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3 Reasons You Can’t Give Up on God

Are you ready to give up on God? Maybe you feel like He has already given up on you. Maybe you don’t believe God cares about what you’re going through. Perhaps you want to give up because you don’t feel Jesus’ love, comfort, or presence.

I most want to give up on God when I feel abandoned and rejected, alone and unloved. In fact, I walked away from my faith when I was 17. I believed in Jesus, but refused to follow Him. I had no reason not to give up on God! I saw a million signs it was time to give up on my relationship with God and no reason to keep believing.

Before you walk away from your faith in Jesus — and even before you read my reasons not to give up on God — remember who you are. You are a child of God and you’re going through a hard time. Perhaps you’re experiencing the darkest, saddest, loneliest moments of your life. Maybe you lost someone you love, or were abandoned by your husband, boyfriend, friend. Maybe you feel like no one cares about you. This is not a good time to make the biggest decision of your life.

The worst time to make decisions — especially major life changes — is when you’re going through sad, stressful, lonely, painful moments. Walking away from your faith in Jesus is a choice that will change your life forever. It’ll change how you live, act, think, move, and even breathe. Giving up on God will change how you spent your eternity; you’ll be untethered and alone forever.

Should you give up on God? No. Why not? Because no matter how bad you feel or what you think about your life, Jesus hasn’t given up on you.

3 Reasons Not to Give Up on God

Inspired by Jacob (Israel) and Joseph in Genesis 48, this article is part of my She Blossoms Through the Bible project. Both Jacob and Joseph lived through difficult, painful, confusing and even life-threatening experiences. Neither man gave up on God. Not only were both men blessed for their faith, their sons and daughters were, too.

And we, too, are blessed by Jacob and Joseph. Our faith in Jesus Christ unites us with Israel in deep, profound and permanent ways — regardless of how we feel or what we experience. And that is the most important reason not to give up on God.

1. Your history with God goes back a long way

Reasons Not to Give Up on God Genesis 48 She Blossoms
Reasons Not to Give Up on God – Genesis 48

Genesis 48 describes how Joseph brought his two sons, Manasseh and Ephraim, to Jacob’s deathbed to be blessed. Jacob adopted Joseph’s sons as his own firstborn, even though they were born in a foreign land. Jacob remember his history with Yahweh. In Genesis 48:15 Jacob said, “The God before whom my fathers Abraham and Isaac walked, the God who has been my shepherd all my life long to this day, the Angel who has redeemed me from all evil…” Jacob — Israel — remembered his long past relationship with God. Israel’s history with God goes back for thousands of years, and it included Jacob, Joseph, and even Joseph’s sons who weren’t even born in Israel. Jacob’s history with God gave him strength to bless his son Joseph and his adopted first-born son, Ephraim.

Remember your past with God before you give up on Him. What was your first experience with Jesus Christ? Where did you first learn about who Jesus is and how He affects your life? When did you move from believing in God to actually having a personal relationship with Him? How has the Holy Spirit loved, supported, helped and guided you? Before you decide to walk away from your faith, reflect on your past relationship with God. You may find more reasons not to give up on God than stars in the night sky.

2. The enemy wants you to give up on God

If Joseph had given up on God, his life in Genesis would have ended with terrible pain, suffering, and darkness. Eternal separation from God — not just for Joseph and his descendants but for us, too. The enemy (the satan, devil, deceiver) wanted Joseph to give up on God. The enemy used jealousy, pride, hatred, family conflict and greed to separate Joseph and his brothers. The enemy grinned and plotted through Joseph’s twenty years of family estrangement, imprisonment, and loneliness in Egypt. But the enemy lost that battle. “The God before whom my fathers Abraham and Isaac walked,” said Israel, “the God who has been my shepherd all my life long to this day, the Angel who has redeemed me from all evil…”

Look beyond your circumstances and see the spiritual battle. You’re facing problems in your life. You may be more depressed, sad, angry and lonely than ever before. You’re wondering where Jesus is and why He is letting this happen to you. Perhaps you’re wondering why He is doing this to you. Whatever your main reason is for giving up on God, it’s part of a deeper spiritual battle. The enemy doesn’t want you to know how much you matter to God. The enemy wants you to believe Jesus doesn’t know how you feel, what you think, where you’re going, and who you spend time with. The enemy wants you to feel worthless, unlovable, and alone.

