing girl for a few months things went really well. Then she noticed something didn’t add up told me she was over too nice she was worried about a dark side. Then one last amazing day out she told me she talked to a guy she slept with I freaked nearly crying she said it was just one message so she replied just because he said hi. And I freaked out went into bad emotions. And we talked argued and I realised how controlling I’d been and what an emotional rollercoaster I became and it turned out it came from my mother. They controlled my everything and I let them because I thought it was Normal. They had control over my bills email address and wanted control over my personal life always looked at my post until right now I’ve stopped everything I’m not a child I’m an independent guy who has been led on a path. I used to be a fun guy to be around but then I went into this relationship with a girl I liked so much I controlled her to the point she had to walk because she was scared of hurting me. I couldn’t be the guy that could support her. All I can say to people is become independent as soon as you are old enough you become an adult don’t do what I’ve done because it will destroy relationships and potential life partner I’m standing on my own feet now I’m in control it’s never to late.

    1. THIS IS EXACTLY ME. I am so grateful that I’m not the only one with controlling parents. This one aunt used to intimidate me by saying what you gonna do now. I pay your bills I pay your life. Your parents don’t pay for anything. I moved out of my parents house because they were too controling. They told me to cut all my friends off. Don’t even think about bringing people to our house, “it’s a mess!”. Don’t eat, don’t use the bathroom. Get out of the bathroom. My mom used to stay in the bathroom crying because my old man used to stand outside the door and bang on it. I punched him cause he gave her a bruse and then she pushed me saying ” why would you hit your father!!!” I moved out( I literally ran to my car which I didn’t own) of my parents house And started living with my aunt and uncle. It was hell living with them. I used to cry and she would laugh and say get off the floor. I had a breakdown. Then they would tell me things to comfort me and say things like don’t let anyone tell you you can’t do something. Then they would whisper things that would control my entire life. I started hearing voices at both my family’s homes and they would act like WHAT I NEVER!

      I love them. I admit I relied on them alot and couldn’t move unless they told me it is ok to do so. I went back home and it was like nothing was wrong. I was the one with a problem. I couldn’t get on my feet. Couldn’t hold a career. Then I used to sleep in the parking lot because house was too small. I would get home from work just wanted to go to the fridge to get some food and would wake them because I worked at night. I was lost. Still I am in my car typing this. Alot of legal trouble I put on myself through my teenage years that I’m still paying to this day. Icounslers are alot of $$$ and I stayed away from them . I started going to church but it was no use because it was the church my family went to. I can’t seem to get on my feet no matter how hard I try for independence. This page is amazing because alot of these go through parts of what I am going through now.

      We are strong.

      1. Find your own church, your spiritual connection should be #1 in your life. It also means happiness, even if you’re dealing with controlling parents.

  73. Dear Klodiana,

    It sounds like you’ve been doing a great deal of soul-searching, reading, thinking, and talking about how to deal with your controlling father. I also get the impression that you know what you want to do – and even what you should do – because you said your mother, siblings, and friends are supporting the decision you want to make.

    Since I don’t know you, your relationship, your father, or your culture I can’t tell you how to deal with your father or how to proceed with what you want to do in your life. You need to own this decision, to take it one step at a time, and to do what you believe is right for you and your boyfriend.

    Questions for you:

    Why are you still searching for answers, if you’ve already decided to leave without your father’s permission? You know what you want and need to do….what is holding you back?

    What is the worst that can happen if you decide to leave without your father’s permission?

    How will you deal with this “worst case scenario”? What steps can you take now to cope with his anger, disappointment, or reaction?

    I know you don’t want to disappoint, hurt, or anger your father. But every adult needs to make difficult decisions about her life – and most of us make decisions that hurt or disappoint our parents. Even the parents who aren’t controlling or difficult are often saddened by their children’s decisions. It’s just part of the parent-child relationship…and part of growing up.

    I wish you all the best as you move forward in your life. This isn’t easy, I know. You will struggle – and so will your family. But you must follow your heart and be true to your own life, or you will never be happy. You’ll resent your father if you allow him to control your life. It sounds like now is the time for you to stand up to your controlling father and life the life of your dreams.

    What do you think – what is the first step you can take to start moving forward?

    1. Dear Laurie,

      First of all thank you for replying back. I appreciate it, it was supportive and mind-opening.

      You are such a great counselor.

      The truth is, yes, I already know what I want to do and what I should do, the only thing that is keeping me from jumping into action (doing it), is fear; fear of how will I deal with life, will I still be a good person and an appropriate participant in our relationship with my boyfriend, or will it affect me that my father will not speak to me, and most likely he will forbid all my family members to speak to me, fear of my father’s threats, fear of my parents being hurted that I turn my back on them, fear of our marriage with my boyfriend what if it fails!

      I got most of the answers from your last paragraph where you told me we have to own our decisions and live on with whatever bad or good might come out of it.

      My aswer to your first question (“Why are you still searching for answers, if you’ve already decided to leave without your father’s permission? You know what you want and need to do….what is holding you back?”): I need to make sure I am doing the right thing, to get rid of this control-freak thing, this is holding me back, fear.

      Second question (“What is the worst that can happen if you decide to leave without your father’s permission?”): My father will not talk to me, maybe for sometime or maybe never again, and he might threaten us or hurt us, at least that is what he said.

      Third question (“How will you deal with this “worst case scenario”? What steps can you take now to cope with his anger, disappointment, or reaction?”): I would not get on his way, I would be living abroad, and at his worst days I would keep the distance not talk to him, then I would of course go back and try to work things out with him, I was hoping he would see that I am happy and he would accept us back later on, as for the moment I wouldn’t have many options. I would still be living my life, always being available to talk to him if he would want me back, I would still understand him and forgive him, as long as he would let me do my own thing, let me judge about my decisions and take them.

      You are right, either way he would feel hurt and let down, if I wouldn’t follow his rules and his words, I already gave up many just to listen to him, and be a “the good daughter”, but now |I think it is time to stop it.

      As for the first step, I will marry my boyfriend and move with him, I will keep on doing my job, evolve professionaly, develop as a person in every aspect of my life, keep my relationship with my boyfriend and my friends and other people healthy, contribute to the society, and always look for a solution to make my father accept me back, with my new life.

      I would love to read from you again, it is very helpful for me.

      Thank you in advance. All the best.


    2. My family says the words as I think them. It’s very nerve racking. Its like I’m not safe in my own head. They know my thoughts before I do.

  74. Dear Laurie,

    My name is Klodiana, I am 26.
    First of all I really appreciate your article, it sums up a lot of things I have been searching for in between a lot of books, life experiences, friends advices, and people from all paths of life.

    My father is a product of a lot of pain, transition, war, and stuborness. He is a person who was able to control me, and I will turn 27 in some days, besides controlling me for all my life, and imposing to me everything I have done in life, he is also upset and controlling over my younger sister (24) and my brother (20).

    Ever since I was a kid, he was telling me what to do, when to wake up, when to go to bed, when to go to school, what to study, when to come back home right after school, beat me from time to time in the past (until I was 18), if I would go out at night I had to always ask for his permission (Even now, even though I am fortunately livigin alone), and if I was late he would go all crazy.

    He told me what to study, and how I am not allowed to get anything less but straight A’s at the University, he did not want to let me work, he wanted me to be dependable on his money, and thanks God they had some small financial deals so I started working, then they were all fine he was telling me to quit working, and I really love my job.

    All and a lot of struggles, all and a lot of emotional stress and pain, have been through. My mother does not have any authority over my father, so she cannot do anything, but be there to talk to us as a counselor and make sure we will not go crazy.

    No matter what, I do love my father, and my heart stops a beat in case he is sick or in pain, even though I can never find out because he never communicates. The relationship to him means a lot, and I know he loves me too and he wants the best for me, but not through always being tough and blackmailing me!

    If I ask to go on vacation, with my money, with friends or anything outside the country, he will not let me.

    Now the thing is, I met a guy almost 2 years ago and we are totally utterly at ease with each other. He loves me, respects me, he is the best man alive. He helped me all the way with patience and support, to achieve my career goals, to control my emotions and not go crazy, to deal with my father patiently and stuff.

    I told my father about him, because we wanted to get engaged and get married, but my father said NO because he is of a different nationality and we don’t mix with other nationalities but OURs. I tried a lot of times to convince my father that he is not a foreigner to me, and we have gone through a lot of things, especially dealing with the distance was crazy, but my father said no and if he (my father) ever meets him, he would kill him!

    Now I have decided I should just leave, without his permission. My mother my siblings, my friends who know my boyfriend, all of them support me and they think he is the best man for me, but my father never will, nor will he ever talk to me if I just leave. Truth be told, I don’t care, but I am scared he will blackmail me or threaten to hurt my family.

    Please Miss, let me know what would be your suggestion, how shall I proceed.

    Sincerely, with all do respect,


  75. Hello Ruben

    You made some really good points about my tips for dealing with controlling parents – thank you!

    Here’s what you inspired me to write; I hope it helps…

    9 Ways to Survive Abusive Parents When You Can’t Leave Home

    But honestly, you’re right that there aren’t any “tips and tricks” for coping with abusive parents when you’re a child or teenager. The best suggestion I have is to talk to an adult you trust, and get in-person advice for coping with your parents. What do you think about that?

  76. Words of wisdom, for an adult. What about a 10 years old chid? How can a child put into practice all your nice tips and tricks? Did you have that nice type of controlling parents who are used to control their kids with physical and mental abuse? I don’t think so. Because if you had, you clearly couldn’t write this kind of things. Sorry but the Internet is full of tips and tricks on how to do this and that but this is not gonna work with abused children. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe this a post on the “light version” of controlling parents? Thanks anyway,

    1. I agree 🙂 I am one of those controlling parents. If your life choices suck dont expect praise and admiration.

      If you dropout, smoke, are 25 make 10$, and have no life plan to ever do more …….you will be labelled that is life.

      Too many snowflakes these days.

      1. Wanna try being ill? And having litterally no choice but to be a snowflake?
        You had the kids, if you see them as you babies and all that for the rest of your life and well into your childs life, then you cant decide that you’re not responsible for your child even as an adult. And given what most parents say about my children will always be my babies, that wont ever change crap, then you’ve only got yourselves to blame. Maybe if controling parents weren’t so controlling then, all these snowflakes wouldve found their way in their life. Not the dictatorship life that is forced upon you from day one with controlling parents. My mum is beyond overbearing and at times can be physically abusive, on a day to day see reminds me of how crap my life is, and how im not good enough. Not in those exact words, but its what she means. I had an accident at work a few years back thats left me with a chronic illness, that results in constant, non life threatening, but it sure feels like im dying, pain. Where else was this little snowflake supposed to turn? Especially seeing as my mum being as controlling as she is, begged me to come home so she could take care of me. Now im just in the way, i talk too much, i dont do enough around the house, even though, i cook every meal for her, even her lunch for work. The problem aint the kids, it never is, its the parents, we kids are a product​ of what you teach and instill in us from day one. Wanna stop the snowflake pandemic? Stop fussing and interfering. Hell my mum didnt even like my ex, which resulted in my ex disliking my mum, she clapped and cheered the day we split, that left me with a chronic illness, which makes it difficult to garauntee a steady decent income on a monthly basis, in a city (I’d moved away), with soaring rent prices and with my lack of being able to commit 100% to a job, therefore a steady income, getting mortgage was well out of the picture aswell. So as a broken young person, what was i supposed to do? Struggle get into debt, and make my condition worse due to stress and more than likely the ability to afford decent healthy food, so i could stick to a diet that helps ease some of the pain?
        Like i said parents you’re at fault, maybe if you weren’t so overbearing, and critical, then for one maybe id still be with my ex. Or was i supposed to cut all ties with my only remaining parent and move away with my ex to live happily ever after, with people telling me how bad of a person i must be to cut all ties with my toxic mum, because, as they say, you only get one mum. Which after my one father died at 17 i completely understand. Parents you need to learn to back off and leave us to it, maybe the ones who’ve ended up back in the nest could finally get it together doing what they want and what they feel is right, without the constant fear of not being good enough or making the right choices. Let us make mistakes without the ridicule, shaming and disappoint, then maybe we can actually get on with learning from said mistakes and start to grow as an individual, and finally cut the cord, fly the nest for the last time, and throughout it all have a healthy happy relationship with you parents. Oh and finally to any of those parents out there who are over 40 looking at this shaking your head, stating something and nothing about back in your day. I’d love to see you guys cope in this new technological revolution that the world wasnt prepared for, and on top of that a horrendous recession and sky rocketing house prices. Oh and a big lack of decent paying jobs…you know the kind that gives you financial security, cant even get a contract these days in the uk, its all zero hrs, with no garauntee to work. Try it go on, and then come and tell all us snowflakes how easy it was.

  77. Dear Melissa,

    I am really sorry that you’re struggling to deal with your controlling parents. It doesn’t sound like a good situation at all, and you have a lot on your plate! You’re coping with your health, being a single mom, financial matters, and practical life concerns.

    Anytime you’re dealing with controlling people that you have to be associated with, you have two options: 1) learn how to accept them for who they are, because you can’t change them; and 2) learn how to change your thoughts about and response to them, because that is the one thing you can change!

    How can you get the help you need? I can’t give it to you — you need in-person guidance and support. It would be great if you could join a support group or even take a 12 week course on how to deal with controlling people at home or work.

    So, what options are in your community or city? Do a little sleuthing, let me know what you come up with. You might try the local community centers, social service organizations,churches, women’s resource centers, single parent groups, your kid’s school, your doctor, and even your local library.

    I’d love to hear what you find out! Keep me posted.


  78. I have a horrible relationship with my parents. I’m 38 years old, I have a daughter who is leagally an adult now treating me the exact same way my parents treat me. The only person I actually am respected by is my 9 year old daughter.
    I have severe epilepsy, therefore I have to rely on my friends and family to take me or my little girl places.
    And that is the most hurtful thing they all use against me. Here I am only worth my physical strength, ability to cook, and any other need someone has here that they don’t feel like doing themselves.
    They do not acknowledge me as a fellow adult in our home. And the worst of it all, when I am having more seizures than usual, I’m criticized for not doing the dishes and cooking as much as usual.
    The disgusted breath is what I hear every time I need a ride to coach my daughters soccer team, and even a ride to the grocery store, to cook their meals.
    I prepare my cousins children for school every morning, cook their after school snacks, and aid them with their homework. But the money that is given to our family for these aids, is kept by my parents. I do occasionally get a 20 from the $250 that was offered.
    They take my money, casino, vacations, and whatever else. I have to scrap every extra penny I have for my daughters to have clothes and shoes.

    How do I deal with selfish, controlling parents when due to my health, I really don’t have any other option.

  79. Dude. I hope u didnt read my other comment. Ive gotta warn. Im a negative person so dont read my reply. I cant control my fingers anyways.
    Life is a drag…… Life is pain when you’re dealing with controlling parents…….. You get nothing u wanted……
    According to me. a, a, I dont know a stupid kid, life is ‘supposed’ to be painful. Either ways, u will feel pain. Even if u dont. U have to find some pain. Hope for a payback. Sort of a revenge. Im not on about revenging anybody. But the hatred is still there, stingin everywhere in the brain like a bunch pf needles. I know Im too negative. I havent got to the solution yet which is even harder to read. remember this. No one cares about u. Not really. No one. If u r smart enough, u will find that out. When fear comes to the one who cares about u. Careness becomes careless. Im not gonna tell u some dead tings like ‘v gotta fight’ ‘never, say never’ etc.. Jus know life is a drag. Also, u r trapped. u got no way out. U cant choose to live anymore. its not in your hands dude. Its really hard to find a solution to this. Im not gonna tell u to find the solution anyways. Just know that ‘pain is essential’ in life. I know its a draag but pain is the driving force of hatred. atleast sort of. sort of like voltage to current. Duh. I feel sorry for myself being negative coz Im in a real bad mood as always.

    Duh. that was pretty harsh. Thats just myself. Forgive for that. There is no way out but to live it out. dont waste your time looking for a way out like I did. All you have to do is ‘hope’ and see everything as they are nothing to what you can really do. My advice (not from my heart) is that we have to move on. keep going. push ourselves, wait for a day where u will get payback for every millisecond of pain. (even though its not from my heart, v changin humans have accept that its True).

    Trust no one. But let me tell you this. Believe it or not. You can do it (from my heart).

  80. Dude. I don even know if u r alive or not but my reply everytime was “(I’ll let u guess it)”. Trust me. I lost hope in just every ‘single’ ‘thing’ because of my controlling parents. even the hope to be able to attempt the ‘thing’. The only thing good about my parents is their intention. But other than that, they are like the ‘animals’ compared to human. I didn’t ask for money, GF, money, love, education, or I didn’t even ask them things that even the year 7 kids have. I am even alright with them choosing my career. I know either way, I have to face difficulties, and pain. Was the point. Im gonna d** one day anyway. I’m alright with handing all my salary to them which I will in the future. I am alright without them choosing my life ‘part***’. I just ask them to ‘leave me my way and do your own job’. Wat the hell am I gonna do? sell drugs? smoke? drink? or not follow the religion? If they think I will, then trus me. they r waaaaay behind the word ‘parent’. All I ever wanted was just let me go gym (the free one BTW), do workout, make myself fitter and grow muscular, grow knowledge, be brave, be pious, be religious, be, I dont know become someone who ends atleast half of the world’s poverty. Man, these parents are always a draag. They jus say “dont study too hard, u gonna bcome mental” “dont eat nuts, u need to do proper hard workout like men” “dont go gym, I need to vaccum, call him call her. Time will choose for me. I just need to fall in one side. unlike others. Being split in half. half goody idiot, and evilish devil. This is serious.

  81. Dear Bristi,

    Thank you for writing about your experience – it takes courage to share what you’re going through! Many times we hide what we’re dealing with, so I really admire your strength.

    I’m sorry your parents are so controlling. I wish I had good advice to give you about how to detach from them emotionally – or that I had a magic wand! But I don’t know you, your health issues, or your life. I don’t know your heart, your personality, your strengths or weaknesses.

    All I know is that there is a source of power, strength and healing — and it’s that still, small voice inside of you. You need to get quiet and listen to it, for that voice will tell you what you need to know. That voice will tell you what the next step is.

    It doesn’t matter if you think of that still, small voice as your intuition or God or the Universe or your Higher Power (or a combination of it all!)……you must learn how to listen to it. You must learn how to connect with that flow of life, light, and power that is available to all of us. You must learn how to take a deep breath and put one foot forward.

    Can you talk to your doctor or a counselor about detaching from your parents and living your own life? There is a way out — don’t give up! It may take time, effort, and energy to find your way through this, to get emotionally and mentally healthy and strong….but you can do it.

    Here’s one of my favorite blog posts, which may help you:

    How to Make a Decision That Will Change Your Life

    I will keep you in my prayers, for strength and healing and comfort.

    You might be encouraged by my free weekly newsletter, called SheBlossoms. I help women look upwards to grow healthy and strong, emotionally and spiritually. You may find it helpful, and you can sign up above.

    Take care of yourself. Listen for that still small voice.


  82. I am suffering from depression-clinical which is a constant source of joke for my parents. I am in 40s Indian, childless divorced and presently lost my job (thanks to added emotional burden from my parents). I have to live with them in our society and they try to fully control my life. They try to tell how should i dress, what to eat, whom to meet, whether to look for a job or not etc. In fact they want me to remain dependant on them financially but I have to curb all my freedom and go by their standards of likings-dislikings. I have no sibling, no friend to confide-owing to restrictions of my parents. I am not even allowed to invite my girl friends at my home-forget about male friends. They want me to look after a small business of the family but free service-even no pocket money. In my last job I earned 4K GBP per month (6 months jobless). They abuse me in front of guests. Ridicule me on my look, underweight, always pick up an issue when I start a meal so I can never have a mean in peace. They call me names, disrespect my work and think me worthless. On every small non issue they have talents to find my fault and abuse me apparantly ‘for my good’. I have reduced communication, confined in my bedroom, but they become more aggressively abusive. They make me feel low and worthless. One of them is very ill for 10 years and I never thought of starting my life again after a 14 yesrs old divorce as I devoted all my attention to them. But everyday I faced emotional blackmail and torture. Now in my 40s childless woman they just make me feel my life is over. I have not gone for a holiay in 10years as due to their health they cant come along. But more i give in more they abuse. Trying to decide all for me and showing me how bad I am-what a shame I am for the family. They lie to others about my job but I dont-this too is their headache. I am.in dilema. They do not like my counselling session so I had to give up. Now they want me not to find jobs and be a volunteer-in 40s I cant take it anymore. My dad used to even physically abuse my mom-everyday fighting was my childhood memory. In my teen he shifted his abuse from my Mom instead I become new target. He knows very well what hurts and he will say that always.
    Is there really a way out? I think I am losing interest in life.

    1. please, I understand your culture, and my parents are extremely similar to your parents. I think it would be beneficial for the both of us to communicate. I will give you my email, phone, etc. Anything you need, or anytime we can talk I know it will help. I am the “happiest’- (as in outside of the house, whenever I am alone) but because of my parents, and the way the belittle me and make me feel like my life is over, I seriously contemplated suicide today. Please, reach out to me. I need somebody and I hope that I can help you. You are worth so much in this world, but even the words of a parent are like arrows from a bow.

      1. Hey Blake, my email is maaulip13@gmail.com, hope you’re having a good day. I saw your post on a forum and I saw your comment about controlling parents. I am going through something similar and am going through a very tough time right now…. My name is Mauli.

  83. My mother is over protective and now she believes she should control my life. My dad left us and since then I live with my grandma and mother. My mother wants me to eat, sleep, bath even read when she wants. It’s getting horrible day after day. Since childhood I never talked over my mom or broke any rules, but now I am fed up. She is emotionally and physically abusing me. After she comes back home, she hits me for little mistakes and my grandma and relatives encourages her. They told her that she should hit me to keep me in control. She calls me names and says things that hurts- I am a mistake, No one wanted me in this world, I am a load to her and she hates me. She even tells how sweet her friend’s kids are. She doesn’t let me wear what I want, she let’s my grandma choose my clothes which are no good. Every mistake my grandma makes is blamed on me. She believes that if she controls me I could be good human. I am not allowed to go to my friend’s or invite them over even on special ocassions like my birthday. I don’t blame her, it’s my grandma and relatives and her friends who got this idea of control in her mind. But I am tired of this. This is too much, I think I can’t live longer if this process continues.

  84. Thanks for this very insightful article. I can definitely relate to this. I am of Asian background and our set of traditions and family dynamics are quite different from the Europeans and Americans however this article spoke to me in a way that I could put myself in the exact situation as a person with over controlling parents. I am turning 25 and I have recently been feeling the suffocation of not being free to live my life and make decisions on my own. I am not even allowed to go out of town with friends and my boyfriend because my mom fears that I might do something I’d regret. I put myself through school and do not rely on them for any financial help, in fact I provide for them since both my parents don’t have any jobs. however I am not free to spend my own money and even decide to live on my own. I am afraid that by ending my financial ties with them so that I could live on my own and start supporting myself, is that they will completely hate and disown me. I am not just tied to the ground with my parents but I feel like I’ve been working for them now and not primarily for myself. The feeling of not having the freedom and will to live my own life has been emotionally debilitating and had at most part had caused me to breakdown. I feel like my only way out now is to get married and have a family of my own cause as long as I am single I they would depend on me for money. I feel trapped and obligated to provide for them because they have no source of income and I am technically just working for myself.

    Everybody says I just need to move out to gain control of my own life but how can I when they will eventually blame and think of me as ungratefully selfish for considering my side alone and abandoning them with their finances. I feel helpless

  85. When you live at home, I’m sorry to say that the best way to cope with controlling parents is to follow their rules. I know it’s a pain! It’s not fair and you’re old enough to be trusted to make the decisions you want, but part of living with parents is having to abide by their rules.

    That’s why I moved out when I was 16! Actually, I moved from my mom’s place when I was 14. I lived with my grandmother for a couple of years, then moved into my own apartment.

    I’m not saying you should move out…but honestly, that’s the best way to cope with controlling parents. Get out from under their roof, and then you can have the freedom you want.

    You might also try negotiating with them….but every situation is so unique, I don’t even know where to begin! Every person’s relationship with their parents is different, there aren’t many tips that cover all situations.

  86. Hi Laurie,
    I’m turning 21 next month and I recently moved in with my dad and by default, stepmother along with their child.
    Now the only reason I moved in was because my roommates boyfriend is abusive and threatened me on the daily until one day it went to far; I called everyone in my phone to get away but for some reason he-my dad- answered for once in 4-5years.
    I told him what was going on while me and my boyfriend sat at the bus stop away from all the commotion.
    Even though he said I would have to wait a day and sleep there at my room are and I house until he talked it over with his wife he came thorough.

    The main thing for me being here is to save $$ to get my own place but they are becoming extremely controlling .
    One of my co workers is my dad’s wife’s bff and tells her every little thing that concerns me no matter how minimal or incorrect it is.so I end up getting chewed out for every thing for gods sake I’m 20 you’re damn right I’m going to mess up some times.it wouldn’t be so bad if that was all I had to deal with.
    I’m not allowed on my phone (that I bought and pay the bills for) after ten(she(the Mrs. Thinks IRS brain damaging)
    I’m not allowed out late (after9:00 pm)unless I’m going to work or just getting off.
    When I spend the night at a friends they get upset.
    My room quote’needs to look like no one lives in it)
    And once my dad thought it was funny to make a hurtful remark about my panic attacks and anxiety.

    I quickly am becoming’ocer the whole issue and feel like if it dies not change I’ll be forced to get a hotel until I save enough for a apartment.

    1. Any helpful tip(s) on what to say/do to help the situation (I really don’t have a say so or voice to voice my opinion)
      How are you coping with your controlling parents?

      1. yeah, it is not healthy to live that way honey. for now try as many relaxation techniques as you can. Google them and really do a lot of them. If u can get another job away from the friends. Exercise it really helps keep you sane. Move out really soon. Life is not meant to be lived like that. Get a safe place. After you are gone you can write your dad a letter with all the details of what bad and controlling parents they were to u. Maybe they learn something or not.

  87. Growing up, my parents always had a way of making me feel crappy about myself. Criticism after criticism. Madly praising others’ kids in front of my face. Always have to give me orders on what to do around the house, even when I’m right about to do a chore, they just have to tell me to do exactly what I’m about to do so it seems like “they won”. Controlling and childish at the maximum level.

