The Proof You Need That God Cares About You

How do you know God cares for you? What are the signs of God’s love and protection? Finding proof that God cares about you can be as simple as looking up at the starry night sky, or as complicated as studying the book of Revelation for signs of Jesus Christ.

When I lived in Africa I visited the island of Zanzibar, Tanzania for a week-long vacation. The beaches were incredible; at night, the stars were as plentiful as the sand on the shore. They touched the ocean on the horizon. I’d never seen stars touch the water before! The sky was black, the stars were bright, and the island was peaceful. Was this proof God cares about me? Probably not. But the starry night sky and sleepy ocean was proof of His existence, which is all I needed.

You’re looking for proof God cares about you, and you’re not alone. What to Remember When You Feel Like No One Cares is one of my most popular articles here on She Blossoms. At one point or another, we all feel like nobody cares about us — even when we’re surrounded by loving family, friends, and even coworkers. It’s part of being human…but it’s just one small part. There’s a bigger, better part that is waiting to be explored.

Sometimes we find proof God cares about us in our past experiences. We look at the times we stumbled but didn’t fall, spent time with sick people but didn’t catch the virus, had sex but didn’t get pregnant, cheated but didn’t get caught. We remember our near-misses, almost-fatalities, and close-calls…and we see proof God cares.

But we don’t often look for proof that God cares about us in what we didn’t experience. We have no idea how many near-misses, almost-fatalities, and close-calls God saved us from! I’ve twice hit the ditch on snowy Saskatchewan roads, and never once got hurt. I’ve flown in at least 100 airplanes and never crashed (though I did upchuck once, flying from New York City to Edmonton).

You, too, have experienced more near-misses, almost-fatalities, and close-calls than you’ll ever know. God was taking care of you in each of them. He’s just too modest to take the credit.

Proof God Cares About You

This blog post is part of my She Blossoms Through the Bible project; I’m writing an article for every chapter in every book of Scripture. I started with Genesis, writing articles such as Proof That You Matter to God – Genesis 6 and 3 Signs God Hasn’t Forgotten You – Genesis 35.

Today as I was reflecting on Exodus 23 I realized that God didn’t just hand out laws to force the Israelites to obey Him. He was actually proving His love by showing them how to be holy, set apart, healthy men and women of faith. God wanted His people to be safe, happy, prosperous and numerous. The laws and commandments in Exodus were His way of keeping His children safe. God’s laws for ancient Israelites may not apply to us today, but they do teach us about His character and nature. And that in itself is proof God cares about us.

1. God called you out of the wilderness

She Blossoms Proof God Cares About You Exodus 23
Proof God Cares About You

Exodus 23 contains laws about honesty, justice, rest, and festivals – which God gave to His chosen people after leading them out of the wilderness of Egypt. He also shares promises such as “I am going to send an angel before you to protect you on the ay and bring you to the place I have prepared” in verse 20. God warns His people, too: “You must not bow down to other gods or worship them. Do not imitate their practices. Instead, demolish them and smash their sacred pillars to pieces” (verse 24). God gave the ancient Israelites these instructions and laws because He wanted them to live healthy, happy, safe lives. He wanted each person to prosper, to live in freedom, and to experience life with Him. The laws, ordinances and instructions were proof God cared about the Israelites.

What do you think about God’s call on your life — is it proof He cares about you? Some believers think God’s “rules for living” aren’t proof that He actually cares. They don’t see Jesus as God’s living proof of love, forgiveness, grace, compassion and freedom. Some Christians don’t take time or create conditions that strengthen their relationship with God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit. Thus they don’t have proof God cares, feel loved by Jesus, or follow the guidance of the Spirit. Consider the idea that God’s word in the Bible — and His call on your life — is in itself proof He cares about you. What do you think about this?

2. God protects you in ways you do not know

In some ways the ancient Israelites had it easy! God clearly assured Moses that He was leading the way, protecting His people, and bringing them through the wilderness. “I will cause the people ahead of you to feel terror and throw into confusion all the nations you come to. I will make all your enemies turn their backs to you in retreat.” – Exodus 23:27-28. God protected His children by dealing with their enemies before the Israelites even saw them. Sometimes the Israelites didn’t even have to fight. They simply relied on God. They stood still while God did the fighting for them. Other times, the Israelites had to fight hard! In both the fighting and the standing still, God was protecting them.

How has God protected you in the past? This is proof God cares about you: He saved you from big and little catastrophes, diseases, experiences, and even horrors in your life. He has protected you in ways you know well…and God has protected you in ways you know naught of. By showing you how He interacts with His Hebrew children in the Old Testament, He is telling you how He interacts with you today. God is trying to build a relationship with you by revealing who He is in Scripture. He is showing Himself through other Jesus followers, church sermons, Christian books, Mother Nature, and even this She Blossoms article. If you don’t believe He loves you enough to protect you (much less prove He cares about you!), read 3 Simple Ways to Love God When You Don’t Feel His Presence – Exodus 8.

3. Jesus did the most important thing for you

“I am going to send you an angel before you to protect you on the way and bring you to the place I have prepared,” God told Moses in Exodus 23:20-21. “Be attentive to him and listen to his voice. Do not defy him, because he will not forgive your acts of rebellion, for My name is in him.” Who doesn’t want a guardian angel to lead the way, protect us, and bring us home? Who would be foolish enough to ignore God’s clear instructions? “Us — you and me” is the answer to both those questions. We want a guardian angel to lead the way, protect us, and bring us home. And we too are foolish enough to ignore God’s clear instructions…just like the Israelites did in the Old Testament. That’s why God sent prophets such as Isaiah, Jeremiah, Amos and Obadiah.

What is the most important thing God has done for you? Think about this for awhile. There is a right answer; you’ll find a clue in Exodus 23:20. If you’re serious about finding proof God cares about you, take time to look for the truth about Jesus. Invite the Holy Spirit into your conversations with God, about God, for God. Ask Him for signs, tips, ideas and answers. Pray for guidance. Above all, praise God for every breath you take! He has given you life in all its forms. He is giving you breath, sustaining your heart, lungs, and brain. The Holy Spirit brought you here — and He is the one who prompted you to search for proof that God cares about you.

Jesus is walking with you. He is inviting you to keep looking for signs and wonders, to keep growing forward in your faith. He is beside you…and He has gone ahead to prepare a place for you.

With His love,


P.S. If you don’t trust that God really cares about you, read Is God Punishing You for Something You Did?


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