3. Your story hasn’t ended yet

Genesis 48:15 tells us how Jacob’s life ends. “The God before whom my fathers Abraham and Isaac walked, the God who has been my shepherd all my life long to this day, the Angel who has redeemed me from all evil…” Jacob made a lot of mistakes in his life — many of them downright evil. He tricked his father Isaac, stole his brother Esau’s birthright and blessing, favored his son Joseph, and refused to allow his other sons and daughters to comfort him when he thought Joseph was dead. Jacob did not live as a man of faith, yet his ended with redemption, hope, and trust in God for the future. Jacob’s story ended with God’s grace, love, and salvation.

When and how will your story end? You don’t get to choose the details, but you can choose how you will live your life today. You can choose to believe God has given up on you, or you can choose faith and trust. You can choose to think Jesus doesn’t love you, or you can choose to believe the lies of the enemy. You can choose to ignore the Holy Spirit’s guidance, or you can choose to give up on God because your life isn’t exactly the way you think it should be.

When You Want to Give Up on God Genesis 48 She Blossoms
When You Want to Give Up on God Genesis 48

Jesus, thank You for not giving up on us. We wander and get lost. We allow so many things to distract and consume us. We forget about You in the noise and rush of life, we focus on our reasons for giving up on You — our God and Savior — instead of the reasons to stay faithful and true. Thank you for your love and grace, Jesus. Thank you for your presence and guidance, Ruach (the Holy Spirit!). Thank you for loving us enough to bring us here, God. Amen, amen, and amen.

Want to share your reasons for giving up on God? How about a few reasons to stay faithful and true? Your thoughts — big and little — are welcome below.

With His love,


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3 thoughts on “3 Reasons You Can’t Give Up on God”

  1. Interesting that this came today. I realized this weekend that I finally accept that I have given up on Him. He gave me up long ago to the enemy and when I finally started to come alive and trust 3 years ago, he cut me off again. There are no words really. It has been such a shock that I can’t even wrap my mind around it but I have learned to live with it. Most of the time. I never knew I would see Him in this light. But even Jesus was forsaken. Why should I expect less?
    I’m not asking for platitudes or pity. Just accepting the reality of the life He created for me. I can exist just fine from day to day, getting along, but then walking down the street, being with friends or family, and BAM out of the blue: daggered, pulverized, cut off at the knees, flattened again, kicked around, and left to bleed. This is something that can and will pop out the rest of my entire life and there is nothing that can be done to change it.
    I envy the blessing you have of getting over unchangeable pain and loss, really! But I would rather be angry and real about it than try to pretend it’s not real, and that is how I would have to in order to sound positive. Platitudes really don’t suffice. Yes, I have lost my faith and really don’t even know where to find Him anymore if I even wanted to. You know, it says, we love because He first loved us. Maybe if I could feel it or see it again, I could reciprocate. But there are no answers, and anything that He might know about it, He isn’t sharing. I realize His love isn’t like ours at all. That is why we can’t recognize it. So is the responsibility on me bigger than on God?
    I just don’t get it at all. And I don’t even have the stomach or desire to pretend it’s there. There is no excaping the loss or even the reminder. If I could train my mind to black out or harden, then it wouldn’t go through the pulverizing agony when triggered. That is the only way I think it might not take me down. I really think there are some who were created to suffer and this life isn’t meant for them to be happy. I think there are those who were created to enjoy all the pleasures of this world. Why? Because He is God and can do it any way that He chooses. The other day it came to me that Jesus didn’t come here to enjoy life or its pleasures so there is that.
    I just don’t know how to shut out the lateral views or the earthly joys of others as they flaunt them across my path. It is like dying an agonizing death all over again. For what purpose? Because He wanted it that way. And I’m supposed to pretend to be in love with Him? Would you do that for a spouse? If I can’t see myself as valuable through God’s eyes, then there is no value. I’m like a useless waste of breath, a defect, a mistake. It’s been a really rough weekend and it’s not over yet. Thanks for a place to vent and call things as they are. You will likely disagree, but that doesn’t change my reality. I just don’t have the ability to believe anymore, nor do I know what I would even have to hold on to.