    I’m now 36, they visit me once a year and yet they still do the same crap. I’m never good enough for them. Someone else’s son is always better than me. Always complain, always criticize. The most extremely negative people I’ve ever known. Seriously sucking me dry of spirit and energy. That, is a very effective way to diminish and eventually destroy the family love. And it’s getting there. Those two are really the worst of the worst.

    1. I completely know what you’re talking about with the childish need to prove they are (or think they are) superior and must out rank you.

  88. This article relates to me in every single way. I keep screaming yes!! After I read each sentence. My mother is very controlling and over protective. I almost didn’t have any social life because of her. She never allowed me to go anywhere and even if she does she keeps calling to find out if I’m home as yet. I got pregnant at 18 and had my baby at age 19. She was great with my baby father until he suggest me and the baby come spend a few weeks with him. She got so angry.. She hates him. And now it seems she hates me. She always said I chose him over her. She went as far as telling me that I have to choose between her and him. I cry almost every day. I do am not happy because of the way she has been treating me. She lashes out at every one who try to make her realise that I’m now grown. Even my dad!!. I live in her house and I want out. I will be 20 soon and I cannot take this any more. It’s breaking me emotionally. I even stopped eating once. I lost my appetite for everything. Life doesn’t seem excited any more. My mother doesn’t talk to me but when she does, she’s one of the coldest person. I love my mother we’ve been through alot together. I want things to be great between but I cannot put up with this much longer. It’s killing me. I thought about speaking with a family counsellor and a pastor. I’m suppose to go bk to school because I had took a semester off. Now she’s not even interested in sending me bk. My dad alone can’t manage and my baby father (who goes to the same school) has his tuition to deal with. I’m starting to lose hope.

  89. I wanted to add that I never had my own room. When I grew up, I told her I need to sleep alone, I need privacy and she said no way. I was sleeping with my mother, we shared the same room. She thought I have some nasty reasons why I need privacy and she would never let me home alone of room alone if I can say so. If I needed friends to talk, she would only let me speak online with people I never met face to face and she was always there, reading everything I write. She even learned a bit of english so she could understand my conversations. If she was out to spend time with older neighbours, she would force me to go out too with her and stay next to her. I wasn’t allowed to be alone in the home, because “who knows what you’re going to do, or speak to ?”

  90. I’m glad I could find this article and I really need to get this out of my chest. My mother was very manipulative ever since I was a kid. Since I was a kid, I was never allowed to have any friends, play with kids and so on. She would ask our neighbours to keep an eye on me and my sister while they were at work. And if we ever did something which wasn’t “allowed”, she would know instantely. Growing up was hard. I was always bullied at school for not being let to go anywhere. I wasn’t allowed to go to my proms (first and last year of highschool) and I wasn’t allowed to have friends of be late at home, not even 1 min. After highschool, I took a job so I could pay for my studies, and I would also provide money in the house. I would buy food, pay bills, pay for their medical interventions and so on. If at the end of the month I would tell her I don’t have enough money to give her, she would question me where are all my money, what did I spend them on and so on. She was expecting me to call her 3 times a day when I was at work and especially when I left work to let her know I’m coming home. The real problems started when I had my first boyfriend (I was 21). She didn’t agree with him, because he was a bit shorter and because he was living in the same neighbourhood with my brother in law and that is such a bad thing, cause I would end up unhappy just like my sister if I continue my relationship with him (wtf ?!). Anyway, because I refused to broke up with him, she would yell, we would fight. She would cry and blame me for making her sick, not being able to sleep, eat or think normal and would tell me “is this what you want ? do you really wanna see me in a grave so you can live as you like ?”. But when she needed money, she should ask me nicely and when I gave her money, I was the best daughter. Anyway, I finally decided to broke up with that guy cause I really couldn’t handle it anymore. After some time, I met my husband and things got worse. If I was late at home from work, let’s say 30 min, she would accuse me for hanging on the streets like a cheap woman. When I came home from dates, she would wait for me and then she would start yelling and calling me bad things. When she did laundry, she would check my underwear and would throw them on my face, saying she won’t wash her clothes with my underwear, because she doesn’t want to wash my dirt. She said she’s not going to get sick from washing my clothes from the dirt, from sleeping with men. I have to add I was still a virgin that time so .. dirt, sleeping with men ? She called me a prostitute and told me I should be ashamed for sleeping with men everytime I go out, even for 30 min. WTF ?! Everytime she was a victim. We would fight daily and she even slapped me so hard and pulled my hair. When I told my dad the way she was treating me, he couldn’t believe his ears. He tried to talk to her but that didn’t help. She was nice everytime he was around but when he was out, hell was unleashed. One day I told her I’m going to move out cause I can’t live like that anymore and we fighted so much. I quit the idea, cause I was afraid my dad would suffer too much for leaving home like that. I would stay there and live in that hell, trying to stop caring but that was impossible. When I finally moved out, I heard a discussion between her and my dad, where my dad told her “you should be careful the way you treat her, cause anyway soon she’ll move and we would lose her financial support and it’s going to be tough for us”. Anyway, after some time, I tried to talk to her and remember her all these and she says I’m making stories, that these things never happened (she was ashamed I guess, cause my husband was there). I told her that everything affected me, since childhood to adult age and because of that, I’m shy, I’m not being able to socialize, I still have no friends and I sometimes turn into her. She says she never did anything to me and if I continue, she finally smiles and says “and what are you trying to prove now ? if you’re having issues, it’s because of you not because of me”. Anyway, I love my mother, I forgave her for everything she said and did, but those things affect me daily and still hurts a lot.

  91. There are no quick and easy tips on how to deal with controlling parents, especially if you live at home! I left home when I was 16 years old, and I couldn’t wait to get out. I don’t recommend this strategy, but it worked for me.

    What is one thing you can do — one thing that might work for you? Before I finally left home, I spent alot of time with my best friends. That helped me cope.

  92. Hi Im Dianne, 27 years old. Im from Philippines. I am single and has no child also. I thought of becoming an old maid. Reasons… We were 6 siblings in the family. I am 2nd to the eldest. My sister who is our eldest had her own family and has one child. We grew up with a lot of shouting from our parents, everyday they love to fight. (Sorry for my english) Despite of it all me and my ate remain as achievers in school academically and with other curricular activities. My father is a tricycle driver and my mom is a house wife. 2003 came when my father had an accident, he fell from a tree. He was not able to walk for 2mos. He ask for help from his younger brother abroad. My Uncle who is a nurse in California. My Uncle right away helped us, 2003 to 2011 every month my Uncle send us money enough to support our all needs, even studies. So blessed to have Uncle Nong in my life. 2003 to 2011 my parents didn’t stop fighting. They become worst. Esp when they feel scarcity of money because they only depend with the money sent by my Uncle. i remember one day, when i was reviewing my notes preparing for my examination I was crying because my father is shouting at me. That I spend most of the money to my school needs esp. to my Tuition fee. I took up nursing as advised by my uncle. I dont know if i will continue to read my books or to stop reading and sleep and go to school the next day to tell my professors that i will stop schooling. Most of the time my parents were angry at me back in college because of that. I wanna finish college to help them in the future but they became my first obstacle. Oh life. There was also a time when I was reviewing and my father is again angry and he hit me in the head and my head bumped into the bamboo part of our table. I dont know how to take things that time haha. i even asked myself “DO I REALLY NEED TO STOP STUDYING?” then asked myself “BUT IF I STOPPED, WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THE FUTURE LIVES OF MY SIBLINGS, WHO WILL SUPPORT THEM IN THEIR NEEDS?”. Surprisingly I graduated in April 2011, took the board exam by August and passed the board exam. My uncle stopped his financial support right away May 2011 he stop sending us money. That’s why i did not enroll to review center cause I don’t have money. i study and read my books and i held on to my FAITH in GOD more deep than the deepest ocean. thank God i made it. The result came out August 2011, i was already working to a flight booking company, an agency. San to say I was not able to work as a nurse until now, because I cant afford to lose a job with enough compensation for our family’s needs. That time nurses were voluntary workers or paid only as allowance because of the huge number of nurses that time the govt and private institutions were overwhelmed with a lot of nurses.Now i am still working and I was able to send my sister to college and she will finish college this coming April 2016. I am very happy but my parets are not haha. They were demanding a well off life. Maybe they get tired of waiting for us to get rich hahaha. i dont know why they are pressured of getting rich. My mom keeps on telling us that if not because of them we will not be who we are today. My eldest sister and i dint stop supporting our family since Uncle ended his support to us. i was crying this morning upon receiving annoying messages from my mother. They were very unhappy with their present lives. I was wondering, my sister and i were providing for the whole family and not them for 5years now. how come they still complain of everything in life. It’s okay with me to become an old maid , because im willing to support all of them till i die. I just cant take it when everything we do for them seemed never enough 🙁 I know i cant choose my parents but for how long will I ask myself if i could get another set hehe 🙁
    BUT guys don’t worry i can do this. WE can do this 🙂 just have faith in God 🙂

  93. Hello There,

    Lately, I have been experiencing family issues that have just gotten out of control and I am in need of some help/guidance. My name is Nichole and I am 23 years old. I live with my mother and father however just purchased my first home with my fiancé of 7 years now. We plan to get married this summer, however, now it seems that everyone in my family disapproves of our marriage. My fiancé and I got engaged September 2014, we planned to have our wedding this year, April 2016 but that has been pushed back to July 2016 due to some family difficulties.

    Throughout the seven years, the first five to say exact, my parents loved him. He did everything for my parents with pretty much anything and everything they asked for including helping out at my dads shop. Lately the past couple of years my dad has grown against him for reasons I cannot understand. My fiancé and I are both college graduates with great stable jobs. To help save money for our marriage and future we both decided to live with our parents. He lives at home with his mother and I live at home with my parents. However, I am unable to save any money at all while living at home. This all started in April of 2014 when my father saw a text on my cell phone that said something on the lines of “they need to start buying their own things”. This was said due to the fact that both of my parents do not work. My father is “disabled” and receives social security while my mom chooses to not work. My father not working I can understanding. My mother on the other hand has chosen not to work for some time now. She took care of her mother years ago, now she is deceased, but now her reasons not to work is to “potty train” my niece and watch my niece “grow up” (my niece does not live with us and her own mother works and is not able to watch her “grow”).

    My father has sent me numerous text that are emotionally abusive and have left me crying while at work. He talks behind my back including turning my grandparents against my fiancé. I just found out this past weekend from my sister when I asked her “Do you know why pawpaw wants to talk to me?” her response was “Well all I know is that at y’alls wedding he is going to standup and say something/speak his mind”. I feel as if I am in a never ending cycle. There is always something going wrong and someone is always unhappy. I finally broke the news to my father that there is a contract pending on the house we looked at two weeks ago when he asked about it (my father knew we went to go look at the house). He became upset and said that he asked for an “advance” of me moving out so that way that would give my mom time to find a job (I told my mom in advance which my dad does not know she knew these). Apparently that was not “advance” enough. I even called my fiancé after my dad said his two-cents and told my fiancé that I did not want to get married anymore because I cannot choose between two people I love..my family and him because I love him. No one is able to be happy all because of my dad. My mother will not even stand up for me. My father has now threatened to take the car I drive away from me. Even though I pay the insurance on the car, parts, gas, etc. and the car is under my moms name he said that he needs to “sell it” to have money since I am moving out. Now on top of paying off my debts, trying to juggle to help pay for a new home on top of paying my parents (since now I am not able to move out until I am married according to my dad), buying a car that will at least get me from point A to point B, and paying for a wedding (which my parents will not be helping much with if even at all).

    I am having difficulty trying to juggle things financially and emotionally right now. My dad has made me feel as if I have done everything wrong in my life. I graduated high school, went straight to college, graduated with a great degree, and now have a great stable job. I do not go out and party. Most days, I come home from 12 hour shifts, eat, sleep, and wake up to do it all over again. I only go out with one person and that is my fiancé. On the other hand, my half brother is in jail, my sister made my dads life hell when she lived at home with us and now has a child. Most of the time, parents are happy about their kids growing up and starting new chapters in their lives. With mine on the other hand, they are angry and the hatefulness towards me has been growing. My father has been making sarcastic remarks towards me on a daily basis. My parents even said “we just feel like you will not have any choices in your life when you get married” all because the home we brought to them is “not my style” when in reality I am the one who chose the home. Not once has my mom offered to help me plan our wedding. On the other hand, she helped constantly with my sisters baby shower. With everything that has gone on over the last two years, I just do not know what to do anymore. I try to make everyone else around me happy, when all I get in return is expectation and hate.

    Any ideas on how to handle this situation will be greatly appreciated, Thank you.

  94. Hello am sabina 24, a final year student at university, recently i told my dad about my 5 years relationship with a hindu boy, a very hardworking person, being a muslim, my dad refused to accept my relationship. He makes life miserable and control it, am just tired emotionally, physically, i just want to go away and be independent, I want to find a job and be independent,.Everyday i try to be a helpful daughter and assume my responsibility as a daughty and as a student . I have very good grades during my first and second year at uni.But since i’ve told him about my relationship, he always ill treats me and controls my life please help me.

  95. Like AV above me, I too did a Google search on how to cope with controlling parents, and came across this site. I’m 28 years old, moving onto 29 in May. I’m a full-time college student taking care of my own thing. However, I still live at home for a variety of reasons–but the biggest standout reason is that I have a verbally abusive, emotionally-blackmailing, and totally self-centric alcoholic stepmother that throws guilt trips at me every time I even come close to discussing moving out.

    My father is almost no better, except that unlike my stepmom, he actually works and doesn’t even drink. Aside from that, my dad likes to throw backhanded comments about how much he appreciates having me around and that he’d be nearly hopeless without me around. Him and my stepmom like to joke about having my nephews and niece come out to visit once I move just so they can help them out with little house chores.

    My parents own three mastiffs. I have no say in decisions they make. Yet despite that, both of my parents leave it up to me to take care of their dogs for them. Sometimes I’ll have night classes that prevent me from making it home until at the latest 9PM, and yet the dogs will still be outside, waiting to come in from the cold and recently snowy weather. I’ll get especially mad about this, not because I have to take the time to walk dogs that really aren’t mine, but because the poor dogs have to stay outside because their other owners refuse to take even a few minutes to walk them in, for whatever reason. And when I do take them to task about it, I always get the same “It only takes two minutes, what’s the big deal?”

    And if I use that logic on them… oh man, I won’t even get started on how angry they get.

    As for me… I’m gonna be 29. I want to move out, get independent, and get my own life started. However, I have a manipulative stepmom that, if she had her way, would make sure I stay with my parents as long as they’re alive… and I have a father that kind of enables the behavior instead of defending me.

    When I did bring up the idea of moving out to my stepmom recently, all she did was go into a semantics rant about how selfish I would be for abandoning them and leaving them to their own devices, while I go and enjoy my life. She literally wants to control my life as long as she’s alive.

    I need to find the strength and the courage, but more importantly, the right things to say to both of them.

  96. One of the best ways to cope with controlling parents is to focus on the things you CAN control.

    You can’t change the way your parents think or act…but you can change how you respond to them. You can’t change who your parents are or what they say to you…but you can change what you say to them and how you interact with them.

    It may not seem like helpful or powerful advice, but the simple fact is that your parents are loving you the best way they can. They aren’t perfect, and they are making mistakes. They may be doing everything wrong! But you won’t be able to convince them of that. You won’t be able to convince them that they’re controlling or that they need to change.

    Keep expressing your feelings. Get a journal, and write write write everything that you’re going through. Process your experiences, get all your thoughts and emotions out. It’s good that you’re sharing here! Express yourself, for you will save yourself that way.

    What advice would you give your younger sister or brother about coping with controlling parents?

  97. I have many other things I keep hidden but right now I just want to really know what to do about going to uni next year… I feel as if that’s my deadline to make up my mind on who is really in control of my life.. (Sorry for my bad English, particularly if anyone got lost in the past/present/future tenses.. English isn’t my first language.)

  98. Hello
    I have only read a few of the comments and so so far I guess I would probably be the youngest here. I hope no one will judge me for any lesser for that.. I am 17 turning 18, and I love my parents as I know that they love me. But my whole life growing up I have grown accustomed to being alone.. Both socially and emotionally. I love meeting new people but I set boundaries so that no one can get close, afraid of my parent’s disapproving of them.. They say that they would “love” to see me be more socially active, but every time I do they end up disliking them, saying that they are a ‘bad influence’ and when one reason doesn’t fit the description (when I and/or my friend(s) prove to them otherwise) they’d just keep wriggling out reasons for why the are all ‘bad people’.. I hate being the cause of pain to someone important to me, so I stopped making any real friends to protect them and myself from that pain. Emotionally,.. Now this is a biggie… Ever since I was a babe through to childhood to now my father would scold me for crying calling me ‘crybaby’, telling me that if I don’t shut up I’m in HUGE trouble.. Which I often end up in anyway. So I haven’t cried since, or at least in front of them or anyone because well it’s how I was raised. But recently I am under quite a bit of stress from school and all the extra cirucular activities I do (I am really involved with my school performing arts centre). I love doing it of course, but that doesn’t mean it makes it any less stressful. Anyways, I was in a bad mood and as hard as I tried to hide it, my dad pointed out how ‘disrespectful’ I was being in not being too happy about making a sandwich for him…. .__. So anyways, bawling my eyes out, I tell him what’s up and they only thing he told me was “toughen up, that’s your problem don’t share it with others”. … I just turned 15. I remember feeling a sharp coldness seep through me remembering why I don’t cry to them ever. Another thing I have always wished is for them to be more supportive of me.. When I’d invite them to my concerts or performances, they’d skip out and say that they are ‘busy’, and their ‘busy’ is sleeping or playing games on their phone. … The major issue of this is that, I’m graduating high school this year and they want to send me to college/uni overseas. I don’t really want to go to uni, but if I have to I woul love to do tourism and hosiptality. This is what I’m planing on doing anyway too, maybe just working at a hotel or something I really love meeting new people and think it’ll be more adventurous and fun! I told them this but the only response I got back was a 2 hour lecture about how, and I quote, “it’s a stupid idea and I’m being a retard” ….. So I really don’t want to go anymore and rather want to travel with my friend (I know I said I was alone, but somehow I managed to make a few true good friends behind my parent’s back, and they’re the ones who taught me to be open with my emotions and that it’s okay to cry and that there’s nothing wrong with who I am and the things I want to do and love doing.. It’s because of them that I’m still going on..), but I’m terrified of disappointing my parents about my decision.. I’m terrified of what they’ll do once they find out I’ve skipped out on their plans for me, because last time I told them they said that they’ll disown me as a disgrace and being disrespectful to our family name… Anything I wan to do seems to be a disgrace to our name.. So right now I’m torn between breaking myself to keep my parents happy, or breaking my parent’s heart and be selfish so I can live my life.. Sometimes I wish I’d give up so that I wouldn’t have to decide, but that’s selfish of me anyways so…. I know many people and my true friends tell me that I shouldn’t let them live my life for me, but could I really do something like that to them..? Despite everything I still love them so much it’s killing me I swear…. And one other thing is I don’t feel appreciated for anything I do for them.. The things I give up and sacrifice for them, they dont even notice or disregard it saying ‘why don’t you ever think or anyone else but yourself?’.. I get they do things for me to but the difference between them and me is that I appreciate it.. I take the time out to show that and I respect them in every way, but it’s like they don’t respect me.. They even said that “you don’t deserve our respect, we deserve yours.” … I feel so trapped.. What am I to do… ?

    1. your not selfish, if anything your parents are being selfish. You need to stand up for yourself or accept them the way they are. Some parents have this innate nature that “we do everything for her, yet this and this is lacking or not good enough”…they will never change. Respect them and love them, but don’t take their harsh critisizim to heart. That will be easier for you, be strong and believe in yourself. And try to get out of there as soon as possible. Parents are parents. Some are very easy to get along with and some very difficult. But don’t take their stuff to heart.

  99. I don’t believe my problems come any where near the level of pain or hardship so many of you deal or have dealt with. It’s disheartening to see how many people suffer due to over controlling parents. I don’t believe my dad was always a controlling guy. While he was in the military he almost always treated me and my brother like we were his pride and joy. He would bring back sweets from the states, toys and gizmos. Spoilt us a lot really. I did notice a change when I turned 11 and he left the military to become an estate agent. We moved to the other end of the country and I started secondary education in a new school. My grades started failing, I didn’t have any friends, I started skipping school and not doing my homework all the while my dad was at the office doing 12 hour shifts to keep the business afloat. I guess he started to resent me because he saw me as lazy and not putting effort into anything any more and he was doing more than he wanted to just so we could survive. When he used to take us all out for family walks, I used to get tired and hungry, these were long 4 hour walks that my dad insisting on taking us all on. I used to complain so much. One day we were on a cliff edge in Dover for a day out and I guess he just had enough and grabbed me on the edge of the cliff and shook me, saying how he couldn’t believe I was his son. I was 12. I was genuinely afraid for my life. It wasn’t the last time he said that either. Well, when I finished School, got average but not amazing grades, I went to college and did a year long course in cookery. When I finished that I spent the next two years in my room playing on my Xbox. No joke. I didn’t look for work, I didn’t know how to right a cv (resume) so I avoided my problems and chose the easy option. Well that was 3 years ago now. I’m 21, I have had 3 jobs since we last moved and have been paying my dad rent and buying my own food. I was recently laid off from my last job and have been applying for work ever since. My dad keeps telling me how bad and lazy I used to be and how he doesn’t believe people change. Despite my improvement. He doesn’t want me in the house, that I now help pay for, during the day and insists I look for work on the computers at the local library so I’m away from the distractions at home. I try to defend myself by saying I have changed, the boy I was didn’t face his problems and hid in his room playing games all day. I am working as hard as I can to find another job but it’s as much a numbers game as it is the quality of the applications. There aren’t enough jobs for me to sit behind a computer 9 to 5 every day and apply for. And he would have me apply for 20 jobs a day if he could force me to, no matter the job. He even came into my room yesterday and had a go at me because it was 4pm and I was on my playstation. Am I in the wrong? Is he right about me? Am I still lazy and doing nothing to find another job, or are his expectations completely unreasonable? I was so excited this weekend because I had heard back from 4 employers saying they’re interested and would like to see me. Then my dad walks in, tells me I’m not doing enough and this is exactly why I should be out of the house. I’m going crazy. I have no time for myself, have no one I can spend the day out with and the threat of eviction if I don’t find enough work to support myself in the next month. I want to know if I’m in the wrong because at the moment I’m torn.

  100. Hello Laurie

    My name is Giselle, i am 29 and live with my parents again. Reason why i say again is because i lost my husband of eight years about a two years ago. I had nowhere else to go but to my parents place. My mother and i get along pretty great. Now my father and I, not a chance. Ever since i can remember he’s always been very mean and very very controlling. Because of his lack of being a father i now have a fear of dating, and becoming independent. Till this day i still hear the word NO. Always. I dont know what his fear is of me leaving and becoming and adult. This is torture that he cant even trust his own daughter. Ive always been there for him and my mother i have always respected him, but yet he cant show me respect. Yes he helps me out financially but honestly im scared to go back to work. I feel like my childhood was horrible. I never remember having fun with my parents. I dont know what else to do. And hes not the easiest person to talk to. I also feel like i have not grown up in so many ways. I wish i was a stronger person. Ive become weak because of him. He makes me feel like im not worth anything. And it hurts that my own mother cant even have a say in anything.
    Please i need some advice.

    Thank you.

  101. My name is William and I rent an apartment from my father. The apartment is in a large building that is also rented to a business. I help with building mantinence and really enjoy the area I occupy. The problem I have issue with, is, my father constantly questioning me about talking to the ” wrong” people in this small community. Often he receives mail that is mine due to name/address similarities- he opens and reads nearly all of it. A more recent problem is that he is demanding to know who is on the phone when I recieve a call in his presence. And to top it off I noticed he had been examining my garbage- this coinciding with the demand to examine the contents of the trunk of my car . this is the part where I tell you I am 40 years old, he is 73. Not a very inspiring story, but it felt good to share.

  102. Hi there,
    What a helpful website, I really do need help with my overwhelming parents.
    My father is currently in hospital, he’s frail and just turned 77years.
    My mother has been asking me to visit everyday which is physically draining and now I have got sick as I’m worn out working all day and visiting in the evenings. Now I am sick she is texting my hubby to find out if he’s visiting- which he does sometimes. Saying- he’s not good today a visit from you would help him feel better
    I feel she is emotionally blackmailing us…
    We just need a break from her and her controlling games ? Just feeling so low

  103. Hi my name is Sam and im about to turn 17 in feb. so that means I have a whole year left to deal with my parents, they found out I was doing something and they weren’t happy at all, they took my phone and threw some things away and even told me I couldn’t go to a concert that “I” bought with my money, my best friend lives with me and she is making her move out and is accusing me of being gay with her, and now the only thing I have is a chrome book which is a laptop from my high school. Im going crazy in my head, not because im without my phone but I cant talk to my best friend she doesn’t really know much that just went on. I’ve been crying so hard I feel like I have a permanent headache and I just cant even go down stairs to see my parents because I have so much anger that I might say something out of spite and make “my” situation worse and the only reason why is because I know for sure that I cant walk out of this house without getting in some bs because im only 17 and I have a whole year left of this imaginary prison cell. Unlike everyone else on here im just a little below young adult, just by a year but all I do is pray that I get through this last year smooth sailing. It would be a pleasure if i got some sort of response.

  104. I’m under 18 years of age, so there is no possibility of me leaving. Every time I do something my parents don’t agree with, they make me feel like I am stupid. They always try to control me and make me participate in things they want me to do. They make me wear the clothes which they think are cute. Even if they don’t agree with how I wear my hair they make a big deal about it. I have a boyfriend and we are pretty serious. My parent’s insist they meet him, but every time I try to talk to them about it they always say “I’ll think about it” and never say anything else. Or “we’re not going to talk about this.” My Dad now has this thing going where if he hasn’t met him, I can’t talk to him. I can’t touch or talk to him until they meet him. But how is that supposed to happen when they don’t want to plan a day to meet. What am I supposed to do?

