3 Smart Ways to Trust God With Your Future

Whether you’re a brokenhearted believer or a faithful follower of Jesus, you’ll love these three tips on how to trust God with your future. This includes trusting the Holy Spirit to guide and protect your heart, mind, soul and life.

In 3 Signs You Can Trust Someone With Your Heart – Genesis 24 I shared tips for trusting a man in a new relationship. I described how father Abraham trusted his servant Eliezer to find the right wife for his son, Isaac. Abraham’s trust in Eliezer was strong but it was rooted in a deeper, more powerful, more secure source of trust.

Abraham trusted the Lord God with his future — and the future of his family. This trust allowed him to take big and little steps of faith. Abraham trusted God to walk him through the valleys and rejoice on the mountaintops. And guess what? God’s love and protection isn’t just for Abraham — it’s for you and me, too! We can find practical ways to trust God with our future plans, dreams, and hopes…and it may be easier than we think.

These practical tips for trusting God with your future are wrapped up in fear. By “fear of the Lord” I don’t mean cowering in fright, hiding in the corner, or shaking in our boots because He’s mean or hurtful. Fearing God means revering, admiring, worshipping, and loving the One who created us.

If you know what it truly means to fear God — if you’ve experienced the awesomeness and power and glory and might of His presence — then you will trust Him with your future. Because you know that nothing can stop God from carrying out His plans for your life.

How to Trust God With Your Future – Exodus 1

This article is part of my She Blossoms Through the Bible project; I’m writing a blog post for every chapter in every book of Scripture. I started with Genesis (beginning with The Reason You Were Created – Genesis 1 and ending with (How to Live Like You Really Are Forgiven and Free – Genesis 50).

Enter Exodus! These tips for trusting God with your future plans, hopes, and dreams are inspired by the Hebrew midwives in the first chapter of Exodus.

1. Know who — or what — you fear

Exodus 1:17 tells us that the Hebrew midwives Shiphrah (which means “beautiful”) and Puah (“blossom” or “fragrant flower”) feared the Lord God more than they feared the king of Egypt. The Pharaoh told them to kill the Hebrew boy babies because the Israelites were increasingly rapidly and becoming a possible threat to the Egyptians (note that the king didn’t know how to trust God with his future, or the future of the land he ruled). Shiphrah and Puah feared the Pharoah, but they feared the Lord God more. This fear (reverence, awe, adoration, humble regard) translated to a practical way to trust God with their future. Because Shiphrah and Puah trusted Him, He blessed them.

She Blossoms Ways to Trust God With Your Future Exodus 1
How to Trust God With Your Future

What scares you? You’re looking for practical tips for trusting God with your future because you’re afraid of something. Maybe you’re worried about your marriage or children — or perhaps you’re single and scared you’ll never be loved. Maybe you’re worried about money, your health, or your parents. Perhaps you’re scared of what people think of you or how they’ll react to your plans, hopes, dreams and ideas. Maybe you have a generalized, vague, unnamed anxiety instead of a specific fear about your future. An easy way to trust God is to name what scares you more than anything.

2. Take a specific step toward your future

“The Hebrew midwives, however, feared God and did not do as the king of Egypt had told them; they let the boys live,” says the narrator (possibly Moses) in Exodus 1:17-18. “So the king of Egypt summoned the midwives and asked them, ‘Why have you done this and let the boys live?’” Shiphrah and Puah trusted God in a practical (but not easy) way: they didn’t snuff the lives of the Hebrew boy babies. The midwives feared Pharoah’s response because he had the power to snuff out their futures…but they feared God more. And their fear of the Lord gave them courage and strength to follow their convictions and do what they thought was right.

How can you trust God and take one or two small steps forward? Start small. I recently received an email from a She Blossoms reader who asked how to stop being scared and start leaping in faith. She wants to leave her abusive marriage after 27 years and doesn’t know how to trust God with her future. Instead of starting small (eg, researching possible sources of financial help, talking to trustworthy friends, getting individual counseling), she is thinking too far ahead. She isn’t taking slow, steady, small steps forward and trusting God to give her strength and courage to keep moving. Instead, she’s allowing fear and doubt to paralyze her. Are you doing the same thing? How can you trust God with your future by taking a small, specific step forward today?

3. Trust God with the outcome

You know what Shiphrah and Puah risked by saving the Israelites’ baby boys? Their lives. Death. Execution. Slavery. These Hebrew midwives risked their lives by opposing the Egyptian king’s decree and allowing the Hebrew babies to live. These midwives were scared of the Pharoah — especially since the Egyptian people knew of the king’s decree to kill the Israelites’ boys. The Pharoah didn’t keep his plans a secret; traitors would be punished. And yet, despite their fear, Shiphrah and Puah trusted God with their future. They let Him decide on the outcome of their actions.

How will you practice trusting God with the outcome of your actions — and your future? Here’s a thought: read Exodus 1 and pretend you’re Shiphrah or Puah. How do you feel about birthing babies for a living, and then being asked to end an infant’s life? You find meaning, value, and purpose in bringing life into the world, helping women become mothers, and nurturing newborns. You’re good at being a midwife — you love your job! So you don’t want to carry out the Pharoah’s orders…yet he will end your life if you don’t.

One of the easiest tips on how to trust God with your future is to learn how He works in the lives of other believers. Read and reflect on how Jesus teaches His followers to trust God with our lives, plans, hopes and dreams. Talk to fellow Christians. Remember how the Lord guided and blessed you in the past. Build your relationship with the Holy Spirit — He is a living, breathing, powerful source of love, freedom, peace, joy and grace! Learn what it means to be truly free and alive in Christ.

As always, your thoughts — big and little — are welcome below. What advice would you give on trusting God with your future?

With His love,


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2 thoughts on “3 Smart Ways to Trust God With Your Future”

  1. Waiting on God’s guidance

    This speaks to me today. I am struggling with a marriage that has just revealed an affair of 4 years with more than one woman. And just when I felt we could reconcile.. I find more. My whole world has been turned upside down. At this point I don’t know where I am going.. if I am staying or leaving, but this made it simple for me. Why worry about the big things when you can just take it one little thing at a time. God will provide the answers I need.. I just have to be patient to see them. Being terrified of the big things will only make it worse. I need to focus on the small steps first.