How to Survive When You Have No Money

Having no money and no family makes it hard to survive – much less Blossom! These tips on how to survive with no money are inspired by a reader. She asked for practical survival tips and emotional help with her relationship.

“What makes things really hard is that I am a black woman and there isn’t any real support for women like me,” says DW on 13 Ways to Get Money to Leave Your Husband. “I’m in a constant state of confusion. Every time I think he’s ok he does something that really offends, hurts me and makes me think about leaving him. We have been married almost 5 years; we have financial hardships but worse is that he keeps getting my intentions wrong. He accuses me of things not even in my character. How can he spend so much time with me and not really know me?”

DW adds that she is judged harshly by society. “When other races of women are in bad predicaments, people want to lend a helping hand (sometimes), but for black women they somehow think that you deserve it,” she says. “They don’t care or think you did something wrong. So a lot of black women suffer in silence. I really, really just don’t know what to do. Any suggestions on how to survive when you have no money? Thanks.”

I’m not a black woman, but I know how to survive when you have no money. I don’t know where DW lives, but I know that some places are easier to survive than others. Are you a woman of color who is struggling to survive – much less Blossom? Share what you’re going through. Talk about how you feel and the walls you’re coming up against.

Life is easier when you reach out for help.

I had to learn how to survive because I grew up with a single mom who struggled with schizophrenia my whole life. She was verbally and physically abusive; I was in and out of foster homes. We had no money and we were on welfare most of my childhood. We slept on the street a few times.

5 Secrets About Surviving When You Have No Money

I’ve written hundreds of articles to help women create better lives and read thousands of comments from readers who feel stuck, helpless, and powerless. The number one question I get is, “How do I survive (leave my abusive husband, start over, rebuild my life) when I have no money, no family, and no friends to help me?”

surviving when you have no moneyThe truth is, I don’t know exactly how you will survive when you have no money. I know how I survived, how I gained strength and healed and stayed healthy and strong…and I know that you WILL survive. You got this, you can move forward in peace, trust, and faith.

And I know this:

1. You will rise to your own expectations

If you believe you’ll never survive an unhappy marriage, then you won’t. If you think you can’t leave an abusive man, then you’ll stay. If you believe that as a woman of color you don’t have access to the same rights and privileges, then you’ll get what you think you deserve.

Your thoughts are incredibly powerful – which makes you incredibly powerful! You have the power to change your life and control your destiny. You have the power to know how to survive when you have no money…and the power to bury yourself in fear, hopelessness, and excuses.

2. If you really want it, you will do what it takes to get the money you need

I learned how to survive because of my mom’s mental illness. I grew up waiting for welfare cheques and going to the food bank. I wore thrift store clothes; my mom had no money for ballet classes or milk (organic or regular) or overseas missions trips. I grew up dependent on the state for handouts.

So when I had no money as a 23 year old, it seemed like a “no brainer” to go to Social Services and asked for welfare. I’d had various jobs for over a decade – starting as a babysitter in my neighborhood – but it wasn’t until I started my first business that I ran out of money.

What do you need to survive? You know better than I do how to get it. How have you survived without money in the past? This isn’t the first time you’ve faced this problem.

3. You already know how to survive when you have no money

But you don’t want to do what it takes.

The majority of the women who comment on my articles say that they’re alone, trapped, helpless, and unable to make any changes in their lives. They want their husbands to change, they want their marriages to change, they wish everything was different…but they say there’s nothing they can do.

And then they ask me for help. I used to try to help, but nobody actually took my advice. You know why? Because they were more comfortable sitting in their mess than actually doing what it takes to change their lives.

4. You are not alone

“When circumstances can’t or won’t change in our lives, I think the number one thing we need to do is cry out to Jesus Christ for help,” says MakesYouWonder on How to Survive a Situation You Can’t Change. “The One who made us and is in total control is the only One who can give us the grace we need to take one step at a time. I say this because I realize that I will never be able to figure out the ‘why’ of the evil of this life. But I can turn in humility to my God, repent for having tried to be in charge of my life, and ask Him to take over.”

How to Survive When You Have No Money
How to Survive When You Have No Money

Maybe lack of faith is the reason you believe you don’t know how to survive. Maybe lack of trust is the reason you have no money.

Or maybe you just made a few poor choices in your life, and now you’re dealing with the consequences.

Either way…you are not alone. You might be choosing to be alone right now, but the truth is that you aren’t really alone. You can choose to reach up to God for spiritual and emotional strength. You can choose to use the strength He gives you to reach out to others for resources to help you.

5. You will reach out when you are ready

The minute you start believing that you CAN learn how to survive is the minute your life will start to change. The second you realize that having no money is a temporary obstacle in your life is the second that your destiny will lift her head and start to come towards you.

What has to happen in your life to make you ready?

What to Do Next

Tell me your thoughts on my secrets for surviving when you have no money. Even better, tell me about your relationship with God. How do you feel and what do you think about Him? How does He see you? Who is Jesus to you?

Learn how your spirituality affects your ability to survive. You are both powerful and vulnerable; strong and weak. You are powerful in His love and strength, but you are too vulnerable to take care of yourself without God’s help.

While I can’t offer advice about how to survive when you have no money, I do read every comment. I encourage you to respond to other readers’ comments if you feel led, and to share your experience.

“All of us need a vision for our lives, and even as we work to achieve that vision, we must surrender to a power that is greater than we know,” said Oprah. “God can dream a bigger dream for you than you could ever dream for yourself.”


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