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Are You Tired of Fighting God’s Will for Your Life?

What if you stopped trying to find God’s will for your life? Imagine the peace of simply entering into what already is. Acceptance brings joy and freedom — and it’s as simple as learning how to stop resisting God’s will for your life.

Simple, yes. Easy…not so much.

Below you’ll find three simple tips for accepting God’s will for your life. Even more importantly, you’ll learn how to stop resisting God’s will in the little moments of your day. Because that, my friend, is where the treasure is. If you can accept each moment — every annoyance, disruption, frustration, inconvenience, unexpected circumstance, unplanned event — for what it is, then you can enter into God’s will for everything else about your life.

I like to think that I don’t resist God’s will for my life — that I trust Jesus with my future — but the truth is that I live in almost constant opposition to Him. I’m always fighting, resisting, opposing the moments God gives me. For instance, I get frustrated when my dog Georgie stops and sniffs a single blade of grass for seven minutes (I timed her!). Do you know how long seven minutes is? It’s an eternity when my other dog, Tiffy, is shivering in the chilly Canadian air. I resist those little moments, yet I like to believe I accept God’s will for my life.

How to Stop Resisting God’s Will for Your Life Exodus 7 She Blossoms Tips
Tiffy and Georgie

What about you? Maybe you resist your boyfriend’s choices, your children’s behavior, your boss’s assignments, your government’s tax system. Maybe you can’t understand how some people can be so foolish, others so cruel. Maybe you don’t know why God lets “bad things happen to good people”, or how the Holy Spirit speaks into the lives of believers. What are you resisting in your relationships, at work, or in your life? I know exactly what I’m resisting…and I want to practice entering into what is.

If we learn how to stop resisting God’s will in the smallest moments of our days, then it’ll be easy to accept God’s will for the biggest events of our lives.

How to Stop Resisting God’s Will for Your Life

I’m reading Exodus; this article is part of my She Blossoms Through the Bible project. I’m writing an article for every chapter in every book of Scripture. So far, Exodus is all about trusting God’s will — and it’s not just a story about Moses leading the Hebrews out of Egypt into the Promised Land (which he himself never entered).

Exodus 7 describes Moses and Aaron learning how to trust God with the future of their people. The unanswered questions and mysteries in Exodus are as numerous as stars in the sky and grains of sand on the beach…and they’re perfect for teaching us how to stop resisting God’s will for our lives.

1. Realize that “entering into” is more powerful than “accepting” God’s will

Exodus 7 tells us that Moses and Aaron didn’t just stop resisting Yahweh, they actually entered into God’s will for their lives. They didn’t just accept God’s word and wait for Him to harden Pharoah’s heart and devastate Egypt with ten plagues. Moses and Aaron entered into God’s will by hearing God’s word and doing what God nudged them to do. They were active participants in the Lord’s plans; God didn’t send plagues without Aaron and Moses taking some sort of action. This is how Moses and Aaron entered into God’s will. They discovered that entering into His will is far more powerful than simply accepting it — and it’s certainly more powerful than fighting God’s will for their lives.

Blossom Tips How to Stop Resisting God’s Will for Your Life Exodus 7
Stop Resisting God’s Will for Your Life

What do you need to stop resisting in your life? I have a long list of little things I yearn to learn how to stop resisting! I don’t resist death, taxes, snow days, earthquakes or even cancer diagnoses. I fight the little things, such as my husband not helping me put away the groceries or my cat meowing constantly when I’m trying to pray and meditate on Scripture. “Instead of trying to figure things out, enter into them,” is something I’ve been practicing. What do you need to enter into? Maybe it’s a difficult decision about your marriage or family, or a career choice. Maybe you need to enter into God’s will and purpose by releasing control of how your life “should” be.

2. Consider the consequences of resistance

“But I will harden Pharoah’s heart and multiply My signs and wonders in the land of Egypt,” says the Lord in Exodus 7:3. Why did God harden the Egyptian king’s heart? Why did all the Egyptian people have to suffer plagues and hardship because of some cosmic battle God and the spiritual dark forces were fighting? What was the meaning of the snake and the bloody Nile river — was it literal or symbolic? There are a million more questions I could ask about what God was doing in Exodus with Moses and Aaron…and the results are the same. No answers, only confusion and dissatisfaction. The bottom line is that Pharoah resisted God’s will for the Hebrews, and he and the Egyptian people paid a terrible price. I refuse to do the same.