    1. Hi Susan, I literally know exactly how you feel even though our experience may differ but generally im with you on every level. I just cant wait to not have to worry what they think or will say about something I do it has just gotten old. so happy you replied !

  105. I’m 22 years old. Live at university. But have been living with my parents during breaks. My parents have always been supportive of my education and life goals. However, they are only supportive of what I do if they agree with it. If I disagree about anything, CONSTANT ARGUING. They have threatened to kick me out because of difference of opinion on things. They always tell me that if I do something they don’t like or agree with, then i’m being disrespectful. A huge part of my life for the past year is my relationship. They have called me stupid and naïve for being in a serious monogamous relationship. They think I should be dating around and seeing different people and not “tying myself down.” I have told them before that I appreciate and understand their concern, but that my boyfriend is very important to me and that this is my decision. They simply will not let up and for that, they very much dislike my boyfriend. They make my relationship absolute hell. I wanted to spend some time with my boyfriend and his family on Christmas and my parents would not have it. They were yelling and calling me selfish. I stood my ground and finally stood up to them about something, and they kicked me out. I have no idea how to get them to understand that i’m going to and need to make decisions for myself. And just because I decide to do something they don’t like, does not mean i’m doing it out of spite. I’ve had countless talks with them about how I feel and how they make me feel, but it doesn’t seem like they care at all and nothing changes. What can I possibly do.

  106. my parents don’t hate me they just don’t estimable my difference and they are so negative with what ever I do they make me feel bad about my life and all my deeds Iam afraid they are killing the talents inside of me what shall I do

  107. My boyfriend is 18 and his father is definitely the epitome of a controlling parent. He is 18 and his father controls every aspect of his life trying to keep him at home no matter what. His dad has forced him to change colleges and move back home. Along with GPS tracking his phone, forcing him to break up with me (although me and him are still secretly talking), deleting and blocking every person from our college on Facebook, instagram, and snapchat (the one he had to transfer from), blocking all numbers from his phone that isn’t the dads cell or the house phone, and much more crazy things. My boyfriend wants to leave and to come back to our school, but he doesn’t know what to do. I wish I could help, but since he moved out of our dorm last week we have only been able to talk for two hours total over the span of two days. His dad has some serious problems. I’m trying to help him any way possible , but there is only so much I can do.

  108. Hi everyone, I want to keep somewhat anonymous so I’m posting with my name as Riley. I came to this website today because my bf and I got somewhat into an argument today about the situation with my father and I . In about 5 days, I’ll be 18. I’ve had to hide my relationship from my parents because my father does not like my bf and whenever my bf has been around, my father pretends to be alright with him, but once he leaves, my father hardcore judges him, saying things like he’s “not very attractive” and that he “thinks he’s intelligent but isn’t ” and he doesn’t know “what any girl would see in him” and that if I had feelings for him that something was wrong with me.
    But my bf is the type of person to be stressed out with life, and sees someone else in need and lends them a hand. He can come off as mean, but that’s how he is. In reality, he’s very caring, and listens to others, and enjoys lending others a hand. He enjoys talking to others, and whenever I’ve been around him, he’s always helping out other people . My father however, refuses to see him as a good person . He’s even admitted that my bf has been very respectful and gentlemanly to him, but doesn’t want me to have anything to do with him. And it really hurt my bf when I told him my father flat out just doesn’t like him and doesn’t want him around me . He’s tried to work with my father, but my father is stubborn . I’ve tried to speak with my father about why he dislikes my bf so much . Every time, it escalates into a major argument and he ends up telling me “if I like him, I’m going against him.” Words can’t express how hurt and how angered that makes me feel! Ever since this has happened, I’ve seen my father in a very controlling manner, especially when he gets drunk, which happens all too often . I hate that I have to hide things from him, but he has threatened me numerous times, especially about my bf, saying he’ll pick everything up and move, and that he’ll come back for my bf and beat him for being with me . And I guess from a parental standpoint, hiding things is the only “bad thing” I’ve done . I graduated high school with honors, I’m currently at college on federal grant, my mom generally doesn’t have much conflict with me, but it’s a whole other story with my dad . He’s extremely controlling, and the most controlling thing he’s done is take my iPod away, the only thing that has probably kept me sane because it’s my outlet to the outside world because I’m not allowed to go out, and ask for all my passwords. Of course I didn’t give him everything, because he’d take my secret social life away from me . He’s even said to me that “turning 18 isn’t going to protect me from him” . I’m sorry but what kind of father says that to their child ? I feel very scared of him, especially of displeasing him. I want to make my relationship with my bf known, as its taking a very stressful toll on him, and me as well . I just want to have a healthy relationship with my bf, and with my dad as well, and have no conflict. That’s the last thing I need . But seeing as how my dad is extremely controlling, I don’t think conflict is avoidable. It took a lot for me to make this post. But I’m really scared, and stressed, and desperate to live a normal life where j can have a social life without hiding it and not feel so stressed . Can someone please help ? I honesty don’t know what to do.

  109. Hi Brianna, I read what you wrote and was interested in your question, “does anyone want to talk.” Here is a great resource for support around dealing with difficult parents: http://www.emergingfrombroken.com. There are lots of blog postings where folks comment beneath them and talk back and forth with each other. I have found a lot of support there. You, and others from this thread, may find support there as well. Like all of you I also experience some degree of controlling parents. I have divorced parents who are both remarried. My mom left home when I was 13 and my dad was emotionally available but also sexually abusive. It has been difficult to step into my own life… I find myself returning to live with my mom and step-dad off and on through my young adult life. (I am 33 now.) I have lived for years on my own but also have lived with my mom and step-dad for about 7 years off and on through my adult life. I am currently living with them and working for their company. I appreciate their support. At the same time it is incredibly difficult for me to express myself when I have differences of opinion or want something different from life than my mom and step-dad. They have all the “cars” right now. They own the home and write the paycheck. My solution is to look for new jobs so that I am no longer financially dependent. Then I’ll move out when I find the right place. I hope that all of you find your solutions and support to stand up for yourselves. You deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.

  110. I need help. I need to know where to turn and what to do.
    Im 21 years old, yes I still live at home because mainly because I had my child 2 weeks after turning 18. I still managed to graduate high school, go back to community college, and work. I got a new car that takes most of my money at the moment but I’m the only parent my son has.

    But i cannot go anywhere and do anything with or without my son, my parents control me. show up where im at if i dont tell them where im at they come looking for me or check the phone bill for whom i been texting or calling then they contact them.

    it is embarrassing, i am fed up with this, yes i understand i got to respect them because i still live at home, but there’s a difference.

  111. I’m 38 and still living at home. I told my mum I’m moving out next week after standing up to her yesterday – how many times have I been here before… I’m unmarried, no children. Here’s a list of what it’s like at home:

    Little digs. Questioning my every move. Stopping me from doing things by asking questions (why are you, where are you, why are you). If a sentence doesn’t begin with ‘why’ it’s ‘you’ll never get anywhere in life if…’ Being disagreeable. Turning things around so it’s always my fault. Getting angry/emotional and threatening to sell the house if I suggest moving out. Telling me I’m just like my brother. Ordering me to be quiet when the TV is on. Making it impossible to be around her, but making me feel bad if I’m not around her all the time. Comparing other peoples sons to me, or the way other sons treat there mums compared to the way I treat her. Making me feel like I’ve got to be there for tea and home early on nights out. If it boils into an argument I get, ‘that’s right, it’s all my fault. You two boys blame me for everything.’ Making me feel ungrateful for everything she does (she does actually give me lots of food and cheap rent).

  112. i am currently facing a hard situation with my parents and brother i am 21 im going to be 22 my family is really controlling over me they treat n make me do things im not allowes to go out and wen i do they give me a curphew to be home before or at 8 i sneaked out with my bf and got caught they made a big deal they caused a big scene and they where happy my bf broke up with me me n him still talk we still have a strong bond but my parents dont want me hanging out with can they really chooses over nw can they determined my feelings they always put me down they hurt me they control in every way like if i was a dog and my brother always is getting into my relationship pushing my bf away i really want to be with him but my parent arw too controlling over me they dont allow me to be happy

  113. Anyone want to talk? PLEASE let me know. I can never meet anyone who understands controling, manipulative parents.
    I just turned 18, from Texas. My parents divorced when i was around 5. Everything was okay until i was in 6th grade. I lived wit my mom at the time and she had a very abusive boyfriend. My mom took me to the doctor and prescribed me with sleeping pills and so on but my mom told me to just take them with me to my dads secretly. Well my dad found them in bag and then brought the court in i was moved to my dads. He recently started dating my step mom.

    Things got crazy when i became a teen. I was allowed social media and freedom to do most of what i want at my moms house but not like my dads they considered it dangerous wich is true. Well lying to my dad and step mom i did for many years cause i was always scared to tell them the truth. My mom was pretty cool with things she was just always in desperate need of my attention. When i lie about somthing to my dad and stepmom they get angry telling them i hurt them and the family and stuff like how could you and just so much.

    My stepmom is so self centered and manipulative i have to make her happy in order for me to get any respect even though i respect her with every urge i have. My dads a pusher. When tell him about how far ive gotten on a paper he tells me things i did wrong and what i can do better no positive and if i answer the question he was quizzing me on right he trys to make it seem like he was just repeating what im saying and im not right. Also when i tell him im starting my own knitting business he tells me what i should do next and he tells me all what i should do. i love him, but i just dont feel like he will ever be proud truly of me.

    I just turned 18 and i was told by my stepmom that i had to make a decision to either live at my dads or moms i had no idea which to choose. It was so much pressure and i dont have enough guts or strength to figure it all out at 18 so i picked my dad because there pretty strong christians and i need to follow God through all this. Well my mom over reacted and was angry about my decision and thought i was turning against her when really i just was scared confused and frustrated with what to do. my stepmom suggested to block her from calling or texting i hate that womans decision but sadly i did and my mom is a trainwreck i know it.

    I love music playing guitar knitting ukelele singing and writing music. Pretty much my coping mechanisms. I cant explain everything about my life well cause its such a crooked path thats hard to define but im trying all i can to survive. i had a boyfriend in june but he broke up with me the day before graduation when all the crap was about to start and i just hope i can find someone soon to help me through this and not leave me. well thatts all il vent.

  114. Hi. I’m Robert. I’m 17 and I live in the UK with my guardian. My upbringing has always been overprotective and definitely over controlled, but as I approach my 18th Birthday things are getting a lot worse. I want to get a job so I can start saving up some money for university, but every time I ask about getting a job it’s violently put down.
    I was diagnosed with Autism when I was 11. I have been consistently put down about my behaviour (which I don’t even believe is that bad) in which I am reminded of every day, I’m not even joking. I’m constantly reminded about all the bad things I’ve done, even things I did almost 5 years ago, even to the point where my guardian made my own biological family told me that I wouldn’t have any chance in life.
    I’ve tried many times to bring this to her attention but every time my guardian tells me to shut up and sometimes will escalate into a verbal fight. Most of the time I unleash my stored up emotions on my younger brother. He’s stopped talking to me now.
    Although I’m not put down academically, I’m constantly pinned down and scrutinised for the things I can’t do, instead of the things I can do. If my parents let me, I could show them what I can do and I remind of this very often, to no avail.
    I want to have enough money so I can go to university and start saving this money up. However, I’ve been unable to because I’m not able to gain any sort of financial independence from my parents so I can go to university. A number of times I’ve told my guardian of my intentions but each time it’s been put down with sometimes violent force from her son, who lives with us, Although 99% of the time, he’s a decent man, my guardian uses him as a fear tactic to try and stop me from going against her.
    Over time, I’ve built up resistance against what the say. When I oppose something they’ve said I will silently defy her under my breath and it’s only my home that happens.
    Over the last couple of years, I have considered running away at least 5 times to try and starting a new life. As time goes on, my autistic behaviour seems to be even more criticised and suppressed, I don’t want to live up to unrealistic expectations of my behaviour no more.
    I’ve been psychologically damaged for the rest of my life and the thought of displeasing my guardian any longer is almost becoming too much to handle. I have even resorted to self-harm to put myself down even further.
    Can someone please give me advice? I’m in desperate need of it.


  115. I Need HELP I’m 30 and my husband just got a new job I have 2 kids and we had to pack up our house (we own) in 2 weeks and move 3 hours away in spokane wa for his job where my mother lives I had a horrible childhood and HATE my mother with a passion and moved away as soon as I graduated high school to get away from her she’s controlling judgmental hypocritical and mean we had to move in with her because our property in yakima is now a rental but needs improvements and we can’t afford to get a rental until things are fixed there for the family who moved in. My mom is taking over every aspect of my life she take over parenting my children when I’m right there doing it myself she’ll jump in and talk over me, my kids now ignore me disrespect me and don’t listen to me because of this, I’ve never been able to talk to my mom she puts me down breaks me down and destroys me mentally like always she knows I won’t stand up for myself because I hate confrontations I have severe anxiety/depression and she knows how to shut me down… I don’t know how to stand up to her in fear of the outcome… my step dad is the same way I went from having my own space freedom to do as I please have my children and now it’s all taken away I’m losing all hope I’m taking 2 mg of lorazepam daily for the last 3 years and with my husbands new job our insurance cards haven’t came yet and I’m out of my medication I feel like I’m dying with panic/anxiety attacks daily I’m and my ropes end miserable and she just lost her job so she’s here 24/7 literally killing me… I need help I can’t do this anymore I’d rather live in my car than deal with this another day, I have a fear she will try to take my kids saying I’m mentally unstable with isn’t the case in just can’t handle her… I don’t sleep I cry uncontrollably behind closed doors I have no one to talk to I need a psychiatrist it’s really bad my child hood I’ve seen things no child should ever have to witness, her sexual infedelaty with men since I was in kinder garden is were my hatred started she would tell us to lie and call me stupid I would beg to live with my father and she would always put him down and never let us see him, she always shoved pills down my throat to help with my “attitude” leave me and my 3.siblings alone daily I had to take role of mom make dinner chores ect since I was 9 she knew I knew about her many affairs and I’ve never told my step dad and I’m just broken lost and soo low I have no idea what to do I can’t tell her to back off let me be the parent to my children and come and go as I please without explanation do what I want without explanation ect it’s a really toxic environment, another thing is I’ve seen alot of death witnessed a suicide a guy jumped off a 5 story building and landed infront of me i was 14 never got help for that when I was 13 I seen a couple burn alive in a car accident while my uncle tride to save them but couldn’t never got help I’m pretty sure I have ptsd I don’t know what to do please help me

  116. Your article on coping with controlling parents was very helpful, but was wondering what your advice would be. I am 23 and moved out of my parents house 2 years ago tired of the emotional abuse, being controlled, and living in a hoarder house. However my parents and I still talk on the phone trying to be honor them and be a good daughter but every time try making mends and going forward they run over me and continue to use guilt and try and control me. My question how do you know when it’s best to just move on and stop communicating with them completely? I kept hopping they would change but they haven’t at all and I am just tired of fighting their hurtful words off and of course they don’t see what they are doing is wrong. Thanks for your help! Kayla

  117. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Thank you for being here, and sharing how difficult it is to cope with controlling parents. Your comments and experience is so helpful to others who are in the same situation, and you’re helping them not feel so alone!

    I can’t give advice, but I pray for peace and freedom in your life. May you find ways to set boundaries that protect you from your controlling parents, and may you also honor and respect your family. May you find forgiveness and hope, and may you see your family with wise and loving eyes. I pray for joy, and for a life filled with wisdom and contentment.


  118. Dealing with this my whole life. I’m 29 now. I feel like I wasted a good part of my youth spending so much energy trying to satisfy my parents and their impossible expectations for me. Growing up they would routinely give me the silent treatment if things didn’t go their way, and when I got older would kick me out of their house until I came begging back to have a place to live. Often times I would live with other family members who would try to mediate the situation. How embarrassing. I’ve even relinquished girlfriends since they were never good enough for my parents. Now I’m old and unmarried and they’re constantly reminding me of it. I’m ashamed of how cowardly I’ve been. As an adult I am constantly reminded of how “unsuccessful” I am. No matter what job I get, no matter how much money I make, no matter how many of my personal goals I achieve- doesn’t matter. I will always be their failure. I am very close to dropping everything, putting my stuff in storage, and driving 18 hours to Texas and starting a new life there. I guess I just feel that distance is the only cure for this, albeit a crude one.

  119. I have never felt more at peace than after reading this article and all these comments! – I was almost convinced that there was no 19 year old living in the same situation that I am- or worse…
    I have traditional African parents who claim to be ‘laid back’ because they compare themselves to their parents, and the way they grew up.

    We’ve lived in Sydney since I was 3 and they’ve treated me that way since we moved here. My mother is emotionally manipulative, she plays with my emotions and tries to make me feel bad about wanting my freedom, she’ll always bring up the “you’re my baby, I’m sorry I’m such a bad mother” speech to guilt trip me into not going to that party, or that sleepover or that event ect.

    I hadn’t realised this until 2 weeks ago when my boyfriend of nearly 2 years literally told me the hard truth that I need to open my eyes, he saw what was happening from the beginning and I defended my parents’ actions every single time.

    I haven’t even told my parents that I’m in love for the first time, because they’re conservative Christians who only see me getting married to one of the pool of guys within my church only – no other man will satisfy them.

    One point which struck a cord with me was that I don’t need to please my parents. They’re not going to live with my man!-I AM! I have been living my entire life FOR my parents, not for me! I have a 12 year old sister who is running off the walls, she’s not afraid of our parents, she doesn’t feel the need to please them, she does what she wants when she wants- despite the fact that she pisses them off so much- she is living life, and they’re letting her!

    As the first born of this family, I’m finally ready to take my life back and stop desperately trying to seek the attention and approval of my parents. I just recently got a job, which was a big step for me, I’ve now got a couple of hours left until I can get my licence and I’m good to go, but at this point- I’m taking back my freedom.

    They have done so much for me which I totally appreciate, but at the same time, they’ve deprived me from living a normal life, and now, 19 years later I’m finally ready to stop living in fear of them and FOR myself !

  120. Hi Laurie,
    I am so glad to read this article and comments. I’m engaged to a man of 30 years old who has a controlling father. His father recently called me to threaten me to leave his son alone. he said words like he owns him and he decides what he does with his life. he went as far as begging to leave his son or he will fight me that i really do not want him to fight me.

    His attitude towards this utterance by his father was silence. He keeps sending love messages to me and quotes but my heart can not take it anymore. i know he loves me, everyone is saying i should not walk away that he is a good man. His father said he is still a boy and not a man yet and can not make decision by himself.

    My heart is broken! My anger is directed at him for not be able to stand up to his father at 30 years old. He is acting like everything is alright. He sent me a very long message of how his father caused him if he ever see me again. i am so confused.

    Please what should i do?


  121. Hi I’m 30 years old, married for almost three years in September, and I grew up in a controlling environment. My brother had it a little easier than me because he is a guy and could take care of himself when he went places. I was their little girl. They tried to protect me growing up from seeing what it was like in the real world. I had no privacy, I had a 1030pm curfew during the week until I was married, my dad required all my username and passwords to all my credit cards and bank information, I was still living at home so I didn’t have a choice. My dad was physically, emotionally, and verbally abusive towards my mom and I. I ended up playing referee and getting myself hurt. Even now that I am married and out of the house, they willmake snide comments if they find out we did things like go out to eat a lot or go to the movies or heaven forbid a vacation. We have a vacation to California coming up in September and my husband and I are too afraid to tell them, which makes me unhappy and conflicted. I wish they were different, but like the article says they will always be that way so we are living our lives the way we want.

  122. I just got a bf recently… and we have been together for around 4months…my father is okay with my bf…only my mother and big sis is against it…they angry with me like hell… my mom angry because she still think that is too early for me to go into a relationship and she scare I will not take care of her or love her..but actually I do love her…and my big sis also the same ,and both of them also said the same thing which is,they said I never think of them before I go into a relationship and didn’t respect them at all… I know I’m wrong in the first place because I didn’t tell them on the spot when I have a bf,because I know they would get angry and scold me like hell and will not approve it…that’s why it took me some times to tell them… and now when I finally prepare myself and tell them about it ,that I have a bf…they don’t even bother to listen and don’t want to accept it..and said a lot of things which is very hurt…after that ..they ignored me…I fed up with it…I don’t know what to do anymore!!!

  123. I am 27 and I have world’s best guy, who loves me very much. We are in relationship since 8 years. 5 years back I told my dad about him because he was forcing me to get married, and he straight forwardly disapproved him just because he is of other religion. Its insane. I love my parents. Since 5 years I am trying to convince them. They grounded me, took my phone, abused me like hell. Even said we should hav aborted you. Still I tried to covince them patiently. now I have got scholarship in same university with my boyfiend in China but they are not letting me go. I am 27 but not growm up to travel alone according to them but can get married and hav kids. Being good is also not good. But I ll go. I had had it enough. I ll tell them I m going and I ll go. Its my life. I did everything but they are not melting down only. Even if it ll hurt them and me too. Obviously I love them lots.

  124. To R (36 year old male) – wow your story sounds almost identical to mine except I am female. I thought I was alone in having a mother that forced me to split up with my boyfriend at 36 years old for similar reasons. Doesn’t make me feel any happier but interesting to hear I am not the only one.

  125. Hi Laurie,I’m a 33 year old female who just got engaged to the most amazing man in the world. I have been with him for a year. He is 10 years older then me and has a sweet 11 year old daughter from a previous marriage 10 years ago. Since I have told my mom I am dating a man with a kid, she has not spoken to me at all. I was invited to Christmas dinner this past Christmas, but he was NOT, so I did not go either. She has not met my Fiance ever let alone speak to him. The only thing she knows is that he has a 11 year old. My mom and dad are divorced and I already do not have a relationship with my dad, now my mom doesn’t speak to me because she does not approve of my Fiance having a kid! I feel extremely hurt, mad, sad, every emotion you can think of. When my Fiance proposed last week, I send my mom a text saying “Im Engaged” along with a picture of my gorgeous ring… guess what, NO REPLY! My Fiance is extremely supportive, he loves me so much, I’ve met his whole family, mom, sisters, brothers, and most importantly, his daughter. She loves me so much and we get along great. He has her twice a month.
    I guess I should tell you the reason I think my mom does not approve, After my mom and dad divorced, she re-married a man with 2 small kids, she did not like them coming over every other weekend, she would disappear a majority of the time when they were over, with her friends, or go to the gym etc… They divorced a couple years later. His kids were 3 and 5 and a handful, but she chose to marry him so should have accepted that responsibility. I am a total different person than her and a lot more loving and caring and nurturing. My mom doesn’t even say I love you. She is just a cold person I guess. I should also mention a few years ago I was dating someone for 3 years and he had a son, she did not speak to me then either. I have taken care of myself and been on my own for the past 12 years and she has no right to judge my fiance based on the fact he has a kid. I have never asked her for anything and only try and do nice stuff for her on mothers day, bdays etc.. She has already made it clear through family members that she will not be attending my wedding. She has my brother who is 35 years old, on her side too! This angers me, but I am living my life and really happy with my FIance and love him so much, but of course this bothers me a little. I am glad I am not the only one.

    Any Advice would be nice



  126. I’m 36 year old single male, an only child, and I moved back in with my mother in 2012 after my father passed away in 2010.

    My mom and I have always been close, and I’ve always felt she’s been a bit too controlling in my life. When I lived on my own, it was like I finally had some freedom (I moved out when I was 19), but that still didn’t stop her from phoning me every day, and visiting at least once a week.

    Girls and dating have always been an issue. I always internally feared not only that my mother, but both my parents would disapprove of anyone I might date. Even in my 20’s living on my own, the few times I did go with a woman, I never once told my parents.

    Last year I met this woman at my gym, and her and I really hit it off. Still fearing what my mother might say, I took a leap and openly started seeing this girl. However, I barely got out the front door for my first official first date, and my mother lost it and called her a whore. When I got a home a few hours later, it was all out war. My mother told me I have absolutely no business going out with anyone, period. I continued seeing this girl anyone, even to my mothers knowledge. After a few weeks passed, she quieted down, but insisted on meeting my new girlfriend. I complied, and boy, was that ever a mistake. My mom demanded I break up with her, continued to call her a whore, told me she was going to get access to my phone records and find out what her and I were texting to each other. You name it, threat after threat; guilt trips, argument after argument. Finally I relented, and I ended my relationship with my girlfriend. I felt as if I didn’t have a choice. My mom told me that if I continued to see her, I would not be living in her house. She even went as far as saying to me, that if she ever found out I wasn’t a virgin before marriage, she would cut me out of her life completely. She said I can only date who she approved of, that they must be a virgin, and I must tell her in advance if I’m going to even consider asking a girl out.

    I’ve talked to all of my friends, relatives, and even my mothers best friend, who all say my mother had no right; her own friend even told her to back off; but to no avail, she won’t back down, and insists I need to respect her and her rules, regardless if I’m living with her or not.

  127. Hi im Amilyn Im 20 years old and when I’m not in school I live with my parents, I have a nice job, go to a good school, student athlete and have an amazing boyfriend. I want to leave my parents house and live with my boyfriend but I’m scared to tell them I’m leaving. They treat me like a child, say I’m still there baby, tell me the decisions I make are stupid and that they don’t see me going anywhere in life without there encouragement/help. They threaten that they will cut me off and take my car,phone and everything else I own if I disobey them, I want to talk to them and tell them that I’m grown enough to make my own decisions but I already know they are going to freak out and kick me to the curb. im ready to leave them and be on my own but I don’t know how to prep myself for when I’m ready to leave.

  128. So I am not the only one who has controlling parents. Hi I am a 20 year old who is constantly and is still undergoing incessant nagging about my grades from my mom. It’s killing me , I have a huge stress load already due to my entrance exams and now this emotional stress. My mom always talks about how bad I’ve got the percentage in my studies and all. Even if I get a good score, she is not happy. What else can I do? I am not bookworm, I can’t mug up things as it is. I am innovative and I would like to get a an appreciation from my parents sometimes but i guess expectations doesn’t lead to anything in my life. I am happy with my grades and I good at few things. Not everybody can be perfect in studies. I am trying my level best at every exam. My mom constantly speaks about how I watch all the sitcoms all day. I love watching TV but I also have a duty to study and I know that. They are always controlling me and they don’t try to understand me. I would like to get out of my house but I am still an undergraduate. I would love it if my parents could understand me just a little.

