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3 Simple Ways to Increase Your Faith in God

You believe God exists, but your faith is weak or even dead. Where’s the joy, life, spirit?! These tips for increasing your faith in God will help you grow stronger, healthier, and more joyful than you’ve ever been.

One of my most active readers is RS, who found She Blossoms by reading articles like How to Live by Faith and Heal Your Broken Heart. Yesterday on our private She Blossoms Facebook Group she shared that she’s not only suffering a serious crisis of faith, she’s beginning to think God doesn’t even exist. She wants to learn how to increase her faith in God. She wishes she had a close personal relationship with Jesus.

She is struggling because she doesn’t feel God’s presence, love, or attention. RS feels unloved by God, abandoned by Jesus, and rejected by the Holy Spirit. Maybe you feel the same way. You’re here for a reason, after all! You found She Blossoms and you’re reading my tips for increasing your faith in God because you want to live in peace, freedom, and joy. You’ve come to the right place.

If you’re like RS, struggling to increase your faith in God when you feel rejected and abandoned, remember Jesus’ words on the cross. “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” He cried in Matthew 27: 46 (“Eli Eli lama sabachthani?”).

Feeling unloved and forsaken isn’t just a human experience. It’s a Godly one. Jesus Himself tasted the desolation, darkness, and dismay of feeling rejected by God. But wait, there’s good news! Jesus was NOT forsaken and abandoned by God — and neither is my She Blossoms reader, RS. Jesus was part of God’s Bigger Story, and so is RS.

You, too, are part of God’s Bigger Story. If you want to increase your faith in God today, remember the reason you were created, who you were created to be, and what God created you to do.

3 Steps to Increasing Your Faith in God

This article is part of my She Blossoms Through the Bible project. I’m writing a practical, encouraging blog post for every chapter in every book of the Bible! This one — How to Increase Your Faith in God – Step 15 — is inspired by Genesis 15.

You don’t have to believe in God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit to benefit from my tips for increasing your faith. Just keep an open mind and consider new possibilities. Listen to the still small voice that brought you here. New beginnings and beautiful blossoms grow from tiny seeds of life.

1. Learn God’s story, personality, habits

In Genesis God 15 God made a covenant with Abram (later Abraham), to give him as many children as stars in the sky. The word of the Lord appeared to Abram in a vision and spoke to him. God’s first words were: “Do not be afraid, Abram.” (Genesis 15:1). These three short sentences about God are incredibly revealing! They tell us how God sometimes appears (visions, words, dreams, whispers and roars), what He wants for man (to fear not, to be blessed), and what He wants from us (faith, obedience, trust, expectation).

What do you know about who God is? The first step to increasing your faith in God is to turn your mind, heart and spirit to Him as often as you can. Read the Bible, learn how God interacts with His beloved children, reflect on His nature and characteristics. He appears in gazillions of different ways both today and in Biblical times: visions, angels, tabernacle experiences, dreams, books, blogs, Scripture, preachers, Bible teachers, and the renewal of hearts, minds and spirits. God is fascinating, and He will increase your faith if you give Him your attention.

2. Ask Jesus for the gift of faith

God and Abram had a special relationship — not just in Genesis 15, but throughout the Bible. Even now, today, God and Abram have their own thing going on. They’re connected in unique, personal, and eternal ways. God walked through stayed animals for Abram; Abram gave God his life, his faith, his obedience. Later in Genesis we see that Abram (then Abraham) was even willing to give God his own son. Just like God the Father gave his own Son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross for us. Talk about living by faith, Abram and Jesus! Wow. But this faith is a gift from God that must be received and lived.

How are you acting in ways that increase your faith in God? In church on Sunday, Pastor Craig preached on Mark 10. “What do you want me to do for you?” asked Jesus in Mark 10:51. On the way home I asked my husband what he wants Jesus to do for him. “Increase my faith,” said my husband. The penny dropped for me: I realized that increasing our faith requires us to actually do things that require trust and obedience. If we wait until our faith is strong before we do something — start a new business, go back to school, ask a man out, get baptized, join a church or ministry team — then it no longer requires faith! It’s just us following our own plans and goals.

