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How to Deal With Guilt and Grief After Rehoming Your Dog

Deciding to rehome a dog – or give your pet away – is one of the hardest decisions you’ll ever make. Here, you’ll find no judgment or criticism; only understanding and compassion. I know the guilt and grief of rehoming a dog. The decision is agonizing, and you may feel like you’ll never find peace.

These tips for dealing with guilty feelings after you rehome your dog – or while you’re deciding if you should give your dog away – will help you grieve and heal. You’ll see you’re not alone. If you scroll down to the comments section, you’ll see hundreds of comments from dog owners who shared their experience. Writing about what it’s like to make this decision can help you heal. Some dog owners write a little letter to their pet, others simply share their experience.

There are no “no size fits all” tips for dealing with the grief and guilt of rehoming your dog. But, it’s important to know that dogs are survivors! Your dog is lovable and adaptable, and will adjust to a new home so quickly that you may even feel offended.

I know that dogs quickly adjust to moving a new home because I adopted another dog several months after we rehomed our big black Lab German Shepherd cross. We couldn’t handle the big dog, and adopted a little white toy Poodle Bichon cross. Her name is Tiffy and she was three years old when we adopted her. Her previous owner was devastated that she had to give her dog away, and I was both happy and sad to tell her that Tiffy had completely made herself at home in our house within three days. Dogs are survivors, they live in the moment, and they quickly adjust to new environments.

While you’re reading through my tips on how to deal with the guilt and grief of rehoming a dog, hold on to the idea that your dog is fine….and maybe even happier than he’s ever been. Perhaps he’s playing with other dogs in the yard, chasing squirrels, or curled up in front of a warm fireplace. Your dog is fine! It’s you who needs to deal with the guilt and grief rehoming your beloved furry friend.

One of my most popular articles about dogs is How to Decide if You Should Give Your Dog Away. I wrote it because I had to rehome a dog called Jazz – she was a 77 pound black Lab German Shepherd cross. Since then, I adopted two new dogs: Tiffy (the wee white one in the picture) and Georgie (a the black and white terrier you’ll meet later).

How to Cope With Rehoming a Dog
Tiffy, my third adopted dog

The good news is that rehomed and adopted dogs adjust quickly to their new environments. Dogs adapt because they live in the moment, and they’re survivors. Rehoming a dog is more painful for dog owners than the dogs themselves – though I have no doubt that our dogs miss us! I don’t think they dwell on their loss, and they definitely don’t have to learn how to deal with their adoption.

The bad news is that the pain, guilt, and grief you feel about rehoming your dog won’t easily go away. The truth is that even though I may sound like I had no problem giving my dog Jazz away, I still feel terrible whenever I think about that day. We took our dog back to the SPCA, and both my husband and I wept like our hearts were breaking. Because our hearts were breaking.

The other bit of bad news is that the grief and guilt of giving a dog away doesn’t just disappear – even after you read my tips on how to deal with this type of pet loss.

How to Cope With Rehoming Your Dog

If you’re overwhelmed with guilt, you may find How to Deal With Guilt After the Loss of Your Beloved Dog helpful. Pay particular attention to the readers’ comments, because you’ll see that you are not alone. Our dogs are so important to us and we love them so much…and causing them any pain is incredibly difficult for us to resolve. Rehoming a dog is traumatic, and I want you to be gentle with yourself.

1. Write a letter to the dog you gave away

Take time to say goodbye to your dog. Allow yourself to grieve your loss and work through the guilt you feel about adopting your dog to a new home. Face those ugly feelings of shame and guilt – don’t push them down, or they will overwhelm you in the future. You need to process the pain of giving a dog away, or it will eat you alive.

One of the best tips on how to deal with rehoming a dog is to write him or her a letter. Tell your dog how much you love him or her, how sorry you are, and why you did it. Weep. Put your head on the paper and bawl like a little kid. Tell your dog exactly how you feel.

Read through the comments below – you’ll find several letters written by dog guardians who had to give their dogs away. You can write your letter here in the comments section, or in your own journal.

Wherever you write it and however long it is, be honest with your dog. Just let yourself be a kid talking to his dog.

2. Read the letter my adopted dog Tiffy wrote to her previous owner

Here’s a letter my newly-adopted dog Tiffy wrote to her previous owner. Learning how quickly and firmly this little dog adapted to our home will help you see that rehoming a dog is often more painful for humans than dogs. You may be surprised to learn how adaptable and resilient our dogs are.

Dear Old Ma,

I miss you, but I am very happy and glad to be in my new home! I get lots of love and attention here. My new Mama and Papa don’t have human kids to take care of, so I get all their attention. I have a Big Sister called Georgie, who is a dog like me. She’s bigger, but not nearly as smart as me. But she is showing me how to run and jump and play.

How to Deal With Rehoming a Dog
Tiffy and Georgie – How to Deal With Rehoming a Dog

You should see me now – I’m so fast, racing through the forest like a speeding bullet! I run and sniff and get to follow all sorts of exciting new paths that take me on fun adventures. I chase squirrels and raccoons and birds – but they’re too fast for me. I don’t care, I just am so happy to run around after them. I feel big and brave in my new home, and when I bark I am even bigger and braver!

I’ve met all my Big Sister’s friends – she has so many friends, and they all fell in love with me as soon as they saw me. They’re called Nico, Shore, Benji, Hunter, Ivy, Bumpy, Senna, Kyla, Ruff, Diablo, and Smokey. See how many new friends I have? They think I’m cute, and the big ones finally stopped stepping on me (it took them awhile to remember how itty bitty I am).

My Big Sister Georgie taught me how to work the thing called “Kong” that gives us yummy treats. Did you know I get homemade chicken soup every day, for breakfast and dinner? And most nights I watch Papa Bear cook steaks or chicken or pork chops on the bbq. Sometimes he drops pieces of meat, and they are more delicious than anything I ever tasted.

Mama Bear always makes sure I have real chicken and crunchy bits to eat with my chicken soup meals. I love it so much, I lick the bowl clean every meal! Sometimes I chew on soup bones, because Mama and Papa say it’s good for my teeth. I don’t know anything about that – I just love the way the bones taste!

Even though I am a happy dog in my new home, I remember you in my dreams. I have a special place in my heart for you, and when I dream of where I was before I came here, I remember how good it felt to be held and hugged and kissed by you. You will always be in my heart and soul, and I will always love you.



If you rehomed your dog a few months (or even years) ago and you still feel guilty, read How to Cope When the Past Keeps Returning to Haunt You.

3. Know that your decision has brought happiness to another family

Last night, the person who gave my dog Tiffy to me emailed to say thank you for adopting her. She had to rehome Tiffy because she just couldn’t take care of her anymore. I am so grateful she gave her dog away! And she is so grateful that I was able to adopt her dog and love her fully and completely.

If you feel like you can’t deal with rehoming your dog, take heart. Know that your dog will adapt – and perhaps even be happier with his or her new family. After giving your dog away, you have to believe that the next home will be the right place for him or her. Otherwise, you’ll just keep spinning your wheels in the thick muck of guilt. Believe that your dog and his new guardians are very happy together.

Are you dealing with overwhelming sadness or depression? It’s possible that you haven’t dealt with past grief and trauma. Read How to Recover From Loss and Survive Grief.

4. Be gentle with yourself as you grieve

Ways to Deal With Guilt and Grief After Rehoming Your Dog

Are you beating yourself up for giving your dog away? I sure did, for the longest time. I regretted our decision, and wished I hadn’t rehomed our dog Jazz.

But regret and guilt got me nowhere. If I kept ruminating on my pain and condemning myself for taking our dog back to the SPCA, I wouldn’t have found the strength to write this article. Maybe I had to experience the pain of rehoming a dog so I could help you learn how to deal with pet loss. Maybe we really are all just walking each other home, through the dark late afternoons of our lives.

Trust that giving your dog away was the right thing to do. Have faith that your dog is being well taken care of, and that your souls will meet again one day. Give yourself time and permission to grieve. Rehoming a dog is a painful experience, and you need to allow yourself to process your emotions in healthy ways.

5. Let your dog go

Your current feelings of pain, regret, and guilt are normal — but they will get worse unless you deal with them. You’ll find yourself stuck in a downward spiral of depression and self-loathing! I know, because it happened to me. I was trapped in grief and guilt, and it was hard to pull myself out.

Farewell, Friend: A Gentle Guide to Saying Goodbye to Your Dog

I wrote Farewell, Friend: A Gentle Guide to Saying Goodbye to Your Dog to share how I grieved my dog’s death and let go of my guilt. I even opened my heart and home, and welcomed two new dogs into my life! This ebook will heal your heart, comfort your soul, and lift your spirits.

Each section contains 5 chapters of fresh insights, suggestions, and activities – all focused on helping you let go and heal.

You might also find Are You Tired of Constantly Feeling Guilty? a helpful article.

I hope this article has helped you think differently about giving away your dog, and maybe even eased the pain a little bit. My prayer is that you heal from the pain and grief of giving your dog away.

May healing, self-forgiveness, and peace be yours. You made the best decision you could. Rehoming your dog hurts; give yourself time and patience to work through the guilt, grief and pain.



P.S. Read Are You Tired of Constantly Feeling Guilty? if you’ve been dealing with guilt, grief and shame for years after giving your dog away.


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773 thoughts on “How to Deal With Guilt and Grief After Rehoming Your Dog”

  1. Hi Dream,
    I gave you away yesterday because i dont have stability and a good environment for you right now. I love you and i miss you so much. I felt like we were soulmates. Even if we only been together one month. I miss your presence, your sweet face and cuddles. I just want to hold you, kiss you and hug you again. You are a kind, full of love puppy. I know you are adapting were you are but i just wish i could’ve keep you forever. Im thinking about you, looking at your pictures and feeling sad. I honestly just want to get you back right now but i can’t, you are already far away in a new family. I will always remember you my beautiful Dream, i hope you will be forever happy and loved with your new family.

  2. It’s almost been 2 years since I gave up my rescue terrier, Roo. She was my first ever dog and I gave her up after only 2 weeks. Had I known that puppy depression (depression felt by the human because of the gap between expectation and reality) was a real thing, I may still have her today. At the time, I just couldn’t handle the pressure I was putting on myself. I should have been kinder to myself and not expect anything to go right as a first time dog parent. The time that I got her was a bad timing too, the house was going to be renovated and we had to move for 2 months. I didn’t know about this until the day after I got you. It was just a chaotic time. Now that things have settled down, I can 100% see myself living a happy life with lil Roo, had I not given up.

    Roo was the best dog I could ask for and I feel so sad for giving up so quickly. I still remember how she didn’t look at me when she sensed that she was going back to the shelter. She didn’t hesitate when the staff took her away. She’d been abandoned before and I put her through it again. Giving her up was the worst decision I’ve ever made.

    Dear Roo,

    Do you remember me? I know you’re bringing so much joy to whoever adopted you a week after I left you. I know you’re getting all the belly rubs and enjoying digging in their garden. I know you curl up every night in your human’s bed. I know you get all the treats because you’re always friendly and the best girl. I know you’re having lots of adventures with your human. I know you’re feeling safe and happy.

    I want you to know how much you mean to me and that I love you with all my heart, forever. I’ll never get to see you again but you’ll always have a special place in my heart and I’m going to miss you for a very very long time. The two short weeks that we spent together meant more to me than the past two years without you.

    I’m sorry that I wasn’t strong enough to keep you. I’m sorry that I didn’t try hard enough. I’m sorry for letting my head win and letting you down.

    I’d never cried for someone as much as I cried for you, on the last day we spent together. I find myself going on the shelter’s website, just in case you’re brought back. If I ever see you on there, I’ll come and get you in a heartbeat.

    I love you, Roo. Forever and ever.

  3. Dear Luna

    I know you’re with a family who suits you better. Where you have dog siblings who actually play with you, to keep you company all day.

    I know you’ve felt left out when the cat siblings at our home wanted nothing to do with you and you didn’t understand why. You did nothing wrong you are just a very big pup and the cats are afraid when you start running around. I know you didn’t understand why the cats were allowed to roam around at night while you were crated or why you had to be separated from them even though you just want to play with them or how things fall off around you when you just run past them and why I make you stop running even though the cats are allowed to run.

    But, that is why when we found a new home, a loving family with dogs and children, who wants you so desperately, I knew it was a better home for you.

    If you love something, you set it free. I don’t want to possess you. I want you to be as happy as you can be and it didn’t look like we were going to be able to get you another dog buddy or move to a house with a fenced in yard anytime soon.

    I wanted so bad to keep you and make things right for you. We looked for houses, we really did and I tried to get you to stay calm around the cat siblings so they’ll be comfortable with you and willing to spend time with you. I know there’s more I could’ve done and there’s so much more I wanted to do for you but I had to make the decision when someone so wonderful came along and wanted to make you an active part of their life. I had to say yes for you because it sounds so perfect for you. A big family of dogs, humans, big fenced yard, children. I know you love attention and they have so many more hands on deck than we have. You’d get all the love and more than you need.

    I actually do love you. But that is why I am not letting you settle for less than you deserve. I’m sorry we didn’t deserve you. Be happy and know these people who are there with you now are there to love you forever.

  4. We just gave our 12 year old Yorkie to my in-laws and now I am miserable. We just had our first child in our 40s and the dog was becoming a bit too much to care for with a new baby. We adopted the dog at 6. 6 years, and I never felt like the bond we had built (or I had built with him) would be as strong now that he’s gone. Our long walks, our adventures chasing squirrels and lizards, our moments of rest on the couch, I would shower the dog (in my shower), even gave him his last haircut. We spent thousands on him when he needed his teeth pulled (on vet’s recommendation), whenever he got sick, all his check-ups, his flea pills, shots, all the things a Yorkie needs. I picked up hundreds, if not thousands of bags of dog poo, cleaned up dozens of dog vomits, swore I would never miss it. I miss it badly. I wrote a screenplay about him a couple years ago, and a different short story a few years back. He was my pal and an excellent dog. He would hold his pee for hours if we weren’t at home. But we spent most of our time with him. Let him out to pee or poo many times during the day. I never liked to consider him having to hold it in. His barking fits at skate boards, squirrels, other dogs. He was so obedient with us. He loved to pop his head out the window during car rides. What dog doesn’t. I feel I’ve done something terrible letting him go (even though I know he will have a better home with my mother-in-law). It’s only be a few hours on the first night and I miss him sorely. He used to sleep in a corner of our bedroom. He won’t be there tomorrow when we wake up. I never thought I’d experience this kind of pain over a dog again. The last time was when a car killed my black lab. I was 11. Too many habits I formed over the last 6 years that will no doubt be hard to shake. 😞

  5. My sweet baby Roman,
    When I saw you posted on Craigslist, I knew I had to have you, love you forever, and give you the best life where you would never have to have a new home again. Where you would be spoiled, snuggled, and treated every day without a fear that I would leave you or make you go through the rehoming process again. You were my best friend, there for me when I was sad or crying, or when we could play or snuggle together. I loved your excited bunny hop onto the bed every night when it was time to go to sleep, and I miss sleeping with you every night. I miss telling you good morning and seeing your tail wag like crazy. My apartment is so empty without you. I miss coming home to my best friend and our walks and trips to the dog park. I miss picking you up from the groomer with you so excited and happy to be a fresh clean boy. I miss when you would fall asleep on the couch, exhausted after the dog park, and laying your head on me. I love you so much, and I hope you know I never wanted to leave you or make you go through this again. I wanted to be your forever home. You see babe, my new job doesn’t let me come home for lunch anymore-it’s too far away and the hours are much longer. And my heart absolutely breaks every day when I have to leave you alone all day. No amount of daily walks or trips to the dog park after work can make up for those long hours alone, because I know you would be so much happier with a yard and a brother or sister to play with. I know how much you love to play with other pups. It’s not fair for me to make you be by yourself in an apartment all day when you can have so so much more. Please know babe I would never abandon you-I am leading you to a happier life-your real forever home this time. My heart is absolutely broken, and I cried my eyes out while I gave you to your new mommy and daddy. You didn’t realize what was happening, you were excited and playing with your new mommy and daddy, because that’s how you are after everything you’ve been through-sweet and trusting. It wasn’t until you were in your new car and we started to shut the door that I saw you start to get scared. My poor baby. And I had to walk away, heart broken and defeated. Just know you will always be in my heart, and I’m so sorry I couldn’t give you the life you deserve like I wanted to. I’m sorry I let you down, but you will be so happy with your new sister and mommy and daddy. You won’t have to be alone again, my sweet baby.

  6. Dear Milo,

    Hi buddy.
    I am writing you this letter because of the enormous amount of guilt and sadness I am feeling right now. It’s eating me alive. Please forgive me, baby dog. I remember when I saw your picture online- I saw how adorable you looked and decided I needed to go and get you right away. I drove so fast to go and get you. I fell in love right away- you were my dog. You are such an amazing dog. I was so happy and excited to have a dog of my own to take care of. You settled in right away in my apartment and learned where everything was. You are so smart too! You knew sit and stay so well when I got you!

    But Milo, I couldn’t bear to let you keep being so upset when I would go to work. It pained me to see you barking and crying while I was gone, and it scared me to death when you started ripping the carpet and the door trying to get out. Putting you in a crate scared me more because you were even more upset. I couldn’t let you live like that anymore. I just couldn’t. I had tried all forms of comfort, training, and medication for you, and nothing seemed to help at all. I love you too much to make you live like that. The vet behaviorist said it would be at least a month to get you in. I felt more and more hopeless with every turn. I was so afraid for you. I tried everything I could with you, and it made me so upset because the fact that I live far from my parents and my weird work hours meant I didn’t have family in the area to take care of you or doggy daycare as an option. The vet was even having trouble coming up with options.

    I contacted a rescue that I thought could help but they said it would be a long time and they might not even have space for you. I was desperately afraid that you were going to hurt yourself even more in the meantime, something very serious. I considered getting you a very heavy duty cage but that felt so wrong. I didn’t want you to have to be in there all the time. I couldn’t let you be in danger anymore. I was literally making myself sick thinking about you at home alone every day. I was upset every day for you. I felt so horrible I couldn’t give you what you needed. I thought I could but I couldn’t let you have that life anymore. I contacted the shelter I picked you up from, and they said that they could take you. I feel so guilty saying I felt some immediate relief because I knew you would be safe there.

    I had to make the hardest decision I’ve ever made and take you back there. You cried when I left you and that absolutely broke my heart into a billion pieces. I knew you just wanted to go back home with me. I couldn’t look at you. I was crying too when I was there. The nice guy that works there picked you up to make you feel better. There were all kinds of toys and treats there. I donated toys and treats to the shelter, and gave them money. I told the people there that you have separation anxiety and they told me they would tell anyone who came in to look at you. The next day your Petfinder profile was already gone, which I know means you got adopted already. You didn’t have to stay in the shelter longer than necessary.

    I am hoping and praying so hard that you found the right family and if not, that they will help you find the right one. Someone obviously really wanted you and fell in love with that face like I did. I wish with all my heart that I contacted more rescues or waited longer to try to find you a home myself. That’s something I have to live with but I had to also think of myself too, buddy. The fear and worry were absolutely eating me alive. I know you’d understand, you were with me when I was sad or crying. I knew you wanted to comfort me and be your silly self, flopping your head back to get pets or snorting like a little piglet. You’re so loving and trusting and forgiving, that’s why I know you’re going to be okay. You’re such a good dog. I’m going to miss you every single day. I am endlessly sorry I couldn’t give you what you needed, but I pray that your new family can. I hope they have kids and other dogs for you to play with and snuggle up next to. And maybe a big yard- I know you’d love that. I know now that you’re safe and that the new family knows that you have anxiety. Please know that I did absolutely everything I could for you and I wish I could have done more. I love you so much.

  7. Theodore's Mommy & Daddy

    Dear Theodore
    Mommy and Daddy fell in love with you from the moment we saw your picture. As soon as we saw you our felts so warm. Mommy has been crying for about 2 weeks now because only 3 days after we brought you home, daddy’s job got relocated. We both work full time baby, and it breaks our hearts to leave you alone for 8+ hours. Even though you have your own living space and aren’t confined to a crate it breaks our hearts to hear you cry before we leave. We try to give you as much attention when we come home, mommy even cradles you when your sleepy but you deserve so much more baby. Mommy’s good friend isn’t currently working and it will be a few months until she will work so she will be taking you. She is such a gentle soul, and you will be her entire life. She will be patient, and she will love you and more importantly give you the time that you deserve. You are such a sweet boy, and a complete dream come true. The thought of giving you up makes me sick to my stomach but I can’t be selfish. On the positive side, Mommy will be able to visit you any time she wants, and when your new mommy goes on vacation .. your old mommy and daddy will be taking care of you. All my love and prayers are with you Theodore. All I want is for you to have the best life ever. Thank you for coming into my life Theo, you have changed me forever. I will never forgive myself for giving you up and if it means I have to live with guilt for the rest of my life just so you can be happy then I will happily do it.
    We love you my sweet boy, and I will never forget you. You will always be mommmys big sucky baby and I will never ever forget you.
    Love you always baby
    Mommy & Daddy

  8. Dear Cruz,

    I knew when I first saw your picture on the adoption’s web page that you were the one. You were everything I ever wanted in a companion and I couldn’t wait to be the best dog mom anyone had ever seen. I was going to adore you, spoil you and even take you on those mini, weekend-long vacations to Palm Springs that I loved so much. You were going to be my world and I simply couldn’t wait.

    I know we were only in each other’s lives for about two weeks, but being your mommy and having your love changed me forever. I also want you to know how sorry I am for making the difficult decision that I did a couple of night ago.

    Last week Mommy’s doctor told her that she was severely allergic to your cute little everything and was given exactly two options: (1) re-home you to a family that would worship you the way I did or (2) make you an “outside dog” and ban you from most of the house, especially mommy’s bedroom. As you can imagine, neither of those were going to work for mommy or daddy so we had to put your best interest(s) ahead of our own. Cruzy, I simply couldn’t see myself having to keep you at arm’s length, never being able to cuddle with you on the couch our snuggle up all nice and warm in our big, comfy bed. You deserve more kisses and cuddles than you can handle. You deserve to race happily across a nicely carpeted living room or backyard, tossing your squeaky piggy up into the air and grunting with delight. That’s why mommy did what she did. It hurt like crazy, but I would feel that sadness for a hundred years if that meant you got to play with new doggy friends, bark at squirrels and nap- on your back- in your favorite corner of the couch.

    Mommy and daddy love you, Cruzy, and will never forget you. You let us live our dream for two glorious weeks and we’ll always smile when we think of you. We want you to be a good boy, mind your new mommy (and/ or daddy) and be the best curly haired, terrier/ chihuahua mix. Go forth and play.

    Love always,
    Mommy and Daddy

  9. To my darling Asuna and Kirito
    You have both been the loveist dogs I could ever imagine and please no that it was not my fault or idea to rehome the both of you, Kirito my little boy you remind me so much of your daddy Levi, the little boy that loves cuddles and food. From the moment you were born on my bed was the best time and I kept you for 3 years I so wish I could have kept you, allowing the dog Warden to take you was the most heartbroken thing I’ve ever done. I hope your happy and that you find your ever home be good my baby boy. My beautiful girl asuna from the moment I picked you up and took you home I was so happy again I’m so sorry I couldn’t keep you, I no the new home you have gone to your doing fine and made another family very happy although I’m sad please no I never wanted any of you to go it’s only been a week and my heart is hurting when I think of you both, please be a good girl. I have your dog tags on my keyring and will treasure them all my life.

    Love you both forever

  10. Dear Sammy,

    You have been the best dog ever. I still remember the day we got you 6 years ago even tho I was only 8 years old. You were so tiny and were so scared you would cry ever time we weren’t near you. I miss you so much baby boy. My heart hurts so bad. I’m so sorry they are doing this to you. If it were just me and you I would never EVER give you away but i understand their reasons why. You have severe territorial anxiety and freak out anytime you see someone on our front yard. We have already been sued and if we got sued again we would lose everything. I’ll miss you more and more everyday. The lady said we could visit you anytime we wanted. I know you are going to have a better life out there. You’ll get to run wild and be free instead of staying inside all day because we can’t trust you to be outside. I pray your happy in your new home and you don’t feel abandoned. I’m gonna miss coming home to you. I love you prince,

    Emma (your favorite)

  11. Dear Max…I love you soooooo much since the day you was born. I pointed you out. I told my son “I want him”. I waited for you until you was 3 months and I tried so hard training you and trying to get you familiar with our cat chucky. But then something happened. I felt guilty leaving you for so many hours. I was overwhelmed at times, trying to take care of you and getting myself ready for work and then coming home tired knowing that I have to tend to you, sacrificing my own rest and health. So I begged for my son to take you back and for 2 months I did that knowing that the longer you stay the more attached I will get. When I finally decided that I may have to rehome you with a long time family acquaintance, It was to late. I became so attached to you that the decision became to hard. But I held to my promise for you to meet your new person, I was asked if you can stay overnight to try bond. And since I trusted this person, I allowed it. Not knowing that the very next day when I made up my mind to make whatever sacrifice to keep you, that I would not see you again. Oh max. I know how much you loved me but I did not abandon you. The new person decided that they loved you and will not return you to me. I am so sorry, as much as I know that you’re ok. I am heartbroken and I pray everyday that We’ll meet again…your mom forever!

  12. Norman,

    I haven’t had to give you over to your new humans yet, but that thought haunts me nearly all day. I know it will be much harder on me than you though. I’m sorry for not being able to give you your best life and not seeing our journey through til the end. I have to force myself to think that you’ll be better off, though deep now I know for certain you are. I love you so much, I don’t care how annoying you ever were, I still love you the same as the first day. I’m sorry for whenever I may have been mean towards you, yelled at you or took you for granted. Now I just wish we had more time. I’m sorry time to play with you and give you attention slipped away when Charlotte and Harper came along. And you were so great with them by the way, especially Charlotte when she’d chase you and make you let her hug you. You were a great little brother to Lucy right from the start too. I’m sorry you two can’t stay together, I hope you both can somehow understand. Your mom will miss you too even though she might not act like it now, she really wanted you the most, but life changes, she still loves you. I’m praying that you never have to change families again, that you’ll be able to play more, have more treats, more toys, and get all the cuddles you deserve. I’m hoping they let me stay in touch, I just want and need to know you’re always safe. I wish I could tell how you really feel, if you were glad you’ve been with us or not, if you’re going to miss us, and if there is any way that little brain of yours will remember us. I don’t know how else to say I’m sorry, but I think you’ll for sure be a lot happier and not have to act out for attention. We will all miss you, me probably the most. Thank you for being part of my life, and even though you won’t be here, you’ll always be in my thoughts and heart. So let’s just prepare to say our goodbyes and be strong. And if we never see each other after this, I hope that rainbow bridge is for real and I see you on the other side. I love you Norman and always will. -Dad

  13. Dear Colt,

    I’m writing you this letter because of the tremendous amount of guilt that is weighing me down. Thank you so much for spending these past few montha together with my family. You were so loyal to our family yet we had to let you go. Your worst fear come true. You were diagnosed were severe seperation anxiety. When we were with you everything was absolutely amazing. Thank you for sleeping at the foot of my 5 year old daughter’s bed every night. Watching over her and protecting her. Remember the night I pretended to be Santa Claus and rang jingle bells outside her window and you barked loud enough to wake the neighbors haha. You were the most amazing friend a man could ask for. You never did anything wrong but loved us…too much. You would hurt yourself every time we had to leave you alone. We could not bare the pain any longer. Seeing you suffer from the anxiety ripped our hearts out and we had to make a decision. We tried everything we could and spent $1000’s to try and help you. Our stress grew everyday. I feel so guilty leaving you at the shelter I can only imagine the pain you are going through. I love you my amazing bo bo. Its been tough trying to let you go my man. I pray someone finds you and can give more effort than we could to try and fix your problem. I feel like I let you down and it makes me sick to my stomach. I had to do what was best for Mom and Jen. We love you and will hope to see you on the other side. Love Dad

  14. My dear Cayde
    You are the perfect dog, intelligent, gorgeous, and playful. For 5 weeks you made our house your home and became part of our family. Mummy and Daddy couldn’t get enough of that gorgeous face. You were so clever and picked up training quickly. With your 4 human brothers and sister, mummy and daddy struggled to give you all the attention you needed and we are so sorry for that. You were very nippy and bity but you are teething and we tried to be OK with that.
    It all happened so quickly, between work and medical issues mummy and I made the decision that may have to let you go. Within an hour your new mummy had arrived and wanted to take you there and then. I balled my eyes out instantly. As soon as you left I begged her to let you come back but was too late. I am so so sorry my gorgeous little girl. Daddy will always love you and cherish every minute we had together. Thank you for making our lives better. We miss you so much.
    Daddy will be making special journeys to the park near your new home to try and bump into you.
    Love forever and always

  15. Benji,

    I’ve loved you the first day that I saw you. You look just like Benji from the movie and that is where you got your name. You have such a beautiful shade of hair (red/golden) and have the cutest tail that curls and wiggles when you are happy. 🙂 When I got you, you had the chance to roam approx. 30 acres with cows, 2 other dogs and a cat. You were always meant to be an indoor dog, however, that was how it ended up being. I’ve felt bad that you were stuck outside, but glad that you weren’t by yourself. You have always had this most calm and cheerful personality. Everytime you saw one of us you would get so excited! You like to play wrestle with both Max and Buster outside, then chase the cows…especially checking and chasing the new calves.
    When new neighbors moved in or your other neighbors you latched on and always wanted to be over there because it was all new and exciting. Unfortunately, I did not take the time to play with you myself like I should and wasn’t home much. For that I am so sorry. I have always intended that one day I would take you to a new place where I could have you as indoor and spend more time with you. These last couple of month’s, there was work going on part of our property and you fell in love with the crew and a dog down the road. At first you would stay HRs to play and then come home when the crew left for the day. However, that started to change. When the crew moved locations you and Max would follow them. Max would come home, but you would get stuck there and I would immediately go look for you and get you. Then Max and you kept going over to your new friends house and wouldn’t come back. I went and had to get you each time because I LOVED you and wanted to make sure you were safe and know where home was. You were always happy or seemed to me when I would pick you up. Me and my parents started to have to lock you up and get on to you to try teaching you, however you just kept finding ways to escape. The reason we had to do this is because our yard had NO fence to keep you protected and not to be able to roam freely. I felt bad every time this happened, but I was only trying to train you not to leave the property. I should of did a better job when you were little & actually played with you. I also should have found a way to keep you from roaming. This is all my fault. After about a week of trying to train you, you got better so we didn’t have to lock you up. Then you went to see your friends again on a Thurs. morning and never came home that night. I got home really really late (approx. 9:30pm) and was afraid that I would make your friend’s fur mamma upset by coming to late so I decided to go in the morning. Friday I went to find you but I didn’t see you and I only whispered your name because it was around 6am and you didn’t hear me I NOW wish I would have shouted your name because you probably would have heard and came..but my plans were to get my mom to run down and get you when she woke up. Around 9am my mom called to tell me that you weren’t home still and that the Crew started back up again and you probably were with them. They had left and would come get your when they got back from town. There was a Big storm that was suppose to come in the evening and my parents went looking for you but they couldn’t find you. That day, I was full of anxiety and worried (we all were). I had people praying that I find you and I went looking for you Friday night and ALL day Sat., I’ve posted a Missing fur baby report online and sent out your pictures for people to let me find you. I prayed to God to let me find you and that you were safe!

    I finally get a call Sat. night from one of the crew members and they had taken you home because they thought you were someone’s fur baby and didn’t want you hurt. You had followed the crew members through several pastures and even across a busy highway. Chris and his family took the BEST care of you! You were only missing from me for 24 Hrs, but I had a strong feeling you were with the crew when they were there and that’s why you weren’t home but I still searched everywhere that I could think of. I’m so happy that this crew member is a dog lover and took you home so that you could be safe. Your were even given a nice batch since you were dirty with mud.

    GOD answered our prayers!

    My parent’s were happy too because we were all 3 worried about you and wanted to know where you were. Chris (Crew member) and me made plans to get you on Sunday evening at 7:00pm because he works night shift down the road on a job at the moment. Chris told me that you were playing with his dogs & was doing really good. I shopped and got a baby/pet gate to try keeping you safe, bought you new toys and treats, collar with my contact # on it. I (& my parents) was so overjoyed to be getting you back that night and I was dead set and hiring a trainer to see if I could get help on training and making better life for you, but until that time, I just knew that we were going to have to lock you up or something for safety. Sunday when I went to get you, you did not see at all excited to see mom and me. I brought you in the house but you just did not seem happy and you kept wanting to sit by the front door that is out on the mudroom and when you did get to play, Max and you got in a little fight and you seemed afraid to play anymore. I was just heartbroken and felt sad for you. You did get OVERLY excited when I gave you treats. I got to hold you on my lap for a bit until you wanted to get down and you went to lay underneath the table. This was very very unusual behavor and I couldn’t understand what was wrong. We’ve let you come inside the house before and you have always LOVED coming inside.. You never even marked your territory in the house but this night you did several times. I simply thought that you did not wanna be home and maybe you just weren’t happy anymore. My mom wanted me to hold off a few days, but I ALWAYS act on emotions and did NOT go to God first and seek His advise and will be done for you. She took you out to restroom and we thought you started to run away(but we aren’t sure). I called Chris and asked him if they would want you ONLY because Chris made it sound like he enjoyed you and that you were enjoying yourself in that short time span you were missed. I wanted you to be happy and safe most of all. So Chris and has wife immediately got excited and said YES. My heart and my moms heart said NO NO NO! But we felt bad for you and wasn’t sure how to make things work. So at approx 9:pm I dropped you back off to your new parents. They appeared to be happy and sounded like they would be good parents to you. After talking to them and leaving you, I felt like it was the right decision for YOU! You would have 4 fur dog sibling & a few fur cat siblings. You would be able to LIVE indoors and they admitted that they had already let you sleep with someone in the bed when you stayed those nights. Chris and his wife also mentioned that you would have a fence yard to play in that would keep you safe. They do not have any kids & said that ya’ll are their children! Also, his Mother in Law lived with them and would likely be home alot so none of ya’ll have to be home alone for too long. Last thing that I liked to hear was that when they first took you home when you were missing, and before they knew your name…Chris wanted to call you a Benji for the exact reason that we did! So I gave you a kiss and said goodbye to you. I went home and cried / 2nd guessed this decision until this very second and STILL crying about it. I will admit that I got a little crazy and went to get you at 450am that morning and take you back…then I made myself turn around because I didn’t know what to do. I WANT you and never wanted you to go but didn’t want to be SELFISH and wanted more than anything for you to be happy and safe.

    I’m sorry Benji for NOT doing a better job at training you, playing with you more (Your grandmother played with you more than I did). Sorry for not asking GOD about where He wanted you to be. Can you please forgive me for giving you up?! I pray & Trust that you are very happy / playing. Chris and his family said that they will keep me posted on how you are doing and that they would send me pictures. I can’t wait to see a picture of you so that I can see how HAPPY you are. I’ve told Chris to let me know that if it does NOT work out for whatever reason, to let me know because I WANT YOU BACK. 🙂 I’ve also prayed and asked GOD to please put you in the home that He wants for you and that if you are meant to be with me, that He will make that happen. Your grandmother has been asking that as well. We are going to have to trust God regarding this!

    I love you & miss you my fur baby Benji,
    Maranda (Your mom!) and your grandmother, granddad, Max, Buster will miss you too!

    P.S. (Max has already been looking down the driveway for you aka partner in crime)

  16. I adopted a dog from a rescue shelter. After 2 weeks I admitted to myself it was a mistake and made the decision to return him. Problem is I totally fell in love with the little guy and now I’m racked with guilt.
    I work 10 to 14 hours a day. I thought I could make it work but found myself worrying about leaving him alone that long. It became a distraction from my work. I even rushed home every day at lunch to check on him. A 30 mile round trip drive.
    I’ve decided that I’ll never adopt again rather than disappoint another poor animal with that kind of rejection.
    In the meantime my memories of our short time together makes my heart ache.
    My only consolation is that he’s so cute and such a good dog he’ll easily get rehomed. I hope they love him as much as I do.

  17. Dear Mylo,

    I love you so much. I remember the very first day we brought you home, you were a tiny little thing. I remember the very first night you slept in bed with daddy and I, I woke up every two hours just to check if you were comfortable. It’s been 5 months since we brought you home. You grew into a big boy, it was a little hard training you, but you did good. But when we would leave you home alone at times, you got really nervous and would destroy things and stress poop throughout the house. Mommy was patient with you and understood, but daddy had a harder time dealing with it. I never thought of rejoining you, nor planned on it. But one day daddy knew we couldn’t do it anymore, we were to busy to be with you all the time and it wasn’t fair to you for you to be home alone. Mommy was heart broken but logically I knew you deserved to be happy and have a companion fur sibling, and a great big yard. So mommy searched and searched until she found the perfect home for you. I hope you live it there. Mommy can’t stop crying but I know you will be happy. You have fur siblings to play with everyday and a big land to run around in. I love you papa, I hope one day we meet again.

  18. Dear Mili, Bobi, Beyi and Adik2.

    Thanks to God for lending me the most precious creature in my life although its just for a while. Mili the mother dog ( Telomian breed, 2 years old). Bobi and Beyi ( Dalmatian mix Telomian breed, 10 months old). Adik2 (5 puppies with the same name and mixed breed because I am ready -i thought i am ready 😭- to give them away since they were born.)

    I am sorry for letting all of you go but I know that you will get a better life with your new owner. I am sorry I couldn’t defend all of you because I have no rights in this house. It’s hard for me to get through this because all of the things here remind me of you. I can’t even look at your old leashes and I can’t lie I do admit that I miss all of you so damn much.

    The new owner told me that you are happy and doing your job well guarding the orchard so I guess I should be happy too. But when I am alone, I can’t stop myself from thinking about you. I even wanna hurt myself because of the guilt of giving you away. I am truly sorry for what I have done. If I get a new home and live alone I am sure that all of you still here with me but I am such a failure and can’t make it happen in a short period. I am sorry for being a useless mother😔.

    I’m not gonna get a new dog I guess… let it be a beautiful memory in my fucking miserable life. Once again, I love all of you so much and I am sorry. Wish we could meet in the afterlife. Thanks for all the joy that you brought to me and lightened me up when my life was in a darkest moments. Thank you.


  19. My sweetest Moose,

    Ever since the day we picked you up, you were my baby boy. You followed me every where and I knew very early on that you had chosen me as your person. You have been through a lot in your short 2.5 years of life and I am so sorry I was unable to provide you with more stability in your first year. I know I have failed you. Moving you from place to place, you never had a chance to settle in and then adding your little brother to the mixture did not do us any favors. We thought the two of you would bond and do so well together and you gave it your best effort. I know that. I know Jax is an annoying little twerp that always disrupts your naps and steals your things. I don’t blame you for your aggression, Moosers. As I lay here in bed typing this message, I am wondering what your future will hold. My heart so badly wants to keep you here with me but my mind is telling me I need to let you go. The day you bit your brother and dad was the day everything changed. Your behavior has been in a downward spiral and your dad and I do not know how or have the resources to help you. As I said before Moose, I do not blame you. I blame myself.

    My heart is completely broken. This is the hardest decision I have ever made. I always told myself no one could love you as much as I do but if I let you go, I pray to God someone will love you just as much, if not more. You are and forever will be my baby. Whatever happens from here, no matter what your dad and I decide, we will ALWAYS love you. We want what is best for you. A quiet household where you do not have to guard your resources may make you so much happier.

    I am sure you are also wondering why we are considering surrendering you and not your brother. You see, one day, your dad and I would like to settle down and start a family. I know your aggressive episodes are rare; however, they have been happening more frequently with greater severity. Biting your dad really scared us, Moose. I know you didn’t mean it. I know you were just protecting yourself. But try to understand how different it would be if you bit a baby. I could never forgive you if that happened. Your brother has never shown signs of aggression toward humans. I know it isn’t fair. And I am so sorry. No matter what happens, I am so very very sorry. I love you. More than anything. You gave me purpose.


  20. Hi Laurie,
    My name is Bill and I have three miniature schnauzers that are the center of my universe. Recently, I was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis – also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. In short, I will succumb to it rather shortly. I had hoped to live long enough and healthy enough so I could take care of, or be with them through their lives.

    I started having severe guilt when the pragmatist in me realized this is not going to happen. They will not understand that I did not abandon them. Now, because of the increasing disability, I may have to rehome them because I will not be able to care for them.

    They are all adopted and they will be returned to the rescue where I adopted them. They put their rescues in warm, caring foster homes, and promised me they will not break up the pack. This is the best for them and I have no doubt they will be cared for. But I am drowning in guilt. I have grieved and felt guilt for months after I have had to euthanize my aged dogs, but this is 1000 times worse.

    I’m not looking for an easy, quick emotional cure – there isn’t one. I just need to vent.

  21. Dear Adrian,

    I love you so much. So does Daddy, Rocky, Arya, Meems and PopPop. Please know we tried all that we could, but a special girl like you needs a family where you can be an only child, free from the triggers that cause fights. I know 99% of the time all you wanted was to cuddle and play with Rocky but that 1% of aggression just wasn’t something we could chance, for anyone’s safety. That was what we ultimately had to put first; everybodys safety. Seeing you both in the ER made me sick to my stomach and made me realize your best life wasn’t with us. It kills me not to have you snuggled up with me on the couch tonight, and I know we’ll all hurt for a long time. My shining light is that I know you’ll be so happy soon and spoiled rotten with the lucky family that gets to make you their special little princess. I hope you get kisses and belly rubs every day. I’ll never forget you, Adrian and I’ll never stop loving you.

  22. My sweet little Hannah,
    Although I only had you for one night, you’ve touched my heart so deeply. I can’t stop thinking about you which then starts the uncontrollable tears. I can’t stop seeing your little face. Please know that this decision was not an easy one and God knows this was not your fault. I just pray you’re not wondering what you did wrong – because you did nothing wrong. This is all my fault. I was not ready for another dog, especially a 5 month old. I realized that last night. I thought taking you back today would be easier then having you for a week and then having to say goodbye. I still don’t know if it was. I hope you forgive me. My heart hearts so much, it feels like it’s broken in a million pieces. I know in time it will heal but you will always have a piece of it. You are the sweetest dog I’ve met. Your kisses and hugs will never be forgotten. I just know that deep down in my heart you will have a better home with someone else. I pray that you were adopted today right after I left you and you’re running around happier then ever and after play you’re sleeping on the bed I bought you snoring away like you did last night. I also hope that even though it was a very short time, you don’t forget me. I’m so sorry sweet Hannah – please know my decision was out of love xoxo ox

  23. Mia,
    You were amazing. A dream come true at the most. but it was all my fault and i have to admit it for not taking care of you. Many times they made threats of giving you to someone else but I didn’t believe it until it actually came. I wish I showed you more love and affection, but I can’t dwell on the past for forever. It hurts so much at the moment but i’m trying to be strong for you, the time we’ve spend together was wonderful and I hope your new owners can love you twice the amounts I did

  24. Dear Oakley,
    I’m sorry I’m so very sorry, I’m sorry I failed you and couldn’t give you everything you needed you deserve so much more and that is what I’ve tried to get you , I pray you’ll live a much more happy free life in your new home and surroundings. I will miss you forever I can feel that already. I loved you more then you’ll ever know and letting you go has been the hardest decision I’ve ever made. When I brought you home at 8 weeks I thought we was forever I thought I could handle the demanding life of a husky, I’ve failed you and I cant ever apologise enough I love you I love you I love you im sorry I didnt show I everyday how much I loved you just another reason I pray your new daddy will you deserve it , forever in my heart darlin xxxxxx

  25. Dear Odin,
    If we’d known what was to come, we wouldn’t have brought you into our lives. At the time, adding a second fur-baby to our little family seemed like the right thing to do. Titan would have a brother to play with, and dad and I would have another sweet soul to love. Unfortunately, while I was prepared for the challenges of puppyhood, he was not, and the resentment quickly began to build. I’m so terribly sorry that he didn’t have patience for you. I’m so sorry that he would yell and always expect you to be just like Titan, instead of embracing you for who you were. I’m sorry that mom and dad didn’t stay together, and I’m sorry that I wasn’t always there to give you the affection you craved. It’s been almost 8 months now since you came into our lives, and soon you’ll be back at the shelter because dad doesn’t want to take responsibility for you when he moves away. I’m so sorry, baby. I’m sorry that I can’t take you with me in my RV. I know you have too much energy to live in such a small space. I know you need room to run and play, and I’m sorry that I can’t give you that. I pray that a new family can. I pray that they’ll have all the love and patience in the world, and that they’ll take the time to teach you manners and get through the remaining trials of puppyhood. You are such a beautiful, loving boy, and it breaks my heart so much to imagine you going back there, not understanding why the people you’ve grown attached to aren’t coming back for you. I have to tell myself that you’ll adjust, and that a new family will come along that will be the perfect fit for you. I’m so sorry that family wasn’t us. Be good, sweet boy. You will always have a place in mama’s heart.

  26. Millie,

    I knew from the moment we met, you were not my dog, but I developed a mine set that I was going to make it work, we were going to be best friends. It wasn’t even a day when I started having anxiety and panic attacks realizing I just became an owner of a living creature who I wasn’t even sure of. I’ve grown up around dogs and animals my whole life, but never owned any. I researched, I talked with a trainer and everything, I set up what the schedule was going to be like for us, but the moment your foster mom left, I knew this wasn’t going to work. I was too hastily in this grand notion of what owning a dog would be like, what our life would be like. I had the perfect life mapped out for us. But I quickly realized you were not that dog. I realized you were defensive and aggressive towards people, something your foster mom and I both were not aware off. My life is surrounded by people and family members constantly coming over and I knew I was too afraid to bring you around people. I think the biggest thing was your energy level and not being able to release that. You were not leashed trained at all and it eliminated me being able to take you on long walks and run with you as you got situated in your new home and surroundings. You also don’t play very much so being in the fenced in back yard didn’t allow you to release that energy as well. Which is why I think you started to show aggression and distress. I feel so horrible to give you back to your foster mom, I wanted to make it work. I told everyone about you and that I finally got a dog after wanting one for over 20 years. You are a sweet pup and I loved that you would curl up and sleep with me. I know there is a family out there who can handle you, but I cannot. I knew better than to adopt you and yet I still did. I now know what kind of dog I need as a first time dog owner. I haven’t eaten at all and have been sick to my stomach with guilt knowing I couldn’t try and let you stick around for a while, but I didn’t want my energy effecting your energy, and just new in my heart you were not my dog. I’m embarrassed what people are going to think of me, “she couldn’t even handle a dog for a day.” I cried with pain over the phone with your foster mom and the agency I went with. I cry looking at you. And I will cry when I return you to your foster mom. I will cry when people judge me. But neither of us are good for each other. I’m so sorry Millie, I really am.

