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I Feel Bad About Myself

When You Feel Bad About Yourself…

Most tips on how to stop feeling bad about yourself are surficial, meaning they only skim the surface of the problem. They don’t dig up the roots of why you feel bad about yourself. Nor do they help when you're crushed under the heavy darkness of thoughts like “I feel bad about myself” or even "I hate myself." Surficial tips aren't good enough.
When You Feel Ugly and Unloved Exodus 38 Blossom Tips

3 Things to Hold On to When You Feel Ugly and Unloved

How do you cope when you’re depressed and sad because you feel ugly and unloved? Maybe you feel ugly because someone called you a bad name. Maybe you feel unlovable because of a breakup or divorce. Maybe you feel worthless because you aren’t as pretty or skinny as your sister, best friend, or neighbor.
How to Deal With Anger at God She Blossoms Exodus 10

How to Deal With Your Anger at God

Of course you feel angry at God for not answering prayer! He lets bad things happen every day: death, infertility, earthquakes, fires, floods, and even “little” things like depression, divorce, drama at home, work and school.