  129. I am a 30 yr old woman with kids. My mom lives with me. She has always been there for me but now it’s too much to deal with. She yells at me in front of my children all the time. I have asked her to stop but she gets even angrier. I am also engaged to a younger man in which she disapproves of. I want to be to myself but when I bring up us going I separate ways she gets to saying if I would have kept the job I had, you wait until I don’t have anything to put me out on the streets. I love her dearly but I can’t even tell my own children what to do without her screaming at me. I wanted to raise my kids in a loving environment but my mom and 20 yr old sister scream at them all the time. I am so confused. I don’t know what life feels like to be on my own although she is living with me . When I used to live with her all she would say is how she couldn’t stand me and she wished I moved out. Now that I did she slams doors around the house. I really need some advice about coping with controlling parents. She has helped me financially and she raised me as a single parent. I truly feel like if we lived separately that we would have a better relationship. But how do we get to that point without her getting super angry even calling me derogatory names in front of my children? Please help me a.s.a.p!!!

  130. I know exactly how you feel mate. The fees just hangs over you like a huge shadow. If I were you I’d think really hard about coming back to Nigeria though. I was in the UK for just 18 months and found life very hard when I got back. You can never get used to this. Wish we could talk a little more. Wish you the best, coping with controlling parents isn’t easy.

  131. Hi Emmanuel, I’m 21 and also a Nigerian. I live and study in England with my parents. And I have your exact situation. My father frustrated me daily. I’m happy he pays my school fees, but that is all I accept from him. I pay my bills and feed myself because anything he buys or gives me would be taken away once he is angry. I am writing my final exam and my friends and I decide to stay together so we can read together. This is something we would do for only the exam period. But my father keeps calling me, embarrassing me and telling me to come home every day. He knows I read only at night and I understand better when people explain to me. Yet he wants me to come home. Why? Just because he wants it. I don’t understand how a father can be so controlling. I am done. Tonight I told him I wasn’t coming home. He threatened to disown me and I told him to go ahead. Now he sent a message telling me to come pack my things. I am moving out. I can’t take this anymore. After my exams, I have a full time job which I hope to save so much from. Then I’m moving to Nigeria. I’m done with my parents for now. I appreciate their paying my very expensive fees, but being a parent is more than paying your child’s school fee.

  132. I am 28, Nigerian and still living with my parents. What makes it worse is I was the best graduates from my uni and I studied a masters in England.. so I know what it is to be independent. Now, back to my parents and the first thing they tried to do was arrange a marriage. I don’t even have a job. Always broke and I think my father uses this against me. I have a non existent social life.

    Sometimes I feel like I hate my father so much. My dad is controlling, condescending, violates ones privacy, mistrusting, and I’m stuck at home because I don’t have a job. I developed high blood pressure just thinking and hoping I get to leave home and cut ties with him for good. Wish I could be closer to my mum but she’s over protective and plays right into his hands. He now complains I barely have a relationship with or talk with him. How am I supposed to have any sort of conversation with him when all he does it tell you how to live and control? I’ve started drinking a little excessively and even considering drugs. I can’t believe that I, the best student at all levels of my education has ended up living with my over controlling, obsessed father, unemployed while others who didn’t work so hard have got jobs.

    I’m slowly accepting this situation now and learning how to cope with controlling parents because it seems there’s nothing I can do about it. The irony of life

  133. Hi my names Josh im 19 years old, I ised to live in a suburban town outa city of melbourne with my mum and step father but after a family break up after 16 years I went and lived with my real father 2 years ago now and I’ve gone into business with him.
    He controls all of my money that I earn in wages and due to past few mistakes he doesn’t let me go to my old suburban town to see mates or family their because he said it makes him look bad if I do something wrong.
    He is trying to help my buy a house and the business is doing well we have our moments but I’m not sure on that situation. What should I do?? Leave and go sail my own boat and do it a little bit tougher!!?? Or do I stay and let those 2 little things roll on for a long time, does time really heal everything ? Please if someone reads this try have an understanding and get back to me with a good response would be great thanks


  134. Hi Laurie. I really liked your article but I while reading it, I came up with a question that (i think) probably has come to many minds reading this. How can we, kids, cut our financial ties??? (particularly me, I am 19 years old, studying Medicine at University and therefore dont have time to work). For example, one of the “threats” my mum always gives me when wanting me to do whatever she wants is “I’ll cut off your credit card and cancel your appartment contract and your University fee”.

  135. Hi Laurie,
    I am an only child and my mother is very manipulative, never satisfied, always sabotage things that make me happy, and she not a very good listener even when I trying to sit her down and talk to her. Because of her accomplishments in life, she doesn’t feel that she should listen to anyone even if they make sense. She just acts confused when I try to be logical. She feels that the way she thinks, should not be altered because she wouldn’t be as successful as she is if she had been any other way. I feel so helpless. She will go as far as harrassing me through text messaging just to manipulate me and make me do things the way she wants it. She constantly bad mouth my fiancé behind his back and through texting. But when she sees him she’s acts sweet. And sometimes she acts like nothing ever happened. I don’t know what to do. No one else in my family gives me useful advice. I’m at the point of suicide because it’s been going on since I started dating my fiancé. He’s such a great guy and is going through all this hell with me. He even convinced his parents to let us stay with them. But when I moved in with them, my mom moves all the way to California to give me a guilt trip. So of course I start to miss her and she buys tickets for me and my fiancé to come and visit her. As soon as we get there, halfway through the trip she starts manipulating and controlling me again. But now it’s much worse because we have no money to get back! She bought us one way tickets, and told us that things were going to be cool and that she has found peace and just wants us all to have fun. I feel very controlled. And I can’t just call her a liar. I don’t know how to make things work. Is something wrong with me?

  136. Hello Laurie

    I have a rocky relationship with my father ever since I was born (2nd oldest child of 5) He always put me down emotionally as a child as I got older over the years.. I honestly dont remember when he was there for me emotionally other then a few times. But my mom just claims that he has my best interest..im 23 years old now and its at a worst rate its ever been. He has said the most messed up things to me that made me feel like im a bad person. Im seriously considering cutting him out of my life when im established because I dont need any negative people in my life who dont believe in me. He has a better relationship with the rest of my brothers and sisters but not me- I have changed so much over the years and he refuses to see it. What do you do with people like that??? I tried to express myself many times to him and he claims I havent changed. He made me feel crazythis week. I have been depressed to the point I dont have the desire to eat and I rather be in my room alone than to be bothered with anyone. Ihave an amazing boyfriend and I truly feel like the only reason hes acting like that is because im actually happy. My mother won’t stand up to him for him idk what to do

    1. Omg I had NO idea or remembering me commenting on here. But now I am 26- I am still in my relationship with my boyfriend we have been together three years. Now last year we finally got to meet for the first time and this year I want to
      Go meet his parents. Only fair right? I’m working now and have a lot of money saved up. Yesterday I talked to my mama after having a mini breakdown few days previously about how I felt and she was dismissive about it. Like she even went as far to say when I tried to explain to her that he is
      An only
      Child and how it must have been nerve wrecking to travel by himself just to see me and how anyone can get Hurt she says my boyfriend is not her child. I’m sorry but someone who is supposed to be a devout Christian has no business saying that her adult daughters boyfriends safety is no more important than mine that really made me lose respect and have my entire opinion change about her. I know that may be extreme but that really pissed me off!!! She refuses to take me to where I need to be when the trip comes and I don’t care Honestly I hope my back up options will
      Come through for me. My parents don’t believe I’m ready to do anything that doesn’t involve them and I’m freaking sick of it. My hair has started to thin in the middle and fall out along with the stress of work they are not helping either.

  137. Ow so I’m not the only one. Thank God. I am not happy either. I found a teaching job earlier this year and had to move far away from home but my parents were against it. I moved anyway. Ever since I started earning I’ve never spent my salary the way I plan to. My father sends me texts to a point that I have decided to block him from all social networks where he can reach me. I have a younger brother, he’s my dad’s son but he has never treated him like his own and now that he has started earning he wants to know everything about him. He cares so much that he asks him when is he coming home and how much he misses him. We’re being used and made feel like we owe our parents for raising us. Last month I gave him my whole salary and he’s already got plans for my next payment. I wish I could get a comment from someone who has admitted to be a controlling parent.

  138. One of the most important things to remember when you’re coping with controlling parents is that you can’t change them, and you can’t change how other family members relate to your parents. The only person you can change is yourself – your reactions, actions, and thoughts.

    If you feel like your parents are so controlling and manipulative that you can’t cope with them, I encourage you to talk to someone in person. Get advice and support on your specific situation! I can’t offer personal advice, because family dynamics are incredibly complicated. You need to call or see someone in person, to talk through what’s happening in your family and your own head.

    Wishing you blessings and peace,

  139. Hi Laurie,

    My brother and I are dealing with parents who are overly controlling. They have always been controlling but recently in past two years either we respond back or ignore them and that is driving them crazy. My brother and I are both married and have our own families to look after. My brother and my parents stay together and he has been looking after them, however they still have complaints and constant arguments because my parents feel that he does not do enough for them. If he goes out with his wife they want to know all the details. They constantly taunt him and his wife, give some looks or if nothing else pick up fight. Once they have fight with him, then my mother calls me and complains about my brother …hours at a time and constantly keeps calling to tell me how bad he is. I try to explain in a calmer way but she blasts me on the phone and then gets very angry. It is very difficult to explain the reason for their misery or loss of mental peace it their own behaviour. I am really lost. I love them and my brother and don’t want to see it all breaking. Please help!

  140. My family never has praised me, whatever I did was never good enough or was wrong. I earned a Doctorate, but whenever they ask for advice, they interrupt, and say , oh I will ask a real doctor or my friends so and so, she’s an LPN! I went to national in bodybuilding after overcoming a severe orthopaedic disability, did they call me to wish me well, no! Did they say they were proud about all I overcame, no! and I am an only child. When I have received accolades and awards , even in my forties for humanitarian efforts working with children and animals, overseas and in the USA, they said , why don’t you take care of people in your own country and criticize me. I can never do anything right. I realize now, just please yourself, and do not try to live for them, they will never be happy, they never smile and seem truly miserable and have very few friends.

  141. Laurie, I do not know if my first comment on the matter has been deleted by accident, but I have mentioned that I’ve been having the worst time trying to find a job. Last week, I was turned down for a job that I was VERY qualified for, and I am having a hard time figuring out if I’m the one doing anything wrong or if it’s all the employer’s fault making it hard for anyone to get a job because of unrealistic qualifications. I’m trying hard to find one and I’ve even thought about finding jobs that WOULD give me an excuse to move away.

    I’m glad I have not had this desire when I was younger because I seriously would not have known what I was doing. I’ve been taking more time to research these things so I will not be in a bad situation.

    For the moment, I am trying to communicate better with my family, but they are too stubborn and refuse to see that I’m trying my hardest to get back on my feet. I’d rather they would respect my boundaries and not make me cave in to doing thing they want. Trying to get them to compromise is the hardest thing to do, but I’m trying to work on it.

  142. Dear Joanna,

    I don’t know much about you, your parents, or your personality…but I believe two things about parents and kids in general:

    1) the best way for you or anyone to get your parents used to the fact that you are a capable adult is to actually BE a capable, independent adult. This means living on your own, getting a job, paying your bills, and doing whatever it takes to be independent. You can’t have it both ways – you can’t rely on your parents for food, shelter, money, etc and also expect them to treat you like an adult.

    2) most parents never want to let their children go. They love their children deeply, and their instinct to nag, nurture, and mother is incredibly strong. So no matter how capable and independent you are, your parents may still hover and even suffocate you.

    You can’t change your parents, especially if they’re controlling. You can only change YOU and how you are running your life.

    What 2 things can you do to run your life more independently?

    Stay true to you,

  143. Right now, I’m not sure if they realize that they’re not making the situation any better. I’m glad that I’ve been performing at a Ren Faire this summer (It ends next month, though), but they’re pressuring me to get a job (Which they KNOW it’s not easy) and when I said I couldn’t audition for something overseas because it wouldn’t be enough time to get my passport renewed, she yelled at how bad I was with money! I really do think I need to be on my own, but how am I going to get them used to the fact that I can handle things on my own and have learned from my mistakes?

  144. Dear Angelica,

    Thanks for being here – I’m happy to hear from you!

    Here’s the article I wrote for you. I hope it helps.


    One tip that I that may help is to be open about what you’re doing with your friends. Your mom wants exact details because she loves and wants to protect you. The more open you are, the more confident she’ll feel. If she thinks you’re hiding stuff, she’s less likely to let you go out because she’s worried! Tell her everything. The more she knows, the more she’ll trust you (unless of course you’re doing immoral, illegal, or dishonest things).

    Read the article, let me know what you think.


  145. I am 14 years old and my mother in paticular is very contolling. I depend on my mother and I have to live with her because there is no where else I could live. She is constantly barating me mentally and sometimes physically. She barely let’s me see friends outside of school and the few times that she does she has to know ever exact detail. Your steps above referred to people who are adults but I was wondering if you could write some steps for people who are adolescents. I really need help with my situation I just don’t know what to do or how to change my life.

  146. Dear Fiona,

    That’s great that you set some boundaries! That’s a great way to start changing your relationship with your mom.

    It’s never easy to change a relationship, even if both people want to make the changes. It takes time and effort – your mom is probably resisting whatever changes you’re trying to make because it’s new and different. It’s easier to set boundaries than maintain them at the beginning, because it’s such a huge change from before.

    I don’t know your situation, personality, or your mom so I can’t give specific advice. But I encourage you to get help in person. Find a support line or social worker who can give you support as you move forward in this new direction.

    Please do come back and let me know how you are. Tell me what in-person resources you’ve contacted, and how they are helping you.

    Stay true to you,

  147. hi again laurie, ive got huge problem- i’ve set some boundaries & am sticking 2 them but mom is now acting rediculous! shes telling me off even more 4 almost everything, calling me stupid, getting VERY angry & storming out! help- PLEASE!

  148. Thanks for your comments David, Andy, Fiona. I’m glad you were here!

    The most important thing to remember is that your parents probably won’t change. The only person you have any control over is yourself. You can make huge changes and strides in your own life – and there is so much freedom in accepting people for who they are! It’s such a relief, just to stop resisting who they are and start getting on with your own life.

    Of course, there’s still work to do when you accept people for who they are. It’s difficult, especially at first, but it does get easier.

  149. Dealing with these issues my whole life. 38 Years old now.
    My parents were abusive and neglectful growing up. Now they are controlling, manipulative and overbearing. I still love them. I still feel the need to make them happy and to get their approval. I thought I was being a good son by trying to do what they wanted. You know, honor thy father and mother thing.
    If I disagree or differ in opinion, my folks get touchy. Sometimes angry sometimes hurt. It’s very manipulative. Like I cannot have my own thoughts, ideas, morals, beliefs etc… I have to go along with what they want/say to make them happy. Even if I feel I have to sell out my own convictions.
    Anyways… Thank you so much for this article. This is very helpful and has lead me to positive ideas on how to handle the situation. I dream of them changing one day. But as they get older and more time goes by I can see that will probably never happen. It’s not something I can control. It’s also not something I should feel as though is my fault for how they are. I feel like at the very least I can stop blaming myself and understand that it’s ok to be my own person.
    Thank You!!


  150. Hi Laurie, ive started setting boundaries & its already helping! im also going to see a therapist soon. thanks for your advice 🙂

  151. Dear Fiona,

    It sounds like you need to set boundaries with your mom, which will help you cope with her emotionally manipulative behavior. It is possible to live with her and be interdependent (help each other out), but also be detached emotionally in a healthy way.

    The tricky part is setting the boundaries, and sticking to them! I’m sorry, but I can’t help you with that here. Have you read the book called Boundaries, by Henry Townsend? That’s a good place to start.

    I also encourage you to call your doctor or social services — try to get in touch with a counselor or social worker who can help you with the boundaries. Even a support group would be helpful!

    What do you think – could you try one or both of these options?

  152. im 34 with several health problems & a physical disability. i had a severely narcissistic father (hes now dead) & my mother can be very sweet/kind/helpfull etc but also emotionally manipulate/guilt trip/deny problems etc. i can’t detach from her due to my health but i dont know how to cope with her..i love the nice her but the bad 1 is awfull. any advice would be greatly appreciated thank you!

  153. Dear CG,

    The problem is that you’re living with your parents! In some sense, this gives them the “right” to say what they think about your boyfriend. I don’t think you can expect them to take care of you (which they are by providing you with shelter and safety), and yet not say what they think about your boyfriend.

    You’ll never be an adult in their eyes. You’re their little girl, and they’re trying to protect you. I don’t mean to defend them — I would be saying different things if you didn’t live with them. But I honestly think that living with them opens the door to more involvement in your live.

    I’ll pray you find that strength to move help your kids adjust to the change that’s coming up. I believe that’s the first step to taking back your life, and coping with the control your parents want to have over your life.

  154. I came across this website when I was searching for some help on dealing with my parents. I am 34, a mother of 2, and I live my parents. I have been with my bf for about 2 years now and they completely disapprove of him. He isnt welcomed in my home. My dad has literally told him he is not welcomed here! It is a sad, stressful situation because I feel they will never support my decisions. Im at still at home because my dad is unemployed, my mom has always been an at-stay home mom. According to them, I will inherit our home, but the way I see it, it will never be my home. It will always be their home, and I will never be seen as an ADULT. I need the strength to get out & get my kids to be ok with the change. My parents always impose their guilt on my and my kids if we left… its just a bad situation and all I needed was to vent. I see am not the only one who has controlling parents… I need to move on with my life & not feel bad about the choices I make!

  155. Does it help to know you’re not alone? It seems like controlling parents are all over the place! They want to protect you from everything and anything that could hurt you…and this is actually hurting you.

    It’s ironic, that your parents are trying to control you because they love you. But really, they’re hurting you in the long run.

    How will they see that they need to let you go?

  156. I’m a 24 year old female, have been out of college, and working full time be it internships, or now, a paid job. My mom is trying to control my dating life and strongly insisted I not wear a bathing Suit to th beach with my boyfriend. If I mention him, you can tell she strongly disapproves and claims she knows better, and basically goes into panic mode. She’s totally fine if my little brother goes out, doesn’t inform her of his whereabouts; with me, I tell her for convenience and courtesy, and she uses this against me. I also mentioned if i were continuing on to grad school, i’d like to dorm and live away. her reaction was skeptical and sort of disgusted; no sense of support for me having independence. May I add she wa very pessimistic when my older sister brought up living on her own, and kept implying sh wouldn’t be able to. My sister has now lived independently for a few years now.

    This is taking a toll on me and I’m waitiing to save up so i finally can move out. Am I a brat or rebellious child for wanting to make decisions like who I date or where I travel to? I

  157. Reading these comments and searching the Internet really shows me how much of a universal problem bad (and specifically controlling and psychologically abusive) parents are.

    My advice to younger readers is to not let the abuse drag on for years like I have. I am 24 years old, and due to the ripple effect of controlling parents have had a very painful time trying to reclaim my life (and my mind, and spirit).

    I found the ‘action plan’ component of this article inspiring. I’m going to create some serious psychological and physical boundaries between my father and I.

    I wish parents would stop seeing their (adult) children as objects and extensions of themselves. It’s just so painful and belittling.

    Good luck, everyone. Let’s not inflict the same damage on our own children.

  158. I still haven’t told them yet. I’ve thrown hints that I wanted to move eventually and they freak out saying “don’t take my baby, I’ll die without her” my mom keeps trying to tell me my boyfriend won’t take care of me and I won’t be happy. Anything to keep me living right next to her. I’m still dreading the day I leave. It’s going to be crazy.

  159. Pretty much my entire life my mom has been overbearing, all through high school she rode me about schoolwork and it was horrible. Now I am 19 and still living at home. I live in Canada so I am legal to drink alcohol, but she gets mad whenever i want to drink and puts a limit on how much I am allowed… She doesn’t drink so she thinks that I shouldn’t either even though I’ve never come home drunk or given her any reason to worry. I’ve also told her how I want more space and I was thinking about moving in with my boyfriend and she immediately shot down the idea and says that she has had more life experience than me so she knows better. She never let’s me make my own mistakes… She is comepletely overbearing even though I want so badly to be independent. I’ve even started paying rent but she still tries to tell me how to live my life… I don’t know what to do.

  160. Hi, I am 21. I am currently a student at a University in Namibia. I have always had “issues” with my father. He hasn’t been part of my life while I was growing up – all I remember is being afraid of him, I do have a few good memories with him but those where a really long time ago. He never attended school functions or sport events. He never motivated us to achieve anything, my father use to tell me that I will never get anywhere in life, I will never finish school (guess I showed him). He has always made us feel bad, and tells us that he works so hard for us, he is the only one doing anything and that we are lazy – he even tell my mother that, who does all his paperwork, banking, cooking, etc (without her, my father would loose everything) When he tells us to do something – we literally jump.
    I am busy studying Business Administration which I really enjoy, but I am unhappy in this country. My Boyfriend recently left for Germany and I thought I wanted to move to be with him, but realized I want to move to get away from home.
    My plan is to move to Germany and carry on my studies there, which is cheaper than in my country. The education level here is really low. I am going to finance myself, break free from my fathers hold on me, and live for once.
    I told my father my plans and he told me it will never work and made me feel really bad and stupid, he advised me to forget about the entire thing. This is hard for me to accept but my father does drink and becomes really selfish, and when he isn’t drinking he is always moody – you can barely speak to him. When anything goes wrong he blames us for it and even if you have a question about something you don’t know what something is, he shakes his head and looks away disappointed.
    Now I am battling with myself with the idea of moving or not. I know I am 21 and can make my own decisions, but I am afraid.

  161. Hey there,

    I am 20 years old. I’m currently studying an engineering major at college. I’m not very sure if my situation is as dramatic as I think it is, but I still consider it as a major problem in my life. My parents are willing to control me about EVERYTHING and it is disturbing me a lot. For instance, whenever we go to a friends’ house, if I am asked if I’d like anything to drink, it’s my mum who’s answering instead of me. I warned her about this -perhaps a thousand times- but she is not listening to me, and she keeps doing the same things over and over. There are many different examples in my life, just like the one I’ve written, but I don’t want to keep it long. The main problem is actually about me and my boyfriend. we’re from different nations and are living in two different countries. Last summer I insisted a lot to go visit him -and by the way my boyfriend has a serious case of aerophobia,
    he can’t use planes yet- and my parents ended up letting me go there, not my own though, we went there as the whole family. I don’t care if they let me go on my own or not -or at least for now-, what really matters for me is the chance of being next to my boyfriend, as I miss him a lot. I’ve been telling my mum that I’m willing to go there again this year, to visit him once more, but whenever I talk about this she gets extremely mad telling me that it’s so “ashaming” for us to visit them again. I don’t get that logic, but that isn’t the only problem. She keeps controlling my life with this. For some reason I always feel like “I have to obey them” but at the same time I realize the fact that I actually am losing lots of time while bearing with this stupidity. These times of my life will never be back -soon I will start working, and things will surely change-, and I am fully sure that I want to spend this period of time with my boyfriend, but I can’t do anything about this. She just keeps controlling me by not letting me go there, and I want to get rid of this attitude of hers. I want her to realize the situation -not just this, in general- that she has to realize that one day I’ll be marrying or moving out. (oh and by the way she tells me that she doesn’t want me to marry anyone and live with her forever…and she sounds so serious whenever she says that, it’s scary.)

    I do consider the possibility that she may be over-protective, but she actually is controlling me, as this is not the only thing she’s doing. Whenever I tell her that I won’t go to the college just for one day, she yells at me so madly and makes me go there -if I simply don’t go there she won’t be talking to me for weeks, or even if she does she’ll be so cranky-; whenever I want to go to the gym, she asks me not to telling me that I’ll be tired… there are lots of examples like such.

    I believe that we are having a problem in communication. I can clearly see that I have to make my mum listen to me, but she never does -as I’ve already tried telling her how wrong her attitude is-. I don’t know
    if I’ll ever be able to change her mind, but I just keep trying. She simply knows that I hate seeing her so sad and cranky, so she’s making use of it. But it makes me think sometimes…why doesn’t she care about my feelings as much as I care about hers? This started to kill my respect for my parents -especially for my mum-, and it’s hurting a lot.

    I want to be able to take my decisions on my own, in any aspect; otherwise I believe that I’ll never be able to survive this life.

    Thank you.

  162. HI. Well ive recently gotten engaged to someone my mother doesnt exactly approve of. From the moment I told her that we had gotten engaged she has nothing my negative things to say about the whole deal. I have tried talking with her. Every time it turns into an argument. This isnt the first time she has something negative to say about who i am with. I honestly think she would be upset no matter who i was with. Im at my wits end on this. and I am getting very frustrated with her attitude towards my fiancee. Ive tried tell her that she needed to back off that it was my life. And that i was supportive of her Third marriage even though it has failed. And that the least she could do was to be a little supportive of the fact that i am getting married. Especially since i am her only daughter. I dont know what else to do here. Does anyone have any kinda advice on this? This is putting a great strain on my relationship.

  163. Dear LA,

    I do not have any answers for you…but I think that since you cannot change her and you want some contact with her, then you need to change how you respond to her. She is who she is, and she will never change.

    You may need to counteract her remarks about your sons dad with your truth. Find a gentle way to tell your son that your mother does not have a realistic perspective of his father, and that he needs to remember that her truth is not his truth.

    Does this make sense? Hopefully you can counteract whatever she says with the truth, and your son will be able to see her and not be overwhelmed by her comments and actions.

    Another option is to talk to her about what she should and should not say around your son. This is a more difficult option, especially when your mother is so controlling, but it may help.

    What do you think?


  164. i have a very overbearing mother. When i was 18 i moved 2 hours away and never looked back. I did keep in contact but distanced my relationship and became financially independent.8 years later and I’ve had a child with a man she has never approved of (although i feel she has never approved of anyone in my life). I have allowed her to “help” me out with the baby but it is always held over my head as if i owe her my life. A gift is never a gift and it is almost always used to guilt me into getting what she wants. It is causing serious strain on my relationship and i feel like i cant go home to visit other relatives. how to i allow people, like my father, and other family members to have a relationship with my son? I would like her to be able to see him as well but i dont want her constantly bashing my sons father…and i want to stay sane.

