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Does It Matter What Your Wear to Church on Sunday?

Of course you should wear “priestly garments” to church on Sunday! After all, you’re coming into God’s presence, connecting with Jesus Christ, and listening for the voice of the Holy Spirit. But what exactly are priestly garments, and how do you wear them to church on Sunday without looking weird?

This is my penultimate (second-to-last) “She Blossoms Through the Bible” blog post on the book of Exodus. (I’m writing an article on every chapter of the Bible). Exodus 39 is about the making of the priestly garments, the ephod, breast piece, robe, and the holy diadem. It was royal, beautiful, intricate, sacred, detailed, God-blessed work…and it was more than “Hmm.. what should I wear to church on Sunday?”

The priestly garments didn’t just include clothing; the Lord told Moses to tell Bezalel to include engraved stones, gold-encased onyx, finely woven linen turbans, golden tinkly bells, pomegranates, and an intricately designed blue robe for the high priest. At least he didn’t have to decide what to wear on Sunday!

In this article, you won’t find actual instruction on how to dress to go to church. Sorry to disappoint you, especially if you searched the internet for “what to wear to church on Sunday”! But I’m so glad God brought you here — and please scroll through my three tips below before you fly off in search of Sunday church clothes. You might find more than you bargained for.

What to Wear to Church on Sunday

My other “She Blossoms Through the Bible” blog posts were much more Scripture-oriented and practical. For instance, How Do You Surrender Your Worries to God? was inspired by Exodus 29 and If You’re a Christian, Why Aren’t You Happy? was inspired by Exodus 33.

Exodus 39 is different because it’s essentially a repetition of the past instructions on making priestly garments for God’s tabernacle (such as Exodus 28’s 3 Ways to Grow a Healthy Spiritual Relationship With Jesus). Tomorrow is the last chapter of Exodus, and it will represent my usual “She Blossoms” style. 

But today is different.

Ask the Holy Spirit for a nudge 

To be honest, figuring out what to write about for Exodus 39 wasn’t easy. If I was a fashion designer, shopper, clothes or fashion trends blogger it’d be easy to write dozens of articles about priestly garments! And I would’ve written tips for what to wear to church on Sunday long ago. Probably several times. 

What to Wear to Church on Sunday Exodus 39 Blossom Tips
What to Wear to Church on Sunday

While taking a break from thinking about what to write, and I decided to work on the newsletter article for my church instead. That article is about having a “change of heart” as a result of meeting Jesus. I started thinking about priestly garments, Jesus’ crucifixion, and going to church…voila! People — especially women — really do struggle with what wear to church on Sunday. So why not share my thoughts about Jesus’ experience on the cross along with a few ideas on church-going clothes?

Feel your way to the right Sunday clothes — the Spirit is guiding you ALL the time. Listening for the Holy Spirit’s nudge isn’t just about what to wear to church on Sunday. I do believe He is around even when I’m trying to decide what sweater, t-shirt, and jeans I should wear to church. I like to think I don’t care how I look, but sometimes I change my clothes a couple of times. But it’s more about how I feel in those clothes — or in that hat! It’s not about how I look. When I bought the clothes, I cared how they look. But now that they’re in my closet, I care how they feel on me. Do the colors, fabrics, styles, and sleeves fit who I am today? My mood, attitude, heart and spirit? I don’t pray for God’s help deciding what to wear to church on Sunday…but I do listen to my intuition.

Be open to a change of heart — not a change of clothes

As I write this, Easter Sunday is less than a week away. Good Friday and Easter Sunday services can be a big deal for Christians — especially those who believe in God and Jesus Christ but don’t feel like they feel like they don’t fit in at church

But what if you learned something about who you are that changes how you see your body, face, size and shape? What if your heart changes because of meeting Jesus, and it no longer matters what you wear to church? And what if your changed heart has the power to change how other people see you?

Your heart changes everything…even what you wear to church on Sunday. You’d have to be pretty cold or hard-hearted not to be changed by watching a crucifixion — unless, of course, you’d already seen a few dozen. You might develop an emotional tolerance, accepting that it’s just the way life is. Criminals got crucified in Jesus’ time, like robbers and rapists go to jail today. But what if you’re responsible for working the crucifixions? Maybe your job is to ensure enough crosses are made, with a few extra in case of unplanned executions. Maybe you build the crosses out of dogwood or fire the heavy iron nails that are hammered through the victim’s hands and feet. Or maybe you’re the man who actually drives the nails through the hands and feet, and then you help pull the ropes and lift the cross upright.

Set your heart on what really matters in your walk with God

Blossom Tips What to Wear to Church on Sunday
Mary, Martha and Jesus

Maybe you’re the guy assigned to guard Jesus Christ. The Roman centurion who was in front of Jesus when He breathed His last may have followed each stage of the crucifixion. This guard might’ve been with Jesus through it all: the arrest in the garden of Gethsemane, the sham trial, the beatings, the mockery, the torture, and the three hours of eerie darkness in the middle of the day. This was no ordinary crucifixion, and no ordinary man on the cross. The guard saw how Jesus endured humiliation, mockery, and torture. 

Jesus was different — but I don’t think this was enough to change the guard’s heart. This guy would’ve been cold and hard-hearted, used to seeing bloody, agonizing deaths and hearing screams of pain. The guard would’ve long ago built walls around his heart so he could do his job without breaking down emotionally or mentally. And yet when the guard stood in front of Jesus and saw Him die he said, “Surely this man was the Son of God!” 

What caused the guard’s heart to change? Perhaps it was the Holy Spirit. Perhaps it was connected to the curtain of the temple being torn in two from top to bottom, to Jesus’ loud cry and last breath. Perhaps the power of the Holy Spirit was in Jesus’ final exhale, swirling around the cross and into the Roman guard.

What about you? You’re searching for tips on what to wear to church on Sunday perhaps because your heart was changed by Jesus long ago, but you and God have been distant lately. You care more about your appearance and what people think than your growth as a woman of faith. Life is so busy and the kids have sports and the spouse is sick and of course there’s always your job, volunteer work, chores, groceries, yard work. 

This morning I participated in an imaginative prayer exercise. I met the risen Jesus on the road to Emmaus, along with the two disciples in Luke 24. I walked with Him and answered His questions. He’s a pretty good question-asker, and He leaves lots of space for both me and the Holy Spirit to speak! And He loves changing hearts, minds, relationships, lives. 

If being in Jesus’ presence was powerful enough to change the heart of a cold, hard, trained Roman solider…then it is powerful enough to soften our already spoken-for hearts. And if your heart is truly with Jesus then it really doesn’t matter what you wear to church on Sunday. What matters who He is creating you to be.

With His love,


P.S. If you’re struggling to stop caring what people think about you and your clothes when you go to church, read How to Live Like You’re Forgiven and Free.


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