Traveling in Faith – Echoes of Transformation

Thank you for being here! I am grateful for you. And, I have three questions for you about traveling, faith, and being transformed. Where was the last place you traveled? Did it test your faith in any way? Most importantly – did your trip transform you?

We don’t have to travel to experience change. We can sit by the river in our own mind, and find more peace and joy than anywhere external. Take the River Mediation, for example. Last week I asked if anyone remembered the “River Meditation” I sent a few months ago. A reader said it was from Richard Rohr’s book What the Mystics Know, Seven Pathways to Your Deeper Self. True, but that wasn’t what I was looking for.

A few dear readers came to my rescue! They sent me the river meditation I wrote: Not What You Expected – Echoes of Healing. If you feel stuck, like you’re struggling with the same problems every year, you might enjoy it. Maybe you can’t get over a loss, can’t forgive yourself for a mistake, can’t seem to move past a disappointment or betrayal.

Maybe you feel stuck…but maybe the truth is that you really are growing forward. It just doesn’t look or feel the way you expected. This is good news! Because maybe all you need to do is tweak the way you look at yourself, your life, and the world around you. 

Little changes can make a big difference.

Travel in Faith

Travel in Faith blog for travelers
Travel in Faith

Speaking of little tweaks and changes that make a big difference, I have exciting news! After starting a million different types of blogs — from writing to infertility to grief — I finally found “the one.” 

For years I’ve dreamed of starting a travel blog, but I thought “real” travel bloggers should travel more than once a year. I’ve also been dreaming of encouraging people — especially women in the second half of life — go deeper into their faith, life, and true selves. I’ve also been yearning to learn more about spiritual pilgrimages and solo journeys. 

Finally, the time has come to put it all together. 

Travel in Faith: Tips and Tools for Travel That Transforms You is my new blog. It’s geared towards women (but men are welcome!) who are more interested in spiritual pilgrimages and faith-building journeys than all-inclusive resort vacations (and who also embrace the concept of “everything in moderation, including beach holidays” 🙂 ).

Some of the articles I’ve already written:

To learn more about the blog and my plans for it, read Travel in Faith: Tips and Tools for Travel That Transforms You.

Your thoughts are welcome! If you’re part of a travel group or follow a travel blog, please do send the link or information.

Traveling in faith — as always,



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