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You Can Have a Much More Meaningful Relationship With God

Having a more meaningful relationship with God won’t guarantee good times, health or wealth. Just the opposite, in fact! The closer you are to Jesus, the deeper your compassion, love and sensitivity to others’ pain and suffering in the world. 

The deeper your connection to God through the Holy Spirit, the more alert you’ll be to the needs of people around you. Having a more meaningful relationship with God does not mean you’ll be protected from grief, pain or suffering. It means something better: a deeper, richer, more joyful life in ways money can’t buy.

It’s taking me a long time to realize how God works in my life — and how I suspect He works in the lives of others. We all have different personal relationships with the Father, but there are a few things that are the same for everyone. One, we all need to follow Jesus to God. Jesus is the only way to knowing the Lord God who created us. Two, we need to learn how the Holy Spirit draws us closer and gives us more meaningful relationships with God, others, and even ourselves.

If you want a more meaningful relationship with God, you will have one! The only reason you can even want to a deeper spiritual life is because He is calling you. And when He calls, He will be there when you turn your gaze toward Him.

How to Have a More Meaningful Relationship With God

Exodus 37 inspired these tips for relating to God on a deeper level. This blog post is part of my She Blossoms Through the Bible project; I’m writing an article for every chapter in every book of Scripture. I started with Genesis, and only have three chapters of Exodus left.

Blogging my way through the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) of the Bible has helped me go deeper with God, but the truth is that the practice of lectio divina has been more powerful. Let me know in the comments section below if you’re interested in this type of prayer. I have lots of tips and resources, and plan to write a few She Blossoms in Prayer blog posts.

In the meantime, let’s explore what Exodus 37 says about having a more meaningful relationship with God…

1. Realize that you are not here by accident!

I Want a More Meaningful Relationship With God Exodus 37 Blossom Tips
A More Meaningful Relationship With God

Bezalel was the craftsman and artisan who built the tabernacle, ark of the covenant, courtyard and various details of God’s dwelling place in the later chapters of Exodus. God gave Moses the detailed instructions; Bezalel and the Israelites combined their skills, efforts and resources to build what God wanted. God chose specific people for specific reasons, tasks, and roles. God placed specific skills and talents and abilities in each person, and gave them the strength and courage they needed to follow through. Bezalel wasn’t a gifted artisan just because of his training and experience; Exodus 36:2 tells us that God placed wisdom in his spirit and moved his heart. God brought Bezalel — and Moses, and Aaron, and Miriam, and Oholiab — out of slavery in Egypt to Mount Sinai for a specific reason.

Know that you are right here, right now, for a reason. You are not wandering the literal desert in Egypt, trying to find God’s Promised Land in Israel…but you are searching for something deeper in your life. You want a more meaningful relationship with God. You want to be more spiritually healthy, to know Jesus better, to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. And you are already on your way! You are searching for ways to know God better because God is drawing you closer. Jesus is beckoning; the Holy Spirit is whispering in your ear and tugging at your heart. You found She Blossoms for a reason, and the only reason is God. He wants to have a more meaningful relationship with you.

2. Remember that God is involved in every detail of your life

Exodus 35, 36, 37, and 38 contain many details of how God wanted the ark of the covenant, the tabernacle, the tent, the courtyard and everything else constructed. Colorful, specific, creative, details about materials, resources, measurements, numbers and instructions. How long did it take to build the tabernacle and ark of the covenant? I have no idea, but I have a feeling it took weeks, if not months. “Morning after morning” the people brought freewill offerings. The Israelites didn’t have the machinery and tools we use today to construct buildings (or even make bookcases!). They didn’t have electricity, running water, heat or air conditioning. And yet, God gave them an extensive list of detailed instructions for building the tabernacle and ark of the covenant! And then He repeated those details several times in Exodus. Why? Because details matter to God.

God is closer than you think. The only reason you’re searching for a more meaningful relationship with God is because He is already here, drawing you close. I used to feel disconnected from God because I didn’t think the Creator of the universe, billions of people, the vast oceans and all the stars and planets in the sky could actually know I exist…until I learned that the reason God knows I exist is because He is powerful enough to create everything that exists! God’s strength, wisdom, and omniscience is the very thing that allows Him to have a meaningful relationship with me. And you. And other believers who choose to follow Jesus and invite the Holy Spirit to speak.

3. Know that your smallest words and actions matter more than you realize

Exodus 37:17-21 tells us how Bezalel made the lampstand for God’s tabernacle: “Then he made the lampstand out of pure hammered gold. He made it all of one piece: its base and shaft, its ornamental cups, and its buds and petals. Six branches extended from its sides, three branches of the lampstand from one side and three branches of the lampstand from the other side. There were three cups shaped like almond blossoms, each with a bud and petals, on one branch, and three cups shaped like almond blossoms, each with a bud and petals, on the next branch. It was this way for the six branches that extended from the lampstand. There were four cups shaped like almond blossoms on the lampstand shaft along with its buds and petals. For the six branches that extended from it, a bud was under the first pair of branches from it, a bud under the second pair of branches from it, and a bud under the third pair of branches from it.”

The details of your life are meaningful to God. Every detail matters, right down to the last sprout and bud and blossom in your life. Having a more meaningful relationship with God means that you need to pay attention to the little ways He calls you, the little things Jesus wants you to take care of. This doesn’t mean you’ll aways be doing things that are painful, hard, or sacrificial! It just means that sometimes you’ll have to follow Jesus down through the dark, scary times…and other times you get to follow Jesus up into the bright, happy, joyful mountaintop experiences. One thing is always the same: every detail of you and your life matters to God. 

One of the most interesting, exciting ways to have a more meaningful relationship with God is to listen to the Holy Spirit and follow your heart. Are you scared to follow the desires of your heart? Learn how God plants certain longings, skills and inclinations in your heart. Experiment by listening for the Holy Spirit’s leading, and following Jesus in new directions.

With His love,


P.S. For more tips on moving into a more meaningful relationship with God, read How to Rebuild Your Relationship With God.


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