A Quick List of Inspiring Adventure Travel Blogs for Women

When I asked for travel destination ideas on my “She Blossoms” Facebook Group, I got everything from the Yukon in Canada to Machu Picchu in Peru! So I decided this week’s Blossomy Bouquets absolutely must include inspiring adventure travel blogs for women like me, who need a few ideas and encouragement for their next vacation.

Every week, I gather a Blossomy Bouquet: five blogs or websites that encourage women to Blossom, grow, expand, and delight in who God created them to be. If you have any ideas for themes – this week is “adventure travel blogs for women” – or if you’d like your blog to be included in a Blossomy Bouquet, let me know in the comments section below!

This week’s Blossomy Bouquet isn’t just about adventure travel or vacation tips for women; it’s about working and writing while you travel. I lived and taught in Africa for three years – and gave a glimpse into my experience in Moving to Africa? 10 Things You Need to Know.

The best way to see a country, city, or community is to actually live there. Immerge yourself in the culture in deeper ways by having adventures, meeting locals, eating on the street. That’s inspiring adventure travel, and it’s my dream to blog about it. Visiting for two or even three weeks just doesn’t cut it, and neither does staying in an all-inclusive resort for a week (though there’s nothing wrong with all-inclusive resorts 🙂 ). To really see and learn about a country and culture, you need to actually live and work there.

But vacationing is Blossomy good, too — and especially if you want to add sprinkle a little adventure to your travels.

A Bouquet of Inspiring Adventure Travel Blogs for Women

“Not all who wander are lost,” said Mark Twain. If you’re a gypsy like I am, you know the value of not only wandering and finding adventures on your vacations, but also working while you travel…

Adventurous Kate’s Solo Female Travel Blog

In The Reality of Being a Professional Travel Blogger, “Adventurous Kate” not only gives gorgeous glimpses into exotic destinations, she also shares insights and information about working as a travel blogger. I love “working vacations”, and I always thought travel blogging would be my destiny. But, She Blossoms has claimed my heart and soul — and I have no regrets!

Inspiring Adventure Travel Blogs for Women

Adventurous Kate

If you’re wondering what it’s like to work as an adventure travel blogger as a woman — or if you just want an inside scoop into the life of a young, energetic, smart and courageous blogger — follow Kate around the world. She is inspiring.

Here’s what stuck out to me about her work as a travel blogger: “When you’re a professional travel blogger, you don’t get time off, which means you can never go completely off the grid,” writes Kate in The Reality of Being a Professional Travel Blogger. Sometimes you can plan ahead by scheduling posts, tweets, and Facebook shares, but when travel blogging is your main form of income, you can’t step away from your email for long. In San Antonio, Texas, my mom and sister went out for margaritas on the Riverwalk every night while I stayed in and worked.  In Hoi An, Vietnam, my friends had a blast at the My Son ruins, which I skipped because I needed to work.  In Sayulita, Mexico, the girls in my group went to a cooking demonstration that I really wanted to experience – but I couldn’t, because I had work to do.”

Kate adds that she’s not complaining; it’s a fair trade-off. She just wants us to know what it’s really like to write an inspiring adventure travel blog, and I am grateful I found her blog!

Namastay Traveling – Juliette

Juliette caught my eye in her blog post Your Guide to Adventure, because her purpose is to uncover mindfulness and inner peace through the adventure. She’s a yogi who is trying to see as much of the world as she can — and who practices yoga as she goes.

Inspiring Adventure Travel Blogs for Women

Namastay Juliette

“I’ve been a huge travel blog reader for years, finding solace in reading about other people’s glamorous jet-setting lives while I was trapped in my small college dorm room writing papers on Hemingway and Milton,” writes Juliette in Your Guide to Adventure. “I spent my time following others’ elaborate experiences, reading through their detailed itineraries and expanding my list of places to see. In essence, I was simply waiting until I would no longer be a passive traveler, but an active one.”

And guess what? Now Juliette is an adventure travel blogger who inspires women (and men!) to fully immerse themselves in new cultures, new places, and new ways of being. “It’s only when we see ourselves in a different context can we truly find who we are to begin with,” she says.

Travels With Tam

Tam Warner Minton is an empty nester who has always loved to travel and scuba dive. Her inspiring adventure travel blog has a different slant because she often focuses on wildlife and underwater photographs — and she encourages women (and men, yes) to explore the world, experience life, and make your dreams come true. She loves traveling, and will go just about anywhere. She’s endlessly curious, always learning, and very excitable.

She Blossoms Inspiring Adventure Travel Blogs for Women – Bouquets

Travels With Tam

What caught my eye about Tam’s travel blog is her vibrant energy, which spills out in every adventure travel blog post she writes.   “I have roamed all over our amazing planet, and there is so much more to see!” she writes in I Love Introducing People to the Wonders of the Ocean . “Having walked on seven continents, I have been privileged to see the most beautiful, fantastic, and incredible sights. Every place is so different and so unique, and I have loved all of my travels, and treasure my experiences, both good and bad. Travel is the very best teacher, and for me, a way to learn, humble, and challenge myself at the same time. But…no matter how far I roam, the colors of Cozumel always awe and thrill me. This easy, breezy, non-pretentious island welcomes me home, I am reminded every time I come why I love it so much.”

Young Adventuress – Liz

Wow! Wow. Liz’ photos are stunning and her writing is edgy and quirky – just what I like.

blossoms blog inspiring women travellers

Young Adventuress Liz

I read A dreamy winter holiday in Whistler because I live in Vancouver, Canada (three hours’ drive from Whistler) — and was blown away by Liz’s pictures in her blog post. Not just the beauty of British Columbia, but her creativity, colors, vibe, placement, tones. She Liz is a solo female traveller who lives in New Zealand, and she weaves tidbits and tips about her life through her blog posts. Really fun, interesting reading.

“I started this blog around seven years ago in 2010 when I was getting ready to move to Spain to teach English and procrastinate on life,” she says on her About Me page. “I’m sure you can relate. I thought my path would take me to graduate school to become a medieval history professor (raises eyebrows). Instead I turned out to be a professional nomad (read: hobo). My parents are, of course, thrilled.”

Do you follow (or write) a travel blog for women? Please share below! I’d love to gather more Blossomy Bouquets for this post, and highlight other women who are traveling solo or with others.

If you feel like going on vacation but not sure about adventure travel, read What to Pack for a Beach Resort Vacation. I’ve gone on all-inclusive vacations in Costa Rica, Jamaica, and Kenya. I enjoy them but would rather be wandering around cities, looking at streets and people!


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