3 Prayers to Soften and Heal Hard Hearts

These prayers for softened hearts are inspired by the story of Jacob’s ladder or stairway to Heaven in Genesis 28. Jacob’s dream didn’t soften or heal his hard heart, but it did inspire him to make a vow to the Lord. God spoke to Jacob, blessed him, and promised not to leave him.

I’m glad you’re here — especially if you want to learn how to pray to soften your hard, cold, or fearful heart. Or maybe your heart is already soft; perhaps you’re praying to soften the heart of your husband, heal the heart of your daughter, fix the broken heart of a beloved friend.

God is here with us. You may not feel His presence or sense His calling when you pray, but He is present. He knows and sees you. You wouldn’t be searching for prayers to soften a hard heart or heal a broken heart unless Jesus was already tugging on your heartstrings! And He is planting seeds in the hearts of the people you love — whether it’s your husband, daughter, or a beloved friend. Trust the Holy Spirit to say what you can’t. Take my hand; let’s walk through a few prayers to soften our cold hard hearts.

Take a deep breath. Have you met Jesus? Soften your heart so you can feel His presence. Do you know the Holy Spirit? Open your spirit to His wisdom and guidance. Have you praised God today? Thank Him for your heart that beats, lungs that breathe, a brain that understands these words, and an internet that brought you here to She Blossoms 🙂 

Write your prayers down on a piece of paper, with a pen or pencil. Writing your prayers softens your own heart and begins the healing process. Hard hearts are melted when the words flow through your spirit and soul. Cold hearts are warmed when you pray in writing. Numb hearts are awakened, broken hearts healed through written prayers.

3 Prayers to Soften and Heal Hard Hearts

This article is part of my She Blossoms Through the Bible project, and it’s inspired by Genesis 28. Jacob dreamed of a stairway reaching from Heaven to earth. He was afraid because he learned several new things about the power and presence of the Lord God! This was a holy fear, inspired by the realization that God was in that place and Jacob didn’t even know it.

God is working in the hearts, minds, souls and spirits of us all…even when we don’t know or refuse to admit it. Remember that as you’re struggling to pray for a softened and healed heart.

1. Father, thank You for who You are

Genesis 28 reveals no prayers of thanksgiving or praise. Jacob received the Lord’s blessing and called the place an awesome house of God, but he didn’t look up in gratitude. Jacob didn’t thank God for His presence, promises, blessings, vows, covenant, safety, protection, or even the dream. Jacob didn’t express gratitude for his wealth, possessions, servants, camels, family, future, or the future of all his offspring. In Genesis 28:18 we see Jacob pouring oil over the stone and naming the place Bethel — which are acknowledgements of God’s presence. But how soft or yielding was Jacob’s heart?

How to Pray to Soften a Hard Heart Genesis 28
Prayers to Soften Hearts

Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Before you start praying for a softened heart and healed spirit, worship the Lord God for who He is! Look at all He has given you — all the blessings, gifts, promises, compassion, grace and love. The most precious gift He could ever give is His eternal presence through His Son Jesus Christ. All the rest of it is simply icing on the cake. The mountains, ocean, starry skies, puppies, laughter, blueberry pies and savory soups are beautiful little gifts. Father God, I humbly bow before You. You created the universe, yet you know my name. You created the sun and moon, yet you think about me more often than I think about You! You sent your son here to earth to become a man, to teach us how to live, and save us from eternal separation from You. For all this and more, I humbly praise and thank You.

2. Holy Spirit, give me insight into my heart

In Getting the Love You Want – Genesis 27 we see that Jacob’s heart was self-centered, cold, and closed. He lied and cheated so he could steal his brother Esau’s birthright. In this chapter – Genesis 28 – we not only read Isaac’s blessing over Jacob, we also learn that God visited him in a dream. Jacob saw the stairway to Heaven, with angels ascending and descending. He heard God say, “Look, I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go. I will bring you back to this land, for I will not leave you until I have done what I have promised you.” (Genesis 28:15). What a beautiful blessing! And yet it didn’t soften or heal Jacob’s hard heart.

Ask God to reveal the hardness of your heart. You may be here searching for prayers on how to soften and heal someone else’s broken or hardened heart, but I encourage you to first look at your own heart. Father God, help me see where my heart has gone cold, hard, and dry. I pray for a softened heart, for an unselfish love, for a compassionate spirit. I thank you for Your holy presence, for the love and gift of Jesus! Help me experience You more deeply. Holy Spirit, I pray for Your wisdom and guidance in my heart…and in the hearts of those I love.

3. Jesus, soften and heal hard hearts – both mine and theirs

God made two types of promises in the Bible. Some are specific, which means they only apply to specific people in specific situations. Some are general, which mean they are given by the Holy Spirit and apply to every believer in every age — even to us today! We can trust God’s promises for healing and hope, love and peace, joy and power. I believe Genesis 28:15 is one of God’s general promises, even though He said it to Jacob in a dream. “Look, I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go. I will bring you back to this land, for I will not leave you until I have done what I have promised you.” 

God’s words didn’t soften Jacob’s heart. He still didn’t trust God. Jacob responded by saying that if God keeps His vow to be with Jacob and watch over him on the journey, then he will be Jacob’s God. Jacob even added, “if God provides me with food to eat and clothing to wear” in Genesis 28:20! That’s not a soft heart. It’s a scared, hard, cold heart that wants what it wants.

How will you pray for a softened heart that is free from cold, hard fear? I don’t know whose heart you’re praying for, why that heart is hard, or how God will soften it. But, I do know that you need to humbly bow down and pray. Your prayers need to come from your own softened heart, your own open spirit, your own relationship with Jesus. Write your prayers in a journal, and listen for God’s still small voice.

Remember that you wouldn’t be searching for prayers for soft, healed hearts unless God Himself was drawing you close. He is here. Jesus is closer than you think. Lift your elbow, you’ll nudge Him! Bow your head, you’ll hear Him. Pray for a softened heart, and He will bless you.

With His love,


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  1. Thank you very much for the prayers, it inspires me to live and feel more comport in my soul and it just makes a mood better. With love in Christ from Moscow, Russia

  2. God bless you Laurie! I thank God that He touched your heart to write this. I have been truly touched through your writing. 😊

  3. Thank you, Laurie. We think we know the Bible, we know Jesus, we think what news she/he/this book can tell me which we do not know. And every time I read it in my mail box i find something i did not think of before, something seemingly known and still really new at the same time. And it gives me relief. So, again – thank you.