How to Know You’re Going to Heaven

Maybe you don’t believe in the heaven of childhood fairy tales — but isn’t there a wee part of you that hopes such a place exists? A new creation, perhaps even a new earth, where you meet the people and pets you loved and lost. A place of comfort, peace, joy, rest, play, and even meaningful work.

We could speculate forever what the new heaven and earth is really like (Does “and the sea was no more” in Revelation 21:1 mean no water sports in the new creation? Will we see our beloved lost spouses and family members, dogs and cats? Meet famous people like C.S. Lewis and Bilbo Baggins? Bury our faces in the thick tawny manes of African lions or floss the teeth of Australian crocodiles?).

Maybe we’ll see Jesus eating a big piece of vanilla cake that has a picture of The Bridge Church on it (last Sunday my church celebrated a long-awaited building permit with a giant cake!). Maybe Jesus will serve slices to King David, and Hagar, and Nicodemus, and Mary. We’ll tell them about the 40 years leading up to The Bridge’s celebratory cake and they’ll tell us what was really going on behind the scenes. And we’ll laugh, shake our heads at that crazy old world we used to live in, and ask them to please pass the chocolate ice cream.

Maybe I’ll catch Jesus reading one of my She Blossoms blog posts, or even my journal. I’ll sit right next to him, leaning into his side but not asking which parts he likes best because it won’t even matter. All that matters is that we’re sitting side by side, glued together by the Holy Spirit and lovingly watched by our Father.

One day we’ll live, work and play in the new creation.

In the meantime, what we unleash on earth today might echo through time and meet us on the other side. We’re already Heavenbound! And when we get to God’s new earth maybe we’ll see what we created, participated in, built, offered, gave.

What you’re unleashing in Heaven

What are you unleashing in the world today? Maybe you’re raising kids or leading a team of ragamuffins. Maybe you’re starting a new job or preparing for a change. Maybe you’re living in an achy old body that has seen better days or caring for a sick, tired, weak, grumpy loved one.

What you do — and how you do it — matters. How are you spending your hours, what are you watching, where are you going, who are aligning yourself with, what are you participating in? Your choices may seem like no big deal, but everything you do affects your heart, mind, body, spirit and soul. You influence people every day in big and little ways.

She Blossoms Heavenbound Blossom Tip 84
“Help from Heaven” by JK-atelier via

How is God asking you to participate in your city, community, church? Maybe the Holy Spirit is nudging you to start something new, or give up something old. Maybe Jesus is leading you somewhere you’ve never gone before, or out of a place you’ve been too long.

“It’s often been said that our greatest fear should not be of failure, but of succeeding at things that don’t really matter,” writes David Larry Kim in How to Be Generous With Our Time. “Jesus lived every day in light of that final day. Jesus knew what mattered…From the time he started to the time he finished, he knew the end would come one day, and he lived EVERY day in light of that one day.”

Maybe you’re just starting to think about death and what happens next, or maybe it’s been on your mind for awhile. No matter where you are in your life, God is leading you toward something. How do you discover your part? By saying “yes” and taking one little step forward.

God will take care of the rest.

With His love,



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