  27. Hi my beautiful baby boy mason, I haven’t stopped crying, I truly love you so much. I’m sorry if I ever took you for granted and I’m sorry I didn’t come on your last walk, I think mommy was just trying to stay in bed because she knew if she got up she would just think about what was going to happen that day. I found this page last night where other mummy and daddy’s write to there baby’s and here I am, I’m sitting with your angry bird and broccoli. I’m sorry we had to take you away to the shelter and I’m sorry I couldn’t stop crying on the last day we spent together, you didn’t know what was going on and we should have just been happy spending our last moments with you but it was hard because it was our last moments together. I accidentally stood on one of your squeaky toys today and I paused and got upset because when you were here and I squeaked your toy I’d hear you get up as fast as you could and come see if I was inviting you to play. I really want you to know that We love you so much and we could have kept you around and had you stay with gran but then you wouldn’t understand and me and your dad would visit you a lot but you wouldn’t understand why you weren’t coming home with us. I know you might be sad but we done this for you. this flat is small and I hope the next house you go to has a big garden and other dogs. I read on this online thing where I am writing to you that you will adapt to your new environment and maybe move on more quickly than we’d hope! But I hope you do because I feel so hurt and my heart hurts because I think about you hurting when that is probably not the case, I know your already out playing with the other dogs and that makes me so happy because you loved attention from new people and meeting new dogs and that’s exactly what you are going to get, we gave you your favourite toys but some were left here we were in a rush so if by chance you get homed near us or we get to have contact with your new owners we will definitely get them to you or we will just have to keep a hold of them forever! Mummy and daddy love you so much. It’s the little things that keep triggering me, the little things We’d do for you, we would hear you get excited and pick a toy everytime we walked in the door, it’s weird walking into silence 🙁 this isn’t going to be the only time I write to you mason, I’ll come back every so often to give you the goss and keep you up to date with me and daddy’s life, I know you are going to get rehomed after new year and I hope they keep us updated with pics and stuff but from now to new year you are going to have so much fun playing with the dogs everyday! I think the thing that’s hurting me the most is if you aren’t happy and are missing us 🙁 I just hope your having fun my beautiful baby boy. I love you. We never even got to see your first reaction to snow 🙁 I’m so sorry :((( I know you’ll love the snow! 🙁 my baby boy I love you so much. I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year mason

    1. Dear mason, I found out today that you’ve been having fun with the other dogs and that you’ve settled in just fine, I don’t know if they are just saying that or if you actually have, I know you would be happy with the other dogs but i just worry if when you get put in the cage at night you get sad and start to miss mummy and daddy. I also got told that you go to your home on Friday! I can’t believe mason you’ve got a new family! 🙁 reality is kicking in that you aren’t going to be ours again and it hurts but I know you’ll enjoy this next chapter of your life!😢i hope you get absolutely spoiled with squeaky toys and cuddles! I miss you my boy… all the best for now! I love you mason

  28. 3 days ago I had to surrender my best friend because I couldn’t afford the surgery he needed to save his life. I could either sign over my rights to the city and he would get the surgery and continue to live or I could euthanize him. The grief and guilt I feel imaging him all alone in a shelter. Wondering where his mom is. Why I left him is overwhelming. I haven’t stopped crying and don’t think I will. I miss him so much

  29. I need to vent, really really bad!!! I feel bad for my kids mostly but for myself and my husband.

    I’m going to shorten this story… In April – October, my husband and I had a lot of issues with our dog (English Springer spaniel, 8yrs old) due to behavior, health, plus he bite my youngest and other issues (long story) so we told my husband mom that we are looking to re-home the dog. She said “don’t do that I will take the dog” so the day she is going to pick up the dog is post *photo attached* on her Facebook profile. But I didn’t see until after she took the dog. (To be honest if I saw it before I would have kept the dog) I felt stabbed in the back because I didn’t think that was my mother-in-law and I relationship.

    So that was that then a month later my husband get an email from my mother-in-law stating “I don’t want you, Sheri or your boys(I have 3 boys) at our house because I don’t want the dog to see you.” And I told my husband ok so she is punishing my kids because we know the dog needed a better life and family for his needs. But my husband and I agreed to just ignore it because they don’t watch the kids much as it is.

    So this past Saturday, I get a message from my mother-in-law stating “Hey – what are your plans for Christmas? I was thinking about bringing over a ham on Christmas Eve. Probably just me and your dad. Your brother-in-law has Christmas Eve at wife’s parents house and I am not even asking Sister-in-law about the holidays, she and her boyfriend have been spending all their time at his mom’s house. She can’t or doesn’t want to be alone yet. So anyways it would just be me and your dad” and I found it strange because she didn’t mention what brother-in-law or Sister-in-law were doing on Christmas day, and my husband and I came to the conclusion that my mother-in-law is trying to seclude us from the rest of the family because of the dog issue. So we told them that we made plans to have Xmas Eve with my parents because my aunt can only make it on Eve, and that we normally keep Xmas day open because father-in-law and brother-in-law are electricians and can’t get Eve off.

    So now I don’t know what is going on and I don’t know if I should buy my brother-in-law’s son a gift because it seems we will not be seeing them this Christmas..

    I just hate this because we were trying to do what is best for our dog because we knew/know that we weren’t giving the dog what it needed. So now my kids are going to have a strained relationship with their grandparents because of the dog. Trust me I didn’t want to re-home the dog but with his behavior and him biting my 3 yrs old I felt it was best to re-home with someone who had more patient, time and love and care for the dog…

    I know I’m going to get negative comments but what would you do if your in laws are acting like this??? Would you ask for the dog back??? I just know know what to do because I though we were doing the right thing for the dog and our family…

  30. Tomorrow is the day they come for you my buddy I already feeling the pain. I know you will be okay with your new family. I have second thoughts. I feel like calling them and telling them it’s ok I’m staying with you. Will it be the right decision. I suffer from depression and anxiety and you had help me so much but lately I’ve been struggling more and I feel I’m not giving you the attention you deserve. I’m to depressed to take you to a walk. You are laying right next to me and it’s so painful. I know it’s the right decision but I will feel devastating buddy my big boy I love you so much .

  31. I recently re-homed my 8 month old shitzu
    I am so grief stricken I’ve never felt pain like it
    I even went as far as to ask for him back but made things worse now I have no way of knowing how he is I wanted to stay in his life and I’ve made that impossible
    I don’t know how to stop hurting and regret letting him go

    1. hi…I’ve recently been there. Same feeling of guilt and separation anxiety. the worse part about it was that I told the person I was undecided and he asked if the pup can stay overnight to bond and I trusted him because I’ve been long term friends with his family. The next day he gave me so much problem when I asked for him back. So instead of me fighting, I had to go through the suffering…I wish I never left my dog.

  32. I rehomed my dog three days ago and the guilt is eating me alive but will my dog Severus ever get aquanted to his new family? Because he stays outside and won’t come in the house where he is at now and won’t come to anyone because he is scared, I’m so sorry worried because it’s cold outside so does anyone think he will warm up to his new family, help?

  33. I surrendered my dog at my vets office. 15 minutes later, I came back and told her I changed my mind. My dog was with me for 12 years. They wouldn’t return her. I have spent the last 4 years trying to find her. A blurb was written about her from the place she was taken after 6 months describing her as anxious but good. My heart is broken and I’ll never forgive myself for not fighting to get her back.

  34. My dearest Brocky, I never thought it would come to this, it sure was not supposed to. I had no idea of the trauma of the life you had when we rescued you. We have tried, I know we have both tried to make this work. You let me in, you learned to trust me and humans again. I don’t have what you need, you need more and deserve more. I have learned so much from you and I know taught you so much too. You are so clever, I know your new mum & dad will have so much fun teaching you & playing with you. Please know if I could keep you I would but it’s safest you live where you are the only top dog, that way you can have all the attention. I love you so much, you brought us so many good times, tears, laughter and loyalty. I will miss you forever, I will pray for you everyday that you are happy and healthy. Please I hope you know I loved and adored you, please try to settle into your new home & trust your new mum & dad, I chose them especially for you. They are good humans. Big cuddles Brocky, kisses forever, bubbles forever…god help me…I will miss you so badly!! Love you my boy!! Thankyou for coming into my life, you have made me a better more patient human, I am forever grateful I was able to own you, help you, even for our short time.

  35. My Dukie Pie,

    Youre currently downstairs in your crate with no idea of what’s to come. That soon you will no longer be able to hug me when I come home after a long day, you will no longer be spoiled with cheese and pizza crust. I’m sorry that I let you down. I tried so hard to be a good owner to you and I tried to be patient, but something inside me knew it would never quite work. I’m dreading the day that I say goodbye to you, not sure when it’ll be because they must find you a foster home first. The day I say goodbye to you will be the worst day of my life. Know that I love you will all of my heart. And one of the reasons I’m doing this is because I want you to have a better life than I can give you. You deserve a family who will appreciate every part of you and not get angry at the little things that you can’t help doing. Thank you for always making me feel special, I felt the love in your eyes with every look you gave me. I pray that you will find a home that treats you like the wonderful boy you are and that you will be a million times happier. I will never ever forget you. And I will always, always love you.

    Xoxo AR

  36. Dear Felix,

    You have brought nothing but joy in my life. Whenever I cried you were there with your butt sticking out, telling me to scratch it. You were always free to talk to when none else wanted to listen. I hope your new family treats you well. You may feel cooped up in a small apartment with them but know that they will treat you with love. I hope you forget me for the sake that you don’t grieve over living with me. I know that I will never forget you. You belonged in my heart now my heart has an empty spot with nothing in it. A black void that extends forever. I will grow up and remember you, I will die and remember you. I hoped you enjoyed the years you have lived with our family. I will always miss your cute little barks. As well as your big defensive barks. I love you, and I always will.

    Sincerely Leen

  37. Dearest crow.

    My love to you is endless, and i know you love it here but I feel that I am a little over my head with your needs. And that’s not your fault, it’s mine. Please forgive me as I’m still learning. I’m sorry you’ve had to move so much in your life, I know you love me. And I will let that make me happy, as I know your happier every time you move. Remember that every time you leave someone they are only sending you to place of more happiness and care. As I am now. Ill be sure to move you into a home with another dog that will have more patients then the ones you currently know. she is family the lady I’m sending you to, so I’ll be sure too continue seeing you, so with this new chapter in your life, you’ll be better cared for and still find our relationship to thrive. And as you see me cry, let it be known they are tears of sad farewells, but also of happy begginings fof the both of us.

    Love Sam.

  38. Hello Shih-ca and Chestnut,

    This is the first night that we will no longer hear your cute barks. We are very thankful that you cute girls came into our life.

    Mommy and Daddy want to say sorry that we have to find you a new home. Please know that we really do not want to do it this the soonest. You know that we are moving soon but we don’t want to miss this opportunity of having found good people that will take very good care of you – maybe even better than we have done.

    Just a few hours ago, you girls are still in the comfort of our home. We were able to watch kuya Zach’s basketball game. We all cheered when he made a field goal.

    Then, your new family came to pick you up now…we can feel that you getting uneasy of the new persons hugging you.

    We hope that both of you are comfortable tonight. Shih-ca, you were always a loud snorer while Chestnut you were such a deep sleeper. We also sent you off with your favorite bed – please share, alright girls?

    Our home feels so empty right now but know that we will try our best to be alright. We will really miss you, girls.

    We will never ever forget you, girls. We have tons of photos on Facebook to remember your time with us.

    We will visit you as much as we can while we are still here.

    Love you so much, Shih-ca and Chestnut.

    Love lots,
    Mommy, Daddy, Ate and Kuya

  39. Dear Chuy,
    This is one the most hardest letters I have written. I’m crying as I’m writing it even now. I’m lying in bed thinking this will be the last night of having you in my life and I’m dreading it. On one hand my heart is telling me no, it will work out and then my mind says this is something that should be done. I remember the first day we met, it was a perfect match as I distinctly remember you choosing me ! As you were only 6 weeks old you were the cutest little ball of fur out the litter ! You quickly adapted right into our little family and you loved all the attention we gave you. Sleeping at my feet at night and curling up on the couch with me. Going for walks and even sometimes bikes rides ! But as our family grew and I became pregnant I realized that time was slowly getting harder to spend with you. Once the baby came, I saw that you were not really adapting to her and one time growled at her. I know that you don’t understand that she is only a baby and innocent and I’m sure she holds no ill feelings towards you but this is one thing that cannot be avoided. Also I know that the baby has needed our time so much that we hardly are able to take you for walks and have time to play with you. And with our recent move, I know it has been hard on you adjusting to all these new factors. This decision to rehome you does not mean we love you any less, we will always love you and remember the good and happy times we shared together. Also this is not good bye , it is a see you later. Im confident that your new family of people will love on you and give you the time and attention you so deserve !
    Forever loving you chuy,
    Your momma

  40. My Little Bomber,

    No words can tell how guilty and ashamed I have felt this morning when I have dropped you off at your favourite holiday doggy kennel. I have explained to you that after your holiday there, you might will wonder why someone new is going to pick you up and take you to a new home.
    For years I have tried my best to ignore signs showing that we are unable to give you the happiness you deserve. There were good days and bad ones, but one is for certain: nearly all your life you have spent with patient waiting for us to be back home from work.
    You, me and R have been living our life together balancing between fairly settled and highly anxious times knowing one thing only: we love each other so much!
    We had no clue about how to raise you well and we have tried so many ways to keep all 3 of us happy! It was so very challenging to do that, and I always tried to believe that I am so good at it – with an absolute rubbish consistency!
    Bomber darling, you have always tried your very best to be a good boy. We have lived together for more than 6 years and throughout this time you have always been the same loving, playful and most adorable dog we have ever known!
    I am truly sorry that I could not provide you with all the attention and closeness you deserve. I am certain darling, that your new mummy and daddy will give you everything what your little heart craves for and more!
    Let me send this message out to the Universe – we love you and we keep our precious memories with us forever!

  41. Dear Loki,
    You’re lying next to me in bed right now, as I count down the days until they come to pick you up later this week. The last day I’ll see you, my darling dog; my buddy. The pain of saying goodby to you is unbearable. I remember the day we met, at your foster home; you were 8 weeks old and crawled right into my lap and took a nap. I loved you right away. We brought you home a few weeks later and you were a handful but a truly wonderful one. How I miss our days in Old Town, back when I worked from home and we’d go on 3 walks a day. I loved watching you explore our neighborhood, building up your routine paths, picking favorite spots to stop at and people we said hi to along the way. You were always a little naughty and you drove your dad crazy most of the time, but I loved how peaceful you became around me, rolled up into a little donut on my lap, even as you got bigger. When we moved further away from the city we got a big lot and fenced it in for you, and we built you doggy doors so you could run and explore the woods freely. I like to think you enjoyed our new house with all the wildlife to chase and bark at outside. But we also had a baby and she took a lot of attention from you. Your anxiety, present from the beginning, prevented us from traveling safely with you in the car, and we became busy parents to our human baby and you suffered the loss of our full attention, I am sure. I’m sorry I didn’t prioritize our walks anymore sweet boy. It was hard as a new mom. And I appreciated your patience and sweetness with the baby even though I know you missed me. Then I went to work in an office. Another big upheaval in your life. The house became empty and you didn’t even get to lay at my feet and get cuddles throughout the day. I know that must have been hard. I loved sharing our space with you and snuggling you at night, even when you hogged the bed! I’m so sorry if I made you feel unimportant or secondary to me. I had a lot to handle and you were always so patient. I think back to how your dad complained of your frequent whining… you lost so much in our transitions, how could you not? And then it seemed to get too difficult for you. And you started growling and becoming aggressive with your dad. He didn’t handle it well. He didn’t know how. I’m so sorry my love that I had to choose him over you. You aren’t less, but I struggle with the idea that you might not believe that this truth can coexist with my decision to say goodbye. I have to hope that the next family who has the privilege of your love will be the one who will keep you forever. In the meantime, I am so grateful to our friends at the farm where we boarded you during long vacations. They love you very much too, and will keep you until they can place you in a new home with someone who will love you as you deserve. Perhaps you’ll join the home of one of your doggy friends who also visit the farm – I like to think you’ll have a 4-legged brother or sister who will run and chase you in a big yard until you’re both tired from so much fun. I love you my boy, and I always will.

  42. Dear Bones,

    Tomorrow I’m taking you to live with your new family. This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done and Ive never been more grief stricken. You and I have been together since you were five weeks old and your irresponsible breeder sold you to me when you were far too young and lied to me about your age (and your sex, but I’m actually so happy you’re a girl lol). I stayed up with you all night trying to get you to eat and cleaning up your diarrhea. Your dad and I were newly weds and honestly you really complicated our lives and things were so much harder than I had planned. We’ve had you for almost two years now and I love you more than you’ll ever know. I’m so sorry we couldn’t stay together forever. When I got you I never thought we’d be moving across the country and leaving you behind. I’ve spent months trying to work it out but that would mean bringing you to a climate you’d hate and you’d have to live in a garage. Bringing you would only make me feel better because I’d still get to see you everyday. I’m sorry there were days I took you for granted. I’m sorry there were days I opted to not go on a walk with you. I’m sorry for all the time you had to spend in your crate because we were working long hours. You’ve made me a better person, you’ve developed me in so many ways. I’m truly a better, more patient and compassionate person because I got to take care of you. Thank you for all the night runs, the hikes, the long walks, the laughs and the smiles. Although I found you a truly amazing family I will never forgive myself. I’ll think about you everyday and if I ever get another dog again, I’ll adopt one and it’ll be for you. We love you so much Bones.

    Maybe tomorrow is not a goodbye, but a see you later.

  43. Dear Ruca
    I miss you so much. I always wonder if I did the right thing by you. Rehoming you was the hardest thing I ever had to do in my life. Know I love you and think the world of you and I never hated or blamed you for what happened. I know you were aggressive towards other dogs, but you loved people and were so loving and affectionate with your big brown eyes. Then you were amazing through my pregnancy such a rock when things were going bad. Luckily the baby was born healthy. We brought you home a new baby brother to play with and love. But it was a lot of change I know it was hard. You were so good laying by him helping him roll over. Watching him when he slept such a good gard dog. Then he stared started crawling I dont know if he look like a small dog to you but he touched your food bowl and you attacked him. I’m sorry if I hurt you when pulling you off him and scared you by me screaming but he was only 6 months old he didnt know any better. I’m sorry I couldnt stop him. I tried working with you to be in the room with him and you bit me because I stopped you from bitting him again. I didnt know what else I could do I couldnt keep you two suppurated until he was 5. That was just no life for you. I wanted you to have a full life and your little brother to as well. So I gave you up to a no kill shelter. I called every day to see you were adopted. My prayers were answered you were only in there for 3 day. I hope your happy and living life to the fullest. Your brother is good he has so scars but he still loves dogs. I know he hold no ill well towards you or dogs. Your still my sweet little princess and I love you I’m sorry I couldn’t keep my promise to you that we would be a family for ever. But I hope your happy and healthy and above all else loved as much as I loved you and more.
    Missing you always your mommy nikky.

  44. Dear Zuri,
    I miss you so much. I remember when you were so small that you could fit in my hand and I was actually able to convince my mom to let me keep you. I remember keeping you in a tiny box next to my bed and when I woke up you had climbed in my bed next to me. When you started growing up I was always wondering how big you would get, but you stayed very small with long legs! I miss cuddling with you and having your soft fur under my face. I know you were scared when I saw them put you in the new cage and started meowing. My heart still hurts deeply thinking of that moment. I really miss you and love you…

  45. Hi Gus, I miss you so much. I’m really sorry that I got you in the first place, I should’ve known better. I thought you could be my forever friend in college and it was selfish because I work too much and you got too lonely. I am bawling thinking about how scared you were in the first car ride home to how happy you were in your new house with toys. I remember all the treats I gave you and we played for hours. Today on the ride, you were scared and it hurts my heart deep down to think of you meowing for me, or crying. As time went on I felt so bad and I kept you for longer than I should’ve when you should’ve been happy at another home cuddled up with someone watching mtv. I love you Gus, I hope you find a better couch to scratch. Miss you forever.

  46. Dear Virginia,

    It’s been over twenty years since I hugged you. My mother was ill, and I had to go to college. When I left for school I assumed that you would be a part of our home for good. After my mother told me she couldn’t take care you due to her deteriorating health, I was devastated. I never had a chance to say goodbye. Looking back, I feel like I should have been there for you and my mom. Certainly I could have attended classes and stayed with my best friend. I remember visiting you, to give you some love before saying goodbye for good. I hope that wasn’t a bad decision on my part. I was so distraught I locked my keys in my truck. God I miss you girl. I’d do anything to see my sweet beagle again. Most of this is just me being sad, I know you moved on to adapt to the new family and life. Maybe since you have gone to the rainbow bridge we could meet again. I’m forever grateful for knowing you. Love-Will

  47. Dear Soda

    I’m so sorry. I really do love you, little girl and I hope in the next life I can stay your owner. I adopted you for a very selfish reasons and I’m so sorry for everything. I shouldn’t have gotten a puppy when I knew that even I wouldn’t be safe living with her. I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you from the way she treated you and I’m sorry I wasn’t the owner you deserve. You are a good dog and you deserve all the love and treats and play time in the world. I’ve always had a dog in my life and especially after my Dad I needed the normalcy and companionship. So thank you for that. I hope your new family adores you as much as I do because you deserve so much more than what I can give you now. I will always love you. Hopefully we’ll meet again in the next life, Soda.

  48. To my little Koda,

    I am bringing you back to the shelter in the morning and I really don’t want to. But I know that I have to. You need a home, not an apartment. You need a yard to run around in. You need a family with kids or another dog to give you lots of love and attention, rather than a single girl who is a college student and has mental health issues and can’t take care of you the way that I thought I could. I got you to be my emotional support animal, which in the end, you really did become. Every time I cried you came over and licked my face and tried to play. But I wasn’t able to give you the attention you needed, or to help you get the energy out. And I could see that the energy would end up turning into aggression, especially with you being in my room most of the time, other than when we went for walks. My depression was getting worse and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to take care of you, but I tried my best my little Koda bo, I gave you love, I wish I gave you more though. A good portion of our time together was filled with frustration, tears, or anxiety about how I would be able to care for you, or about the behaviors you were exhibiting. I couldn’t get you to training but I tried my hardest to train you, and you learned some things. On the same day I adopted you, you learned ‘sit’ and I only had you for 9 days before I brought you back to the shelter, but you were learning the commands ‘come’, ‘down’, ‘no’, and ‘drop it’. I was so proud of you Koda, I really was, you are so smart and I know you’re highly trainable and that you will go to a good family! I am very afraid though, of course. But I know I can’t think like that. I know that I need to think positive, and manifest a good and better life for you. A happier life. A happier life with people who can give you what you need. I will miss your furrowed brows and scrunched up forehead wrinkles, your underbite, your excitement over your toys, you bringing your toys to me when you want to play fetch, hearing your favorite (yet the most annoying) squeak toy, or when I would leave the room to do anything (go to the bathroom, get us more filtered water, etc.) and you would be so concerned where I was going and wanted to come with me, and that’s what makes me so nervous to bring you back tomorrow. But what I also know is that you will be okay. You love people so so much and always want to be with people, you will have no problem getting adopted. They will love you just like I did the moment I saw you. I will never ever forget that moment Koda, ever. I love you so much and I know you love me too. And I’m so so sorry, I wish it would have worked out. I love you my Koda bo <3

  49. Dear Zinger,
    I miss you so very much, my sweet boy. I miss you curling up in the chair with me in the evenings, I miss you hanging out with me in my studio while I didn’t get nearly enough work done because you would would bring me your ball to throw. I miss going to the park with you.
    I’m so sorry the big dog here attacked you, she’s getting older and unpredictable and I can’t keep you safe here.
    The people who have you now love you so much already and the doggies there are your size and want to play and love you the way you loved big dog, and they won’t hurt you.
    I know you’re happy, I just miss you so, so much my little friend.
    I know you didn’t understand when I left you and my stomach has been in knots ever since.
    I miss you every day.

  50. Hey baby boy,
    I’ve had you since I was five. It’s been some very long years, we both grew up together. You’ve been there for me through everything. So it feels like I’ll never be able to forgive myself for giving you away or replacing you. I hope you aren’t missing me or waiting every night for me to come and get you to bring you home. I miss you, I really do. And I can’t believe the decision I made sometimes, I can’t believe myself. I love you so much and my heart is broken.

  51. Dear terry,

    I noticed today that you’ve left holes in the tooth paste bottle you nabbed of the sink and I’ve hoovered the corner you used to sleep in. Please don’t think i’m forgetting about you because I don’t think I ever will and I hope you always remember me. There’s nothing more that I want than to go down to your rehoming centre and pick you up. I’d hug you so tightly and apologise for ever giving you up. You are a mighty puppy that deserves so much love. We tried really hard to make things work and be okay baby, but it wasn’t a life for you to live. even though I miss your little kisses and dancing with you before lectures you’re going to be with a family that can let you be the puppy you are. I love you baby. Just like sophie, you have been my hero and you saved my life. Love mummy. Ps im reading your story to my class today and I hope I don’t cry

  52. Dear Lola,

    Even though I was sitting you for a month or so. I felt that you were one of my own. I now your owner was trying to find you a good home and so many people wanted you. There was one man who wanted you for you. I feel deep guilt, worriment paranoia. Thinking over and over if I did the right thing, if I left you with the right person. Is it wrong that I call them for one update and pictures? Selfish maybe? Maybe it is, but I have to believe that you are in a better place and are happier with your new family. Please be safe little Lola. I love you very much and just because you were not my dog doesn’t mean I do not love you. If I could have taken you in I would of in a heart beat, but I couldn’t have been able to support you. so it is best this way. You will be with a loving home and family whom will love you for you. Please be safe little Lola <3

    With much love <3


  53. Dear Loki,
    I love you so much and I know named you too well. You are such a sweet and mischievous dog. Tomorrow you will be going on a trip to find a new family. who will love you just as much if not more than me. I’m not sure how I can love another dog after you nor do I think I can try. But just know that you are not the problem. You are a smart, sweet, loving, boy. I’m not ok and I can’t take care of you the way my heart wants. I thought that love would be enough and that we would be a family together. I put too much on to both of us. I wish I could have thought ahead enough to save us both from this hardship but knowing you is something I would go through all of this pain for again. I hope that your new home takes you to the park all the time and cuddles you a whole bunch and gives you the best treats. I hope that you forget me just so I know you won’t be missing me anyway near the amount I will be missing you. You deserve so much more
    Love you lots and lots and lots
    And then some more my sweet baby boy I’m sorry for being such a bad mommy

      1. Dear Po,

        When we first got you it was only supposed to be temporary, we were your foster family until you found a permanent home. That quickly turned into 6 years. There were time I questioned why we had you… from the time you got bread stuck to the roof of your mouth and I had to dig it out with a spoon, you humped everything (even though you were a girl), you always stared at us with that glazed over look like you were lost in space, and you barked at every single little noise you heard. But now I look back at all of the things I didn’t like and realize that it made you who you were. This old little dog who wasn’t very intelligent but loved everyone unconditionally. You were always there when I needed you.

        Yesterday, we got a phone call from the neighbor who’s parent lost there little dog a few months back, she was a Chihuahua mix just like you, they wanted to know if we were interested in rehoming you. We thought it would be great since you always were a mans dog living in a house with women. Their daughter came to get you today for what we thought would be a visit and then you would return to us that night. We barely had anytime to even consider you leaving us. However she informs us that you’ll only be coming back if it doesn’t work out, we were shocked and didn’t know what to say and she left with you.

        It’s now a few hours later, you haven’t returned, and I’m regretting everything. I never got to say goodbye. I didn’t get to see if you were happy. I never even got the chance to process what was happening. Like I said it was originally supposed to be temporary so we thought we’d be fine and that you would be happier. But I’m realizing that you were such a big part of our family and now nothing feels right, it’s empty without you here. All I want is to have you back, but I know it’s wrong to ask them for such a thing. You’re gone for good and I only wish I could’ve told you how much you mean to me. I love and miss you Po.

  54. Dear Moose,

    It’s been many years since I took you to the shelter but my heart still aches and I bawl like a baby every time I think of you. I wish I had treated you better when you were with me. You deserved so much better than me. You did nothing wrong but I was not in the right place, mentally, to have you as my dog. I feel I stole your puppy years and put you at the shelter at a horrible age. I truly hope you found your forever family and the shelter didn’t have to put you to sleep. I would like to think that you got adopted to a wonderful family with a huge yard, lots of toys and treats and tons of love! My son asks about you and I know he misses you a lot. I’m so sorry I wasn’t stronger. I’m so sorry I was selfish. I will always love you and carry you in my heart.

  55. Dear Kimber,

    Happy Birthday! We just sent you home with you new owners a few days ago, but know in your heart that we will always have a special place for you in ours. I have a feeling that you will be just as happy or happier with your new owners as they have other dogs that you get to play with, and lots of land for you to around on.

    The minute you left, I felt like the worst person ever. I know now that it was just me being selfish, and realize the selfishness falls on outside influences who, for their own petty reasons, were the cause of us having to find you a new home.

    We love and miss you Kimber, thank you for bringing joy to our lives over the past two years.

    Love mom, dad, brother, and sister.

  56. Dear Golden Graham,
    Hi baby. I’m giving you away tomorrow but that doesn’t mean i’m giving you up tomorrow. I’m writing this with tears in my eyes. I know that it’s time to say goodbye. I’m so happy that we got you out of your previous home because it was so horrible. I have a feeling that we were meant to be rehabilitation. Now you are going to find a forever family who will give you all their hearts, just like I did. We have to give you away because we just can’t take care of you. You have many quirks that we love but some that we just can’t deal with. I’m going to treasure our last night together. I love you so much. You will get a new forever family very soon, i’m sure of it. You are so pretty, smart, loving, cute, and the biggest cuddle-bug. I will always remember you and I hope you’ll remember me. I love you.
    With Great Love,

  57. My sweet Jarvis as I write this my eyes are filled with tears. I had no idea I couldn’t handle you as you grew bigger and bigger. With my medical issues I can’t keep up with you. I feel quilty I couldn’t afford to have you trained for the work you can do and probably will at some point. I know you will have fur brothers and sister’s and learn to play and not be alone anymore. My heart breaks for you. You stuck by me like glue and drove me crazy and now I miss you so much. I hope you have ever lasting joy.
    Love you

  58. Sally,
    I just dropped you back off with the adoption agency I found you at only 3 days ago!!! I’m over here bawling like a baby!!! The guilt I have in my heart is so overwhelming right now, I feel the same way I did when I put my little Lucy down just 6 months ago! This feeling is terrible!
    Please don’t take this personal sweet Sally! You were a perfect pup from the moment we brought you home! Perfect in every way imaginable. You filled the empty spaces in my heart from not having Lucy here anymore. You played so well with the kids and they loved you equally as much as you loved them. The sad thing is, the kiddos were allergic to you! Why!!!!!??? We wanted to keep you so badly but my sons allergies to you were so bad the would immediately break out in hives and he wasn’t allowed to touch you anymore. That’s not fair to him or you. You need to be with a family that can handle all of the love you have to give. I thought it was us, but sadly, I guess it wasn’t!
    We are going to miss sitting on the floor as a family and playing with you. We are going to miss giving you belly rubs and watching you sit for your treats, and the way you played Houdini by squeezing through the baby gate. We are going to especially miss the way you made us feel! We hope and pray, and know that your next home is going to be forever! We love and miss you Sally! Thank you for changing our lives in just a short three days!
    Love, mom, dad, brother and sister!

  59. My sweet Daisy,

    I only had the pleasure of loving you for two weeks, and now you’ve been gone two weeks. I wanted you for so long and I couldn’t cut it. My husband said he wanted you too, but when you finally came home, he got overwhelmed and couldn’t handle it and told me I was on my own if I wanted to keep you. I realized pretty quickly that I couldn’t give you a good life. Not without help.

    The minute you left my arms I knew I made the wrong choice. Not for you. For me (selfishly). I got the chance to see you with your new mom, and it broke my heart and filled it with joy at the same time to see the instant bond between you.

    You’re still the majority of my thoughts because I regret not trying harder, for longer. He would have come around. Now, I feel like we could have made it. If only I had it in me to do it alone. But, I don’t know what our life would have looked like in a month, or a year, or 5 years.

    I also don’t know if you would be as happy as I know you are now. See, your human aunt lives across the street and I talk with her often. She says you’re so happy and you love your new mom so much.

    It gives me comfort that you’re happy, but I’m miserable. I know your aunt takes care of you sometimes and you play with your puppy cousin, right across the street from me. I feel like a crazy stalker watching their house, looking for you. I haven’t caught a glimpse yet, but I know I will when I least expect it and I know it will stop me dead in my tracks. I’ll wonder then if you remember me, or miss me, or think about me the way I think about you. God, I hope you don’t. I hope you’re just happy. I hope you are always, always happy.

    Before I can let you go, I want you to know that you amazed me every day and filled my soul from bottom to top. You were and are so, so smart! And so loving. And you slept so well. I could never have asked for a pup better than you. But you deserved so much better than me, and I’m so glad I could at least give you that. I wish you could know that I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry I failed you. I’m so sorry I couldn’t get my sh*t together. I’m so sorry that my world isn’t what I thought it was. It still isn’t and I don’t know what to do about it. I hope I at least hope I did right by you, my very best girl. I love you forever and I’ll think of you forever. ❤️

  60. Dear Ripley,
    You are the absolute sweetest pup that’s ever been. I’ll love you to the moon and back 1000 times over for the rest of your life, but unfortunately our lives are about to part. Mom won’t let us keep you anymore because we just had 4 more people move into the house and now it’s too full. But know that later today when you leave that I didn’t want this to happen and I love you so much. I know you’re going to a better home with dogs of the same breed and you’ll have room to play and you’ll have beautiful puppies! Although I know you’ll have a better life I just don’t know how I’ll deal with not seeing your gorgeous face every morning and giving you a hug. I don’t know how I’ll deal with not being able to slip you a piece of bacon in the morning. I don’t know how I’ll deal with my little Rip. You’re the best puppy that I’ve had the pleasure of raising and this past year and half has been amazing. You’ll be confused when we drop you off and leave you with new people and I’m sure you’ll look around for you brothers and sister (Teddy, Auggie, and Weenie) but you’ll find new friends to run and play with. Even better ones. You’ll be well taken care of and maybe even one day we can get you back but until then just know that I love and adore you and there won’t be one day that goes by that I won’t think of you and long for your kisses and hugs. Thank you for being a sweet pup and I hope we meet again. ❤️

  61. Dear Atticus,

    I’m laying next to you in bed right now as I write this. I’m crying my eyes out. You’re grooming yourself. I’m so sorry, pup, but I’m not well-equipped enough to handle your energy. You need space to run like the wind, not be cramped up in a tiny university apartment where you only get to run in the courtyard. You deserve more than that. You get stressed so easily in the apartment, to the point where you’ve started digging into the couch to let your energy out. You’re so frustrated, you’ve started taking it out on me, and I deserve it. You were a surprise to us, sure, but I’ve tried my hardest to give you the life you deserve to have. But I can’t. I don’t have money or resources. I’ve loved you since the moment I first held and pet you, even through all the bruises and scars you’ve given me. You’re gonna grow up to be such a big and strong pup, and I’m so proud of you. I’ll make sure that whoever takes you in will love you just as much as I do. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get a new doggie brother or sister. You deserve a playmate too. I love you so much. I’m so sorry. I’ll miss you everyday.

  62. Dear Serenity,

    I miss you so much. I am so sorry that we had to leave you with the foster. You were so happy and carefree in the car ride there, and it was rare to ever see you like that. It made it so much harder to give you away. I miss cuddling you and petting you, I miss you walking around the house and your cute little face and the way your collar clinked when you moved. I’m so sorry we betrayed you and gave you away. We only had you for a month but we became so attached. I hope you find a permanent family who will love and care for you until the rest of your days.

  63. Dear Bully
    I never thought i would have to do something like this and im still confused on how it became this way. I am sorry we had to move and take you away from the only home and structure you ever knew. I feel like i failed you. I wish i could turn back time and make it right for you. Im sorry if it was our fault that you became the way you did, but i know that we tried to give you the world. I only wish the very best life for you bubba.
    I will always love you and beanie butt. You both gave us some of the best memories in our darkest days. Thank you for being there and thank you for teaching me more about love, patience, trust, and life in general. You have opened our eyes to many things in our lives and have humbled us greatly. We will never forget you. Please live the best life possible. Im so sorry. Ill never forgive myself. I love you always.
    momma and dad

  64. Dear Brownie

    Your sleeping on my bed right now as i write this, i’ve been crying for hours knowing you’ll be gone soon, i’ve chosen to give you a better life with a new family who will love you so much, i hope you know you were the perfect puppy, everything i could ever ask for, my lack of time and attention for you got to me and i knew it had to change, i had to give you something better then me being gone all day, you deserve endless love and happiness, all the treats and toys in the world and i know your new family will be able to give you that. The day we get in the car you’ll think it’s any other car ride but i know it’ll be our last moment together, no more waking up to kisses, no more walks, or treats, no more play time, you’ll just be gone. as i cry i imagine how much better your life will be. As step out the door and leave you with your new family, you’ll be confused at first and wonder where i went and where you are but i promise everything will be okay. i’m glad to say i know your new family and they’re friends of mine so i’d still see you. I love you my brownie boy and i always will, i hope i made the right decision💗 – Laila

  65. Dear Doctor-Doc-Ducky,

    You are and will forever be my best baby boy. I am so sorry I failed you. I should have tried harder to leave that mean man who terrorized us both, but I made mistakes. I am most assuredly paying for them now. Now, I have to find a way to begin my entire life over. I need a place to live and my only option is somewhere that you can’t be with me… Know that this is the single hardest thing I have ever had to do. I would take another beating if it meant we could stay together, but I know that would not be good for either of us. I hope you find the love and happiness you deserve with your new caretakers. I know you love me so much, and I you. I hope one day we can be together again, though I fear your foster mom and sister will get attached… And as long as you are happy, I won’t have the heart to be selfish again. I will miss you everyday, every hour, every night that your warm little body is not there in my arms. I will die inside, again, for the second time this week. I cant say enough how much I love you; I just hope you understand… I don’t want you not to love me, but I dont want you to be scared. Your foster family will love you very much and give you all that you deserve. All that I cannot give to you myself… You will be better for it. I love you and fear this next hour as the time comes to let you go. Please, please do not cry for long. Be good for your new family. I know you are a good boy. The best boy. My best baby boy.

    You have all the love my heart can give, Your Hooman, Your Mommy.xoxoxo

  66. Dear Luxy..
    I’m crying now.. but I know that throw your fear and you vomited in the new owner car because you are scared.. I know that you are only 3 months old.. but I can’t keep five dogs at my home.. it breaks my heart that you are afraid and I know that you stopped crying when your new mama toke you and called me.. then when I spoke you were searching for me because you heard my voice.. I love you from the best of my heart.. I gave you a goodbye shower before you go.. I kissed you around 50 kisses before handing you to your new mama.. I know that you are afraid.. I know that you are confused right now.. don’t worry.. your new mama did buy everything you like and will like as I told her.. I know that I will see you soon because your new mama is someone I know.. please don’t cry.. and remember that I love you soooooooo much even if you were naughty when you were at my home.. your mom and dad dogs are ok and you know that I will be seeing you soon.. I wish that I could’ve kept you.. but I know that you will be happy.. will never forget you my fat sweet child..
    I love you


  67. Dear Zeus.
    Today I had to give you up. I woke up extra early. Gave you a nice warm bath, fed you extra good with all your favorites. You were so excited! I let you lay on the couch with me for over an hour and just held you close. I knew this was gonna be our last moments together, but you didn’t. You thought this was just a normal car ride. You were so happy. Your green eyes just dancing as the trees and cars whirled past. Signing you over to the shelter and watching them take you behind the door was the hardest goodbye I’ve ever had to say. You looked at me in confusion and worry because I was crying and you just wanted to pick my face and cuddle me til I was ok. But I don’t think I’ll ever be ok. I’ve lost everything. My home. My car. Now my best friend. You were always so eager to jump around and play with the cat. You were always there when I needed a friend. I’m sorry I couldn’t take care of you the way you needed. You’re a growing boy and you need space and freedom, not a cage and loneliness. I worked too much and I wasn’t able to dedicate the proper time you needed but I never went one minute without loving you. You were my world. My best friend. My nap buddy and my favorite shoulder to cry on. You were always there for me and now you’re not. I came home and saw your crate and just broke down crying. No more wet doggy kisses. No more playful nibbles. No more chasing the cat through the apartment. No more late night adventures for snacks and squeezing in that last hour of tv before work. I’m so sorry I couldn’t keep you. I feel like my heart has been ripped out of my chest. It’s hard to breathe and I can’t stop crying. I couldn’t give you the life you needed and I doubt I’ll ever forgive myself for that. You were a perfect puppy. A gentle playful thing and I pray that whoever adopts you does nothing but shows you the life and love you deserve. I pray for nothing but happiness and a good home with a big yard and plenty of treats for you Zeusy. Forever my friend. I love you.

  68. Hi Rene,

    I haven’t cried like this for months, I cried when you were with me and I apologized to you for the situation I put you in. I apologized for crying in front of you because I couldn’t bear the idea of you being sad. I feel like my heart is broken and I never expected that I could love a dog so much.

    We have only been together for two weeks, and even in those two weeks we took you from one house to another and in-between cities, but you are a wonderful brave dog. You adjust so quickly and you’re full with love. It amazed how you quickly learned things, and it pains my heart even more than I still can’t keep you for longer because I am just not stable mentally to have a dog. I am also too emotional, and I can’t bear looking in your eyes and seeing anything other than happiness.

    I loved th way you barked at every reflection, and how you tried to defend me when the plumber came unexpectedly. You’re the most loving dog I’ve ever met, and my heart will always be filled with love for you.

    You’re a really smart and observant dog Rene, and I wish I could accept and deserve your love right now, but I can’t. You’re a puppy and it’s not your fault that you can’t sleep unless you feel human contact, and it’s not your fault that you require a routine, constant care, and maybe someone more stable who won’t cry if you accidentally fall. I was really sad when you got an injection today, it hurt you really bad, but you recovered quickly though I couldn’t.

    You deserve someone stronger who can love and care for the beautiful soul you have.

    Stay healthy and cheerful as you are.

    You will always be with me,


  69. Dear Tofu,

    I will never stop being sorry for putting you through rehoming after the short week and a half I had you. Everyone warned me: having a puppy is difficult, hard work, and it changes your lifestyle. You’re such a sweet puppy who always melted in my arms. So smart, playful, and of course adorable. I thought I was ready for my first dog; I thought I was ready for you.

    I did not count on my anxiety increasing drastically due to you not being house trained. It’s not your fault – you’re a puppy. It’s my fault that we can’t keep a consistent training schedule because of work. It’s my fault that I can’t handle cleaning up toilet messes every morning before work and every evening after work.

    I did not count on feeling such tremendous guilt while I was at work and you were home alone. Some people told me “He’s a dog! He’ll adapt!” I wish it was that easy. I wish I could push the guilt aside. It’s my fault for even thinking I could ignore the voice inside of me that tells me of how lonely you are while I’m not there.

    Everyone says it’s puppy blues: “It will pass and things will get better.” I am at work five days a week. There is no consistency for house training. It could take up to a year or more. I couldn’t concentrate at work. I was making mistakes at work. I spent one day at work looking at remote jobs to see if there is a chance for me to switch careers so I could at least be physically present for you. Then I had to take a step back and analyze what I was doing. I was naive to think this could work.

    None of this is fair to you. I failed you. I want you to be in a better home – one where they are around more and have experience with puppies. You are such a social puppy; you love everyone and everything. I was attached to you from the very first time I saw you. This was one of the hardest decisions I had to make. I’m sorry for all I’ve done and failed to do. Please be happy in your new home.


  70. Dear Bruno,
    I love you too much to write this without a heavy heart. 9 months ago when me and my grandparents planned to bring you home, we were on top of the world with joy. My grandparents are old but they thought they had the confidence to look after you. But you turned out to be a high energy puppy for them. They feel like they can’t manage you anymore. I’m sorry, I have to stay in a hostel far away from you. I swear if I could help it I would never ever give you away. Now, the best choice to make is to give you a new home. It will be hard but you will be treated like the king you were born to be. You deserve more than us. You are an amazing dog and I will always love you and keep you close to my heart. You will always be in our hearts and minds no matter how far you go. Please remember us and keep space for us in your heart.

    You beloved chechi

  71. I was 12 years old when I had to give away my best friend buddy and I am now 14 years old and I hasent gotten any easier I was constantly reasured by my parents and others around me but it wasn’t enough I felt constant grief and felt like he would hate me for giving me away I had him for 7 years and seeing him go was so difficult for me to handle I understood that no one had any time for him and he had to go but I still get very emotional whenever I think about him I’m starting to think about getting therapy and hopefully coming to terms with the fact that he’s gone
    *sorry for the long post but I needed to get this off my chest*

  72. I have been a dog lover my whole life, all of my friends know I will stop for any dog in the street at any time. I grew up with dogs and for years I have been wanting to adopt a dog of my own and give them a good loving home. Recently I adopted a dog who is literally everything I could have wished for. The only problem is that a couple of days in I realized I was becoming allergic to her. It started with just an itchy nose but soon became tingling lips, burning eyes, etc. I can’t even sit on my couch anymore without getting a reaction. Just yesterday I was outside with my dog and ran into a dog walker who just fell in love with her, I was telling her my situation and she said that her and her husband were just talking about getting a dog just like this one. She sounds like the perfect home for her. She has kids and another dog, both of which my dog loves, and is moving into a house with a fenced yard which is something I don’t have and would be great for my dog since she loves to run. I just feel like a failure by having to give her up, I am shocked that I have this allergy to her, but I am certain that it is to her since I was not allergic before she came into my house. My heart is telling me that it is probably the smartest decision to give her up but I keep thinking how she will feel about that. I keep thinking how she came from Kentucky to a shelter in NJ and is now in my care and seems happy here. Some days the allergy feels better and I think I can deal with it and some days (especially nights sitting on the couch with her) I think “how am I going to deal with this feeling the next 10 years or so?” I spoke to my doctor as well as my mother who is a doctor and both say there’s no telling whether an allergy will go away or whether I will eventually develop a complication such as Asthma. Nasal spray has helped but can I really be on this the next 10 years or so without any side effects? Part of my identity is being a dog lover and I feel like this whole situation is just a complete shock to me. My doctor also said to vacuum every day but realistically I don’t know that I’d be able to do this. and can I really give her all she deserves when I’m in this condition? Sorry for the long post, just needed to vent.

  73. Dear my beautiful sweetheart if a dog, Brandy,

    I am so sorry. I am so sorry for giving you up today. I am so sorry for not being everything you needed. You were my first dog, everything I have ever wanted. I always said I wanted a German Shepherd or a Husky, and you came along and were both. It felt like fate when I met you and was able to bring you home. You are goofy, and silly, and adorable and so full of love. The time I spent with you these last few months, was the best time I’ve ever had. You taught me patience and love all in one day. All the time. But I knew that when I brought you home, it maybe wasn’t the best home for you. You are so full of life and love and energy. You love everyone and always wanted to play, and be outside and I kept you in a crate during the week because I worked long hours, and you got so anxious you could have hurt yourself chewing things up and swallowing them.

    I am so sorry that I got you into a routine only to take it away from you and make you start over. I am so sorry I was so selfish to take you home, not thinking how that might impact you.

    I brought you to your new family today and left you there. You wanted to walk out with me, and I had to tell you to stay. And you looked so confused and just stared at me. I am so sorry Brandy.

    They have a nice house with a big yard and teenage girls who will spoil you. The yard is all yours, and you can be free. Out of your crate and in the open and I know this is just what you need and what will make you happy. The house has lots of bunnies and squirrels you can chase, and your new family will let you chase them. This fills me with joy, because I know they’re going to love you so much. I know they already do, just like I did when I first met you. You deserve the best life, and I am sorry I couldn’t give that to you. As much as I know this is good for you, I am going to miss you so much. I got home today, and you and your butt wiggle weren’t there to greet me and give me kisses and hugs. I’m going to miss you coming into my bedroom in the morning, plopping your head on the bed And giving me kisses to wake me up so you can go outside. And when I didn’t wake up, I’m going to miss you jumping on the bed and burying yourself in my blankets and snuggling with me. I am going to miss you making barking noises while you sleep (I imagine you were chasing bunnies in your dreams when you did that, and it was adorable). I’m going to miss you staring at me when I was getting ready for work, and I’m going to miss how incredibly excited you got when I put my shoes on because you knew it meant we can go outside. I’m going to miss you sitting in the kitchen waiting for me to give you food and treats, and you eating a banana and watermelon for the first time. I am going to miss you so much and I love you so much. Now you can make your new family as happy as you’ve made me. My sweetheart Brandy. I am so sorry I left you today.

  74. Dear Scout,
    I’m not even sure how to start this. It feels so achingly sad that you’re gone. I am so sorry. I know I only had you for 6 short months, but I want you to know that I love you. I had a hunch when you first got here that we might not be the right family for you. But I stuck it out and kept you, ignoring the signs that neither of us were happy. I was so busy with school and my kiddo that you spent a lot of your time, most of it in fact, either in a crate or a kennel. I felt terribly about that. You’re a high energy Border Collie, and it just killed me to see you caged. You had a rough upbringing before you came to me, and that isn’t your fault. I’m sorry for everything you went through. Your upbringing made it very hard for you to trust and you were scared and defensive all the time. You were terrified of my kiddo. I thought you needed a home with more stability, one on one interaction, and above all, training. I love you so much and wanted you to fulfill your purpose of being a herding dog. You obviously showed a very strong herding instinct with our cats. I felt like I was doing you a disservice by keeping you. And even though I did what I thought was best for you, I am heartbroken that you’re gone. It feels like a part of me is missing. I don’t know how to cope without you here, following me everywhere I go. I hope that you’ll get all of the training you want and deserve in your new home, and that you’ll live up to your fullest potential. I hope you get everything from your new home that I couldn’t give to you. I know a few things, but I’m not a dog trainer. I’m no expert. I thought you deserved better. Above all, I hope you will be happy. I can’t stop thinking about you sitting by the door, waiting for me to come get you. And I’ll never come. This article says you’re resilient, and I hope you are. It sure only took you a week or two to warm up to me. I hope your new transition will be just as smooth. I will never forget you or our time together, Scout. I will miss you everytime I go for a run. But I hope you can forgive me for this decision, and understand that I made this tough decision because I love you so very, very much.