  165. Dear Jake,

    It sounds like the time has to come to stop hoping that your parents will motivate or support you, and start figuring out how to motivate and support yourself! They don’t know how to give you what you need to do what you want with your life. My mother didn’t know how to support me, either…I had to figure out how to motivate myself.

    What do you want to do with your life? What 3 small, specific changes do you want to make?

  166. Dear DJ,

    I suspect you feel reluctant and even afraid to tell your parents that you’re moving out because they react so negatively to other things in your life! It’s hard to be criticized constantly…and you’ve made a major life decision that may not be taken positively or happily.

    It sounds like you’ve made a really good decision to move yourself and your child away from your controlling parents. I wish you all the best — have you told them that you’re moving? If you need to vent, please feel free!


  167. I’m a 26 year old mother of a 3 year old little girl. When her father and I split almost 2 years ago I moved in with my parents. I got with a new guy about a year ago and decided to move an hour away from them. They did everything they could to get me to stay and I did. I moved into a house rite next door to them that they own. I’m tired of them telling me how I should raise my kid and talking negatively about my boyfriend all the time. I have found the perfect place to move to but I’m dreading having to tell them. Idk if it’s cuz I feel like I owe them something or if I’m just scared of them. They have always been controlling especially when I was a child and even abusive. Now they are using my kid to get under my skin. I’ll tell her to do something or tell her no and my mom turns around and does the opposite and let’s her get away with everything. My child has become so diffiant and doesn’t listen to anything I say. I think it’s for the best if I move but it’s just scary.

  168. I’m a 34-year old guy who has never had a girlfriend, no friends, and my parents always tell me I can do whatever I want to do with my life. Every time I have chance to change my life they pull this over me. Just some generalized vaguely supportive comment without showing any love or support like “go out and seize the day” or “you don’t have a car.” I’m 34 and they are in their mid 60’s and they are still showing no sign of ever letting me have a life of my own. They like implying “the door is open if you want to take it, but I’m not forcing you to do anything.”

  169. I’m 14 years old and can’t wait until I can get out of my life with my family. I HATE them. Sure, they’re alright for a bit but my dad and my mum and my sister are so annoying. My sister is a massive hypocrite. She’s always acting like an idiot and she’s 17 years old. I always have to be the responsible one since I was little and I dispise her for it. She ruined a good lot of my childhood because I have always had to pick up her slack and yet my parents trust her more than me. She has gone to over 30 sleep overs and 40 parties when she should have been studying for her exams. Her, unresponsable, arrogant and spaced out.
    But me? I might as well be in house arrest 24/7. I have never been able to go to a birthday, christmas or Halloween party and all my friends have started tiptoeing around me when it comes to parties because they don’t want to upset me because they know I won’t be able to go no matter what day it is.I always feel so mad because they know that I could be somewhere with people I actually like and they rub it in my face. I just don’t see there reasons for it. I’m responcible, humble and I know exactly what I’m doing all the time. Then there’s my Dad who thinks that just because he’s old he can act like a giant baby all the time. He complains about frikking everything and he’s enormous because he doesn’t do any physical activity. He gets mad when we deny him goodies and he chucked and fit and wouldn’t let us have any of the food he bought just because we wouldn’t buy him ice-cream. And then there’s Mother who literally thinks that she’s the Queen of Sheba. She’s an immigrant and has a family in another country where everyone is always dying. She can’t get over the fact that just because she is my mother doesn’t mean she can control me all my life. She won’t let me do ANYTHING. I’ve actually developed OCD and a highly functioning autism because of her Holier than thou attitude. When I was little she wouldn’t let me go out for sports, let me join scouts or go to camp and always degrades me in front of my friends. When I was getting bullied I had to deal with everything myself because she thought that they would go away. And all you other victumns out there know that they never never let you go. Then she was furious and proclaimed that I didn’t tell her anything which all my friends know was not true. My friends have offered me a place to stay and they’ve always been there for me. But my family? As soon as I can, I’m getting far away from my family as possible.

  170. The only advice I can share is,if you have an adult child with bi-polar,Try to control them from hurting themselves and making BAD decisions!A 32yr.old,who’s buying a house with her mom,who sit,s all day long smoking pot, not doing chores,and had freedom.You have to show your parent,you’re an adult!She hasn’t lived with me for 4 months,I emailed and called to find out if she’s alive or dead! because she’s living with known convicted drug felons in a tent!she’s lost a lot of weight(from Meth)she’s changing alright,for the worst!she never tried to change or leave as an adult.Now she leaves all her responsibilities.No years of trying!31 years old and leaving home,WHY DRUGS!!!! “parents don’t need your help” She’s keeping alive?? Only by the grace of GOD!So my advice is, be a real adult and don’t HATE your mother who LOVE’S you more than anyone, other than GOD!!!!!!!

  171. The only advice I can share to other adult children of overly controlling parents is,
    Get out young!! I am 31 going on 32 and it took me a while to understand that no matter what I changed of myself, or how much I contributed monetarily and household projects or chores, I was still only afforded a minor child’s amount of freedom. Don’t fool yourself into thinking the more you help your parents, the more they will see you as an adult. It won’t happen. I’m still getting calls and emails from my controlling mother even though I haven’t lived with her in nearly 6 months. In the emails she demands things of me like answering questions. She belittles me, attacks my choices, all because she craves that control, and by removing myself from the control equation, I have created a once controlling mother who is now trying to hold onto any control she can get. She has other issues as well, but I find it exhilarating not to have to answer those emails or questions!! It’s like a gift of power to myself that I don’t have to give in to the 3rd degree and be grilled for hours on end until I was made to divulge, make something up, or take her position or opinion on a matter. In short, you can’t love so much, pay into, bribe, write letters, beg, or pray a parent to change their controlling habits. However, you can change you! Your peace of mind is worth so much more than the effort of years of trying. If you leave early enough you will also get a better sense of your own identity, not one parents have created for you. 31 years old and barely leaving home is a by product of my parents manipulation and the “They need my help” excuse I gave myself for not having the strength to just get out. To have control over one’s self is a feeling of doubt at first but is followed by confidence and relief. After you keep you alive for a while without help from your overbearing folks you won’t ever wanna get yourself under their thumbs again. So just get away, and start being independent as young as you can.

  172. Well ever since I graduated from highschool just this summer my dad told me that quote “i’m so proud of you for doing so well in school,you can take the summer off” and I followed his advice and took the summer off and you know what it was relaxing but since its September now my father has started to tell me what i should be doing with my life and how to do it. I’m 19 now and I have been doing my very best to find a job, but most of the jobs do require a degree. I’ve had to start the apprenticeship and Trades workplace math 11 because I had to redo grad 10 math which required a provincial exam in my last year of high school. I started the math course a week ago and I had to work out a schedule of what I think when I’d finish the course and from September 14-May 15 it layed out 1 task a week with 3 hours a week to work on the tasks at hand and to where my teacher and I thought it was reasonable though when I showed schedule to my parents they said I should do more hours a day for the lessons like do 8 hours of Math a day. In those terms I don’t think I can do 8 hours a day of math that’s why I said 3 hours or more a week for me is reasonable. I don’t disagree with my parents but when they tell me quote “lets write a list of things you should do daily to fill the day when you do this 3 or more hours a day/week to even out the day? I say go ahead lets sit down and figure them out. My dad tells me I should tell him my plans and decisions for where i want to be in my life I say alright fine, but I don’t tell him because we sat down before and I told him the same story and tells me I shouldn’t start a cafe with my school because it ain’t happening and for that he doesn’t support me. He says I support you in everything you do and later doesn’t say it. That’s a contradicting statement. I’m barely out of high school and I don’t need my parents telling me what to or how to do it. I am so tired of pleasing my parents and what ever I do to please them doesn’t work.

  173. Im 17 and my relationship with my mum was great at first now its on and off more ofs than on, its turned out that i hate being around her now. in order to distance myself i absorb myself into my computer and as a result of that she told me that i have no life to quote her she said “your geek, but not the clever one your the one with no life” and that hurt be soo much now i know what she really thinks of me. also she told me i have bad interactional and social skills and she says i dont socialise with people enough i try to socialise and i went to dinner with some people last night and she got furious with me because it got dark i mean i know im not supposed to stay out late but i couldnt help the fact that the service was slow and i got hell for it she cut me off on the phone infront of the new people i was with and they had to walk me home so that my mum wouldnt upset me too much . she keeps saying shes sstressed and i try to help as much as i can on top of all the studies im doing to please her, its come t the point now that my grades are more important to her than me and theres a ton of other stuff and not enough space to right it in all i know is that my mum is insensitive i cant talk to her about how much she upsets me last time i tried she said she thought i had a neurological problem and she was going to take me to a psychologist since then i hold everything in and i never speak to anyone i have 1 friend who i talk too, but hes been having a few troubles of his own lately so i try not to stress him with mine so i hold it all in now i just want out all i want is out ive chosen a Uni thats a good 1hr 30mins on a train away from home my only regret is that there isnt a Uni that i need to go to further away…. only option is America but i cant afford it.. im just so stressed i cant think straight im not able to shrug things off like i used too… its all just too much now…

  174. I have been recently graduated from college for about a year, and I had to move back in with my parents, and I have regretted it every moment since then. My relationship with my mother has always been rocky, just because we are so much alike, but it’s taken a turn for the worse ever since I came back. Nothing has seemed to please her since I came home. She does not like my friends, she does not like my boyfriend, etc. She says she only wants the best for me, but her “best” and my “best” are totally different. We fight about absolutely everything, and it has gotten to the point of where I just don’t care of fixing my relationship with her. She constantly uses everything I tell her against me. She has cut me off from family members and cousins since I was little; and to make matters worse, I can’t talk to my father because he takes her side on everything. Nothing or no one is ever good enough. I haven’t been so tired of fighting in a long time..

  175. I have a father that constantly and hurtfully does things but does it in a way where he supposedly has plausible deniability. I moved out with my husband at the age of 19, and have a child with a special condition with my husband. I met my husband when I was 17 and have been with only him until present day. It has been a constant argument between my father and I, although he doesn’t say the specific words, my husband will never be good enough even if we become millionaires and very socially ept. It is always about money with my father. My very first car I needed to sell because it kept breaking down all the time. So I sold it when I was almost 20. I bought a convertable and found out 2 weeks later I was pregnant. I kept that car because I did not have the credit to immediately go and get another vehicle. But about a year later I needed a bigger car. Dad had to be the cosigner on the vehicle. My family does not make much money but we do have the ability to pay for the car and insurance. But he refuses to let me pay for it. I have tried to pay the vehicle off several times in the past couple of years, and it always resorts to- it is my father’s job to pay for the vehicle. But then he complains about it. Then he constantly belittles my husband and I’s parenting skills. If we discipline our child, at all, in any form or fashion, before we can even finish getting our words out, he is already “saving” our child from us. WHEN WILL IT END? I think when my husband and I get financially sound, we will have to literally move, pay off the vehicle, and then pay him back for everything he has ever helped us with. Heck, I might even give him the vehicle since he’s the one that has paid for it anyway. Although he claims it was gifts each and every time he helped, he holds it over our heads like we are a life-sucking burden.

  176. My father hates me. I am 34,married, and have 4 kids. I can tell him i am applying for a better paying job but have to relocate. I get youre not smart enough and u cant move that far away. I get phone calls everyday will u do this will u do that for me i cant even get a day off on my days off. If i have plans its put off cause my parents call wanting me to mow, take care of his dad for a bit,go to the store, help build, help the neighbor, the family. I dont even have time for my on family. I work 40hrs a week and then I have to help them. Im so tired of it. Whats sad is i have other siblings who are out of the house and they dont call them for help. I dont make a lot of money so im treated like trash compared to my siblings.

  177. My mother is so controlling and I think she has always hated me. I started to have a problem with DHS, I pretty much got them out of my life right away but she got my workers number and started to call her, telling her all sorts of things that wasn’t nessarry or true she has always wanted to take my children away. now she has suseeded she has my 3 boys,my daughter she said she didn’t want cause she was a girl. I don’t understand why dhs listened to them. I even had my parient mentor tell me she was the only thing that was making me lose my kids. funny how it was all lies. and now she has destroyed 4of my childrens lifes and mine is destroyed my depression is really bad now and i don’t believe it will get any better. I wish i had enough money to fight and somehow prove it all

  178. i have just turned 18 and im ready to make my own decisions. my mom has recently divorced my dad and everything is basically ” complicated.” My mom relies on me for everything. for example, i cook every meal of the day, take care of my ( fully grown 12 year old sarcastic) sister who can most definitely take care of herself, clean, etc. All my mom does is come home from work and sleep. Oh and spend time with her boyfriend. My mom made me stay in town another year because she thinks im not mature enough. i dont understand what makes her think that if i basically do everything around the house plus fulfill my own needs and school work. Every time i try to make her understand that i am now an adult she tells me that ” im immature, that while i like under her roof i will follow her rules, and that im not old enough to be all that.” im working on getting my own place and getting a job but other the that i still feel like a child under her shadow. i dont know what to do, or if its me anymore.

  179. I have parents that never trust me. I’m 21 and I live with them. Everyday they bring home successful stories about other people my age. I graduated college and because of the economy I am doing a job tht has nothing to do with my degree. They blame me everyday. And I can’t go anywhere like meeting with friends, go to the beach.. Everything is at the same time dangerous and waste of time for them. They are never satisfied with anything that I do. Moving out is not an option cuz I got no money. I don’t know what to do!!! 🙁

  180. My mother just demands more and more money off me. If the bills were going up, which they are not, I would accept the fact that they need more money. But as I have pointed out, the bills aren’t going up. I’m 20 years old, and I want control over my life.

    If I didn’t get any money, I would be out on the street by now, I’m not even a daughter to my mother any more, even she has admitted I’m just a person who lives in their house. I’m treated like some finance girl, and I’m sick of it. She’s hit me in the past, she’s actually physically scarred me, I can’t get anything right, everything I do I get yelled at, I get no thanks when I try to help, when I try to do something, like wash the pots, she’ll tell me to leave them, and when I don’t do it, I get yelled at. I can’t freaking win.

  181. My father has been overly critical of me my whole life even though he really hasn’t been in it much. He also likes to give “advice” which is basically telling me what I need to do. I have never followed any of his advice because he has the most miserable life and somehow I’ve managed to do just fine without it. I decided that not having a relationship with him would probably be better for me than having one. He is constantly talking about suicide and at this point I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t care if he finally did it and no longer put his baggage on my head. Perhaps that sounds cold but If I as his daughter am lower on the totem pole than his two dogs which are the greatest things that ever happened to him and the two sons he never had than so be it. I have a wonderful family that gives me more joy and blessing than he ever did.

  182. My dad is a very spiteful revengful man . Him and my mom had a nasty divorce and custody battle . Well I just got back from a 2 week visit with my mom , who I haven’t seen in 8 years , and he is mad because I want a relationship with my mom . He has told lies about her and I to my brother and sisters . I have been crying because that’s my dad and he shouldn’t treat me like this . He treats his dogs better than he treats me . I just don’t know what to do anymore . It’s like if I have a relationship with my mom I can’t have one with him .

  183. Well me n my mom have nevr gottn along. I ran away whn i was bout 2 turn 15! She always made me feel fat, whn she use 2 make dresses 4 my niece she would tell me she ddnt find a form 2 me. Now am 25 n she curses @ me 4 no reason. Idk wat 2 do.?

  184. Very painful,i hv alwys known tht my mom wud snap at me wenevr she felt like,frm a vry young age of around 10,she wud call me names lyk ‘witch’,fool,hit me wth anythn she lays her hands on,bt ths ws alwys disguised by wen she is happy she wud a luvn,carin,supportive mom,bt it wont last fr long…im nw 29 bt nothing hs changed,she stil snaps at me fr no reason,at tyms calls me a fool,she doesnt respect me,want to mak decisions fr me en wants me to follow watevr she says,its so hurting cz am scared to let her knw hw i feel cz i dnt want her to think im bigheaded nw tht im an independent person,i do earn my own salary en dnt ask fr anythn frm anyone…ths is so stressing me,she wants to boss me around…

  185. Leahna slaughter

    When you say because your not American and don’t have much freedom, well I’m American and my parents still control an manipulate me. I am adopted by this family and the minute that they stopped receiving money from me being adopted they wanted to kick me out of the house started ignoring me and everything else.

  186. I’m 18 years ond and i hate how my parents control me, like what to dress, how to acts, and now they want to move and the worst part is they dragging me with the too. But I don’t want to leave my life my friends my memories by boyfriends that loves me deeply, I love him too can’t imagine my life without him. When they told me that they want to move I was like no I don’t want to but they said we didn’t ask he. I got so sad when they said that, I felt like they didn’t care about me but they do, they parants so which parant wouldn’t cake about their child? I wish I had my rights like american people do, do what ever when they 18+. But I’m not an American I’m ahiska Turkish.. And i cant make my own chooses now I have to get married then make my own chooses with my husband…. Hated it really much all because of being controlled by my parants. Can anybody help me.. I really don’t wanna run away from home… Plz help anybody

  187. Leahna slaughter

    Here’s my question and situation. I know my parents are controlling me here it goes my boyfriend is 37 and I am 19 the controlling started off from the very beginning of the relationship on me having to tell them where I was going setting times for me and my bf really didn’t like that. It got so bad that it started to take a toll on our relationship and just kept getting worst. He did some really bad things so he’s not perfect but I learned to put those mistakes behind me and just move forward but with my parents they just kept keeping a grudge an hating him and the most recent situation is he got caught up in something with my brother that had to do with drugs ( that he never did get or do) and him and my brother got caught and my parents forbid me from even going out to date him which I think is extremely controlling when the decision who I date isn’t even there decision. So they threaten me and tell me if I want to date him then I have to get out of there house and I feel things are going so far south that when I do move out and marry my bf we are not going to even want them involved with our life because of all the drama they put us through. Any advice please give HELP!!!

  188. I empathise with everyone here and I feel your pain. Many of the stories are mirror images of my own. At the age of 36, I am forced to deal with tirades from a mother who cannot understand that it is the natural course of life that when your offspring become adults they will go off and live their own lives and you will hear from them periodically.

    If I allow this to continue, I will end up having a breakdown or doing something crazy and that is unacceptable because I have a right to live my life in happiness, free from emotional blackmail, emotional abuse and domineering. My attempts to reason with her, placate her or reign her in with boundaries and rational thought have failed. The only way I can escape this is to go abroad where they won’t be able to get at me. A drastic decision but nothing else has worked.

  189. I am working with my Dad overseas, he asked me to give it a year – but now he does not want me to leave.. I know he is maybe scared or finding it hard to let me go but i came to work with him and learn, and then go back to my home country and go to university.

    I had gotten in a relationship 5 months before i left and that has been another added element, in making my Dad not wanting me to go back i think, because i think he thinks i am giving up my opportunities here to go back just for him.. But that is not the case i always wanted to go back.

    It is hard to see if staying here is the right decsion or going back is. I feel as though my Dad is looking out for me ( in which he is disapproving of my relationship), but for what he wants, i feel homesick and although i am doing a good job here and i am enjoying it , i feel as though i am sitting in a movie that i dont want to watch.

    I feel torn, i have half my family here overseas, and i have another half back at my home country…. what can i do?? any advice??

  190. My parents are exactly the same. They always lie and say no one leaves home at my age even though I’m 25! They always lie and guilt trip me like this. Why do parents always tell us to act our age, but if we want to leave home they get angry? Contrary to belief I’m not a child anymore.

  191. Im 14 years old and i was planning on buying Oblivion for my computer with my birthday money i got from aunt and uncle they didn’t have it at the store so i was going to buy the downloadable version from gamestop’s website my dad said that i could do it the next day, when i asked the next day after cleaning my room he told me, no you should really save that money, i got really P.O.ed and now im sitting in my room not knowing what i should do

  192. My whole life, i have grown up fearing my dad even when i know i havent done anything wrong his presence around me makes me feel tense to a point a contemplated commiting suicide,am now 24years and he talks to me like am a 12yr old…it has affected my education,social life,my self esteem.

  193. I am 14 years old. and my parents have been controling my life for as long as i can remember. first is which class to take in high school and then is which friends to have. they already planned my future for me. i rather not list them or eles i might start crying again. they don’t like the way i dress because is too “boyish”. they never let me do the things i want to either. i am a good football player and a medal-winning swimmer, but they made me quit those things so i can focus on piano which i hate. they hate my friends because they are guys but they’re not so bad as they look. i am TIRED of having them controling over me. i am a rebel girl and i stand up to them without a fear in my mind but they fight back like threatening to sent me back to my home country. please help!!! i already did what i can and they’re not budging.

  194. My parents are completely psychotic. After I completed college, they threw me out on the street, because I was leeching off them. Plus, I had to learn to “suffer” in order to improve my life. The last six years have been a rollercoaster of jumping from job to job and constant uncertainty. The whole time, my parents are sitting in the background beating me down whenever something bad happens and ignoring me the rest of the time. When something good happens, they suddenly change their tune and want me around. This hot and cold behavior has completely messed me up in the head and heart.

    I realize now that I have spent my entire life trying to please and make them happy. I think that it is starting to sink in that it will never be good enough for them. Worse, I have always been on the edge of complete poverty, becuase my parents told me from graduation that I better learn to live in a cardboard box and eat grass before I come back to them for help. These things have scarred my psych and destroyed my faith in other people.

    I was brought up to believe that my parents were going to love me no matter what. Well, that is what they told me anyways, but one more lie that they told just to get me to do whatever they wanted. I really hate them with an all consuming passion and have cut all ties with them. In fact, I spelled in a long letter what they had done to destroy our relationship and why I couldn’t be around them any longer for my emotional and physical health.

    Still, they refuse to go away and claim to have no idea why I am so mad. I always ask people two important things about their parents: Will they help you out no matter the situation? Do they make you feel comfortable being yourself and making your own decisions? If both answers are no, then don’t waste your time with them. They will always be demanding that you conform to their desires and wishes. You will always be miserable.

    Most important, always keep telling yourself this one important thing. You can break the cycle!!!! You don’t have to be like them and you can be a better person. Don’t be afraid to fall in love, raise a family, or do anything you want. Yeah, you are probably going to need a hell of a lot of therapy, maybe some medication, and some life skills training, but your destiny is not set. I see too many people out there closing themselves off to life’s beauty and opportunities, because they are too afraid they will hurt other people and behave just like their parents. Don’t fall into this trap!!!!

    You will always be the child of your parents, but it is your decisions that determine your destiny. If you make the conscious choice not to follow their same destructive path, then you are doing a lot better job than most people. Hang in there, learn from every day, and never give up hope of having a truly happy life. Hell, everyone deserves!

  195. No, You are in no way being irrational. I was in a similar situation and did what I thought my parents wanted me to do. Actually, it ended up really hurting me (quite badly) and then I thought, wow, they have to know now that they should let me make my own decisions and not get in the way. But, I don’t think they have even digested it, even tasted what I have been through. It feels like there is nothing that will help at this point to make them realize the effect they have on their adult kid’s life. So, all in all, you did a wonderful job and stood up for yourself. That is a great step, keep it up. I am focusing on that too, standing up for myself. Never think it is selfish, if you are doing what is right for you and what makes you happy, it is not selfish. All the best.

  196. I completely understand and fully aware of controlling parents. I’m 23 and climbing a tunnel that has light at the end of it, my Mother will do everything in her power to remind me of my past and continually call me an adolescent miscreant. SO i finally found out that its my family that’s slowing me down. Yes I admit to all my problems and will face it , live with it and learn to cope and make things better. Yeah it’s going to be hard to make these changes. We can spend all the time in the world typing about our issues and things that make us upset, we all have something in common. We want change , we would like to be free , but we have to acknowledge our cons and embrace our pro’s and we do this just for us and no one else (even PARENTS) . Yeah it’s a scary thing to lose your parents, im not asking you to leave or ignore them however learn to not tell them everything that happens and keep your financial information to yourself, your parents don’t have to be the only people in the world you have to talk to. Utilize change and embrace your skills , amplify your life to the limit and discover new aspects about your life, LIVE damit! in the end we are all every man to himself you know, Live be free.

  197. My parents are SO controlling. I am turning 20 years old this year, and they tell me what to do constantly. I try to assert myself. But all they make is threats of taking my cell phone away, computer, and basically making my life a living hell. I have a boyfriend who is amazing, and treats me like a princess. And of course my parents hate him, all because he is 4 years older than me. If anyone can give me some advice, I would greatly appreciate it!

  198. I am a 39 year old woman with a mother who has never helped me financially but tells my family IM crazy and am a terrible mother. I suffer from depression due to the way I was raised and have been on medication my whole life for it. When it came to my children if I ever wanted to take away a cell phone for bad behavior or any game systems they had my mother would call me run me down and tell em I wasnt allowed to take it away. I got so fed up with her interference in my life and being told I wasnt wanted and would be nothing in life I tried to cut ties. She has terminal cancer now and I tried to put my differences aside and tried to help her but even now she calls me and yesterday she asked where I was and I said at home. She started screaming at me and told me to start treating her better and hung up the phone. Its to the point where I need to be far away from her but I dont want to leave my job and spouse to do that. she wont attend counselling to get our relationship better and doesnt want to try as IM too blame for the way it is. I know Ill never be anything to her as she treats my brothers like Kings and me like a lowly servant. How do I cut ties with a woman who has a year to live without regret? I dread the phone ringing and am scared to answer as all she does is run me down daily. She wont admit shes doing anything wrong, its my fault all the time. This is not normal behavior.

