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How Do You Wait on God Without Losing Faith?

“I’m waiting on God’s timing but I feel discouraged and depressed,” said one of my She Blossoms readers. “How do I wait for God without losing faith that He will provide?”

I’m struggling with the same thing. I feel like I’m still waiting for so many things but nothing is happening! It’s never been easy for me to wait on God without losing faith because I’m happier actively pursuing my ideas and goals. I’d much rather write articles like 6 Practical Ways to Find God’s Call on Your Life than wait for God to act.

Maybe you’re waiting for the right job, partner, or service opportunity. Maybe you’re praying and waiting for healing from a health issue such as depression or a broken shoulder (like me!). Or maybe you’re just waiting on God to tell you what to do with your life…and you’re losing faith. Take heart, for I have good news!

Let’s face it: waiting is hard. I’ve been waiting for my broken shoulder to heal for almost eight weeks. It’s grinding me down, making me grumpy, and depleting my energy. When the orthopedic surgeon said my arm would be in a sling for six weeks, I laughed him off. I thought he was exaggerating.

Eight weeks later I’m still in a sling because my shoulder and arm ache almost all the time. If anyone needs to learn how to wait on God for healing — without losing faith — it’s me.

What are you waiting for God to do in your life? Whatever it is, be thankful that you’re not locked in an ark with a slew of grumpy family members and stinky animals! I found a few secrets for faithfully waiting on the Lord in Genesis 8.

How to Wait on God Without Losing Faith

This article is part of my She Blossoms Through the Bible project. I’m writing an article for every chapter in every book of the Bible! This article (How to Wait on God Without Losing Faith – Step 8) is inspired by Noah’s experience in Genesis 8.

In this article, we get a glimpse of what it was like for Noah to wait on God with faith. We also see God and His timing in a different light…and we learn that it’s not all about us.

About God

1. God’s work isn’t all about you. God is running not just our earth, but the planets, universe, solar system and other realms we’re not even aware of! God’s perspective and work involves the Big Picture, not just our individual lives. In Genesis 8 God kept Noah and his family in the ark for at least five months. He flooded the earth, wiped out the evil people, did a little tidying up of stuff we know naught of, and decided when it was time to set Noah free. God had work to do outside the ark, and Noah learned how to wait on the Lord without losing faith.

2. God’s work includes you. God hasn’t forgotten you. He didn’t forget Noah, his family, and the animals in the ark. God doesn’t forget any of His children. He is actively working out His purposes and plans for the whole world; God’s work includes you but doesn’t revolve around you. If you feel abandoned or rejected by God, read Proof That You Matter to God – Step 6. But don’t let your feelings stop you from waiting on God with faith and hope. God is actively working all things out, and His plans include good things for your life.

3. God sees our pain and sacrifices. The first thing Noah did when God commanded him to leave the ark (note Genesis 8:16, that Noah waited faithfully for God to tell him to leave the ark!) was to build an altar to the Lord. Noah sacrificed many kinds of animals and birds to God. This was an act of worship, devotion, and faith. God saw Noah’s faith and was pleased. God was so pleased, in fact, that He made a new covenant. God knew people would still struggle and fail to perfectly love and worship Him, but He vowed not to destroy this earth again.

About You and Me

1. We have a teeny-tiny perspective of God’s work. We are part of God’s story. Our lives matter to God — everything from my broken shoulder to whatever you’re waiting for. We matter to God, but we are only one part of His story. Our lives are important and meaningful, and what we do here on earth will matter after we die. But we have to remember that God’s work goes far above and beyond us. Stay humble when you’re struggling to wait on God without losing faith. Remember that everything in our life and world points to Jesus.

She Blossoms How to Wait on God Without Losing Faith

How to Wait on God Without Losing Faith

2. We forget how much we matter to God. I tell my She Blossoms newsletter readers all the time how much they matter to me. Every single new member makes a difference to me! But mattering to me — a little writer in a little city in Canada — isn’t nearly as powerful as mattering to God. It’s so easy to forget how much we matter to Him. It’s especially easy to forget that Jesus came to earth to die for us, so we could be united with God our Father! The deceiver wants to distract us, to make us forget how much God loves us. When we forget God’s love, we forget how to wait on Him without losing faith. Find ways to remember God’s love, grace, and presence in your life.

3. We haven’t been forgotten. Maybe you’re struggling to wait on God for a relationship, job, healing, or new calling in your life. Maybe you feel confused and sad, or lost and abandoned. When you feel despondent, read Genesis 8. Imagine what it must have been like for Noah and his family to be cooped up in the ark for over five months! I don’t know if they felt God’s presence or if an angel of the Lord visited them. I don’t know if they fought, got sick, got bored, or even disliked each other. But I do know that at least one of them — Noah — learned how to wait on God without losing faith. And this increases my faith and love for God…especially since I know Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Noah didn’t have them, yet he walked and sacrificed in faith.

How to Wait on God Without Losing Faith

Remember. What you remember — what you remind yourself about God, your life, and your walk as a disciple of Jesus — depends on you. I’m waiting on God for healing for my shoulder, for a cessation to the constant pain and ache. I find it helpful to tell myself how much more compassion, love and empathy I’ll have for others who have experienced orthopedic surgery. My physical pain and suffering is making me a better Christian writer and blogger.

I also remind myself that not only did Noah wait for five months to be freed from the ark, Jesus waited for 40 days and nights in the desert. And God waited for me to finally let go of myself and follow Him wholeheartedly!

God is waiting for you to turn to Him. Jesus is seeking your heart. The Holy Spirit is eagerly waiting for you to open your mind and spirit to Him, so He can bless you with patience, hope, faith, love, joy and peace. You aren’t the only one waiting, my friend. God is waiting for you.

Your turn! How will you wait on God without losing faith in Him? Your thoughts — big and little — are welcome below.

With His love,


P.S. If you’re struggling with a difficult decision or starting a new season in life, read An Easy Way to Stop Overthinking God’s Will.


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