    Love, Bri

  75. Man,
    It is really tough to do this.

    I can never get over the thought of you leaving. I cried and cried and cried and man the pain just sucks.
    I know its for the better and yet i cant stop telling myself its my fault. I should’ve paid more attention to you, but with the family being busy and the baby around, we just couldn’t give time. I know you’ll be happy Brutus so please remember me.
    Because ill make sure i always remember you.

    Your old pal,


  76. Dear Leo,
    I’m so sorry we had to give you away today. Nothing will ever be the same again. I love you so much. I miss your face, your paws, your brown eyes, your memory. I miss that the last thing you did before you went was cuddled up in my bedsheets and stared at me whilst I got ready for work. My heart is broken, I have never felt loss like this. Maybe it’s because it could have been different. My life revolved around you, my best friend. For the first time after a long time today, I walked in and there was no Leo to jump up and say hello to me. You were always the only one excited to see me and that always meant something. You helped me through some dark times with your big, confident and hyper personality. I don’t know how to deal with you being gone. I pray we are reunited one day. My best friend, my little brother.

  77. Dear Mocha,
    It’s been 3 months. I think I have tried to write this thousands of times. This was the hardest decision of my life. You deserve better than me. I was always school, and you were always alone. I was never there for you. You deserve a huge yard with all you want and to play with the other puppies. You deserve someone who can be there for you 24/7. You deserve more love than I ever could have given you. You deserve to play tug a war with your favorite rope all the time. It was so difficult to make this choice. I wanted to keep you so bad, but it wasn’t good for you. I want you to know I did everything I could. I feel as if I abandoned my best friend, baby, and favorite. I feel terrible. It’s been so long and I just can’t get you off my mind. I feel if I get a new pet or anything I think I would be dissaponting you. I hope you remember me. I hope you know I didn’t want to choose this. These short three years watching you grow from 6 weeks was so much fun. I loved every minute of it even when you did poop on the floor. I hope you have so much fun at your new home with lots of toys and a big fenced yard and other dogs and all you ever wanted because I couldn’t give it to you. I hope I get to see you some time soon.
    I remember you and always will mocha-choca-latte.
    Love, mommy.

  78. On tuesday I said goodbye to my yorkie Benjie for the last time. I cradled him and cried hours before the dog charity came to pick him up, he licked my tears and I could see the worry in his eyes. When I got benjie from my boyfriend for christmas 2017, i got really poorly afterwards and was bed ridden most of the time. This made him a very sensitive little soul. As our family got bigger, the problems got worse and this was the only option left. I feel completely devastated- as if someone just died. I have no idea how to cope i cant stop crying. It hurts so much to think that all i have left is just picture and memories. I miss his little face and his soft white coat. I miss all the little back chats he gave me whilst eating food. Or the cuddles every morning that i woke. I feel like i totally hate myself. The charity called me today to say that both Benjie and his new dad are extremely happy with eachother and his new dad has a motorhome and they will be travelling the coasts of scotland. They said he will send me pictures of Benjie once he is properly settled in. Do I ask to see him sometime or would it make how i feel worse?

  79. I gave away my beloved pet and I am struggling to get over the guilt. We had him for 7 years and eventually the vet said that we should consider rehoming you, it still took another year for me to eventually agree to give you up. You weren’t happy being with young kids and for the last 5 years suffered terrible stress, we tried everything from the vet but nothing helped you. But I loved you with all my heart and feel like I’ve lost my best friend, it was me being selfish I know. I truly hope you are happy and will find someone on their own who will love you and you can be their best friend as you are amazing. You will forever be missed xx

  80. Dear Cali,
    I had a dream of you last night, I got to see you again and I couldn’t stop hugging you while you licked the tears streaming down my face. It’s been two weeks since I last saw you as I dropped you off to your new family. I must say I have had many goodbyes but this one was the hardest by far. We have gone through so much the four years together it is so hard to not see your sweet face anymore. You are so strong from surviving a puppy mill in the worst conditions to overcoming your fear of people. I am so proud of you. The day you started having seizures broke my heart and while we have gotten the seizures under control, I feared with the new baby coming that I can’t promise my undivided attention to you that you so much need and deserve. Your new home has a huge fenced in yard, one which I always wanted to provide for you but wasn’t able to. Your new owner is retired and will always be there for you giving you the undivided attention that you need so much of, and don’t forget your new dog friend! I love you so much and it pains me everyday that I can no longer hold you and tell you that I love you. I will never forget you sweet girl.

  81. Dear Dexter,

    I am so so so sorry we had to return you to the breeder today. My head is pounding from crying so hard.

    We brought you home when you were 4 months old. The last 4 months have been so wonderful with you… you made us smile every day, you loved to learn, you were so cuddly and kind to our children. But now you have to find a new home because of our rash decision to bring you home when we already had two human babies under the age of 3. You deserve parents who can train you and play with you all day long. You needed so much more than what I could give you.
    Every where I look I see a ghost of you in my house. I miss you terribly and keep expecting you to come bounding up onto the couch beside me as I write this.
    Your energy levels were just too high for our new little family. I was not strong enough to care for you and my two small kids. I hope and pray that someone takes you home who has the time to run with you, hike with you, take you swimming, and whatever else you might enjoy doing.

    I love you so much and miss you, Dexter

  82. Bud,
    I don’t even know where to start, it’s been two months since I gave you up for adoption, I found you the most amazing house/ owners that I could, on 24 acres who still talk to me and I also get to visit you tomorrow!! I’m so excited but also so nervous… I know it’s going to be hard to walk away again but I’m just so so excited to see you in your new home which I know you are loving! And to give you a big hug and belly rubs of course 😀
    I had you since you were a puppy and I just adore you, you’re so dopey and crazy but so sweet and gentle aswell.
    I wish things were different, I wish you weren’t aggressive when meeting certain people, I wish I knew how to train you and had the time to train you.
    My heart feels like it’s coming out of my throat when I think of you not being mine anymore, I feel as though I abandoned you…
    I will always love you, you’re my baby boy.

  83. Dear Indie,

    The moment I saw I you, I knew you would bring us so much joy in our lives. And I’m sorry that we had to take you to a new family. With daddy traveling for work and my work schedule it didn’t seem fair to keep you crated up. You deserve more, you deserve to be a puppy and run and play! I think to myself that I failed you and I hope you will forgive me. I’ll miss your cute face and nibbles on my feet and the way you made me feel to finally have the dog I’ve always wanted. I’ll miss the Christmas card you have been on, the Halloween costumes I would have dressed you in and the long walks together as a family. I’m so sorry that we couldn’t be stronger and that there wasn’t more time in the day. I know you will have a wonderful life with auntie, running throw corn fields, playing with the other dogs and being a puppy, a great puppy. YOU will always be my first dog, the best dog. Please remember me, us and know we always loved you and will love you. Xoxo

  84. Dear Stella,
    I’m literally watching you eat dinner right now while I write this which almost makes it harder. Mommy and daddy love you so much, and watching you grow from 6 weeks to 13 weeks has been the most beautiful experience of my life. You’re so sweet, playful, and spunky and it hurts so so much to have to find you a new home. But you deserve so much more than what we’re giving you right now, even though we’re giving you our all. You deserve a backyard so you can run and owners who will be home a lot and maybe even some other dog siblings. I know that you’ll love your new home and you’ll adapt quickly and this is doing nothing but benefitting you, but it’s so hard for us and I can’t go 10 minutes without crying. You have your whole doggie life ahead of you and I hope you and your new family live it out to the fullest. I love you so much. Thank you for loving me. You’re the goodest girl ever pupperino.

  85. hi baby, today was the hardest day of my life. It was the day that i let you go.
    You were so good to us, loving, caring and just filled with joy. I cant even begin to explain the the pain im feeling the big emptyness in my chest and a weird feeling in my stomach.. and i also swear my heart feels like it wants to find a way out through my mouth. Im so sad baby. Ive been holding on to you for so long, bringing you to one friend and another for them to take care of you while i got my shit together.. but their was no more putting you through this anymore. You diserve better.. you diserve stability and people that will love you just as much as i do.. it was the wrong timing for us bella. And im so sorry hunny because i love you so god damn much and im so mad i couldnt be the owner you needed my beautiful girl. I love you and you did nothing wrong… i cant say it enough… i adore you baby

  86. Dear Ally,

    I love you so much. And I am so sorry that we had to give you up. I want you to know I love you so dearly, and with my entire heart. That’s why this hurts in every way. It hurt to keep you, and it hurts to let you go. From the start you were my shadow, and my companion. Always sitting so close to me you wanted to be on me, and you aren’t a lap dog with your size, haha, but you so wanted to be. Always giving us kisses and rubs, forcing our hands to pet you even though we just tousled for an hour.

    You were our first dog and we love you so much. But with our new arrival and the behavior you had toward her, us, your home, we had to come to terms that this wasn’t an arrangement that was going to make you happy. And all we want is for you to be happy. To be frolicking in your new family’s fields, to eat treats by the bucket load (you know, within reason silly girl) and getting all the time and attention you deserve. The spotlight back on you and only on you. Snuggles always. No competition.

    My heart is broken for what we’ve done, but I also know this was the right thing to do. We love you so much and we miss you so much already. We will always remember you, and think about you fondly. Your fluffy hair, that black button nose, your always smiling face and that curly q tail.

    Be good, babygirl.

  87. Dear Roo,
    Unfortunately these last few months have been hard. I have had you since you were 5 weeks old. I remember hand feeding you because they lied about your age. You were so scared of everything. And I prayed you would get better. I got you to become my service dog. We went to many training sessions and nothing seemed to help. You still feared men and would be aggressive. Unfortunately once I switched to your new trainer he informed me that you wouldn’t be able to break this habit. And I would have to deal with it for as long as I had you. Which isn’t a good trait for a service dog. You’re auntie, my best friend, is willing to take you. She’s going to have you for a month and if you can’t break your habit we’re going to have to find you a completely new home. I know you’ve known me almost all your life. And I love you so unbelievably much. This is so hard on me. But I need a service dog… not a dog who needs a service human. Please know I will always love you and that you mean so so much to me. I’ll always remember all of our little adventures.
    Hope (mom)

  88. Taki,
    I am sobbing. I just decided that we should give you up. We can’t take care of you anymore. We are not in a good situation and cannot give you the time you deserve. My mom told me that it was for the better and my dad said that this would be better for you and us.I am so sorry my boy. I should have never asked  if we could adopt you. I wouldn’t have to suffer if I didn’t and you would be in a good forever home. I thought I was capable of having a dog but I should have waited longer to have my first dog. I was impatient and now I have to give you up. You are such a great dog but we can’t take care of you. I love you so much. I hope someone loving and kind will adopt you and care for you. Better than I ever will. I’ll miss stroking your soft fur, giving you treats, and all your funny things. I will never forget you. You will always be my first and best dog. But you will be better off with someone else. I’ll miss the sound of you squeaking your toy and opening the door and finding someone waiting for me. You loved me no matter my appearance.  I imagined Christmas and my birthday with you but I only kept you for 3 months. I’ll miss you bud. Pls don’t forget me. I love you.
    Sincerely, me

  89. My beautiful dog Jessie, I am so sorry I know my dad made a bad decision and he regrets it but since your are now at the humane society with your handsome brother Thunder. I rescued you from a terrible place and my family felt deep down that they put you back in the hell you just came out of. I was so blind because you helped me cope with my depression. We watched movies together, went on jogs, played for hours, slept together on my tiny bed. I miss you so much right now I can’t even eat, drink or sleep. You’ve only been at the shelter for about twelve hours now and I just want you back so bad. I’ll love you forever and always Jessie.

    My handsome dog thunder, yes I know you barely got any attention and you were so happy anyways since you were living with your sister and you still are since you guys are together in the shelter. I promise that we did a background check on the place and they are a no kilo shelter and thank god because if I would’ve lost you like that I don’t even know if I would make it living, breathing, eating, drinking. All I do is think about you guys and it hurts so bad and I need you and Jessie by my side right now and I am in a deep dark depression right now I can’t move. I love you guys so much I’m sorry we didn’t want to hurt you guys just please know we love you so so so much and i regret watching you guys leave. I can’t put in words how much I miss you guys. I’m sorry and I love you guys.

  90. After 3 years with my black lab, I was forced to re-home him, due to a divorce that forced me to find a 1-bedroom apartment. After spending about 1 month looking at over 10 different sites (from to Craigslist), I finally took him to the Humane Society this past Tuesday, in the hopes that he will find a home with a backyard. While I found a 1-bedroom apt, it’s just not big enough for a 85 lb. Black Lab.
    What makes this so difficult is that, at the Rescue Event, my pup beelined it to me and “rescued” me.
    If anyone has gone through something like this, please let me know how you learned to cope. I feel cheated out of years of happiness, and I feel so lost.

  91. Dearest Freyja,
    I didn’t want to give you up, baby. You were so sweet to all of us, especially the kiddos. You were this hairy bundle of love. I’m sorry we couldn’t afford to keep you and that we couldn’t give you enough time to keep you from being destructive. It was our fault for adopting you without better understanding our finances and not knowing I would be returning to school. It’s not fair that you don’t get all the attention you need and we can’t afford the special food you need for your allergies. It’s not your fault, sweet girl. You are a gem of a dog and you will have no issues finding someone to love you and love on you forever. Everyone who meets you loves you. I will miss you for the the rest of my life, darling girl! I don’t know that I can have another dog after you. I just want you. It hurts to not hear you around the house. It hurts to look in places I would normally see you and you’re not there. It hurts to see your traces around the house. My heart is broken. I know that you will love the new home you go to. I hope they have little kids, another dog, and lots of snuggles and treats for you. You were truly the best family dog and companion anyone could ever ask for. I love you, my Frejya, and I always will. I will never forget you, but I hope that one day I will be able to forgive myself and open my heart to a new dog when the time is right. I love you baby and wish you every good thing this world has to offer the best pup. I love you.

  92. Dear Koda:

    We only had you for 10 days, but it was such a joy having you in our lives. I still feel extremely guilty of having to rehome you, but I know this was best for us, but especially for you. I hope and wish that you find the right family for you.
    I know it would have been selfish on my part to try and hold on to you, but you needed more that I could give you.
    I have to let you go now, but you will always hold a special little place in my heart 🙁
    Love your ma

  93. Dear Snow,

    You are such a cute puppy full of energy! You are my dream dog; it breaks my heart that I let you go and it broke daddy’s heart too. As I am writing this I am crying because I miss you so much; but it hurts me seeing you in your kennel almost all day & if I took you outside you cried to come back inside because you got used to being inside and the hot weather outside is insane. My baby Adrian misses you alot and looks for you. I wanted to have you as my forever dog and I love you so much! I know you will be happy living with your new family. Daddy says it is so green overthere and they have a big yard. You can also see lots of deers. It is so beautiful am sure you will love it. I hope you forgive for letting you and I do regret my decision because i miss you so much but it wouldn’t be fair to you if you had stayed with me. I wish my back yard was full of shade and trees, so you could’ve been happier. I love you so much my snow!

  94. Dear Ace,
    You truly were mama’s boy from the start. We got you to protect me when became a big boy, we were just failed in our obedience training along the way unfortunately, and you became overly protective.
    It destroyed mama when she had to re-home you Peanut. I had never had a companion dog that truly loved me and trained with me like you. The night after you left I laid in the garage in your kennel and cried myself to sleep holding your collar and frisbee. It still hurts so extremely bad and it’s been almost two months.
    I hope and pray that you’re in a new home now and that training helped you become a better boy. Mama will always miss you, and the funny things that you did, like biting your pillow, your head tilts and your fur everywhere! Please be a good boy for mama, I’ll keep your frisbee for you always.

  95. Dear Ace,

    I know our time together was short, but I’m never going to forget you. I want you to know that you were the most amazing first dog I could’ve ever asked for. You’re going to grow up to be this gigantic, intelligent and precious lifelong partner for a lucky family. You have so much potential and it hurts me so much, to know I wasn’t able to stick around long enough to see it unfold.

    I love you so much baby, I know you’re in a better place now. You’re not with me anymore but you’ll always have a special place in my heart. I love you Ace. And I miss you.

  96. Hey buddy,

    I am so sorry that I had to rehome you. I really had no idea what I was getting into when I adopted a 7 month old pup. But I should have. Although everyone told me it was fine, leaving you in a crate so often just broke my heart. It did not feel right.

    I found you a retired couple who lived near the beach. You are better off with them. I know this. But I was wish that I tried harder and I deeply regret this. The day that you left me, you knew what was going on. I am so so sorry for giving up on you.

  97. Bear

    From the first day we brought you home as a puppy 6 years ago, you have had us wrapped around your silky paws. Our lives have changed so much in these past 6 years but the love we see reflected back in your honey colored eyes has been the one thing that has never changed. The thought of living our lives without you feels like a knife in the heart. But you, my beautiful boy, deserve so much more than we can give you. We found a wonderful family that wants to adopt you, they live in a beautiful home in the forest with a massive yard and all the spare time in the world. I know you will be so happy there…so why do I feel as though my world is crumbling? I guess it’s because I never thought there would come a day where we had to be faced with a decision like this. In 16 days, we will be saying goodbye. The thought of leaving you behind and you wondering why we left KILLS me. I know that your life will be so much better with them. I know they are counting down the days till you become a part of their family. I know they will love you- who could resist? You are the most beautiful and good boy I will ever have had the privilege to know. It is just so hard to accept this. You will always be apart of me. There will never be another you. I love you so much my gummy Bear and I’m so sorry. I am praying for the strength to get through this life without you by my side.

  98. Dear Fiona,
    I’m sorry I couldn’t give you the proper love and life you deserved. I wish I wasn’t so busy with work or battling my depression, but I hope that your new family is spoiling you and letting you happily bounce around the cows like a little rabbit.
    I miss you dearly. It been a week and I can’t stop thinking about you, let alone crying at the thought of you. I’m glad I was able to hold you and kiss your forehead for two blessed months however. Ill miss your little yaps, nips and seeing you always sitting behind my heels and often scaring the soul out of me due to how quiet you were.
    I wish you were here, but it’s for the best of you. I love you so so so much, and I hope you’re living life to it’s fullest

  99. Dear Zeus,
    You were the dog I always wanted. You came into my life at the right time and despite the bumps of puppy-hood provided so much love, acceptance and happiness to my life. You grew into a magnificent animal – huggable at every turn and wanting to give nothing but love to anyone and everyone you met. I feel so guilty that I am not able to keep you with me forever. I am already obsessing that your next home wont love you as much as I do or give you all that I wanted to. But, I know in my head that that is not real– that they wont be able to help but love you immensely. You are such a big teddy bear, soft- warm and cuddly and with excellent manners. However, my new townhouse and busy lifestyle doesn’t meet your needs for having a no-leash life. You want to case squirrels, lay in the shade, swim in the lake, visit the neighbors and play with the other dogs. You don’t want to lie on my kitchen floor for 8 hours a day waiting for me to come home and ‘finally’ take you out for some play. You deserve that leash free life. My guilt of not being able to provide it is almost more than I can bear. I look into your big brown eyes and cannot imagine a time that I will not be able to hug and kiss on you. I do believe your new life will be amazing; however, I also have to admit that your needs of constant outside time is all-consuming for me which has all but kept me a hermit for the past 8 months. I wish I lived on a big farm where we could be there together. I hurt thinking about you not loving your new owners as much as I hurt thinking you will love them and forget all about me. I love you so my beautiful Zeus … you will always, always be in my heart.

  100. I’m in a situation where it is a roof over my head without my labpit mix or living in a tent with my only companion, Sasha. I live in South Dakota and I don’t see us in a tent in our winter months. I’m grieving as I hold and love her Wondering what I am going to decide. I’m crying and she certainly knows something is up! But does she know what that truth is? It hurts like hell and doesn’t seem fair! Is life fair tho, NO!!!!!!!!!! Or her and I wouldn’t b in this situation!

  101. Dear Spencer and Mia,
    We will always be a family. Being homeless and no one could help me keep y’all hurt me. I had a job that barely could pay for my car and yalls food. I had to sleep on my friends couch to get back on my feet and having to give y’all up for a better life was the hardest thing I had to do. I couldn’t just leave y’all in my car while I worked. IF SOMEONE could have helped me I would still have y’all and I do regret and will continue to hurt unless I could be with y’all again. I pray that whomever is your new parents that they are taking care of you and not locking you in cages or mistreating you. Y’all were rescued for a reason. I look at our pictures every night and pray. I know that when growing there was trauma from my ex abusing me and kicking y’all when I was at work. I did what I could to tell them off and I never let anyone else touch you or hurt you after we left that horrible place. So many memories, so much love and happiness. I would give anything to have you guys back but if you are happier now I just would give anything to know you are safe n happy. Krystal knott, Louisiana , I would give anything to be reunited with you guys. We would finally be whole again in a new home and no stress, I could take care of y’all like I always wanted. But I do not know where I can find you as St. Tammany animal society made me sign a form so I couldn’t find any information out on who adopted you and where..I would pay anything and do anything.. y’all were everything to me and still are. One day I hope we can be reunited.. I can not ever replace you and never will. Y’all will always be in my heart and I will always be searching for y’all..l love y’all with everything in me. It has been a little over a year now. I want so badly to send out a post all over st tammany parish to be reunited with you guys but I do not know how your adopted parents feel and if your happy I do not want to hurt your feelings after having to move on from me and then see me again. I will again always love you.

  102. Nadia please give me advice

    Hi everyone please give me some advice ,
    I am a 12 year old girl who has been wanting a dog for years , i have recently finally convinced my parents to get a dog ( he is turning 1 years tomorrow ) , but ever since he was little he has been showing signs of aggression towards me and my family , he suffers anxiety , resource guarding and as I said really aggressive. I feel so sorry for him he doesn’t mean to bite bad it’s kind of turned into a natural instinct. We have done so much for him such as one on one trainings etc so it didn’t have to come to rehoming him. He is a very sick dog who suffers anxiety, resource guards , anemic , aggressive… I am so stressed and guilty thinking about rehoming him as I want him to go to a really special, happy , safe , loving home that I can rely on them to look after my fur baby. As I talk to my parents about rehoming him I cry and cry 😢 and cry just thinking… please help me and give advice to me. Read down below about examples of him and his personality…

    – 6 weeks into having him home he bit me on the face because I was going to stir his food together
    – if I try to play with him he bites me on the hands, legs and arms …
    – by the way the special trainer says it’s not my fault he’s like this it’s genetics ( in his DNA / born like that )
    – he punctures the skin when he bites
    – he guards things eg: toys ( one time he was anxious and started guarding a book !!! )
    – noise sensitive

    I’m really sad because I’ve always wanted a dog and my parents wouldn’t allow it but finally when I convince them it’s the hardest dog to look after and what’s even sadder is I’m scared of my own dog.

    Please give me some advice to take on , thankyou so much!
    This website was really helpful to me

  103. Sweet baby boy,

    I’m so sorry we have to take you back. So sorry. You were supposed to be our forever boy, but I think the demons from the horrific trauma you experienced are so hard to get over. It makes it even more awful that we have to take you back, knowing you have experienced such awful things in your life. I have been bawling for days. If it were just you and me, we’d be together forever. But, your unsteady behavior is too much to risk with the kids and the cats. And your prey drive, oh my goodness… It’s not your fault. You are just doing what comes natural to you.
    We have only been together for a short time, but in that time, I have grown to love you!! Oh my, do I love you. My heart is broken. The kids’ hearts are broken. So so much about you is the most amazing dog in the world. I pray you get the most amazing home in the world. You deserve it!! I am so so sorry and I love you forever!!

  104. Homer,
    If you would have told me yesterday that it would have came to this today, I never would have believed you. Sure there were signs, but I thought you were getting better, feeling better and that the worst was over. Sadly, I was wrong and we had to make a very difficult call today. One that I will forever regret having to me. I know right now you are probably sitting in a kennel somewhere wondering why we let this happen to you. I wish you could know and feel the depth of which we did not want to do this. Today, I came home and lied down where your crate used to be and sobbed until my head pounded and my hearing was muffled. I am so sorry and I miss you so much. Your dad and I both do. We wish we could have made it work. We really loved you and all your quirks and your sweet nature. But your sweet nature didn’t always apply to other dogs. We didn’t know this at your adoption and by the looks of it you and your sister pup were going to get along smittenly. It was that way most of the time even. But soon a couple Tiff’s happened between you both. Your dad and I tried to stay calm and Chuck it up to dogs communicating….but then it evolved. First outside the home…you began lunging at other dogs on walks or even when you saw them on the sidewalk from in our car. Eventually it came separate you and your fur sister from a fight because it wouldn’t end even with our attempts to distract you both. We got an evaluation for you by a vet and a trainer. We put you on a supplement to help you separation anxiety and dog aggression. We implemented training techniques and practices to keep you both safe. For a while we thought we had it figured out. While you still lunged at dogs on walks, the fights with your sister seemed to be more tiff like again and few and far between. That was until this morning…..I woke to the sound of your sister screaming…not just yelping in fear and pain. I came out to find your sister shaking and your dad explained to me that out of nowhere (no provoking by food or toys that he knew of) you pinned your sister to the ground, wrapped your paws around her body and clamped down on her neck with your teeth. I can’t forget the sound of her scream and the fear in my heart for her safety. At first, I was so mad and upset with you, that I thought maybe this wouldn’t be so hard bc I was doing it to protect your sister, but then I realized….you are sweet dog to humans, you would never intentionally harm us and for the most part you were good with your sister. But for some reason….I believe due to a painful past, you had an immense fear and anxiety around other dogs. I feel you did your best to control this with your sister bc you really loved her, but I think it was just too much for you and you couldn’t control it like we all needed. I don’t blame you and I want you to know that. I blame whomever forced such a sweet dog, that would have otherwise never felt this way about other dogs, become this way. I wish you had better to begin with, so you didn’t have to be scared or anxious with other dogs and could live a life of play and carefree with them. I wish I could have healed whatever broke you. But the one thing I don’t do is blame you. You are a sweet boy and I love you and miss you so much. I wish it would have worked. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me…I did not want to choose between you both….I wanted to keep you both. I just couldn’t risk your sister’s life and your happiness…you couldn’t get past this and living with another dog seemed to create too much anxiety and fear for you, despite your own best efforts to not let it. So today we gave you back to animal Care and control. I wrote a letter to go with you for your next owner…to tell them your issues, yes, but to tell them what a good boy you are and what you needed. And to ask that they give you some hugs from me every now and then and take good care of you. I came home to your sister and a quiet, empty home. No longer do I have my running buddy or my shadow and it kills me inside to think of what you might be going through. But please know, we really loved you and wanted to keep you, but it wasn’t best for either one of you. And please know that I did everything in my power to make sure you found the perfect home next and that you would never be put down for your dislike of other dogs. I know just as well as you do, that this wasn’t your choice to be this way with other dogs and I am so sorry for what must have happened to you in the past. I thank you for bringing love and laughter to our home for almost a year. I thank you for being such a sweet boy and always guarding me. I love you, we love you, we miss you, and we are praying for you.
    The one who will always let you call her mama any time you want and who will always miss and love you.

  105. Bear,
    I only have 8 more hours with you before you head to your new home and my heart is absolutely breaking as I soak up the last night we have together. You know 8 years ago before we got you I didn’t want a dog because “I was going to get stuck taking care of it.” Boy was I in for a treat I was right but only in a sense. I didn’t get stuck taking care of you I GOT to take care of you. You’ve become my best friend, my partner in crime and my shadow. I’ll miss you so much my heart hurts so bad already. I’ll miss our car rides, our trips to the fields to play ball, our walks by the stream by our apartment, the way you sneeze in the mornings when you need to go out but I’m begging for 5 more minutes of sleep, the sound that you make when you’re taking up the whole bed and I scoot you over just a little so I can have some room too but most of all the times we spent together just being still and you resting your head on my lap. I want to thank you for the joy, love and happiness that you have brought into my life. I want you to know that I am rehoming you because you can’t stand being alone and I can’t be with you all the time even though I wish I could be. Your new home will be with a sweet retired lady who has another dog named Tate, he’s been lonely lately because he just lost his dog brother last year. The lady who will be your new owner is hoping to train you as a therapy dog to bring love and comfort to all sorts of people! I’m confident that you will be an amazing therapy dog. She also owns 8 acres of land for you to run around on and sun bathe in every single day! And don’t worry she told me she would keep in touch and I could come a visit you. Bear, I never understood the love people could have for dogs until you came into my life. I’m so lucky to have had a dog that meant so much to me that the goodbye is the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life.

  106. Dear Sitka,

    I wish I could let you know how much you are loved. Our time together was way too brief. I will always remember you laying at my feet in my studio, and will smile looking at the scratches on our kitchen table and remember you being a trouble maker as a young puppy. I will remember how much you loved my daughters and how you looked up to you big dog sister, Lucy.

    What happened to you was so unfair that it makes me loose my breath. I will never forget visiting you in the hospital when you first got sick and were completely paralyzed. It was my 40th birthday. I sat on the floor and held your paws while tears streamed down my cheeks. I wasn’t sure if that was the last time I’d ever see you.

    The girls and I visited you every day you were in the hospital and were overjoyed the first time we saw you stand up. It looked like hope, but i knew in my heart you’d been through so much that you’d never be the same puppy you’d been before that brutal day you became sick.

    When we brought you back home, we were afraid. Afraid you’d be uncomfortable, afraid you’d fall down the stairs (you did), afraid Lucy would accidentally hurt you, afraid of the piles of medicine we’d be giving you, afraid you’d relapse…

    The past three months have been hard. I’ve tried to continue to be a good mom to my kids and focus on my work, but my worry about you has consumed my thoughts. I pick you up when you fall and take you to the doctor. We’ve spent hours at the doctor. For urinary tract infections, for bloody noses, for medical tests, for the sore you got on your lip. How did that happen anyway? I’ve swallowed hard and paid astronomical vet bills because my heart tells me you are worth it. You are worth it.

    Dad and I have talked about you a lot, and what your condition means for our family. Our last dog, Cleo, who we loved very much, died a painful death, and we do not want that to happen to you. Are you suffering? Are you in pain? I worried so much on Friday when you didn’t eat your breakfast. That is what Cleo did the day she died. You’ve never even paused before woofing down the food in front of you, even when you couldn’t walk. Were you trying to tell us it was time for you to go? We thought so. We called the vet and made plans to put you down. You laid on the floor with glassy eyes all morning and soaked up all the love we were giving you knowing it’d be our last day with you.

    Scott took you to the vet, because I knew I couldn’t handle saying goodbye to you that way after all we’ve been through together. The vet didn’t want to put you down because you are so young. You are so young.

    When given the option to send you to a rescue for special needs dogs, that sounded like hope. So you are gone, and we are here missing you, hoping you are comfortable and happy and that you can get well and find a home where you are loved like you’ve always been loved here.

    Your first birthday is next month and I promise to give all the love I can to Lucy for you.

    We love you so much Sitka.


  107. Thank you for your article. I fostered my dog when she was 8 weeks old, and took her everywhere, buses,, grocery stores, taxis I had her in a puppy stroller during those outings and a carry on bag. She was so much energy and so needy that when it was time for them to spay her andthen me let her go, I thought that she was not yet ready to be adopted by anyone but me. I feared she would get returned as she was such a handful. I went to two puppy training school courses. She went to the dog park every day for 6 months. And then one day she and i got attacked to the point where we were both hospitalized overnight. When i was in the hospital i realized how my circumstance(no support around me, no car, no yard for her, small apt. and now my own fear and anxiety for her and i around other dogs) came to realization. But even then, I could not give her up-she had nearly died, and now I had to start all over again to ensure that she would be confident again. I carried her on her walks initially as she was too scared. I worked so hard. I could not have a job as I could not leave her alone without her crying. We do not go to the dog park anymore which with her being part husky, means every day revolves around continues walks for her.I stopped being able to go out and take part in life as i was so concerned about her well being. Anyways, she is almost 2 now, and I feel I haven’t the energy anymore for this. Every day is dedicated around her, I am tired, isolated and every day I think about rehoming her. But then I feel crippled with sadness. She would love to have more than one person in a household, a family with a house and backyard and other animals. She loves other animals and would love dawgy siblings. I am very proud of myself and her for not giving up after the attacks, but I fear that I will never be able to get to that support system she and i need if i continue this isolated path around her. I feel selfish even thinking like that, but I am in need of my own social network and life and have not been able to have that. I want to finish college too and cannot in these circumstances. I do not regret adopting her, and knew the responsibilities that came with having a dog, but did not think about the possibilites of us being attacked and how that would affect me, as i had never been in such a terrifyingly shocking situation before. Sorry I wrote so much, just felt like reaching out here.
    I send hugs to everyone who has posted, I read many of your beautiful letters and admire your strength of being able to let go.

  108. Max,
    When I got you I was so excited you where going to be my best friend. I spent all the time I had with you and you knew that I loved you. I trained you to sit and shake I even kennel trained you. You where the best dog I could ever ask for and you loved me with all your heart as did I. You would get in my nerves and where very destructive sometimes but I still loved you. One thing led to another and we made an unexpected move you came with but you being a hyper Pup was no match for apartment life especially when I was at school for 7 hours a day and you where left in your kennel while everyone else was at work. I was so determined to keep you happy and I tried but I simply didn’t have enough time and me not admitting to that was hurting you more. You became very depressed and stopped gaining weight. You where simply not happy with me anymore and I had to accept that and give you a better life that you deserved. I sent you to my sisters not knowing I was going to make the heartbreaking decision to give you up. My sister was simply not enough either. Within a few days she met a lady who lived on a ranch and had more German shepherds just like you to get your energy out and to be loved by. When I told you bye I told you I would see you in a month. And that never came I feel so guilty for that. I never explained to you why I had to do it and I never got a proper goodbye and it broke my heart. To this day I miss you like crazy that year with you was the best year of my life you learned how to hug and dance and you always comforted me when I would cry. You got me through my lowest low and I am so sorry I couldn’t get you through yours. I still to this day love you with all my heart and I hope you are doing so good.
    Sincerely, the one who loved you first

  109. Dear Royce,
    I am so sorry I’m saying goodbye to you tomorrow. I am going through unimaginable pain right now thinking about it, How tomorrow will be the last day that I see you 😭. You are the most kind sweets dog ever. I love you so much. I really hope that you will find these new people like home. Please don’t miss me or look all around the house for me like you do. I need you not to miss me and enjoy your new family. I’m sorry I couldn’t give you what you needed. I wouldn’t be who I am today if it weren’t for you. I love you so so so much.



  110. Toby's Best Friend

    Dear Toby,

    I’ve had you for 14 years. 14 long, fun, loving, difficult, incredible years. I know moving across country wasn’t your idea of fun, but you couldn’t stay behind. I know our new home didn’t mesh with you and your anxiety went through the roof. I tried everything I could to make things better for you. Please know that I did every single thing that I could for you and that this is not something I want and something I will regret forever, but I had to do what was best for you and for me. I know that you will find a new home with someone who can stay home with you all day and chill with you. Someone who won’t have to go to work like I did. I know that they will love you because everyone loves you. You are impossible not to love. You are the sweetest, most loving, most amazing dog there ever has been and you will never be replaced in my heart. You licked my tears and lay with me through every teenage trauma and adult set back I experienced. We went running together. You swam in the pool so much. You hung out with your brother and sister even though I don’t know how much you liked your little sister. I hope and pray that this is easy for you and all the pain goes to me. You deserve nothing but happiness and the happiness you needed I could no longer give to you. Please know that I love you more than anything in the world and only want you to be happy and safe. You meant everything to me.

  111. I had been wanting a dog my whole life. I had grown up around dogs since I was one year old and have loved them and they love me. I wanted to be a veterinarian or rescuer because I just had synergy with dogs, even ones that were anxious or shy. My dad was abusive and when I got kicked out of the house, he wouldnt let me see my childhood dogs anymore. I was devastated and got a dog as soon as I could – right after I got into a major financial bind, because I discovered how difficult it is to live alone, especially being forced out to fend for myself. I called the sheltee for this one Malinois I really liked, but when we went to meet them the shelter lady didnt bring the Malinois. She said my voice sounded too gentle to be able to handle a Malinois, so she brought a Dutch Shepherd. I didnt take offense, and fell in love with the Dutch. He immediately snuggled me in the car. It only took 2 days for him to learn his name. My dog helped me a lot through that time, emotionally and physically as I had a lot of creepy men trying to “help” me in exchange for “favors”. My dog was always so protective of and attached to me, and he got severe separation anxiety. I would take the bus everywhere and got him certified ESA so I could bring him with me to all the “couch surfs” I went to every week or so trying to find a safe place to stay. We would go to the dog park or take a walk or a long trip 5 days a week at least. I could let him off the leash and he would scout in 20 foot circles around me, never wandering off. He was the best dog when right next to me, but the most destructive and panickrd pup ever when away from me for more than 30min.
    It only took 3 days for my dog to show signs of severe separation anxiety. He would whine and bark and run around even with others in the room, if I wasnt there. He would tear apart kennels and doors just to get to me when I would go to work. I had to work full time to afford to support myself and my pup, and I couldnt bring him to work. I kept working with him on separation for 4 months before I finally realized I couldnt afford him. I couldnt afford the damage – heck, I couldnt afford proper dog food for him. (I fed him a mix of unseasoned chicken breast, sweet potato, fish oil, black rice, and coconut milk. His coat became magnificiently silky)
    I reached out to the shelter lady asking for help cause I wanted to keep him. She was horrified and said that it was my fault for not stimulating or comforting him enough, which is why he had severe separation anxiety with me. I told her I had plenty of toys for him and that we were constantly going to the dog park and going on adventures. He even broke his toe at the dog park cause we went so often, and he played so rough. The vet psrscribed meds and limited movement for 6 weeks. She said that this was a horrible match, and that I needed to return him immediately because my pup was going insane and she would sue if I didnt give him back asap. She said my pup hsd never behaved that way with her and her other shelter dogs (so it was obvious I made him this way). I felt tremendous shame and guilt. I had drove him insane with my unstable situation, (according to my own reasons and what the shelter lady inplied), and he had severe attachment disorder to me. Now I was being forced to abandon him or face court. I wondered how hard it would be for him to be away from me for more than 30min, but for…..forever. i thought of all the trials we went through where he was my only friend and protector. I didnt want to give him up anymore, but I couldnt afford him. I wished I wasnt so poor or stupid to constantly be giving up things I loved. Things leaving me or being forced sway from me……I had no family or support and now my best friend was being returned. I posted about it and tried to think of why the shelter lady was wrong, but I could only come to the conclusion that I was making stupid excuses and I really was an unsuitable owner and couldnt handle dogs like Malinois or Dutch Shepherds. I couldnt do anything or afford anything good in my life.

    I still think this way to this day. I know my dog isnt my dog anymore, that he is happier somewhere where someone can spend 24/7 with him, and I wonder if he ever misses me. Perhaps it is for the better he doesnt, cause it might give him even more separation anxiety trauma.
    I’ve thought of getting another dog or a cat to fill the hole inside me. But right now I’m in no place to afford another animal and it would be unfair to whoever I adopted. It is hard being alone after you have a period where you arent alone, where you have a conpanion and a protector. When that gets taken away, it is hard to re-accept lonliness now that you know what companionship feels like.
    The shelter lady wont give me any updates on him or let me re-adopt him or give him to a friend so that I can visit him. He is gone and I have to move on.
    I know that I can, I just dont know how long it’ll take or how much damage it will do to me, little by little, until it fades away.

  112. I’m sad I gave my dog up today I surrendered her to animal rescue I ask for her back the denied me because this was my second attempt. But I know I made the wrong decision I’m devastated and can’t get her back

  113. my little Bonnie,
    I am in tears writing his because I feel i have failed you. I tried so hard to make you comfortable but your anxious nature meant that our big family is just too much for you. I took you for a run this morning and you led me the whole way, keeping guard and protecting me like you have always done. No human will ever give me the welcome you give me when I walk through the door. You had a terrible start in life but we took you in and gave you a warm home with fun and games and endless ball throwing! I will remember our walks through the woods and the day you tried to catch a stag! When I was pregnant you sensed it and lay with me each day with your nose on my tummy. When i cried you licked my tears away and when I was sleepy you licked my face to wake me up. It wouldnt be fair to keep you my sweetheart. you deserve a kind, calm life where you are not fearful of children. We have found you a lovely home which you are going to visit tomorrow. There is a big garden with a river at the end of it….. you can chase the geese! There are two boys who live there a few days a month with their dad. They play football so you can play with them. They also ride bikes along the river and they want to do it with you. Remember we did this when you were a pup? you loved it. I know they will look after you. They will make time to train you and you will have some consistency there. I dont want you to be anxious and scared anymore. I love you more than you can imagine but I know you will be happy my sweet. I will visit you. Remember you are loved xxxxx

    1. I have to rehome my beloved two year old dog, we have had him for 1 1/2 years. We love him but because of medical problems I need to find him a good home that can exercise him better and train him and love him. This is so hard. I can’t stop balling. The guilt and the thought of how much I’m going to miss him is overwhelming. I’m not sure if I can do this. I had no intentions of letting him go when I brought him home the first time. I have to rethink this. I don’t think I can do this. It hurts too much and I still have him.

  114. Dear Adam,
    I got the phone call the day before my birthday that 3 babies needed foster. Happy birthday to me! A couple of baby kitties to love and watch grow. I decided to adopt all 3 of you and our journey has been filled with so much love. You made me cry when you were sock at 5 weeks old. You made me laugh when played with Lady Bunn. You made me mad when you scratched the furniture. You made me feel loved when you trusted me enough to be the only human that can rub on your belly. You were always near by. Always! In the past 2 years, I have tried to resolve your anger towards your sister. I tried to separate you, I rehomed her twice to keep her safe from you. I don’t know what happened to make you despise her all the sudden, but I tried to bring the peace back. I know you are not a bad kitty. I know your discontentment for other people and cats is because you love me so much that I was all you wanted. I was all you needed. As much as I love your loyalty, it took me too long to accept how unhealthy it was. I cannot apologize for the miracle of creating a beautiful baby, but I will say that it isn’t fair that she immediately takes priority over you. It isn’t your fault that she is more important. It is not a punishment, but my responsibility as a mother to place her safety and security above everything else in the world. I don’t love you any less, I just love her more. I know that you are so scared right now. I know you are sad and miss your spot on the couch. I know you feel betrayed. I am sorry. I made a promise to you that I never ever thought that I would have to break. Almost 5 years, and I never questioned allowing you into my heart. My baby boy. My bubby. My fluffbag. I love you. I know where you are and I promise to come see you as soon as I can. Until then, I hope you are being a brave boy. I hope you let your new family into your heart soon. I hope you see that they want to give you a chance to live a happy and healthy rest of your days. You will always hold a piece of my heart and you will always be my friend. I will love you forever. Please forgive me and find peace.

  115. Sky,
    You are the best dog ever. You have made me so happy and now that I have to give you away im so extremely sad. You were supposed to be there for me. You were perfect and loving and caring. You were my bestfriend.I can’t believe I have to give you away. Believe it or not this is not my decision it’s my parents. I’m getting into highschool and they said I can’t spend all my time taking care of a dog. You are mine all mine, you are my baby. I loved the way you would fall asleep on me and put your belly up. I loved when you howled because rarely enough you were a husky and never howled but when you did it was so beautiful. I loved the way you would run around the house. There were so many times I thought I was never going to see you because you would run away and come right back to me. I loved the way you would sit outside my door to want to come into my room or when I left the house you would run to the window to see me go. I remember when we first got you you looked like a rat . So small little and hairy. You were rare because you are a piebald husky. You were so shy and scared of everything, now you are bold and open. I hope you enjoy and adapt to your new family. I love you mami . I hope there would be a memory of me roaming around in your memory.

    1. Dear Alice
      You are still my pride and joy. The most beautiful dog I have ever laid eyes on. I hope you have an easy time in your new home because that’s why I’m so sad. I know you have separation anxiety and I do now too. I can’t stop wanting to see your wagging fluffy tail when I enter a room. However, I cannot give you the things you deserve. I love you more than I love my family or friends so that’s why I want what’s best for you. I’m not the best for you. I was young and I was naive when I first got you. I thought I could give you walks everyday and brush you everyday but with a job and soon college I cannot give you the attention you desperately need

    2. Parker ,

      When I was younger I was attacked by a dog whilst playing from that moment I was petrified of dogs the mere sight of them frightened me
      We got you last year and I was immediately In love you’re such a sweet little thing and i no longer fear dogs cause you helped me

      2years ago depression took over I didn’t go out I didn’t even want to live but when we got you we would go on early morning walks and I slowly managed to crawl out of the whole depression put me in. Knowing we have to give you away hurts you were brought by my sister to be her dog but I truly feel as if you were mine I wish you could stay but you can’t but I love you and I hope someone else will love you and give you the life you deserve I don’t want to let you go and even though I know your going to a good home I can tell stop the tears from falling life sucks but you made it suck less.

  116. Millie. You are currently asleep with your head resting on my tummy, after just getting up to explore what the sniffling sounds were. You always know when I’m upset, and you come to comfort me. I don’t know what I’m going goung to do without you. I’m bringing you to your new home on Saturday, we have 3 more nights together. I can actually feel my heart breaking. I just wish you knew how sorry I am that I can’t look after you the way you deserve. I have loved you more than anything in this world and you have been the most incredible companion. I’m going to miss you but your going goung to have children to play with and a new mum that will have so much time for you. You will have space to run and so many smells to smell. We’re goig to go on a huge walk on Saturday on the beach because I know that’s your favorite. You are so loved. I am so sorry.

    1. Coco's ate (big sister)

      To my dearest puppy Coco,
      I am devasted right now since I made a very quick decision to give you away. Though you’re just nearby our house, I know that I would not be able to call your cute name every morning and cuddle your fat tummy. You are so adorable and behave. You are very charming and playful that even mom was saddened because you are not part of the family anymore… but you will always be in our hearts, in my heart. I can’t stop crying because I love you so much. But we cannot take care of you guys (4 2 month old pups) because we are already taking care of your mom and daddies (2 male dogs).
      In your new home, you will meet your new brother. I’m hoping for the two of you to get along with each other. I love you so much…

  117. I just had to surrender my two pups to a shelter. I have to move to be with my wife for surgery. Cannot have pets. Hardest thing I’ve every had to do. Love my dogs .. I’m in deep sadness.

    1. Dear Jax,

      I love you so much and will always love you. I am so sorry we had to say goodbye to you today but know that is was for the best and I will never forget you. We had an amazing time together and i’m Sure at the moment you question why we had to leave you but it was for everyone’s benefit, even your own. I hope that you meet a new family who can treat you well and know how to do things differently to us. It’s not your fault you got aggressive, many factors came into play but I know that soon enough you will learn to accept what we have done and start the next chapter in your life. No matter what, I will never forget you or stop loving you and I will think of you always.

      Love Olivia x

  118. Rigby,

    As I write this, you are asleep on my lap. You aren’t even gone yet and I’m already grieving you. Tomorrow we are taking you to find a new family. Please know that we love you so much. You are the best dog and are so full of life, but we can’t take care of you the way you deserve. You deserve a yard and someone to take you on lots of walks. You deserve room to play fetch and chase bunnies and squirrels. You deserve someone’s undivided attention, and that’s something we just cannot give you right now.

    We love you so much that we know we have to let you go to a new family. I know I will cry and I know you will wonder why we left you, but I promise you will be happier with a yard and a new family.

    Please don’t cry when we leave you because we will be crying, too. Please just know how much we love you. We will always love you ❤️❤️❤️

  119. Dear Tank I just want you to know that I love you very much, my heart aches with pain knowing I had no choice but to surrender you today we tried everything we could do buddy and I know you tried your best to work on your issues but we both know that due to our circumstances that we had no choice I will forever remember you. I still can remember when I picked you up as a little baby puppy you were so sweet and loved me so much. I will miss our TV and snuggle time together where I would put on your favorite show and you would come sit only lap even though you barley fit. I just wish things were different and we could have spent more time together. I wish you the best and I know you will find a awesome loving home hopefully one with a huge yard where you can run your little heart out. I love you tank just know no matter what I always will a part of me will always be with you and you with me. Love Dad

  120. dear theo,
    it’s not fair. it didn’t have to go this way. i’m so sorry. i’ve wanted a dog since i was 3, and when i found out you were going to become part of my family i was so happy. i remember being super excited about having you by my side, my little pup. now almost three years have passed and my illnesses have taken over my life. i’m sorry for not having the strength to take care of you. it can’t go on anymore. i love you to death and i’ll miss you everyday, but i can’t drag you down with me. i have to let you go. please don’t hate me, you’ll be in my heart forever, i promise.

