Pet Loss eBooks – to Help You Let Go of an Animal You Love

Farewell, Friend: A Gentle Guide to Saying Goodbye to Your Dog

I’m so sorry for your loss. It always hurts to say goodbye – and you may be surprised at how terrible you feel. I understand. I’ve lost two dogs and four cats, and each loss brought its own unique pain. But my heart healed – and I’m here to help you through this.

Kitty Comfort Coping With Cat Loss


Life without your pet is a sad adjustment of heart and home. Whether your loss was planned or accidental, you’re grieving the end of a season of your life…and you’ll never be the same.


You’ll find companionship, hope, and healing here. I guarantee you’ll feel better as soon as you open your email, see your ebook, and read a message from me.


These comforting, encouraging guidebooks are pdf files that are easy to read on any device – and they’re on sale for only $7 US.


It’s time to start healing and letting go. You’ll never forget your beloved dog or cat, but you will feel less alone. You won’t “get over it”, but you will feel less burdened by grief, guilt, or regret. Your heart will heal, your spirits will lift, and your soul will lighten.

When you order my ebook, you receive my personal email address. You can contact me directly if there are any glitches with the delivery system. I also offer a money-back guarantee – so if you aren’t happy with your ebook, I’ll refund your money.


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Farewell, Friend: A Gentle Guide to Saying Goodbye to Your Dog


A free gift for you: when you buy one of my pet loss ebooks, you get the other one at no charge. Simply send me an email and tell me which one you bought; I’ll send you the other one.


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Kitty Comforts: Help and Hope for Coping With the Loss of Your Cat



Table of Contents


Time doesn’t heal all wounds;

it’s how you spend your time that helps you heal

or keeps you stuck in pain and grief.


The three most important parts of recovering from pet loss are accepting, remembering, and healing. Each section contains 5 chapters of fresh insights, suggestions, and activities – all focused on helping you accept your loss, remember your beloved cat or dog, and heal your heart.


Part 1: Accepting Your Loss

  1. Reject the Myth That “Time Heals All Wounds”
  2. Understand Why Pet Loss Hurts So Much
  3. Explore Practical Ways to Cope With Regret
  4. Learn How to Deal With Guilty Feelings
  5. Surrender to Your Emotions – the Whole Catastrophe


Part 2: Remembering Your Pet

  1. Honor Your Pet’s Memory
  2. Choose Your Companions Carefully
  3. Say Goodbye to Your Pet Without Falling to Pieces
  4. Create Peace and Comfort in Your Home
  5. Listen for the Roar of Something Greater


Part 3: Healing Your Heart

  1. Learn How to Forgive Yourself
  2. Face Your Grief and Let Go of the Pain
  3. Pay Attention to Your Progress
  4. Rest in the Peace of a Healing Heart
  5. Find Out How the Story Ends


Your beloved pet is resting in peace…and it’s time to say farewell.



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Farewell, Friend: A Gentle Guide to Saying Goodbye to Your Dog
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I live in Vancouver, British Columbia with my husband Bruce and my two dogs, Georgie and Tiffy. We also have a cat called Nunki, who is older than both dogs and bigger than my little white dog Tiffy!

Again, I’m sorry you lost your beloved pet. May your heart heal and your soul be restored.

In peace and passion,

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2 thoughts on “Pet Loss eBooks – to Help You Let Go of an Animal You Love

  • Derah

    Somehow, after traipsing all over the internet I discovered yr site. I enjoy yr uplifting messages as I am nothing but a lost soul living in this crazy world. I think I should start to listen to podcasts too but first need to figure out how to. But keep sharing & caring – it does filter thru

    A lost soul Derah

  • Janet Hill

    I am having a hard time leaving. My cockapoo Gunner is my baby but I am having a hard time finding an apartment that I can afford. I don’t like how my abuser treats him, yelling at him putting his hand up like he is going to hit him. Gunner sleeps with me and stays by my side all the time. I take a shower and both dogs are waiting for me outside the door. Brady the English bulldog has critical heart problems he will be 12 in Nov. I have PTSD Gunner immediately barks when my abuser comes near me when I am sleeping. He is my hero! I don’t think I can just leave him behind.