3. Reminisce about your past – good and bad – with God

How to Increase Your Faith in God Step 15Abram’s experience with God is oft repeated in Scripture. Abram himself no doubt remembered meeting with God, talking to God, seeing God, and experiencing God’s presence. Abram told his family and friends about his experience, and telling his story increased his faith in God. Abram reflected and prayed about his covenant with God; reminiscing increased his faith in God’s promises. I often wonder if Abram actually talked about his experience with God Himself. Did Abram reminisce about his experiences as He walked and talked with the Lord? I have no idea…but I do know it works for me.

What story do you tell yourself about you and God? When I can’t sleep, I often tell Jesus stories about our past. “Remember when I went to Africa to teach, Jesus?” I’ll say. “I was so scared and so dumb! I didn’t know what I was doing, I have so many regrets. Remember the time I turned on the light in the kitchen and a rat leapt from the top of the fridge to the counter? That was so gross!” Reminiscing with Jesus about how He was involved in my past increases my faith in God. It brings Him into my life today, helps me see how He was involved in my life before, and even brings new insights and meaning.

Read Genesis 15. Learn how God interacts with His people. Know that He wants to be your great “I AM”, He wants to increase your faith, and He wants you to trust Him! But you have to show up. You have to ask, seek, and knock. You have to “shout all the more” (Mark 10:48).

What is decreasing your faith in God? How can you flip it your faith starts to increase and grow stronger? Get to the root of your problems, doubts, fears. Learn who God is, taste the joy and peace of His presence. Let Jesus grow your faith by loving you into His kingdom.

Your thoughts — big and little — are welcome below!

With His love,


P.S. If you’re struggling with a difficult decision or starting a new season in life, read An Easy Way to Stop Overthinking God’s Will.


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5 thoughts on “3 Simple Ways to Increase Your Faith in God”

  1. Hi Laurie, I’m struggling with, I guess, could be described as lessening my faith in God right now. I do still have a strong faith in God, but specifically, I’m wrestling with how God wants me to go forward. My husband of nearly 54 years was crushed to death on August 9th of this year when the jack holding up a car that he was working under let go and killed him. I was crushed that day just as surely as Jimmie was. The only good thing to have come from losing Jimmie is that my relationship with God has been much stronger. But, back to my struggle: I want to pray that God will just go ahead and take me to Heaven right now because I am so profoundly sad, but I know that my children and grand children would be so wounded if God actually did that, especially after having lost their father/grandfather. So I continue to pray that God will show me how he wants me to go forward and help other people. I know I can do that since I know first hand how much the pain of losing someone so dear to a person is devastating. Without God, I couldn’t go forward. But to be completely honest, I don’t know if I have the strength to keep searching for ways to help other people. I will keep trying to be aware of God’s plan for me. But the sadness – the brutal sadness of not having Jimmie here (even though I know he is happy in Heaven and I wouldn’t have him back here after having experienced Heaven) weighs me down terribly. So I apologize constantly to God for what must appear to Him that I don’t have faith that He will heal my sadness. So I’m caught between wanting to go on to Heaven right now, wanting to do God’s will, and yet, being so, so sad. I just don’t know how to go forward. I’m not suicidal; I just don’t have anything to look forward to for the rest of my life without some kind of joy. I will live; I just don’t feel that I will thrive. I hope what I’m saying makes sense to you. Thanks for letting me reach out to you. Diane in North Carolina

    1. Dear Diane,

      I am so sorry you lost your husband. How tragic and unexpected! Your body, mind, and soul must still be coping with the shock of losing your husband. You’re grieving…and I believe we never fully “get over” the loss of someone we love. You and he were married for 54 years. He will always be part of you. You’ll always carry his love, spirit and heart with you.

      Grieving takes a lot of energy and time…and maybe you’re not quite ready to think about moving forward yet. Maybe you still need to sit with God in the grief and sorrow, to talk to Him about the pain of loss. Maybe you just need to feel His presence, His broken heart and love for you. He will heal you and bring you forward into a new season of life….but maybe it’ll take longer than you’d like.