    1. Dear Elsa…
      As I’m writing this, I’m crying tears that miss you. I miss you, and I’m so sorry I wasn’t enough for you… I’m so sorry for putting you through my own problems, I’m sorry you had to have an owner who was so insecure in herself that she didn’t know how to be a strong leader for you. I’m so sorry that we created a strong bond, and that I have now left you away to someone you don’t know. I heard you love it there, that you have made new friends with their dog. You’ll always be my dog, my first dog. You helped me so much through this all, through this horrible year. I’ll always look up to you, and your courage. I love you, and I’ll always miss you.

  121. Dear lil’ Toots, i know it been a few months since we have gotten you but it felt like such a long time. Those few months made it feel so long to the point that it was harder to you go. I hope you know how much i was crying and begging after hearing that we can’t keep you anymore due to our asthma. I heard that your new owner us saying that you wouldn’t stop following her around and im glad that you’re able to adjust well. You may be able to adjust in just a few hours but it will take me weeks or more just to get over the fact that you’re bot with us anymore. I am ver sorry Toots i hope you know how much we all loved you. Im gonna miss the times when you run up to me everytime i have something in my hand. I remember going down the stairs and i was looking for you, calling your name but then i remembered that you were no longer with us. And now you’re with a new owner and im sure she’s gonna love you and take care of you as much as i do. It’s sad to see your brother dog is quiet since he dosen’t have a playmate anymore. I wonder how you’re doing….Are you fed well? Do they treat you well? Im sure though that they love you already. Thank you so much Toots for making me very happy in these last few months i’ve been here with you. I love you so much and i’ll never forget you pal!!

  122. Odie,
    As I write this I am still crying . I just gave you away yesterday it was the hardest decision I have ever had to make . Broke my heart boy to see you leave , I had to take you to a animal center so they can find you a new home where you will be able to have a big yard . Be free to run around and bark as you please. Here you couldn’t you are still a growing pup, you need to be able to express yourself . I’m so sorry Odie, please forgive me , i woke this morning at 4am and i looked down at the side of my bed and i thought you were there, I thought it was all just a bad dream I had . But it wasn’t Odie you really are gone . I’m so sorry Odie but I just know you will find a good loving home I promise. Please know that we loved you very much my boy, I will miss you very very much .i love you Odie boy that sweet puppy face , I will never forget you.

    1. Oh my. This is exactly what I’m going through right now. I’m crying so much as I read your letter because I have to give away my sweet boy tomorrow. I am dreading it. However, I know it’s what I have to do for my Rigby to be happy and thrive the way he deserves. Sending good thoughts your way. You aren’t alone. ❤️

    2. I am sitting here and I cannot stop crying. My first baby dog Rosie (6) is being arttacked by my other dog. We have decided after a year of fighting that you cannot go through this anymore. We must find you a new home that you will love and be happy in. But how can I say goodbye to you. You are the sweetest dog and you just adore us. How will anyone else know all your little habits. Where you like to be tickled, when you like to eat, when you go to your bed. How can anyone possibly love you as much as we do. Our hearts are breaking. We have never felt such devastation as this and you are sitting there not knowing that we are going to give you away. We are so so sorry. We are only doing this for you to protect you and to give you a more settled life without fear and stress and pain. P,ease forgive us and please love your new life. Mama and dad.

  123. Dear Sweetpea,

    You have been the most perfect, sweet, energetic, and curious friend over the last 5 years. You really have been a part of our family, and we all love you so so much. We know that the last few years have been really stressful for you, and you have never felt comfortable around children, especially toddlers. And now that Francis is almost 3, it seems like you are more uncomfortable that ever. We don’t blame you for snapping at him, nipping him, or for growling, we know that you just want to make it clear that you don’t feel safe, and we understand. I want you to know that we don’t want to lose you at all, we want to be there for you forever. But we also want you, and our son, to be safe. Francis misses you so much too, and talks about you all day long. He sings songs about you, and has made up a story that you have gone to the forest to live with the wolves. This morning he insisted on leaving a bowl of food for you on the porch, in case you wanted to come back from the wild. Me and your dad are just crying and crying, and so unsure if what we are doing is right. We know logically it seems right, but in our hearts it just feels so terrible.

    On the bright side our Sweetpea, we live in a small community, and friendly acquaintances have adopted you. We will see you every Sunday, for a date at the beach, and we plan on getting you the tastiest treats ever, and throwing you a million balls. You are an amazing dog, and you deserve the most loving care, we feel very hopeful that your new home with be amazing, and that you will love your new family just as open-heartedly as you have loved us. They don’t have children, so you won’t have to feel stressed about being pestered, and they are retired, so you will be the center of their attention.

    Finally I am so sorry my Swwetpea, I want to be the one who can put you first and give you everything you deserve. Know that I will always love you.
    Your First Human Mom

  124. I can’t begin to express my gratitude to you for sharing this message. We had to give a once stray, lived with us for nearly 5 years, dog away. There are too many reasons to mention but I miss him terribly. We have so many fond memories but could no longer offer him the help & time he deserves. Thank you so much for your encouragement. It has helped me feel some better about our decision.💗

  125. Dear my beautiful Flo

    This afternoon I’m about to take you to a animal sanctuary one we went to visit a few weeks ago, it’s a lovely place I know you’ll be cared for as the people are really kind and love animals, I know they’ll find you the best forever home, you are currently curled up at my feet and I want you to stay there forever, I’m sorry you stopped getting along with Daisy and the decision I have made to rehome you has been the hardest one I’ve ever made, that’s the reason I’ve cried a lot these last 4 weeks I’m sorry for that too, I don’t want to give you away, I want you to be mine forever but I have to do what’s best my love, over the past 5 years you have given me so much joy and a abundance of love, I will miss you forever and I will always love and have loved you beyond measure and I always will, I will miss your little bum wiggle, bark kisses, hugs I have the best memories, and you have helped me so much in the time we’ve been together so thankyou my precious girl, your not my dog your my little baby, I truly believe you are going to go to someone that needs you as much as I’ve needed you over the years I love you so much my baby girl

  126. star we just had to give her away just today i love you so much you brought joy when you would come into my room and sleep by my side. i still hear you in my head barking. i think about the fact that it was for the best you were trying to hurt the cats. i dont know what i would do if i lost one of them or you. i wish that you could have gotten along with the cats but i understand that four cats is to much for you.i hope that your happy in your new home i gave you a stuffed to to remember me you know the one that you love so much. i cry whenever i enter a room because it reminds me of you but i have to think that now your not on your leach all day long . and now you dont have to worry about the cats.i understand that you see them as prey. maybe if i had gotten you when you where a puppy things would be better but they could not get a flight ready for you. its my first time losing a dog. i have your name tag so that i will always remember you and you will always remember me i hope..i love you star i miss you so much…xoxo

  127. Dear Ailani,

    It’s been two days since I found you a new home. I didn’t expect to be this hurt or guilty. You were a huge part of our family for almost 3 years. I’m so sorry that you and your sister stopped getting a long. I’m sorry that I couldn’t provide a safer environment for you to stay in. I wish I could fix your dog aggression but you deserve to be in a home where you’re not so tense all the time. You deserve all the attention in the world. Which is why I found a nice home with no other pets. Where you can thrive and cuddle up with your new humans without a worry. I will miss the way you lay your head on my chest and I will miss how you’d find a way to sit your 64 lb butt in my lap. You are so incredibly beautiful and you made me a very happy person. I’m sure you’re doing the same with your new family. I have to say goodbye to you, because it wasn’t fair to keep you here. In my own selfish mind, I’d keep you here in a heartbeat. But I could tell you were stressed. Goodbye Ailani, and thank you for blessing my life with your presence.

  128. Dear Roxie,

    I will miss you so very much! I’m happy I made a post on Craigslist with a fake price for your rehoming to filter out serious dog parents.

    You have been such a joy and you have been there for me during the toughest times of my life.
    You have always been such a cuddle bug and I will miss your loyalty and happy face. I will remember you everytime I hike. I was so impressed with your stamina and how you would lead the hikes and impress hikers with your obedience to my commands.

    But I found you a great owner who has two other energetic working dogs like you.

    I know you will be happier in you new farm with new friends to re -show you how to herd sheep. You will have so much more land and things to do like run and hang out with your new farmer, Ken.

    Roxie you will get a great opportunity to herd some sheep and add some purpose to your life that I know you crave. You wont have to be bored at home. You will get to explore all day!

    Your new owner seems like such a cool guy Roxie! Think of all the running you can do and all the space you’ll have and how happy you will be .

    I cant wait for your next adventure Roxie! I will always love you but I am so happy for you.

    Love you always,

  129. Dear Eli,
    You were the best buddy boy I ever could have hoped for. Thank you for being right by my side through 8 1/2 years of adventures and struggles. I am so sorry life changed the way that it did. Please know that I did not want this at all. If I could go back, I’d do everything differently and you’d still be snuggled up right next to me. I made some big mistakes and you paid for them and I don’t think I’ll ever forgive myself. You were my hero. Over and over and over again.
    Please know that I did my best. But I just couldn’t give you what you deserve anymore. Please know that you are a GOOD BOY and your family loved you like crazy and always will. I will be praying for you every day.
    My heart is so broken. I love you so much. I’m so sorry. Please forgive me. Please please be happy. You are an angel.

  130. Dear rusty,
    I love you so much i hate to let you go. Life is going hard and i wish i had my baby boy with me by my side.
    im sorry dad and teresa had to get rid of you. i miss you more than anything. i miss our walks. i miss teaching you new tricks. I know you were confused when i walked away. Everyone in the car were crying. We all miss your little face and pepper is growing and she misses you too.
    love, paige

  131. Dear Nala,

    You’re laying on my feet as I write this, unaware that this is our last night together. When I first adopted you, I quickly found out that you were the most loving dog in the world- but you also had massive anxiety. I tried so many different trainers, medications, etc and it didn’t seem to be enough to help you. But I wanted to help you so bad because I suffer from anxiety and I know how scary it can be. People didn’t understand what I was going through because you truly were the perfect dog most of the time. But they didn’t see the panic attacks you were having if I left you alone for mere seconds.

    I took you to pet sitters everyday when I went to work and the photos and videos started to tell a different story of a carefree, easygoing dog. They could even leave you alone for 20 minutes when their dog was with you. I started to realize you needed a family like theirs and we weren’t a good fit. You need a sister or brother to play with everyday and a calm, collected owner who knows how to handle your anxiety. I wish so much that I could have given that to you. You will forever be in my heart.

    I hope you find peace in a family that can give you those things. But apart from your healing, I hope you don’t change too much! Stay your gentle, loving self.

  132. Dear Teddy,
    We brought you home with so much joy and love. We only had you for 9 days but you became such an integral part of our world. You brought us laughter, joy and love. However, we quickly realized that we were not able to provide you with the life that you deserved. We were constantly in and out of the house and our lifestyle was such that we knew you would be home alone a lot. Your human brothers were only 5 and 9 and me being the Mom , was always busy. I know your new family will adore you! They will spoil and pamper you and that is what you deserve. Today has been a very sad day for me, but I will always love you Teddy. You are a true gem in this world and your family is blessed to have you. Love you so much Teddy Tedstar.

  133. I had been searching for just this article. I have done nothing but cry since we made the decision to return our pup to the rescue. We have not had him for a long time but this adorable little bundle has left his mark on our hearts. In a very short period of time we found that this tiny, in size, and baby, in weeks, is to much for us to handle. We made this decision quickly to ensure that he is young enough to adapt to his new family quickly.
    Thank you for the article.

  134. Dear Pepper,
    From the day I adopted you I knew we were meant to be together my little brother got your sister, Fudge. He kept her in a crate all day while you got treated like a queen running around in the grass, chewing on toys, fresh food and water all the time. But your sister in Fudge was given to me because he didn’t care about her anymore I gave her freash food and water all the time and gave her treats and toys just as I did you but I didn’t play with her. You were a queen to me and she was a mere decoration, school got worse and worse for me to the point where there was no going back. Mom had to give you both away though I didn’t care Fudge was going, I did care you were going. Baby I’m so sorry for what happened but I needed help and you were always there for me. But it wasn’t working. I tried to get you back, dad and I both did but we couldn’t. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. I should have done my school work, but I didn’t but I haven’t stopped loving you from the day I adopted you at 8 weeks old when you fit in the palm of my hand to now when you are four years old and fit on my lap. But I just couldn’t do that to you and your sister so I tried to make things right but it was to late. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. Don’t ever forget me please.


  135. Inka,

    From the moment I first saw you I knew you were for me. Having you rescued in winter, after someone abandoned you in the middle of nowhere, gave me certain relief for the first time since my beloved dog Saba, had died. You were grateful for everything I’ve done for you, always close to me, to the kids.
    But you didnt get along with men. I guess someone must have hurt you before and you just remembered it. You didnt get along with my husband to the point I was the only one taking care of you. You were scared of my kids playing, not used to noises, you would just crawl under the table and lie there. You deserved a calm, quiet home where you could be at peace. It broke my heart when I let you go, but I know it is better for both you and my family. If it had been only you and me, we would have stayed together, but I can’t let you live a miserable life in a home that terrifies you. I will always love you and remember you for you made me get over the loss of my previous doggy. For that, thank you. And sorry for not being able to keep you.

  136. Dear Tuesday,
    When I saw you for the first time, I fell in love. You were so sweet and you looked at me like I was the greatest thing in the world. The day I came home and you were there, I was so happy. We gave you a couple weeks to settle in to your new home before we started training you, but you never learned. We tried so hard. Technique after technique. Nothing worked with you. You wouldn’t stay out of the trash, you jumped on me.. You’re a huge dog, Tuesday, I was scared you would hurt the baby, you would bark at everyone, and I know you just wanted to be their friend, but you intimidated everyone who came over so much that everyone stopped coming. The only way I could get you to listen was to tower over you with a deep scary voice until you cowarded down. Those moments you looked at me like I was a hungry lion and you were my meal. I didn’t want you to live in fear. I didn’t want you to live in a cage or the basement. I want you to have a home without as many rules for you. A big yard and other dogs. Older children. I want you to be happy. You were never going to be happy here. Yes, I know you love us and you had happy days with us, but to be truly happy all the time would only be a dream. It hasn’t even been 24 hours since you left us and I don’t know what to do with myself. It was in our contract to take you back to the shelter so they could find you a good home. I can’t bring myself to drive past it now. I have to take the long way, all the way around town, because I’m scared to see you playing outside. I don’t think I’ve stopped crying. I don’t know how I still have tears to cry but they keep coming. I love you so much more than you’ll ever realize. I know you’ll find a good forever home soon and until then, I at least know you’ll have your happy moments in your temporary home. You were so happy to see your old dog keeper. I think she missed you too. Just be yourself and someone is bound to fall in love with you, just like I did. You will always have a piece my heart big guy. I love you so much!!

  137. Hi, I read your article and though it brought a measure of relief I still feel terrible about giving our dog away. My wife and I talked about doing it off and on for awhile and we gave away our dog of four years to a lady who came to buy something on the internet. I casually mentioned our dog and she was interested in taking him. She face timed her 15 yr old and he and her both wanted him and seemed like decent people, they also had a 9yr old. So we figured the boys would help him burn off the energy that we couldn’t. She also stated that she would send us updates on him. So we gave him to her. We had an initial conversation and text regarding his needs and so forth. A few days later I texted and asked about how he was doing, I also called, and left a message. In all messages I told her we weren’t trying to get the dog back, but just wanted to make sure he was ok. Nothing, no response not a single hint of how he’s doing. Now I feel terrible and incredibly guilty. Do I have any recourse? I know her name and town but nothing else. I don’t know how to process this guilt I have with giving him away. Any suggestions you have will be greatly appreciated thank you

  138. I have a comment… Can someone help me.. I am struggling with not knowing where they placed my dog.. “They” said that it was in the best interest of the Dog to break the tie/bond.. Has anyone else had this happen? I was hoping to still see Joey from time to time and get reports. Not knowing anything is killing me.. We had to give him up because he Bit my Grandson 3 times and the 3 time was bad. I was not ready to give him up but my Husband insisted . I just feel like they did not explain that part to me! What do you guys think? Should there be no contact or info about the person that adopted your pet?

    1. Hello
      I had the same problem with my dog. I was too ill at the time to see all the hazards. My dog went into Dogs Trust and for 8 months I asked what happened to him and was told they couldn’t say. I wrote many times. I became so ill and depressed at his loss due to my disease that my DIL acted on my behalf.
      They relented and contacted new owners and new owners wanted to speak to me about my dog as he was unsettled. Unfortunately although promised I could see him again it never came to pass but I do know where he is. It’s not always a good thing as in my case.
      So if you went with a dog sanctuary rehoming ask them if the could contact new owners and ask if they would be happy to contact you and even send you photos.

      1. Hello Judy.. Here is some more info- I am struggling with a 3 yr old dog I had to re-home because of resource guarding and biting. I wasn’t ready to give him up but my Husband insisted. And to make things worse the Pet resort Joey went to. (they do Day-Care Training Grooming)that I gave him too told me that one of the Groomers wanted him and that I would be able to still see him and get updates.. After a couple of weeks without consulting me they re-homed him. The groomer does volunteer work for Almost Home Rescue . they won’t give me any information about his new home..  .. They said it was in the best interest of “Joey” the dog.. Its been 2 months and I am still heart broken. I know that I need to move on.. Just wondering if that is the normal practice of re-homing a pet ? PS they did say that they would give the new owner my number. But I am 100% sure they won’t contact me..

        1. If you were promised access or updates, whoever promised you this should not change their mind without telling you when giving up your dog.
          I have never got over giving up mine as I did in fact start to improve 8 months later. It broke my heart and I still cry for him every day. However, nothing is worse than not knowing where your dog went as you conjure up all sorts of things.
          All I can say is whoever promised you updates should follow through. Get in touch with them and ask why they changed their mind. Could be new owner insisted. Sadly as I discovered, once they are no longer yours you have no say in the matter. I discovered my Pip who was meant to be homed in a similar environment to mine (retiree, lge house and garden) was rehomed to a 23 yr old with kidney failure and pernicious anaemia in a high rise flat. I gave my dog up to be with someone healthy and similar environment and they gave him to someone in a worse condition than me with no garden to run round every day. I do hope you can find a way to get updates. They do help. My dog was perfect with huge personality but my family said I would be selfish to keep him. I self sacrificed for him for nothing in the end. He looks old and unhappy where he is but looked like a pup here.
          I do hope you get your updates. You had no choice to give him up. Things could have got worse.

      2. Hello Judy.. I am struggling with a 3 yr old dog I had to re-home because of resource guarding and biting. I wasn’t ready to give him up but my Husband insisted. And to make things worse the Pet resort (they do Day-Care Training Grooming) I gave him too told me that one of the Groomers wanted him and that I would be able to still see him and get updates.. After a couple of weeks without consulting me they re-homed him the groomer does volunteer work for Almost Home Rescue . they won’t give me any information about his new home..  .. They said it was in the best interest of “Joey” the dog.. Its been 2 months and I am still heart broken. I know that I need to move on.. Just wondering if that is the normal practice of re-homing a pet ?

  139. Dear Phil,

    It’s been 7 hours since I have you to your new mom and dad and I have not stopped crying. I came home and looked at the corner where your crate used to be and I immediately felt so much sadness. Your days were long in that crate. You were alone and cooped up when you should have been running and being socialized. I gave you to your new parents because you deserve fun and constant attention, more than I could give you with my busy busy work schedule. I love you so much, little black. You are the smartest, sweetest, funniest dog I’ve ever known and I want you to know that this decision was not an easy one. I just wanted to do the right thing for you. I know you were confused when I drove away, but your new dad assured me he will love you so much and introduce you to lots of friends in the neighborhood. I love you my sweet boy! Be good for your new family. Please don’t ever forget me.



  140. Dear Sanchy,

    I searched for a dog like you for years. When I received a picture of you, I knew you were my family. Driving home from the breeders, you fell asleep on my lap and I looked down to see your little podgy belly breathing so gently 🙂 Over the years, your life has changed with an addition of two human siblings. I know that you don’t receive as much attention as you did, and I feel bad that I can’t give you that. Over the years you have lost your happiness. The separation anxiety you suffer from has become so bad I’m scared to leave you alone in case you hurt yourself again. I feel guilty too, that I rush home from the playground with your siblings, so you haven’t been alone too long, I feel like I can’t balance everyone’s happiness. I feel like I have found a good home for you, one with a young couple who can give you walks everyday and all the attention you need. You will also have a brother who is the same breed as you who wants a friend as well. I feel like I have given up on you, and I’m sorry as I love you. I just can’t stand to see you sad anymore. I will always love you Sanchy, and I hope this new home makes you happy x

  141. Dear Rue,
    I’m sorry you had to go to such an abusing household I remember when you were my pal my life and then when mommy gave up to an AWFUL place! 😭😢

  142. Bella, you are my baby. I loved you from the first moment I found out I was getting you. I remember bringing you home you were so scared, but I held you close and reassured you. I have to give you away because everytime I hug and love on you, I break out. Mom says that she is more concerned with my health than keeping you. If it was my way they would have to take you over my dead body. You are going back to your breeders this weekend and I can’t bear to come along. I know you will see your mother again and be in a familiar place, but I just hope you dont become a breeding dog to them. I want you to be loved and cherished and hugged because I cant do so anymore. I will always love you Bella. Love, your mommy, Gracie

    1. My husband and I made the tough decision of surrending our dog back to the rescue we got her from just over 2 years ago. We give her back in 2 days and I am absolutely dreading it. We love her so much but she has separation anxiety and can’t even be left alone for even half an hour without becoming frantic and barking continuously. We have tried everything, many different medications and trainers and nothing has helped but we have finally the decision that, mentally and financially (she spends MANY days at daycare), that it is what is best for our lives. Thank you for this article, reading it has given me some tips for handling the next few days and most importantly, taught me to be gentle with ourselves when it comes to this.

      Rehoming a dog is very sad but sometimes it is what is best for all parties involved. Thinking of everyone else in similar situations.

      1. We are going to rehome my 2 babies because we haven’t anywhere to live,we both work long hrs,they are not being looked after like they deserve,I am so heartbroken and I’m so guilty that I have let them down and I love them so much and I really dont want to part with them 😭😔

  143. To my cat, Firefly,

    I love you more then anything else in this world. Giving you tonthe shelter broke my heart and it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, I have not stopped crying. I remember when I first met you, you were 2 and were rescued from being euthanized from SC at another shelter. I had just lost my 15 yr old cat. You rolled on your back to show me your belly, I picked you up and you put your paws on each of my shoulders, I knew you were for me, I vowed you would never be brought to a shelter again. I broke up with my long terms boyfriend and we moved constantly. We spent a summer together in a trailer. It was always you and I. Unfortunately I developed addiction and alcoholism. I entered recovery and sobriety. Unfortunately I relapsed after a year and I need to move to sober living where I can’t take you, although I tried asking if I could. I asked everyone I knew if you could live with them while I was away so I could come back for you. I asked every shelter to temporarily foster you. I never wanted to say goodbye to you permently or for you to see the inside of a shelter again. Then it was also explained to me that I would be doing harm to you making you switch homes back and forth, it would be traumatic. You deserve better. Thank you for the unconditional love you have always given me when I was unable to give it to myself during dark times, you were my light. You gave me something to come home to when things were so lonely. I am sad right now and I hope you aren’t scared, but I know you are a wonderful loving cat and will make another family happy, will light up their home like you lit up mine. I love you so much my baby. I almost wanted to check on you today but I don’t want to confuse you, I need to let you go, do what’s best for you, you are what matters. Please know I have to take care of myself and I didn’t want it to be this way, but I did my best for you, I brought you to the absolute best shelter that will find you the best loveliness home, that won’t give you to anyone, that will let you roam, play with other cats, pet you, treat you well. Please be brave and I will be to. I love you.

  144. Paco,

    I still remember holding you in my arms the first day I got you from your breeder. Such a goofy, playful and happy pup. You gave me a reason to look forward and rush to come home. You gave me happiness, it felt like we were both best friends that couldn’t live away from each other. Im sorry for leaving you with your mom for such a long time but daddy had to go chase his dreams, even though it killed me that you couldn’t come with me, I promise I thought about you every day. I fought so hard to get you back, and at times it felt like I was going nowhere, I felt like I was stuck. It felt like I was fighting through the end of the world to just get you back. I remember your look when you saw after not seeing each other for a year, a face of joy and happiness. I loved how you rush to my car wanting to leave already with me. At that time, we were both living in the moment, I looked at you and you looked at me, both in disbelief we were both smiling. It was one of the best days of my life. I felt complete. As time went on, I had more responsibilities at work and ha started to chase a new career. You didn’t care that I didn’t have as much time for you, you still was happy when you saw me at the end of each day. But it was still killing me the thought that I wasn’t giving you enough time or attention. I only want the best for you, whatever makes you happy will always make me happy. I thank you for all the joy, love and memories we both had. I will always remember you for the sweet and loving pup that you are. Today was the hardest decision of my life, I hope you have a life filled with joy and happiness with your new family. I love you and will always do buddy

    With love,

    Your Dad and Bestfriend

  145. My dearest Athena,
    I miss you so, so, so much… I’m so sorry I had to surrender you. I can’t imagine how alone you felt and how scared, wondering why mommy was leaving you in such an awful place… all I can say is I’m sorry.

    I remember when I picked you up from your breeder. You were already 2 months old, but you still had your floppy ears before they stood up. I took Rosie with me to meet you and you both just hit it off so well. Your sissy misses you too. And daddy, even though he never did much with you.. you were such a cute, goofy puppy like when you would smile and have your tongue out the side of your mouth.

    I hope whoever adopted you loves you as much as daddy and I do, bubby. Run on and attack all the leaves! I love you, bubby! 🖤

  146. Bingo,

    You were my dream dog. I can’t believe how lucky I was to find the actual perfect dog. You astounded me with your devotion, kind heart and quick training ability. I’m so sorry that my mental health couldn’t handle it though. I’m sorry I didn’t listen to my gut and my brain screaming at me to not follow through with the adoption but when I saw your eyes and I thought I could push through it. I’m sorry I gave you an empty promise of love and life together. I’m sorry that I didn’t wait until I was in a better and more stable place. I’m sorry that I gave you a little boy to be your best friend and then I took him from you because I couldn’t handle the pressure. I know you’re going to be so much happier with your new family because you really are the perfect dog but know that I will miss our potential future together and those big beautiful eyes every day.

  147. I adopted my dog ghost at just 2 months old. He was my first real dog. My responsibility. At the time I adopted him I was young, fresh out of high school still wanted to hang out with my friends but I always came home to such a happy pup waiting to see me at the door. Me and my family moved to Jacksonville, ghost turned 2 years old within that same month. He was so loved, so happy, we slept together every night he waited till I got home, he would whimper if I would leave a room or close a door in his face. We became so close. A type of friendship/love that I’ve never seen towards an animal. Boy he had a great personality, loved any dog, any person excited to meet new people. 3 years with living in Jacksonville I got pregnant I was overwhelmed with pregnancy but ghost gave me Comfort. We would take naps together and he would constantly cuddle with my belly. He’s felt movement before and I knew he knew something was going to change. I thought I could have it all. July 2018 I gave birth to the most beautiful, handsome, amazing little boy! When I got back to the house and ghost greeted me I wasn’t ready for the jumping on top of me while carrying a newborn baby that I shut him out. Ghost didn’t get to meet the new baby, I wasn’t ready yet. Bills were starting to catch up with me. I decided to leave work after my maternity leave because I couldn’t be away from my baby I was only using my savings and I only had 4,000 saved and that wasn’t going to be enough. Paying for ghosts care/dog food started to get too much for me. I didn’t have time to sit with him,) cuddle with him, sleep with him, pet him, I was a full-time mom now and my baby took all my time. Ghost was in the back burner and at the time I thought I was ready, I decided it was time for him to be loved again. It was time for him to go to the dog park again. It was time for him to go back to the dog beach and run in the sand and jump in the water. So I did the unthinkable without even thinking, I made an ad on Craigslist and ghost was taken from me. In the moment I was relieved he was going to a home that had two young kids, a family that was settled. Later on that night I got a message from the wife of who had taken ghost she had told me it had been hours and ghosts can’t stop crying can I please call you so you can talk to him on speaker. But I was so busy with the baby and tired I told her I couldn’t and that would forever haunt me. I let her know if it continued that I would get him and he can come back home with me. 2 days have passed and the owner let me know that ghost is happy but will only stay by her side. These should have been signs for me why didn’t I go back and get him? He missed me? He was looking for me? Waiting to see if I was coming. And I never came. Now months have passed but I think about ghosts everyday, we had such an Indescribable Bond that I don’t even think in words I can describe. We did everything together. And just because my life changed I shouldn’t have changed his. Now my son is 8 months old I’m comfortable introducing him to dogs but too bad he would have never met ghost. I’ve kept in contact with the owners they even tried mating ghost honestly didn’t want him used for that because it happened in less than a month of them having him. I now want to tell the owners that I’m back on my feet and if it’s too much of a hassle for them I would be able to care for ghost again. But every time I message her she tells me how happy he makes her family and that he is so loved. I’m not sure if my time is too late, if I should even bother to let her know but I miss my dog and I don’t think this will ever go away.

  148. Zelda,

    I’m writing to you because today I dropped you off at day care and I’m not going to be picking you up. Since we brought Hugo home you’ve grown protective of him to the point of making Corinne and I worry that you might do something that would result in him getting hurt or crawl into his bassinet with him and smother him. We’re just unable to live with that possibility and so we’ve had to find a new home for you. This is the hardest decision I’ve ever made, I love you more than I thought it would be possible to love a dog, but this decision is best for all of us as the situation was obviously causing you distress as well.

    I remember the first time I met you, the worker at the humane society sat crosslegged on the floor and you crawled into her lap, it was at that moment that I knew you were going to be our dog. When we brought you home, you were sickly (you’d just been spayed and had kennel cough) and we were terrible owners at the time. The drive home scared you to the point of having you vomit up all the yummy tuna you’d had earlier. But we all made it, you recovered from your sickness, but not without making both Corinne and I worry that you wouln’t make it through the night.

    Since that point we’ve grown together, we learned how to be better owners and better understand your needs and you got better at being around humans and living in a home. You stopped biting us so hard you gave us bruises, we realized that you needed lots of exercise and started giving you daily walks, invented stair running and bought lots of toys and a flirt pole. We discovered your favorite treats, yogurt and oinkies and made sure that they were a regular feature.

    At first when you started cuddling with me in bed I wasn’t a huge fan, but it seemed like something that was good for you, in the months since I’ve grown to enjoy those cuddles and they’re probably the thing I’m going to miss most.

    I’m so sorry that this is how things end, I wanted you to live with us forever, to die a ripe old age while we tearfully said goodbye, but I’m afraid that’s not possible. In the days since we decided that this was the best thing for all of us, I’ve cried myself to sleep, I’ve cried when driving you to and from day care, I’m crying right now and I’m sure I’ll cry again in the future.

    I’m thankful that your new family and living situation seems like it’ll be even better than what you had here, you deserve that much. I hope that you get lots of playtime with your new dog siblings and that your life is filled with bully sticks and squirrels, I hope that you make it back to the Sandy River and that someday you get to romp around in the snow in the mountains, I wish I could be there to see it and how much fun you’ll have. You were always so full of life.

    Thank you for making me a better person, thank you for helping Corinne and I through a time when we thought we would never have children, thank you for being my best friend, thank you for being you.

    I’ll miss you every day, I miss you right now as I look around this room. I love you, have a great life, and if there is an afterlife for us both I’ll see you there and we’ll cuddle until the end of time.

  149. Joey was my Bichon/poodle mix adopted him when he was 10months old when my nephew died suddenly I always loved Joey and wanted to keep him close to my sister and her dog Baxter. After 2 years of love and training bc he resource guarded me he attacked my Grand son 3 times…The third time was a very bad bite… I had to let him go. He did go to a great foster home and I am still in contact with them

    You leaped into my heart and I will forever be changed
    I never knew a Dog could bring me such Love Laughter and Joy
    And when I had to say good bye such sadness

    I worried and cared for you like my child
    I knew what made you happy scared or sad
    I watched your every expression and studied your every move
    You came into my life through tragedy and maybe that is why you are so special
    And this is so difficult!

    Oh Joey what are you doing now, are you being loved and cared for
    Do you miss Baxter and all of us that loved you so dearly?
    Will you miss us as much as we miss you? I hope not..

    I am truly sorry it had to end this way
    And I am hoping the pain will go away
    I want to see you running and bouncing through the park
    With a smile on your face and looking back at me to
    make sure you are not getting too far

    I never knew a Dog could make me feel this way

    Love you Always

  150. Dear Galileo,
    You are the best dog a kid could ever have, and I love you more than anything…and I’m sorry I couldn’t realize that sooner. I took you for granted, because I thought you would always be around, but It was only when I was faced with the realization that I couldn’t keep you that I truly understood how amazing you are. I would have gone to the ends of the earth if it meant you were able to stay with me, but it wouldn’t have made any difference. I have no power over some things in life and this was one of them. I know that by keeping you here, a place where you can’t run and be your crazy little self, isn’t right. No matter how much I want you to stay with me, it’s not fair to you, so I have to let you go. Know that I love you and thought of every single possible solution where we could continue to be together. I hope you can forgive me and be happy where you are now, answer maybe someday I’ll be able to see you again. No dog could ever replace the sweet, ever loving kindness you hold. No dog could ever do what you do effortlessly do, because no dog is you. The amazing, genius, nut job of a seal pup with a heart of gold. I know that no one could ever share the same repashionship that we had, and nothing can ever replace the place you hold in my heart and the endless love I have for you. Nor could anyone ever replace that hole you left in the leg of moms dining chair. I love you forever and always,
    Xoxo xoxo xoxo

  151. Dear Lilybear,
    I feel bad for having to give you away but I know this family will give you lots of care and will love you just as much as I did you, You brought me happiness and no dog will be just like you. But you are you,and you cant change that. I love you so much and you are so kind and precious to me and to our whole family, we all will love you forever, stay strong and keep your chin up, you had me and I had you. You are the one and only You. Lilybear, I do hope you have fun at your new home. You are an amazing dog.

    Xoxo, Sissy

  152. Dear Simba, I am so sorry.

    Words can’t even to express how sorry I am to give you away. You patchy little stupid dog, I want to let you know how beautiful you are. You are a strong puppy and despite all my love for you I had to make the hard decision of letting you go. I hope you find a new family that loves you and you love them back. I can’t help but just shed tears looking at the dog bowl, your blankie and chewed walls you left behind. You are a good boy! No matter how many times mama told you to shut up, your howl and bark were the sweetest voice. Even though you didn’t quiet understand the idea of living here for the short time that you did, this was your home. If I were rich I would have bought a house with a huge backyard and kept you close to me forever. I am sorry I won’t be making your fave ghee-roti with sausage anymore but I know that someone will. I miss you so much. I miss everything about you, even the fact that I don’t accidentally step on your pee anymore. If you could read this I would tell you that one thing I miss the most about you is the way you jumped from your playpen when I said ‘let me get you out’ knowing that I will pick you up and how you dug your paws into my skin wagging your tail so hard. You are a good boy Simba, I am the bad one who made the poor decision of thinking I’d be able to give you your best life. I am sorry, I will probably never get another dog and you will be my baby forever. Be nice at your new owner’s house and love them more than you ever loved me. I was jealous that you loved my husband more than me, so wherever you go next love the mama more than papa. My heart is ripped and I am so sorry. Goodbye Map, Blue, Sirius and the thousand other names I called you. My grief is incomparable and will stay for a long time. I am sorry from the bottom of my heart. Be a good boy, you are a good boy.

    Lots of love and kisses ~ Mama

  153. My saucy boy,
    Thank you for you love, thank you for your company and your support, thank you for been my companion through good times and bad. Thank you for been with me on those walks at 4am, you were my excuse and the only one who understood what I was going through. Thank you for showing me new worlds, for exploring with me, and be adventurous even is scary places at scary times I felt safe with you.
    I want you to be happy, I want you to have as much attention as possible. Be the love of your new parents and be spoiled and cared for. I am sorry for all the horrible things humans have done to you. I promise you I didn’t send you away because I wanted to. I really tried to keep you but the only life I could offer you was unfair to you. It was selfish of me keeping you locked away for hours only because I loved you too much to let you go. I love you, and that is why I let you go, because this situation was not happy for you. You like people, love, cuddles an attention and I have to be divided in between you and kobe.
    I forgive you for what happened with kobe I know it is not your fault. And you both will be much better now. I can’t see your pictures without breaking out in tears but I really hope you remember me without sadness. I know you changed my life. I thank you for doing it. I will see you again I know it, I hope so. I will bring you your medication in two weeks and I want you to be happy. I want to be able to forgive myself for rehoming you. But I don’t feel like that is possible until I can see your happy face with your new family. You will always be my baby and you will always be in my heart. We learned so much together saucy, we learned patience, all the care I gave you and all the care you gave me. I am sorry I didn’t train you and kobe properly when you were growing up and he was adapting to you. It was my mistake for ignorance and naïve of me.
    I did not teach you both to respect me as your master, and created a dangerous place for both of you. Baby, I promise I never meant to bring you to the pound, I said it only to put pressure on your aunt to help me find you a home. I would have never let you in a pound. I wanted a good family for you. Your new owner looks like a good guy, he likes to jog! You will love the time outside.
    I will see you again, in two weeks. And I will kiss you your face and give you medicines and bones. I am sorry I broke my promise, I am sorry I couldn’t take care of you forever. You came to me, or you were sent to me, I don’t know but I know I got you in the right time and we shared the perfect chunk of space and time together. You had the love I needed and I had the love you needed it. Now we are both in better situations, I am happy and busy, content with my career and gaining trust in myself. You are like 40 pounds heavier! Healthy and beautiful, super friendly and just the happiest puperrino in the planet, you are such a smart boy with your tricks and habits. Did you train me or I train you? We did it. Now we are both onto different paths, but will always have that invisible connection between each other.

  154. Rocky,

    Tonight is our last night together. My heart is breaking right now. You havent lived with us for long only a month but I fell in love they day I brought you home. You are such a sweet dog. That long battle with the kennel cough was tough but made me love you more. It hurts so much that I can’t care for you the way you need. You need someone that has more time for you, someone who can take you for long walks and play with you all the time. My kids love you too, they just can’t handle your energy. Just know you made me so happy and I enjoyed every moment we had together. The weekends the kids were gone and we would just hang out and snuggle on the couch. You deserve more of that and I just can’t give that too you like I thought. I know you’ll find someone who can give you all you need and more. Goodbye buddy I’ll never regret our short time together.

  155. Dear Dallas,
    It’s been a little over 24 hours since I rehomed you and I have cried so much I can’t even bear to look at the money that your new parents gave me because it just fills me up with guilt like I sold my little baby. What makes me feel even worse is how we separated, you were so mad at me and I understood why. I shouldn’t have punished you, I should have let you sleep under mommy like I would usually let you but I was upset. You dug a hole into the patio and was roaming around freely while I was working. Anything could have happened to you and that would have devastated me. Of course you being you wanted to be rebellious and not use your pee pads and pee all over the floor which just made me so stressed. I wanted to at least end on good terms by taking you out for a walk wherever you wanted to go because I knew that may be the last time I’d be walking you. When it came time to come back in the house you didn’t want to come back in but of course you didn’t, I haven’t been able to walk you in weeks. I wanted to keep you, you’re all I have here, you’re my only family here, it was just me and you eating chicken and mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving and I was fine with that. I wanted to keep you until you grew old. However the reality of it is that it wouldn’t have been in your best interest. After losing my job and losing my roommate I didn’t have the money to feed you or help to watch you as I worked gigs to get by. I thought it could work because I had more control over my schedule so I had more time to spend with you but when I did work I didn’t have any idea of the hours I may have been working, sometimes being asked to work 11 hours and I couldn’t refuse because I need the money to keep a roof over our head but you suffered the most being in the house all by yourself. Just like Mommy you’re adventurous, you like to explore, you wouldn’t want to be cooped up in the house all day and it was stressful dealing with your stubbornness that’s why I decided to rehome you. I’m happy your new family sent me a picture of you. They say you love your new home. In the picture you look confused but knowing that the husband is going to be taking you to work with him every day and the wife will probably spoil you rotten, I know I did what was best for you and I made the right choice. You’ll forget about me which makes me sad, you’ll probably love them more than me because they have all the time to spend with you that I don’t have. I’m just happy that I prepared you because when I first adopted you whoever had you before me did not show you any type of love and affection and you can tell by how scared and unsure you were of everything. At least I showed you what may have been the first time you’ve ever felt love and care. Now your new family can take over and show you even more love and care. I’m happy and jealous at the same time but more happy. Just know that you’ll always be Mommy’s little boy and I’ll always love you and I know you knew I loved you even if we didn’t get along all the time and I know that you were happy with me and now you’ll be even more happy and spoiled with your new family. I love you Dallas.

    1. Antoinette St JOHN-SHIFFLETT

      Joshua was old he was 14 was unable to keep him and I’m just crying all the time because he lived in an abusive situation before I took him and had him for four years and I miss you so much I cry almost every day cuz I miss him so much I talked to God about here I asked God to give me asign what Ishould do. Should I go to the SPCA to see him I was afraid I will take him back there with that I can’t take care of him

    2. Dear Tucker,
      I am truly sorry for having to get rid of you after only a little over a year. I loved you so much but we had to move and the home we had chosen didn’t allow animals. I had snuck you in but eventually got caught. My parents didn’t tell me where we were going when on our way to take you to the animal shelter until I figured it out myself, gut feelings seem to always be right. You were my first pet that I’ll always cherish and keep the photos/memories with me. I watch animal videos and get sad just thinking of you. You were a goofy, happy-go-lucky dog who never let anything in your way. It’s been five months without you and I never stop thinking of you. You were a bad pup at times but that just made me more soft for you, I wasn’t the best at anything but you made my world whole. I followed the page of the shelter we had given you to up until the adoption results, it didn’t take long you for you to find a new home.. before Christmas too (how lucky). The pictures they posted of your Halloween costume really made me happy too, they really did. It’s lonely not having a cuddle buddy with me during the nights and the days that go on. You were the star in my life that made my depression and anxiety feel like it was nothing when I was in a rut. I’m sorry I gave you up without a fight. Otis, you remember him? He got to be the lucky one to stay with us and sure, I love him to death but I sometimes get jealous that he had gotten to stay and you hadn’t. I wonder if the little scar on your nose has healed up well, muzzles were never your thing and I’m sorry I ever put one on you. They hadn’t let me keep your collar and I should’ve taken it off of you when I had the chance, I’m a fool for not doing it. I’m keeping this letter up too long but I truly hope you are in a happy him home a big yard, wonderful people that give you the love and attention that I could. I love and miss you so, so much bubby…

  156. I re-homed my toy poodle several weeks ago and am having regrets, sadness, guilt and concern. I got Kole as a puppy and he was with me for a year & 1/2. My work schedule combined with a lessening energy level because of health issues and an apartment without ready outdoor access and not having family nor a close friend base to help out, all resulting in a lot of stress and anxiety to me, prompted my decision to re-home him. I contacted a local poodle rescue organization with hopes that they would be good at selecting a new family for him. I provided then a written sheet about him, his traits, likes, dislikes, etc. Fortunately he went to a foster home rather than a kennel, at first. Yet now I have found out via Facebook that he was given to/ adopted to a man and his older son along with another dog that was at the dog adopting ‘event’…and they already had a dog…making 3 dogs. Kole definitely preferred females and he, although playful with other dogs, will probably not relax……I am so concerned for him…it is not at all what I would have wanted for him. I realize that the other dogs may help, actually….yet, it’s just not the peaceful, bonded environment that he had become used to. I wish I did not know who he went to…. I want him back…
    If you have any word that may help…please ……

  157. My wife and I just surrendered our two cats (Tigger and Snickers) to a no kill shelter today. We had a baby girl a year ago and between work and caring for a baby we just felt that we couldn’t juggle everything at once. To make matters worse my daughter is allergic to them and I’ve always struggled with allergies. We’ve had them since they were kittens in 2013. They became family and the bond I shared with them is so special . Today was one of the hardest days of my life and I miss them so much. I feel regret and sadness and I’m having such a hard time processing the fact that we surrendered them. It all feels so final and the fact that I’ll never see them again just kills me. The shelter said they should be adopted within a week since they are a high volume shelter and there aren’t many cats there currently. They also said that they would try their hardest to adopt them together. Coming home to an empty house was so hard and we’ve been crying all day. We tried so hard to find them a home on our own but we had no luck. I never thought this day would come and it feels like a really bad nightmare. Sorry for rambling but I just need to vent and get it all out. Reading this article has helped and I’m thankful for that. I know the next few days are gonna be tough but I know that Tigger and Snickers are gonna make a new family so happy and that’s what I gotta cling to. Thank you for letting me vent. And whoever is going thru what I’m going just know that you aren’t alone. I’ll never forget Tigger and Snickers, they were my first pets and I know that one day our souls will meet again.

    1. Dear Rudy, thank you for telling how hard it is to surrender a beloved pet. I adopted my cats Jolie and her brother Christopher from a no-kill shelter. I couldn’t wait to come home and be with them after work. They used to be best friends until very recently. For no reason Jolie started to attack her brother, and viciously. So bad that Jolie would have Christopher cornered under a table. Jolie’s tail was big as a raccoon’s and she was hissing. This has happened more than once. A friend was visiting and had Christopher on his lap. Jolie was so intent on getting at her brother that she clawed my friend’s arm so badly that there was blood. That confirmed my suspension that Jolie no longer wanted her brother around. She wants to be the only cat. I have decided to surrender Jolie to a no-kill shelter. I hope she will be adopted by someone who loves her as much as I do. I have tried separating them but there is just too much stress for both them and me. I hope I am doing the right thing. She is at my side right now as I type this. Her brother is in another room with the door closed. I can no longer trust that Jolie will not attack her brother. I am heartbroken. I love her. I love her brother. I hope writing this makes me feel better. I have an appointment at the shelter Tuesday morning. I only have one more day with her. Thank you, Jolie, for being my cat. I have not made this decision lightly. I hope I can eventually get over the guilt and sorrow I feel right now.

  158. I rehomed my 5 months Dalmatian called Sugar a month ago (7th of January) I know she is well cared but still a month later I think about her every single day several times during the day. The guilt is so much!!! and instead of getting better I miss her more a more every day. I do not know what to do. Shall I contact her current family and explain to them my grief and bring her back home?

    The main reason I gave her away was my husband. Although he liked her to some extend (he does not have dogs), he always refused to have a dog but I insisted a lot and brought her home without his consent. He gave me a hard time all these months and I got mentally exhausted of hearing his complains about everything the dog was doing (house training, walks etc etc).

    What shall I do? I missed her soooo much!! (My daughters miss her too but maybe not as much).

    1. I’m in the exact same situation. I am heartbroken and devastated beyond belief . Terry (dog) was my pet and I loved him so much. I rehomed him because of work and we are private renting and weren’t supposed to have pets. I cry everyday and just don’t know what to do

    2. Sorry to hear how you are feeling I totally feel your pain, talk to your husband and tell him how you feel, he may agree to give it another try with the dog. Be prepared they may say no to giving it back to you. Remember what brought you to this decision in the first place and if you had her back youd be back to the same issues you were faced with before. Its human nature to only remember the good things. And you wouldnt be human if you didnt miss her but your dog is very adaptable and forgets quickly about the past and only lives in the moment. I’m sure the dog is very happy and adjusted where she is. Time will heal. But if you cant let it go you could try asking for her back. All the best x

  159. I have 7 pets who have been with me for past 11 years. I have to rehome all of them.. I feel so guilty about it! And sad! And i really want to keep 2 of them. But it’s just not gna work well if i do. I cannot afford to care for them anymore. I do not have time for them anymore. I am moving and can’t bring them with me. I have a child who is more important to me now. Everyday i look at them and think ok, i can do this. Im ready. But that is all i do. They need better care but I’m too afraid to make such a big decision and find them new homes. I know i will regret not keeping at least one. Ive had them since birth. They all have different little personalities. I have to but i can’t :,( I feel like i failed as a pet parent.

