How Do You Stop Comparing Yourself to Other Christians?   Recently updated

You’re a believer, a woman of faith, a Christian woman who is growing spiritually…why, then, do you keep comparing yourself to other Christians? How do you stop measuring your spiritual growth against theirs?

How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Christian Women Leviticus 2 She Blossoms

she blossoms When Your Family Discourages You exodus 36

3 Things to Remember When Your Family Discourages You

You finally figured out what you’re meant to do in life (or who you’re meant to marry, or what job you’re meant to have). Maybe you’ve even finally found God’s call on your life! How, then, do you deal with discouraging family members or friends?

Changing the Way You See God When You’re Unhappy

Changing the way you see God will change your life, your relationships, and every experience you have. Yes, you will find happiness and even joy when you change the way you see God! But how do you experience God in a different way? How do you revive a stale relationship with Jesus Christ and renew your connection with the Holy Spirit?

How to Change the Way You See God Blossom Tips

She Blossoms How to Surrender Your Worries to God Exodus 29

How Do You Surrender Your Worries to God?

Surrendering to God wasn’t my first tip when I wrote How to Stop Worrying What People Think, but it should have been! If you’re a follower of Jesus, you have no reason to worry about your life, family, relationships, past mistakes or future possibilities.

3 Ways to Grow a Healthy Spiritual Relationship With Jesus

As a child of God, you are saved and set free to live fully, deeply, madly! But how do you grow a healthy spiritual relationship with Jesus when you’re distracted by life, work, relationships, family, health issues, money problems, traffic jams, spilled milk? And what exactly is a spiritually healthy relationship with God?

Blossom Tips Grow Spiritually Healthy Relationship Jesus Exodus 28

She Blossoms Proof God Cares About You Exodus 23

Do You Need Proof God Cares About You?

How do you know God cares for you? What are the signs of God’s love and protection? Finding proof that God cares about you can be as simple as looking up at the starry night sky, or as complicated as studying the book of Revelation for signs of Jesus Christ.

What God Wants You to Do Exodus 20 She Blossoms

What Does God Want You to Do?

Asking “What does God want me to do?” is normal — especially if you’re trying to decide what to do about a troubled relationship, job, family situation, health challenge or other major life issue. Here’s the good news: figuring what God wants you to do may be easier than you think.

3 Signs of Godly Relationship Advice

Wouldn’t it be awesome to get relationship advice from God? Good news: it’s not as hard or unbelievable as you might think. These signs of Godly relationship advice will help you see your life and decisions more clearly.

Signs of Godly Relationship Advice Exodus 18 She Blossoms