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Are You Scared to Follow the Desires of Your Heart?

How do you cope with fear of following your heart’s desires? When I wrote When God Says No to the Desires of Your Heart, I focused on the idea that God said “no” to your heart’s desires. Since then, I realized that we put more barriers to our own hopes, dreams and goals than God does! Even Christians who follow, trust and love Jesus tend to love more out of fear than faith.

The Proof You Need That God Cares About You

How do you know God cares for you? What are the signs of God’s love and protection? Finding proof that God cares about you can be as simple as looking up at the starry night sky, or as complicated as studying the book of Revelation for signs of Jesus Christ.

How to Deepen Your Relationship With God

Whether you’re a new follower of Jesus or an “old-timer” who met the Lord long ago, you want to deepen your relationship with God. You want to feel Jesus’ presence, know God’s heart, and sense the Holy Spirit moving in your heart and soul. But how?

3 Smart Ways to Trust God With Your Future

Whether you’re a brokenhearted believer or a faithful follower of Jesus, you’ll love these three tips on how to trust God with your future. This includes trusting the Holy Spirit to guide and protect your heart, mind, soul and life.

How to Live Like You’re Forgiven and Free in Christ

Believing something is true — such as the fact that you are forgiven if you follow Jesus — is different than living like you really are free. You can believe in God and still live in bondage. Brokenhearted Christians do this all the time.