  160. I have 6 human children. Ages 14-1. We got Romeo for Christmas. Romeo was very jealous of the 1 year old, but still loved him at the same time. We just sold Romeo and it was the hardest thing I EVER had to do. 2 days later I am still crying and uncontrollably sad. He was my 7th child. I regret giving him away because of the pain I feel. But we were not allowed to have dogs in our apartment so he had to go. I hope one day I will be ok with this whole thing. I am tempted to get Romeo back despite what my landlord says! My heart hurts so bad

  161. Dunder,
    I’m so sorry we had to bring you back. I saw you were scared. I took a liking to you because I saw who you could be if I gave you enough love and attention and freedom to bloom. I saw concern in your eyes when my son cried, and I thought you would be good with him. He was good with you.
    You were scared when we brought you home. You were scared of the squeaking hinges on our door. But we were patient. We tought you to potty outside, and you learned so quick. I was so proud of you. You loved being outside- you were so playful and energetic. I only wish I had the energy to keep up with you.
    I don’t know what changed in you, or when it started. I wish I could have seen it sooner, so I wouldn’t have built up your trust just to tear it all away. You bit my one-year-old on the eye, without warning. I’m thankful you didn’t seriously hurt him, but there’s no way for me to teach you not to do that. There’s no way I’d be able to trust you with him again.
    We brought you into the kitchen and kept you away from him until the shock had worn off and we could come up with a plan, but I knew what we had to do. I remember you looking at me, asking for reassurance that I couldn’t provide. You were a good dog, and I’m sorry we had to bring you back.
    The SPCA told me you could still be rehomed, making sure there would be no kids at your new home that’s yet to come. I’m glad we could tell them what we learned about you. How much you loved being outside, that you needed a harness instead of a collar, that you weren’t food motivated. I hope what we learned about you can help you find the perfect home. I wish it was with us, but the backyard of our apartment could never keep you happy.
    I hope you find a good home, with nice people with a big house. A big window facing the back yard with a warm and cozy dog bed. A big fenced-in yard with a million sticks to play fetch with, where you can run to your heart’s content without a leash to stop you. We’ve only known each other for a week, but I loved you. I wish you everything in the world, Dundie.

  162. Hello, my heart is broken because we had to give up mylo our beautiful golden, he has become aggressive with the family and even bit my husbands finger, 17 stitches. What I feel extremely guilty about is that I don’t think we gave him a chance because we should have taken him to obedience classes which we didn’t do, we’re all busy and he hardly went out for walks which probably contributed to his aggressive behavior, we surrenderd him 2 days ago, and yesterday I couldn’t even go to work cause I’m so upset, sad, and the guilt is eating at me, I don’t know how long this will last. I want my baby back, and as I’m sitting here in my car, I’m thinking of ways to try to get him back. Thank you so much for listening.

  163. Dear Little Boo,

    I am so glad I found this website and information to help me. I am about to give you to a very nice lady. She is a VET! I mean …who could be a better mom to you? She has 3-4 other tiny dogs like you and you are going to have many playmates..

    Because I am not experienced in teaching you things…and I am probably confusing the heck out of you….I find only ONE reason why I don’t want to let you go, amongst the millions of reasons why I should.
    The one reason is that I love you so much. You have brought so much happiness into my life. I am alone and thought having you would be just what I needed. And actually I was correct…but as each day passes, my inexperience is showing me that you are not in a great environment. I don’t know how to discipline you properly….I am confusing the heck out of you I can see. My actions are driven by guilt and a desire to please you, despite how detrimental it is (probably) to you.

    I am so freaking sad…but will cling to the author’s suggestions so that my grief will take me to a better place sooner than later.

    I am so happy to hear that you will be OK with my decision within 3 days and you are so dang cute and lovable, you will adjust to all the love and kisses you will get.

    And imagine….a VET!! She will make sure you are taken care of physically too.
    The cost of such procedures for me, being on disability, is getting to be impossible too.

    So, Little Boo…..I am going to cry and miss you so very much. You are the sunshine I wanted but holding on to you will do you more damage and I can’t be that selfish.

    Please forgive me and someday I hope to see you in Heaven where we won’t need money and I can’t harm you psychologically with my lack of knowledge.

    I love you so very very much… are the BEST CHIHUAHUA in the whole wide world and you cornered the market on CUTENESS!

    All My Love,

    Your Loving First Mom!!

  164. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing and sharing your experience. It has been cathartic for me. We had to rehome our 10 week old puppy yesterday after having her just shy of a month. I am praying that me, my husband, and two daughters quickly heal from the devastation of having to let her go. Her new home seems like a better fit because her new owner works from home and will be present more than we were- coming in from work, activities, etc. We love her and miss here dearly. I am allowing myself to grieve and never thought that it would be this tough, I just pray she knows how much we love her which is why we had to let her go where she could be with someone who had the time that she deserves at such a young age.

  165. Today im rehoming my best friend and im heartbroken no fault of his im having to give him to a shelter. I love him so much and miss him terribly i dont want him to go and i m distraught . Bye my friend have a happy life with lots of friends xxall my love mam xx

  166. I had my little Pip from 8 week puppy. In mar 2017 I was struck down with an incurable systemic disease a month before my 69th birthday! Never did I think it would lead to Patti ng with my only companion. In Mar 2018 I became critically ill because of poor treatment and ineffective drugs. My gp/Rheumy we’re conflicted on treatment. I lost so much weight I couldn’t stand or dress myself. I trembled continually. I underwent an emergency 3 month inj and it failed! This is when I finally became so defeatist and in critical pain I gave my sweet Pip up. I immediately regretted it but my family said I could not get him back, I discovered 5 months later I had 48 hours to retrieve him but Dogs Trust did not tell me. I have spent 10 months crying, sometimes hysterically for his loss. I loved him so much I didn’t want to live another day without him and still don’t. He was all I had and gave me purpose. I picture him the day he left so excited at the promise of a walk after months. He never looked back. I am 71 this year and can’t learn to live without him. He knew how much I loved him as did he me! We were all we had! I am lost without him and cry every day still.

    1. Dearest Judy. My heart bleeds for you and this soul-destroying loss. Although I am not in challenging health, I have to give up my darling Puff after four years of loving her to pieces. For reasons unknown, she is attacking my much older dog and it has everything to do with me. I am quite sure this doesn’t happen when I am out of the house. She is a sweet and gentle dog, so I have no idea why this is happening. She terrifies him (and me) and I have to pull her off. Although her attacks are vicious, she has never drawn blood. Three nights ago, she attacked my poor boy so badly that he went into shock and I just cannot let this happen to him. I can’t even sit in my living room any more when he is around as, if he follows me, she goes crazy. I have had to tether her, and this must be awful for her. The pain is unbearable. I am having a trainer come in but she says with this sort of situation, there usually isn’t much success. I know she would be happy with the family that wants her but I will always feel her in my arms when we do our evening “dance” together. I want to reach out over the Internet and give you a huge hug and tell you I understand. Because I do.

    2. Hello
      Thank you so much for your kind and consoling reply. Hearing of your dogs behaviour I’m wondering if it is unwell! This can turn them. Also could be jealousy. I have read of this type of thing happening and you don’t truly have any choice as it will make you ill over time. I would suggest you have it checked out and some bloods taken but I am no expert. At least then you will know it is just the nature of the dog! I wish you all the best and know the pain you are going thru. We get so close to them❤️🐶🐾.

  167. Dear Addie,

    I do not know how else to start this other than with, “I’m sorry.”

    One week ago I saw a picture online and read a personality description of someone I thought was the best fit for me out of a dog. I nervously waited for a response from the rescue. I daydreamed what it would be like to have you in my home. I got nervous that you would not be there when I got off of work.

    I let the image of you in my head overlook knowing that I was not the right owner for you.

    I was not ready for a dog. I had a lot of things going on in my life and a lot of things that I needed to fix. I convinced myself that a dog would somehow magically make all of those problems go away. Instead, it became abundantly clear that was not the case and I knew very quickly that eventually you would ultimately be the one to suffer from that. I needed to get those entire broken pieces put together first before I brought a beautiful puppy into my life. Knowing that I would not be able to care for you the way you needed – and deserved – to be cared for was heartbreaking, and I feared I would ultimately come to resent you, or neglect you when these problems came to a head. I would not be able to live with myself knowing that I was causing you suffering.

    When we first met, I knew I wasn’t the right fit for you. You let me hold you. You fell asleep while I held you. You never looked at me. You never licked me. You never showed excitement towards me. I constantly to ask people around me if they thought you felt comfortable with me. What you did do, though, was go along with it because I think you felt that I was broken; and, in that moment, you were able to give me some relief. I thought that meant you were the one and I wanted to also save you from the rescue. You are such a beautiful, selfless, and giving dog, and if I had let you, you would have spent your entire life serving that purpose even if it meant you weren’t truly happy. I would not be able to live with myself knowing you weren’t living your happiest life.

    As you started living in my home, you never seemed comfortable except in your crate or on the chair. You never ventured out of a 10-foot area of my entire place. You tolerated me trying to come sit with you, but you never came to me to cuddle or play. When I tried to play with you, you very politely came down to pick up the toy and readily returned to your safe place. I could see that I was not your home.

    When my friend Monica arrived to meet you and ultimately see if you would fit in with her family, I saw a different side of you. I felt equally heartbroken and hopeful. You immediately jumped out of your chair and reached up to her. You licked her and your tail was wagging so intently. It was amazing to see! She sat down with you in your favorite chair and as you drifted off to sleep, you hugged her hand and licked her. It was heartbreaking because I saw what I daydreamed of when I was waiting for you. But, instead of you feeling that love for me, you felt it for someone else.

    I feel so much guilt for sending you to another home. I feel heartbroken that I may have caused you any amount of pain. But, I know you deserved better. I am sorry for hoping you would fix what is wrong with me instead of bringing you into a home that was whole and ready for you. I am sorry that I didn’t listen to you when it was obvious I wasn’t your choice, but I thank you for being so selfless and giving to a broken man.

    I am not sorry, however, for getting you out of the rescue. Maybe it’s my way of making myself feel better – or less guilty – but I think it was important for me to foster you in a home before you found your beautiful, forever home with Monica and your new brother, Rocky. I wished I could have been your dad – your human. But, I am happy to have been your foster dad and now an “uncle.” I cannot wait to have dinner with you in your new home once a week and see how much you love living there. I cannot wait to see you truly happy.

    I am so sorry for the pain that I have caused you. I love you and only want you to be as happy as you deserve to be. It was the most difficult thing I have ever had to do.



  168. My letter to my re-homed dog. Thank you for your blog this was definitely therapeutic.
    Tuesday, January 8, 2019
    My Dearest Annie:

    Today is a terrible day for me. It is probably the hardest day of my life. I gave you over to Karen to be your forever homeowner.

    I am sure by now you have already adjusted and made friends with Pearl and Jaxon, but for me, I can’t breathe. My heart is racing and I don’t feel well. I was actually doing ok until I washed your Diva blanket and the snowman blanket you like to cuddle in on my bed.

    All the songs I sing you are playing over and over in my head… I just have no one to sing them to.

    Annie Boo, I love you so much Annie Boo, cuz whenever we’re together, you make my life so much better, that’s why I love you, I do, I do, I really, really do…

    We love her in the morning, we love her in the noon, we love her in the evening and underneath the moon… We love Annie Boo!

    I saw pictures of you and your new sister and brother. It will be ok Annie. You are going to be well loved, and I will always love you. I see you also have some cat friends. How lucky to have some many friends.

    I want to tell you why I had to give you to a new owner. You see, you were my mom’s dog and when my mom died, my dad couldn’t take care of you so they asked me to please take you until I could find a perfect home for you. Well, it took me 2 year and a couple of months to find the perfect home for you. Another thing I want to let you know is that after December 30, no one else lived in the house with us and that meant that only I could take care of you. My job requires me to be out of the house a lot, and that would mean you would be locked in your crate all day. That is very sad for me. You would also be very lonely and sad.

    I do want you to know that it has been the greatest pleasure and honor to care for you, or in most cases you caring and loving for me. I have learned so much because of you and you helped me get over Buffy. I’ve been sad about Buffy since May 1997. Every time I’ve been sad, you’ve been there… when I needed to cuddle, it was you… when I needed to play… it was also you… Just Annie, Annie, Annie any time I needed anything. Thank you for all that you did for me over the last two years.

    I just wish my chest would stop hurting. I miss you so much… I found your cones… I’ll throw those away. Keaton wanted me to save her one of your blankets, so I saved the pink Diva one. I washed it today and just took it out of the dryer… I think that is why my chest hurts…. Because I’m thinking of you and wondering if you are ok… but I see pictures that you are.

    Remember how we talked about this last night, how I told you that there would be some new things to learn and new routines… well, today is the day it happened. I too am trying to learn routines, but my chest keeps hurting. I think I just need a good cry and then to come and visit you in a couple of months, just to see, so that I can move on.

    Annie, you were my friend. You were my only friend here in Texas. I have colleagues and they are nice, but you were my true friend. I could tell you anything and you would not judge. I love you Annie, I am going to miss you tremendously.

    Please forgive me for giving you up. You will always be in my heart and I’m hoping soon that when I think of you, I smile instead of cry.

    I love you Annie… it is hard for me to end this letter, because I don’t want to say goodbye, so for now then, I’ll say I will see you later…

    Hugs, Kisses and lots of songs,

    From the one that loves you so very much.

  169. I recently had to give my beloved dog Cody away to a lovely family in Oceanside. They were a military husband and wife with identical 2 year old boy twins. They had a nice house and I know that Cody will be much happier there then he was at my home. The father is also a stay at home dad, so Cody will always have someone with him. The dad also does hiking and goes backpacking. I’m very happy with his new family and I know that he probably is too. I’m just sad. I miss him. He was the first puppy that was ever my own puppy.

  170. I had to give my baby up yesterday.. he went to good people but not the best situation.. I’m beating myself up about it i should of did more research i feel bad.. they have been messaging me and sending me pictures of him.. i just wanna go get him..they are about an hour away.. the people we gave them too dont have much financially but im sure emotionally they do… im just afraid they are so financially unsteady if he would get sick or something bad will happen to him they wont be able to take him to the vet.. i made a mistake i shouldnt of picked them.. im sobbing as i write excuse if some of it is so random im just writing as the thoughts come out…i pleaded with them and told them if something happens and they were unable to care for him please let me know i will come get him.. i can only hope they are honest and they do… i have them on facebook and have there phone numbers…all i do is think about him.. i wanna know what hes doing and what hes he thinking why did my mommy leave me?…where is she? Hes not mine anymore… all i can do is pray.. apollo creed mommy loves u and im so sorry baby… ❤😓🙁

  171. Hi, I am having such a hard time with giving my dog to the human society. I really know in my heart that he will get into a good home as he is such a friendly, happy and loving dog. I adopted him from the humane society a few years ago cuz he was so sweet. He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. But he does have some behavior issues that we just couldn’t get past. We tried and gave it our all. But in saying that I feel so defeated that my husband and I just couldn’t deal with it any longer.
    I’m so heartbroken and very sad and depressed. I’m hoping with reading your article that in time my heart will heal. In my mind I dream of seeing him walking with someone and me just falling apart.

  172. Dear Patches and Tiger,

    Growing up I always hoped I would “find” a kitten in an alley or in my backyard, a pet I would instantly have to keep. Well, in August of 2017 that dream came true when we bought a house that had two kittens come up on our back deck looking for food and peering in the windows with curiousity. Patches, you were the most curious at first, perching on window sills and following my finger as I traced an outline on the other side. Tiger, you were a bit more timid, and so tiny. That winter I fed you cat food and warm milk as you shook from the cold, still too nervous to come inside.

    When I was finally able to trap and neuter you both I was so sad in having to trap you, because I know you were starting to trust me and that you were scared. I worried that when you were released you’d never come back. But just the opposite happened. You became less timid and just a bit more friendly. I could look forward to your sweet faces peeping in the window each morning like clockwork. Taming you was an activity that helped me through a terrible depression.

    I loved spending the summer outdoors with you both, as you lay in the heat of the day on your back, or touseling about as brothers do. When you finally started coming indoors I was so happy.

    Patches, you always remained a little shy, but I discovered you loved to be held like a baby, nice and tight so you felt safe. You loved to groom my hands as I was petting you. You had quite the voice and never stopped loving being both an indoor and outdoor kitty. Sometimes you just couldn’t make up your mind.

    Tiger, you were my heart. Looking at you made me feel like you could see in my soul. You were so snuggly and sweet, and you loved to cuddle with me. You were confident and tiny, and somewhat aggressive when it came to food. You would never let a potential meal pass you by.

    But I already had a cat and a dog, and it was getting expensive keeping everyone up to date on flea and tick medication, and Patches, I think you were having trouble learning to use the litter box. My cat Ollie is in a prescription diet, and his food is expensive. I couldn’t keep either of you from helping yourselves to that.

    I found you a nice home with two big sister kitties, in a family where you won’t have to brave the elements ever again. You have cat trees to play on. You’ll be part of a big family, and I hope you’ll embrace that and not be scared. I’m glad you two get to stay together because you were always such sweet brothers to each other.

    Patches, you were so scared when I put you in the crate to take you to your new home. I can’t get the image of you cradled in my arms, breathing so heavily, with your huge eyes staring at me, wondering what was going on. And when I took out your blanket at your new home and realized in the car ride over you had peed, I felt awful. I hope you aren’t scared anymore and are getting used to your new home.

    Tiger, I don’t feel like I adequately said goodbye to you. I was trying to compartmentalize the day and just get through it but I wish I had taken just a few minutes to tell you how much you meant to me and just how special you were. I instead tried to spend that time comforting you and telling you about your new home. If I could have kept you I would have but I know in the long run it was more important to keep you boys together. I really love you and miss you so much.

    I am trying to think positive thoughts. Your new family was so happy to have you and they said they’d send pictures and that I could come back and visit. I don’t know if I’m strong enough to do that, but I know I’ll feel better once I see photos of the two of you loving your new life and being well adjusted, rather than the last memory I have of you both being so scared.

    I love you both. And I miss you in sudden waves that makes me sick at night. I hope you know what you did for me and I hope I did right by you.

    Love your mama.

  173. I have an adopted son and twins boys. I got Buddy our gorgeous labrador last October to be a companion to our adopted son. Sadly my husband couldn’t stand having a dog and it caused never ending arguments. I got obsessed with Buddy and he was my best friend but I was anxious every time we left him for work, football clubs etc. My adopted son started to misbehave and seek attention and I found myself pulled in so many directions I was exhausted. I tried so hard for a year to give Buddy the best but my health was affected. I didn’t have enough time or energy for everyone and I work 5 days as well. I couldn’t train Buddy to the best of my ability and whilst he wasn’t naughty he was a typical labrador who needed to learn. I got in touch with the breeder and Buddy is now back home on the farm with his mammy and other dog family members. He left us 7 week’s ago but the guilt is tearing me apart. Did I not do enough. What could I have done better. Why didnt it work. I start therapy with my eldest son who is learning about his birth family soon and this is more time away from the home and Buddy would be on his own even more. I truly hope I have done the right thing for him. My heart is breaking.xx

  174. Christopher P Kelly

    Dear Radar,

    I love you. I will always love you. I know I wasn’t always as good to you as you deserved. I yelled, I got frustrated and angry with you for things that you didn’t know how to do any differently. But that was my failing not yours. I know you will never be able to read this letter and I will probably never see you again to be able to read it to you or express it to you in my actions, but I need to do this anyway.

    We took you in with the highest of hopes that you could be part of our family. We have a crazy home, one that sometimes becomes chaotic, but it is a genuinely loving one. My boys Ogie and SImon loved you from the moment they first met you on October 5, 2018 at the Southcoast Humane Society in North Dartmouth. You loved them, too. You were happy to play and run around with them in the big room and to take treats from them. You were hard to walk away from.

    I had my own reservations about getting a dog and maybe I should have listened better to them. Maybe not. I still don’t know and I’m not sure if I ever will. This I know. I have not the slightest regret in meeting you and knowing you for these last two and a half months. I hope with all my heart that they gave you something too that you will be able to carry with you wherever life takes you. I’m not sure that I was ready, still, to fully give you what you needed. I lost someone a few years ago and I’m not sure I’m fully over him. I’m not sure that I’m in a place in my life that I was able to give you all of the attention that you needed and deserve. I’m sorry. I tried.

    I met you the day after you met Beth and the boys and despite any reservations I fell in love with you right away. You are so handsome and so sweet, it’s hard not to. And the boys wanted you to come home so badly. So we signed the papers on October 6 and you joined our family.

    You came at a time that was is so important to me, a time of the year that family is central and I had all sorts of visions of you becoming part of our rituals. Going to outdoor autumn festivals, trick or treating, and of course being there with us on Christmas morning as the boys unwrapped their magic gifts. I thought you would be the completion of our family, a friend to teach the kids about unconditional love, a companion to travel with us and pull us off the couch for long walks even when we just wanted to sit inside and rest.

    It didn’t quite work out that way, though. I know you tried, too. I know you did your best, but when you came home and met our cats Rigel and Coco you couldn’t resist the urge to chase them. When they scratched you, your tenacious nature didn’t let you quit and you kept going back for more. We tried to help you make peace with these urges by exposing you to them and giving you treats. Sometimes we even had to try the opposite approach by shocking you with the collar when you kept poking your face into their hiding spots. I know you did your best to relax around them. But sometimes your nature just took control of you. That’s not your fault. It’s who you are. They weren’t always easy to deal with either, sometimes teaming up and attacking you for no good reason and I think towards the end of your time with us you may have even been a little scared of them. Either way, it became clear pretty early on that you weren’t going to coexist peacefully and happily and that you and they would only be happy when you were apart from each other.

    Then there was Simon. He loves you and you love him. I have been in tears looking at pictures of the two of you lying on the couch together you sometimes giving him kisses. He was always so excited to come out of school to see you waiting for him, or to run into the room to let you out of the crate. You loved to play with him and he really enjoyed running around the house with you. But you are a natural born hunter and sometimes you couldn’t resist the urge to nip. And Simon’s inability to control his body at times, throwing himself around and on the floor was just too much for you to deal with. Still you two had a good loving relationship and I believe in my heart you would never do anything to purposely hurt him. I’m not as sure I can say the same about some of his friends though. I don’t know how you saw the other toddlers you sometimes came in contact with, but your aggression and predatory instincts signaled that the potential for something dangerous was always lurking near. I’m saddened to think of times like Simon’s party in October or on Halloween Night when we had to put you in the crate because you were overwhelmed by the presence of other dogs or little kids. I know you would have liked to be part of those things, and we as a family would have loved to have you at our side. Again, this isn’t your fault. You’re a good boy and you were just doing what you know how to do. But we couldn’t take any chances.

    Ogie is grieving hard, too. He is a boy who loves his animals more than anything and he embraced you with all of his heart. He loved to take you outside and you were happy to go. Every morning he played tug of war with you using your beloved rope and he and Simon both loved to play hide the biscuits with you, a game that never made you anything less than ecstatic.He wrote you into his stories and imagined a long life with you at his side and he fought so hard to find ways to make things work with you. On your last night with us, he wanted to sleep in my bed to be close to you and so he could look at you, as he often did, to ask “who’s a good boy?” There was a pure love between you both that makes me both happy and sad to think of.

    I hope you will always keep a part of those two boys in your heart somehow. They will keep you in theirs.

    I hope you will always have some kind of memory of the happy times we had. The long walks, playing outside with the boys and with Prince, going over to Brent’s to play with Evie (while Buddy growled at you both). I hope some part of you can feel good about the nights when you curled up on the couch and Beth or I would lay with you or sit at your side stroking your soft ears, doing our best to show you how much we loved you. I hope you will wake up in the mornings and do the excited military crawl and roll on your back so that your people can lovingly scratch your belly. I hope you will end up in a place where you can rejoice when they come home, just as you did with us.

    I know you looked to me for comfort that I couldn’t always give. When I went behind the gate or put you on the lead outside you couldn’t stand to be away for even a minute. I felt warm looking at your face in the window as I left, but I know you felt something else entirely. I hope your new life, wherever that may be is one in which those anxieties can disappear or at least fade as you make peace with the place that you will spend the rest of your life. I hope you can find a place to run and play and chase as your heart desires because you are a good boy and that is what you deserve. I called myself your daddy and I wish I could have held that title until the end of your days, but I have to surrender it just as I had to surrender you.

    On December 19, 2018 I again signed a paper at the Humane Society, this time to give you back to the place we left with you a few months earlier with such high hopes. That was the most painful signature I’ve ever made.

    Your ghost is everywhere around me. On the corners where we walked, on the pile of leaves in the yard where you always peed, sometimes desperately, in the broken gate that remains shattered on our dining room floor, and in the empty crate that still sits on the side of the bed. I looked at it this morning and lost all control of my emotions. I miss you so badly.

    If I may be selfish one last time (God knows I spent too much of my time with you being so and you deserve more) I hope I can see you again sometime. If not, I hope I can follow you from a distance to know that you are happy and doing okay. I hope I can hold onto the idea that we tried to give you our best and that our love is real and that some part of that will always be a part of you.

    I’m sorry for all of the ways I failed you.

    I love you forever, my beautiful friend,

  175. Dear Bentley,
    I am lost for words when asked how I feel about the situation and all I could really do is cry. Its been only a couple of hours and im hoping tomorrow isnt like today. I got you for xmas and now we will be “celebrating” xmas without you this year. I never wanted to give you away but i didnt have a choice. I genuinely love you because you were my first child and because of that i feel its only best you are with a family who will love and nuture you because you deserve it so much! You will always be in my heart.. i love you.

  176. My puppy,
    God I miss you so much. Everytime I think of you it breaks my heart and puts me in tears. You got me out of a dark point in my life you comforted me when I needed it the most and were always by my side. You goofy personality always made me smile at least once a day. The decision sadly to let you go was never mine to make as I couldn’t at the time take care of you let alone myself at the time. You changed my life you taught me how to love again and care for someone/something other than myself and I will be forever grateful for. You not being with me hurts everyday, from finding dog hair in my car to memories on my snap chat story of us cuddling in bed it hasn’t seemed to hurt less but gotten worse. But I know you are making your new family so so happy like to you did for me. That they can give you the big back yard you deserve and just as much as love as I did. I love you so much Axel and I miss you so so much but I know deep down it was the right thing for both of us, so I can grow and follow my dreams while knowing you are getting the love and attention you deserve

    1. Dear Eli,
      You were the best buddy boy I ever could have hoped for. Thank you for being right by my side through 8 1/2 years of adventures and struggles. I am so sorry life changed the way that it did. Please know that I did not want this at all. If I could go back, I’d do everything differently and you’d still be snuggled up right next to me. I made some big mistakes and you paid for them and I don’t think I’ll ever forgive myself. You were my hero. Over and over and over again.
      Please know that I did my best. But I just couldn’t give you what you deserve anymore. Please know that you are a GOOD BOY and your family loved you like crazy and always will. I will be praying for you every day.
      My heart is so broken. I love you so much. I’m so sorry. Please forgive me. Please please be happy. You are an angel.

  177. Dear Gizmo,
    Sweet little pup, I have been crying and feeling so heartbroken the past day realizing that I will never see you again. You were an early Christmas gift for my mom and I was truly hoping you would mend her broken heart after having lost our other doggie of 16 years just earlier this month. I should have known it was too soon and that she wouldn’t be ready for a puppy, but I thought she would instantly fall in love with you the way I had. I know she would have in time but her heart just isn’t ready yet. She knew you were the cutest, sweetest dog. If I had my own home, I would have never let you go..but I had to listen to my mom and dad and find you a family that was ready for you and could give you everything.
    I’ve never felt a connection so strong and so quickly with a dog before. You weren’t even supposed to be for me. But when you were snuggled up on my chest napping for hours that second night, I felt such a true love. I didn’t know how I was going to be able to say goodbye to you after I already loved you so much. It didn’t feel right and I’ll always wish you could have been apart of our family. But I think you found a great momma who’s going to love you just as much. And you’ll have another doggie friend to play with so hopefully you won’t be sad missing your old family who we got you from. I’m so sorry I put you through so much change and confusion in such a short period of time. I hope you forgive me and know that if it were up to me, I’d keep you forever. I love you sweet boy and I’ll never forget you. Have a beautiful life.

  178. Dear Snoopy

    I love you so much.I will always love you. I hated doing this. This past few years have been hard on both of us.It pains me so much, that you had to go through it with me.You were there when those hard times happened.You were there & comforted me more than you will ever know. I love you so much & I am so sorry my life was so unstable & I couldn’t provide you a big enough area to be able to run & play.You are the most smartest,most expressive dog I have ever had.I feel so sad, I had to give you up but I couldnt give you a life where you were bounded in.You have so much energy & you deserve to be happy & free. Please forgive me for giving you up. I will always love you & remember how expressive you were. I trust that God brought you to the right home even though I am so sad thinking of how you felt when you realized I was gone. I hope your having your best dog life & you have a huge amount of love around you because you deserve it. I wanted the best life for you my sweetie.

  179. Is it the right thing to do. Got divorced 7 months ago and i kept the dog. 85 lb lab/pitbull… most submissive dog you ever met..friendly …playful…but i don t have alot of time for her and she gives me that guilty “take me with you” look when i leave for work. The dog sitter says she would take her and then she would always have new friends to play with as she always sits different dogs. I still have the guilt!!! Do it or don’t?

    1. If you find her a good home where she won’t be alone you did a good deed. I also had to rehome puppy of my dreams and she has now great life, living with a family in a full house and with other dogs and kid who love her to pieces. With me she would have lonely and boring life, since I have to work long hours and don’t have family around to help. But I still feel guilty for giving her away and not having what it takes to take proper care for the most adorable puppy I ever saw. 😭😭😭😭😭

  180. Dear Minni, My eyes are full of tears. Little sweet girl, when we rescued you 1 year ago we expected to have you in our lives for many, many years. As your older siblings were getting frail, we thought it best to get you a little buddy. I knew you had tendencies but never expected you to get aggressive. Fearing for the new pup and then fearing for ourselves. I feel we failed you. That there must have been something we could have done. I know that returning you to the rescue was the best option. They will understand your quirkiness now and find you a forever family without any pets. I am so sorry Minni. I love you with all my heart. Please forgive me.

  181. Jethro,
    I wanted to thank you for being a great dog for us. I remember the good times we had. I feel like you were the sweetest dog in history. I feel guilty you were stuck with us. You did us a favor more then we did for you. I remember when we got you. You were so happy and fun. I remember when we trained you. I think how smart you are. The fact is Jethro, you destroyed our house whenever we were gone. Your separation anxiety for the past 8 years has been so hard on our family. I know we did everything for you and this was the last resort. You even started to harm yourself! We loved you so much my pup! I am sorry we are gone to work. I can tell this hew family will love you deeply.

  182. My boy.
    I wish I didn’t have to give you up. I feel like I’ve let you down, and when I look at your sister, I can’t help but hate that I separated you too. I wish I could have taken you both with me to our new home, but I just couldn’t have both. We had the perfect home for you already, and it pained my heart because I knew instantly you had to be the one. You were always the easiest to care for, and I knew they would do just as well. It doesn’t get easier. I’ll see you on Thanksgiving, and I know that however you react is going to make me weep like I had the day I gave you away, and like I was just now. I just miss your perfect nose, and your perfect temperament, and just you. I wish I could take you back, my baby boy. My heart just aches.

  183. Dear Cassiel,
    My Angel of Tears. I cried the day we brought you home and I’ve been crying for the last 24 hours. You were the most handsome Malamute I have ever had, with your red hair and with your tail curled so tight it couldn’t go straight if it had to and you beautiful bedroom eyes. I didn’t even re-home you, although we tried – instead you got taken to the shelter and I want to die. Dad threw up on the way home. I want to go back and get you so BAD! We tried so hard but you were always more Devil than Angel. Moki is terrified of you but is still looking all over for you. I am such a bad person – who does this and how can this possibly be right? I hope they listen and only adopt you to a family with no other pets. You are so beautiful someone will adopt you I know. I HATE MYSELF!

  184. I just had to re-home my pup and I feel like such a bad person. We just didn’t have the time to give him the love and attention he needed. He is such a sweet boy but he was crated more then he was out playing and being a puppy. With our 1 year old and are busy schedules we were always gone or busy with my baby. As I’m wrting this im crying. So here I am Googling ways to handle this guilt and I came across this page. I feel so depressed right now…how does anyone get through this? I am almost hoping they bring him back 😭

    1. I just got rid of my dog too and I feel as if I lost a friend or relative. He was the best dog in the world but neither my boyfriend nor I could make time for him. It kills me to know I abandoned him. I don’t want him to ever forget about how much I love him. I think about him all the time and I just worry if he’s happy and if he’s healthy and I just wonder if he misses me too. I know I gave him up because it was best for him but I just can’t get over the guilt. I don’t want him to think I abandoned him… if dogs can even think.

      1. I recently adopted the best dog in the world, but she turned out to be very unwell. She was left two times before, she is only 4 years and reason why she was left before is because she grew to be big( the worst reason ever). After second family left her she was totally heart broken and we did everything we can to make her happy. And she was trying so hard to be the best dog ever too, but the grief was so big that she got very unwell. All the vets we visited said that grief is the biggest cause of majorit illnesses and cancers in dogs. I understand that people dont have time to be with dogs 24 hours, but you should be aware of your lifestyle before you take a dog. Dog is sad to be alone at home but dog can wait for you to get home and will be the happiest dog in the world when you come home. He will rather wait for you then if he was left by you forever. Yes, they can be happy in new family, but as much is hard for you to let go of dog imagine how dog is felling.I am sorry for writing this, but I am heart broken to see whats happening with my gorgeous girl.I always though its better to re-home dog rather then get a puppy, but I dont think that anymore. Because someone suddenly didn’t want their dog because of whatever reason, my dog and my partner and I we all have a broken heart now, and if previous family wonders if she is healthy and happy, well she is not healthy and she was trying to be happy, but unfortunately you can not talk with dogs and explain them what happen. To conclude, dogs can think! And they would never leave us, they love us more then they love themselves.

    2. Dear Brownie my love.
      I am so sorry I had to rehome you. I love you so much. You are such a loving and smart beagle. You bought so much joy and happiness to our family from day one. I fell in love with you the moment I saw you. I am so sorry I couldn’t give you the home you deserved. You needed space and freedom to run and play. You are to energetic and full of life to be living in the city. You didn’t have any dogs to socialize with that I felt comfortable with. I know in my heart that this is the best thing for you. You have two beagle brothers you can grow up with and learn how to be sociable. You’ll be able to run at a top speed, chase squirrels and birds, It was very hard to let you go, but I had to. I cry every day for you, but I was hindering you from being that lovable beagle you were born to be. I want you to know I will always love you, I miss you so much. I pray that you are loved and well taken care of. You are lovable, kind, funny, and smart. I know they will love you too. Best wishes to you and your new family. God’s blessings upon you always.
      Love your first human mother.

  185. My dear dear Chewie.

    When we got you at 8 months old you could barley walk up the stairs and I thought I would have to carry you up them forever. In a few days you figured it out but boy was I worried. Your first name was Brick and indeed you are built (and as heavy as one). I’m so sorry I had to give you to another family. You were the quietest and least active dog I ever met but boy would your tail wag so. But we couldn’t be here for you. You needed us and we just couldn’t do it. I wish you were more demanding of our affection but you were content to sit in your bed and watch us. So much so that we sort of felt you were just on the sidelines of our life. A chore. When I began to feel that way I knew this wasn’t your forever home. I weighed your happiness day after day weeke after week until I met a lady with a 12 year old home schooled girl who desperately wanted a dog just like you. I knew you be happy with the cats and the ducks and all the attention a girl could give you. Nothing like sitting at home waiting for us to get off work or back from out after school activities. I’m so sorry Chewie. I am so sorry. I am so sorry. It broke my heart how easily you went with them but that was you. A loving trusting dog. I hope your first nights with your new family were easy. I hope she let you sleep with her. I hope you didn’t pee in her bed!
    Riley misses you too but she knows you are going to have a happier life with Ginger. Riley forgives me for being such a terrible doggie mom. For you Chewie, I made the hard decison to give you to a family who can be there for you. I’m sorry I’m only one person. I’m sorry I couldn’t walk you I’m sorry we couldn’t play more I’m sorry I didn’t have the time to be with you. I know you were happy here which is why I’m so sad. You didn’t care about any of that and that’s what breaks my heart. I won’t ever have another dog as sweet, undemanding and understanding as you. I do hope you dream of us my little Chewie. We won’t forget you.

  186. Dear Chance,
    I love you, & I’m very sorry I had to give you up. I know it was the right thing for you, & I’m happy your new family will give you everything you need. You were a wonderful dog, with all your own special quirks & personality. You blessed our family & I want to thank you for being our dog. I know you loved our family, & I hope you know the last thing we wanted to do was give you up. You will be dearly missed, but I know we did the right thing for you. Your new family will be able to help you with your medical needs & provide you with all the physical activity you need. I hope your 5 years with us were wonderful. You were the first dog I ever owned, & I tried my best to be the best dog parent I could be. I didn’t do everything perfect, but I loved you & tried my best to make you happy. I love you & miss you. I truly hope you are happy with your new family & I wish nothing but the best for you. I love you.

  187. I had 6 surgeries from May this year and came home Sept 18th, 2018 and many emotions and blames I put on some people and myself. Had them from 7 and and half weeks old, brother and sister, they are now little over 3 years old.. I take many walk trying to still get energy, I guess imagining I could get them back. I didnt really know the people and felt I was lied to to rehome them. The day before I was to take them there they said they would Foster them until i got back on my feet. After it was said nothing else was said. It had only been 4 days since I had gotten out if hospital and still was feeling good. I post them on facebook and have the new family send me pictures however my sorrow and lonliness is so overwhelming someone said I was going to make myself very ill. I feel like I would do almost anything to get them back, but deep down know I am still weak and live on SS. I try to stay busy but still am grieving so bad. Worse than i have ever with any dogs ive ever had before. Im even fixing house up better I guess pretending I’ll get them back soon. Thanks for listening. Scoot and Lucy are their names

  188. My dearest Kai,

    Writing this letter breaks my heart because I now have officially accepted that you are gone and no longer “my dog.” You were the smartest and most loyal dog I have ever known. I’m so sorry that despite all the time and effort we put into training, I couldn’t help you get over your fear and anxiety of other dogs. I so desperately wish I didn’t live in an apartment so I could give you a home with a yard to run and play without having to worry about interactions with strange dogs. I know you never meant to bite me or my boyfriend to hurt us, but so you could get away from the situation, but we can’t risk that happening to a stranger. I’m so sorry for whatever happened to you before I rescued you that made you so afraid. My home is too quiet without you, I miss you running up and down my hallway or jumping on my bed thinking I don’t know what you’re doing in my room. You taught me so much about what it truly takes to be a dog owner. I’m sorry, I feel as though I failed you. We both have different needs that couldn’t be met in our current situation. I hope your new home can better provide those needs for you. I will forever miss you, and I lost a piece of my heart when I gave you up. Please forgive me and understand how difficult this was and still is for me to do. I love you so much baby girl. We will meet again someday. 💖

  189. Dear Maximus, I’m very sorry I had to give you up. Mom just couldnt deal with you, just know I tried my best to keep you and I fought for you. Tried giving you to my grandpa so at least then I’d still get to see you. You stayed at his house for two weeks. You wernt eating. When I came to see you. You barked and jumped and went crazy. It broke my heart. That’s the thing I seem to always remember you going crazy because you missed me. Then my grandpa gave you to someone i dont even know. I dont know if you’re happy there, if youre dead, or even if you’re still with that man. I pray I love a dog as much as I loved you. I often feel silly for crying over you because youre only a dog. I miss you alo,t baby Maximus. You turned one on October 13…
    -much love, Christina.

  190. My mom gave my dog Harley away her birthday was a few days after it was her first birthday and I missed it , I have all sorts of feelings. I miss seeing her run around my house all crazy, and I miss playing our fun little games that mean so much to me.
    I miss hearing her bark and her cute little face.
    She is a German Shepherd and husky mix, and I didn’t get to say goodbye
    I came home from school and she was gone
    All have left of her is a few pictures

    I have done all these things and nothing is working for me I miss her
    I don’t think I can ever forgive my parents for what they did. She wasn’t just a friend or family she was my hero she saved me, when I was she was there to help me.
    What do I do now since none of those things worked?

  191. I have to give up my Chihuahua of 5 years because I am moving to a place that doesn’t accept pets. I am giving Jack to a Chihuahua Rescue. They know him, because I have boarded him there. They love him. I know he will be happy to run and play with other dogs. But that doesn’t stop the hurt and guilt of giving him up. I love him, like a child. He’s only 7 lbs. And has given me so much companionship, so many happy nights laying with me, protecting me. I am very sad today, because today is the day I take him.

  192. To my darling Dougie ,
    On Friday I took you to be rehomed and and it was the hardest day of my life . When we found you and the dog shelter you were cold and frightened only four months old, I was outraged a family could rehome such a young beautiful spaniel and you filled my heart with so much joy and love. You brought light where there was dark I am sorry that life got in our way and caring for nanna meant I neglected your training and by the time I picked it up again and you had witnessed grief and family upheaval you were so protective of me we couldn’t over come it. The last four weeks we had together where we worked hard with your scent work so you would be happier in our little house all the time deep down I knew you should be doing that all day as a working dog. I didn’t let you go because I didn’t love you I let you go because I loved you so much I wanted you to have everything you possibly could out of your very special life . I will miss you everyday and have turned into a frantic spaniel myself everything you’ve slept on just to feel close to you . The hardest thing in the world is accepting I won’t see your happy face again . Mummy’s handsome prince you are a brave soldier working for the public sector I couldn’t be more proud of you . All my love strokes and kisses always and of course belly rubs , until we meet again special friend
    Mummy xxx

  193. Thank you for your article. Your words helped me so much in finding the extra comfort I needed even though I know I did what was best for our dog. My heart is still heavy but I will always remember our dog and I will always find comfort in knowing he is happy and where he should be.

  194. Kiko, i loved you since the very first day I brought you home. You were so skinny I could tell your past owners barely fed and abused you. I helped you get to a healthy weight and bought you all the toys I could afford. You only learned sit and to use the backyard as your rest Room. You’re always so full of energy, you wagged your tail so much you would hit it against everything without caring. You thought you were a little lap dog when In reality you were HUGE. You loved walks and Always walked me. You chewed up everything but it didn’t matter to me I love you. I’m sorry my family and I couldn’t be your forever home. I always hoped they’d let you stay. I wish we had more time. You’re adorable, lovable and friendly. You’re next owners will be lucky to have you. I’m sorry I couldn’t give you the life you deserve, another family will love you and treat you better than we did. A better life awaits you, I’m so thankful you got to be apart of my life. I hope your journey only gets better from here my angel baby.

  195. Mulla, I’m so sorry I couldn’t give you the home you needed or deserved. For years I knew that I wasn’t meeting your needs for what seemed to be one reason after another. I always thought that things would change or that I would have had everything together by now and be in a bigger place, possibly with a family or partner to give you love as well when I wasn’t able to or available for you. I’m sorry that I wasted so much of your time by being selfish and putting myself before you and for my laziness and apathy – particularly in the colder months and for my absence from home for work. I never anticipated that you may not have coped well when I was on nightshift when you were a little puppy. I did what I thought was best for you and your safety when heated conflicts arose with the neighbors about your anxious barking at night in my absence, it wasn’t fair on you and I’m so sorry that I put you through all that. I just wanted you to be safe. And then despite everything you never stopped loving me. Thank you for showing me what unconditional love looked like. You only ever wanted to play, you’ve always been so full of joy and boundless energy, so loving and harmless. But I could sense the sadness and longing growing in you as well, and I knew it was all because of me. It was the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make in finding you a new home. I just have to trust that God will provide for you a new home and loving owners who can be the owners that you need them to be for you. I’m absolutely devastated Mulla, I’ve never felt this kind of grief before. The look in your eyes as you left broke my heart. I miss you so much already and it hasn’t even been 12 hours. Thank you so much for the love you showed me, the companionship, the laughs, the care you showed me, joy you gave me and all the fun we had together. I’ll miss going skating with you and your beautiful personality. I pray we will meet again in heaven one day sweetie. I love you so much – and that’s why you had to leave me. I’m so sorry.

  196. Hi zues aka zuesy. I loved you from the moment I saw you just this little black pup with white on your chest. I bring you home and bathed you and promised it would be your forever home. I fed you with a bottle and stayed up late . We talked to eachother we shared great playful moments we spent all day everyday together. My mental illness prevented me from taking care of you properly. I never took you out side I didnt potty train you I didn’t do a lot of the things I should have. I was deppressed. I knew along time ago that I needed to let you go but I held on. The thing that pushed it was the land lord didn’t except your breed and I had no choice. Your at a new home now and she even bought you a sweater. You look so handsome. I wish I could jave been better to you better for you. I know your happy and I know your okay. And that’s all that matters to me. I miss your snuggles your brand and your kisses. I miss everything about you. I know you miss me to. You were my favourite pet. I made the right choice. Your going to be okay. I love you big boy.

  197. Dear Tavish and Tessa,
    My world was a very lonely one until I decided to get each of you. You two are the last dogs I will ever have and the best babies ever. I have never felt so much happiness and joy having each of you with very different personallities in my life. My health is failing and I will not be getting better so after a year of slowly being able to do less and less with you two I found the best homes (better than even you had with me) for both of you. I know you’ll get one or more walks each day and lots of fun get-aways. Your new gardians have had collies before and will love you both. I’ve cried evry day for a month now and still feel my heart break when I come home each day to an empty house. No wags, no snugs, no puppy doodles. But I know you both could feel something wrong with me by the way you started being more protective and never leaving my side. It’s best that I have the peace of mind to know you two will be ok when I’m gone … but it hurts and I’m jealous that I raised two awesome dogs for four years and now I get emails from your new owners about how special you are and how much fun you are having. But when you realy love you want what is best for the other, not for you. This is what is best for you both. But I will miss you and love you all the rest of my days. Maggie

  198. Thank You so much for sharing this with the world. I had to rehome our sweet and wild terri-poo because mentally I could not deal with the barking and chewing up of things while taking care of our 8 month old baby in a small apt. I thought I did the right thing but i woke up and cant stop crying. I miss her so much my heart hurts. I have regret and doubt but after reading your article, it gave me hope that maybe she really is in a better home. She has a yard now thats comforting and her new owner is retired and has another littlw dog to keep her conpanh1. I feel like I let her down. My husband is so hearrbroken too. She was our first baby. The home is so quiet now…makes it even worse that jessie is not here anymore.I almost want to ask for her back but i feel selfish. All I can do is hope and pray she is in a much better home now.

  199. Dear Balto, I am so sorry that I let you go. But, what you don’t know is we didn’t have enough space for you in our trailer. I am deeply sorry. I didn’t want to give you away because I didn’t want you to think I was giving up on you. I encourage you to live your life to the fullest with your new family. They will love you and take real good care of you. I remember when we first got you. You were the runt of the bunch. Your Daddy, Joey, picked you up and looked right me to say, “He’s the one”. I let you lay on me, you laid in the floor behind my feet, and you grew grew grew and played to your hearts content. You are smart, you are protective and I thank you for loving me and my family as me and my family has loved you. We will miss you but we are happy for you. Love Your Old Mama.

  200. Dear Torbie,
    I am so sorry. You’re an amazing, gentle, kind-hearted baby and I will always love you. It’s going to be so hard to get through this for me but I know you’ll find an amazing home. Any family would be lucky to have you. You shouldn’t be looked at as a chore and you shouldn’t spend so much time at home alone.

    Please forgive me and always remember that I will always love you and never forget you. I’m sorry for how I was but I know it’s for the best. It’s not fair to us at the end of the day, and it’s 100% not fair to you.

    I know you’ll find a forever home. I’m so sorry. I love you.

    -Love you forever, Nina

  201. Dear Hugo I miss you. you were my best friend my only companion. It’s hard everyday coming home and your not there to greet me with your paws up high wanting my to pick you up for kisses and hugs, not hearing you barking at me take you outside I miss it I miss you so very much, I remember on our way to your new home before I left how I held you and cried and apologized because I couldn’t take care of you anymore. On our way there you were shaking up till now I still think you knew what was going on. I’m sorry, I’m so so so sorry I love you and I’m going to miss you, but I know you’ll be happy and loved.bye for now love dalia.

