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How to Trust God When You Feel Scared and Alone

Maybe you’re worried about your relationship, or you’re trying to trust God though a difficult breakup or divorce. Maybe you’re scared of losing your job, home, family member or even your own child. How do you trust God when you feel scared and alone, lost and confused?

“So many times in my 75 years I have prayed to God for help,” says Audrey on How to Trust God After a Heartbreaking Loss. “Never once have I found Him to be there for me. I now very rarely ask for His help to avoid yet more disappointment.”

I have no quick tips on how to pray to God and get the help you want. I don’t know why we have to face loss, disappointment, and death. I don’t know why we struggle with feelings of fear, doubt, anxiety, depression, grief and shame — sometimes for our whole lives. But I do know how my relationship with Jesus affects me! I learned how to trust God when I’m scared and confused, insecure and unhappy.

You’re here for a reason. It wasn’t an accident or coincidence that brought you to my She Blossoms blog. You’re here because God wants you to trust Him through the scary, dark, dry seasons of life. 

You’re here because you need Him now, more than ever.

How to Trust God When You Feel Scared

This article, inspired by Genesis 22, is part of my She Blossoms Through the Bible project. I’m writing a blog post for every chapter of the Bible; in Genesis 22 we learn how God tested Abraham. More importantly, we learn how Abraham trusted God even when he was scared, confused, helpless and worried about his son, Isaac.

You don’t have to believe in God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit to benefit from my three tips for trusting God when you’re scared. Just open your mind, heart and spirit to Jesus in a fresh new way. Remember that new beginnings blossom from tiny seeds of life. This article — How to Trust God When You Feel Scared — is one of those seeds.

1. Trust who God is – not what He can do for you

Every chapter of Genesis — every verse of the Bible, in fact! — tells us something about God. In 3 Practical Ways to Trust God With Your Future – Genesis 13 I described how God shows up in our lives, how He responds to our prayers and plans. I talked about how scary it is to trust God with our lives, hopes, and dreams. More importantly, I reveal a few of God’s characteristics and qualities. Genesis 22 tells us a lot more about who God is.

God is:

  • Holy and supreme
  • Complex and confusing
  • Loving and compassionate
  • Just and orderly
  • Kind and caring
  • Sacred and scary
  • Jealous and demanding
  • Creative and careful
  • Detailed and wise
  • Mysterious and available
  • Strong and powerful
  • Present and available

Genesis 22 — and many other chapters — also tell us that God requires us to walk with Him, one step at a time. He doesn’t lay out the whole plan, even when we feel scared and confused. Even Jesus didn’t know some things until they actually happened (“Woman, why do you ask me to do this? My time has not yet come,” Jesus said in John 2:4. Yet, He did as Mary requested).

What do you know about Jesus? The more you learn about who God is and why He sent Jesus, the easier it’ll be to trust Him when you feel scared. The more you learn about Jesus, the more you learn about yourself. The more you learn about who you are in Christ, who God created you to be, how the Holy Spirit guides and leads you, the easier it’ll be to simply trust God no matter how you feel. Instead of focusing on what God can do for you — how He can help you, answer your prayers, give you what you want — learn who God is. That is how you will learn how to trust Him when you feel scared, lost and confused.

2. Let go of your expectations – and take action

Genesis 22 tells us the story of Abraham walking for three days with his son Isaac. God didn’t tell Abraham exactly where they were going or exactly what would happen when they arrived. Abraham had to trust God when he was more scared than ever before; God was asking him to sacrifice his own son, Isaac. Not only did Abraham let go of his expectations of God, He took action. Abraham got up early in the morning, saddled his donkey, chopped wood, and started walking (Genesis 22:3-4). That’s trust in action: letting go of expectations and moving forward.

Trusting God When You’re Scared

What do you want Jesus to do for you? In Mark 10:51 Jesus asked, “What do you want Me to do for you?” Maybe you’re dealing with marriage problems, or you can’t get over a breakup. Maybe you lost your husband or were diagnosed with cancer. Maybe you feel scared and alone, lonely and abandoned. Maybe you want Jesus to increase your faith and trust so you have a better relationship with God. Tell Him what you want…and let go of what you think He should do for you. Pray your heart, share your fears, and give Him your spirit. Then, take action.

3. Rise – and don’t stop walking 

God called Abraham in the first verse of Genesis 22. “Abraham!” was all He said. How did Abraham respond? “Here I am,” he said. Abraham immediately answered when God called his name. Then God told him what to do next. God led Abraham — one step at a time — through his life. We see it in various ways in Genesis: God giving Sarah and Abraham their baby Isaac at the appointed time (after 25 years!), God leading Abraham out of Egypt, God destroying Sodom and Gomorrah and saving Lot because of Abraham’s negotiation tactics, and God building His relationship with Abraham (read 3 Simple Ways to Increase Your Faith in God – Genesis 15).

What action is God calling you to take today? He created you for a purpose: to have a relationship with Him, to reflect His nature to the world, and to trust Him even when you feel scared, sad, alone or unworthy. God is present in every corner of your life, and knows everything you’re going through. And He doesn’t want you to walk through this alone! Jesus came — and gave His life — so you could live fully, deeply, and passionately. The Holy Spirit exists to guide and strengthen you, no matter what you’re experiencing. God is calling you forward…and your first step has to be to trust Him, even when you’re scared.

Read Genesis 22. Observe how God spoke clearly and distinctly to Abraham, how He led Abraham through the scariest three days of his life. God has different relationships with all of us; He won’t ask you to do the same things He asks of other believers. But, He is asking you to do something…and it may be as simple as trusting Him with your life.

What are you scared of? What does trusting God mean to you? Your thoughts — big and little — are welcome below!

With His love,


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