What are the results of resisting God’s will for your life — or the little moments in your day? For me, there is more fruit and profit in entering into the Bible without trying so hard to understand it. Instead of straining to figure it out, find the answers, settle the debates and offer reasonable explanations, I’m learning how to simply enter into the text. God’s will has been done for people in the Bible; some of them resisted, others entered into it. I choose to be a follower of Jesus who freely and gladly enters into His ways rather than resisting them. On a smaller scale, my dog Georgie is God’s will for this season of my life. I choose to gladly and freely enter into those long, long seven minutes of sniffy sniffy with her. What about you — what are the consequences of resisting God’s will for your life? Reflecting on those will help you enter into what He has planned for you.

3. Practice the difference between resisting and entering into God’s will

The whole book of Exodus shows us how Moses and Aaron practiced both resisting and entering into God’s will for their lives. It wasn’t just them — it was Pharoah, the Israelites, the surrounding nations, and even creation herself. Exodus 7 is just the beginning of ten plagues, all involving God’s creation in some way. The Lord gave Moses, Aaron, the Hebrews and the Egyptians lots of chances and time to learn how to stop resisting and start entering into His will for their lives. God was patient with them. Most of them learned how to lean on God without losing faith.

How to Stop Resisting God’s Will for Your Life Exodus 7 She Blossoms Tips
Enter Into God’s Will for Your Life

How will you enter into God’s will for your life? Think about what this means to you. Maybe you need to spend more time learning how to stop resisting God’s will…but I think it’s more profitable to focus on entering into what already is. What already exists in your life? What are you fighting, hating, wishing wasn’t so? That is the exact thing you need to enter into. If you go beyond accepting it — if you actually enter into and participate in God’s will for your life — you will have more strength and power. You’ll be on the inside of the thing, whether it’s grief or fear or overwhelm.

If you enter into the life, relationship or moment you’re resisting by following Jesus and opening your soul to the Holy Spirit’s nudges, you’ll find peace, joy and freedom. And more power and strength than you’ve ever experienced before! This doesn’t just change your heart and mind, spirit and soul…it changes your life.

What are the benefits of learning how to stop resisting God’s will for your life? Your thoughts — big and little — are welcome below! I’d love to hear how you’re entering into what already is.

With His love,


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  1. Thank you for helping me through a difficult time. I have extensive cancer, not too much time left. Now my problem is trying to resolve a time long ago (50 years) when I had an intense relationship with a young girl (12, almost 13) I was 27. We were neighbors and became good friends. She came to me after 1 1/2 yrs. and kissed me in a way that absolutley grabbed my very soul. I knew, we knew what it meant–I was hers forever–such a mutual feeling of pure love, and we had a terrifying, wonderful, deep, once in a lifetime relationship. It lasted 3 months, when her mother approached me and said that she felt that Sharon and I were getting a little too close and that even though she would like me as a son-in-law, that Sharon was too young and we needed to stop seeing each other. The family had to move away shortly afterwards and that was that. We came close to destroying 2 lives—hers and mine. I was ready to run away with her regardless of the risks and start our new lives. We had a plan all worked out and were literally a week or so from putting it into action. I really feel that GOD played a hand in our lives–It was the most wonderful time in my life–we had the most incredible time when we were together and GOD must have blessed our relationship as we never got caught and she didn`t get pregnant. She didn`t want me to use protection as she didn`t want anything to ever come between us. Now, I know that GOD worked out the situation for us. I`m having issues now with the strong memories of us and am in anguish over what could have been. I still have the strongest of feelings for her and I thank GOD daily for putting her in my life. I need help with this as it is consuming me and I have other things I need to settle before I go. Your writings are helping me tremendously and I thank you for that. Please offer some advice about this. Thank you so much. Fuller Johnson