10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Dogs and Dog Lovers

These Valentine’s Day gifts for dogs and dog lovers include ideas for dog walkers, trainers, obedience teachers, and veterinarians. February 14 is for furry friends and canine companions – not just human couples!

Dog camera valentine's day gift idea dog lovers

Furbo Dog Camera

I saw the Furbo Dog Camera: Treat Tossing, HD Wifi Cam, and 2-Way Audio on Shark Tank (or was it Dragon’s Den?). Furbo is a remote, interactive dog camera and treat dispenser, designed to help owners discover what their dogs do when they’re home alone all day. The Treat Tossing function allows owners to toss a treat to their dogs remotely, through the free Furbo iOS/Android app. Simply fill up to 30 pieces of the dog’s favorite treat, and shoot it out during the day. The Furbo Dog Camera includes night vision, 720p HD video streaming, and a 120° wide-angle view. This Valentine’s Day gift idea for dog lovers also includes Two Way Chat, allowing owners to hear and verbally comfort anxious or loud dogs. Furbo has a  built-in microphone and speakers so owners can talk and listen to their dogs from a distance. The Turbo Dog Camera is the most creative and interesting Valentine’s Day gift for domestic dog lovers – and it might be appreciated by a trainer of working dogs, too.

February 14 is a great time to say “thank you – we love you!” to the dog lovers in your family, the veterinarians who care for your dog, and the canine experts in your community. Valentine’s Day isn’t only for human couples in love.

In this article, you’ll find Valentine’s day gift ideas for:

  • New and experienced dog owners
  • Dog trainers and handlers
  • Dog walkers and sitters
  • Dog obedience experts
  • Canine veterinarians
  • Young and old dogs
  • Working dogs

If you know someone who recently lost a dog, read 8 Pet Sympathy Gifts to Ease the Pain of a Dog’s Death.

9 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Dogs and Dog Lovers

You’ll find gifts for dogs, dog owners, dog walkers, dog trainers, and veterinarians all kibble’d together in this list of ideas. I didn’t separate the gifts into categories (e.g., “Valentine’s Day Gifts for Dog Walkers”, because many of the gifts fit into two or three sections.

Let’s kick it off with one of my favorite gifts for people who love dogs…

Paw Print necklace – gift for dog veterinarians

Valentines Day Gift Ideas dog paw print necklace

Dog Paw Print Necklace

Dog Paw Print Necklace is a lovely idea for your veterinarian or the vet techs at the pet clinic. February 14 is the perfect time for you and your dog to say “Happy Valentine’s Day” – and “thank you for taking care of me!” Yes, vets get paid to care for our dogs…but they are also kind, compassionate, and supportive when our dogs get sick.

As I say in Woof Woof! 14 Gifts for Dog Walkers, I love this gift idea because it’s a symbol of a dog lover’s heart for dogs. It’s not the most practical gift for veterinarians (or dog walkers – not like the ideas you’ll see below!) – but it sure is special.

Calming canine music – a gift for anxious dogs

Pet Canine Music Valentines Day Gifts dogs lovers

Pet Tunes Speaker – Calming Canine Music

The Pet Tunes Bluetooth Speaker – Preloaded with Calming Canine Music is a mobile Bluetooth speaker that comes fully loaded science-based original music by Pet Acoustics. Pet Tunes music is tuned specifically for sensitive dog ears; these specific tunes have been proven to ease anxious or fearful behaviors in any environment.

The Scottish SPCA and the University of Glasgow have published a paper that suggests music affects dogs’ behaviour. Researchers played a variety of music to dogs at a rehoming centre (a dog rescue shelter), and assessed the physiological and behavioural changes. Professor Evans said the most positive behaviour changes were seen when the dogs listened to reggae and soft rock music.

Calming canine music can keep dogs calm when they’re home alone. My dog Georgie suffers from anxiety – when we leave her alone for more than 30 minutes, she rips apart the garbage, hardcover books, Kleenex boxes, random objects around the house. I leave the radio on for her, but new research shows that calming music is more effective than talk radio.

Valentine’s Day donation to a dog rescue shelter

A financial donation in someone’s name to a humane society or dog rescue shelter isn’t the most lovey-dovey Valentine’s Day gift idea, but it is a sweetheart of an idea. Those rescue workers take care of so many dogs, and there are masses of volunteers and foster homes and veterinarians who support animal shelters in a variety of ways.

I adopted one of my dogs from the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), and I know how much work goes into the rescue, care, and feeding of dogs and cats. Not to mention the veterinarian bills! So, if you know your dog lover doesn’t need or want a gift on February…consider making a Valentine’s Day donation in his or her name to a dog rescue shelter or humane society.