  199. okay :)so im 18 about to be 19, and i pay rent, and i buy my own food, and my parents say i still have to follow their rules. I do live in their house but how am i supposed to follow their rules? isn’t that the point of rent? they complain about the purchases i make such as a new laptop i bought for 400$, but i paid rent on time, EARLY EVEN!, and i can still afford to feed myself, yet they continue to complain about my purchase and say that they feel used that im going to live there forever and i don’t have a game plan…. why do they care what i buy? i pay rent and buy my own food, it shouldn’t matter to them!, and they think i am addicted to World of Warcraft, so they say they are going to kick me out if i play it, or watch pornography. but they also said they are going to pay for the first months rent when i move out. which is fine, but they want me to be 19 to move out. and they compare me to them when they were 18 and 19, like i did this and we did that and blahblahblah… i mean i don’t care what they did, all i want to know is how do i get them to back off and let me do my own thing, i am really starting to resent them for the rules they are putting on me. and i am not addicted to world of warcraft. I work full time, and i still hang out with my friends and find time to work out. I have a very active social life, and even a gf! im busy all the time. So is it soo bad that i like to play video games like a normal teenager when i have nothing going on in the morning on my days off. I mean im busy mon-friday usually so i dont even play that much during the weekday, but how am i addicted to it, if i play it on my days off (sat-sunday). Please help!!! my parents are suffocating me. and telling me “why don’t you just tell us to kiss your ass im moving out??” i mean and after that they say “when you do move out we want you to be successful.” i mean i think they want me to move out soo badly they will do anything or say anything to get me out. I feel like love went out the door when i turned 18. i am starting to hate my home life. PLEASE HELP!

  200. I agree and feel for all of you. I am in the same situation myself. I have been married to my husband for 4 years, and we moved out a year ago, and due to some really bad things that happend to us, with loss of a child and other emotional strains I do not want to discuss, we both got laid off and were struggling, and my parents offered to help us by living with them for a bit until we step on our feet, and we are grateful for that, but the problem is is that my parents have been extremely critical and pushy since we got here, they dont give us any respect, and expect us to honor them. As us much as they helped us, we feel trapped and awful because of the way they treat us..like pets!! lol yes they feed us and help us out, but they cannot control every aspect of our lives as a married couple, we cant argue or disagree on anything like a couple and they are too involved in our private life, as well as any decision we make within our marriage, and I am constantly stuck in the middle of my parents and my husband, because he is fed up with the way he is treated by my father and I am stuck constantly making peace on both sides because they are my parents. I think that the best alternative is to move out as soon as possible and live our life the way we want because this situation is jeopardizing my relationship with my husband as a result. I feel your pain everyone.

  201. wow im 29 years old amd after readomg i feel better now because i felt like im the only one. i finally live on my own with my son who’s 6 years old. and my mom does what u mother does is decides for u or decides for my son well being like that her own baby. i guess over the years shes been doing this i just kidda giving up my dream to live my life and breath.
    my mom is still ruining my relationship with my boyfriend because i have no idea why. tonight i felt he gave up me because i am scared to loose my relationship that never have with my mom because i finally decided to date him. i have dated him for 6 years and it might end if i dont step up to her. it all started because i gave bith and the only thing she can hang on to is my son since i am grown and not realize my son is not hers she still likes to claim him and pretend to help me by finacilly supporting my son. that i can do my son. yet i am letting her oh my favorite just cause she claims that she is helping me she wants to take the liberity to claim my child in her taxes just until i get a real job of my own just because she helps by buying cloths that i easily do for him. my boyfriend gives me the money and i buy what I can. and no my boyfriend is not my son’s daddy but he wants to know where he stands. shich i love him for that. what should i do cause i know this will be ugly.
    for the taxes yeah im serious she has no right. right? my boyfriend will step out if i dont fight our relationship that is what i am affraid of too.

  202. I agree with most of this. My parents bought a car that I use basically for me to buy off them. With me being 17 soon to be 18 yet see me as not having a life. I remember my sister when she was my age had none of these silly rules yet they still use the car to their advantage. My room is messy. What 17 year old boy doesnt have a messy room. They take the car off me or my door. What use is taking my bedroom door off if my room is messy. I don’t care that it’s messy I can deal with it. Just close the fu@#ing door if u don’t want to look at it. Don’t come in my room and then complain about nearly braking ur ankle cause of sum cords that were on the floor

  203. Same situation. My daughter and I want to go back to India to live and my mother doesn’t want it one bit. She is trying to tell me to take a good job in Taipei and stay for three years. We are miserable here.

    I miss home and want to see them. My brother and mother gang up on me when I am home. I don’t want my daughter to see that. I have done so much process work on family issues. The only way I have been able to do it and blast through parent issues is to live literally half a world away. Family lives in Washington state. It’s hard, we have limited interactions and it’s great too; they don’t have to deal with me and we are all comfortable.

  204. I know… right?
    If a parent really loves their child, they should let them follow their lifepath. Feeding me and giving me a home is not enough. Am I a f**king dog? A mongrel that needs only food to survive? As long as you are earning your own money, your life should be yours to live. Any objection to that is emotional blackmail, or a parents own insecurities about what will happen. Im so sick of hearing all this “they do it because they care for you” bulls**t. If they really care, ask them to visit a senior home, and ask around to see what the number one regret is: not living the life that you want, as opposed to what people expect of you. Congrats parents, you’ve fed your child food, but starved his soul.

  205. Go back to the job in Alabama. Your parents have controlled you for 24 years and it’s time to break free of them. It won’t be easy for you, but you need to take a stand NOW. If you don’t they will control you the rest of your life and you will be miserable. Your parents need professional help. It only takes one person to make a family dysfunctional, from the little I’ve seen, it sounds like that person is your dad and your mother enables his behavior. Your father said you were selfish which is rediculous. It is HE who is selfish for not facing the fact that you are an adult now with a life of your own ahead of you. Believe me, when you are back in Alabama, and living you life as you see fit, you will have gained more confidence in yourself. You will be able to see the MANIPULATIVE tactics your parents use to control you and decide on ways to short circuit their tactics. The best thing you can do for yourself is put DISTANCE between yourself and them.
    That means ALABAMA and if they are too mean spirited in thier communications with you via letters, email, phone, you can refuse to get sucked into their games. Manipulative mothers love to use tears to get their way, so you’ll have to see those for what they are. It will be tough on you, I know from experience with my own controlling parents.
    I spent most of my adult life knuckling under to my parents in an effort to please them. Pleasing them only made me feel insecure and resentful of them. Your parents have to grow up and let you go live your own life to pursue your own dreams.

  206. Cameron,
    I understand where you are. I left home at 17 and a half. Never looked back, ended up with a wonderful relationship with my parents. They have passed on, but I was able to finally get respect from my mother. I spent time in the service, went back to school and ended up a school counselor. No matter what job that I had, my mother thought that I should get a better one. She finally liked the teaching position and the fact that I ended up a counselor and then a principal.

    But the one thing that I have learned in life is that you gotta be happy on the inside. Where you are at won’t make you happy. I live in western Kansas and am as happy as a lark being here. Alabama didn’t make you happy, your situation and a job that you liked made you happy. A sign at a friend of mine’s home explains it best for me. It had a picture of a pretty flower in a flower pot with the following caption: “Bloom where you are planted”!

  207. Wow, you have a great self awareness and are able to communicate it well!! Darling, I’m in my mid 40’s and am still struggling with the same issues. I have a very very controlling mother who like yours, have showered me financially my whole life and really do have alot of love. But like you said, the need to be yourself and trust who you are will only happen when we can emotionally stand tall and strong. You are NOT being irrational. Its only a possibility of being irrational because of the negative harsh critics that have been around you like me. We are not irrational. Maybe a little selfish but who isn’t?

    I”m a super free spirit, hippy chick who has type a parents, over achievers and I have to admit they do have a lot of qualities I love and hope to learn from, like their strength. So my need to be free is so very important to who I am and for my success and I know this, have always known this and didn’t follow it because i was scared. Fear. I am going through really really good therapy now. There is a book I would recommend, I just bought it, and its a life saver. Its called, “there is nothing wrong with me” by Cheri Huber.

    Follow your dreams darling. If you do, you will thrive. Everything will fall in place. If you don’t, you will see that not honouring your lifepath will result in depression, failure, and resentment. I went through this because I did not follow my heart. I blamed my parents all this time and now realize at some point I had to stop and take responsibility. My best friend and I were supposed to move to hawaii 15 years ago. She went and followed her heart and I didn’t. I guess I just want to share with you so you will follow your bliss. I’m finally doing what i need to do. I wish you much support and love…in the end, you have me myself and I to deal with. Peace and light.

  208. I feel bad for u im in the same position
    I work for my dad at his shop hes asking me to leave his house and work
    Because my brother is mixing stuff and he wants to take over me im very good to him
    And they gang up on me

  209. I’ve been crying as I’ve read these posts. I just turned 24-years-old and am utterly afraid of disappointing my parents. They hated where I lived in Alabama for my first job in journalism out of college. In one sense, it was flattering, they felt that what is admittedly a crappy little town was not good enough for me, their smart and ambitious eldest daughter.

    But I was happy there with my job, I felt like I was doing rewarding and meaningful journalism. Still, their lack of enthusiasm for my life and how I perceived they were disappointed spurred me to take a job in Montana (out west, like they love as soon-to-be South Dakota residents, in the beautiful mountains, and somewhere they can be proud to tell people I live). Partly, it was because I thought I’d be happier if I felt they were happy with me and partly because I knew they’d be happier. And the upside was I’d still get to write for a paper.

    Well, one week out here on the job out here and I’m more miserable than I’ve ever been in my life. The quality of the paper is worse, the news material is non-existent and I miss writing about a community I cared about. I dread getting out of bed, going to work, working out, eating … the only relief I’ve had since I’ve been here is when I talked to my boss in Alabama and he said they’d gladly have me back ASAP.

    I’ll admit right away: this was utterly my bad decision. I jumped the gun, made the decision for the wrong reasons and knew it after the first day of work. But if i have the opportunity to correct the mistake, its my choice to do it.

    I tried to discuss my feelings with my parents, how I wanted to move back, how if I have the opportunity to correct, I should do it, especially because I am in my 20s, single, and have gainful employment waiting on me that I know I enjoy. Especially if the paper in Alabama will eventually lead me up the in the industry, and faster.

    My mother was shrieky and upset and told me Alabama wasn’t right for me and that I couldn’t afford to move back across the country and they couldn’t afford to help. I wasn’t asking for their help; I don’t need it. My father told me I was a selfish, selfish person, that it would be good for me to do something I didn’t like doing, that I made my own bed and should lie in it, that I was all about instant gratification and that he and mother for years have done things they didn’t want to do to raise my sisters and me. I know they expect me to get over this “irrationality” and stay in Montana. I know that my dad will continue to dangle his hard work, my years spent as his child in his care over my head. He’d honestly rather me be miserable here than watch me change my situation. I’m scared that I will stay just to please them. I’m paralyzed with fear to tell them, “No, I’m not living my life for you. I love you, but this is my decision.”

    They have been so good to my younger sisters and me in so many ways — paid for wonderful educations, raised us to be conscientious and hard-working, given us beautiful vacations and a strong sisterly bond between the three of us.

    But as the oldest, it has been so difficult to grow up and become my own person, because my father is so controlling and my mother is so acquiescent to his commands. Nearly every large decision I have tried to make for myself — my career in journalism, who I want to date, where I wanted to work for my first job — has been rife with push-back and emotional blackmail and accusations of selfishness and guilt-tripping from my dad.

    I know that I can be a selfish person. But I know that I am good-hearted person. I chose the career I did because it allows me to use my talents as a force for good, because I can make my own difference in the world this way. Is it so bad to want to be happy while I do that?

    Am I being irrational? I have a way out of a bad situation. But I’m afraid I’ll lose the careful balance of parental approval that holds our family together like glue in the process. I wish I’d never moved out here in the first place. I wish I’d just stayed true to myself.

  210. I am a 28 year old lawyer. 8 years ago my dad moved in with me and my sister, as he was suffering from a illness. He’s still with us. And as much as I love him, he sims won’t let go of me and my sister and realize we are adults. For 8 years I’ve held down a job and done college, climbed up the promotions ladder, went back to college for a second degree and juggled two part time jobs and still he treats us like 15 years old.

    I gave up a safe career in law to become a film producer. I have a few interviews lined up next month and the first thing my dad said was that the pay wasn’t good and I’d be in a worse position then I am now. Hello! What could be worse then being on a student income? Nothing!!!! He has trouble accepting that in the film industry you are not gonna end up on a studio executive wage the moment you graduate from college. He always thinks he has to remind my sister and I to do things: like this morning we had a rainstorm. He rings up my sister to tell her to shut the windows. She said she already had. He got home and my sister asked him why did he think he felt he had the need to call her up and remind her? He had no answer. I don’t want to reminded of things like I’m a school girl.
    and then he will go and leave the tv on when he goes outside, leaves tissues in his pocket when the laundry gets washed and when I remind him not to do those things he’s gets real offended. Nine out of ten times he will be late if he has to meet me somewhere and then got so angry at me when I was 5 mins late the other day.

    He will turn up the tv way too loud. I’ve just been diagnosed with acute anxiety disorder and Trying to cope with him is driving me insane. When I have asked him repeatedly to not turn up the tv way too loud in my state he will turn it down but only for like 10mins. I feel he’s really disrespecting me, especially when he comes in and interrupts my meditation sessions. Sometimes I really really hate him. I need a friend now not a parent.

    My uncle (his brother) said to my dad today that the film job interviews sound really good and would be grat experience. My dad couldn’t think of a thing to say to that. He needs to let us go and exist in the house like a roommate now. My sister and I are constantly reminding him to let us go and treat us like adults. I know it is is common in single parent families, but the amount of absolute crap I’ve had to endure from him in the past in regards to other family stuff is lots and if I gave him what he has put my sister and I through he would never forgive us.

    He won’t change straight away and I can’t kick him out but he will have to learn.

  211. Another book I’d recommend is Leaving Home by David P Celani. Reading the case studies there and hearing about stories such as those in this blog brings me relief because I am also in my 30s and have an emotionally dependent mother.

    When I think about how for years I have been fueling her dependency I feel sick. I ran to her and my Dad whenever I had a problem. And now I am separating from them I feel pain. Real pain, guilt, anger and a feeling like I owe them something.

    My therapist says that being a parent is a sacrifice. A parent choses to have a child, a child doesn’t chose to be born. A parent choses to raise that child and then the child has to be set free. If you give the child sufficient nurturing the child will thrive in the outside world. Sadly those who have a deficit of nurturing and are either attacked or smothered tend to feel MORE attached to the abusive parents because they are seeking to make up that deficit! Children from emotionally abusive parents are more likely to stick close to home hoping one day to get what they didnt during childhood – unconditional love.

    That was the case for me. I have been hoping for my parents to truly validate and encourage me to become the best version of myself. A confident, separate adult. I feel disappointed that my mother looks at me as if I was a little china doll or a 7 year old child. Her perfect creation. Hers. Her little angel. I am none of those things. I am an individual. A separate individual. It makes me feel sad that she is not curious to get to know me but rather wants me to be an adoring daughter so she can feel comfortable.

    I am on a journey. Things have improved massively though. I told my parents some weeks ago that I needed to create psychological space in order to feel healthy (I’ve had emotional problems in the past) and so that I would be saying no a lot more. I also switched off my mobile and took no calls and told them to text or email in case of emergency. I told my mother I could talk to her twice a week and that was it. We picked the days together. I will be moving this to once a week over time.

    It was hard. They resisted. But its that or no contact. If they shout at me that’s OK. I don;t mind a separation at this stage. I have such a weak identity in any case. All of this had really brought to light how dependent I am on them and what a weak identity I have. So I just need to press on and continue setting boundaries. I pray to God there is a light at the end of the tunnel because right now all I feel is a bit despaired and afraid with glimpses of happiness and peace.

  212. Just reading through your comments and felt like i should contribute. You are right about giving up hope cause as soon as you do that you have accepted that things arent going to change and you have to rely on yourself.
    My story is long complex and in short this is it:
    My dad was a heavy drinker sobered up but i still resent him for ruining my childhood and taking my mums attention from me and purely on him acting a child. Hold big grudge but along the way mum would insult me call me fat and just be generally difficult. when i needed her she didnt help me. always been reclusive in my room avoiding their world. until i found drugs and raving and found a spark to stand upto her and live my life. Im not a junky and now 26 can reflect on what caused me to feel or act the way i do. My nan financially supports my older bro. She breaks promise telling me she going to put me through my driving lessons (i passed theory twice but expired due to her change of heart)very venomous and spiteful thru my childhood taking me on holiday for 2 weeks and really busting my balls for nothing when my cousin died week before, just feels she gets a kick out of it. sure she done good layed deposit down on my current rental house. But compared to my brother she has paid for 6 properties driving lessons he never took? each time he kept deposit. Opened a shop for him. Me? No driving lessons. I now realised last few months I deeply dislike her I have no bond with her as she has never tried with me when i was young. S o it cant be helped i feel cold towards her. but she will say comments “i got a grandchild that doesnt want to know me” YET she never took me out or even struck a convo which wasnt a down put. my mum fed her head a lot about me being rebellious etc. Especially watching her splash cash on another sibling and leaving me to struggle in countryside with no transport.
    Mother… well she got horrible attitude thru menopause and as ever wrapped up in their lives to care for me.
    Since moving out of town i feel better a little hateful BUT AS i realised they cant be bothered seeing me. S o i feel proud in myself not to ask them for anything. I rely on myself and I sure do have anger to em but best way to deal with that is avoid and leave em to it. I know that if i ever had a child of my own i sure as hell wont let them near it and il do a better job raising it then what them 3 have done to me…
    I get myself tattooed and i wear punk clothes which they hate and it makes me happy cause i know how much it pee them off. and im a true individual and strong enough not to care 2what them or the world thinks

  213. Speaking from experience, this is the best advice I can share with fellow sufferers. It’s up to you what you do with it. You don’t wanna end up 40, 50, or older still suffocating because of someone else’s wishes. Oprah has said it many times. And Maya Angelou has said it as well. This is not a direct quote but….

    People will treat you any way you allow. One phrased it like, ‘you teach people how to treat you'(from Maya and Oprah). I’m not talking about a 7 year old overpowered by abusers who are beating them. I am speaking to you adults. If your loved ones throw fits and attack you until you back down and compromise your position or decisions, their behavior is reinforced. They learn (from your giving in) that they are right. They learn how to control you (with guilt trips, crying, verbal attacks, threats, and even bribery).

    It never feels good to displease others, but you can teach yourself to grow thicker skin. It’s not like you get to live this life over again if doing it your parents’/siblings’ way made you miserable. And you will be miserable if you don’t stay on your own path. After a while, you’ll learn how to avoid ‘traps’ and ‘triggers’. If you roll out the red carpet for trouble, they will stalk you on Facebook, by phone, in person, by mail, and whatever way they can! Yes, they love you in their way, but Maya also said love doesn’t hurt! When a person forces their beliefs onto you, you’re gonna feel stress, conflict, and pain.

    The psych can give you a pill, the counselor can take your side and give you affirmations…but you have to take action and draw your lines/set your boundaries. You may have to move into your own place, out of your subdivision, city, state. I even know of some happier living in other countries. Other times, all it takes is saying “hey, we’re 2 different people and you will have to deal with your anger about my decisions. I can’t please everyone”.

    When I finally stood my ground about my mom trying to change our (non)religious choices for me and my sons, she learned. She doesn’t try to preach to me or sign my son up for vacation bible school or start debates with me. She will occasionally ask us to go, using Mother’s Day as an emotional bargaining chip. My 11 year old has been hip to manipulative behavior for many years. When he’s alone with my mom and she criticizes our choice in virtual public charter school (‘if you went to a REAL school, you’d get to do this or that’), he has no trouble ignoring her or even lancing through her ill logic! It’s been quite a while since she’s quipped any ignorant anti-gay remarks towards the telly as well. I also put my foot down about her comparing me to my sister (who has no children and lives in the city). I told her it’s wrong to treat us differently. I’m favored because I know the ‘pains’ of motherhood and I don’t ask for help.

    All that said, I still have a ways to go. My dad (who is divorced from her) doesn’t have the need to call me every day. He knows that I have little sleep, caring for a special needs son. He’s private and doesn’t like to intrude. He’s someone I would like to speak to more often because we can talk about everything without judgment or self righteous attitudes. I get calls from my mom almost every day, multiple times (especially when there’s no man in her life). I answer when I can. She shops a lot for the kids, and I say thank you, but encourage her to ask me if I actually need these things (hoarding tendencies in the family). My house is very small and any extra item looks like clutter. I’m finally realizing there are many ways my boundaries get stepped on. It’s a constant issue sometimes. It’s nowhere near as bad as some people’s families, but it is stressful.

    I’ve found peace 2 towns over, but will be moving back into the sub where most of my family is (which includes mom and a few addicts/alcoholics). But the house is the only deal like this. Already has a wheelchair ramp as well as enough bedrooms and a basement (plus a yard). This will be the true test. I’ve told certain family that I don’t like drop-ins (nothing like a relative on pills nodding off on your sofa while you’re busy). May have to hear myself saying NO a whole lot 🙂 My dad will get the spare key this time. No surprise of the door opening unexpectedly. Or questions about what car was in my driveway. My goal is to increase my income and live where I’d like (which of course will displease some!). I’ve read about and know some really awful people lately who will always equate love with obedience to them. I’m lucky because they DO know I love them.

    Good luck and inner strength to everyone here! 🙂

  214. Dear Laurie,

    I am always second guessing myself because my boyfriend always has a reason for what his mother does. I’ve been with him for 3 years. His parents, usually his mom Is always looking for reasons to not let us do things. My boyfriend happens to be “a mommas boy”. I try to use that term with the most respect I can, but I’m not sure If it’s because he plain out loves his mom so much that she adores she attention or if it’s because he is afraid of disappointing her.
    Even when she is having a good day, (were both 18). And she is always controlling him, we’ve only been aloud to go to the movies once though we’ve asked about a thousand times. If it’s not planned it’s not allowed.( but that’s only toward me) it’s fine when he’s with his friends. He says he loves me, honestly we’ve been through alot. I feel like his mom Is trying to sabotage us on purpose. She dictates everything in our relationship, what is allowed when it’s aloud, what he’s aloud to open up to me about, how he should act when were in public, she’s afraid of losing him I think. But I get so irritated with her. He nevers stands up to her. She manipulates him. Well we had plans and we were talking about them, (we were gonna move into our own apartment) but then his mom said no. He said he wanted to but his mom won’t let him. Were 18, and his mom treats him like he’s five, she doesn’t want him to even talk to me on holidays “there only for family”. I’m literraly so angry I don’t know what to do, I’ve never been disrespectful (literally) even after she called me a “whore” 2 years ago I just I don’t know what to do it worries me. She and him joke about him living behind their home in a camper when he’s 30. She doesn’t ever want him to leave home. I’m sorry this is so long I just really need advice Laurie, I appreciate anything you have honestly. I love him and she knows that she doesn’t want him to love me (she’s said that) she’s constantly tried to pull us apart an it eats at him, because “he tries to make us both happy” but realizes he only hears her. We talk about it sometimes an he shuts down, I don’t know what to do..

  215. Hello, I’m almost 25 years old and my parents still treat me like I’m 15. They say no one leaves home at my age, yet all my cousins my age have and have kids. So they completely lie. We aren’t remotely religious or ethnic, yet they think you have to be married just to leave home. We are Caucasian and that is very unusual for us. I’ve never met any that has. If I talk to them all I get is screaming and verbal abuse. Yet I’m not allowed to verbally abuse them. I loathe their double standards. I’m sick and tired of being treated like shyte. If I never marry, what am I supposed to do? Live at home until I’m 35? I don’t think anyone will marry a 35 year old living at home. I’m not allowed to have a boyfriend sleep over, which is very odd these days. So why would I want to be stuck living at home? My father says he’s nothing like his own father, yet does everything” just because” his father did. Whenever I question anything all I get is screaming or “do as your told”. I tried seeing a counsellor but it didn’t work.

  216. My dad has been paranoid and controlling all my whole life. He doesn’t care about me or even my rights to choose; he just wants to control me and even my rights, all of my rights, to choose. He hates all of my choices and he refuses to see that I’m a grown woman and at my age I can make my own decisions! I’d love for him to really sit down and listen to me, which he refuses to do! I don’t know what to do! Any advice, guys?

  217. i lost my dad 17yrs ago and since than i have stopped to live for my self but today i am in love with a person but my mother and my sisters think i have done a crime,i am eldest in the family,is love a crime i am killing myself daily just to honour my mother and sisters,why don’t they see my pain

  218. My mom and I live with a family(mom sisters family) from my moms side, that is not my family. My dad died so my mom and i live with them from my childhood. They make my mom feel hostile and i can detect that because i notice my moms behavior change. They do every detail pathway the way they want to do it and they make me feel like “My way or the highway”. I am giving positive opinions and good thoughts for them and they override them as if i was not even there. I lived with them since i was an infant and now i am 25 years old. I love there two sons and they are my blood cousins. But sometimes deep deep down inside I know there is something something wrong because i feel it deep down in my stomach. I am a Male and they make me feel like everything they done I have to end up owing it to them. I am feelings like they are “bloodsuckers” and by there behaviors, communications, dealing with me and mom on a daily basis feels like they are false and i will not put no hope no more and sustain this no longer. Everyone, what do I do? Please do not hesitate to write any good input on this.

  219. Hello Laura,

    I am a 34 yr old female who has never lived alone. My parents divorced when I was 20 and my mother, sister and myself moved out of state. When I was about 22 my mother started developing health issues. They progressed until she was finally deemed unable to work and is now disabled. Since then, I’ve become the bread winner. My sister is 12 years my junior, she’s 22 and has a wonderful job. She and I share the financial load, along with my mom who contributes her monthly ss$ earnings to household as well.

    I come from a good family. I love my parents, I was never abused in any way, and I have always been shown love and affection. I grew up very close to my mom. She’s always been a control freak, always wanting to know where her kids are, never wanting them to leave the nest. I’ve always told her that I would always help take care of her no matter what.

    Well, 1.5 years ago I met a guy and we fell in love. Early on, he told me he would have no problem with me taking care of my mom, etc. My mom has always had a problem with him. She thinks he isn’t good enough for me, has many opinions about him, etc. A month ago he lost his job and was forced to move in with us. Being that my bf and my mom are both very opinionated, they have no problem telling each other what time it is and argue often. My bf has finally told me that he can’t take it, that we are grown people and in order to be happy we need to move out on our own. I’ve explained to him that he can’t just expect me to up and leave my mom and sister in the situation they’re in, they simply can’t afford it. He asked me to talk to my mom, AGAIN, about her lack of respect for him. I tried; she won’t hear of it. I tell her that I need to move out, she gets angry and hurt and claims I am ‘choosing’ him over her and my sister. She can’t get it into her head that I’m a grown woman who is practically 5 years from 40! She says that if I leave, she will have nothing to do w/him ever again and says she won’t speak to me. It hurts b/c our relationship is not the same, but as far as I see it, it’s her doing. She can’t accept that I am not doing anything wrong – simply doing what normal people do. I am stressed to the max. I feel bad for leaving my sister behind, but at the same time, I am ready to live my life for ME. I even told her I planned to still assist financially, but that isn’t good enough.