      Keep talking to Jesus, keep inviting His Holy Spirit to be part of your struggle. Don’t lead the way! Rather, invite God to take control of your mind, emotions, and life. Ask Him to increase your faith and give you the strength and power you need to finish your time on this side of Heaven. And, remember your husband on the other side! He is waiting for you, God has prepared a place for you…but right now, God has some relationship building to do with you first 🙂

      Have you joined my Blossoms Tips newsletter? I think so, but I just wanted to be sure.

      And, I want to extend this invitation to all women who are struggling with grief and lack of faith. Let’s learn how to increase our faith in God together, to grow forward and blossom into who He created us to be! http://eepurl.com/ca2mJr

      Diane, stay in touch. I’m so glad you wrote. You are in my thoughts and prayers – for healing, strength, increased faith, power, love, joy and freedom in this new season of your life. May your heart heal, your spirits rise, and your mind be renewed.

      With His love,

      1. Dear Sweet Laurie,

        Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your words. I keep reading them over and over again. I just prayed to God earnestly and your words reminded me how I need to ask for His help in all things. I need to remember that in God’s time, NOT MINE, His will for me and His healing will be revealed. It’s been twenty weeks today since Jimmie died and although that may not seem like very long, many days it seems like forever to me. I will pray that God will help me calm down long enough for our relationship to grow more and more. Laurie, your message is just what I needed today and I deeply appreciate your thoughts and prayers. God just worked through you to help me in my grief. How beautiful that is!

        I will keep in touch. And yes, I do receive your Blossoms Tips newsletter. I have a couple of friends who I think would benefit from your newsletters, too, so I’ll be passing along your link to them.

        God Bless you for getting back in touch with me so quickly,


  2. Hi Laurie,
    I got hit hard again. Last Thursday no less, happy thanksgiving to me, lol. Minding my own business when, BAM! Knocked me off my feet and my perch of making it through. I really have been doing fairly well for about a year, on accepting the loss of not having the blessing of women. It was a matter of about a quarter of a day and I came through it. Nothing here lasts forever and that is my one comfort. Good nor bad. Thankfully it is both. Again last evening, I got tripped up again, not looking for it. Here are my questions in answer to your last question in this article: What do you do when other people’s joys add fuel to the fire you are trying to put out in your own mind and heart? When their new joys decrease your faith in God even more? When you realize that you don’t even have a desire for God anymore? And even though there are days you can make motions (read and pray) because it is right and you should, it comes to you that you really don’t even like talking to Him? What do YOU do when your self esteem that was stolen from childhood you later found and claimed, then it was dashed again at another deeper level? How can you just “praise God” with your whole heart and mind when you are devastation and waste?

    1. Dear MaryLou,

      It’s good to hear from you – I’m glad you’re here! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and your deep questions.

      You’re really struggling with some big life and faith issues, aren’t you? And it’s not easy. In fact, it’s downright hard to wrestle with God when you’re coping with loss, problems, and lack of faith. It’s especially painful when you don’t feel God’s presence, when you don’t even want to seek Him out, pray, or get into the Word for inspiration and comfort.

      A couple weeks ago I had a terrible experience with brokenness. I struggled with feelings of abandonment, emptiness and loneliness. I was also in so much physical pain – my broken shoulder had been aching and crying out for two months, and it felt unbearable! I didn’t feel God’s presence at all. I remember those dark lonely painful nights on the couch…it was awful.

      What helped me through was listening to sermons and Scripture on podcast. I have an audio Bible, and I play it every night when I can’t sleep. I often wake up in the night with a painful, aching shoulder — like last night. Right now I’m listening to Ezekiel because I’m fascinated with his crazy life! I also listen to Tim Mackie sermons (just do an internet search, and you’ll find them, if you’re interested).

      I also learned that joy, peace, and emotional freedom is a choice. I can set my mind on God’s truth – which doesn’t change regardless of our emotions, circumstances, or thoughts – or I can obsess about the bad things. It takes a surprisingly amount of discipline and renewing of the mind to choose to focus on the truth of Jesus! But boy, is it worth it.

      What do you think?

      With His love,