Valentine’s Day dog truffles – for dogs who love cupcakes

gifts for dogs Valentines Day ideas

Valentine’s Day truffle treats for dogs

Valentine’s Day Truffle Dog Treats are a sweet way to say “Happy Valentine’s Day” to your dog. They look like chocolate – so your dog will be fooled into thinking he’s eating the real thing.

These doggy-flavoried truffles are made with chocolate flavored carob and peanut butter flavored yogurt; they’re definitely for true chocolate lover pups. 

If you’re considering buying this gift for your dog, make sure he can tolerate the richness of the carob, peanut butter, and yogurt. My dog Georgie has stomach and intestinal issues (which I describe in Causes of Gurgling Noises and Stomach Problems in Dogs). A rich treat like this wouldn’t sit well in her tummy.

Less sweet dog treats – for health-conscious puppies and dogs

Valentine's Day Dog Treats

Andy’s Dandys Dog Treats

Andy’s Dandys Dog Treats are for quieter, more introverted dogs. These dog biscuits are also all natural, wheat free, corn free, soy free dog biscuits handmade in Vermont, USA. Healthy healthy healthy! Andy only uses high quality ingredients: honey and molasses as sweeteners, all natural peanut butter, sugar-free yogurt tapioca frosting (tinted with all-natural vegetable coloring), pure vanilla, local farm fresh eggs, rolled oats.

This gift box has one full pound of dog treats – 12 big dog biscuits and 12 mini dog treats – for a total of 24 cookies. This is one of those gifts that will last long beyond February 14 (unless you have my dogs. In which case the treats will last until the end of February and not one minute longer).

Valentine’s Day gift basket – for new dog owners

Valentine's Day Dog Gift Basket 7-Piece Deluxe

Valentine’s Day Dog Gift Basket

The Valentine’s Day Dog Gift Basket 7-Piece Deluxe is perfect for new dog owners. It includes:

  • Trader Joe’s Mint-a-Breath Bone Treats – which are natural breath fresheners promote that good digestion and breath for dogs.
  • 1 Bella Bowl – a stainless steel dog food bowl with removable rubber skid-guard is dishwasher safe
  • 1 24-ft retractable leash good for dogs up to 50 lbs in weight (great for new dog owners who are training their puppies to recall on walks).
  • 2 Boots & Barkley Dog Toys – 1 green frog that squeaks to help entice play and 1 tug rope

All items are shrink-wrapped inside a galvanized tin, which makes it perfect for Valentine’s Day shipping. 

“Dog Mom” coffee mug – for long-time dog owners

Valentines Day gifts for dogs dog owners

Dog Mom Coffee Mug

The Dog Mom Coffee Mug is a fun, funky, cheerful gift that expresses love for dogs on Valentine’s Day! I never considered myself my dog’s “mommy” until I adopted little Tiffy. She’s a seven pound mini-poodle, and I can’t help but feel like her mom! So yes….even I would appreciate this gift for dog lovers on February 14 🙂

This “Dog Mom” coffee mug is made of hand painted stoneware, and it’s dishwasher safe – even though it was artisan crafted by hand! It comes with a beautiful gift box, to make it easy to send or give to a dog lover on Valentine’s Day.

Automatic dog feeder – for dogs who need consistent mealtimes

Automatic Pet Feeder for Dogs

Automatic Dog Feeder

The Automatic Pet Feeder for Dogs isn’t the most romantic gift for Valentine’s Day – but we know how much dogs love to eat! And eat. and eat.

This is a great gift idea for owners who sometimes run late, and who want to make sure their precious pooches get dinner on time. Some dogs have health conditions – such as diabetes – that require regular food at consistent intervals during the day.

And, some dog owners have health conditions – such as Alzheimer’s or dementia – that make them forget to feed their pets on time. I should add this gift to 27 Gifts to Surprise and Delight Your Older Parents or Grandparents! An automatic pet feeder for dogs is a practical, helpful Valentine’s Day gift idea.

Petco or PetSmart gift card – for dog trainers or handlers

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Dogs and Dog Lovers

Petco Gift Card for Valentine’s Day

Petco Gift Card for Valentine’s Day is a thoughtful and practical gift idea for people who both love and work with dogs. Most of the gift ideas on this list are for people who have dogs at home, and who like to ensure their dog lives in comfort.

But what about dog trainers or handlers – what supplies or tools do they need to do their job? They know best, which is why a Petco or an Amazon.com Gift Card is one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for people who work with dogs.

Over to you, dear reader! I’d love to hear your ideas or tips for buying sweet Valentine’s Day gifts for people who love dogs – or for the dogs themselves. Woof.




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