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Overcoming Money Anxiety: 4 Ways to Relax Your Grip

Maybe, like me, you can’t spend money without feeling anxious. Maybe you’re worried about running out of money and losing everything. What if you become homeless, or have to live in your car? What if you can’t pay for your medications, your kids’ school supplies and clothes, your pet’s food and treats?

Signs of Godly Relationship Advice Exodus 18 She Blossoms

3 Signs of Godly Relationship Advice

Wouldn’t it be awesome to get relationship advice from God? Good news: it’s not as hard or unbelievable as you might think. These signs of Godly relationship advice will help you see your life and decisions more clearly.

Blossom Tips Exodus 15 Are You Worried You’ll Run Out of Money

3 Ways to Cope With Fear of Running Out of Money

If you’re a single, divorced, or widowed woman, you may often find yourself worrying about running out of money. It’s even scarier if you have dependent children, aging parents, health problems, a low income job, or small retirement income.

How to Deal With Disappointment at Work

3 Practical Ways to Deal With Terrible News at Work

You hoped for good news: a job promotion, high sales figures, a business investment…and you were let down. My tips on how to deal with a disappointment in your life (more specifically, disappointing news at work) are inspired by a problem I’m experiencing in my writing career right now.