7 Ways to Renew Your Interest in Life

Your spark has dimmed, nothing motivates you, you have no interest in life, work, family or friends. How do you renew the zeal for living that you once had?

Lots of ways, such as learning how to play! Stop taking yourself — and your life — so seriously. Put down the burdens you’ve been carrying (much easier if you believe in Jesus), and pick up the joys, lights, and powers that be right in front of you.

A reader emailed me, asking me how a woman can renew her interest in life. She isn’t worried about staying positive because her life sucks, or overcoming depression after a breakup. Nope, she’s looking for motivation to simply be interested in her life again. She needs a boost, a Blossomy bouquet of hope, a rainbow of joy and love. Can I give her what she needs? Nope. But I know someone who can. In fact, I know TWO people who can help her renew her interest in life and find the motivation she needs to become truly alive.

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” – Howard Thurman.

I get up at 4 am because I can’t wait to get out of bed in the morning! Partly because I’m a morning person, and partly because I have grasped hold of what interests me. Interests me? No — what brings me alive, fills me with joy, and awakens my spirit!

So on the one hand, I’m a good person to ask “how do I renew my interest in life?” On the other hand, methinks you’ll find my tips too simple. You’ll scroll through, and click off to somewhere else because you’re not yet serious about actually becoming interested in a deep, full, rich life. Nevertheless, let’s let the future unfold as it will…

7 Ways to Renew Your Interest in Life

“Some of us have great runways already built for us. If you have one, take off. But if you don’t have one, realize it is your responsibility to grab a shovel and build one for yourself and for those who will follow after you.” ~ Amelia Earhart.

I mentioned there are two people who can help you renew your interest in life. We’ll kick off our tips with them…

1. Hear the Roar of Something Greater

Without faith, trust, and believe in something (Someone!) greater and higher and bigger than yourself, you won’t be interested in this world. If this world is all you have, what’s the point? I wouldn’t be getting out of bed at 4 am to worship this world, write letters to my dogs, or connect with my husband (no offense, Bruce).

There is something Bigger, Greater, and Mightier than you — and if you’re serious about renewing your interest in life, then you have to renew your relationship with Him. Yes, God. Jesus and the Holy Spirit. He created you, and you’re bored because you don’t know Him. He loves you, and you have no motivation because you’re not following the life He has planned for you. He is calling you, and you’re ignoring Him for things you know are meaningless and trivial.

2. Spend time with you

I can’t tell you how to renew your interest in life. I can only tell you how and why I’m deeply interested in and excited by my life! I can’t give you advice on finding your life calling or purpose or increasing your motivation to live a more fulfilling life.

Only you can figure out how to renew interest in your own life, because only you know what makes you tick. The secret, though, is to work with God in finding your true calling. You have to spend time with Him — writing, reading, praying, listening to sermons, and being still. You won’t find the meaning of life on your phone or on Facebook. And, you won’t find lasting purpose in your relationships, job, possessions, or appearance.

3. Enjoy – but don’t idolize – your relationships

If you’re in a relationship, you may feel bored and restless because you expect your husband or boyfriend to fill all your needs. He can’t do that. If you’re single, you may feel lonely and sad because you think a man will make your life everything you want. A man can’t do that.

Yes, relationships are beautiful and necessary to an interesting life (and also difficult, if you want good ones)…but they aren’t the meaning of your life. If you put a relationship at the center of your life, you’ll be disappointed. You’ll always be let down — even by good men who don’t lie, cheat, steal, or snore. Why? Because you weren’t created to idolize a man or put a relationship first. You were created to put God at the center of your life, and enjoy everything else that revolves around Him. So, if you’re finding yourself uninterested in or bored with life, it may be because you’re looking in the wrong place.

4. Play

I love to color!

7 Ways to Renew Your Interest in LifeI don’t like drawing as much, but I’d rather color my sketches than in a coloring book, so I force myself to draw, too. Luckily, it turns out I love drawing words and letters, so I don’t have to draw complicated faces or intricate buildings.

What do you love to do? If you say “nothing”, then the number four way to renew your interest in life is to start playing around. Go somewhere, do something different. Stop saying how bored or unmotivated you are; start taking an interest in this big beautiful heartbreaking world God created. He delights in you; your job is to delight in His creation and reflect His glory! With a calling like that, how can you possibly be bored?

5. Prod your body

The reader who emailed me didn’t say much, except to say she needs help getting interested in her life. I wondered if perhaps she’s struggling with depression or grief, or if she’s living in an unhealthy or even abusive environment. I don’t know what caused her lack of interest in life, or what will Blossom her into a vibrant, fulfilling, exciting woman.

Are you struggling with life because you have no energy? It’s hard — even impossible — to gather strength and motivation to renew your interest in living if you just want to sleep all day. There is something not right with your body if you’re dragging yourself through your days and dreading even the simplest chores. Get thee to a doctor! Take care of your physical health first; you may simply be lacking certain vitamins or minerals. Get a checkup.

6. Look at what you’re avoiding

If you want to renew your interest in life, you have to face things you don’t want to face. What are you avoiding or refusing to deal with? Life brings tragedy to everyone. We all have things we had to go through — painful things, sad things, tragic accidents, unlucky experiences.

You have to deal with the emotional outfall of pain, tragedy, and heartbreak. If you keep avoiding the pain, you’ll keep burying yourself under layers of heavy rock, bricks, and cement. This layer of unmet pain will stop you from getting interested in life again. It will smother your emotions and motivation, and prevent you from living fully. You have to face what you don’t want to face before you can truly renew your interest in life.

7. Share your interests with me and others!

In the comments section below, make a list of things that make you come alive. If it’s one thing, then make a list of one thing. The more you talk about what interests you, makes you curious, and brings you alive the more you’ll feel the spark of life.

What are you curious about? Where have you always wanted to go? What have you always wanted to study in school? What in the past has made you interested in life? What in the past stole your interest in life? How will you renew your interest in your own life? If you could give yourself advice, what would you say?

If you have no interests, read 5 Tips on How to Create a Better Life.

My friend, it takes time and energy to find what interests you. The best way to rise to the challenge is to accept the power, strength, energy, and joy that only God can give. Jesus died so you could have a life of freedom, joy, and delight! Jesus died so you could meet God face-to-face and become truly alive.

Can you dig it? If so, you can Blossom.

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