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Finding the “You” God Wants You to Be

How do you blossom into who God created you to be if you don’t know why you’re here or what He created you to do? You want to follow Jesus and listen for the Holy Spirit’s still small voice — and you definitely don’t want to fall asleep like the disciples did in Mark 14! — but you’re struggling.

Struggling, doubting, and wrestling with your faith is normal. It’s healthy and good, in fact. Your questions, concerns, doubts and fears can deepen your relationship with Jesus. If you keep walking, you’ll find yourself stronger, happier and more solidly connected to God than ever before.

In the meantime, how do you figure out “who God wants you to be”? I’ll share part of my story with you; you may find it helpful in your own understanding and walk with God.

Most people believe in God, or some sort of Higher Power or Universal Force. Some believers who follow Jesus Christ read the Bible, go to church, and pray regularly. But few of us Christians have achieved that ideal state of figuring out who God wants us to be, how He wants us to live in every moment, and why He created us.

Yesterday I came one step closer to becoming who God wants me to be. He’s been shaping and forming me for decades, and yesterday was a major growth spurt.

Who God Wants You to Be

This blog post is part of my She Blossoms Through the Bible project; I’m writing an article for every chapter in every book of Scripture. I started Exodus a couple weeks ago, beginning with 3 Easy Ways to Trust God With Your Future – Exodus 1.

Today is Exodus 21: the first of three “Books of the Covenant.” Normally I pull life lessons and practical tips from each chapter and apply them to our daily lives…but this article is different. Instead of pulling Scripture apart to learn more about God, I’m pulling me apart so you can learn more about you.

1. Picture yourself through God’s eyes

Growing Forward She Blossoms Laurie Pawlik

In Growing Forward When You Can’t Go Back I describe a major turning point for me and God. A few years ago I participated in a Bible Study that transformed my heart. One activity in particular had an immediate, powerful effect on both my self-identity and my relationship with God. It was a fifteen-minute writing exercise that invited us to picture ourselves the way God sees us, and write ourselves a letter from His perspective. When I saw myself through God’s eyes, my heart melted. I was filled with compassion, love, and kindness for the little Laurie who experienced terrible troubles. I saw myself as a little girl with ribbons and curls, bouncy and joyful! Precious, lovable, and worthy of God’s attention. Naive and vulnerable, whole and free, loved by Jesus. His heart and sacrifice healed that little girl’s pain and shame. My experience with God freed me from pride and haughtiness. I saw myself though His eyes; my heart and self-image was slowly renewed.

Take 15 minutes to see yourself through Jesus’ eyes. How old are you, and what do you look like? Where are you, and who are you with? How do you feel about yourself? What is your self-identity based on? Who does God want you to be? Write yourself a letter from God’s perspective. You have a unique relationship with Jesus, so your experience will be different from mine. You may feel angry, sad, or lonely. Maybe you can’t picture how God sees you. Perhaps you’ll have more questions than answers, more confusion than clarity. That’s okay. Don’t judge or compare. Don’t expect God to show up in a specific way. Take a deep breath and close your eyes. Let God reveal Himself to you. Let Him reveal you to you.

2. Allow yourself to wander off path

As part of my “She Blossoms Through the Bible” project, this article is supposed to revolve around Exodus 21. I should be pulling life tips, practical lessons, or insights about God from the chapter and applying them to our lives. But Exodus 21 contains laws and ordinances that don’t make sense to my life today. I have no interest in describing why the Israelites owned slaves or how to deal with oxen who gore men or women to death. So I’m allowing myself to wander off path.

Figuring out who God wants you to be always involves straying, wandering, getting lost and getting found again. The Israelites in Exodus wandered in the desert for years. Moses and Jacob and Isaac and Abraham all strayed from Yahweh in big and little ways, eventually finding their way home. Sarah and Hagar weren’t born knowing who God created them to be. Adam and Eve definitely wandered off path in the Garden of Eden. Every story the Bible — from beginning to end — involves people who got lost, wandered off path and often found their way home again. Except Jesus.

3. Learn how to see God in action

The best way to figure out who God wants you to be is to learn who He is. Even though I didn’t study or pull tips from Exodus 21 (though I know there is valuable information about God this chapter), I did learn this: God give us information and insights, and He lets us carry them forward as we wish. In Exodus 21:1 God said, “These are the ordinances that you must set before them.” Then He gave Moses a detailed description of ways to handle life at the base of Mount Sinai. Notice that God simply told Moses to set the directives before the Israelites. Just give them the information, He said. He wanted them to see He who wanted them to be and how they should live. Then God set them free to think and be and live and feel and act and do.

Who God Wants You to Be Exodus 21 She Blossoms
Who God Wants You to Be

How has God acted in your life? What insights and information has He given you? Listen to your life, and hear how He has spoken into your experiences, relationships, and decisions. Maybe you’re struggling to make a major life decision, or you’re grieving a sad loss. Maybe you’re saying goodbye to someone you love — or you’re still hoping you’ll meet someone who will love you. When God says no to the desires of your heart, you may feel like you’ll never be happy or whole again. But you know what? If you keep growing in your faith, you will come out the other side. You will learn who God wants you to be if you move forward in love, hope, freedom and confidence. You will blossom into the woman He created you to be if you learn what it means to pray without ceasing, to see His fingerprints all over your life, and to keep growing forward.

With His love,


P.S. If you’re struggling to figure out who God wants you to be, read An Easy Way to Stop Overthinking God’s Will.


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