  202. Dear Hero, tomorrow I have to take you to your new home. My heart is breaking. Not only for the boys that love you so very much but also for Daisy who you have this incredible bond with. I have never seen two dogs love each other so much.

    You were the first dog that I have ever had that smiles. Yes, a big old smile on your beautiful face. Our decision to move to New Zealand has been so long in the making. Every angle of this move has been played over like a game of chess, always moving pieces around trying to figure out how to make it all work. And then, then there were the chess pieces that was you and Daisy and long long agonizing discussions on what to do. The cost of flying you over is however more than we can even begin to put together. I have sold furniture, thinking that maybe this will help to get you there but we fall far short of paying for you to get to New Zealand. If only, if only money did not rule, if only money did not tie our hands, if only money was not the deciding factor, if only money did not cause you to be ripped from our home. My sweet companion, my sweet friend that is so loving and kind to everyone including the chickens. How on earth do you share your food with even them? You truly do not have a selfish bone in your body, just love.

    The next few hours will be so hard. How on earth do I say goodbye? I love you my boy. I will miss you every day. I will see your face in the sunrise and will see you in the sunsets and know that out there is a sweet friend, a loving kind friend who’s eyes see right through my soul and love me with a selfless love. I am so sorry. I am so sorry.

  203. Dear Dajaun,

    My boy, you are perfect and have always been a daddy’s boy from the beginning. I remember when me and your mom first got you. You fit in the palm of my hand and cried on the way to the house….. I watched you grow to 10 months, what a beautiful boy you’ve became… we lost the house and had to move you from place to place, some places you liked more than others. Finally I have up and decided that you deserved better. I love you with all my heart… your sass and your calm all in one you are the perfect boy for me… I’m sor sorry I couldn’t hold on to you. You will always be in my heart. I will always remember your face, our cuddles on the couch, and how our cuddles became more complicated as you grew into the big ol boy you are now. You mean everything to me… love daddy

  204. A little over three months ago my boyfriend, Matt gave his German Shepard back to the breeder. Matt and I got together over a year ago when he had been living an hour away from me in his own shop/studio living, running his own business doing upholstery. Just Matt and the dog, Heny, where Heny can roam freely on 15 acres which is very necessary due to the amount of energy this dog possesses. The relentless energy of Heny can get overwhelming at times when paired with over friendlyness and not knowing how or when he needs to calm down and mind his own business. While visiting him at his place I’d bring my daschund tucker with me. Tuck was a scared of Heny, as Heny would want to play with tuck, tuck is not interested. When Matt visit my house, which I own and renovated with my two sisters, he of course brings Heny. Well, my sisters are not a fan of the wild energy, but most of all 100% intolerant of shedding hair. So, my sisters don’t want the dog in the house. Heny would stay outside or in the barn when visiting. Overnight would sometimes come into my bedroom to sleep.

    Fast forward a few months and Matt and I decide to combine our businesses into the same shop which is local to my home. Therefore Matt moves into my house, and plans for Heny are that he will sleep in the shop. That worked okay for a while but it wasn’t all smoothe sailing bc of the times when customers in and are either afraid of the dog or annoyed by him, other were fine with him. Either way Matt didn’t want Heny over excited at people or most of all jumping on them. Matt gets irritated at these times. So a little time goes and eventually Heny starts to chew things in the shop at night. Leading to discipline in the morning. So we have to keep the dog out of reach form anything but his bed. Some nights Heny would chew his bed a little or his toys which is fine, we happily walk up to him to let him loose but before we even reach him he starts to pee. I’m assuming fear is causing this new trend. So how do you get the dog to not pee now, right? This trend continues for the foreseeable future along with other nucances and hiccups on top of this. Stress is buliding up and up on top of the sadness of having to leave the dog alone over night. This also leads to fights between us. Actually almost any fight we’ve ever had has been about the dog. I should mention I was not a huge fan of the dog. But mostly not a fan of how stressful and angry he made Matt at times. It was getting old.
    A few months go by, it’s now spring and we can’t really handle this anymore. I’m leaving out many details bc almost every day there would be something new the dog does. Also mind you, he brought the dog to a trainer who kept him for two weeks continuously working with him and there was zero improvement. So.. the straw broke the camels back when one morning Heny yet again welcomes us with peeing on the floor and when my customer walked in the door jumps up and almost knocks the old man over. Matt gets the dog In The car and drives off. He returns a couple hours later and told me he’s bringing him back to the breeder. I didn’t ask questions and just said okay I’ll come with you. So we drive three hours away and leave him with the breeder.
    Lots of crying, and crying and crying. And crying. Very sad and hard for Matt. Hard for me to see him so upset. But it feels like this is only fair for the dog as it’s not okay to leave him alone every night and not even come into my house. Not okay for Matt to get upset with the dog every single day at least once.
    So now it’s been three month. Matt still cry’s about the dog here and there, or expresses how much he misses him. And wished he didn’t give him back. But claims the only reason he gave him up is because I don’t ljke Heny. I tell him you’re forgetting how mad and stressed he made you. These conversations quickly escilate to an argument. Very stressful. Once again still only the we fight about is the dog…
    Now we are selling this house and moving into our own place, with a field. Now Matt is really kicking himself for giving him back and sometimes throws the idea of getting him back.
    My main point in writing this is that I’m getting to be really hard at helping him cope with this subject. He tells me of course that I don’t know how it feels. That’s true. But I think I’d be trying my best to get over it. It seems like he doesn’t even want to get over Heny. How long did it take some of you to get over your loss? Am I being unsesitive? Or is he being over sensitive? This is a though situation. It’s being very strenuous on our relationship.. I also don’t know how to help him very well, I’m bad at comforting people. Especially when I think it was 100% the right decision.
    Sorry for the super long read, thanks for reading.
    Any advice or input is welcome.

    1. Maybe he was angry bcz he feels he had to choose between you and the dog even if it was never said? So then there is fighting bcz he feels guilty and angry and helpless….

  205. Dear Tony,

    You are such a good dog.

    When we brought you home a week ago, I wouldn’t admit this but I thought that somehow… having you would fill up a hole in my life. I told myself it was for selfless reasons, but in the end I couldn’t follow through. Why not? Why couldn’t I do it? These are questions I will forever ask myself. It may be my biggest flaw, panic at the thought of being needed. Any compromise on my freedom. My mom was this way, too, and I’m so very sorry that this BS in my own life has impacted yours.

    You are such a joyous, silly little creature. You’re resourceful and smart and brave. You do not deserve to be seen as a chore. Because you’re not. When your forever family adopts you, they are going to wonder how they struck the mother load. How in the hell did we luck out this much, they’ll say. And the honest truth is that you will forget me so fast. I hope you do. I know you will. But I will never forget you.

    I wish I could know if you forgive me. But that’s not your job. Go ahead in life, be good, be safe.

    I’m so sorry.

  206. I miss my dog. I just rehomed her today. I want her back. But our lives have changed with new changes travling. And my husband was never Dog person to begin with. And I’m kinda of blaming him for this situation. But he kept saying to keep her if I want he will tolerate her. But what I wanted is him to love her and hang with her like I did. My heart is broken and that’s what he wanted to avoid.

  207. Dear Willow,

    I am so sorry that I gave you away. Mommy loves you so much. It was a long hard decision but Daddy and I decided it would be better for you and for us for you to find another home. As I dropped you off at your new home I cried and then I cried all night and when I woke up the next morning, as I’m here now, I’m still crying. Crying in grief, guilt, and for you because some miserable part of my brain fears that you miss us and are unhappy. I remember the day I brought you home from the shelter and how happy you were so i hope you’re like that too. The hardest part for me was knowing that you’ve been going from home to home and I don’t want you to think it’s your fault! You are the perfect dog! You really are but you just weren’t a good fit for mommy and daddy right now. We weren’t ready for you. But you were perfect. I love you so much and I don’t want to feel regret. I want to feel peace. I hope you’re happy.
    Forever your mommy,

  208. Dear B,
    Its been exactly one week today that I had to take you back to the shelter. My heart broke a thousand times and breaks a thousand more everytime I think of you.
    I check their page constantly and today was the first day I saw your photo up again. Deep inside something broke down again.
    I really really really wanted to keep you. I begged and pleaded with Daddy even after you attacked him 3 times, but 3 times was too much. Daddy was afraid that you would attack our future children and he didn’t want that.
    I still love you and I still hurt. I cried for hours before, during and after dropping you off. You were my first dog and will always be my first dog. I really wished it was forever like I planned. I miss you everyday and I know you will eventually find your forever home. Be a good boy. Mommy loves you.

    1. I just had to rehome my oil man for biting and in November we are bringing a baby home and I was scared he would bite her. Its been over a month since you had to do the same doea it get easier. I can’t breath it hurts so bad

      1. Dear Aleah,

        I think I understand your mourning for having to rehome your Old Man. I am so in deep sorrow myself as well for needing to rehome Lucas, my 15 year old Maltese after he bit the lip of my baby girl.

        If you find it comforting, learn from me that I believer you are doing the right thing in letting your old dog go. The safety of your baby is first and unfortunately (from experience) dogs bite even if they do not mean harm. It is in their nature.

        Adult people can understand a dogs temper and act within the limit if its temper. If your dog lets itself be kissed and lifted from the ground, it is OK, but not all gods like it. I know if I was a dog, I would not like a giant lift me and be all over me like a toy.

        In my case, Lucas bit me once in the face, but I accept it was my fault for ignorance. I noticed he growled at me when I kissed my wife good-bye on the bed and Lucas thought I was attaching her master.

        Note Lucas came to my house with my wife when we married. At that time Lucas was my wife’s dog and not mine.

        When the incident happened, my wife gave me the choice (with much suffering) to give the dog away.

        To the surprise of my wife, I offered to her to give away Lucas… but to myself. Yes, to myself living in the same house.

        From that moment I became the master of Lucas, the leader of his pack and for 5 years he was my body-guard. he sat by me hours when I worked from home, watched for my safety and followed me everywhere.

        Unfortunately for me, my baby girl is too little to know not to do things that would bother my old Lucas, like keep giving him kisses when he does not like to be kissed or actually touched.

        When Lucas bit Camilla, I saw him embarrassed, never the less, I instantly put him in his pet-transport-cage with humiliation and gave him, (along with the other poor dog that had no wrong act) to our house maids.

        I drove 1 hour to deliver the dog and all his goods to the home of the new family.

        Lucas made no noise (neither I) during the whole transit time.

        I parked my car, handed the dog to the new owners after meeting and greeting and did not leave any other time to say good bye to my old friend.

        I want to tell you I understand you when you say it is hard to breath. I hope time heals your pain. I also hope time heals mine as well. I hope my Lucas survives well and forgets quickly about me so he can focus in the current moment. I hope his 15 years around me and 5 been my most respected pal are gone quickly.

        I hope I can understand that message myself.

        I would like to go back to my Lucas in 5 years and bring him home with honor when my baby girl is 6 years old and ready to understand to respect Lucas… but I doubt my pal could make it to 20 years old, so this is it…

      2. I just found out I was pregnant 2 weeks after we took him back. I cried like a baby when I found out because now I know he probably knew what I didn’t and was just trying to protect me.

        He went to a new home last week so I know he’s ok. I’ll be ok too. I’m still trying to cope and adjusting to being a mom to be. I realize if the biting continues with the baby we’d have to get rid of him but it’s not easy

  209. My Darlings Travis & Trudy,

    My heart broke as I gave you both away; you know I didn’t want to, but the HOA here limits the total number of dogs to two. Carolynn reluctantly decided she’d keep Xander & Harley because she felt at their advanced age, they would be harder to place.

    Trudy, this is for you. I’m thrilled that you were adopted at once by the Animal Control Agent! I know you’ll be happy in your new home: you’ll have two fun kids to run & play with. I hope the whole family plays with you & gives you good exercise. As you doubtless already know, they have a cat; treat him/her with respect & you’ll be fine.

    Travis, I don’t know where you are! The last I heard, the Animal Control Agent promised me that you’d be transferred to the ASPCA in Orangeburg; they would work with you to help you relax & learn to trust men again & you’d then be placed in a foster home while waiting to be adopted. I pray you will be adopted soon into a loving home with people who care for you.

    Every night, I pray for both of you; I ask God to watch over you, protect you, keeping you safe & happy all the days of your lives.

    Even though I will someday get another dog, I will always remember both of you with the greatest love & affection.

    With Bestest Love,
    your Mom

  210. Dear Reeses,

    I never imagined that the day would come where I would leave you in a shelter. I am so so so so sorry babygirl. I will never forget the night you were born in my friends bedroom closet and I picked you the moment you came out of the womb. I was 18, and you came with me to college just a few months later. You were my best friend. You would break out of the backyard all the time (will never forget the time you leaped over our 10 foot fence, you were the most athletic dog I’ve ever known) and I would have to chase you barefoot through the neighborhood. You were so, so, so fast no one could catch you. We would take you to the woods and you would sprint like a deer through the trees and disappear for minutes at a time. It was like you could run for hours never tiring, you were so happy when you could run and be free. You were by my side through all of college, moving to a new city, moving in and out of different apartments, and saw me through two difficult breakups. You always had so much personality and were so attached to me – people always remarked on the bond that we had. And be amazed at how you’d jump onto my lap from the floor to the chair. That was our party trick that never got old. It broke my heart when I ultimately moved to a new city for a new job, and had to move into an apartment that was way too tiny for you and all your energy. In addition to not being able to come home during the day to let you out. So, I reluctantly gave you to your aunt to live in her big house with her two dogs. You never really liked them, but I thought that you would be happy there with other dogs and a backyard. I’m sorry that I was wrong, and that your health deteriorated so much in the last 3 years. I wish that I could have taken you back from there and gave you the attention and love you deserved. I’m sorry that you became so unhappy and unhealthy there. I’m sorry that you got so overweight and sick, and that I wasnt there to help you when you tore both of your ACLs. And that i wasnt there to separate you from them when you were getting fed up of sharing a tiny space with two other dogs. I wish that I had a better place to rescue you to and let you live out the last years of your life happily and comfortably. I brought you to my house last night but it was so so hard for you to walk up the 3 flights of stairs and seeing you struggle to breathe every few steps. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done to leave you with this rescue shelter, but they have assured me every day since that you are happy and being showered with love and affection there. You immediately flopped into the rescue workers lap and showed your insta-loving personality right away. You are so outgoing and unafraid of strangers and I am so sure that you are making new human friends there every day. I just wish I could be there to explain your habits, your likes and dislikes, how you love belly rubs, and watch you make the face you do when you hear a new noise for the first time. It kills me to think of you there without me or your family that knows you, just on your own for the first time. But I know that you are winning them over with your beautiful smile and constant desire to be the center of attention. I pray that they will find you an amazing person who can provide for you in your last few happy years of life in the way that I can’t. I am stalking your listing on the rescue shelters website and even though it’s painful to see your pictures, I’m happy to see they captured you looking so happy and smiling that pretty smile for the camera. I keep hoping, praying, and willing into the universe that you will be okay and will find comfort and happiness with the lucky person who gets to take you home. I’m so so sorry that it couldn’t be me. I love you forever babygirl and will always, always, always be your mommy.

  211. Dear Suki,
    Yesterday you left our house. Not quite a year old, we were together since you were 9 weeks old. You are an amazing dog. So smart and gentle and pure. I took you on planes, boats and on cross country trips where you were the perfect companion. Never complaining, just waiting to get there…, we had fun. You are now pretty much full grown, a big dog. You wanted to walk more than I could take you out, I struggled with my severe allergies and I barreled through until I just couldn’t anymore. With my tiny yard and small house it was difficult to give you all the physical attention you needed due to my body fighting back. So I made the choice to give you to my amazing nephew who’s dog is your father!, My nephew gave you to me last fall.., I was up at the farm where your mother gave birth to you and 8 others! I was there on that rainy night and wondered what would become of all these puppies. You were the smallest, and the most independent, intuitive, and so so smart. Not to mention beautiful. All white and super soft. So my dear suki, though you have left my house, you are just around the corner, and I will be seeing you often, we will have sleep overs and we will still go on trips together! I am lucky I have found the situation where you are still solidly in the family. And although I miss you terribly, and think about getting you back, I know you will be much happier with Dylan. Your first few night in your new home have been filled with activity, dogs and friends.., this makes me happy and confident that my choice wasn’t just about me, I wanted you to have a fuller more active life. I know you really loved me, you showed me every day. I hope I showed you, and I will continue to do so as our lives roll along. …..m

  212. Dear Demon,

    Mommy is so sorry I had to give you away and it broke her heart to do it, unfortunately daddy had no interest in taking you as promised and I couldn’t afford anywhere big enough for you and me to go due to daddy’s debts being left to me. Watching you leave was the hardest thing I’ve had to do and everyday I look on the German shepherd Essex Facebook page hoping to see photos of you in your new home happy and enjoying life but still nothing so all I can do is hope. I think about you everyday and I will never stop loving you, you were my boy and always will be.

  213. we adopted this pretty black and white dog from a rescue that was four away from us. Little did we know we were adopting a border collie mix until after three weeks of bringing her home. We were told she was calm and had no behavioral issues. She was way out of our league in terms of care and attention and much the opposite of what we were told of her personality. We named her Lucy. Lucy was very destructive and needed constant supervision to make sure she wasn’t destroying anything in our house. i have a two year old to look after, my senior chihuahua bullied her, and despite putting Lucy into training school she needed more consistent training than what i could give her. Although she was a mixed border collie the collie breed in her was so strong that her tendency to get bored was obvious. With a two year old there was no way i could give her the exercise her breed demands. After knocking my son down a few times and not being able to trust her inside the house she was moved outside. it never felt right to have her looking in from the outside. She’d bark for attention and my husband would often go out side to accompany her. After five months we made the sad decision to return her because we felt she deserved a home who would give her the time and attention she deserved. Returning her was so heartbreaking. The next day we realized we may have made a mistake and we drove four hours to the shelter to go get Lucy back. But she was gone. Someone had adopted her hours after us dropping her off. i’ll never know if she’s really ok and if her new family is treating her well. I keep playing over and over in my head of what if i didn’t do enough to prevent this. i blame myself for expecting a young dog to be so perfectly behaved. i ask myself did i not do enough to stop this. i blame to organization for not being transparent about her breed especially knowing that i have a toddler to look after. one of our pets died a few months ago from illness and now we lost sweet Lucy. i wish so much that i could find her to know that she is truly ok. We loved her but yet we gave her up. and that is what is screwing with my head is why did I give up on something that I loved?

  214. Dear OD
    My heart has broken. Yesterday when I dropped you off to your new home it was the hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life. Unfortunately Daddy health has deteriorated and it wasn’t fair on you. Your new family have time to give you all the attention and love in the world.
    Me and daddy love you so much and there won’t be a day that goes by that I want think of you till the day I die.
    I want to thank you for being there for me at my lowest times in life. You gave us so much joy and happiness. Now it’s time to make your new family happy.
    You are a special little fella. Love you more than words can say. I’m so sorry we had to rehome you but I know u will be happy. Happiness is all I ever wanted for you.
    Everyday at 9pm I will sit and think of u for two minute.
    One day I know our souls will meet again.
    My little precious boy please just be happy.
    Love you for ever
    Your mummy xx

  215. My hamster Lily had babies about 4 months ago and there were 10 babies and I got to keep 3: Smokey, Houdini and spice. I gave 1 each: Snowball, Frosty, and Moocow to my 3 friends but the last 4: Angel, Shadow, Thunder and Zipper had to go to the pet store. I’m just sad that I will never see those ones again and it feels like all 4 of them are dying…I’m crying as a type this but I’ve been sad for 4 days. We’re getting a bulldog soon but that won’t help…I NEED someone to talk to but not many people understand me except for my mom. She had 3 litters of hamsters but she NEVER cried about giving them away…I did everything in my power to give them a good start..And I’m just depressed that I will never see my 4 babies ever again. If they had human feelings they would be heartbroken to see me so sad but I’m trying to feel the way my hammies would want me to feel… I learned something: don’t have a litter of hamsters unless you are able to handle the feelings and emotions and understanding that the day would eventually come. Btw I’m 12 years old

  216. To T.J. and Missy Lynn,

    I am sorry that my mom and me had to take you to the shelter today. You two were Mama’s dogs, but you two were also mine. Your brother, Frito, is still with us as are the cats. We both miss you so much; I wish and she wishes we could have kept you two. You were family. If finances were different, we could have kept you. If we did not sell the house to get out of debt, we could have kept you. I hate it all that we are moving and we had to get rid of you. I cannot bring it up to Mama because it is already decided and there is no changing her mind once it is set. It really does not matter what I say.
    She says that she will never adopt another dog after this. Please do not be scared or frightened; it was not your two’s fault, it was ours. Please be a good boy and good girl to whomever you go to or whatever rescue center that the Austin Animal Center sends you two to. I am crying now as I write this. I am not sure if she will follow up on her word about not adopting again. I just cannot think of anything; everything is still so raw. Mama said you two were scared and she had her heart broken when you two looked at her with fear in your two’s eyes. It was not your fault; it was never your fault. There is no need to be frightened you two, we told you that at home and at the park over these past days and today. Just remember the good times we had and you were loved. I am sorry that I did not share my breakfast with you today as it was the last day I would see your faces and it would be the last time Mama would see you, that we would love on you, and just everything. We loved you two, T.J. and Missy Lynn. Be good chiweenies and please find a good home!

    Love from your previous humans,

    A (daughter) and K (mother)

  217. Ginger,

    It has been nearly two years since we gave you away to some strange lady. I can still hear your crying as she drove again, and that breaks my heart. I miss you so much, and wish we could somehow have you back in our life again. For ten years you loved the family and watched over the kids as they grow up and moved away. You have seen the grand-babies invade your space, and while it took a while, you learned to accept these little things into your life. Even though they were so annoying. I miss you sitting and watching TV with the family, or the excited look on your face when you smelled the leftover food being put into your bowl. I am feel so sorry for leaving you wondering why we gave up on you after you spent your life with us.

    When the kids grow up, and moved out of the house, everyone’s life changed. We no longer needed or wanted the house, and I wanted to move closer to work. I was going to back to school, and we were not going to be home very much. There would be no one to let you out. And you were getting old and tired, and couldn’t walk the three flights of stairs to use the bathroom. We met a lady that had a lot of other dogs she took care of, and she agreed to take care of you. She worked in a veterinarian clinic, and we know she’d take better care of you than we could. And there would be plenty of other dogs around all the time so you would have a better social life than being cooped up in a one bedroom apartment wondering when anyone will come home. Or always being worried because you had an accident because we were gone too long.

    It wasn’t fair to you that we gave you away, and it wasn’t fair to me either. I wished we could have you again, though I know it probably is not what is best for you. So I want to tell you good bye, and how much I loved you over the years.


  218. Brody

    You are the guy that opened up my heart to be a dog lover again. I have never had such a loyal friend and loving pet like you were. You were always ready to play catch and go for a car ride… I cant explain how much I am going to miss your wagging tail in the morning just waiting for a pet as I was getting ready for work. I am sorry that intruder that got into the house scared you so much you never trusted anyone but our family. I am sorry all the working with you to get you to stop attacking strangers didnt work. I am sorry you have had to live in fear and be scared for the last year and a half, I am sorry you had to go to doggy jail because I wasnt able to give you more! If i could sell everything and move to a ranch where you didnt have to see anyone but your family I would.

    I will never forget your loving eyes, cuddle time, hearing you howl “I love you” and being the best dog I have ever had.

  219. Charlie

    My darling Charlie, i love you so much. We miss you every day. I am so sorry i had to give you to another family…a wonderful family who have so much love to give you. They send me lots of photos and videos of you and your new hairy brothers…i can see how much fun you are having.

    You sensed how hard i found it when my dad died…you always knew the exact moment i needed a cuddle from you or just that comfort from you laying your head on my lap. Your grandad loved to take you over the fields when you stayed with them so i could do my nightshifts…granny and grandad sometimes joked about charging you rent (especially on my busy weeks).

    When grandad was so cruelly taken from us i struggled but had to keep working…being on my own i really had no choice. Granny still looked after you but health problems meant that you really couldnt get the exercise you needed…plus she was struggling with her grief. I felt so torn…knowing that you were not getting the life you loved, knowing that if i didnt work then we would have no jncome, knowing that things were going to get a lot worse before they got better.

    So i made the heartbreaking decision. All i ask is that you forgive me.

    Grandads been gone 8 months now…yet it still feels like yesterday. I am slowly getting better but know that between me and granny you would never have the life you are having now…hill-walking, long treks, big garden…

    I keep looking at your photos…from a puppy until the gorgeous 6 yr old dog you became with us. Life can be crap sometimes, things happen that are outwith our control. I like to think i took control of your welfare and happiness. Keep being happy and enjoy your new family.

    Ill never forget you, I’ll never stop loving or missing you. Xxxxxxxxxx

  220. Dear Boss,

    I don’t understand why we have to send you back. You know I love you so much in the month I knew you. I finally had something to enjoy in this disgusting world. You are beyond a perfect dog. Quiet, cuddly, playful, behaved, and very lovable. You stole my heart and soul the first day I met you at the pound. You didn’t bark, try to bite, or flinch when I put my fingers through your cage. Instead, you warmed up the second I touched you. I’m so sorry we have to send you back. I’ll never forgive myself for letting it happen. I’m sorry I can’t be your forever home. I’ll miss your heavy sighs when you flop down to sleep, and your loud snoring, your big butt and dog muscles, and your doggy laugh. I know i’m going to cry every night missing you. Believe me, I wish I could take your place and be taken away instead. I love you so so much, bossy. Always be a good boy.

  221. My sweet Ruby,
    After a long year of potty training, trouble with you getting spayed, had to be on antibiotics for a infected tick bite, after all of this we decided to re home you. I am just feeling really sad and regretting our decision, even though we took months to decide. Our Grandaughter just could not warm up to you, she was afraid of you jumping up on her, she would not come in the door unless you were locked in another room. I kept hoping things would get better with you and Hazel., but it was looking doubtful. I know your happy in your new home, you have a sister and seven new friends and people that love you already. I just can’t get over you. Please forgive for sending you away, I think I will always regret it. Love Mom

    1. Hi Becky
      My story is similar to you, on July 23 , 2018 I gave my loved puppy to someone ( rehome) But life must go on . I was with my dog for only 6 months . I still feel I did wrong but on the other side it was good for him . They need time and full attention otherwise it’s torture. Its very hard to overcome . Only time is the healing factor.

      1. Your only 10 weeks just got you 1 week ago you so cute lovable but I am just unable. Too keep you getting depressed I try to give you back to breeder after 3 days don’t even know why. Your a great pet. Just overwhelmed. Wish I can fell different. I hope you find a great home

  222. Dear Castiel and Crowley,

    You haven’t been rehomed yet, but you will soon.Your mommy loves you. I spend nights crying because I love you both so much. I wish I didnt have to get sick and for you to go. I’m gonna miss our car rides. I’m gonna miss our walks. You two were my rocks. You kept me alive and fun for years. I wish we never had to say goodbye. I want you both to know, I want what’s best. I dont want you to be sad or mad at me. I want you two to live the best years together. I wish I didnt have to do this. I wish i could be healthy forever. I’ve watched you both grow into amazing friends right off of the bat.

    Castiel – my cuddly big baby.
    With your bright blue eyes, you stole my heart. I saved you as well as you saved me. I was at my low point. With our late night walks and your big bear hugs, I was happy. You made me better, more patient. I cant wait to hear about the stories you get to have.

    Crowley – my faithful teddy bear.
    As soon as I saw your photo, I knew I had to take Castiel to see you. You two got along right away! You’re always there to cuddle me if I’m sad, make me laugh and keep me on my toes with you energy. We haven’t been a family long but I love you. I’m gonna miss your nose kisses. Both of your nose at.

    Be good, and I’ll try to keep it together for the time we still have. I love you both. Please be good boys.

      1. Donna, no.
        I’ve just started the process and it kills me everytime I come home or wake up. I dont know how this will be when they go but I am emotionally wrecked.

        1. We are starting the process of re-homing and i am dreading it! I was in the car yesterday driving somewhere and just cried for the whole journey! Have a big boisterous 2 1/2 yr old lurcher german sheppard cross and a new 4 month old daughter! Something had to give! Its with a heavy heart and very tough but we have agreed to start the process. I just feel dead inside. My head says its the right thing to do but my heart says different! It hurts even thinking how much i am gonna miss him.

  223. Dear OD,
    I cannott put into words the guilt I have.
    I found you on the street 10 years ago, since then you’ve burrowed quite discreetly into my heart. Despite your random growling and nippy ways. You always follow me around the house, and even tho your older you still play with stuffed animal like a puppy.
    You bit my 2 year old in the face, she is alright and healing…but I’m being forced to take you to the shelter. I know that you’ll do it again. I know it was an accident, she scared you. You’ve been in a 10 day rabies quarantine at the vet forced on by the animal control officer. Tomorrow I have to pick you up from the vet and take you to the shelter. I can’t stop crying about it. My mother in law and parents expect this to happen. Every fiber in my being is saying NO! Please know that I love you more then I showed. I will hug you when I see you in the morning, one last hug. And we will walk at the park. I’m sorry OD and I hope you get to run and feel the wind in your hair. I know that’s your favorite. I will miss you more then you know. I’m sorry and I’ll always wonder how you’re doing. I love you

  224. Dear Jax,

    I’m so sorry. Today we tried to euthanize you, because you’ve bitten people and are pretty aggressive towards the general public. Luckily, animal control did an assessment of you and given your breed/ good looks, they said they would rehabilitate/ retrain you, but you can’t come home with us because you’ll go back to your old habits. When I got you, I thought you would be with us forever. It was not an easy decision to make to take you in today. We have been talking about it since March and could never do it. Trust me, I love you and want you to live even if it is without us by your side. I can’t even write this without my eyes swelling with tears, thinking of you.
    I hope they find you a great home, and I’ll keep track of you, because I have all your info, but first I need to get better. I want you to run around playing tag o’war with ropes or catch with bouncy balls. You deserve to always keep that smile on your face. Just know, we didn’t give you up because we don’t love you. We gave you up because we want you to get better and live!

    I love you so much and I’m so sorry for breaking your little heart like this.

  225. Dear Ted,

    My heart is broken as I had to give you away today. I can’t eat or do anything but think about you. You came into my life at a time I really needed you, and I don’t know how I would have survived the past 6 months without you. You were my little bundle of hope, and even when I didn’t feel like getting up that day you made me. I had to take care of you, and because of that I took care of myself. You were truly one of the greatest things to happen to me, and I will cherish our time forever.

    Leading up to giving you away, I tried to think of any negatives I could of you to make it easier – like you constantly stealing my socks or eating my shoes – but now I would give anything to have you here annoying me, tearing around doing your zoomies, and licking me incessantly. You made me laugh every single day, and our walks together brought me such joy I can’t even explain. Just something as simple as you curling up on my chest while we watched TV, or your little snores at bedtime, or how the simplest of things were amazing to you – it just destroys me that I will never see you excited, or amazed, or greedily gulping your dinner down again.

    I could have kept you, but it would have been for me and not you. You deserve someone that can spend all day, every day, with you and give you unlimited attention and walks. I did what I thought was the unselfish decision, I want you to have the best life you possibly can. When I brought you home, I never imagined having to give you up. I thought we’d grow older together – I know Spaniels can live up to 15+, and I was excited about the thought of you going through life with me… meeting my future husband, my future kids, moving from flats to a home. I feel like a piece of my heart is out there wandering around without me. You truly have a little place inside me, and I will never forget you. Every little thing reminds me of you… today I found one of your biscuits that had fell down and sobbed.

    I miss you so much my heart physically aches. You were my best friend, my favourite thing to wake up too and come home too. I love you more than words can explain.

    I hope (and know) you will find deep happiness in your new home, that you’ll get insanely spoilt and you’ll have a big brother to guide you around and you’ll never be alone. I adore you. Stay safe, my little bear. XX

    1. Hello Francis I have just read your story and o understand you 100% it’s literally heart breaking and I too have thought of a thousand acceptable reasons that you are not with us right now but that was tearing me apart … I will always think about my Lilly but I also have to remind myself that I could not bring her with us.We have to take comfort in the wonderful,kind loving home we have to our babies and always stay positive that they are also loved and cared for in their new homes.

  226. Im so happy i found this site as im really struggling at the moment we recently moved back to the uk after living abroad for the last 12 years we had 3 dogs as i never imagined that we would be moving back here we were able to find all good homes for them which made me very happy and eased the pain a little but its now been 5 months that we have been back to the uk and im suddenly not sleeping properly i cry all the time and feel so so so guilty we had my older dog Lilly for 6 years and she was just perfect.I have 100 hundred questions that go round my head every day i cant help it i worry does she miss us,is she ok ,does she remember the day i shouted at her ….i sent a few emails at the beginning to the couple that adopted her and they always said she was ok now the last day i have sent 2 and they have not responded ive asked for a photo to reassure me that all is ok but so far nothing.I wish these people would understand that i need reassurance ….im so very sad

  227. Dear Onkey,
    I just dropped you off at your new home and I know they will love you and spoil you more than I could. I thought I would be fine but now I’m here without you cuddling up to me or doing that goofy pounce. I’m so sorry I wasn’t the right owner for you. I’m so sorry I made this decision. I thought I was prepared to have you and I thought I was prepared to see you go. I love you so much and I know your new family is going to be amazing. I know you will live a long, happy life getting treats and playing fetch…and I just want you to know that I miss you with my every being and I love you to bits. I’m so sorry , Onkey. You were my first dog and I will always remember you.
    I’m so sorry, Onkey
    I love you so much and I will miss you more than anything

  228. Dear Bobby,

    I miss you so much from the moment we gave you. It is really hurt to think of you. I’ve took care of you for three years.
    It is not really up to me to give up on you that way. I hope you will forgive me my lil boy maybe oneday. I hope you will survive and can live happily with your new owner. I just couldnt write more. I wish you happy life….

  229. Dear Loki,
    I am so sorry baby boy. I love you more than you can ever know. My heart aches knowing that you will no longer be a part of my life. You are the best part of me. You saved my life. When everything else was so completely horrible, you were the only thing that was not.
    I want to keep you. I want to continue to love you and hold you and smell your awful but wonderful dog smell. I want to still hear the “tic tic tic tic” of your nails against the floor as you come down the hallway towards my room. I want to still feel you next me as I sleep and I want to be woken up by you snuggling up next to me or by you dreaming your dreams. I want to keep taking you on long walks to the lake and watch you swim and chase ducks. I want to sit with you in our field and watch you endlessly roll around in the grass. I want to spend countless hours with you playing fetch with your frisbee and driving with you in the car. I want to see you heroically chase squirrels away from the backyard. I wanted to take you on adventures with me. I wanted to be with you as you grew old and became a grumpy old doggy.
    I wanted to be with you till the very end, as you closed your eyes for the very last time.
    I don’t want to let you go. I have been trying in vain to rationalize keeping you. But I can’t, and I am so sorry that I can’t.
    I am not the right person for you Loki, and the rest of your life with me, would have been a half-life. A life of you being trapped behind doors or barriers and never seeing anyone but me. A life full of worry and panic that you would bite again. My sweet sweet boy, I tried my best for you, I did everything I could for you. You’ve become too dangerous for me. I am worried that you may hurt someone else, and even though losing you in this way will be one of the most painful things I will ever do, I would never forgive myself if you hurt someone else.
    I am going to miss you every day for the rest of my life, and I will never ever forget you. You’ll forget me though, as you should, you will move into your new home, and will get to be the best dog that I know you can be. You’ll get to meet so many new dogs and will be able to have the life I could never give you. I am so jealous that your new family will get to be with you for the rest of your life, but I hope that you will forgive me and maybe one day understand why I had to do this. I always tell you that I will never hurt you, and I am so sorry that I have to hurt you now.
    You have shown me how pure, unabashed and unconditional love can be, and I am so very thankful to know that this kind of love exists in this crazy world.
    I love you. I love you. I love you. I hope your new life is full of love, and that you remain the sweet smart boy I know you to be.
    I will love you, always.

  230. My Love Hugo,

    I miss you. I miss you every time I see a dog and wonder how you are doing. I hope fine. I have decided not to call your new owner anymore because it makes me feel even worse that I am not around to see you discover the new place. Baby, I am sorry for letting you go. Not just this, I am afraid you will forget me. I hope time heals the pain. All I want to do is believe you are happy. I hope you don’t feel alone. Sorry.

  231. Dear Minnie in two short days I will be handing you over to your new mommy. It’s just breaking my heart knowing you will not be part of our family. I wish I knew why you and Hermione just do not get along. I have tried everything I could think of to help you two to bond or at the very least not going after each other. I feel bad when I would have to keep you in a kennel in order to stop the fighting. I even resorted to using a “shock” collar as a last resort but it hurt me worse than you every time I had to use it. I’ve cried so many tears over this. I hope you will be happy in your new home. Your new mommy is so excited to welcome you to her family. I love you so much my Minnie Mouse and will hope and pray every day that I made the right decision. Be happy baby!

  232. Cinna,
    You don’t know how much I love you. I know you will be happy, and I will be happy, but I can’t help but wonder if I truly did my best. I had to let you go, our family was going insane and we couldn’t give you what you deserved. I think of you every time I look at that old mattress you used to sleep next to me on. Every night you would cuddle me and whatever happened that day would leave my mind. I am shaking as I write this I miss you so much. Every night I feel lonely and I think about you and I cry. You were my best friend. My baby. I loved you to death and I never will stop. I hope I see you again someday. The old toys and bones are still sitting where you left them, in your corner. The little piece of red blanket I gave to you as a puppy is on my wall. I love you so much. I’m so sorry. I’m so so sorry. I failed you I wish I had protected you. You were the biggest sweetheart, with the most loving, deep brown eyes I’ve ever seen. I just wish we had more time together. It still feels like a chunk of my heart was taken from me and stays with you. I hope you remember me. Remember you sitting on my head and me getting annoyed, all the times you protected me, every kiss on your head, every lick I got back, and most of all I hope you remember us. I hope you know I tried. I love you baby, I love you.

    1. I just re homed my dog this past Friday, I had a week to change my mind, now I feel like I’ve made the wrong decision. I am so sad, crying, not eating. How are you doing now? I’m wondering how long it will take to get over missing my Ruby.

  233. Bye Kagome. I’m sorry you got so very sick. I’m sorry that the meds we were given to help you get better made you so much sicker in other ways. I’m sorry it got the point that, despite the vet saying you were save-able, we couldn’t afford to help you anymore. I’m sorry that you spent two days hospitalized but not really getting much more than supportive care while we tried to find someone to take you, I wish we could have had them give you every test under the sun no matter what the cost was, so that we could bring you home and you could go back to barking at squirrels and rabbits and the wind in the trees. You loved our back yard. You loved digging after the moles that sometimes popped up in our yard. You always wanted to eat the tree frogs and it hurts me inside that you can’t do that here anymore. But, we found a rescue that takes in special needs dogs who could afford to help you. They were willing to give you all the care you needed that we couldn’t, to give you the chance that the veterinarian you had here says you have. We left you in their care and we hope they get you well enough so that you can run around and dig holes and bark at squirrels again. All of us, your human family and fur family, miss you.

  234. Dear Dori,
    Oh how my heart aches. My sweet girl. I am sorry I was not the right one for you. I am so sorry that I couldnt give you the best of everything. I love you and please promise to visit me in my dreams. You were my crazy alebrije. My Dante.

    “Remember me
    Though I have to say goodbye
    Remember me
    Don’t let it make you cry
    For ever if I’m far away
    I hold you in my heart
    I sing a secret song to you
    Each night we are apart
    Remember me
    Though I have to travel far
    Remember me
    Each time you hear a sad guitar
    Know that I’m with you
    The only way that I can be
    Until you’re in my arms again
    Remember me”

    I love you Dori. I am so sorry but know I did this for you to be happy and with someone who can protect you.

  235. Dear Ramen

    I’m so sorry, and crying as I write this. You’re a good dog, but we’re going through bankruptcy and can’t afford to properly care for you like we should. And you have a special needs human sister that requires so much time and attention, you just don’t get as much as you deserve. I see how sad you look when you pick up your ball to play and I’m too busy with your human sister’s needs. You’re starting to show anxiety, and now you’re starting to get so frustrated you’re chasing your cat brother and trying to bite him. If I had the means, I would hire every specialist to help with your training–but we may not have much of anything very soon, and you deserve more than this. I am going to find a rescue that will take you and help with your training. You’re so devoted to your family, so protective, and someone out there can give you all the attention you should have had here, and all the proper care you should have had but never got because of financial emergencies. It breaks my heart. I can only hope yours doesn’t break because you’ll find a much better family to be with, one with some older kids that can play with you in a big yard, or a young couple that will take you on long runs.

    I already miss you more than I can even grasp. — Mama

  236. Dear sandie and blazer,
    I regret giving you guys away. I regret not being able to say good bye because of not understanding what was going on and shock. I regret all the times that I couldn’t let you and play with you because of my own problems. I regret everything. And I’m sitting here crying because I am wondering how I could have stopped from giving you guys away. I miss you every time I do something or have a memory of you guys. This is the worst experience of my life and I wish it would stop. I know that you sandie have had a hard life before coming to my family. I know that i could have chose the dog i played with at the shelter before I saw you. But deep down I can’t help but feel that this was my fault. I hope with all the love in my heart that you both find good homes. I love you both.

  237. Blazer and Sandie

    The silence is deafening, I wasn’t able to show much emotion when I passed you through the doors to a new home, and I regret this. Now I come home and I don’t see your smiling faces and waging tails. I’m a single mom of two, and I wanted so much to love you to the end. I should have said how much I love you when I left, but I didn’t want to make matters worst. My finances are always a struggle, along with a new job taking a lot of my time away from the both of you. After five years you both have made my life worth living, and I didn’t realize it until the day after giving you both away. I pray that you both have gotten loving homes and lots of play time with your new families. You both deserve it! Love Always and See you up in Heaven if the Lord will let me see you again!

    1. I am so sorry, we just placed our 1 yr old Ruby in a new home last Friday. I can’t stand coming home to silence, no dog toys on the floor, the very same toys I was frustrated with picking up. I am constantly thinking of Ruby and tearing up. Wondering if I tried everything to make her work out with us. I hope your doing ok now, I am hoping this grieving period doesn’t last long, cause I feel like crap.

  238. Dear Venice,
    It’s crazy that I rehomed you. We saw your beautiful face for sale at a Walmart parking lot with your three brothers. We knew right when we saw you that we had to have you. You were so small and beautiful. As you grew, you became bigger and much more hyper. Max your older brother is way to old to play but you did not care lol. Financially we could not support you and our senior dog as a college couple. We only had you for around 2 months, but it felt like so much more. I miss your full face kisses and your huge..way to big for your tiny head ears! I miss your cries at night and your excited jumps. I regret giving you away to a family that I know little about. I hope you’re happy and that you still think of me. Just know I didn’t let you go for nothing. I only wanted what’s best for you. There was no yard for you to let all that energy out. I’m sorry for not training you correctly due to little time we were home. You deserve so much more and I hope they give it to you.

    You were named after the city your mom and dad fell in love at. You were so special that only a name that had such value to us was good enough. I hope they keep it. We miss you so much, Venice. Remember us,ok.

  239. Dear Captain,
    I am so so sorry we had to give you away. My heart is so broken. When your dad and I brought you home, you became a part of our new little family. It was just the 3 of us. Then soon the baby came and daddy deployed and it was just too much for me to handle. You got bigger and bigger, we never got you the training you needed, money was tight, and you were being neglected. Seeing you stuck on the patio for the majority of the day broke my heart. I hope and pray that the perfect family adopts you. I pray that they have a huge backyard for you to play in. I pray that they are your forever home. You are the sweetest dog I have ever had and you deserve a loving home forever. We love you Captain and we’ll never forget you.

  240. Dear Gus aka Tito,

    Thank you for being my boy! I miss you so much and feel so incredibly guilty for giving you a new home. I know that you needed a home where you have more space and time to be outside and roam. You deserve the best home in the world you have been my sole attention for the past four years and I know you love your new little sister but you scare Mom when you snap and nip so I had to find a place with no small children to care for you. You will forever be my first baby and I will never forget you! Me and dad and sissy love you more than you will ever know. I am sorry but I know that you will be so much happier with your new family. I love you gus gus and miss you so much!

  241. Thank you for this article. Its giving me the courage to move forward with my life after having to give my dog to another family.

  242. Dear Jack Jack,
    I miss you so much. Its been a few hours and I miss your crys and barking. My wife also miss you a ton. I know Taco misses you too. Know that you gone to a good home and now you are able to be the dog you wanted to be. Taco is older and he can’t keep up with you. You are only 4 months old but we loved they way you grew. I never wanted to give you up, but having you with us would have been more stress on you and us. You were energetic and liven up the house. Now it’s a silence that I always wanted, but now it’s a constant reminder that your not home. I am ironically gonna miss your whimpers at night. I never cried for a dog as much as I have for you. My wife is devastated and she loves you a ton more than I did, it’s hard on her but I think she will be able to handle it. I hope your happy with your new family. Please don’t give them a hard time and I hope that show you all the love you deserve. I texted them to keep me posted. They haven’t replied, and I hope they do reply because I’d loved to know how you are. Maybe we could come and visit. I hope and pray that they reply, but if not they may be doing it in my best interest so that I can move on. They seem like a nice couple that have plenty of love to give. Always know Jack Jack that you will be missed. And that you loved us, that you miss your spot on the couch, we will always have you in our heart. Love you Jack Jack.

    1. We gave my dog up today who was the same age as jack jack. I had to give her away for the same reason as you and I’m so heartbroken. It helps to know I’m not alone in this. I hope you and your wife are doing ok.

  243. Madayasia Watkins

    Dear Max,
    I miss you so much , everybody says “German shepherd are unable to feel love” I say that’s crazy , you were my first real dog the one dog I actually felt close to I’m sorry we had to give you up , my mom is allergic to you and we dont have enough money to give you all the shots you need and keep you well feed so i had to say goodbye and i want you to know i cried so much i know it sounds crazy because we barely had you for two years , but you are really teaching me with it feels like to miss someone so much but not being abke to call or text or see them , it hasnt even been a whole 24 hrs and i have already cried atleast 400 times (im not exxagerating) this morning i woke up thinking i had to hurry up and take you out but then i realised you were there and i tried to stop myself from crying but i couldnt, then i was making breakfest and i heard a lawn mower and i thought it was dad and i remembered you werent in my room so my first thought was you were outside on the out leash , so i went and tried to look for your bowl to bring you some watet and it wasnt there and i realised you werent there either , right now im bawling my eyes out writing this , i miss you so much i wish you were back home , i miss my best friend , i know now that you were the only best friend i have ever had , i have called a lot of people in the past best friend but no person has made me cry as much as you had ,and my parents are already talking about replacing you they say “I want a dog to protect us” , and all I can say is , we had a German shepherd, that was his main job , but since I have made my feelings clear about replacing tou tbey said they wont get a dog for a while , and I’m happy because i dont want to get attached to another dog that’s just gonna be cut out of my life , no other dog can replace you , i have grown up so much with , to think if we would have stayed a little longer on Christmas we would have both been 14, I miss you so much and words can begin to describe how much I love you , I feel like there is this whole in my heart that cant be filled , I hope I can see you again one day

  244. Dear Max,
    I know that the first couple of years of your life were pretty tough. Being abandoned by multiple owners must have made you very anxious. That’s part of the reason why it makes it so hard to leave you for another family. It wasn’t supposed to be like this.. we were supposed to grow old together. This was supposed to be your ‘forever home’.
    I know that we’ve given you four great years, but it doesn’t make this decision easier. I wish more than anything that we could keep you, but our toddler makes you very anxious, and it isn’t a good environment for either of you. It’s so hard to let you go, but it would be selfish to keep you. I hope your next family loves you as much as I did, or even more. I know I didn’t always show it, and I was pretty hard on your sometimes for your behavior, but you were my best friend and I cared so much about you. I will always cherish the times we had together. I hope that our paths will cross again some day.

  245. Dear Maggie,

    I still love you even though you are not with me. I miss you. You are the best doggie ever. I am sorry if you feel we have abandoned you but I doubt that is the case. I know it was not fair to keep you constantly on a leash when your nature was to run and be free. Now you have that opportunity to run on 65 acres and chase all the little critters your heart desires. Knowing this does not make it easier on our family. We miss your cute puppy eyes and cuddles especially during story time but every day. No dog will ever be able to replace you or the way you always knew which one of us needed you most. Some dogs may come when called and listen when not on a leash but you and your rebellious ways will always have a special place in our hearts.

