What Difference Does a (Talking) Donkey Make?

It sounds like a joke or a riddle — “What difference does an Easter donkey make?” — but it’s for real! Before I tell you about the donkey I met last night, here’s a question: What difference does Easter make to you? How does Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection actually change your daily life?

Be honest with yourself, with God, maybe even with others. Maybe Easter doesn’t make any difference at all. Maybe you’re back to the same old routine, same old problems, same old life as before. Maybe you wish you knew God on a deeper level — and you wish you felt the holy fear of God’s awesome presence — but your relationship with Jesus is flat. You live in the gloomy shadows of Saturday, not the joyful light and trembling reverence of resurrection Sunday.

Maybe you don’t have time or energy to notice the Holy Spirit’s nudges, whispers or shouts. Maybe you don’t believe God is trying to talk to you all the time — even through unexpected, dreamy encounters with donkeys.

The Difference a (Talking) Donkey Makes

Last night I was happily meandering along a wide path through a field. A woman and her donkey approached; the little donkey, trotting all proud and plaited, was pulling a wooden mail cart. The mailbox atop the cart was simple and well-designed, embellished with small carvings and bells. It had hand-painted signs and slots for incoming packages and outgoing gifts.

I waved at the donkey and admired his lovely cart as I passed on by. He slowed, his ears drooping. His tail went still.

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“Why didn’t she stop and pet me?” the donkey asked his mistress. “I’m so cute and practical, and doing such a good job! And what about the gift we have for her? How will she get it?”

“She’s busy, she has places to go and people to see,” the lady gently replied. “She doesn’t have time for the gift yet. Maybe we’ll meet her again someday and we can give it to her then. Or maybe the gift will be given to someone else. Come along, little donkey, we must keep going.”

The donkey cast one look back at me, and off they went.

What difference would it have made if I’d stopped and petted the donkey? Maybe nothing. Or maybe it would’ve changed my life. At the very least, it would’ve brightened the donkey’s day! But I didn’t stop — even though I wasn’t busy and I didn’t have anywhere to go. I was simply oblivious to the gifts in my path.

Sometimes little things make big differences in life. Sometimes big things make big differences. 

Whether it’s a dreamy little gift from a donkey or a big life-changing gift from Jesus, you get to choose what difference He makes in your life. How? By stopping, paying attention, and receiving what the Holy Spirit is offering. By listening to God’s voice in the moments of your day, and by responding in big and little ways.

What this means depends on you. How will you respond to God’s nudges and whispers in your life?

With His love,



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