  220. Hey guys well I need advice for my friend she turned 18 jan 9 and she came to move with me and her mom didnt let her take her belongings or social security so I buy her thnigs what can she do to get her belongings back asap

  221. I am 26 years old and a single mother of 1. I have been dating my boyfriend for a year now. He makes me so happy. He accepts my little one as his own. We plan on spending the rest of our lives together and hope to be married someday.
    After years of dealing with tough relationships finding someone like him was a breath of fresh air. But my family will not stop judging him due to my past relationships. They can’t look past my mistakes and expect him to pay for whatever every guy did to me.
    He lives in California and asked me and my son to move in with him after I lost my job. This of course added more fuel to the fire and my parents refuse to accept the idea of us leaving. They have made my life a living hell here at home since. They have cut me off from talking to him over the phone and he is not allowed to come by the house. I feel like a teenager again to say the least. I feel helpless to think that they could be so cruel and selfish.

  222. Hi
    I am 17 years old and my boyfriend and I have been dating for 6 months. Our relationship is hard because my mom always makes up excuses why i cant see him and sometimes forbids me to go out with him for no reason. I have honors classes and a gpa over a 4.0. i have always listend to my parents and have been a “goody goody” because i never wanted to upset them or get them mad. Now when I finally have a good relationship and have a guy which i fell in love with for the first time my mom makes everything difficult. Me and my boyfriend have been fighting a lot lately that once it got to the point where we did not speak for a few days. these fights are usually caused because my mom does not let me hangout with him a lot and he hates it when i cancel on him becuase he says that he loves me very much but its difficult to have a relationship with me. but he said that he wants to make this relationship work. no other guy would go through all of this to stay with a girl who he is dating in high school. He actually really cares about me like no other guy i have met and i do not know what to do. I sat my mom down and she never wants to listen. I told her that i am growing up now and that can she please try to understand me. but all she ever says is that she is the mother and i am the child and i am supposed to listen to what she says and w=not what i say. she always says that. I honestly just dont know what to do now. i really want to make this relationship work but how can i when she does not let me hangout with him? she says that she likes him but that i need to concentrate on school and that my relationship is not important. she only always thinks of herself and not me. she never cares what i think or how i feel. Please can u help me? what should i do? i do not know what to say to my mom anymore to make this relationship work.


  223. My husband and I are middle aged. over 3 years ago he lost his job in the bad economy. He has not found a job in his field (graphic design) despite constant trying (and I do mean constant, and everything). A couple years ago, he took the only job available—as an assistant teacher of special needs children. He makes an insulting apprx. $250. a week after taxes. We couldn’t live on this. His parents kindly offered help, talking to him and promising to send $700 the first of every month. This is what we have been trying to scrape by on, and our lives have been a living hell for all this time. I should say here that we do not live ‘high’; we have a small, paid off house, drive 12 and 13 year old ‘heaps’, have no credit cards, and do not go out for meals, or spend on ‘frill’. The help from his parents pays for dire necessities—heat, car insurance, electricity and phone/internet (so he can continue to job hunt). Despite the fact that with everything, it is still not enough, and we are under trememdous stress, all was relatively fine until recently. We were extremely grateful for their help, and have always let them know this. We were not in the habit of taking help, and had to because we had no other choice, and had exhausted every other possibility.
    They come up from Fla. every Christmas and stay with my husband’s sister. She is a self-centered, manipulative prima donna, and we have never had much to do with her, due to her inexplicable negativity toward me even though she had never met me.
    My husband’s mother by all accounts is controlling and manipulative, as well as very punitive, and regularly engages in guilt tripping or hostage holding tactics. My husband and I married in 2007, and I have always made every effort to get along with her.
    My husband and I also tried in small ways to at least have a cordial if not a warm relationship with his sister. She really didn’t reciprocate much.
    The real doozie of a blow up has just happened this Christmas. When his parents would call us they would say things like “We’re so glad we will finally all be together this year at A’s house”–(his sister). Because of this, we ASSUMED we were to be included, and so said things like “Oh yes, we’re really looking forward to this Christmas with everyone”!
    Well, time went on, and in mid Dec. we still had NOT been invited by his sister to come for Christmas. Prior to this, we bought small gifts for her 2 adopted children, (which no one ever bothered to tell us they recently adopted), and some food items to make a cheesecake to bring. We really had been planning and looking forward to it. When no invitation was forthcoming, my husband called his sister and decided to just see if she would say anything. She seemed startled to hear it was him, and was “aloof” on the phone. He said it seemed as if she could’t wait to get off. He mentioned Christmas, and she stammered and said that mom and dad and her in laws were coming. He got off the phone.
    Now, I apologize for the length of this letter, but we are in such trauma right now, and I really wanted some, well, vindication I guess.
    We immediately emailed my husband’s parents and told them we had NOT been invited for Christmas at their daughter’s home, and so would not be there, but that we would love it if they would drive over and have dinner with us at our home (about an hour away) ANY DAY they chose, while they were up here. We were just trying to make lemonade from lemons.
    It was at this point that all hell broke loose, and they ‘shot the messenger’! We got a nasty—really nasty email from his dad saying we ‘wanted to be alone’, that we just did a ‘bait and switch’, and that we ‘don’t need an invitation—just show up’ (!!!!!!!) In addition he said he ‘had had it’. He then called my husband at work to see if he had gotten the email!
    We were completely taken aback, shocked, and hurt, and angry too. As soon as we could, we wrote a very long, point by point email in response, detailing his sister’s behavior toward us for several years, reiterating that we had NOT been included in the plans for Christmas, etc., and also again asked them to do the next best thing and at least come see us one of the days they were here, at their convenience. They never responded. They did come up and stay with his sister, and they never once called us.
    Jan. 1st came, and no check arrived. My husband called his dad, now back at home. He asked if his dad had sent the check. (He had not), His dad again started to blame us for not being at A’s home on Christmas. My husband patiently and very calmly spent an hour on the phone trying to again explain things and and come to some understanding. We really did feel terrible that they had tried to punish us by not seeing us over the holiday. His dad said he would send the check—that was all. The check arrived on Friday. It was for HALF the amount! We were sick. We had just mailed out checks for the bills, and now had no way to cover them! He called his dad, who wouldn’t say anything except “You have to talk to your mother”. She finally got on the phone. She said she had decided NOT to send “her half” of the money unless my husband would contact his sister and do whatever in order to have a relationship with her! (She called this “tough love”!!! (Yes, I am speechless too).
    It was nasty emotional blackmail pure and simple.
    They certainly know that we now have no way to pay for these necessary living expenses.
    We had a terrible weekend. We both however, have had enough. We knew that this was the end. We had to have our self respect, and we couldn’t stand another minute of her destructive and manipulative behavior.

    My husband sat down yesterday (Sunday). He wrote a letter. Very short: You have broken your promise to me and thrown my family to the wolves. He wrote that he couldn’t and wouldn’t be held hostage. Mostly we are so angry at them that they have no heart, and could do this to a hard working son just trying to survive. After much soul searching and discussion, he wrote that he is cutting off all ties with them permanently. We will never contact or see them. It was a huge relief, which is sad…

    We have no idea how we are going to live, but the price and the toll we have had to pay was just not worth it.

    I guess I just need some hugs…

  224. Hi my name is maria and i am 17 years old . i was going out and living with my partner for 8 months . We were engaged and i am totally in love with him . There was an argument between my mum and him . His name is Peter . They hate each other and my mum kept causing problems between us . The relationship has now ended and he doesnt want me back because i don’t know how to stand up to my mum . Help Please . Any advice on how to do this

  225. hi, i am 16 so i cant really do anything like move out any time soon not even when i am 18 becasue i need their financial aid. my parenta tell me they love me but they are the most criticizing, controlling parents ever( well in my mind they are anyway). they always make everything seem my fault. it would just be hell for me if i ever got a not so good grade or did something not so perfect. i cant live my life! they control every peice of my life and criticize and mock me in every single word. like these days they keep telling me how im soo fat and how they laugh at me and how my older sister is just perfect. ( i am normal weight not skinny nor fat). im currently dieting but their pressure migh very well lead me to an eating disorder. moreover i was depresed last year and used to cut myself for how worthless i felt. when my mom found out she called me crazy and laughed at me. when I TOLD HER i think i need to get help she took me to a therapist but when this therapist told them it was their fault for being controlling and criticizing me they made me stop going but thank god i made myself stop with the help of my newly found and only good friend who they used to talk bad about. what should i do? i always feel like i can never trust anyone because of how they treat me and like i can never let anyone in. im helpless and feel guilty most of the time. pleaee answer. thanks.

  226. People, listen!!!

    as Maureen said, above:

    “You teach people how to treat you and if they can’t respect your feelings they should not be allowed in any part of your life. Life is bad enough when it tests you, but when it comes to people….I don’t take their s*** anymore. I am grateful for growing less tolerant to the cruel or ignorant, and I will never back down from what is justified or relevant. Today is a reminder that I am safe from yesterday, and prepares me to be strong enough for what’s to come tomorrow.”

    ABSOLUTELY!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    live your own life! life is difficult… but it’s what YOU make it!

  227. Hi Laurie,

    I have a difficult situation. I met this guy when I was in college about 5 years ago; he was a maintenance worker on campus but very polite and we had a lot in common. Well, as time passed, i got pregnant, decided to have the child and move back home with my parents at age 29 because the guy and I weren’t married. My parents were very helpful with my son, as I was living there for three years. My parents only met the father once, while I had the baby in the hospital. No words were exchanged, other than “Hi” from both ends but I was still happy because he built up the courage to come see his baby son. I forewarned him that my parents were strict, judgemental and overbearing at times, so he was prepared for the worst. My mom and dad were unwelcoming and uptight towards the father and his side of the family for no reason.

    Moving forward, five years later, I was still close friends to the father of my child and found out I was pregnant again in Jan 2011. I decided to go along with the pregnancy, in despite of my parents rejection and the father was supportive with my decision because I believe that two wrongs don’t make a right and abortion was wrong (in my opinion). At that time, I was still living with my parents but moved out in April because I was much more financially stable and they were giving me hell. I could not be more happy about moving out and living on my own and taking my son with me as well. They gave me a choice and told me I could stay if I had an abortion. I did otherwise, moved out and never looked back til this day! The father and I were always close but not enough to get married, we just had a soul tie. Well, now we have two beautiful kids and he is being more supportive financially than ever.

    On August 30, I gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby girl and my parents were put to shame after they saw a new bundle of joy, with me being able to support BOTH of my kids on my own. I tell my parents about the fathers involvement now and support but they don’t say anything (which is cruel and disrepectful to the father). The father loves his kids and want to be involved in their lives and help raise them, we just need to work on both of our ends; however, my parents would go crazy if they found out we got married and he moved in with me but why? HE IS THE FATHER OF THESE CHILDREN and I love him and he loves us. We have been through a lot together and have grown and want to grow even closer together. I’m still in love with him. I don’t see why they would be so upset with a father who is finally coming around and wanting to be part of a family now. This drives me crazy about how my parents won’t humble themselves and let me make my own decisions. I’m not afraid of them, I just want peace. I need your advice on how I should conservatively handle this situation.

    BY the way, I am 35 now and he is 36 and I limit help from my parents if they ask because I don’t want no strings attached, when I’m ready to confront them about our new profound relationship but I told him we should get married first, without their approval.

    Thanks Laurie,

  228. HI Laurie
    I have recently confronted my Dad, and will confront my mother any day now. I have been seeing a psych for over 2 years, and only with her help and lots of self work have I been strong enough to do so. Dad denied any abuse, and told my mother I was obviousely derranged and mentally ill to make up such a lie. This hurts, a lot, but at the same time I am finally able to see him for who he is,not the changed man I want him to be. I’m finding things difficult, as I am still frightened of confronting my mother who witnessed and allowed the abuse ( physical not sexual), however I realise how importnant it is that I do so.

    My hubbie has been extremely supportive, and we are going to move house as we live on the same property as my parents. Its worth it, though. I encourage any of you out there to read TOxic parents, and also find a good psych to help you think things through. ALthough the journey has been hard, it is possible to free yourselves from the hurt.
    THanks so much for your blog,

  229. hi everyone on here:
    I am 20 years old and going to college. My parents are currently paying for everything but i have to pay back the loans.
    My whole life i always wanted to have the perfect family with my mom dad and siblings. All my life my dad has been very harsh on me saying to get goods grades and study. I understood why he said that and i did as he wanted me to. i was also a good daughter. i never drank, partied or anything else that could cause me harm.
    my dad has treated me like i am beneath him. that i am stupid.
    2 years ago i meant a guy friend that understood that my family life was a little messed up. so i used to hang out with this guy behind my parents back becuase i knew they wouldnt like him (at that time in my life i wasnt allowed a boyfriend, and i wasnt allowed to hang out with friends much)
    also 2 years ago i found out that the dad i live with is my step-dad. i found out becuase my bilogical dad contacted me. when he talked to me i asked my mom if she knew him and straight to my face she lied and said she didnt know.well i didnt belive her for some reason. so i decided to meet him and i brought a friend along just in case. and when i met him he told me he was my biological dad
    i eventually told my mom and she got upset. she told my step-dad(the guy i live with) and he got upset too. they were mad that i went behind their backs and talked to some ‘random stranger’
    (when i told my mom she asked me ‘who do you want to walk you down the aisle when you get married, not you biological father, he hasnt been here for you)
    they never wanted me to find out about it, but they said they would of told me when i could make a mature decisions about my biological dad.
    the parents i live with dont want me having contact with my biological dad because he hasnt been in my life. 2 years after i was born rob (biological dad) wanted to help out with finacial things. my parents by then were married and said no. rob also wanted to see me and they denied his request.
    when i found out about all that m step-dad asked me what i thought. and i said i guess i have 2 dads. he got extremly mad and started punching the wall, saying im the one that took care of you etc, etc
    i say all this because it brings me to my next point
    …every since the father episode and the guy friend episode i havent been treated well when i visit from college. my step-dad is always telling me to do this and that, that im stupid and such…my mom doesnt say much…she just agrees with him..shes like a robot now..she used to be happier…and smile more…
    i am really not sure what to do
    they make me feel guility for everything i do it can be as little as shutting the door too loud even if the wind slamed it shut and it wasn’t me.
    i can’t have a mature conversation with my step-dad becuase he always finds a way to be right and make me look like the underdog.
    i am dependent on them fincailly.
    the car i use to go to work is theirs..
    for the past 4 months my step-dad has been using my car when im gone from college cause his needs fixed (he works with his hands alot and is good at fixing things)
    im going back ‘home’ in acouple days and they said i wont have a car for a week-which means a week of no working even though the only thing they have to fix on the car is the brakes. so i had to ask my grandma to drive me to work for a week cause i need the money
    i dont know how to escape…they keep making me pay for things so i will never be able to leave
    they are controlling i know they are…
    then i wonder if they are not..and that its just in my head…
    many people dont know all this about me cause i have always been a hapy girl. i smile also. but if i think about my family…well few people have seen me cry before
    also another example-i have to call my step-dad, dad or i would be smacked, and guilt-tripped.

    i think i should leave…
    but im afarid of making another mistake…casue apparently i make alot and im worried i can’t accomplish anything because they say i can’t…

    *side-note* i have a sister that is my half sister-shes my step-dads daughter and she is only 13 but treated much better than i have ever been treated…its becuase she has his intelligence.

    to my step-dad i am only something else in his life that he can control.

  230. hello, i live with a stepdad who gets mad at me all the time, i do something like stay after school for tutoring and he gets upset at me for it and when i try to explain it to him, he tells me if i dont like it here, then theres the door, or i told him today i went to find a job(im 17) and he called me a joke, and he promised to make me miserable everyday, how do i deal with this? please let me know asap,



  231. Hi i wonder if you could give me some much needed advice.

    I am 22 years old, all my life i have been put down negatively by my mother. I blame myself for the things that she says, ‘cos to some extent it is true. She will say things like “you have never achieved anything”,”you have given me nothing but problems my whole life”. I have just recently come out of rehab as i suffer from an addition. This makes matters worse for me, as i have always felt that my mom has been controlling. She is controlling my life even more now,and effecting me negatively by having all this power over me. I have tried to speak to her, but she doesnt listen. I have also tried to speak to my dad but he wont stand up to my mom. I honestly dont know how to deal with this, i feel so trapped. I also feel so guilty to tell her how i am struggling with her cos she will get angry and tell me to go if i am not happy. She also says to me she will cut me out of her life, i believe this as she has done that to my sister.She makes me feel so insecure and like i have no stability in my life. What can i do to make my life easier..


  232. my mother lives alone, my father passed away 3 years ago, she is 74. i am an only child and my mother is very irrational and gets confused and angry very easily. i do all i can to help her but she often times thinks i am trying to run her business even though she has asked for my help. she is a bitter women that has never enjoyed one moment of happiness and she does not want others to either. my question is this, when she is in a mood she is toxic, it ruins everyones day and i am torn as to whether i should just leave her be until she works out whatever is bothering her or should i continue to pet and humour her as much as possible, i do this out of guilt.

  233. I am 21 years old and live with controlling parents. Last year I told them about a guy I like and they took it very negatively and started accusing me of being a bad daughter and my sister accused me of being a bad sister all my life. Later I decided that I wanted to travel on my own but they would never give me permission and fought over it and made a big drama out of it. My father has anger problems and whenever I tell my mother any of my problems or my sister they go and tell my father in return he gets angered and yells at me. Its really frustrating to live like this. So I have decided that I want to stay with my boyfriend and also travel without permission. But I dont know how to cope with my family in this situation. They make everything so hard and difficult. They want everything on their terms and will. The problem is if I travel and leave without telling them they will throw a fit. For any other info: I work currently and go to college and am a third year who lives at home. Please advice me.

  234. Dear Laura,

    Hello. I’m 24 years old and married. My parents live just two houses down from us, and they own the house that my husband and I are living in. He has a very steady job, and I just graduated from college in July. We pay for almost everything ourselves except for a few minor things. We used to offer to pay for them, but my parents think that it’s silly and that we should just save our money for later in life. In fact that is what is said anytime we do want to pay for something. However, the moment I do something she does not like or disagrees with it is thrown up in my face that they still pay for some things. If I am put in an awkward position and feel like I want to say no because I am being taken advantage of, I really struggle with it and often just lie down and take it. On the rare occasions that I do say no, she throws a fit and says something hurtful. She is extremely overbearing, controlling, and manipulative.

    Ever since I was little she has come to me and only me when she has something to complain about and all of her problems whether it be marriage, family, or childhood memories. It is always from the perspective of “the victim.” Because of this I feel like I just cannot say no to her, and whenever I do I feel guilty because of all the other stuff going on in her life. It has become increasingly frustrating for me over the years because I’ve noticed that she only does this to me. My younger sister is treated almost God-like, and my mom never speaks to any of her friends or other family members the way she speaks to me. In addition, when she tells me that I am being unappreciative it really hurts because I feel like I have been there for her, without judging, ever since I was about four years old. Because of how she is with my sister, it has made me resent my sister especially when my mom comes to me complaining about all of the things that she is doing to hurt my mom’s feelings.

    My husband has been very understanding through everything and has encouraged me to stand up for myself and that it is okay to say no when it is justified to my parents. It has caused him to have resentment for my parents at times because he does not think that it is fair how they hold things over our heads and how she treats me especially in comparison to my sister. He has been fed up with living so close to them for some time now.

    There have been countless incidences that cause real problems, but the most recent one almost a month ago really stirred me up. I have been holding in resentment and hurt for years and years, so finally I just exploded and let her have it and explained that that was just the last straw that broke the camel’s back so to speak. I also said a lot of mean things that were not necessary because I was so mad, frustrated, and hurt. She claimed to have no clue what I was talking about and thought that all of these problems were just in my head. I brought up how she manipulates me, how she treats me differently, several specific examples of when she hurt me, and how she holds money over us. She immediately went straight to “the vitctim” as well as getting defensive saying I should just count my blessings and how unappreciative I am and etc. I told her that I was moving out and cutting all financial ties with her because I was tired of them holding it over us. I know that I am not just the victim in this either because I handled it completely wrong. I should not have blown up at her like that, and I apologized for the unnecessary things that I said a few days after. I should have stood up for myself years ago instead of holding it in until I exploded. At least I am not alone in this though. My husband has been very helpful, and he is the reason that I have a backbone at all in all of this because he constantly encourages me to stand up for myself. He also supports me in no matter what I do which is a nice feeling, unconditional love. I know that I will never get that from my mother but I am getting better and better at accepting that and realizing that I just need to be proud of myself and not care whether or not anyone else is proud of me! It is easier said than done though. Over these few weeks i went from talking to my mom hours a day and seeing her several days of the week to not speaking to her at all. I was miserable at first, but then I have realized over the past week that I have liekd having this time to myself and getting to do what I wanted instead of constantly feeling obligated to please my mom’s needs or visit her anytime she or my dad throws out a guilt-ridden invitation.

    That was three weeks ago, and my husband and I have been searching for an apartment that is within our price range and is a safe place to live. Honestly I am so scared to move and know that it will be tough. It seems that my mother and I are getting closer and closer to “making up,” but I wonder if I don’t move, is it just seen as me making empty threats to prove a point instead of telling her what I really want to do? Moving away will be hard, but is it the best thing to do in this situation? From what I have been reading at multiple places, it is almost necessary that we get some space between us no matter how difficult it is. I am just not a person who likes change, and like I said I am scared to move. But I am realizing more and more that it might be a necessity. My mother and I have not spoken since a few weeks ago. However, we have texted some back and forth. . I have realized that this is something that I have to get over and cannot expect her to ever change or even realize how she has been to me. I have come to the realization that my mother is never going to change, and it stings; but I have to accept that truth. All I can do now is learn how to say no properly and how to set the proper boundaries. I am going over there today (soon) to speak with her in person. Usually when we make up after an issue she gives a “sorry I hurt you,” and I am fooled into thinking that she understands the situation. The thing I am worried about though is how do I know that after we speak today, that I won’t fall right back into her manipulative trap? How do I set boundaries, and how do I really get over all of the crap that I have been feeling all of these years? Will I just start biting my tongue again and build up another few months until I burst again? I just don’t know.

  235. Hi everyone out there,
    I don’t know if this is the right place for me, but I could really use some advice.
    I am eighteen, almost nineteen and four months Ago I chose to work full time and do a degree part time outside of work instead of going to university. My parents now think as I am earning some money (not a huge amount) that I owe them as my mum won’t recieve family allowance or something as I’m no longer a child legally. I have said I’m happy to help and pay not only for clothes, petrol, general money, car tax and car maintenance, but also match the benefits my mum is missing out on, but they want more. This is my first job and I really want to save so someday I can support my own family without getting into lots of debt. If I thought they were desperate I wouldn’t mind, but my mum spends money on clothes and things all the time. I feel like I’m stuck, my dad is always miserable and lectures me on how he works all the time and has done for us, and how he’s done it for twent years or so.
    I used to love being at home but now I dread coming here, it’s not the same. Please offer me some advice and support because I really cannot get it from anyone else, please.

  236. Hey..

    I really want some good advise plz!!!
    im 18 years old and still living with my parents! I have a wonderful bf and we love each other so much!! We decided to move in with each other but my parents wont accept that!!
    We talked about getting married and he sed we will get engaged Next year June 2012!!! Any good advice??????

    I want to go but they dont want to!!!
    Plz help!!!!!

    Can anyone help me and tell me what must i do!!!

  237. I had very physically and emotionally abusive parents. The video of the Judge beating his teen aged daughter with the mother standing by brought back memories of my childhood. My mother died recently and now my younger sister has become very abusive. She was left everything in my mother’s will and my older sister and I were left nothing because we ceased contact with our mother several years ago. I have no wish to continue the relationship with my younger sister due to her abuse. I would rather be an orphan than have any contact with these emotionally abusive people. You teach people how to treat you and if they can’t respect your feelings they should not be allowed in any part of your life. Life is bad enough when it tests you, but when it comes to people….I don’t take their s*** anymore. I am grateful for growing less tolerant to the cruel or ignorant, and I will never back down from what is justified or relevant. Today is a reminder that I am safe from yesterday, and prepares me to be strong enough for what’s to come tomorrow.

  238. Hi,

    I am desperately seeking some advice. I’ve read every article I can find on controlling parents and I’m still searching for one that could offer advice. I’m a 33 year old professional working woman who lives at home with my parents. In retrospect it was a mistake to move back home. My parents violated my privacy by going through my room. When I went in search of records they hinted at having and I found some my mother accused me of planting them there! I had a curfew for a few months and now I’m on lockdown. Rather my parents do not approve of my group of friends and have threatened that I go to see them they will begin a relentless campaign of confronting my friends and in their words stopping at nothing. On more than one occasion they’ve revealed that they have had me followed and know details of places I’ve been and conversations I’ve had which I’ve never told anyone about. They know details regarding my personal life when I was in college that they would otherwise not have occasion to know. Anytime I attempt to distance myself they threaten to begin on a campaign of going to each of my friends homes to confront them and their parents. I am not allowed to see my friends, move out, or otherwise be independent because if I do they have promised to make good on these threats.

    My friends don’t understand what is going on and think I’m allowing my parents to control me. I haven’t told my friends about the threats my parents have put out there. My parents and I went to see a counsellor. He basically said what I’ve been saying – I’m an adult and at my age I can make my own decisions. They did not budge from their “we will stop at nothing to protect our daughter” routine. In a private session even the counsellor said to me that this is an impossible situation – that I basically have no choice but to cut my friends out of my life or he feels they will act on their threats. I should mention that they have said if I cut my friends off then they won’t act on these threats.

    I need advice – I’m miserable, fearful, and feeling like if I don’t do as they say I put my friends safety at risk.