    Love Your Christensen Family

  246. Dear Walt,

    I still remember the day we came to pick you out of all your brothers. You were the quiet little one and you were so tiny! Even after a year you were still tiny although it turns out we were wrong about the quiet thing! You were happiest having cuddles on the sofa and sleeping but hated walks in the rain. Everyone would stop us in the park and say how cute you were. You were so loved. I’m so sorry that we couldn’t keep you anymore but it was what was best at the time. Everything changed so suddenly in a way that I didn’t see coming. I know you’re in an amazing home now but I only just realised how sad losing you made me. I heard a lovely story from a friend today about a cat that got re-homed and went to live on a farm. It made me realise that all I wanted was to give you the best home possible and now you have that – it just wasn’t with me in the way I thought it would be. I’m ok with that now and I think that maybe you were just a little angel that came into my life and left when I didn’t need you anymore. Thank you for bringing me so much happiness. I love you loads and miss you xxx

  247. I can’t get over giving my dog to paws and I feel guilty. I had her for two years she was a stray and I adopted her and loved her. See I can’t have kids so I get a pet and I love her as a kid. I miss her everyday.

  248. Dear Gossy Girl,

    I am so so sorry fo having to rehome you. You are the cutest. Snuggly, most pure pup I have ever had. I’ve had the pleasure of being your mama and getting your cuddles for a year now. You came home to me so tiny. Life happened and I am sorry that I did not handle it better. I was heart broken and grieving and I am sorry if in that time you weren’t given every ounce of attention and love you deserved. You are silly and precious. You melt my heart and you are the definition of a smile. I love you my sweet baby girl. Tonight you start your trip to your new mom, someone who is so excited to meet you as well as your pup brother and sister. Just a week shy of your birthday and my heart is broken. I haven’t stopped crying. I review the last year obsessively and try to figure out how I could’ve prevented this. Your big sister for some reason is not able to live with another female in the house who is mature anymore. I wish I could break this. I am trying. She is great with other dogs out of the house and when I am not there but because it was just her and I for 3 years she is just extremely territorial. I read about this before I got you and hoped our circumstance would be different. I hoped I could love any aggression away. Now I have tried to manage separating you because I cannot handle seeing you ever be attacked. You know I would protect you from anything my baby. Last night was our last cuddle, this morning was our last breakfast, and tonight will be our last car ride. Please forgive me and please know that I am only trying to give you the life you deserve. Your new mom is even better than me, she makes your food from scratch, takes her pups to the dog park everyday, there are no kennels, and she is taking two weeks off to get you acclimated…. She even has a nanny cam where she can talk to you while shes at work. She never leaves you with a sitter, she works out all your energy, and spoils her pups rotten. The trip to her is going to be long and I am so anxious but I pray it goes by quick and you are not scared. I am sending you with so many blankets that smell like your old home, and a bear, and your toys. I love you Gossy. Please don’t think I am abandoning you or giving you up without a broken heart. I am going to miss you every day. My home will be empty without your wiggles. Your sister will miss you too, as she already does because she comes to see you through the window every time I put her outside so you can play inside with me. I am sorry yall have had to rotate I just cant risk seeing her go after you. Yall are both my babies. I just know you will be so loved, and youre a dog anyone would dream of. Your sister is stubborn, and older so I have to commit to that because you are sweet, and young you will have much more of a life without us. I don’t know that I will ever forgive myself nor will I stop doubting this choice. I love you my sweet girl. Always. I will dream of you often, and remember you everyday. I miss you already.


  249. Dear lost dog,
    I saw you over a week ago but you ran. Then I saw you again tonight. I vowed to find you. I walked down the street towards the neighborhood dogs that were barking. I then saw you in the field. I called you over and you ran right up to me. You were so hungry that you snatched the treats right outta my hand.
    I called for you to follow me and you did. Once I got you to my house I checked for a collar and there wasn’t one. I fed you and gave you water and you really appreciated it. You are so sweet and such a good boy. I looked online for any post about you and found nothing. So I contacted a few pages and posted about you. I’m hoping I can find your family.
    Tomorrow I’m going to be going to pet shops and cruising around the neighborhood to try and find d your owners. Unfortunately if I cannot find them I’ll have to take you to a shelter. As much as I’d like to keep you I can’t. But you’re such a sweet boy, and such a good boy too. You deserve a family that will treat you amazingly. A family that has the funds for a dog, and the time for a dog as well.
    I just want you to know that you did nothing wrong. I want you to he happy and well taken care of. Which I cannot provide af the time. You deserve a famy that loves you and plays with you every day. I want you to be so happy even if it makes me so sad to do it. Just know you are such a good boy and such a sweet boy and I’m not giving you up by choice cuz I’d love to keep you.
    The random human that provided
    you with food, water, shelter, and
    love for the night.
    for the night

  250. Dear lost dog,
    I saw you over a week ago but you ran. Then I saw you again tonight. I vowed to find you. I walked down the street and headed towards the barking I heard from the neighborhood dogs. I looked over in the small field and there your eyes were. As soon as you saw me and I called you over you ran to me. You were so hungry that you snatched the treats right outta my hand. I called for you to follow me and you followed. I brought you back to my house fed you and gave you water. You’re so sweet. Such a good boy. You didn’t have a collar so I starting looking online trying to find a post about you with no luck.
    I made a post and contacted a few pages so I could try to find your owners. Tomorrow I’ll be taking you along with me to the vets to see if you’re microchipped then we’ll be making rounds to see if there’s any posters about you. I’m gunna do everything I can tomorrow to find your rightful owners. Unfortunately as much as I’d like to I can’t keep you. It breaks my heart cuz you are such a sweet boy. You deserve a great family and I know I could be that for you. But I can’t keep you, and I’m so sorry for that.
    I hope you’ll forgive me and understand that I’m not doing this by choice. You did nothing wrong and I’m not sure if someone dumped you or you got out, but I want you to know you are such a good boy. I hope you’ll be able to find a wonderful home where you can be as spunky as crazy as you like. I hope that you’ll find a family that smothers you with love and gives you everything you deserve. Because you deserve it.
    The random human who showed you
    kindness and gave you food and shelter
    for the night.

  251. I had my dog Sadie for 12 years, and I had another dog. but Sadie wouldn’t stop messing in the house. no matter what we did I retired a year-and-a-half ago . so I gave her to my nephew so that she still in the family. this way she knows him and but he says she’s not eating and that concerns I’m afraid she’ll die of a broken heart is that possible. she is a Lhasa Poo and no matter what we did she just wouldn’t stop messing in the house. my heart breaks my heart breaks because I loved her so notch.

  252. Dear Jet,
    I am so sorry for having to rehome you. I rescued you when you were 8 months old. You were my happiness. You were my heart. You will always be. We had you for 8 years. During those 8 years we found out you were allergic to grass, trees, dust, chicken, pollen etc. We worked so hard to keep you comfortable and happy. I think we did a pretty good job until this year. This year we did everything to make you happy and healthy but with a new little sister we had a hard time juggling everything. You starting nipping and we kept making excuses for the nipping. We love you so much that we figured this was a phase. It will get better. It has to get better. We realized that we couldn’t make you happy anymore. It may have been the stress of a 2 year old in the house or the severe allergies. I had to make the hardest decision of my life. I had made the decision to find you another home. We made sure the place you went would take really good care of you and love you until you found your forever home. It looks like they are treating you really well and getting your allergies under control and showing you a ton of love. Everyday that has gone by my heart hurts even more. Your little sister asks about you every morning even though she is only 2. I know she will always have a spot in her heart for you and so will I. Please know we will always love you and you are an amazing boy. I pray everyday you find your forever home soon. I love you jet. Please forgive me. I don’t know if I can ever forgive myself.

  253. Onyx,
    You came to us at 11 days old because your mama rejected you and the owners didnt want to take care of you.
    How could I say no?!
    Your breed is frowned upon and people warned me not to get you…. but I did and I have no regrets at all!
    To us, you were loving and amazing. You loved us unconditionally. You were an amazing puppy.
    It was our fault you had no socialization. I listened to that vet and I shouldn’t have.
    I knew we couldnt give you the proper training and you were kept in that crate too much.
    I’m so sorry we didnt fo right by you.
    I love you so much and I hope you forgive us. I hope you know we just want the best for you. i hope we made the best decision.

  254. Dear Mimibelle- I am so sorry I am rehoming you. You re two years old and I have been thinking about rehoming you for over a year. You don’t deserve to live in a crate. Unfortunately you hate your new 25 door long run I just built and won’t stop barking. I will make sure you go to someone who can give you the exercise you need, so you aren’t always so crazy hyper. I will always feel bad over this. I am sorry I can’t do better for you and that your 7 yo buddy has to suffer from letting you go. I love you, but I am out of options. The rescue is looking for a new, better suited home for you.

  255. Dear Milo,

    This is the hardest letter to write but so important. I am sorry I couldn’t care for you when you were so sick and tiny. I didn’t have any puppy experience and adding the stress of you being gravely ill took a toll on mommy that I didn’t expect. Financially and emotionally and experientially, I couldn’t take care of you the way you deserve and need being such a tiny, fragile pup.

    You are such a sweet and good boy, Milo. I loved how quickly you snuggled up to me. You always let me know you needed to go potty even if i accidentally slept through you nudging me. And you were only 5 weeks old! I’m sorry someone took you away from your mama so young and so tiny at only 1 pound, but you were a great survivor. You are such a strong puppy and that’s how I know you’ll get healthier and grow up to be a strong good boy. Thank you for snuggling on my chest when you slept. Thank you for letting me scoop you up with one hand and love on you so much.

    You are quite the explorer and even though you didn’t have enough energy to play with your favorite toy mama bought you, I found so much joy when you would get up from sleeping and being so sick to explore in the yard or crunch on some leaves. You loved those leaves and you loved to explore.

    It broke my heart that you wouldn’t eat or drink and you had tummy problems. Mama wanted so badly to take them away and putting the sugar gel in your mouth made me sad every time, because i know you didn’t like it. But it had to be done so I am sorry for any stress that caused you. I didn’t do it to be mean or disrupt your sleep but the vet said you needed sugar every hour since your blood sugar was so low. Mama didn’t want you to reach critical stages and pass away, baby.

    When my dad said i had to get rid of you, it broke my heart. But it also felt like a necessary evil seeing as i couldn’t provide you the life you needed anymore and I was unable to nurse you back to health.

    I hope you love your new home. Your new mama Buffie sent a video of you paying and you looked so so happy and healthier too. I hope you are getting well and that you remember me in your dreams. I hope they’re fond memories. I hope Buffie and her kids love you to pieces because you deserve the love of everyone around you since you are such a sweet and tender boy.

    Everything is hard right now, because i just kissed you goodbye yesterday. Everything reminds me of you from the front lawn outside to the counter space where your vet papers used to lay. But I hope in time i can only remember the good memories and be able to look at your picture without crying.
    I love you forever, Milo. Thank you for coming into my life and I hope once Buffie nurses you back to health, you will finally find your forever family……and that they will love you and care for you more than you’d ever know.

    I love you baby. I hope to see you again someday.

    Til we meet again and i love you forever,

    1. Hi Alyssa,
      Reading through these comments you and Kat are who I resonate the most to. Today is my last day with my pup mochi. I had took great care of her for a week and we both got so attached. It’s so crazy to me that I would feel this much pain to let her go to a new home. Everything is going to remind me of her and that breaks my heart the most. She was my little shadow. I just hope she doesnt cry at night and looks for me to sleep with her. To think of that makes me cry. Much love to you both.


  256. Dear Cheeto,

    Thank you for coming into my life and being apart of my world for the last three days(three days is too short of time together), but unfortunately we knew we didn’t have time for you , the time you needed and attention you deserved while being with us for your short stay. You quickly became attached to me and for the first time in years (besides shakes the cat and my old dog you never got to meet) I felt so unconditionally loved. You were counting on me, from the first day you came and was so nervous you’d hide behind everything , to me sleeping next to your crate with my hand by your face so you wouldn’t cry. You’re only four months old,so you have a lot of life to live, and in glad I got to be apart of that life for the best three days of my life. Thank you for bringing me so much happiness, as I suffer constantly from depression and anxiety and you were the only thing helping me not feel that In a long time. I’m so sorry I failed you, I’m so sorry I couldn’t be your forever home. You were the perfect dog for me, you were meant for me, but I guess not in this lifetime. Please visit me in my dreams and please take care and love your next friend as much as you did me. Thank you for trusting me and being so loyal within such a short span of time. Please know it wasn’t my choice to bring you back to where we got you. I wanted you here, I wanted to keep trying to train you and get you used to everything. You were my only friend besides Shakes. Please know I will never forget the time we shared, and the time I wished we had. I can only pray that you get a better home and better life, with a huge backyard and all the sticks and and slippers you could munch on. Please be safe on your journey back home, and I hope we meet again someday good boy. I love you.

    1. Hi Kat,

      I’m so sorry about Cheeto. It really resonates with me and how I feel about my baby Milo- I also only had him for three days.

      I love your beautiful words “I’m so sorry I couldn’t be your forever home. You were the perfect dog for me, you were meant for me, but I guess not in this lifetime. Please visit me in my dreams and please take care and love your next friend as much as you did me.”

      I am in tears reading and responding because of how much it touched my heart. Best of healing to you, and I am sure Cheeto is doing so well and keeps you in his dreams.


  257. Hey baby I’m so sorry I had to give you away when I found you I knew I was to sick to take care of you but I fell so much in love with you I couldn’t leave you go, I tried my best to get you better and make you happy and the reason I didn’t return you to you original owners is because they abused you so bad , while I thought I was helping you gizmo you helped me with my siezures, before you came I was getting 4-5 siezures a day and since I don’t nhad you Iv only had 4 siezures total in the two months you been with us! I wanna
    thank you baby for all the love you gave me and the kids and the reason I have to rehome you is because i can’t afford to get you the treatment you need I can’t stop crying writing this I pray you know how much I love you but I found this wonderful lady who said she can take you to the vet and help you with your eyes and anything else that might be hurting you 💔💔💔 If I had the money gizmo I would give me last dollar to help you so we can stay together 💔💔💔 it’s a shame how money actually tore us apart but I know if your health is given back to you hopefully you can live your remaining days in happiness with your new friends! You’ll have lots of friends gizmo she has another dog and I don’t know if you’re gonna like this but she also has 5 cats 🐱 so I really hope you get along with them and I hope you don’t miss me I hope you forget about me quick I don’t want you to be sad at all always know how much I love you and all this time I thought I saved you, you actually saved me . I hope my siezures don’t start up again I hope they stay away and maybe God put us together for this short time just for the both of us to heal. Love you baby always -Mom 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

  258. I’m 18. Yesterday was the last day of my first year of college. I was excited to see my Scarlet.
    I was told that they returned her over a go***mn steak dinner at Applebees because the new dog they got riled her up.
    That f***ing dog is why Ill never see her again. A great day turned into the worst day of my life.

    That f***ing dog is laying in Scarlet’s kennel, sleeping on Scarlet’s bed that I bought her, and destroying Scarlet’s toys.

    I hate that damn dog. That damn dog caused my family to betray MY dog. My BEST FRIEND.

    I never got to say goodbye.

    I hate my family for ever getting that f***ing mutt.

  259. We just rehomed our cocker spaniel, Molly, just a couple days ago because she had food agression around our toddler and bit her last week. She went home with a college student who needed a companion for her anxiety and depression. My mind understands why Molly had to go to another home, but my heart just doesn’t. It’s been two days and I feel like a lunatic. I was her person, her no longer being with me is devastating. Because I am a stay at home mom, Molly followed me around and sat in my chair with me. If I got to sneak in an afternoon nap, my girl was right there snoring. Right now I am angry with my husband who wasn’t paying attention when our toddler went up to Molly when she was eating and the bite happened. I’m angry at myself for not training her better, for not being in the kitchen that night when my toddler went out there and got bit.
    I know she is having a blast and is getting WAY more attention because the two college girls that took her, don’t have little kids to take care of. She is going on walks and going to the dog park and having a blast. See my mind understands ALL of this, but my heart, just doesn’t want to hear any of it.

    1. I’ve just rehomed my beautiful dog Bonnie because she suddenly turned on her brother and the power struggle wasn’t getting any better. After weeks of anxiety and awful fights between the two dogs, we had to make the brutal decision to let her go. She left this morning to live in a beautiful home with a fantastic family with 4 children who will love her to bits.

      Again, while my mind knows she is better off where she is, my heart is literally in bits. I cannot stop crying and feel like the heartache of coming home to just her brother will never lift. This had been the hardest day and I don’t see how it will get easier.

  260. Thank you for this. As I was reading, I cried my butt off. Seeing that I’m not the only one helps a lot! Thank you so much.

  261. Cooper,

    I am so sorry I could not provide for you the home you deserved. You were such a good dog, so gentle and kind, but I knew I couldn’t take care of you the way you deserved when we moved to a new city. I’m sorry the baby took all the attention away from you. You were so good with him, you always loved and kissed him, and I know he will miss you too. I know in my heart your new owner will take good care of you, but it doesn’t make this hurt any less. I feel like I failed you, and you’ve been nothing but sweet to us. I hope you understand I tried to find you a better home because I love you so much, and you deserve a great life. It’s been so hard to manage everything on my own with dad being gone and working long hours. I’ve been struggling for months trying to juggle it all. I love you cooper and I will never forget you.


  262. Dear sweet Kia,

    I am so sorry it has come to this. When we adopted you this time last year from the RSPCA i had in my mind the life we would have and the joy that you would bring to Ori. We were told you were about 5/6 years old and very little else. When you came into our home you were so quiet and timid.
    Unfortunately it turned out you had several issues, most of which we have spent the last year trying to fix, with behaviourists etc but you were still so reactive on the lead. So we stopped taking you both out for walks where there were no people or dogs to set you off. It caused alot of strain on us and Ori started to suffer as you were abit too boisterous for him, though you would both play in the paddock together some days and that was lovely to see.
    I wish we had more time we could offer you and maybe things would have been different if you were our only dog. But your grandma is also getting sick and we just won’t have the time to help you be the great dog we know you are.

    I only hope they find you a lovely home very quickly when we take you back. We tried to find you somewhere so you could go straight from our home to theirs but it seems circumstances have meant this may not happen the way we wanted.

    I hope you know how much we all love you and how much we tried over the last 12 months to make you feel happy but i know somewhere there is a special couple who will give you all the time and love you deserve.

    You will always have a special place in our hearts, we have learnt so much about ourselves from having you.

    Mamma and Pappa

  263. Dear D and F,

    First and foremost I love you and I’m sorry I had to make the decision to take you guys to the rescue. You guys deserve a better family that can offer you all we could not. Please understand that I was doing it all by myself and I had to think about the baby. You guys deserve a family who is more attentive and patient than we were with you. I hope and pray you guys aren’t sad and someone picks you up and shows you the love you deserve. I will never get another dog I just don’t deserve you precious innocent creatures. I’m going to try and find a way to pay homage to you guys maybe by volunteering at the shelter or donating money. I love you guys and I will never forget you guys.

  264. Banjo,

    I cannot apologize enough for being so hasty in adopting you in March. When we met you you were so calm and sleepy. We learned that you have heartworms and we had no idea how that and the treatment would stunt your energy and personality. It’s our fault for not doing research and just jumping in. You are a hound so of course your energy level will be high and after two weeks it definitely showed. We began walks and that helped for a while. But once we left your anxiety was released in destruction. If I could I would spend all day with you but I can’t. I’m so sorry for having to bring you back to the same place we rescued you from. I’m sorry that even all the tips from the behavior helpline didn’t completely work for you. I’m sorry we live in an apartment and don’t have a yard for you. They made it seem like a hound could live in an apartment. At the time we thought so too. I know you will be taken in by someone with more time and experience but that doesn’t dull this heartache. I miss you sleeping on my bed at night and your muffled barking in your sleep. When I got home today I bawled as I had to hide everything that you had. I’m so sorry I didn’t get to give you one last kiss and hug. I hope and pray that your new owner reads the note I left and contacts us. Because you were just so adorable and gentle that I would jump at the opportunity to see you again. Please don’t completely forget us and hopefully we will meet again.

    Much love and all the kisses to you my dear.

    1. I am so sorry that you had to give up your dog. I did too. Norman is a hound as well and even though we have a house with a fenced in area ( we put the fence up specifically for Norman) he still needed more. This was the most difficult decision I’ve had to make in a long time. I’m absolutely heartbroken over it and honestly haven’t stopped crying since I dropped him off ( 5 days ago). I feel like I’ve failed him and I just miss him so very much. I hope your dog has found a good home.

      1. Thankfully he was adopted less than a week later. I know exactly how you feel. I thought we could pull through because my family dog growing up was a hound and german shephard mix. Hound breeds need so much space and mental stimulation when they are young. Like most dogs do. I bet Norman will find a great family as well. With time you’ll start to feel better. What helped me is knowing that Banjo has been adopted and hopefully it’s an active family with kids. He loves the munchkins. We just have to take it day by day and remember to breathe.

  265. Elijah
    I am sure Odie knew how much you loved him and he will always love you.
    I hope you like your new home and will get to go see Odie.
    Please let me know.

  266. Dear Odie

    I love you… and I know you will be happier with them then you could with me you were the first dog I got by myself and I remember when I saw you. I went to visit you every weekend and I promised I would love you forever. When you were 8 weeks I took you home and you loved it you always played with Buddy and my baby Annie. When my mom told me we couldn’t keep you because we had to move to a new home I told her no and no again. I was sure you weren’t gonna leave but then I had too for everyone else. And when that lady walked in I gave you a kiss and forgot to say I love you. And she walked out and Annie start crying for you. I tried not to cry but I gave in when I layed down and you weren’t here. Then I though about what I and gone through with you all the hard times and you were there for me. And now the hard times our over. And your gone. I wish I couldve got a chance to spend time with you when life was better but I cant. I love you and forever will. I love you Odie Phillips.

  267. Dear gabby and Gemma,

    I miss and love you and know you know that. Your new home where you will reside for the rest of days will be a lot more fun and relaxing than being in our house with 2 toddlers that loved you but liked to torture you as well:) I like to think your dad and I have given you both the best lives and wanted to continue that. Christina has 2 dogs that you seemed to instantly get a long with, and her backyard and family seemed so sweet and loving. We are very lucky to have found such a warm and wonderful home for you two wonderful dogs. We will visit you this summer, which makes me so happy. I hope you truly know how much I’ve love you and how much I’m missing you. But it’s for the best!

  268. Thank you for this post..I was googling for anything I could possibly read that would help in my complete sadness rehoming the most precious little pup I’ve ever had. I’m still crying but appreciate your thoughts and find comfort believing he’s not going to stay mad and hurt by what I’ve done. You deserve the very best life, precious baby Hank and I pray for you to forgive me for giving you to another family. I know how much they needed and already love you but I’m jealous. Me and you were super close and I know what that look in your eyes was saying when I left. I’m so sorry for any sadness I caused you. I will always love you more than you’ll ever know! Always!

  269. Loved your article and would love to talk with you further about having to rehome a dog. We just had to this week and I am devastated. Would love for you to email me.

  270. Dear Brock,

    The day we picked you out of the litter was the happiest day of my life. Your daddy and I were so excited to bring you home to the family. You were Carson’s best birthday present ever. I was pregnant at the time that we picked you up and thought it would be great to have you trained up and ready for baby’s arrival. Well, baby came much faster than expected and needs a lot more attention than I anticipated. We couldn’t give you the attention you needed. You were in your kennel way too often and you just looked sad. Then you started to potty in there after you were already trained because you were trying to find a way to get out of your kennel. It was no way for you to live. You should have been going on walks everyday and living life to the fullest while here on earth. Although you loved the baby, and treated her so nice with your kisses, she needed more attention. It was a bad decision for me to get a puppy when I knew a baby was on the way. When we brought you up north to the cabin, you were in heaven just running around outside without a care in the world. Getting muddy and finding interesting things to chew. You followed your Dad around everywhere.but back home to the city- there you sat in your kennel again. I feel horrible for all of it and dropping you off was the hardest thing I ever did in my life, by far. I prayed to god today that you find a family that can love you just as much as we did and that you have so much fun, you don’t even miss us. I will always love you. Always. Thank you for being such a great dog for our family (carson and Braylee) so good with kids and the cat you were. I love you my Brocky. Forever in my heart. Forever and ever.

  271. Dear Coconut,
    I will never forget you. No matter how much time passes, you will always have a special place in my heart. You brought me so much joy when I needed it and I am sorry it had to end this way. I am sorry that I could no longer keep you and I am sorry that failed you. You deserve a better family. A family which has the needs to take care of you and one that will never have to give you up. The time we spent together I will cherish forever. Your sweet kisses and playful attitude added the color I needed in my life. You became like another family member to me and it hurts just as much as the departure of another human being would. I hope that you are now happy and do not miss me as much as I miss you. For I would never want to strike that kind of pain upon you. Seeing the spot where your cage once was now simply a barren spot of carpet puts sorrow into my being. Finding the tufts of cotton white fur you had shed still underneath the couch reminded me of the special spot you had in my heart and how empty that spot now was. Noticing the leftover bags of food that would never have your little paws in it again. Realizing they will remain forever half eaten. Though at times I regret it and wish that you were with me again, I know that you are in better hands now and with a family that will forever be able to care for you. Know that you made me joyful in the darkest times and you were always a symbol of happiness and all that is well to me. Your existence was enough to pull me out of the swamps. Now that you are gone, there is nobody there for me. I am sorry I did not spend much time with you in the last few months we had together and I am sorry things changed so drastically without warning. I wish things didn’t change and my life was back to what it used to be so we could be together again.

  272. but i dont want a new dog. i dont want any dog. i have no life and ivr been single s8nce he was given to me 7yrs ago. i know he will be happier with my friend and her other little dog but i sure as heck wont be getting two more. he is a really great lil dog. im just a horrible selfish person who really hates walks. also im moving to my own place which is more expensive for rent and bills and at 7 he is starting to need vet visits that i cant afford. i just f3el like such as asshole. right now im a blubbering snotty mess but ten minutes from now ill be thrilled to be so close to having my life back. i suck

  273. Dear Siris,
    It has been 5 years since I saw you last, but it seems like just yesterday. I remember the day I brought you home from Petsmart. You were so tired from getting neutered, but you loved me instantly. I remember you sitting like a child & trying to figure out what was on my finger once when I had a bandaid on my thumb. I still have a picture of that. You were my baby before I had any. I never planned on giving you up. I expected to watch you grow old & to mourn your death. Instead, I’m left wondering where you are & if that girl I gave you to is still taking care of you like she promised. I hope she is. I hope she treated you better than that jerk boyfriend of mine did. I love you still baby boy & I cry when I think of you. I hope you’re alive and happy. I hope you didn’t end up in a bad or scary place. If only my Dad had let me keep you. I tried to convince him, I begged him to let you stay but he just said no. I miss you my boy. I have to move on with my life now, I can’t keep mourning your loss forever. I hope I will see you again someday. Love, mama.

  274. Cerious and Fareel you have brought me so much joy the last 8-9 yrs. Mommy will miss you guys sooo much. I will pray that you forgive me. Please no that I wanted you to be happy and healthy. I could no longer financially afford to care for you. I’m so sorry I failed you after all these years. I hope that you can stay together as brothers and live a happy healthy life with a wonderful adopter. You will forever be my lil stinkers.

  275. Milo. I can’t even put into words how much I love you, and having to rehome you soon will leave a big hole in my heart that probably will never heal. I wish I’d spent more time with you, but some times I wasn’t in the mood, or too tired to play with you. I wish my family could have given you more attention in the four years we owned you, but there is no such thing as time traveling. I thought we would spend your whole life together, but school and work get in the way. I hope you make great friends with Rosie, your soon to be sister, and I hope my family finds time to visit you, and I want you to remember I never stopped loving you.

    To my gorgeous, kind Rottweiler, from your awful pet owner.

  276. Dear foxy ,

    I miss you so much . I remembered when I first laid eyes on you . With the white tipped tail . I miss your fur your bark . I am sorry I had to give you away . I didn’t have time for you . I wanted you to be happy and not trapped in a cage all day . .. I loved you to let you go . Natalie misses you dearly . I cent erase the photos of you . I pray every day that you are happy and free. Foxy you always have a special place in my heart and Natalie’s .

  277. Dear Buddy,
    I’ve been dealing with this hurt and grief for a while but I still miss you so much and I still cry thinking about you. I hope your new family is treating you well. I hope you have a big backyard and I hope you’re playing soccer and cheating like you always do. I miss you so much and I’m sorry we had to give you up. My stepfather is afraid of dogs and my mom took it upon herself to let you go. You were the inspiration and the light that kept me going when I didn’t have a friend in the world who could help me. You’re the reason I’m still here today and I miss you. I would have taken such good care of you in our new house here. I’m sorry Buddy. I wish I could see you one last time.
    Love your kid owner,

    1. Do you have any idea where Buddy is? Maybe his new owners would let you see him and spend some time with him.
      I would talk to your Mom on how you feel about him as being your friend.
      Please let me know how you are.

  278. I rehomed my Husky cross boxer puppy Mercy when she was just eight months old. My girlfriend and I had our house tagged and later found out that the local trouble makers were planning to steal our puppy. It wasn’t safe for her with us… We sent her two a home with a lovely couple and their sharpei dog, only to have her returned a few days later. The sharpei had become protective of her parents and started to attack Mercy viciously. The second home she stayed with, she was with an elderly couple with kids and grandchildren. Mercy got into a very destructive behaviour and chewed through their house’s wiring! She ended up at the vets after being shocked from a surge of electricity. She came home once again. Each time harder than the last. I tried so hard to keep her, I battled against myself and my fiance for days. I was hysterical and a complete mess. I couldn’t let her go, I wanted to be selfish and keep her with me…

    In the end, I asked my father to help take her away. She went off to the Rspca and was rehomed after a week.

    She now lives on a farm with another husky, and with plenty of children to play fetch with.

    I’ve been having reoccurring nightmares. Mercy appears back at home, out of nowhere. I beg and plead for her to stay, she is my baby. This endless cycle of hurt and grief is going to be the death of me.

    I know she is In a better home now, but I struggle to move on..

    1. Ali,
      I am having to rehome my beloved dog due to life changes. I haven’t been patient enough with my girl and she’s been so loyal to me. She’s so sensitive to everything I go through that I feel selfish for keeping her. She’s only two years old and I’ve been thinking about rehoming her for a year. Now that I have to go back to work and find roommates I have no choice. But I have to take care of my senior cat. She needs me more than ever and I pray my dog will be ok. Please be kind to yourself. It’s hard but know that time will heal. Prayers to you!

  279. Shiloh, my friend I am at a loss for words and I cannot sleep after I realized that you won’t be next to me in the morning. We had one heck of a year together, from the moment I first saw you a bond was formed which would only get stronger over time. Parting with you today broke my heart but it had to be done, my friend. You deserve to be with a family who can give you the exercise an attention you need for a 2-year-old. In a sense, I feel as if I failed you by working so much and spending so much time inside focusing on college work when we could have been playing. My bed feels empty without you but I know that your new family has big plans for you including a camping trip soon. There is still so much that comes to mind my friend, please know that you are a good boy and I love you. I just cannot handle the heartbreak of having you put down because of recent behavioral issues. while I understand it may not have been your intent to hurt me, running away for 2-3 days at a time each month and causing havoc to our neighborhood had its tole. I worked so hard to make sure you were well provided for and wouldn’t break your outside leash but I must admit I didn’t anticipate your strength. I tried to protect you the best I could but the thought of someone here shooting you, or hitting you with a car became a grave concern living in a rural area with farmers. I want you to know this decision was not one that I came to lightly and I don’t think I will be ready for another friend like you for quite some time if ever. I ask myself did I rush in a year ago trying to recover from the death of my father and grandmother but I am still not sure. You were always there for me even when I didn’t deserve your love and I will always be here for you in spirit and in case the new family doesn’t work out. Luckily boy you will only be 14 miles from me and your family promises to send me pictures and updates when possible. I am not sure this is a good idea but it may help me deal with the grieving process, I hope all is well and to see you on the other side some day.



  280. Dear Charlie,

    You are the very first pet I will have ever rehomed, I never believed in rehoming. My pets have always been my best friends in life , because their love is truly unconditional and they except for everything you are and not. They say that men are created in Gods imagine but I think a dogs love it’s a reflection of the love God has for us. It took me a while to finally admit that I was being selfish by keeping you. I had this idea in my head of our whole lives together. But when we moved back to my parents in a tiny place you had no room to play and I couldn’t even take you outside because the family dog is dog aggressive. Then I unexpectedly found out I was pregnant and I had to face the facts that I couldn’t keep up and give you the attention you deserve. In the back of my mind I’m still thinking what if we buy a house and then it will all work out?! .. what if you and the baby become best friends?!… what if ? … but your not happy you deserve to run free and play with other dogs. I know the new family that will adopt you will trully love you! I’m sorry I failed you. I will always love you. I hope that one day our souls will meet again at rainbow bridge. I will always love you Charlie.

  281. Thank you for writing this. Yesterday I had to rehome my 18 month old Rottweiler “Otto”. We spent every day together from the time I brought him home at 8 weeks old. Due to health issues it became harder to give him the excercise he needed and I didn’t have the home space my 110 lb boy needed. He had become dog aggressive with other’s in my neighborhood and before anyone got seriously hurt I knew I had to make the right decisions for everyone, most importantly my “Otto”. Within days of posting an adoption notice a wonderful family with 2 young boys answered and they loved him from the moment they met him.
    I’m a traumatized and miss him so much and feel like I abandoned him. I know I did the right thing for him, but the pain in my heart and guilt hurts so bad. Thank you for sharing your story….. it helps to know that dogs are such survivors and can adjust. Otto’s Mom

  282. Dear Charlie Bear,

    We tried so hard to make it work! We loved you so much but you were just too much dog for us to handle. You are such a happy boy but we couldn’t get you to listen to us and stop destroying our house. I am so sorry we failed you Charlie! It was the most heartbreaking decision to find you a new home. I miss you every day, especially your “wiggle ” but when you would say hello.
    We will love you forever.

  283. To Hashbrown,

    You were with us for three years, but we wanted forever. We were fine. You played outside, you were happy. You had friends. Then we moved. Our home was much smaller. No friends anymore. You didn’t have room to play. But we tried to make it work. Then the break-in happened. And you were never the same since. You barked at every sound. You growled at every noise. You shook and you hid under the covers at any loud noise. We wanted to get you help, but we didn’t have the money. The decision to rehome you was one that we agonized about for years. Please understand we didn’t want to give you up. We wanted you to stay with us forever. But we couldn’t cope. The day you left, I didn’t even get to give them your blanket so you wouldn’t be scared. I didn’t even get to hold you or kiss you goodbye. I miss you so much. I feel guilty that we’re happy without you. I still catch myself looking at the back of the car (you always loved riding; you would sit in the backseat and take naps). We may never know where you went and that uncertainty tears me up inside. I can only hope and believe that your new family loves you and treats you right. I hope you have a big yard to chase squirrels and play in. I hope you can forgive us for giving you up and yelling at you for barking at everything even though we knew you weren’t doing it to hurt us. Thank you for being our friend, our cuddle-buddy, our companion. We will never forget you and you will always have a place in our hearts.

  284. Dear Max,
    Aka Sir Maxwell Barkington
    My buddy,

    I’m so so sorry. My heart is broken seeing you go today. I failed you. But I couldn’t provide the place you need to run and be safe doing it. Too many close calls with cars when you ran through us and out the door. I couldn’t bear the idea of you getting hit buddy.
    But I feel so terrible. Its not your fault. You’re a good boy.
    I’ll miss you. Through everything that’s happened your goofy grin always made me feel better.
    I broke my promise to be your forever home. I dont know if I’ll ever forgive myself.
    I’m sorry Max.
    I love you.
    Please keep being a good boy and forgive me.

  285. I adopted a long haired Dachshund. The prior owner said they gave him up because they had a “change in lifestyle.” Now I know the real reason. I have to put pee pee pads everywhere. He mostly uses them bUT sometimes he pees on my new carpet.
    I tried to confine him in the bathroom with a see thru gate bUT he got out.
    Otherwise he’s good company as I live alone but I’m
    tired of the pee pads.
    Should I take him back to the shelter?
    He’s very afraid of people and even other dogs.
    Any advice would be appreciated

    1. Dear Mavis,
      I understand the frustration and ickiness of dog pee on the carpet! You should see my carpets, from my little dog Tiffy 🙁 It took time, but I got her on a regular peeing and eating schedule, and it works…most of the time. Sometimes she has an accident, and I just have to accept it.
      One thing that owning dogs has taught me is that it’s a give and take. I really had to let go of my love of cleanliness and spotless carpets. I had to accept that a dog’s love and companionship is worth the parts that are a pain in the butt! It was much better once I realized this.
      What do you think…can you work with your dog, to get him to go potty in the right places? That’s what I would do….but I don’t know much about you or your life! Also…how often do you and he go for walks? I have a feeling you’ll get him on the right pee pee schedule, but it’ll just take a bit of time to figure it out.
      What do you think?

    1. I have now found that the couple where he is going and I know a lot of the same people. So I feel even better. And I am allowed to see him still too and he will have a little brother of the same breed to love and play with. They are both German Shepard’s and they even favor. Tough day today but staying hopeful. I know this is best for now

  286. Dear Maci,
    I wish I knew where you were. I wish someone loved you like I do. I’m sorry that mean lady forced us to give you up. I miss you so much, and I don’t think i’ll be the same without you. You were truly my only real friend, and ever since you’ve been gone, my life has been like a nightmare. I’m depressed without you, and every night I cry myself to sleep because I miss you too much. Please don’t forget me, because I’ll never be able to forget you. I’m sorry this is the 4th home you’ve lived in, I wish we didn’t have to give you away. It’s been almost 5 months, but I still miss you so, so, so, much. You are the cause of all of my happiness, and it makes me sad not to be with you. You’re the best friend I’ve ever made… I love you with ALL of my heart. Your fluffy fur, your beautiful amber colored eyes, your cute doggie smile, and your giant fluffy tail made a smile on my face everyday. I’m sorry I couldn’t see you on Christmas, and I’m sorry I didn’t spend my last day with you to the fullest. I only have your favorite toy left from you, and I keep it safe hoping one day I’ll get to play with you again. It hurts me knowing you love someone else and that I wasn’t able to spend the rest of your life with you. Everyday, I hurt, but everyday I have to suck it up and make sure that no one sees me cry. I don’t understand why nobody else cares, because you were the perfect dog, but I still love you with everything I have. I can’t sleep anymore, because you can’t calm me. I can’t be happy, because I don’t know where you are or how you’re doing. Your name is so beautiful, and I’d love to see you just one more time and to call you by it just one more time. I wish someone else understood what it means to lose a fluffy best friend, but no one does. The house without you is too silent and too calm. I miss your kisses and your crazy personality. I miss your loud, scary bark and your cute lil tail. I miss your muddy pawprints through the house and your playful attitude. But most of all, I miss every single part of you.

    Goodbye Maci,
    Your Best Friend and Proud Mom

    1. I am so sorry as I know you must miss your little dog.
      Do you have any idea where your dog may be?
      Maybe you can post something on Facebook or check local shelters where you can go see your dog again.
      Please stay in touch and let me know.
      I wanted to cry when I read your post.

    2. I know exactly how you feel. I had to do the same thing. I got a dog with my boyfriend but when we broke up I had to move home with my parents & my Dad hates animals. He made me give my dog away. The girl who took him promised that she would take care of him and even told me I could come visit him, but when I tried texting her to see how he was doing I got a very rude response back from someone claiming to be her boyfriend. The next time I text the number they said I had the wrong number. I hope like hell that I didn’t give my dog to someone who gave him to a dog fighting place or something like that. he wasn’t very big and definitely would have lost in a fight. He had the sweetest big brown eyes and a baby face. He was the first dog that I ever had for my very own. I have searched and searched for him but I am forced to believe that I will never see him again because it has been 5 years. So just know that there are people who understand how you feel. Your comment is the first that I have read in all of these that seems to have a legit reason for getting rid of a pet. that’s why I felt the need to respond to you. Nothing you can do if the people you’re living with won’t allow it.

  287. Dear Amber Banana,

    I found you Amber Banana (Banana being your shelter name) on You were available at the local shelter. You came up in my search for a dog who was 3 to 5 years old. Your shelter photo was not flattering at all. When we arrived to see you, we found you to be a very beautiful brindle dog with long legs and a square head. You were malnourished, but we knew how to add a few pounds to you. If you remember, we walked around with you on a leash for 45 minutes. We were told that you were a forced owner surrender, had been pregnant so they had to abort due to your malnourishment, seemed to not like people who wore hats and a may have a problem with men. We felt those were things we could help you get over, so we brought you home. However, a few weeks before we brought you home we had filled out an application with a rescue agency (via a search on to adopt a small pit bull, Bluebelle, who was born with spina bifida but could still walk, surprisingly. Because of her illness at birth she never really grew. She requires her butt to be wiped after she poos, so as to make sure she doesn’t get a urinary tract infection because both her anal and urinary tracts are in the same location, and sometimes there is some extra cleaning around the house. After the initial conversation with the rescue agency, we had waited a few weeks for a response but never got one. So, we continued looking and found you.

    You joined our pack on April 29, 2017. You met your brother, Colton Benjamin (9 yr. dog) and Calvin Casey (4 yr. cat). Within the first week we took you to the vet to have your physical, etc. The vet estimated that you were a 1 yr. old, not 4 as the shelter said, which meant you were still a puppy. Being a puppy meant you had a lot more energy. It had been a long time since we actually had a puppy in our home. Colton being the last puppy we adopted from off the street was about 6 months old when he joined our then pack of Buster Brown and Maxie Yodo. We did adopt another dog, Kona Lee, in between you and Colton, but she was a 4 yr, old at the time. We said that was okay that you were still a puppy because we fell in love with you and wanted you. You seemed to be happy with running outside, taking a walk or two, patrolling the yard and laying out in the sun often.

    After another week or so with us had a gone by and I received word from our now family member, Auntie Lisa, that our application for Bluebelle had gotten lost in the shuffle and wanted to know if we wanted to still adopt. We talked it over and felt that we could handle this, so we did. We have taken care of special needs dogs before and since I was home all the time, it was a perfect fit. She joined us on June 4, 2017. We kept in touch with Auntie Lisa, so she knew that Bluebelle was doing well as because there was a special bond between her and Bluebelle. If she could have she would have kept Bluebelle but because of the pack she had at home, she wasn’t able to keep her but worked to keep her safe in foster homes, etc., until she could be adopted. She had been adopted once but it didn’t work, she almost got adopted again but most people just didn’t want unexpected, sometimes, poo around.

    For several months the two of you were inseparable, laying in the sun together, sleeping butt to butt or side to side and patrolling the back yard. But the two of you started to have little skirmishes. We recently hired a trainer in hopes this would help but it was a little too late. Your fights kept escalating to the point where we had to make a very tough decision, which one of you would have to go. We talked with Auntie Lisa and through her connections she found a local person who has experience with dog behavior, Kirk. He came over last week and met the you and your brother and sister. We found out that you were very insecure and were trying to assert your authority over both Colton and Bluebelle though you never had a fight with Colton. This had to do with socialization and you really should be in an only dog household. So, we talked with Auntie Lisa and came up with a plan. She has a lot of connections with trainers, shelters, etc., and she promised us that you would be well taken care of. After experiencing her continued commitment and love for Bluebelle, we knew you would be well loved, watched over and cared for by her. You left us on March 18th. We asked Auntie Lisa to make sure your new family knows your signature color with us was Orange. It looks so great on you. You love Kong, medium size squeaker balls (not tennis ball size or tiny size) as they easily fit in your mouth and that you chew them until you get the squeaker out. You enjoyed chasing a laser pointer. You enjoyed laying out in the sun, even in the summer here in the desert. You often asked me for belly rubs. And you always ate your food with a fried egg. I also shared with her that all members of our pack have a little jingle or song. Yours is to the beat of Copacabana – My name is Amber, Amber Banana. I am the coolest (or cutest or goofiest or awesomest) dog in Nevada. Amber, Amber Banananaaaa!

    Know that your “L” Mom and “M” Mom miss you. I know that it has only been two days, but it hurts knowing we will never experience you talking to us, the nonstop wiggling tail and subsequent butt because you were so excited to be with us and the times your jowls would get caught up creating a little bit of a smile. Colton, Bluebelle and maybe Calvin miss you too. Do I think adopting you was a mistake, no. We saved you, we gave you a home, we loved you and still do. We gave you a taste of what can be. You are an awesome, beautiful, sweet, smart dog and were wasted on us. You deserve to be running along someone who regularly jogs or doing an agility course for fun. You now have a pack of people, including us, who are going to work with you to find your purpose in life and to make sure you find the right home. There are a lot of dogs that don’t get this much support and attention so make the most of your opportunity and know you will always be a member of our pack.

  288. I cry a lot. And pray they are happy. And in good homes. I have been without them for two months. It is hard so many memories.

  289. Oh Doza. Tomorrow you go back to the shelter where we got you only a little over a month ago. I’m that month and a half you have brought SO MUCH joy and love to our home and family. The kids adored you and even to our surprise you and Sugs (the cat) became friends! Please know that we brought you home thinking you were going to be with us for the rest of your days and that we would love to have that happen. But you need to be in a home where you are the only dog. Because of someone else’s poor education on who you are and your breed we were forced to either send you back or move. We are not in a position to move and I absolutely HATE that we are placed in this position. We LOVE YOU SO MUCH bubba! Thank you for loving us too! You are forever in hearts and prayers that you will be able to make another family just as happy as you mad us. We love you Doh-Doh to the moon and back! Xoxo

  290. I am so glad I found this article. Thank you for publishing it.

    Madeleine, pigeon, piglet, pork chop,
    You and your sister have been in too many fights and I can’t watch you two hurt each other anymore. It breaks a piece of me every time. Since you are the most mellow and well-behaved, you were the easiest one to find a home for. I am incredibly lucky that someone in the family can take you, but I have been crying for days while we acclimate you to your new home. I think you can tell that something is wrong because now you are sick and I am sorry for that. You will be spoiled and loved here, that I am sure of. There will be lots of treats and belly massages. I even told them that you like to have your eyes gently rubbed. I will visit whenever I can, but I won’t be able to see your adorable face everyday and will miss you terribly. And even though you guys fought, your sister is going to be lost without you. There will never be another piglet like you. 💙

  291. I re homed my dog today Alfie because of my chronic health condition. I did not expect to feel so devastated when he went to holiday kennels it was different, Now I know I will never see him again only in my dreams. He has been my faithful and loving companion through all the drama and trauma of my husbands dementia. He was re homed to me so I feel a double guilt and betrayal that i have betrayed a dog that had already been abandoned. I know that dogs are in the moment and he has probably just had his tea and a walk and is probably having a snooze, unlike me. I just can rationalise it and I am worried about becoming seriously ill or depressed. How am i going to carry on .
    Love you Alfie for ever

  292. Dear Puppers,

    I’m beating myself up over this more than you probably know. I’m here wondering if you think I’ve abandoned you because now you’re in a new place with new people and I’m nowhere to be found. I’m sorry I couldn’t keep you. I’m sorry I let you down. I really thought you’d be with us forever but life changed and I felt so bad leaving you locked up for so many hours. You have so much energy and you just needed to be free! You had too much energy for me at the end of my work day and I only got annoyed when you got a little bit stir crazy. You didn’t deserve that, you didn’t ask to be locked in a cage while I was working and it was selfish of me to feel that way. I loved you and always will and it hurts me to think that just a couple of months ago I wouldn’t have dare dream to give you away. You were my best friend when no one else was and you were always the first one to greet me at the door no matter what! You made long and stressful days at work fade away when I came home and I will always cherish those moments. You loved me despite my grumpy attitude sometimes and somehow made me feel better. Your new home has two other dogs almost like you and people that will almost always be around. It’s crazy to think of you with anyone else but this was an extremely hard decision.. one that I’m asking myself if it was the right one.
    I will never forget the face you were making as I had to run away from you. I feel like I should have been a better mom, loved you more, paid more attention to your needs and looked forward to our late night walks vs feeling like they were a burden. I know you probably don’t even remember this or even noticed but I feel like I failed you.
    I pray you love your new home, I pray they love you as well and I pray you remember me.
    I pray your new home with a yard will give you all the time outside you deserve and so much more love and attention. You’re such a sweetheart and deserve it all. I’ll never forget my first dog.. how I raised you & how much you loved me.

