3 Ways to Stop Struggling and Start Trusting God

Maybe you’re struggling to trust God because you’ve been hurt by someone you love. You might be dealing with a difficult relationship or coping with a chronic or life-threatening health issue. Or maybe you’re just tired of the daily grind, of dealing with petty problems at work or home, of not knowing what the purpose of your life is.

Or maybe your world has been shattered, your life changed forever, your heart broken. 

“My whole life has been turned upside down,” writes a She Blossoms reader on 3 Easy Ways to Trust God With Your Future. “At this point I don’t know if I’m staying with my husband or leaving our marriage. Your article made it simple for me. Why worry about the big things when you can just take it one little thing at a time? God will provide the answers I need. I just have to be patient to see them. Being terrified of the big things will only make it worse. I need to focus on the small steps first.”

I’m glad my article was helpful, and I love that my tips for trusting God made things simple! It’s awesome because it’s true: no matter what you’re struggling with, if you take one step at a time and hold on to your childlike faith, you will find it easier to trust God with your future.

These three things to do when you’re wrestling with doubt, fear and insecurity will help you see your life — and yourself — in a whole new light. You’ll learn how trusting God in your struggles increases your faith, peace, and joy. This in turn helps you trust God even more, which strengthens your faith, peace, and joy. It’s an upward spiral that both includes and leads to God.

What to Do When You’re Struggling to Trust God

In Exodus 4, Moses struggled with his faith. Not only did he doubt and fear God’s word, he actually argued with God’s instructions! We think we’d never be that foolish…but the truth is that if when we struggle to trust God, we’re already thinking and acting foolishly. We’re normal and human…and foolish.

This blog post is part of my She Blossoms Through the Bible project; I’m writing an article for every chapter in every book of the Bible. I started with Genesis — beginning with The Reason You Were Created – Genesis 1 and ending with How to Live Like You Really Are Forgiven and Free – Genesis 50.

Enter Exodus! These three things to do when you’re struggling to trust God are inspired by Moses’ lack of faith.

1. Use what you have in your hands

She Blossoms Tips What to Do When You're Struggling to Trust God Exodus 4
When You’re Struggling to Trust God

“What is that in your hand?” the Lord asked Moses in Exodus 4:2. Moses was holding a staff; he’d been working as a shepherd for his father-in-law for the past 40-odd years. God met Moses at work on an ordinary day. He told Moses to throw the staff on the ground and it turned into a snake! Moses ran away from it, but God told him to pick up the snake by its tail. The tail is the most dangerous place to grab a snake…and it turned back into a staff in Moses’ hand. That miracle occurred to increase the Hebrew people’s confidence in Moses and faith in God.

What has God placed in your hands? Literally  — what are you holding? Maybe you’re bouncing a baby, cuddling a kitty cat, sipping a coffee or even walking with a staff and shepherding sheep like Moses (that would be freaakkyy!!). You’re almost certainly also holding a phone, tablet, or device of some sort. How can you use the thing in your hand when you’re struggling to trust God? Come up with your ideas, plans and possibilities! Use your resources, brains, friends, family, church to actively increase your faith and trust. God led you here, and He will guide you to a deeper, healthier relationship with Him. But you have to go beyond searching for other people’s tips for trusting God with your future. You need to use what God has already given you and deepen your personal relationship with Jesus.

2. Include others in your journey

“Please, Lord, send someone else,” said Moses in Exodus 4:13. This was Moses’ third objection, and the Lord’s anger burned against him. God was frustrated at Moses’ struggle to trust Him, tired of showing Moses miraculous signs, and annoyed that Moses chose fear and doubt. Despite God’s frustration and anger, He accommodated Moses and modified His assignment. (Wow, God! You have your plans and You want to include us in Your work, and You will give us what we need to walk forward. You are an awesome God, and I am humbled and awed.) The Lord decided to send Moses’ brother Aaron with him, to help Moses speak and lead the Hebrews.

Who is walking beside you? The second most important thing to do when you’re struggling to trust God is to find at least one Christian to walk with. The more, the merrier! Well, it won’t always be happy happy joy joy, but if you find kindred spirits you’ll not be walking and struggling to trust God alone. Find a community group through a Christian church, college, or organization. Create your own little group of believers struggling to trust God in specific seasons of life. Join my She Blossoms newsletter; I send weekly Blossom Tips to encourage and inspire brokenhearted believers. God is by nature communal — the Trinity includes Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit — which means He is not a solo act. And neither are you.

3. Choose to be curious and adventurous!

Oh, Moses. Where is the life, the spark, the sense of adventure? You’re like a plodding grumpy old man, set in your ways, stuck in your rut. Moses, where is your heart, spirit, soul, and light? In Exodus 2 (Trusting God’s Timing When You’re Confused) you killed an Egyptian for beating an Israelite and you confronted two Hebrews who were arguing! Then you ran away…and you’ve been running away ever since. Yes, Moses, you rescued the Midian priest’s daughters from bullying shepherds. But then you got married, had kids, settled down into your job, and refused to see beyond your doubts, fears, and insecurities. You chose to struggle with God instead of trusting Him. You chose to follow fear instead of faith. You chose death over life. Luckily, the Lord pushed you, mentored you, and led you down the paths of righteousness and beside the still waters…but you were kicking and screaming.

She Blossoms What to Do When You're Struggling to Trust God Exodus 4
Blossom into who God created you to be!

How do you approach life — not just the struggles, but the opportunities and possibilities? How often do you choose to live with a sense of curiosity, adventure, newness, life and hope? How ALIVE are you? I know it’s hard. I am one of the most curious, adventurous, joyful, faithful women I know…and yet I struggle to trust God when I’m faced with negative people. That’s the worst for me. I allow other people’s doubts, practical concerns, worldly perspective and adult considerations overcome my childlike faith, trust, joy and peace. That’s not their problem or fault, though. It’s mine.

Father God, I thank you for your patience, compassion, and love! You know we struggle to trust You, yet you love us through it all. Jesus, you are so awesome and good, so holy and here. Holy Spirit — Ruach — we welcome you into our lives, hearts, spirits, and moments. Fill us with Your strength, power, joy and peace. Help us believe in You even when we can’t feel You. Help us trust You even when we’re walking through hard seasons of life. Help us choose to live in freedom, love, joy and surrender because of who You are! Thank you, hallelujah, to You be all glory and honor and praise. Amen, amen, and amen.

Friends, what do you think about my things to do when you’re struggling to trust God? Maybe you have some insight into Moses’ life, the book of Exodus, or the Lord’s plans. Your comments — big and little — are welcome below!

With His love,


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