  239. I can’t ‘break free’. I make $2,000/yr. I cant afford food. I cant pay bills. I live w/ my parents. They pay bills that I cant & give $$ for food/gas when I need it. but: they claim me on their taxes. If they didnt do that, I could get assistance and get out. They have always been emotionally abusive, and use my pets to threaten me or guilt-trip me. I stayed to help financially – it was only supposed to be for a yr. That was when I was 18 and got a check for my college fund from a settlement from when I was 4 yrs old. They guilted me, so instead of using the money for college, I stayed. Their car was totaled, so I loaned them money to get a new one. the deal was I would use it to get my license. I never even got to sit in the front seat. They sold it and got another car. I wanted my money back – they said ‘sue me, but u’ll never see the money.’ I have been stuck here ever since. No money for school. My brother sold me a car, but I only use it to go to work and back home. There are no jobs, and with no school, the jobs I can get wont pay for an apartment. I have no friends. I have nowhere to go. They are threatening my pets. I’m afraid to leave the house. I’ve seen mom kill some stray kittens that lived in our yard when I was 4, and I know she killed at least one of our dogs becuase she just didnt want him and couldnt find anywhere else for him, so she killed him with a garden hoe, the same way she killed the kittens. I need to get out, but what can I do? Live in my car with my pets until I can get housing assistance? The car is in dads name – he can report it stolen. They always tell me they wish I was dead andf they wish they’d had an abortion, but they wont let me leave. I’m financially dependent, and I was raised to fear anyone outside of family. Everytime I talk about getting out they say ‘you would never make it out there’. My whole family says that. And they talk to my supervisor at work and tell them I’m incapable of doing certain things, so I get less work, which means less pay. They tell ppl I’m retarded. I’m not. I need to get out, but where can I go? I’m getting really afraid, especially for my pets.

  240. I am mother of 3 girls 15, 18 & 21 and a step mother to 2 boys 14 & 19 and I am 42 and my husband is 47 and I am in awe as to this generation, the total lack of respect, lack of motivation, the entitlement etc….this website/blog as to how to cope with controlling parents??? REALLY?????????? what about controlling selfish lazy disresctful children????

  241. I need a little help…..I don’t know if my parents are controlling or not……I help out with money and I’m only 17 and I’ve been helping out since I got a job at 16 and I loan them money and they usually pay me back….except for the one time they didn’t pay me back the 600 they owe me and they keep telling me oh we can barely make it by with food…..and they only shop at our local grocery store which I work at which is much more expensive then going to wal mart or something and we do have food stamps but almost 15 days into the month the stamps are gone and were out of food and they seem to rely on me to help all the time or to listen to their drama….and my dad always says that guilt is a useless emotion but they still use it on me and it hurts….I don’t know what to do here anymore

  242. I’m 26 years old, have two kids 2 and 3.
    I rent from my parents and live literately a field away from them. The father of my children moved out after cheating on me and doing some other disrespectful things. I have now met a man whom loves me and my two children more then imagined. Immediately my step dad set rules that he had to leave when MY kids went to bed. ( as if to say when the street lights go on come inside) his response is this is you and the kids house where they are safe he doesnt need to be here. one day my bf came over to bring my boys and I to the hospital.( he lives an hour away) after wards he bought us dinner and helped me lay my boys down for bed. As we were saying goodbye my step dad pulls in begins to tell me my bf has 10 seconds to get in his truck and leave or he’s going to shove his truck into the ditch. Out of respect but total disgust my bf leaves . My step dad pelts his truck and tells him to never come back. I’d never been so disgusted,extremely embarrassed, and very angry in my life. So my boys and I started to stay with him on weekends to avoid any confrontation at my house. When I come back fathers day my step dad yells at me and threateners to hit me, and calls me a bad mom because I took them to me bfs. It ended very badly. He told me he’d hit me if I wasn’t holding my son. ( yet he’s worried about there safety) ?

    So I planned on moving to where my boyfriend is and getting a place together. I changed my mind when my boyfriend said this is my boys home and I shouldn’t move there to get away from my step dad &( mom. ) so I decided to stay. We have been talking about getting engaged and we are. My mom wants nothing to do with the idea because she feels it’s too soon and he hasn’t ” been there” for me. Which he has in every way imaginable! He even thought about giving my step dad a chance for him to ask his approval. My parents don’t even want to talk about it! I am26 years old and they are taking this moment away from me! I’m so depressed, I eat all the time, ( I’m a model so keeping my fitness is important) my patients with my kids have lessoned, and I’m not happy at all. ( my mom is a therapist) and some how she thinks all this is okay? I feel like my life is being lived for me and financial help from them is being held over my head. I finally convinced my boyfriend to live with me. Which is a big deal because he’d be leaving his family, driving further to work and living in a place where he would only have me and the boys and my family being rude to him. He hadn’t moved in yet. We wanted to wait till we were engaged to move in together. But I truly love him and I miss him very much when we aren’t together. I am tired of putting my life on hold for my parents and feeling limited to what I do out of their wants and needs. My mom and step dad moved in together after knowing eachother for 2 months. And were engaged after 2 months. It’s been linger then that for my bf and I. ( how hypacritical)
    But I do want him to move in soon. I know I need to talk to them about this due to the fact I am renting from them. How do I ask / tell them he will be moving in ? Or should I just move to my boyfriends town and let everything go?

    Thank you!

  243. I am 29 and have lived with controlling parents for my whole life (up till recently). They always convinced me to stay home and save for a deposit on my first property, but now I see that they never really wanted me to leave. They just can’t accept that I am grown up.
    I left after a massive row with my controlling and abusive father, and found a room to rent. Almost immediately or a few days later in my own place I am starting to feel better. My whole life feels different, and I can BREATHE again. There is no better feeling. My advice to anyone in this position is to take charge of your life and do what YOU want to do.

  244. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Sam ~ Isn’t it amazing that we can be almost 40 years old, and still coping with parents who control us and make us feel like we’re 12? I guess that’s part of why mother-daughter (or parent-child) relationships are so complicated.

    I encourage you to set boundaries that help you remember that it doesn’t matter what your parents say or do. This is easier said than done, I know, which is why reading books about boundaries is crucial. Or, talk to a counselor or therapist about how to detach from your parents.

    There’s a point in life where we have to accept that we can’t change or control anyone but ourselves. You can’t change how your parents are, but you can change how you relate to them.

    Lily ~ I wrote an article for you:

    When Nothing is Good Enough for Your Mother – What to Do

    This article isn’t JUST for Lily; it has tips to help all adult children who have hyper critical mothers (or parents).

    I hope this helps!


  245. hello,

    i have an extremely overbearing and sensitive mother. she blows up at every single little thing. when i was young, she was an abusive mother who hit me and my brother when she thought we screwed up. i still remember some of the reasons that she hit me for and whenever i bring them up now she gets defensive and denies that she ever did such a thing. she likes to call her kids ungrateful and rude when we express the slightest dislike for her ideas. like today, when we approached a touchy subject, i told her that i didnt want to talk about it(i wanted to avoid an argument)but she blew up in the restaurant and started crying. she ALWAYS says that the way i turned out isnt her fault and that she tried her best to raise me. she also likes to use my friends as a weapon against me. she’ll ask ,” Does so-and-so speak to their mother like this? i dont think so!” she also often financially blackmails her children. she takes away our things and cuts us off when she doesnt feel like shes appreciated(or fawned over). she always talks as if we were a burden to her. like today she told me that she puts up with me because im her daughter and that if her friend or someone else treated her like that she would severe ties with them immediately. she also tells me that she doesnt ever talk to her mother the same way as i supposedly speak to her. but i know first hand from my grandmother that my mother has been rude and abrassive.
    i would love to have a normal family but right now, i am financially dependant on my parents and i cant support myself to graduate. i am currently studying overseas away from my parents and i would like to go home because i love my country and i have friends there. but i would have to live with my parents and that would mean my freedom would be nonexistent. i dont want to move back because i know that i will make decisions that will affect my own future(not in a good way) for the sake of getting out of the house. what should i do?

  246. Hi Laurie

    I have controlling dominating older parents..
    Both are in their 70’s, and both were treated badly by their parents..and I’m a an only child.

    My Mum especially refuses to see that I’m a grown up – I’m 37 and my husband is 40. She freaks out at the littlest things, that most folks parents, wouldn’t like..

    Getting married – I was 35 for goodness sake..
    Moving house to a different town ..not that much further away..

    Getting a cat!! – I know!!

    I think she would FREAK big time if I said I was pregnant..cause you know what that means..

    I feel like I have to seek approval..and I would also like to point out that they do not and have not given me any money, for my wedding and house..

    My dad is quite stern, and isn’t the most emotionally warm person..he didn’t even talk to my husband at my wedding..

    Please could you offer me any advise…I felt tonight when I told them I was moving that I had just had my nose pierced like I was 18 again!!

    Any advise would be greatly welcomed


  247. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Hello CR,

    As much as I wish I could say “this is how you should cope with your controlling parents”, I can’t! There are no easy answers, because it depends on your personality, lifestyle, history, spouse — and of course it also depends on your parents and how they react when you set boundaries.

    My best advice is for you to seek counseling on your own. I don’t think you can change your parents’ perspective on your life — family counseling will only work if everyone involved is willing to accept their responsibility and change their behavior. It doesn’t sound like your parents see that they’re doing anything wrong. And if they don’t see their own responsibility, you can’t force them to!

    So, I encourage you to get in-person support from a counselor. Learn how to set boundaries. It’s not easy, and it takes time and practice, but that’s the best way to cope with controlling parents.

    It may be time for you to learn what you can change and how you can respond to your parents — and not focus on what your parents need to do differently. They are who they are, and you must find a way to be who you are without feeling guilty, manipulated, or bad.

    I wish you all the best. I know how hard it is and how much energy it takes…and I wish things weren’t this way! But, as I said, there aren’t any pat answers I can give.


  248. Hi Laurie,

    Thanks for your insightful article. Surprisingly there is not a lot of information out there about the issue of dealing with over-controlling parents and their impact as an adult.

    Things came to a head last June when I found out that my parents have been angry for 3-4 years because we don’t spend enough time with them…I started a very intense job that has me working long hours and traveling. When the economy got rough my husband and I had to work even harder. They say my “busyness” is no excuse and that we’re just incredibly selfish people. We probably see them every other month.

    We had a recent counseling session (I asked for one) and my father blew up, yelling at my husband, calling him names etc. My husband is an incredible man, husband and father. My father called me the next day and essentially said I needed to choose between my husband or my parents. I also ran a marathon last year which required a lot of time training. This was also thrown in my face “if you have enough time to run a marathon, you have time for us.” I know this is a very unhealthy relationship and my head knows I need to move on, but it still really hurts and it has shaken my foundation. What should I do?


  249. Thank you Laurie. I am definitely taking your advice. I will keep you posted on our progress. It is very helpful to get this all off of my chest and to see that there is hope.

  250. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Dear WK,

    I am so sorry for taking so long to respond to you! I’ve been on vacation, and am finally catching up.

    First, you need to forgive yourself and accept that you’ve been doing the best you can. You made decisions that seemed the best at the time, and there’s no sense in beating yourself up or feeling ashamed of the choices you made. Your children will bounce back, and will even learn and become strong from the childhood they’re experiencing! And they’ll become even stronger, healthier, and happier if they see you getting strong, healthy and happy.

    Second, you need to call a counselor or therapist for help. You need support, strength, and guidance as you seek to overcome all those years of control and manipulation — and it definitely doesn’t happen via one web article about coping with controlling parents, or my comments here! You need to get in person support from a trained professional who can help you each step of the way.

    Third, you need to keep reminding yourself that you are an ADULT, and fully capable of making the best choices for your life. You need to set healthy boundaries with your parents, and learn how to let their criticisms and manipulations slide past you. This isn’t easy, which is why it’s so important to get counseling support. You need to learn how to relate to your parents in a whole new way, which takes time, practice, and strength.

    Please call a counselor, distress line, or womens support group of some sort. Get help — it’s not too late to take your life back!

    Let me know how you’re doing…


  251. I have been holding this in for quite a few years and really don’t speak of it. I know this is probably the source of my problems, but I really don’t know how to remove myself and I feel almost paralyzed. I am 46 years old.

    Here goes. I was sexually abused by my father (stepfather he and my mother have been together since I was 3) when I was 11 and 12. I finally gained the confidence to tell my mother, who then promptly sent me to live with her brother and his wife in another state. Things did not go well there as my Uncle’s wife was harsh and did not really want me around. I wanted to return home. I told my mother who told me I would have to ask my father to return, and I did. The years past not well, as my father was a heavy drinker, and since my mother worked 2 jobs, I spent the next 4 years avoiding him and even once or twice he made sexual advances, I threatened to tell my mom and he backed off. I went to college locally (my parents would not let me go away) and two years went by and I performed horribly, I was put on academic probation and had to sit out a semester. Went to live with my mom’s sister in another state with more dysfunctional people, did not go well and returned home. I went back to college and when my first oppurtunity came, I took a job as a flight attendant and lived far away from my parents. In my first few years of my life as a flight attendant, my dad cleaned up his act quite a bit, quit drinking ( for the most part, had occasional relapses) and got a rally good job, When we saw each other, we were happy family. My dad even became a born again christian. Once he even apologized to me for what he’d done to me as a child. these are his exact words “If I had done anything to you, I was drunk and I am sorry” As greatful as I was for that apology, I knew that it was not good. My father did things so deplorable to me that even now I cringe inside. The years seemed to go swimmingly I married, had cildren and lived abroad. However, I always seemed drawn to my parents. I would visit them with my kids most holidays. My husband was often not happy and I would still go. I know that sounds crazy, but my parents always made me feel that family was very important and visiting them was on that list. Sometimes on my visits, my dad would have outbursts and say that he hated me. There would be tears and then we would all be happy again. I was married 10 years and my marriage fell apart. My husbandhad affairs, and probably because of me. I was not very good sexually, and I had even shared with him why. He despised my parents and let it be known..I mysteriously always took their side.

    After my marriage failed, my parents convinced me to move back to the states with them. For 5 months I lived in he same house with them and my 3 young sons (10,4 and 2). They treated me abominably. They would scream at me. They would demand to know why I wasn’t home at certain hours. If I were on the phone (my own cell) they would interrupt me. I once had to hang up while trying to negotiate with a mortgage broker, because my dad started screaming at me while I was on the phone. I finally bought a place. Unfortunately, the nature of my job is flight attendant, I would have to go away at least 3 days a week. My parents would look after the kids. They would then find every reason to find fault with the way I was raising the kids. Shortly after purchasing the house I took a 30% pay cut, and almost lost my house..my parents bailed me out. Also my dad retired he said so that he could help me with the kids. Then 2 years later my mom retired too. They said that I could only work Fri. Sat Sun. on my job and for the most part that is what I do, however it has put me in a financial bind as I have been living paycheck to paycheck for 10 years. I substitute teach, but in the state I live that is very little money ($60 gross) I could earn my whole month of substitute teaching salaray in 2 days in the airline. My parents hold it over my head how much they do for me. They berate my kids so badly that my oldest as soon as he turned 17 left. My two younger kids are always telling me how they are berated and yelled at by my parents. It is so strange, beacuse if i so much as raise my voice at my kids in front of my parents they tell me off. And then they will scream at them for something as stupid a sticking thier fingers in their own glass of milk to retrieve a cookie (true story). I have finally reached the end of my rope. I am 46 years old and have watched my life slip away. My oldest son has returned home (he is now 21) and he said he would help with his brothers (they are now 15 and 13) I am ecstatic. I then told my parents what was happening. They are furious. they call they come to the house when I am not there. They tell me this is not the way forward. Which I know as I am looking for someone to help watch the boys when I am not home. As I do not think leaving the responsibility soley on my 21 year old is the thing. I am a financial mess, as I worked minimal hours at the airline for so many years to appease my parents. I want them completely out of my hair, but can’t seem to shake them.They are two of the meanest dysfunctional people I have ever met. My mom said that everything I touch turns to sh**. She tells me on a regular basis that she can’t believe I am her daughter. I am a size 10 and everytime I see her she tells me I should join weight watchers. She will mention a friend’s daughter and how beautiful they are and say you used to look like that. The list goes on and on. They force my kids to eat all the time and then complain they are too heavy If they don’t want to do something my did will call them “girls or even fagg***” My dad called my oldest son a “bast***” when he stood up to him when he was 17. What can I do? I know this is one sick messed up situation, but I have to get it together, I don’t know what to do. I am thoroughly ashamed that I have put my kids through all of this, but I do want to end it, and now. Please tell me how.

  252. I know what you mean about “losing hope” being a good thing…

    When I gave up on specific “hopes”, it was a reality check. Finally realizing having specific “hopes” can undermine logic and rationale, especially when it comes to “hoping” a person will change, will not continue being abusive…It’s not the way the world turns.

    When I finally learned what it exactly meant in my life, I learned to accept that people will be who they are (abusive) and that is their life and reality. It doesn’t have to be mine. I will not own what is theirs. Finally, FREEDOM! Freedom to let it go and let it be and to protect my rights by having and enforcing strict boundaries. As much as I accept people for who they are means I expect the same and if it does not happen, so be it. I am distanced enough to see that if those very people continue to have unrealistic expectations of me, is not my issue to deal with. It isn’t my problem to fix. Finally a sense of peace and finality. No longer conflicted. It is very clear to me now and with work, I will grow and learn to be who I am and not dismiss my feelings and experiences.

    Abuse comes in many forms. I reject it and I reject the abuser. I won’t let it happen anymore. The boundaries will help to keep abusive people at arms length.

    Finally moving forward…moving on…

  253. Laurie,
    I am 29 years old and have been battling my parents for the last 10 years. My mother is very overbearing and wants her children to live close to home(none of us do anymore). I live about 800 miles from the home I grew up in with my husband and our 2 children. We love our life here. I have been to numerous counselors about my mom. When I was 19 years old she had me committed to the psych ward when I got pregnant with our first daughter. She said she did it for my own good but the doctors said that there was nothing wrong with me and that my best bet was to get as far away from my mother as I could. So I did. Over the years I have tried to maintain a relationship for my children’s sake with my parents. My parents have criticized my children’s father because he does not work due to his disability. She says that I deserve better even though I have decided that I am not going to leave him because of his limitations. Whenever I talk to her she refuses to talk about my husband. She acts like he does not exist. I have told her that this offends me as we have been married for 10 years and plan on staying married for many more. In July of this year I let my children go to stay with them for a week and visit. When they were on the plane home my mother called me and pretty much told me I was an unfit mother. She said that I was “redneck trailer trash”. I have not spoken to her since.
    The holidays are here and she is wanting to talk to me again. I have changed my phone number after the last time she called me and told me how “rediculous” I am. My dad does not do anything except back my mom up. He nor anyone else in my family stands up to her for me. I am having trouble figuring out what to do. My mom says that I am being childish for not speaking to them but I am so angry and talking to them causes me more anxiety and stress than it is worth. I really don’t know that my children are benefitting from having a relationship with people who treat their parents this way. Do you think I am being selfish and childish or am I justified in cutting ties with my parents because of the lack of changing on their part?

  254. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Hi Adam,

    It’s important to remember two things:

    1) Your girlfriend is dealing with habits and a family culture that is very, very ingrained in her life. That’s not to say she can’t change — I believe anyone can change! It just means that her lifestyle and ways of dealing with life won’t change overnight. Indeed, it can take years to change our patterns of interacting with our family.

    2) If you truly want to make her your girlfriend, you need to accept her for who she is right now. Today. You can’t love her conditionally! That is, you can’t love her if she’ll stop being a people pleaser, or if she’ll see you more than once a week. Either you love her for who she is right this second, or you let her go. Don’t try to change her.

    There’s a fine line between supporting someone’s personal growth, and trying to make them into someone you think they should be. I encourage you to find ways to encourage her to be healthy and strong — but at the same time, love and accept her for who she is.

    She may genuinely want to get out from under her family’s thumb, but she may not be able to. Family pressure is extremely difficult to shake off, especially if you’re living in the same household.

    I just wrote an article called How to Find Solutions to Relationship and Family Problems, which describes six ways to get help. Maybe you could share that article with her, and let her make the choice of what to do next.

    Take care,

  255. Hello there Laura, I am a 20 year old man from California and this is what I havebeen looking for, for the longest time. There is a woman I have been seeing for a while and am truly considering making her my girlfriend. She is 26 years old, lives at home, has a single mother and her mother and her large family practically control her life. She still has a cerfew, shes called upon every waking minute of the day to handle family business and it has reduced her to nothing. She has no personal life with friends, and I only get to see her once a week if I’m lucky. All she does is give into pressure all the time to do things and handle things for her family, or is pressured to attend every single family get together and faces ridicule, when she speaks of moving out her mother puts her on a guilt trip and then decides not to leave, and she never has alone time, shes constantly doing things for her family, so she doesnt have “her own” life to live. Shes a pleaser, and I wnt to know how to break the pattern. What in the hell can I do to suggest a plan of action? Ive been talking her though it, she wants a change and doesn’t know how to pursue it, she really wants to change what is happening to her because she now realizes how overbearing everyone is to her and how she doesnt have a life because of it. PLEASE HELP. I want this woman in my life, and this is what is keeping it from being semi functional is a toxic family tree.

    Thank you!


  256. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Dear AV,

    It might be helpful for you to talk to a counselor, because there are alot of things going on that can’t be solved in this comments section! Talking to someone in person can bring clarity and insight, and allow you to fully explore the solutions.

    That said, however, I think that your parents have a different set of values, expectations, and cultural norms that you have. That’s just the way they are, and you can’t change them. They’ve made their choices in life — and they have their reasons.

    And the same goes for you! Your values, life expecations, and cultural norms are different than theirs — and you need to free yourself to choose your own path. Your parents can’t force you to live with them forever or abide by their life rules.

    But, making your own choices (such as moving out) brings consequences. That’s the bittersweet part of being an adult: you are free to decide what to do with your life, but you have to live with the outfall.

    If you move out, you have to accept that your parents will be disappointed, even heartbroken. They may not realize that their job as parents is to foster independence, to make you a self-sufficient woman. I think that’s a cultural thing — some cultures put family and togetherness above all else.

    There are two things that I’d like you to hear: 1) you can’t change your parents, your sister, or anybody else — so don’t go there. Instead, focus on adjusting your expectations of your family members. Make your expectations realistic (for instance, your mom may never be honest with your dad…but there’s nothing you can do about that, after you share your initial opinion).

    And 2) choose to live your life the way you want and expect friction from them. Or, choose to live your life the way your parents want and expect friction from yourself. Either way, you’re making a choice that’s within your control.

    How you live your life is up to you; but you need to find the strength and courage to deal with the consequences. And, you need to accept reality: your family is what it is, and you need to embrace the good and accept the bad.

    I hope this helps, and wish you all the best.


  257. Hi Laurie,

    I’m so glad I came across your website. I was searching Google on ‘how to deal with difficult parents’ because I am fed up with mine. There’s just no other way to say it, but that I am fed up.

    For the past few years, my father seems to have this dictator quality to him, and I recognize it more each time. I’ve realized recently (now that I am 22) that while he makes it seem like us kids are selfish, he himself is selfish because he can’t have it any other way than his own. We must follow what he says or he won’t speak to us for a week.

    I’m started really going out with people when I was 18, when I started going out with my boyfriend (we’ve been together for almost 4 years now). Most of the time when we’d go out it would be with his own cousins, so there’s no harm there. For the past 4 years, we’ve come to respect each other, and I know I can trust them and they can trust me.

    Anyway, everytime there’s a party that would require me to sleep over and such (because of drinking), I wouldn’t be allowed to do so and I’d have to get dropped home by my boyfriend. Mind you, I can’t even stay late, they expect me home by midnight at the latest.

    Now this could be because we were born in the Philippines and maybe this was the way my parents wanted to keep bringing us up. But I can’t stand it any longer.

    I feel like they are holding me back from my youth and all the fun I’m supposed to experience now before I settle down and have kids like they did so early on in their life. They couldn’t go on vacation when we were younger because they had to take care of us. Now that we’re all old enough to be left at home they can’t go out either because they have to take care of my grandmother who’s been living with us. My grandmother needs almost around the clock supervision.

    Another thing, I have an older sister, and she’s 25. She’s had a full-time job and even during then, she wasn’t allowed to stay out late or sleep outside our house. They expected her home, and that was that. No reason from them. I’ve asked my mother before why it was that I couldn’t stay out, she says that my father won’t allow it, and that was it. There was no reason at all, it seems.

    Which brings me to another problem in my family. Communication. There’s is none. When my older sister and I would get in trouble for staying out too late, that’s when my dad would talk to us, alongside with my mom. If it wasn’t as ‘serious’, only my mother would come in and talk to us, and she would say she’s relaying info that my dad wanted to say. It’s ridiculous.

    First, my parents don’t know how to trust us, and secondly, they don’t respect us because they don’t listen to what we have to say. They’re doing the typical, “You can’t do it because I told you so. And because I am your mother.”

    I mean, a child (albeit a grown one) can only stand that for so long and eventually want to leave her parents.

    I’ve thought about moving out as soon as I have the chance. I’m finishing up at internship at the moment so I can’t make the money that would allow me to move out. I’ve even thought about how it would break my parents’ heart, but I just couldn’t care less anymore, it’s that bad.

    Also, I owe my parents a great deal of money because of school and past debt. But it was their idea to help me, and while I am grateful for it, I’d gladly take my debt back if it means I can have my freedom.

    I don’t know what to do anymore. I know I have to talk to my parents about it, even if it’s just my mother first. Because talking to my father is like talking to a wall. I can’t say anything to him, but he can say whatever he wants to me, and I have to agree to it. Period.

    And another thing about communication. It seems to be a problem in my family. My mother loves my father so much that she can’t bring herself to tell him that having my grandmother in our house (for various reasons) is causing her to be depressed. She confides in my older sister and tells her to promise that she won’t tell my father. Secondly, my sister can’t tell her longtime boyfriend that he bores her, when all he does is what he wants, without consideration for what she wants to do.

    I feel like I’m not fit to be in this family. My boyfriend helped me understand that I don’t have to act the same as the rest of my family. I can speak my mind because it’s my life and I have to take matters into my own hands. Now I can honestly say that the fights I have had with my boyfriend I am grateful for, because it’s made us closer. And now I can see that holding things back from someone can tear the two apart.

    So what should I do, Laurie?

    I apologize for such a long letter, I really need an objective opinion.

    Thanks in advance,