  293. Dear Loki,
    Tomorrow you’ll be leaving us to meet your new family and leave this home forever. They have 4 children, so twice the number of kids to play with, and there’s another dog who’ll be your constant companion. Your new mom says you won’t be left alone for longer than 3 hours in a day. You’re allowed to go on the furniture and the beds. They have a pool that you can swim in during the hot days. They’re an active family, they’ll take you hiking and for long walks. They’ve been vetted and checked and I know they can afford to take care of you but most importantly they really really want you.
    I had you since you were a puppy, I was your first mommy. I house-trained you and defended you when your dad got angry when you ruined slippers and shoes during your teething stage. I took you to dog parks, socialized you, trained you and always cleaned any mess or accidents you made.
    I want you to know you did nothing wrong. You are a lovable, goofy dog and you deserve far more attention than you’re getting from us. You deserve to be taken to dog parks, not just the 2 short walks you get with me. You deserve to play fetch and to run around. You deserve to be played with and have your belly rubbed everyday to your heart’s content.
    I think your new family can give you all that and more. I feel guilty and ashamed, like I failed to be a good mother to you. I kept you fit and healthy but couldn’t give you the love and attention you desperately needed. I have to let you go tomorrow, but I will never forget you. I truly think it’s for the best. I’m sure this’ll hurt me more and for far longer than it would you. Be happy my darling Loki, that’s all I ever want for you.
    Your first mom

  294. Dear Stormy,

    I am so sorry I promised you a forever home. I’m so sorry I gave you hope and then took it away. I’m sorry to have returned you to the shelter where I got you.

    As much as I adored your clingyness, it turned into anxiety. An anxiety that I couldn’t break at your age of 8.

    You needed more than I could give. You need someone who can be with you all day, every day, and who has a home you can howl away in, and dig and dig and dig.

    I have only felt this type of loss when a loved one has died, and I will grieve this choice for months to come. I am gutted, and I don’t think I’ll ever be the same.

    Oh Stormy. You sweet, adorable, baby. I promised you the world, and I couldn’t live up to that.

    I’ll never forgive myself. I hope you one day do, and find a family that gives you everything you need.

    Love to the moon and back.

    1. I am so sorry, which shelter did you get your dog at? You can always check with the shelter to make sure your dog got a new home. We were lucky, we put our dog on Craigslist with a price and met this man who is retired and can spend some quality time with Chase. I feel good about it but I still feel sad.
      Please let me know how you are. I know how you feel.

  295. Milo,

    I am just so sorry. My heart is breaking as i make the arrangements for your new mummy to come and meet you. When i met your sweet little face i knew then and their you had to be mine. We took you home, cared for you and ultimately i loved you so so much. But with me now working all the time you are being left for so long and its cruel. i can tell you are miserable and i know how much you need to have outside space because we both know your a little crazy and love to run! Ive been thinking desperately on how i can keep you and how i can make this work but i know deep down i am being selfish. You are just a baby and need to live somewhere where your humans have time for you and give you attention whenever you want it. Ive found a lovely lady with two young boys who will have the energy to play with you all the time. She has SO much land for you to tear around in until you are exausted! She has someone who will be in everyday so you will never be alone and best of all this lady has a sister with two Puggles as well! You will have such an amazing life, with another lvoing family, But please dont think for a second i will ever forget you. My heart is hearting so much but i know that this is what you need. I am so sorry baby boy, please forgive me and save kisses for me until we meet again. I love you.

    1. please let me know how you are. We had to rehome our dog Chase on Sunday to a good home with someone who can spend a lot of time with him. He has sent us a message to let us know that Chase is doing quite well, that he just needs to teach him how to ride on the back of his motorcycle.
      I still feel sad and guilty.

    2. I’m having to rehome my dog tomorrow due to divorce and unable to spend the time he needs with me working so much. I’ve tried to make it work for the past year but has been so hard paying daycare and boarding expenses for him. I have found a nice couple who have a 1 year old pup like him who will be able to spend the time with him and he will have a little brother to play with. My heart is breaking as I write this. We are loving on each other now and I plan to say goodbye. Luckily I will be able to see him often and they will send pictures. This is hard and very traumatic. I pray for all who are forced to rehome their pets due to circumstances that can’t be helped. Thank you all for your story.

  296. Dear Shadow,

    My overweight dachshund. it had been almost 6 years since we adopted you from the rescue, 6 years. Until 2.5 years ago, it was a pretty fun ride. Then your human brother came. 3.5 weeks ago your human sister came. We started to resent your once witty/laughable behavior, and you no longer charmed us. Eating diapers, pooping in the baby’s room, barking, ocassionally bitting… the love that I once had was gone. You weren’t happy anymore.

    1.5 weeks ago we found an amazing home for you. They don’t have kids, no grandkids, live on an acreage, have another female dog, and already love you. They tell me your doing better each day, but I wonder, are you confused? Do you wonder why you aren’t coming home? Cue my guilty tears. Your sister pup Lulu misses you, she looks for you, but your human brother Oliver didn’t even ask about you for an entire week. I think it’s becaue the two of you didn’t get along.

    All that said… you and I share years of memories. Facebook reminds me of the races, walks and fun we had. It hurts. Since dad and I were told we couldn’t have kids, I would have been okay with just my two pups, but I have to trust God’s plan… he chose dad and I to have two human kids.

    I want you to know that I didn’t pick just any family, I’d been praying about it for two years. Two years. I basically created the perfect family in my mind, declined many online and chose the one I felt peace about, they were the exact same as the one I created in my mind! I think they are perfect.

    Please don’t forget me sweetie. I will never forget you. My heart will always hurt. I love you Shadow.

  297. Dear digger,
    I miss you so much already and it’s only been a month since i have last seen you. I am sorry i said no to taking you to your new home, i couldn’t bare to hand you away. I am so regretful of my decision to give you away, after 13 years together it pains me to think we have to seperate, after all we have been through. You have been my best friend for two thirds of my life and i feel like i’m abandoning you, especially since you are now getting old. I still remember and cherish the day i first met you, the long drive we spent taking you home and the stops where we let you roam. I hope you also think of those days fondly though i doubt you remember them.
    I hope your new parents are giving you more attention than i ever could have, i am sorry that i have been so busy lately, my life is chaos and i have been unable to balance my commitments with trying to spend time with you. If anything i am writing this letter out of guilt for being such an average owner, you deserve so much more for your time on this earth. I hope that i will come see you soon in your new home and you will greet me with a reminiscent smile, as i could not bare it if you thought i was coming to take you home with me.
    I love you buddy,
    Love, your owner

  298. Dear Charlie,
    I love you so much and today is my last day with you. I never wanted to give you away i wanted us to grow old together and i wanted you to see me grow up. Youre such a happy and lovable dog so playful and energetic and an apartment for a big lab like you is not the home you deserve. I feel so bad because i don’t want you to think that i don’t love you or that there was ever something wrong with you because you truly are the perfect dog. You were my first dog and i raised you all on my own. You’ve made me so happy and you have l made me laugh so much. I don’t think there’s words to explain how much i will miss you and how much i love you . I’m sorry for not providing you with what you deserve and i hope having a bigger home and a family will make you happier and i hope you adapt fast and fall in love with your new family i’m so scared that if i ever go visit you’ll be mad at me and won’t want to greet me and you’ve honestly broken my heart more than anyone else ever has. Now i understand what it feels like to lose a loved one . I love you and i will miss you. You’ll forever be in my heart .
    Love , Your mommy

  299. Dear Maizey,
    I came across this article cause I miss you and have been so sad. I saw you for the last time yesterday and had to drive away bawling my eyes out. You are such an energetic, sweet girl. I know you noticed life got very busy when I had baby Ina and went back to work. I didn’t have the time and energy for you. We had to figure out what to do with you during the work week. You didn’t like doggy day care and I could see it stressed you out. Dad couldnt take you to work every day and you just had to stay in an office when you were there. I wanted so much more for you. You deserved hiking adventures, a big yard, and most of all a doggy friend. I know the new family you are with are very experienced with dogs and will teach you all sorts of tricks. You are so smart that way. Their little dog looks so happy to see you and is only a bit smaller than you. You love small dogs. My daughter will miss you so much. You deserved more. You are in our hearts more than you ever know. I know you days will be full now. We will miss you always. I hope you know I loved you

  300. Davíð Máni Jóhannesson

    This article helped me, I think. I just sold my dog yesterday to a better home, he is a border collie puppy, I sold him to a owner at a farm so he will live it up :), but I felt so depressed afterwards, here’s my letter I think.

    Dear Ozzy. I’m sorry that this is what I had to do, but only if you could see inside my head, it’s a carwreck. I’m depressed, and I’m a computer addict, and I can’t cope with it even though I got you. You brought a smile on my face every day you spent with me, and you showed love when no one else did, and I love you. But I knew you deserved better, so now you’re in your new home, and you are gonna have a great time there! I’ll pay you a few visits through the years and it’ll be great!

  301. Dearest Savannah,
    Mommy loves you so much. You were there for me when Buster died, and I will always love you for taking care of mommy. You were Jorge’s dog, and when we got a divorce, you came to live with me. He couldn’t take you to Florida. It wouldn’t have been fair to you. It is hard for me to tell you that I have to re-home you. You are a playful and energetic Boxer and I have come to a point where I can just not take care of you the way you need. You need a big back yard, where you can run and play. Living in an apartment is so hard for you. You hate it, you are always so depressed. It isn’t fair to you for me to want to keep you and you not have joy in life. You want to get out and play with other dogs, and mommy simply cannot help you do that anymore. You are going to a boxer rescue and the family that is taking you is a fantastic family who had a boxer once before, and you will be helping them. They have a huge fenced in back yard where you can run. The street is filled with families who have big dogs that will want to run and play with you. They are so happy to get you. Although, I will miss you more than I can ever express, I know this is best for you. I love you Savannah. I always will have a place in my heart for you.

  302. Hello,

    I’m currently facing one of the toughest decisions of my life. I live in Orlando, FL with my two dogs, my daughter and my husband but I’m originally from Germany. Health issues on my side of the family are forcing us to move back across the pond but our living situation there (less space, intolerant landlords, city living) are not allowing for us to take more than one of our furbabies with us. Zoey is such a happy dog, she loves people and other dogs but she likes to keep to herself in the house. Milo is a big cuddly bear who loves and plays with our 10months old daughter and always hangs around where we all are. He’s my baby since I got him first and follows me everywhere like a puppy. Now we need to decide because we can’t find a home that will take them both. Milo could stay with our friends on a farm which I know he would love. Zoey on the other hand can’t be placed because nobody in our circle of friends can take her. I’ve been debating on wether I should let my big cuddly baby go for the sake of the happiness of his sister or should I take her to a shelter and keep him as our family dog in Germany. I know she is very attached to our family but I she’s also sensitive so I’m afraid a 12hr travel/flight overseas will totally mess her up. I don’t know what the besy decision is and I’m beating myself up over it because I keep thinking that maybe I shouldn’t have adopted both of them to begin with. Please help! Any constructive input would be highly appreciated!

    1. Hi- I think you have a very hard decision. I believe I would choose to place Milo with the friends on the farm since you know he would love it there and could still talk to them to get updates. Perhaps you could even visit him if you come back to the States for visits. It sounds like he adjusts better to change than Zoey. I am sure the long flight will stress her out, but likely just short-term stress and she will get well settled once you are all in your new home. You may choose the opposite path, which could be right too as you’ll likely know what’s best for both dogs more than me- I just wanted to provide some input since you asked for advice and in case it helps at all to know what others might do in your situation. I’m so sorry you have to deal with this and hope you find the right thing for your family.

  303. Dear Lucy,
    You came into my life just a 9 wks old and it was the happiest day of my life you were my first dog and I begged for u, even snuck u into the apartment without management finding out. Your personality matched mine and you became my lil baby. These past 2 years have been the best but I know with my work schedule and financial struggles have been stressful on us both cause we were together pretty much 5 days a week all day inseparable. We moved into my first apartment together and I couldn’t imagine doing this without you cause you’ve helped me get thru so much. But sadly because of my hectic schedule I’m super tired when I get home from work and fall asleep without even knowing which causes us not to play as much anymore and you started having anxiety being cooped up in this tiny apartment. And my financial struggles have stopped me from being able to keep up with your shots and being able to afford your favorite food :(. So I made the toughest choice of giving you to a new family. This is our second time separating. The first time we missed each other so much they gave u back cause u were so depressed, little did u know so was I but I believe whole heartedly this time will be different your new family has 2 kids one a small boy with so much energy like you to play with, a teenager who’s super excited about you and already buying you toys lol and a new mommy who’s buying a new home with a big backyard just for you. I love you so much and I’m crying already and you’re not even gone yet. It will be a long time before I get another puppy cause filling this void will be hard but I’m doing what’s best for you. ❤️ Love you always Ms.Lucy

  304. This article and these comments have been so helpful. We had to re-home our 6 year old mini aussie that we’ve had since he was a puppy because he bit me out of nowhere and without being provoked. Also being that I’m 8 months pregnant, we had to do it for the safety of our baby but it did not make it any easier. This has been the hardest week of my life and i think about him constantly. Even writing this makes me want to cry. I know with time it will get better, and knowing I’m not alone in my feeling is a big help.

    Just know that you will always hold a very special place in my heart and that we tried everything to make it so you could stay here with us but this is was the best choice of all of us. I miss you all the time but hope you’re next home is even better.

  305. Dear Charlie

    Oh baby I am so sorry. I love you, I really do however I could not keep you here. As much as I tried you were unhappy living in a city. The cars always scared you, you jumped at every sound. I could tell you were scared and unhappy and I could not fix it. No amount of love, treats, and patience was helping. You were getting so scared it was getting agressive- not because you are mean but due to fear and it is unfair to both of us. I remember the good times- the park, the balls, the squeaky toys. And I will always love you baby. I just hope now you can be rehomed somewhere quiet where you can have the peace you need. I miss you. Please forgive me, I did what I thought was best.

  306. Dear Thor,
    I am really sorry I had to send you to a different home.
    I wish I could of kept you but I’m sick and I can’t give you the attention you deserve. I believe your new parents will take very good care of you. I will miss you everyday and I wish you the best in your new home!


  307. Dear Chumley,
    You love me so much and I love you too, but sadly, sometimes love isn’t enough. If only you could understand our other dogs need attention too, and that giving love to them isn’t a threat to you. Nothing can diminish my love for you. If only you could have shared me with your four-legged housemates, we all could have stayed together in happiness. But you’re a dog. You can’t understand any of that, and it’s agonizingly frustrating. You’re a strong boy with powerful jaws. Sadly, you could no longer be allowed to socialize or share the same space with the others, for their safety. But being separated made you miserable. Keeping you despite your need to be an “only dog” has been selfish and only prolonged the inevitable decision to find you a new home where you won’t have to share your people with other pets.
    So now it’s done. My mind tells me it was the right thing to do, but I feel absolutely terrible anyway. I found you a good home with a family that will love you and I took you there. I wasn’t able to give you a proper goodbye because you didn’t know it was goodbye and you just wanted to jump back into our truck for the ride home. Driving away from your new home… without you… the emotions hit me like a freight train. Two days later, I’m still struggling, struggling to concentrate, struggling to think of anything but you, and struggling to stop weeping.
    Chumley, Please be a good boy for your new family and have a happy life, but don’t ever forget me. I’ll keep tabs on you. I’ll never get over you. I love you just as much as I have since you were 8 weeks old, and I always will. Goodbye my friend. May you live a long and happy life.

  308. Gave our beloved 2yr old chocolate lab Isla back to the breeder today and i feel so guilty, my children are distraught and weve been crying all day. Isla came into our life as a 12wk old puppy and she grew into a brilliant well mannered much loved family dog. Sadly a change in work commitments over the passed 6mths meant that she was being left alone 10hrs a day and she was suffering anxiety cause of it. Broke our hearts to think that we couldnt give her the attention that she needed and it was beginning to destroy her. Isla has touched our hearts in a way i cannot describe and i cannot get out of my head that she is now gone for good
    The breeder has said she wont rehome her and she will be kept by her friend who had Isla’s brother which is of comfort and whilst my wife and i know this is the best for our beloved dog this doesnt make it any easier.
    Miss her terribly and she has only been gone less than a day

    1. Thinking of giving our chocolate lab back to the breeder. Has severe separation anxiety and is left alone for 10 to 12 hours at home alone and destroys everything in the house. Tried crating but he just tears up the carpet around his cage. It’s breaking my heart because I wanted another dog after we lost ours but we just can’t control this one…am I not giving him a chance..he’s only 7 months old.

  309. I found my way to this site because I’m in the final stages of re-homing my beautiful blue rescue greyhound D’arcy.
    I’ve had him for the last 4.5 years of his 8 year life after taking him on as our first dog. I feel intolerably guilty about doing this but I’m out of the house 12-13 hours a day now (after moving to Sydney Australia and splitting up with my long term partner) and it isn’t fair on him.
    I cry when I talk the the greyhound adoption agency finding him a lovely new home, I cry whenever I think about losing him. I adore him and he has deeply and profoundly touched me. I feel like I have failed.

  310. Dear Blossom
    I am writing this on a forum called Blossom tips and the serendipity is not lost on me. The moment I met you I loved you instantly. You came from the farms of Victorville to Hollywood and you were Confused. You’ were used for over breeding my sweet angel. You were tired and I wanted to give u a beautiful and relaxed life.

    Blossom, my Possum blossom baby. If you knew the stress and effort I took to inquire about you getting quarantined in Australia. I cried and cried bc I know u hate cages. My baby girl we didn’t take u bc we didn’t think you’d make it. My schnitzel, we found u a mansion in Pasadena: my baby U have lots of space. The day we said goodbye and u looked into my eye as your trusted mama and I deceived u..I may never get it over sweet girl. Not a day goes by we at the starlet send our love.! We miss u baby schnitzel so much. Lots of rats on patrol for u
    Blossom: forgive us. We loved u forever we couldn’t take u to oz and u know why: you gorgeous girl are here with us in spirit always. Sweetie we love u. Wishing my baby daughter all the next In her new home . Love you B. Sorry I couldn’t cerebrally explain this

  311. Dear Louie, I remember the first day i got you, you were so small. You didn’t even have any teeth yet, I can remember thinking to myself I’m going to keep this dog forever. The cute little noises you used to make when I bottle fed you, and then your puppy teeth came in and you thought you were the toughest little dog in the world biting any and everything. My little Louie I am so sorry, I wish the best for you, i hope your new family loves you as much as I do. I hope they give you a million kisses everyday, i hope you are happy. Giving you up was one of the hardest decisions of my life. I miss you everyday, and i love you with all of my heart ❤ -love mama I’m

  312. Dear Bailey,
    I’m so sorry for everything that happened when you were a baby… It breaks my heart to know that when I was gone, the people I thought I could trust were hurting you and damaged your happiness…. I look at you now with tears streaming down my face wondering if you hate me for what happened, and if you’ll hate me tomorrow when you meet the woman who wants to adopt you and give you the love and the chances I never could. I wanted so badly for everything to be ok, I wanted so badly to keep you. But you keep attacking the other dogs in our home because of everything you went through as a baby, and you deserve a better place than I can give you, one with no more stress and no more fear. I hope whoever does adopt you gives you the best in life, and that they understand your weird obsession with eating salsa and trying to climb up legs. Mommy loves you, Bailey bug… If I could start over, I would try my hardest. I just can’t keep you now because it’s unfair to you, and I’m terrified that you’ll hurt someone/another dog or get hurt yourself. I’m trying so hard to hold it together for your sake, but it’s hard when you won’t even look at me anymore… I love you so much… Please forgive me, buddy. I’ll never forget you, and I’ll make sure you get a good home with people who spoil you as much as possible, ok? Mommy loves you very much, please don’t ever forget that.

  313. Dear Toby,

    It’s me your adopted mom of just a few months from when you were a little baby. Toby I am so sorry daddy and me could not take better care of you. We tried as best as we knew how but we just weren’t able to do it. We were and still are heartbroken over losing you. You are very lucky to have a loving home now with a yard to run around in and a brother of your very own to play with every day. I hope you are being a good boy and listening to your mommy and daddy. I hope you are sleeping better too because I’m sure you are pooped from playing all day. Are you wearing your sweater to kerp you warm. I know you are eating because you loved your food and treats. Please remember us when you are playing with your favorite toys and when you are cuddling in your elephant blankie from Santa. I’ll always hold a special place in my heart and I miss you very much. You probably don’t even remember us. It’s been a very sad and tearful two weeks for us but I know deep in my heart that you are much happier. Good nite my little boy and sweet dreams always.

    Love, mommy 🐾💕

  314. Wow I am So glad to have found this article. My husband and I lost our beloved westie, barney, in August after 12 years to cancer. It was extremely difficult to get thru this as he was our little man — we have no children. On November 1 we adopted a blue Merle cockerpoo (Toby) from a breeder – absolutely beautiful pup of 10 weeks. U fortunately this pup was way too much for us to handle. We live in an apartment complex and we think he needed more space to run around. He was getting very aggressive. We tried puppy kindergarten, advice from our vet, interactive toys to kerp him busy but to no avail. We did and brought everything available to help our situation. We struggled with the decision of not being able to keep him – neither of us wanted to make the first phone call. Last Saturday we brought him back to the breeder who promised to find him a good home. I have never cried and been so sad as I have been this week. I feel so guilty and I feel like the most terrible person ever. I had a dream that we went to get him back and he was a changed dog – how crazy is that? Anyway, after one week wwe received a call from our vets office who told us that his new mom called to double check on the paperwork regarding shots and such and Toby has a nice loving home with a yard and a golden doodle playmate. I’m very happy for him but the pain just won’t go away. As much as I try to get it out if my mind I can’t let go of the fact that I let him down. The house is like a ghost town. Our complex has many dogs and it’s very sad for me to see the others do happy with their pups – am I jealous yes I am! I want to try for another pup but my husband just can’t even think about it. We are more than likely relocating at year’s end and he thinks it’s best if we wait until then so we can give more attention to a pup rather than have a pup in the middle of chaos. Sorry for the rambling. Must end now because here come the tears once again.

  315. We just rehomed our hound mix, Dixie, yesterday. We adopted her as a puppy 4 years ago from a rescue. I had tried contacting the rescue for assistance on multiple occasions, but was essentially blown off and forgotten about. Dixie always had some sort of aggression/dominance and we tried trainers/behaviorists. What made our decision final was when she growled/snarled at my son out of nowhere (no toys, food, etc. around and they were on opposite sides of the living room.) My pregnancy with him was extremely difficult with hyperemesis and it literally felt like I was killing him the week I was hospitalized for it. I told myself that I wouldn’t put him in the position to get hurt or possibly killed from an animal since I am the mom and in control. It took several months, but we finally found a home for our Dixie. Even with the struggles we had with her, she is a wonderful dog. I feel HORRIBLE that I failed her and it is killing me, as well as my husband since she was his dog and she definitely favored him over me. I did ask her new owners how she did the first night and they said she did wonderfully, which helped a little. I just hope that the guilt and tears will subside soon. I really hate that we weren’t her forever home, but my child’s safety comes first. Oh, Dixie…I hope you love your new home and we will always love you too, pooch. We miss you tons and hope you love your new home as much as you did ours.

    1. Cindy,
      I too am struggling. I adopted a blue chihuahua from a chihuahua rescue group 2 and a half years ago. He was only 13 months old and had spent 7 months in foster care. He was abused in his first home. It was rough from the start because in his mind I took him from the only good home he had ever known. I knew I had a lot of work to do and he wasn’t properly socialized. I showed fear in the beginning and he didn’t let go of that. I worked with a behaviorist for 2 years and even did a board and train with her for a month. Everything got worse after that. Even he and my cat that were super bonded before I sent him away were not as bonded when he came back. He developed apartment noise anxiety a year ago because I hit the wall and it just got worse. He was fighting me on everything and refused to see me as the one in charge. Baring his teeth, growling and nipping. I no longer trusted him alone with my cat and 6 months ago I would’ve said there is no way in hell he would have hurt her. They were so close and protective of each other. I surrendered him back to the organization on Saturday and I am heartbroken. It’s like I forget all the stress and anxiety he put me through. I can’t help but take it personal because he stopped being happy with me. I feel like I screwed him up and made him worse. Like a total failure. I went above and beyond what a lot of people would do, but it just kept getting worse. I miss him so much even though it was like an abusive relationship. I asked how he is doing and he is happy, which should help but just hurts more because he couldn’t be happy with me. I don’t know how to deal with this. I didn’t adopt him to give him back.

  316. Reading this article and seeing the comments is helping me cope with my decision that I will soo have to make. I broke up with this guy he left me with a 4 month lab name Chewi. chewi is amazing, loveable and the best love I ever received in my whole life. Now that my X is gone it’s been hard on me to pay all my bills, and taking care of the puppy. Knowing that I have certain things I haven’t paid off yet keeping chewi wouldn’t be a wise decision. I love him so much. I tired to ask my family for help because chewi has a lot of energy. My family members are too busy to help. I exhausted when I come home from work and feel bad having to leave him for 8 hours at home. while I’m at work. Since he is still young I think it best he moves with a family that will have the time and money to raise chewi. My heart is torn that I can’t keep him.

    1. Denise,
      I know exactly how you are feeling. My husband left me with his 2 Chihuahuas that are 15 y.o. that require special care. They definitely missed him after he left. I took care of them for 1 year and yesterday I made the tough decision to take them to a no kill shelter. I moved to an apartment that was in my budget but unfortunately there is a strict no pets policy. Already transitioning from 2 incomes down to 1 I could not afford to give them the care they needed and deserved. I cried myself to sleep last night but I didn’t put them in that position. I felt like I had no other choice. I reached out to friends and family but everyone already has pets of their own and my husband’s dogs were not very socialized. I made my peace with them & told them how much “we” loved them. It’s difficult but if you’ve been dealt a crazy hand and you’ve tried you’re best. Please don’t beat yourself up over this decision, coming from someone who has been there. I’m sending good vibes, thoughts & prayers to you. 💜

  317. We had to surrender my mini dachshund that we had for 5 years. She left yesterday and I’m having the worst anxiety, feeling of guilt and just miss her so much. She has been getting increasingly more aggressive with our other dog and has attacked him more times than I can count. She has gotten more impatient with my kids as well and it was getting too risky to keep her. We tried everything but nothing worked. We placed her with a specific breed rescue who will find the perfect home for her. I’m so sad having to do this and can’t imagine what she’s thinking or feeling. I hope she’s ok and not stressed. My kids are devastated as well. I know we made the right choice but it feels so wrong and I am regretting it already. 😢

    1. You sound like me. I just surrendered my chihuahua back to the rescue group I got him from 2 years ago and I am feeling the same way. I adopted a difficult dog that refused to see me as the one in charge. I worked with him with a behaviorist for two years and I feel like everything I did made him worse. He fought me on everything.

  318. I just came home from surrendering my dog. I could not anticipate the heartbreak, the pain, the guilt. I feel like I am now forever damned. I feel like I ruined everybody’s lives. I feel like I am a monster and I deserve this incredible pain. I hope my dog forgets me right away.

    1. I know how you are feeling 🙁 it’s awful and I feel like I failed. I am certain our dogs are fine and will adjust….. just hope I can forgive myself eventually.

  319. We got lucky and found the most wonderful rescue at a local shelter, a 2 year old pitbull/lab mix. He loved to lick your face and give you hugs and cuddle all over you at any time of the day. He got super excited when he saw leaves or snow or when you said his name over and over. He loved to run and absolutely loved us and our home. The problem started when he walked into my house and my other dog, who never was properly socialized and whose breed is just not into dogs, started to bark up a storm and stay on alert all day long. This dog would only respond to that with even worse and deeper barking and eventual fighting. Also, he would be completely calm and be playing or whatever and all of a sudden he would start growling at my mom or my dad, whoever was with him at the time. The main breaking point was when he pinned one of our cats to the ground, after the shelter told us he was good with cats just to get us to adopt him. Out of fear we decided to give him back to the shelter we got him from, and despite his encounters, it doesnt hurt any less and we can’t forget how wonderful and loving he is. I have been crying nonstop for 2 days thinking about how he seemed so grateful to be adopted and how he is now back where he started. It is killing me that he went from sleeping on top of me at night or leaning on my shoulder to sleeping in a cage by himself. I keep thinking about how, if i had the means, i would take him to a place where just him and i could live together and be so happy. He deserves so much better than being in a shelter, and deserved so much more than our home could offer. I just hopes he finds himself a home so great and so loving and so giving and so free that he won’t even miss what he had with us. I will always miss my sleeping buddy and my running buddy and the little pup who got so excited to play with me in the snow. It just wasn’t in the cards for this to work out and I am so sorry.

  320. Max, Maximus, Maximilian, love bug, poopie but, booty boy, maxim, boo,

    I’m so sorry for the way everything ended between us. I never wanted to see you go. I wish I could have gone back in time and walked into the new condo 5 minutes later. I knew you were selective when it came to other pups. I just wish that stupid incident hadn’t happened. I want you to know that I understand you were just defending you’re own territory. You were protecting me. You have no idea, or maybe you did, I don’t know… I’ll never know for sure, how much you meant to me. You helped me survive. You made me believe again. You made your dad realize how much he needed you in life. You made him so happy. Because of you I got to see a much deeper side to him, a side I knew was there, but hadn’t been shown for a long time. You made my relationship have even more meaning. I remember seeing your beautiful face sulking in the corner of your cage at the SPCA. When I walked by I immediately fell in love, and when they brought you into the room where we could spend time with you, you jumped into that chair and licked my face then fell over and on your back belly up smiling at me. You filled the void. I wasn’t alone anymore. I found happiness again. It was all because of you. I miss having you in my bed keeping me warm and snoring in my face. I miss your paws digging into my back pushing me off the bed. I miss hearing you dream. I miss seeing your face when I wake up, and I miss giving you kisses at the stairs as soon as I come home. The last few years have been the greatest I’ve had in a very long time. Your dad and I just want you to know how much we love you. It killed us to have to rehome you. I fought for hours to get the landlord to allow you back in the building. You sat so quietly in the car with me for hours that dreadful day. I hope you enjoyed the hotel bed and the McDonald’s we got you for our last night together. We found you an amazing home. Your new mommy and daddy fell in love with you instantly. I’m so excited you have two younger sisters to keep you entertained! And I cant forget that big fenced in backyard too. I heard you took real well to your new Dad quickly, I’m so happy for you bud. I knew you had figured out what was going on when you turned to go in the wrong car when it was time to leave. I just hope you forgive me. And that you show your new family as much love as you had shown us. We never meant for this to happen. I don’t know how long it will take for me to get over this. If I know you Max, you’ve already forgotten. Probably all curled up in your new bed dreaming and snoring away. Just don’t forget me, or your dad. Maybe we will meet again someday, maybe that day won’t be till we both pass. Thank you for all the memories Max. You’ll forever be in our hearts. We love you so much!

  321. My fiancé travels for work. Before we got together he had a dog and I had two dogs. I told him if we were going to make this work we had to figure it out with three dogs. We were committed.
    Eventually he decided it was best to give his dog to his mom. She really enjoys having the dog since she lives alone. He’s an older doggy so traveling was getting hard on him.
    I think my fiancé gave him up to his mom because he didn’t want to deal with dogs anymore.. Now that he has me.
    Fortunately for my fiancé, his mom was fine taking his dog and now he gets to still be in our lives.. Rather than go to a complete stranger.
    Now there has been an argument between us about one of my two dogs. He is a pit bull lab mix. I got him from the shelter as a puppy. I worked really hard on his training and making sure he got plenty of exercise and socialization. Unfortunately when my fiancé had to leave for work.. I made the mistake and left my dog with family to be with my fiancé… Thinking soon enough I’d be the position I could have him again. I was able to bring my other dog as I have a doctor’s note for her. She’s a very laid back dog whereas my pit mix doggy is a bit higher energy.
    My fiancé is intimidated by him. He thinks all pits are aggressive and destructive. This is really upsetting for me because my fiancé seemed fine with my dog until we spent time apart from him. I’m a firm believer that pit stereotypes are complete b.s. I love pits. My dog has never shown any form of aggression. My fiancé is basing his opinion on my dog solely off of stereotyping.
    My family can’t keep my dog.. I don’t have friends looking for a dog.
    So I’m stuck between giving my dog up to a stranger and seriously trusting they can give him a better life than me..
    Or leaving my fiancé.
    This sounds extreme but we have been arguing over this for almost a year now.. And it never goes anywhere. My fiancé refuses to let me keep my dog and live with him… I see it as “you’re willing to let me go because you don’t want me to have my dog” and he sees it as “you’re willing to leave me because you can’t give up your dog for my comfort and peace of mind”
    I just don’t know what to do and I’m completely torn. I’m so broken.

    1. I’d leave him, I’m sorry your going through this situation I’m pretty sure it hurts seeing that you put a lot of time and effort into training and caring for him but as a fiancé he should want nothing but your happiness. He has no right to expect you to get rid of your dog just for him to be at peace . If your dog has never been aggressive then he needs to get his head outta his ass. I hope you make the right decision in choosing your dog.

  322. Last Christmas(2017) my parents surprised me with a dog who we later named Dunkin. I was so happy because I have been asking for a dog for as long as I can remember, and it finally happened. We got him toys and a blanket that says his name on it. The dog was previously with a college girl who couldn’t take care of him anymore. The dog instantly fell in love with us, like how I had with him. He is so sweet and cute. Yesterday was his birthday even. Recently, my mom realized it wasn’t the best idea to get him. Dunkin is very needy and he cries everytime we leave him in his crate to go out to the store or anywhere else. My father is going back to work soon, and my mom is always running errands. She doesn’t want to be held down by the dog if we want to go somewhere. I have school. No one would be able to take care of him. Even though we love him, it is best to rehome him. I’m going to miss him so much. Even though you peed in my room twice… I don’t know, but I still feel bad if we give him to someone else, we got so used to him. Like I said before I finally got the dog I had been wanting for years, but we have to give him away. I fear I will feel empty inside after we give him away. I fear will feel awful and sad. I will miss him. I wish it would be easier to think of giving him away, like he was never there. He is a part of our family, so it won’t be easy. I just need to keep in mind that whoever we give him to, they will be the perfect fit. I’ll miss you Dunks.

  323. Dear Chewie, it’s been 9 hours since you left and you have left the biggest hole in my heart.. You and me chose each other 8 months ago when you fell asleep on my lap that day. You were beautiful and the dog that I had dreamed of, with one blue and one hazel eye. You were there when I felt lonely in the days and kept me company with your crazy antics. But you needed so much more and as much as we tried we couldn’t give that to you and you deserved it, you deserved a home where you were centre of attention and could be walked a billion times a day with a massive garden to dig holes in. I’ve never had such a clever intelligent little dog who knew every trick and had such energy. I will never forgive myself for what I’ve done, my eyes burn from sobbing so much, I hope you forgive me lovely girl and find a loving family because you are so special. I wish you hadn’t left but it would be selfish to you to keep this going when you need attention I can’t give anymore. I miss and love you so much little one, please dont be sad xx

  324. Diesel. The day we decided to pick you up literally saved my husband’s life. Some may think my reasons behind your adoption were bad, but I will always believe adopting you was the best decision we made. You were 16 months old and some told us you were too old and socialization could not be properly done, and some had told us to wait and get a baby. Not even a few months before this decision, my husband tried to take his life away because he felt abandoned by his family for such a long time, so I was living this immense amount of pain for him and wanted to quickly find him a friend for life. You were him. You made him so happy. I was not fond of dogs but you quickly grew on me… and in size! Being a purebred German Shepherd, you grew big as a horse, but acted and played like the adorable puppy and doofus we loved. Unfortunately, only him, our daughters and I got to see this beautiful playful side of you and we are so thankful for that. Even though we attempted to socialize you with hundreds of other friends at the park and on the roads around the neighborhood, you quickly showed them a whole other side that scared me. My husband didn’t mind – he loved that his boy was defensive of our family, our pack. However, this love blinded him from seeing the dangerous side of it all. Because you have so much severe anxiety and have behavioral issues which you’ve most likely acquired from a bad working line of dogs being bred, or maybe we were just not strict and hard enough with you, you became aggressive. When I walked you, you would snap and lunge at cars, children or other dogs and I was afraid you’d get hurt or worse, hurt someone else. And when we brought you to the vet to get a sprained leg checked, you had to wear a muzzle which absolutely broke my heart and you still attempted to attack the technician. I have young children that are my pack and to keep you is scaring me to death now because I don’t know how far you’ll go. We can’t keep you indoors because it’s unfair for you. You need to be happy with a new pack, a big yard to run in and new owners who will pay the thousands needed to have your behavior checked and give you training to fix this aggression – because if we wait, and I am not willing to risk more time and more chances for you to hurt anyone – soon, it’ll be too late. Soon, we’ll be told that you can’t be rehomed and would have to be euthanized. Or worse, if something happens and you find a way to get out of the yard and attack someone on the road, I won’t be able to live with myself. With the guilt of having waited to see “if” you could be rehabilitated just so my husband gets a bit more time with you. My health is taking a hit from this additional stress. I’m already living a horrible situation where one of our daughters needs open heart surgery and battles her own problems every day and I need to help her get through this… all the hospital visits, learning disabilities, crippling anxiety, suicidal thoughts… and even though my husband doesn’t admit it, he’s still not okay since October 2016 when he attempted to take his life away from us. He has changed,,, and I have to be there for him, but I can’t do all of it when I also need to take care of you when you have so many problems that need to be addressed, and deserve to be taken care of now before it’s too late. I’m so sorry we have to do this. This upcoming weekend will be absolutely horrible, but at least we still have a few days to still cuddle and let you know that you are loved, and will always be loved and that even though you would only have been with us from March 2017 until now, you have change our lives forever. I just hope and pray that the fact that you’ll be leaving will not destroy my husband more because I can no longer take more pain and worry. I really hope you find peace in your heart one day and not hate everyone around you so much. We love you so much. We have cried for 3 days thinking and dreading for Saturday January 13th. The 13th will definitely be a bad day for us this year – but my hope is that our family can heal and get better, and for you to be happy, because you will never entirely be happy with us, and for my husband to selfishly keep you with us without thinking about your well-being would be the worst decision we would make. I pray that one day, you will forgive me. That he will forgive me and my daughters forgive me. I love you Diesel.

  325. Dear Orek my beautiful boy !!!! It’s only been 1 day and it feels like a lifetime. I hope you understand that we didn’t want to let you go but we had to. Our landlord said your breed was dangerous and neighbors didn’t feel safe. You are the sweetest pitbull I’ve ever came across and I’m so blessed to have had your unconditional love. You loved my kids with everything you had and I will forever be grateful for that we are all very sad to have let you go. But me and dad made sure your new family with love as much as we do and will take care of you and take you for your walk and take you to the dog park. They are great people and they are very lucky to have you. You will forever be in my hear and hold the best dog award. I’m just scared that you hate us we promised you a forever home and could give it to you. I’m so so sorry Orek. I hope you remember us in your dreams. You helped dad so much and now it’s time for you to help and be there for another family. I will for ever love you love your family !!!

    1. I can’t believe I feel connected to all the people writing here and what they are saying and feeling!! I can’t say much yet I am exhausted with excruciating pain from rehoming my baby girl puppy I have had since 5weeks old. I rehomed her although I kept changing my mind at the time and WISH i hadn’t and keep thinking about this and what I should have done to keep her. I was pushed into this as a couple and their daughter wanted her and they pushed me and I was too vulnerable and not ready. I had other pressures and could not think clearly. I have read so many feelings I feel, the first is I want her back.!! I have tried this and asked the nrw owners and apologized saying I made a mistake a rash decision. She is my assistance dog and my doctor and psychologist tried to get her back for me by calling too. But these new owners won’t reply except to say she’s there’s now. I do not know what to do. Please help! Please be there others like me, I feel less alone. I finally feel understood!! For the first time. God rhankyou I’m in so much pain. Lia.

      1. Lia – I know EXACTLY how you are feeling!!! I kept changing my mind as well to rehome our almost 2 year old yellow lab and so did my daughter. She too felt pressured and pushed to give up our girl and it all happened so fast that none of us knew what the stark reality would be until we realized she is now gone. It’s almost been a month now and all I can think about is her and that I wish I had given it more of a chance and how badly my heartache is when I go home and realize she is not there anymore. I am so sorry the new owners won’t consider giving your dog back. Our dog was an emotional support for my daughter as well but she has since moved so we were left with the choice of rehoming because I felt like I wasn’t being fair to the dog because I am not home that much and she spent too much time alone or at a doggy day care. I think she is probably happy and receiving lots of attention and has another dog there who is now her buddy. I just wanted to reach out because I feel your pain and I miss her terribly. Sometimes I even say goodnight and good morning to her even though she’s not there. I wish there was something you could do to ease your pain but I do know this website is a great tool to at least get your feelings out there. I wish you the very best and know you are not alone. 🙁

  326. Our family made the painful decision to relinquish our recently adopted rescue. She was and is sweet and affectionate, playful and cuddly. Of course, there is a “but” here. She displayed a tendency to nip at guests and extended family members and was territorial around food. All manageable with the right level of separation at meal times and when company visited. Sadly, our beloved new dog also reacted nervously when startled such that she reacted instinctively and scratched our child’s with her teeth. Our decision to relinquish and rehouse her is the right decision for us since we were already on notice about her potential aggressive behaviour. So why oh why does this feel so wrong? If we had kept her and worked with her, we might have made progress but would always be in fear that we might not be so lucky again and those scrapes might result in a more severe or life altering injury. Returning her to the shelter was one of the most traumatic moments of our family life. To think she is back in a shelter, even though she is warm and fed is heartbreaking and why we decided to adopt a cast aside shelter dog to begin with. But we know now that she needs a calm house without young children and we couldn’t risk a repeat incident. Still, my heart and head just ache to think that she is back in the shelter. We feel guilty because we are guilty, yet what logic would permit us to keep a dog that could harm our child? I have always advocated for rescues. We did not make our decision to adopt and now to relinquish lightly. I just don’t think the grief, guilt, sadness and loss will abate. I’ve read articles for and against giving up on pets, and know only this – I will never assume all people who relinquish pets are unkind or unwilling to try. Sure, there are those who are able to walk away and not look back. That is not me nor my family. We are just so terribly sad and sorry that our story doesn’t have a happy ending although we hope for our sweet yet unpredictable dog, it still can.

    1. Sarah, my heart breaks for you and your family. I was so sad when I read your story and yes, I have my own. I too am struggling every single day and night with the decision to re-home our dog. I have NEVER ever had to make this decision and I am completely heartbroken. We had a beautiful yellow lab who will be two January 29, 2018 and we got her as a pup. She is a wonderful, loving, obedient, affectionate and smart girl. She was originally my daughter’s who lived with me at the time we got her but my daughter has since moved to Oregon and is trying to get established there financially. It was not an option to fly the dog to Oregon. I have been taking care of her but I work full-time and am not home as often as she needs someone to be around. I tried the doggy day-care but she gets overwhelmed in large groups of dogs. I would take her on some wonderful walks in the summer but the winter months are too hard here to give her the appropriate exercise she needs at a young age. We just re-homed her to a wonderful family who have a dog and are home during the week and have a camp at a lake. The two dogs have hit if off and they are best buddies now. You would think that we would be happy that she has an ideal home now but we struggle everyday with the decision to let her go. I cry almost every time I walk thru the door and she is not there to greet me. I am thrilled she is not sitting on a couch all day or penned with other dogs at a doggie daycare but it still breaks my heart. I completely understand the heartache, guilt, sadness, doubt etc. that you are feeling so just wanted to reach out to you. My thoughts are with you and hopefully as time moves on we can recover and know that we put our dogs needs first. I pray your dog finds the ideal home situation and thrives and is happy!

  327. I am currently considering rehoming our 9 month old bullmastiff puppy. We’ve had him 7 months… Since he was a baby. Hes a great and sweet dog and ive been back forth with the idea of rehoming for a couple months. The problem is my 3.5 year old daughter doesnt like him. She used to love him but i think now that he is so big she is intimidated..he would never hurt her but she screams every time he comes up to her to say hello. She is not this way with older much smaller dog. I never thought his size was going to be an issue for her. Ive tried working woth both of them to respect each other..for him to keep his distance and teaching her to not hit kick and scream at him when he comes near her. I’ve been trying but nothing has changed. Im crying as i right this bc i dont want to rehome him. But i dont know what else to do. I dound out i am pregnant now so i am now also worried about him with a baby on the floor. He doesnt respect boundaries and i fear he’d unintentionally hurt a baby just due to his size and his desire to be nosy and get into everything. I hate doing this but i really feel its the best decision for all of us.

  328. Tommy
    I rescued a dog lost on the road. I spent months looking for the owners. I couldn’t understand who would just give up search on this sweet and loving German Shepherd Dog we called Tommy. He had no tags and after several ads in three different counties (social media, newspaper, flyers) no one claimed him. We decided to keep him and give him a loving home. After a few weeks he adjust to our family and loved to follow my kids around, (not sure he thought he was one more kid or being protective?) Everyone loved Tommy including my neighbors. Sadly after a confrontation with a no dog lover neighbor and knowing how spiteful this neighbor was, we decided to rehome Tommy in fear that this neighbor will poison our three dogs. We thought it was best to remove Tommy to avoid having another confrontation with this neighbor. We knew this neighbor was going to be impossible and wouldn’t ever stop. The day we gave him away several neighbors came to say goodbye to Tommy. We gave Tommy away to a family friend who wrote us back saying they were grateful to us for our sacrifice and that they had gotten the best Christmas gift. Tommy adjusted well with the new family. The night before we gave Tommy away, the new family made a trip to the pet store and bought everything from food, leash, collars, cage, bed, toys in preparation of the arrival of Tommy. As soon as we handed over the leash the new family said they were in love with Tommy. We saw how much love they had for Tommy instantly. Although it deeply saddens me to give him up we are giving Tommy a new opportunity to life without this bitter hateful neighbor. He has a chance to live free and we may have a chance to avoid further confrontations with our neighbor. We will always remember you Tommy. Hope you may continue to love being sweet and open your heart to unconditional love for your new family.

  329. My family had to give away our 21-month old black pom. He was with us ever since he was born. His name is Prince. We gave him to a family friend who loves dogs and have many dogs in their home. I was there when we left him, just earlier today. He was growling to the new people that they had to cage him first. I felt so sad coz we never caged him. I hope he behaves well so that he can walk outside the cage. He was barking when we were leaving. I was crying in the car. I am still crying right now coz I miss him so much. I look and pass through his usual spots at home and it just makes me remember him more. I fear tomorrow coz no one will scratch my door, climb up my bed, and wake me up. I might cry tomorrow. I might cry until I get a chance to see him again. I just can’t seem to let him go. We had to give him away because of compound orders. All my neighbors had to give their dogs away as well. I feel so sad. Prince just gives off this energy and happiness that I am always willing to receive. I miss him. I hope he is fine. I want to believe you that dogs adapt fast so that I can be at ease. But I hope my dog doesn’t forget me and my family. I hope when he sees us he’d be as excited when he was still living with us. I just can’t stop crying. I am heartbroken. I hope he doesn’t forget us, that’s my only wish.

  330. My mum didn’t know how hard it would be to have and care for a dog but we have to give her away after Christmas.porridge pepper ready your article helped but I can’t stop crying Italy 5 days till Christmas and this happends 5hankyou for your help bit how do I know when it’s OK cause something could happen and I won’t know cause we had to give her away cause we couldn’t cope this is horrible I’m in tears I can’t say goodbye

  331. Thank you so much for this. I recently found I was pregnant but its a high risk pregnancy and I was finding thay taking care of my 7 year old fur child Teddy was becoming more difficult. He is an indoor dog and hos pee and poo was making me feel nauseous to the point where i became dehydrated and hospitalized. My husband and I had decided to let Teddy stay with my mother until I had the baby but i quickly changed my mind because I was going to miss him too much. When my husband took him out for a walk, tragedy struck and a big pitbull attacked my little poodle shih tzu mix, my Teddy. We quickly took him to the pet hospital where they told us he suffered from a broken arm and needed extensive care and surgery. This had been the second time Teddy suffered something this traumatic as Teddy had ran out and got hit by a car causing him to lose an eye ( this happened while I was on my honemoon). So with a broken heart my husband and I decided that Teddy could not longer continue to suffer. He wouldnt get my full attention as I was more concentrated on my pregnancy, his smell was causing me more trouble, at times he would go on to be asleep all day because we both work, we wouldnt engage him much but he would follow us. All these things made me realize that Teddy needed a more loving him (not thay i didnt love him, i raised him) but a home w