    1. Dear Ann,
      Thank you! You are so authentic, raw, and real…and I love it. I neither disagree nor agree; I’m just honored that you’re here. You are being honest and true, and I have so much respect for you. Come back anytime, feel free to share whatever’s on your heart, mind, soul and spirit.
      You remind me of David, in the Psalms! Venting, working through the pain, anger, grief, sorrow, confusion, and truth of who God is. You aren’t supposed to pretend, and you know it. You aren’t supposed to hide how you feel or try to be different. You’re called to be you, whatever that may be!
      While reading your comments, I wondered if you were being spiritually attacked. I don’t often consider the deceiver (satan) in daily life, but sometimes I wonder how often he’s working behind the scenes. He is the accuser, a liar and a manipulator. He will do everything he can to tell you that you are useless, a defect, a mistake, unloved and unworthy. He wants you to hide from the light, to stay in painful darkness.
      Jesus, I thank you for the light! You are true, good, holy, and present — even when we can’t feel or sense Your presence. Like Ann said, You didn’t come to experience the “good life” or pursue pleasure. You came to give us light and life, to save us from eternal separation from God. We don’t understand so much about You, God, the spiritual forces that swirl around us…but we trust You. We know You are stronger and more powerful than all the forces of darkness. We believe You will shine forth and break all the chains. We hold on to your promises, spoken in the Word for us. We worship and praise You, Lord, even when we can’t feel or sense You…even when we want to give up on You. You are holy and good, no matter what we think or feel. In Jesus name I lift up She Blossoms, Ann, all our readers, and myself to You. Take care of us, Father. Heal us. Send us the Holy Spirit to fill us with your joy and peace that passes all understanding…for your own sake. For your glory! Amen, amen, and amen.
      With His love,

  2. I don’t know if I ever gave up on God, but I was so very angry with Him, when my beloved husband died July, 2016. We had a wonderful marriage, it didn’t start out that way all the time, but the 34 years we were together, I saw this complex man who had alcohol and drug problems blossom into a wise, understanding loving man, by the grace of God. He had developed COPD about 15 years prior to his passing, but instead of being bitter, he became more caring & understanding even as his illness progressed and other health problems surfaced.. From the time he rededicated his life back to Christ, I saw the Holy Spirit working in him. He thanked me for staying beside him, and always being there for him. In that time, our marriage developed into such a sweet and tender relationship. We became more involved in our church, and determined to get closer to God as a couple. It was almost heaven on earth. I loved him so, still do, he was my soul mate, and I just loved being his wife. And he loved me with every fiber of his being, always trying to show me his love by little things, romantic cards he made on the computer, etc.

    It all came to an abrupt end that horrible July 16th 2016, when I had to drive him to the hospital, leaving everything we loved as a married couple behind. Our house that he & my Dad built, modest in nature, but filled to the brim with our love, and also our 4 dogs that we both cherished, as we didn’t have any children. I did not know how desperately ill he was, but by 1:57 AM – July 18th, he went home to be with Jesus. I could not find any solace or help from HIM, from God who took my husband away. I was inconsolable with grief, refusing to go to the only One who could comfort, or understand what I was going thru. I spent the next month planning his memorial, I had to do it myself, no one else knew or loved him the way I did. Little by little as I chose the songs, and wrote his eulogy, that I determined to give, I think I started to realize that his memorial was not only going to remember him, but also give glory to God, for his life, and to convey that his early life was completely turned around for the good, because of the grace of God. So – I had to acknowledge that God had done all the ‘heavy lifting’ in my husband’s life, and He must be given the credit & thanks. That was the beginning of realizing I needed Him too. Where was I going without Him??? It’s still difficult – to this day – to feel His presence all the time, sometimes my heart just seems like a cold rock, as I remember that my husband is gone. I can’t say I am all the way back to Him, but I ask for His grace to bring back my intense love for Him, that I had years ago. He is worthy. This life is so very hard. So many things happen to people that change them in ways that they never thought of, or recover from. For me, it started when I lost my Dad 20 years prior, and then losing my beloved husband. My faith took a terrible beating, and I am not the person I was once was. How can anyone be, when they lose such important people who are woven into the very fabric of our lives? That ripping leaves a grotesque and gaping hole. The hole may get patched or covered over some, but never the way it was. But, that is where our faith comes in. Like Job said, ‘should we only accept good from the Lord?’ In the frigid winter of our faith, may He give us resurrection life, and light the fire of hope within us again. I know I desperately need it.