Love and Marriage

What to Do When You’re Unhappily Married   Recently updated

If you don’t deal with your unhappy marriage now, you’ll get unhappier and unhealthier as time goes by. Soon, instead of searching for what to do when you’re unhappily married, you’ll be looking for marriage counselors or – even worse – divorce lawyers.

Unhappy Wives Unhappily Married Genesis 39

How to Deal With Family Problems After Your Husband’s Funeral

How to Deal With Family Problems After Your Husband’s Funeral   Recently updated

A piece of your heart died with your husband, but you’re struggling to grieve his death. You’re upset and distracted because you’re dealing with family problems after your husband’s funeral. You love your family and know they’re grieving, too…but the problems seem overwhelming and insurmountable.

When Someone You Love Says “I Hate You”   Recently updated

It hurts to be rejected by a friend or coworker; it’s devastating when someone you love says they hate you! Here’s what to remember when someone you love stops loving you or even starts hating you.

What to Remember When Someone You Love Hates You

Healing Broken Family Relationships

How to Start Healing Broken Family Relationships

In Preparing to Meet an Estranged Family Member we learned how to approach a disowned or divorced relative. But how do you heal a broken family relationship when you’re caught off guard? Many of life’s biggest events — especially pivotal moments that can change everything — aren’t things we’re prepared for.

What to Do When You Get Caught Lying

Getting caught in a “little white lie” is embarrassing. Far worse is when you’re caught lying about something big and bad, such as stealing from your employer, deceiving your parents or cheating in your relationship.

When You Get Caught in a Lie

When You Feel Forced to Stay in a Relationship

When You Feel Forced to Stay in a Relationship

Maybe you feel forced to stay in an unhealthy relationship, unhappy marriage, boring job or broken home. Maybe you can’t leave because you don’t have money, support, strength or willpower. Maybe you feel too guilty to leave, or you’re responsible to take care of your family.

3 Signs You’re Trying Too Hard to Be Loved

It’s often worthwhile to try to make a relationship work or save a failing marriage. But sometimes we’re trying so hard to be loved, we lose sight of our true identity and self. We put our relationship, husband or marriage above all else…and we forget who we were created to be.

Signs You’re Trying Too Hard to Be Loved